Conditional Formatting For Series On Graph

Oct 23, 2007

I have a table which provides the source data for a Bar Chart style graph. I need the colour of the different Bars to change depending on the values in the table. For example. If the value is over 1% then the bar will change to the colour Red otherwise it will stay Green.

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How To Add Series Without The Graph Line

Apr 14, 2014

Is there any possible to add a series to a graph table without having the line in the Graph. i just want to show the difference for information and not in the graph?

i have tried some different things (like having the difference in white so it is not visible, formatting the Axis etc)

See attached picture. Excel 2.JPG

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Dynamic Series For A Graph

Jun 30, 2014

I have a graph that auto updates but sometimes there is only 1 series and sometimes there is 2,3,4, or 5 series. Is there a way to have the graph update accordingly? and only have have the series that are valid be in the key on the graph. Currently the graph keeps all the series in the key even when there isn't any data for it.

Please see attachment. Use sheet 2 for the graph. and use the drop down menu to select catagory. this ia very quick mock up of the concept.


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Deleting All Series In Graph Using Macro..

Oct 26, 2008

I want to delete all series which are in graphs. is there any way so that i can pull total number of series in VB from graph, and then just do all the series one by one.

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Graph Data Series With Different Colours

Feb 21, 2007

I am creating a timeline using a stacked bar graph. The 3 colums in the source spreadsheet are title,start time and duration. The Two data series are start time and duration. I hide the start time series to give me timelines for each row in the spreadsheet. This works fine. What I'd like to do is to group the rows by title and distinguish by colour in the duration series but this doesn;t seem possible? I hope I've made myself clear.

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Multiple Series Chart/Graph

May 15, 2008

I have a scatter graph that has over 100 curves that im need on one graph that at the moment i putting each x and y and name in by hand in series. I have been doing it for hours and have looked round the site to see if anything similar answer on ozgrid would help but im baffled

i was just wondering if there is an easier way of doing this

i havent really used macros but iv been reading up on it can i used it to do this?

I have added the table and graph and this is how i would like all the columns to look like
its the table called graph that makes the curves that i would like to be able to add in quickly
the rest im not too fussed about.

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Avoiding Display Of Empty Series In Graph

Apr 3, 2007

How can I avoid that an empty series shows up in the legend of a graph?

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Plot Multiple Series In 1 Graph/Chart

Aug 18, 2006

how can i plot multiple series of values in one graph after checking some check boxes, which i have previously done, randomly?

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Setting Graph Series Value Formulas Based On Other Dependencies?

Aug 29, 2012

A line graph is using a data row to plot the line; works fine. The data series ranges have been named for Week1 (H10), Week1_2 (H10:I10), Week1_3 (H10:J10), Week1_4 (H10:K10), Week1_5 (H10:L10), Week1_6 (H10:M10), Week1_7 (H10:N10), ...etc.

This is the data series formula name example to plot the data series from week 1 through week 7; ='Product Plan Q3 Week 7.xlsx'!Q3Wk1_7.

The series name formula Q3Wk1_7 for week 1 through week 7 is =$H$10:$N$10.

When this name is manually entered as a Series Value for the line graph, the graph plots exactly the way it is expected. The same is true if the Series Value is manually modified for some other ranges such as Week 1 through Week 9 (='Product Plan Q3 Week 7.xlsx'!Q3Wk1_9).

My challenge is to enter this Series Value based on the manually entered week number elsewhere; i.e., we're in week 7, the Series Value should be ='Product Plan Q3 Week 7.xlsx'!Q3Wk1_7. I've been trying to use an HLOOKUP table to select the correct Series Value formula based on the week number. The HLOOKUP works fine resulting in selecting the correct formula. I can also Name the range of data I want to graph and copy the name into the Series Value field with successful results. How do I get such a formula or Named range into the Series Value field without type it in? I want to set that Series Value to a range or name without having to select the line to manually enter the value.

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Source Location/Address Of Series In Graph/Chart

Apr 23, 2008

Looking for code that returns the cell address of a series in a pre-existing graph. I have a graph that already has Source Data manually assigned to it. Is there a way to find just the cell values or location of a single Series in a SeriesCollection object? I know that in order to assign a series of data to a Series object, you do something like this:

ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).Values = Worksheets("My Worksheet").Range("A1:F1")

The issue I am tackling with is a graph that already has preexisting data in the Series object, and I just need a quick and easy way to find the address of this data set.

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Determine Half-Way Point Of Bar Series On Bar Chart/Graph

May 30, 2008

i have created a xlColumnStacked chart using VBA in excel 2000. i would like to place a line in the center of one of the Points(). How can i locate a specific point, for example Points(1), so what i can then "draw" a line in the center

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Macro: Plot Graph/Chart By Series Of Rows

Jun 30, 2008

I've been trying to work out a code for a while now to plot some series in rows on a graph. The wonderful Mr Pope helped me with one before but for series in columns but i just don't seem to understand it enough to use it for this problem. the graph already has 2 series plotted (called the envelope) so i have to use seperate series to plot the data.

