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Copy Data To Master Sheet Next Avail Row

I am trying to write a macro that will go to one workbook after another, select a large range and paste it to a master sheet, then repeat for the second workbook but this time paste in the next available row.

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Copy Data From Multiple Sheets To One Master Sheet
I have been trying to make a code that copies all the data in A2:K50 in all the sheets (about 32 of them right now) and paste that information in 1 sheet (Master List). The code does work but for some sheets it only copies the first 2 or 3 records. Also, this code puts the name of the sheet the data came from but for the first 2 records in puts in the Master List its pasting the wrong Sheet name.

Sub SummurizeSheets()
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim lastRng As Range

Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Sheets("Master List").Activate

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Copy Data From New Everyday Csv File To Next Empty Row In Master File
I have csv files auto generated (with date stamp in name) and saved in a specific folder everyday. I need to find a macro that will copy the row(s) every day and add to the next empty row in the master excel file. Some days the csv file may have a single row of data and on some other days it may have multiple rows of data to copy and paste.

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Copy Row From Sheet 1 To Sheet 2 When Data Entered In Cell F
I have Worksheet 1, with columns A to E. I would like a row to be copied to Worksheet 2, as soon as cell F in Worksheet 1 is populated. Also the row to be deleted from Worksheet 1.

So, as soon as F1 in worksheet 1 is populated and enter button pressed, row A1:F1 will be copied to the next empty row in worksheet 2, while being deleted from worksheet 1. So eventually all rows in worksheet 1 will be deleted and rows in worksheet 2 will be populated.

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Loop Through Workbooks Copy Sheet To Master
I would like to loop through all spreadsheets in a folder, copy sheet "january" from each spreadsheet into a mastersheet. No idea how using vb all help appreciated.

i would like to change the name of the sheet to a cell reference before it gets pasted into the new sheet.

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Import The Individuals Data From The Master Sheet To The Individual Sheet Based On The Employee Name
I have a master spreadsheet that list several columns about employees(name, date, event name, etc.). Then I have an indivdual sheet for each employee. I am trying to import the column information for each employee onto their individual sheet based on their name. It is possible to import the individuals data from the master sheet to the individual sheet based on the employee name?

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Copy From Template To First Empty Row In A Master Workbook
I'm unsure how to adapt the code to suit my needs.

I have an Excel workbook that is created a few times a month from a template. When I update it I run a macro that saves a values only copy with the current date. I'd like to copy non-blank rows (from row 8 down) into the first empty row in a master workbook that is saved on a network drive. The path to the master workbook is "B:8MPBGTrade Pre-AdviceBG Trade Confirm Master.xls"

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Copy Same Range From Multiple Sheets To Master Sheet
I have multiple sheets (lets say for example a 100 of them) where I need to copy a Value from a fixed location (Col#,Row#) from each of the 100 sheets and store it in a column in a Master sheet.. in the end the Master sheet has only two columns.. first column A contains file name (of the sheet where I copied).. then adjacent column B has the copied value.. in other words the Master sheet will have 100 rows and two columns..for this example..

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Copy Row With Data To Second Sheet
i need to have a macro that searches columns C and E (on sheet1) for any cell with data.
if finds data in either C or E, it copies that entire row to sheet2 in the next avilable row, and adds a date stamp to column F ...

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Copy Data From Userform To Sheet, On A New Row Each Time
I have designed a userform that allows teachers to input assessment grades and calculate overall module grades based on these...

I'd like to develop a macro that would then allow the teacher to click a "save" button on the userform, triggering the transfer of the information on the userform into the next sheet and then clear the contents of the userform ready for the next calculation.

I have made an attempt; unfortunately I have very limited experience of Excel and am therefore running into difficulties; the macro is as follows: .....

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Copy Entire Row To New Sheet If Column Data Is Matched
i need a macro that will allow an entire row from one sheet be copied into a new sheet.

so basically here is what needs to be done:

1. from my active sheet, look in Column 'D', select all rows in in column D if it has the word "Confirmed" in it

2. create a new sheet and paste all those selected rows to this sheet

3. delete this transfered data from sheet 1

4. in the new sheet, i need to add in titles as follows in columns A - O:

Event Status
Project Type
Project Status
Start Date
End Date,.....................

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How Copy The Data From More Cell In Sheet1 To A Row On Sheet2 (others Sheet)
I want entry the data with different row and different cells, so when I click the button, the data on sheet1 is clear and copy to empty row on sheet2 and automatic create a border and automatic insert new row, so we can entry again and next. And I attached my sample Excel File with the description too.

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Bringing Data From Mulitple Worksheets To A Master Sheet
Each salesman has an enquiry log / hot prospect sheet that they are responsible for.

At present at the end of the month our receptionist has to consolidate this information manually onto a master sheet.

