Consolidate & Transpose Worksheets

Jan 3, 2008

I have several worksheets in one workbook. To consolidate, I am copying the information from the worksheets into one summary sheet. The worksheet information is entered vertically:

Charges 2007 2006
Inpatient 30000 25000
Outpatient 32000 21000

I want the information in the columns to be transposed on the summary sheet, but still linked to the original worksheet:
2007 Inpatient Outpatient 2006 Inpatient Outpatient
30000 32000 25000 21000

Copy and paste special with transpose does not link the spreadsheet. I tried to drag across after filling one cell, but the fill function increases by column from left to right, not row number. (It increases row number, which is what I need, only dragging down.)

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Transpose And Consolidate Data Horizontally To Vertically?

Jun 4, 2014

In the attached spreadsheet, I have the original data display horizontally (sheet2). Col A is Patient #. The header in row 1 are the test codes. Each patient took only 1 test and have result reported either neg, pos, pending or not eval. How do I transpose the header and have the test results consolidated in 1 column accordingly as display in sheet 3.

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Copy, Transpose & Consolidate Data From Multiple Sheets

Jan 25, 2010

writing a macro that could save me loads of time. In the attached file there are 2 separate sheets of data ( named "Elements Innovation" and "Dinttap") that I need copied, pasted, transposed and consolidated into one master sheet (named "Desired result"). Note that the fields that relevant cells are highlighted in yellow. In reality I'll have many (~100) of these sheets that I need the data extracted from, and the work looks like it can be automated using VBA to speed things up.

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Consolidate Multiple Worksheets Into One

Mar 29, 2009

I have attempted to code a "capture" worksheet that will consolidate other worksheets into an importable template. The problem i'm having is when I run my code I beleive it is referenceing the capture page, instead of the other worksheets. I know there are a few ways to accomplish this, one being to reference the other pages through name or location. This will not work as the other sheet names and locations will change, the only constant is the page where all will be consolidated "change capture".

I beleive it is misreferencing as it points to a being 256, and b being 0... both should have different values.

I would like the capture page to consolidate downwards (begin the second paste after the last line of the previous paste).

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Consolidate Multiple Worksheets Into One

May 19, 2013

I need some VBA to consolidate multiple worksheets into one (a 'master' worksheet). I do not have the data to hand. But I have been told every tab has identical columns but with varying number of rows. Also, please note that the data we are interested in starts a cell A15 on each tab.

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Consolidate Date From Several Worksheets Into One

Feb 20, 2009

I am wondering if Excel can consolidate data from 6 worksheets found in 6 different workbooks and consolidate them into a "master" workbook. Here is a sample of 2 worksheets, but again, there will be 6 in total:

Workbook Name = CC 0038
Worksheet Name = Monthly Results

Column A = Acct #
Column B = Acct Description
Column C = Actual
Column D = Budget

Acct # Acct Description Actual Budget
589800Salary-Related Benefits4,808 5,498 589803HO Employee Benefits2,055 2,055 589632Recognition Award0 83 561605Furn/Equip/Alterations0 308 568010Telecom (Local Access)0 250 568041Telecom (Telephone & Fax)0 42 568042Telecom (Wireless)546 473 583402Printing/Stationery IDB0 250 584200Office Stationery/Supplies28 129 560000Travel Costs0 440 ..................

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Consolidate Different Worksheets Into One Worksheet

Jul 23, 2006

I'm using a workbook containing a worksheet for each month of the year. I want to consolidate all the data from the different worksheets into one worksheet to enable data manipulation by means of a pivot table. Updates in the individual worksheets must be automatically updated in the consolidated worksheet.

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Consolidate Some Data On Worksheets Into Another

Oct 5, 2006

I have attached a sample workbook to show my layout.

I need to link multiple sheets (but not all, just certain ones) to one "master sheet". More specifically I need to link only certain colums from each certain sheet. The sub sheets have detailed information, but I only want basic information on the master sheet like FirstName, LastName, Ext, Buyer#, etc Not every column from the certain sheets is needed.

I need a way to update this master sheet when I update the sub sheets manually. So if I add a employee record to a sub sheet, the master sheet is updated. These updates aren't often, so running a macro to rebuild the master sheet after I manually delete it wouldn't be out of the question, whatever is convienent.

In the attached worksheet, I believe there is a sheet called Items. I don't need any information from that sheet at all to be on the master sheet so it can't be in the array when the master sheet it built from the sub sheets.