Basically the name of series is down column A
but the range is from E1 to Y1
and the data to be plotted on the graph which already has two series plotted in it is E2 to Y2, E3 to Y3 etc. iv been trying to use this code but failing miserably

Sub adddatatopsd(Name As Range, XData As Range, YData As Range)
With ActiveSheet.ChartObjects(1).Chart
With .SeriesCollection.NewSeries
.ChartType = xlColumnClustered
.XValues = XData
.Values = YData
.Name = Name
.ChartType = xlXYScatterSmooth
End With
End With
End Sub...........................

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Excel 2010 :: Dynamic Graph Creation Using The Series And Offset Functions?

Jan 7, 2014

I am in the process of setting up some graphs. The graphs will show the last 6 months of data so they move as each month is goes. I saw a slick way of doing this using the count function but this did not quite fulfill my needs. What I was looking for is to be able to input the start month in a cell. The cell would be part of the function within the formula. I created a simplified version of the spreadsheet below.


Then I created my names using the ctrl-F3


I then created the graph I wanted and wanted to use the formula =SERIES(Sheet1!$B$3,!chtCat,!chtIssuesReported,1). This kept getting an error indicated nothing really. It basically says there is something wrong with my Series function. I have a working version of a similiar worksheet I have been basing my entries on. They look almost identical but mine is failing. I also created a new file and tried this and it still fails. I can run the formula evaluator within Excel 2010 against the !chtCat and !chtIssuesReported names and they both return the correct value (which equals areas on the spreadsheet). I have also tried to enter the spreadsheet name and a tab in front of the names to get them to work and still get an error. Basicall I am trying to create the graph below (this grpah is using the hard coded locations)


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Select Series (lines) In Line Graph By Adding Userform With Checkboxes On A Chart

Apr 15, 2014

I want to add a user-form on a chart, which will have check-boxes that will allow me to select series(lines) that I want see and compare in a chart. Currently my line chart has 24 series (Lines) which makes the chart very difficult to view and looks very busy. How do I add list of check-boxes that will allow me to select one or multiple lines that I want to see at a time?

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Create Line Graph That Will Incorporate Multiple Columns Of Data In One Series Of Data

Sep 27, 2011

I am trying to create a line graph that will incorporate multiple columns of data in one series of data. The reason I do not place all of the data in one column is because it could exceed the maximum amount of rows allowed in excel. Also I need the data split up for viewing purposes.

I can easily just graph one column but how do I combine all the columns into one line graph with the data being in separate columns. Basically all the columns will be my Y values and X values are just 1:n.

Example Below:

Column AColumn B Column C159261037114812

Now in the example all of the values are x values.

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Error "Object Does Not Support This Property Or Method." When Changing The Range Of A Series On A Preexisting Graph

Nov 19, 2009

I'm trying to write some code to make an existing chart display the correct series of data. However, on the ".SeriesCollection..." lines, it gives me the error "Object does not support this property or method." I'm using a Bar-Line graph, if it makes any difference.

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Formatting Graph Won't Work?

Jan 24, 2012

I want to change to format on the axes from % to numbers using the code below but nothing happens?

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Range = "Listbox4" And Range("U4") = 2 Or Range("U4") = 5 Then
ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 5").Activate


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References Within Graph Formatting?

Mar 13, 2012

Is it possible to title a graph according to a changing column name perhaps?

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Formatting Line Graph

Feb 15, 2007

how to have different format on a line grapgh. I have a series of data points for sales figures. The first 10 are actual data and the next 5 are projections. I want to have a line graph with solid color format for the actuals and a dashed format for the projections.

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Conditional Combo Box And Graph

Jun 3, 2006

I'm making a report that graphs some day to day data, and I want the user to be able to either select the specific month or week that he wants on the graph. This leaves me with two questions. First of all, I have a list box with the option to select by month or by week, how can I make it so if month is selected, a list of months come up in the combo box and if weeks is selected, the weeks will?

Second, how can I have the X-axis of the graph adjust accordingly for a week or month graph? One idea I had would be to actually make two graphs in the same spot, and have the appropriate one display through VB, which I do not have the knowledge to do, but seems possible and not too complicated. I'm sure i'll need VB for both of these issues and though I think I know what I need to do, I do not know how to code it.

