Compare Data If Data Is Changed Put In Column In New Sheet

Jun 9, 2007

I want to import data with a web-querie. The data consists of numbers in a column (14 cells).

I want to poll the info in the table in the webquerie every 15 minutes to see if the info in the table is changed. Therefore I refresh the info every 15 minutes, and when the info is changed, than the data must be put in a new sheet in a column and the columntitle must be the date and time that the info is put into the column. Can this be done in vba? I suppose that to compare the info of the new poll with the info of the previous polling the previous info must be put in a "compare" table.

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Check Data For Changes In Multiple Columns And If Changed Copy To Another Sheet

Mar 8, 2014

This is my basic setup, each piece of equipment will have more than one routine to be performed:

Equipment Type

To Be Performed
Last Performed
Performed By
Next Due Date

[Code] ..........

I want to track changes on "Last Performed" and "Performed By" and, if changed, copy both values to a separate "log" sheet. In total, there could be up to 10 routines for each peice of equipment. That means I would need to track 20 columns for changes. I would like this check to be done on save because that ensures that the user is satisfied with their changes and keeps the log from being flooded. And lastly, it needs stored in the log sheet in a way that I can identify which piece of equipment it was for and which routine was done.

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Auto Sorting Column From High To Low As Data Is Changed?

Jan 15, 2014

in excel where you can select a column and sort it from high to low, how can you get this to be done automaticly as the data changes?

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Macro That Will Compare The P'folios In Sheet "Data To Sheet Workings

Feb 28, 2009

i need a macro that will compare the p'folios in sheet "Data to Sheet Workings, and then list the p;folios which is in sheet Data but not in workings in Sheet "New", so in the example below this would be ETSTSA ...

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Pivot Table Fields Expands Automatically When Updating Data (only Where Data Has Been Changed)

Jan 11, 2013

I have created a pivot table that is connected to an input sheet with data. The input sheet retrieves data automatically from a external source through an add-in to Excel. When updating data the fields expands, but only for the items which have been changed. I want the table to be updated automatically, but not the fields expand automatically. Is there any pivot options to prevent this problem?

It should be mentioned that the pivot table is not directly connected to the input sheet (which is updated from the external source), but from a "help-sheet" reflecting the input sheet with some additional columns. I use conditional formatting and name range in the pivot.

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Compare And Copy Data From One Sheet To Another.

Oct 2, 2007

SalesImport contains sales data, and one column of that sheet is a unique reference number to identify the agent responsible for those sales.

Main contains much more data, and I need to transfer sales data from SalesImport to Main in the most efficient, automated way possible - on a monthly basis most likely... but possibly weekly or even ad-hoc at a later date... so it really does need to be quite quick.

At the moment I have come up with an idea to loop through each row on the SalesImport page, and for each row, compare the unique reference number (Column I) with the unique reference numbers on the Main sheet, (Column C). If they match, set the value of the sales column on Main to the same value as the sales column on the SalesImport sheet.

However, this is not working as i would hope, and doesn't copy anywhere near all the rows I know are found in both sheets.

Sub SalesDataImport_Main()
Dim c As Long, d As Long, Limit1 As Long, Limit2 As Long, Limit3 As Long, sh1 As Worksheet, sh2 As Worksheet, sh3 As Worksheet

Set sh1 = Sheets("Main")
Set sh2 = Sheets("SalesImport")

Limit1 = sh1.Cells(Rows.Count, 3).End(xlUp).Row
Limit2 = sh2.Cells(Rows.Count, 9).End(xlUp).Row

For c = 2 To Limit2
sh2.Cells(c, 9).Select
For d = 3 To Limit3
If sh1.Cells(d, 3).Value = sh2.Cells(c, 9).Value Then
sh2.Cells(c, 27).Value = "In Main List"
Else: sh2.Cells(c, 27).Value = "Not in Main List"
End If
Next d
Next c
End Sub

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How To Compare Data From 2 Sheets And Put Into A New Work Sheet

Feb 28, 2009

In sheet one I have data as follows ...

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Compare And Leave Only Unique Data In Sheet

Feb 22, 2009

what i want to do is use 2 sets of data ss is attached to help understand

i would like to compare hometeam v player

therefore any games that steven gerrard didnt play in ( in the example )
it would leave all the games on sheet 3 where he wasnt involved.

hometeam has all the games liverpool involved in
player has all the games steven gerrard involved in

cross reference the 2 to leave all the games he wasnt involved in on a new tab

must be possible just not sure if i need look up or a macro

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Jun 30, 2007

at first i wrote company's name short so that i have to type less but now i want full name of company.....

like.....if in sheet#1 column B any company's name is started by Rel of sheet#2 column A , then the cell containing Rel is replaced by Reliance Industries ( sheet#2 column B but same row that of Rel) sheet#1


Rel...............................Reliance Industries

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Data From Sheet A To Appear In Sheet B Based On Data Posted In A Column In Sheet A?

Jan 1, 2014

I have a workbook where Sheet A is a Master Order Form. Employees will input the quantities they need in Column C. The sheet will be otherwise protected. Sheet B is a "printable" order form that only contains the rows from Sheet A where the Quantity on Sheet A is not blank and is >=1. This will allow me to print sheet B with no blank rows for the items I don't need.