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Consolidate By Time From Different Worksheets

Jul 2, 2007

I have around 10 worksheets containing a time sheet in each. In each sheet from cell A8 to A39 project nos. are entered for each day. I need to consolidate the total hours for each project. For this first I need to list out the project nos. from all the time sheets. Is there a way to do this by some formulas?

I have attached a sample. Kindly have a look at it. I have used a macro(taken from the forum) to protect all worksheets. Please press ctrl+shft+P and click OK to protect/unprotect the sheets. No password.

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Consolidate Multiple Worksheets

Aug 6, 2007

I have several sheets in a workbook.. i need a macro that can consolidate/copy (an exact copy, word for word, number for number) all the data in these worksheets in one master sheet. however some of the sheets are still incomplete, thus i need the excel to update the master sheet whenever there are new data inserted (to any of the worksheet).

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Using Powerpivot To Consolidate Multiple Worksheets

Nov 27, 2012

I am trying to create one giant pivot table from 3 different tables. I have been playing around with power pivot but can't create any relationships since my data is duplicated or something. I have three tables, each of which have a few columns that are the same- date, account, description and amount. The three tables are comprised of 3 bank statements from Mar-Oct. What I want to do is basically pivot the three tables so that I can list account by date for all of the entries in the 3 tables, however each of my tables may have duplicate dates such as:

Table 1
DateDate DetailCB AccountTranslationTransaction
2012.042012.04.02IN TRANSITFunds to be released(211.41)
2012.042012.04.02NETAutomatic investment(7,164.27)
2012.042012.04.0212030Client Payment211.41
2012.042012.04.0212030credit card receivable (Cielo)1,684.00
2012.042012.04.0212030credit card receivable (Cielo)1,862.26
2012.042012.04.02N/Aavailable balance0.00

Table 2
DateDate DetailCB AccountTranslation Transaction
2012.042012.04.0312030RECEIVED FROM SUPPLIER 78.84
2012.042012.04.03NETTRANSFER FROM INVESTMENTS 250.00
2012.042012.04.0412030RECEIVED FROM SUPPLIER 17.68
2012.042012.04.0512030RECEIVED FROM SUPPLIER 337.90

Is there a way for me to connect these two tables so that I can pivot by 2012.04 and show the sums of transactions by CB Account?

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Consolidate Data From Multiple Worksheets

Jan 7, 2009

I have a workbook with 7 different worksheets (site_worksheets) containing data about various sites. I need to copy all this data into a single worksheet (worksheet_a). I want worksheet_a to update itself when another row of data is added to any of the site_worksheets.

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Consolidate All Worksheets Into Master Workbook

Feb 7, 2009

I think this needs a For Each loop, but I am stuck on how to get it accompished. In the folder I will have about 26 workbooks with all different titles, but the beggining is always the same for the workbook and the worksheet (Bldg). There will be only one ws per wb and the wb I am using to collect all of the worksheets is Final.xls. The code attached works fine, but the only way right now I know how to capture the next wb/ws is with a call.

Sub CopyAllWrksht() ....

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Macro: Consolidate Data From 10 Worksheets To 1

Aug 20, 2009

I am trying to take a workbook with 10 worksheets and have the contents copied and pasted into a new worksheet without any extra blank rows onto a new spreadsheet. Does anyone know how to achieve this? The purpose is to copy the information off each of the 10 worksheets and be able to use the consolidated information for pivot tables.

Important Facts:

- Each worksheet starts with data in cell A7 and ends at BL7

- The number of rows on each worksheet is inconsistent (e.g. one sheet ends at row 12 another at row 101)

- The columns have uniform titles and data below

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How To Consolidate Data From Multiple Worksheets

Nov 10, 2009

I have a worksheet that was created by converting a pdf file of 40 pages or so. The conversion process created 40 separate worksheets in one workbook. I would like to consolidate all the data on to 1 large worksheet.

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VBA Macro To Consolidate Several Worksheets Into One & Print

Apr 11, 2009

I used a Macro from here that creates one worksheet from several then prints and deletes it. However the Macro doesn't carry over my column/row size formats. Is there a fix?