I would like to create an automatic master sheet that auto updates each time it is opened.

It has to read data from about 13 work books each with varting amounts of date. All works books are formatted identically (or they will be)

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Data From Master Sheet To Individual Sheets By Unique
[data] ....

With the above data, I'd like put all of the data for each respective dept on it's own sheet. Obviously I have many rows of data and departments so manually would be almost impossible.

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Pulling Data From Multiple Worksheets Onto Master Sheet
I have an identical worksheet for all the days of the month - i.e. the May workbook has 30 identical worksheets. I am wanting to pull only certain rows from each worksheet onto a master. Something like - copy row from all worksheets where that rows cell "D" has any value other than " ".

I have used the following macro to pull all the data from every sheet onto a master - but i don't want all the data - just the qualifying data.

Sub Combine()
Dim J As Integer

On Error Resume Next
Worksheets.Add ' add a sheet in first place
Sheets(1).Name = "ALL"

I am not sure what the range "A1" is - i am thinking i can modify it to only grab certain rows.

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Code To Copy Data From Dif.cells In A Sheet To A Single Row In Another Workbook
I have a workbook ("CaTr") Sheet1 has data ranging ("B2:I41").

There are about 30 cells values (scattered) which needs to be copied in a workbook "CA_Log" in one single next available row .

As soon as the CaTr.sheet1 is filled I want the operator to click a button to trigger this event. Then the sheet1 in workbook CaTr should be saved as "G3" cell value.

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Copy Data From Child Workbooks And Paste In Master Workbook
I had to copy data from child woekbooks (*.xls) and paste it to the master workbook with same page to page every time when a macro is executed i had done the copy and paste part

But I'm Facing the problem in which i had to deal with

Validations as on both master and child sheet validation (column based combo box is activated )
one is worktype
2ns is time type

i jst had to copy data to the master macro works perfectly fine but the problem is that a msg box appears which signifies that i had to change the name (version ) for both types when i click yes 2 times it pastes the data

I'm attaching my macro as well as pic of that msg box with this attachment

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Conditionally Copy Data: Master Worksheet To Multiple Worksheets
I am searching for a formula or simple macro to select text data from column named "SM NAME" to corresponding worksheet. I need this to populate as many worksheets as there are SM Names. ( there are usually 10 SMs)

For Example in the Master Data there are Several SM names listed. I need to extract the "ID" and "Agent" columns in the Master and populate into the workshhet with the Approriate name tab. The Master list changes regularly.

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Next Avail Cell
I am using Named fields to update duplicate data entry. Using a GO to named field; copy;paste. How do I incorporate a "Shift+End+downarrow" into the macro. Since I do not know when the last data entry is the NEXT Go to named field writes over the previous.

ie. Customer Service: Karen; George; Tracy
Order Processing is: Mary, Nancy, Mike, Judy
When I populate Karen; George; Tracy on rows 1, 2, 3 and now I try to populate Order Processing it's writing over Rows 1,2,3 rather than starting at row 4... in a macro.

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Macro For Copy/paste Selection Of A Row To A New Row On New Sheet
I'm new to excel and VBA and I'm having problems with a copy paste macro that I’m using to transfer information from Sheet1 to sheet 3. The macro must:

On the click of a command button copy information from A5 to M5 and A6 to M6 and paste it to the next 2 free rows on sheet3 between columns A and M.

After the copy/paste the macro must clear the information from the input sheet - A5:M5 and A6:M6 - but retain the formatting.Thank You.

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Copy Specific Range From One Sheet And Paste To Next Available Row Of Different Sheet
I would appreciate if someone can help me figure out a macro that will copy range (A3:T112) from "Step 1" sheet to next available row in "Step 2" sheet.

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Copy A Row From One Sheet And Paste It In Another Sheet Based On A Condition
i want to copy a row from one sheet and paste it in another sheet based on a condition.

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Copy A Row And Then Paste It On First Empty Row In Another Sheet
Have a small VBA code that simply copy a row and then paste it on first empty row in another sheet. Its working if i use a regular macro, but i have some problems to get it to work with some code. I want it as VBA since the copying is alot smoother. The problem i have in the code is the PasteSpecial.value, Since i dont want the formula to get pasted. Attachiing the worksheet. Its the macro PasteSpecial that i need alittle guiding on if possible.

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Copy Row To Sheet With Same Name As Value Of Cell In Row
I have a workbook that has about 300 different sheets- each the name of a different chapter of a fraternity. I get new lists of members daily and have to manually sort them into the 300 different sheets.

Is there any way I can automate this? For example, if column "E" contained the chapter name- in this case cell E38 contained "Oklahoma Kappa" , the macro would automatically copy row 38 to the first empty row in sheet "Oklahoma Kappa".