I found the following formula which claims to be able to do what I want:


I can't get it to work correctly across two sheets.

I've attached Sample of spreadsheet for review : HDForm_Test01.xlsx

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Data Compare And Result In Another Column

Apr 25, 2012

I have DAta in Col A (Med ID ) and B has number of events assocaited with the unique ID. The Unique ID is also in Col C from another data source. I wnat to return the value from Col B in in Col C that mathces the MD ID if available. There are several more col in the sheet that have other dta that is not assocaited with this. HAving an Excel formula or VB code will do some analysis. Example

Exported Med ID Data Source 1Exported Med ID Data Source 1 Number of Times Not Availle able Med ID- Matched Result From Col B to Med Id in C

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Compare Data In Two Sheets And Write It In Another Sheet In Same Workbook?

Apr 16, 2013

The attached excel file arrivals page and departures page Serial number to compare current on the data up-to-date page, I want to copy.

up-to-date on the "F" column is copied to the page on which you need to print.

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Compare Data In Two Sheets (change To Be Show In Sheet 1)

Nov 5, 2006

compare data from different worksheets

For clarity, I have placed the sample datasets at the following URL

Given: the datasets for sheet1 and 2 might not contain the same number of rows.

I am looking for new rows (it might be inserted in any position of the rows) in sheet1. The new rows will be highlighted in red color. For example:

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Compare Data Of Two Columns And Want Result In One Column

Apr 3, 2014

I have one column which contains suppose first names & i have other two column which contains first name & last name in same sheet but like they may be having in g & h column.

so i want to exact last name of user form that column(g & h) to my first name column(a).

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How To Compare Data Of Two Columns And Show Number From A Third Column

Apr 16, 2014

How can I compare the data of two columns, and if the same, to show me the number from a third column? I upload a quick sample

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Compare 2 Sets Of Data According To Start And End Date Column?

May 26, 2014

In my attachment I am trying to identify rows within Table 2 that do not fit in with Table 1. For example in Table 2, Row 16 has a Start Date of 17.11.2010 and an End Date of 13.11.2011 for ID number 151. This record has to be shown as "OK" because it fits into the date range of Row 103 of Table 1 i.e. Table 1 Row 103 has a Start Date of 01.01.2010 and an End Date of 28.02.2013 for ID 15. In other words the Start Date of Table 2 Row 16 is GE the Start date of Table 1 Row 103, and the End Date of Table 2 Row 16 is LE the End Date of the same Row 103 of Table 1, therefore this reocrd is OK.

Row 14 of Table 2 needs to be shown as "NOT OK" because it has a Start Date of 12.01.2013 and an End Date of 31.03.2013 for ID 15 and this doesn't fit any date range of any Row in Table 1 for ID 15.

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Single Column With Multiple Rows Of Data - Compare Names

Apr 12, 2012

I have a single column with multiple rows of data like this: Afirst last, Bfirst last, Cfirst last (all in one cell) etc.

I want to type some names in one cell in the same format (Afirst last, Cfirst last, Bfirst last) but not order and then check if any of those names exist in the first column and count the results of matches.

So in this example I am looking to count Bfirst last and/or Cfirst last in every cell of column A. I need to use a formula.

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Compare First Column(s) Of 2 Data Tables And Execute Procedure Based On Comparison

Sep 1, 2013

I have 2 Data tables in 2 sheets of the same workbook. I want to compare my column A of table 2 with column A of table 1 and delete any rows of table 2 where (column A of table 2 has a value which is not in the column A of table 1)

In Excel I used the Vlookup function and deleted any rows which had Error in result of the formula. May I know how to execute this in VB

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Compare Data In 2 Columns Extract Unique Values And Paste Into 3rd Column?

Sep 11, 2013

Here's how my daily report is currently set up:


The External column contains data provided by an external vendor. The Internal column contains data compiled internally. The data in the Internal column will always contain data duplicate to the External column, but will also contain unique data not present in the External column. I would normally cut out the data contained in Internal column that is not duplicated in the External column, and paste it into the Differences column, and move the remaining cells in the Internal column up. The result would be the External column data and Internal column data would align by row, and the data unique to the Internal column is segregated to the Differences column, like so:


While not a difficult task for 8 rows of data, the actual daily report contains over 1000 rows, on average. I would like to set up a template workbook, where I can simply open the template workbook, paste the data into both the External and Internal columns, then have the values that are unique to the Internal column extracted from the Internal column and inserted into the Differences column.

The end product would be used daily, with differing amounts of data (from 100 rows to 10,000 rows).

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Compare Multiple Column Of Data And List Out Common And Unique Component In Adj Columns

Jan 23, 2006

I am trying to compare multiple column in a worksheet to find
common component in all the columns and what is unique to a particular
column only. And list the results/finding in adj column. What i am
trying to accomplish is something as below.