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Consolidate Variable Number Of Worksheets

Nov 17, 2007

I've been trying to bend my mind on how to accomplish this and haven't found a clear way to do this. I have to combine reports from a varying amount of one worksheet workbooks that are all formatted the same and have the same data format in the same cells. I was originally thinking about creating some quick code like

'for when I need to sum
activecell.formula = Workbook1.range(“b2”) + workbook2.range(“b2”) + workbook3.range(“b2”)
'and for when i need to create averages
activecell.formula = "=average(Workbook1.range(“b2”), workbook2.range(“b2”), workbook3.range(“b2”)

However, the amount of workbooks will change depending on which regional account I'm working on, so I have no 'set amounts' of sheets. it can be anywhere from 3 to 300 (figuratively speaking). Is there a way for me to create something that will be flexible enough to expand the amount of workbooks I need to consolidate into 1 final report that totals them together? or am I going about this totally wrong?

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Consolidate Ranges From Multiple Worksheets

Jan 4, 2008

What I am attempting to do is take data from two columns on multiple sheets within the same workbook file and consolidate them using a macro. (End result would be a sum of the numbers associated with the adjacent name calculated using all the sheets data--as some names would appear on other sheets as well).

The first column is a list of names and the second is a list of numbers. I have titled the columns the same on each sheet and placed them in the same location. However, the number of rows of data each sheet contains will vary per sheet. (For example: one sheet might have 10 rows of names while the next might have 15 or so). Also, each time this file is to be used, there might be a differing number of sheets, as users add or remove a sheet.

Is it possible to create a macro that can scan the all the varying sheets's data and output a consolidation?

I have been able to create both a pivot table and use the consolidation feature by selecting the date ranges manually, but I am lost on how to automate this for other users that have very little excel knowledge.

I've uploaded an example file in case my explanation isn't clear.

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Merge/Consolidate Multiple Worksheets

Apr 28, 2008

I am writing a database for a construction site to monitor all the goods that come in and what apartment Blocks they end up in.

I have three worksheets from different areas of the site. They are simply lists of items coming in and are getting longer everyday. They are all in the same format and have the same column headings. Two of which are date and Location. The location will be Block A to Block G. I want to merge the 3 worksheets into 1 and be organised by date order so that I can then duplicate that worksheet for each Block and filter using the Location Column. The 3worksheets have data manually inputted each day and I would like the merged worksheets to update automatically.

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Consolidate All Data From All Worksheets Into A Single Worksheet?

Jan 27, 2014

how to consolidate all data from all worksheets into a single worksheet(master sheet)?


In the attachment, data for worksheet 1 will be added to the masterlist and worksheet 2 will follow.

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Dynamically Consolidate Multiple Worksheets Into One Worksheet?

Mar 6, 2014

I have about 50 tabs one for each city and i need to update information everyday for each of those cities. I now what the macro to update all the new entries in each of the worksheets into a consolidated Summary sheet. This is dynamic so if 10 rows are filled in the summary tab and if i update the rows in the individual city worksheets the summary tab should paste values from the 11th row and so on

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Consolidate Ranges From Several Worksheets Into A Summary Worksheet

Sep 23, 2006

I need the correct syntax to consolidate ranges from several worksheets into a summary worksheet - all in the same workbook. I am building the Array on the fly, and I keep getting errors. (Subscript out of range being the most recent).

The code now is opening only one workbook so I can keep it simple. It iterates through the sheets collection, and builds the array.

Private Sub cbConsolidateToRollups_Click()
Dim MyArray() As Variant
Dim Source As Variant
Dim SheetNames As Variant
Dim SingleQuote, DoubleQuote
SingleQuote = Chr(39)
DoubleQuote = Chr(34)
'set the directory to Rollups
ToPath = Application.DefaultFilePath & "Cost Tracking" & "Rollups"
ChDir ToPath ....................

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Consolidate Ranges From Several Worksheets Into A Master Sheet

Jan 29, 2008

I am trying to consolidate a specific range on 8 similar worksheets into a master list through the use of a macro, and the workbook has a total of 26 worksheets. Details:

The worksheets to be consolidated are named: AR, CM, JR, Trader1, Trader2, Trader3, Trader4, and Trader5. The range to be consolidated are: A6:F26, of each of the above worksheets. Currently, A6:D21 are linked through an array from the worksheet "Index". This is because there are often changes to the names listed under "Trader/Backup Trader", or there may be additions/deletions of a row.

Right now, I have set up a sheet called "Traders List", using arrays to link the data on the 8 different sheets. The only problem is, if there were a change in the "Index" worksheet, I would have to manually drag out each array, for these 8 different worksheets in the "Traders List" sheet. Is there a way a macro can be written such that it is automatically linked to each range (A6:F26) on those 8 worksheets? Is it possible to only show rows that are non-zero?