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Copy From One Sheet And Paste In Another Sheet As A New Row
I need to write a simple macro to copy the last row in a spreadsheet and paste it as a new row in the other sheet.

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Look Up Value From Master Sheet Based On Criteria In Current Sheet
I'm trying to create a function in a template invioce that will look up a value in another spread sheet (fees).The data will be based off three values entered in the invioce from drop down boxes. I've attached the workbook with the master sheet and the invioce (sheet 5) The three criteria that can be selected is the project, month and name and I want the amount of hours to be returned based on that information in column e. The projects are seperated and billed by month.

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Copy Data From One Sheet (Fixed Cells And Sheet) To Another Sheet
I want to be able to copy a name from one sheet (Available Players), paste it to a cell in another sheet (Round 1 through Round 20). The cell that will be copied is fixed but the place where it will be pasted will be different and may be on a different sheet.

also i would like to change the color of the copied cell to "greyed" out or cut if it can not be greyed out. I have created a button and put in a macro that i created but have been having problems with it, generic 1004 errors that i can not figure out. i am attaching the document.

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Create New Sheet For Each Row Of Another Sheet Auto Populate Data.
i have a sheet called 'sample database'. it consists of 56 columns, each with a specific title in row 1. i.e. name, surname, mobile_number, and so on.
from row 2 onwards the data has been populated for roughly 200 rows.

i have another 'Capture Sheet' which has the same titles as 'Sample database' except it's in a different format. its a printable form that is given to new employees when they start. once they have completed it it gets captured into the 'Sample Database' sheet.

my wifes boss now wants 1 new sheet for each row in the 'sample database' sheet based on the format/layout of the 'capture form'.
how can i get the 'capture form' to auto populate the data from the 'sample database' sheet and create a new sheet for each row?
i know this is possible i just dont know how to do it.

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Copy Last Row To Next Available Row On Other Sheet
i am trying to make a spreedsheet to help me organize some stuff here at work. we have a bunch of overlays stored in several different locations. on top of that, they are all customer specific. there is also 8-10 cells worth of info describing each one.

in my book, i have several sheets, one for each customer along with one contaning everything.

i wrote a macro trying to copy a line from one sheet and pasting it into the all sheet. the problem is, its copying from the same line every time and pasting into the same line every time.

i want it to take the last line added into a customer specific sheet, and then add it on to a new line in the ALL sheet.

then at the end, i want it to re-sort all rows in order.

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Copy Row To Next Available Row On Another Sheet
I have the following code. I select a row in sheet one, run the code (which will eventually be attached to a button, but right now, is not], and it moves that row to another sheet. The problem is, it overwrites the code on the other sheet. I want it to either be added to the second sheet on the first available row.

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Macro To Copy Data From Sheet 1 To Multiple Pages On Sheet 2 In Correct Cells
I have attached a 97-2003 .xls file with data for multiple store locations on sheet 1, and the desired result on sheet 2. I am actually using excel 2007, but I dont think I need any special features that it provides.

I will try to explain the issue here without opening the attachment.

Here is an example of the Data on Sheet1

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Copy Row From Sheet If Value = Something
I have two sheets in a workbook. One has data, let's call it "data", one is blank, let's call it "apples".

"Data" sheet has column headers on A1 to H1 and then data running on each row A to H (i.e. the 1st row of data is A2 to H2) There are 200 rows of data.

In "Data" column D contains types of fruit. What I would like to achieve: if a cell in column D contains "apple" then that row's entire data A to H is copied to the "apples" sheet in the first availble row. If a cell doesn't contain "apple" then it ignores it and checks the next row.

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Copy Row To A New Sheet
I have data in Sheet1 and I want to copy all rows where in field 15 and 23 are numbers bigger then 0 in Sheet2 in first row with no data.

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CopyDown To The Last Row Of Data As This Will Vary From Sheet To Sheet
I've have a piece of coding.

Sub CopyDown()
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(RC[1]=1,R[-1]C+1,R[-1]C)"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "20090000"

End Sub

This works fine, but I would like it to look in Column "M" but still insert in Column "A",

Also instead of Range("A2:A200") I would like it to copy down to the last row of data
as this will vary from sheet to sheet.

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Checkbox To Copy Row To New Sheet
I have 4 sheets
Sheet 1
Sheet 2
Sheet 3

What i would like:
Rows of data on Sheets 1/2/3 with a checkbox in column A of each row
I check a couple of checkboxes on sheet 1 some on sheet 2 and some on sheet 3
where i put a tick in checkbox they have copied across to next available row in sheet "checkout"

If i tick a checkbox then untick it (maybe changed mind) copied row is removed from checkout sheet.

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Copy Range To Last Row On Another Sheet
Sheet 1 has a Invoice template in which i need few cells like Invoice no, Date, Client name and amount to be copied into sheet 2 in a single row on click of a button. Again when i change the data and click the same button the data should go to sheet 2 and next available empty row.