Sheet1 Sheet2 Sheet3
Column2 Column2 Column2
02-1234-12 07-1234-12 02-1234-12
04-1234-12 03-1234-12 02-1234-12
05-1234-12 02-1234-12 06-1234-34

Common to all Unique to sheet1 Unique to Sheet2
02-1234-12 05-1234-12 07-1234-12

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Checking For Changed Data

Apr 6, 2009

I'm looking to display a message if data in the active cell is changed. I'm using the code below to check if data in a cell matches certain criteria:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Excel.Range)
If Target.Column = 9 Then
ThisRow = Target.Row
If Target.Value Like "As*" Then
MsgBox "Please add a note about why the biology of this species is distinct the Comments column."
End If
End If

But I have another column where the cells are prefilled with data. This column stores data from a dropdown, such as Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable etc. I allow the user to change the data in these cells, by selecting an alternative value from the dropdown, but I want to display a message if they change the data in one of these cells.

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Copy Data From Column In One Sheet To Column In Another Sheet Until Blank In F

Mar 25, 2014

I have a worksheet, "District", that has names of team members from A2:A (The number of team members will vary, so I would need the macro to stop when the list ends). I need these to be distributed to column A on another sheet, "Input", from A11 down until it hits a row that has a blank cell in column F. I've tried a couple of things, but just can't seem to get it to work.

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Excel 2010 :: Compare Data In Five Sheets And Pull Out Missing Data

Oct 2, 2013

I have one excel 2010 workbook with 5 work sheets, each work sheet contains a list with first/last name(one column) and the company name, some have a 3rd column with their email address in each sheet represents each year starting at 2008 thru to 2013 i have to find out if the people that attended an event in 2008 also attended it in 2009/10/11/12/13 and if they didnt, put their name and company name onto a blank worksheet within the same workbook without using a macro, how can i do this?

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Pull Data From Two Sheet And Paste Into Master Sheet With Desired Column Only

Aug 28, 2013

I want vba code to pull data from two sheet in workbook, code has to pull all data from first sheet , then pull data from second sheet and paste some particular column only below first column sheet

e.g i pull data from two sheet(ONSITE&CCI)


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Excel 2013 :: Pivot Table Compare Current Data With Refresh Data And Format New Values?

Jun 18, 2014

vba in excel 2013 pivot table that updates from an online CRM rows are a to h and it can be any number of rows. What I am trying to do is track progress. In column f values indicate probability for success 10 25 45 90, which can go up or down. The pivot table is refreshed to get the latest values from CRM. the update is handled by a connection to the crm not in the vba.

So far I been researching methods to conditionally format values that went up, down or remained the same since the last refresh with up down and across arrows. I have managed to piece together what I think should work but alas it is not. So I have come to you internet.

My code first clears any formatting and goes down the column avoiding null or empty cells, comparing the values in column f to values in column j.
I have 3 conditions greater than, less than or equal to, and would like add an icon for each based on the result of the comparison.

Finally when it finishes the column the code copies the current values in the pivot table column f to column j outside the pivot table which i hope to be able to hide once the cf works. The code is below

[Code] .....

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Filter Or Highlight Changed Data Between Two Workbooks

Dec 11, 2007

I have two workbooks containing data, the second workbook being an update of the first. I am looking for a way to filter or highlight the data that has changed from the old book to the new. The rows of data have unique IDs that can be matched up between the workbooks but what I need to know is if any other data has changed on that row. Ideally I would like the spreadsheet to then set a filter to only show the changed row(s) but a simple highlight with colour of the changed cell(s) would suffice.

A complicating factor is that multiple rows of data can be contained under one unique identifier. I don't know if this makes the whole idea implausible but any suggestions or pointers in the right direction. I have attached a workbook with example data if my description above is unclear.

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Charts Not Updating When Source Data Changed

Apr 30, 2008

For some reason, the charts in my excel workbook do not update automatically when the data are changed. I have set Calculation to Automatic, but it still doesn't work. They update only if I close and reopen the workbook. Is it due to a problem with setting? How can I get the charts to automatically update?

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Vlookup- Take Column A From Sheet 1 And Compare To Sheet 2

Feb 15, 2008

I have date on Sheet 1 and Sheet 2

what I want to do is take column A from Sheet 1 and compare to Sheet 2 column A if it's one Sheet 2 then on Sheet 1 column C and D post the results...


Sheet 1


Sheet 2


so then Sheet 1 would look like this

ADDYY 64 ADDYY4644454654

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Excel 2010 :: Match 1 Cell And Column In Sheet 1 To 2 Columns In Sheet 2 Return Data From A 3rd

Jul 23, 2012

I have 2 workbooks in Excel 2010, each contain just 1 sheet. (see attached) I need to compare on sheet 1, cell D1 and column A:A (this column will be much longer), with the data in columns C:C & A:A on sheet 2, if a corresponding match is found, the data contained in column D on the same row on sheet 2 is written to the cell with the matching data in sheet 1.

My attempt is in cell D2 on sheet1.

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Macro To Pull Data From Multiple Sheet To Main Sheet Based On Column Headings

Sep 13, 2012

I need a Macro which pulls the data from different sheets of excel (which is not formatted properly) to Main Sheet. Also some of the columns will not have the same names, so macro should handle this exception as well.

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