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Consolidate Multiple Worksheets Into One - Copy Rows Even When Autofilter Is In Use

Aug 19, 2014

I have a workbook that has several sheets in it with various rows of data on each sheet. I would like to have a macro to loop through all the sheets in the workbook and copy and paste the rows into a new summary sheet. The rows to be copied should only have data in Column A, in other words if Column A of a row is blank I want it skipped. Also Row 1 of every sheet contains my headers, and I am only using columns A through M. It needs to be able to copy rows even when autofilter is in use.

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Excel 2007 :: Macro To Consolidate Multiple Worksheets?

Jul 6, 2012

I have a workbook with 4 sheets and with sheet 5 as a "consolidated" sheet. I have to create the macro, which will on a daily basis copy the populated data from those 4 sheets and paste into the sheet 5 (same workbook). The data in the Sheet 5 should be pasted from row 2 below each other.. Row 1 will be the headings and shouldn't be replaced. The data in all 4 sheets should be copied from row starting 37, columns C to BA but it will end with different row numbers. note that columns A & B are populated but shouldn't be copied.

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Consolidate Multiple Worksheets Into A Master Sheet Same Workbook

Jul 22, 2008

l need to consolidate up to 3 columns of data from a varied number of worksheets within the same workbook. The sheets are (format/layout) structured in the same way. The columns need to get added next to each other in the consolidation sheet.

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Consolidate Several Worksheets To Master With Auto Update When New Data Added?

Dec 19, 2012

consolidating data from 3 worksheets which contain same data fields but each representing 1 brand. I like to have a summary/mastersheet to contain data from all 3 worksheets and then when the data in each worksheet is added or updated, the summary worksheet should reflect the changes (adding new data to the last row).

Project Submissions.xlsx

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Consolidate Data Multiple Worksheets Based On Naming Convention

Feb 3, 2008

I have a workbook composed of many worksheets with varying names. Of the 40 or so worksheets, 25 of them contain data that I need to copy and consolidate into a master summary sheet within the same workbook. All of the sheets I need to grab data from have a worksheet name that ends in “(Data)”. All worksheets contain data that starts on the same row (row 8) but the number of rows of data will change daily. When I copy the data range on the individual sheets I do not want to copy the header row. I’ve tried various uses of the offset command with no luck to resize the selected range. I’ve also tried giving each range a named Dynamic Range and referring to this name in VBA code but that didn’t get me very far either. So the flow looks something like this:

1. Find all sheets with name ending in “(Data)” (i.e. “Project X (Data)”)
2.For each sheet found, find the data range and omit the first row of data.
3.Copy selected range.
4.Go to sheet “Master” and find the last row of data. Move down one row to the first empty row and paste copied range.
5.Go to next sheet and repeat.

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3-D Formula Syntax: Consolidate Certains Cells In 30 Identical Worksheets In A Workbook

Jun 7, 2006

I want to consolidate certains cells in 30 identical worksheets in a workbook. I understood that if I use the 3-D formula method, that I could insert new identical worksheets into the range of worksheets and the consolidated totals would update. Is that correct?

I cannot seem to get the syntax to work. When I read the Excel Help file it gives an example of =sum(sheet2:sheet7!B3) but I don't understand how Excel could answer this ( if the worksheets were named Sheet2,sheet3,sheet4 etc up to sheet7)
In my example, the formula is clearly wrong. Why does it not use the single quotation marks '? I cannot find references to the proper syntax anywhere. I have your training program but this does not spell it out for me either. If I use Data>Consolidate then I have to labouriously do this for each cell that I want to consolidate.

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How To Transpose Large Dataset With Many Worksheets

Apr 3, 2013

I have a problem and I can't figure out how to do this, I have tried using both macros and functions (INDEX for example). The problem is as follows, I have a dataset of 27 worksheets, each worksheet has between 30k and 60k of rows and 25 columns. They are set up as follows:

------------------1990 1991 1992 etc.


Now what I am looking for is an easy way to transpose the data, I would like to have it looked as follows:

-------------Variable_1 Variable_2 Variable_3
Firm_A 1990
Firm_A 1991
Firm_A 1992
|- ---- 2012
Firm_B 1990
Firm_B 1991
Firm_B 1992
| ------2012

It is basically impossible to do this by hand, each of the 27 worksheet has between the 3000 and 6000 firms and each firm has 57 variables (these are identical for all firms). Also the the firm names and the variable names are in the same column, these should be seperated as well (they are connected with a hyphen).

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