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Formatting Series Of Rows According To Column Value

Aug 23, 2007

I have a large datset that looks like this:

+ + A + B + C +
+1+ ID + EventDate + EventType +
+2+ 111 + 1/1/1995 + Visit +
+3+ 111 + 1/30/1995 + Vaccine +
+4+ 111 + 4/22/1998 + Visit +
+5+ 222 + 7/7/2000 + Survey +
+6+ 333 + 8/8/2001 + Labs +
+7+ 333 + 8/22/07 + Pharmacy +
+8+ 333 + 8/22/07 + Visit +

I would like to shade the rows with alternating colors so that all the data pertaining to a given ID can be easily spotted. In the example above, I would need A2:C4 to be shaded one color, A5:C5 another color, and A6:C8 the first color again.

I am using Excel 2007.

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Formatting Chart With Too Many Series To Display

Aug 29, 2006

My question is a display/ chart format question. I need to convey what I am showing on this chart in a less "busy" fashion. Is there a way to display the data in an easier to read and see format? In particular, is having both averages on the chart in the same format an issue?

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Conditionally Formatting Bars In Bar Graph?

Oct 21, 2011

I am building a graph and i want to conditionally format it so that if a bar is less than 24 it wil be green and if it is greater than 24 it will be red. how to do this?

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Conditional Series Collection Colour For Chart

Sep 24, 2009

I am using a bar graph and would like conditional formatting for a series collection. So if the series collection is greater than 30%, the single entry (not the whole series) would turn red. I have attached an image of what I currently have. There is a data validation list at the top which tells the graph what series to use, so the data is always changing.

I hope this all makes sense. Basically, if an entry is above 30%, I want the single entry in the series to turn red.

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Conditional Minimum Formula In A Series Of Numbers

Jul 18, 2013

What is the syntax for the formula for the minimum number, greater than zero, in a series of numbers.

I have a row of numbers, including some zeros, but I want the minimum number excluding the zeros.

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Conditional Format - Based On A Series Of Values

Aug 19, 2009

what I am trying to do:

I have a workbook with 2 sheets.

Sheet "A" has a column called "FILEPATH" that contains the complete path to a file (eg. "C:mystuffdocumentsdocA.pdf"). There are about 3500 rows of filepaths on this sheet.

Sheet "B" has a column called "DELETED FILES" that contains a list of deleted filenames (eg. docA.pdf, docC.pdf, etc.), one filename in each cell.

I want to highlight the rows on Sheet "A" that contain a path to a file that is listed as deleted on Sheet "B".

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Conditional Formatting - Two Different Fields Affect One Cells Formatting For Date?

Sep 16, 2013

A little background on what i am doing. I have a spreadsheet that tracks when i have blown the dust out of our computers. I have set up conditional formatting so that the text turns red after 300 days and the cell turns yellow after 600 days. However, some computers are in high dust environments. I would like the spreadsheet to tell me to blow the dust out of these sooner. see the attached sheet.

dust 1.xlsx

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Conditional Format Chart Data Series Points

May 16, 2008

Background: I have a Chart sheet with a combination bar/line chart on it. Data is coming from a "datasheet". There is a combo box on the chart sheet that allows you to choose a specific office whose data you want to view. Pick an office from the dropdown and the chart changes. The data is a count of closed cases by month. The data sheet shows 22 Offices with their monthly data, along with entries for each month of the Upper Control Point, Lower Control Point and Mean based on the nationwide data for that month.

The chart itself uses bars to show the office's case count per month, and I've incorporated 3 additional data series to plot the UCP, LCP and Mean as lines for each month.

I'd like to change the color of the bars to be Blue, Green or Red depending on where they fall in the 3 lines. I sort of have it working, but I'm stuck.

The code below grabs the value of each series point and compares it to the 3 control points and does change the colors. I've figured out how to use the If, next to change from one series point to the next, but cannot figure out how to loop through each of the control points. As it stands now, it looks only at the first month's control point and uses that for each successive month.

I hope this is clear and I've tried to keep it as short as possible while still providing enough information.

Sub chartbarformat()
' chartbarformat Macro
' Macro recorded 5/15/2008 by vacoyoungd
Dim x As Integer
Dim val As Variant
Dim AveragePending As Range
Dim LowerPending As Range
Dim UpperPending As Range

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Conditional Formatting Based On Another Cell Conditional Format

Mar 20, 2013

Is it possible to change the format of cell AI3 based on the format of cell C3 and D3? I have C3 and D3 set to turn red based on what is in cell C2 and D2. I would like the following done:

If AI3=C3 & C3 is red, format AI3 blue
If AI3=D3 & D3 is red, format AI3 blue
Otherwise, leave AI3 unformatted.


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IF Statement Using Formatting Criteria (NOT Conditional Formatting)

May 5, 2009

Is there "code" for different formatting in a spreadsheet so you can use an IF statement to do something like:

if(A1=blue background,"Yes","No")


if(A1=red text,"Yes","No")

etc.?? But replace "blue background" and "red text" with some sort of number code? I want to compile a list of the items that are formatted with certain background colors and/or text colors and then organize only those items into a chart.

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