I will print the invoices once its done i keep changing the same again. Basically, I want to make a log of invoices in the sheet 2.

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Copy Entire Row To Next Sheet
with VBA on below mentioned data names in column A on that some names are repeated . That repeated names with amount & doc number should be cuted & and paste in the next sheet ie sheet2 help with VBA ....

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Copy Row From One Sheet To Another If Cell Value
What i want to do with attached example is add a macro to the button which copies each of the rows where there is a value in column C and then paste these rows into the next available row in the 'settled' worksheet.

Once pasted into 'settled' then each o the rows with values in column C of 'unsettled' want deleting.

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Copy Row And Paste To New Sheet
In case column C starting from row 3 to end, if any cell contain number ie numeric value then copy the entire row to a new sheet named "stmt" starting from row 2 ie start pasting from row 2 of "stmt" sheet.

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Copy Down Last Row On Protected Sheet
I am looking for VBA code that will unprotect the Workbook, prompt the user for the number of rows to be added, find the last row in the Worksheet, insert the requested number and reprotect the Worksheet. I would like the location where the rows are inserted to NOT be dependent on the "active" cell.

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Linking Cells For Update On One Sheet It Updates My Last "customer Touch" On A Master Sheet
I am tracking my sales interactions and am trying to link cells so when I update on one sheet it updates my last "customer touch" on a master sheet. Current formula-

On "sheet1" I selected a cell and used this formula... =sheet2!$b$7

The problem is that I want to keep a history of what was in that sheet 2 B7 cell so i insert a row (making B7 move down and become B8) and enter new info into the new b7. if I go back to sheet1 the formula in the selected cell becomes =sheet2!$b$8 I want it to stay to =sheet2!$b$7 no matter what I do... insert rows, delete rows etc...

in short what i am trying to do is have a cell in sheet1 show my last interaction with the customer and keep a history of in sheet2-infiniti.... with the caveat that my last interaction on sheet 2 etc... is listed first (thus the insert row)

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Copy Sequentially Down List To Every Other Row In Another Sheet
I'd like to do is to use loops to copy each value in "Sheet1" into every other row in column B of "Sheet2" starting on row 16. I realize that this is a simple task, but I'd like to know how to do this for the purposes of learning the correct VBA coding.

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Rows Copy Over To A Different Sheet And Place The Next Available Row
I have is 3 seperate jobs listed, what i want to do is have each one of these rows copy over to a different sheet, and place the next available row. What I would like to drive this is the number in column "n", for example, "n3" is 1, so I would like that row to copy to the sheet named "1", and entered in the next available row under any previous lines that have been copied over.

******** ******************** ************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - BETA SCHEDULE.xls___Running: 11.0 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutA1=ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP1Date EnteredTime Ent'dCUSTOMERJOB #LINE #MATERIALMATERIALMAT'L   QTYPAPERPAPER QTYFinish QNTYSIZEMach.RUN DATEDue Date233/318:58 AMCUST. A2585271HSS5260 15 SH  15 / 1530X65 .02013/313/3143/318:58 AMCUST. B2585241PC 8256 7 FT   3 / 624X26 .01023/313/3153/318:58 AMCUST. C2585161TFS1010 3178 FT  615 / 61532X61.5 .00833/314/1MASTER [HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name boxPLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS TABLE IMAGE ON SAME PAGE! OTHEWISE, ERROR OF JavaScript OCCUR.

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Copy Cells In Selected Row To New Sheet
I would like some code to allow the user to select any row in Sheet1
and then the populated cells (10 in every case) in that row will copy across to various locations in Sheet2.

The user selects Row header for Row 12 which has 10 cells ( A12 to J12) populated.
A12 will go to C3 on Sheet 2, B12 to D5, C12 to D9, etc, etc.

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Copy Rows From One Sheet To Another Is Skipping Every Other Row
On the attached example there is a button called 'unsettled hedges', click this and it loads a userform. In this example, there are 10 rows of data that want a value entering into the 'returns' textboxes.

If you try to enter a value into all of the 'returns' textboxes and click the 'settle hedges' button then all the values from the textboxes should against the relevant row in column L of the 'unsettled hedges' worksheet and then each of these rows should be copied to the next available row in the 'settled hedges' worksheet.

This isn't happening though, instead, it is copying across every other row from the 'unsettled hedges' worksheet, leaving half of the rows still on the unsettled hedges worksheet.

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Copy Cells To The Next Blank Row In A New Sheet
I have a commandbutton and I am trying to workout the code to go into its onclick event.

I have an input worksheet (inputsheet) where i enter information into cells A1:A5
I would like to click the button and have this info then transferred into the record sheet (called: recordsheet) in columns A to E.

Each time I press the button I would like the info in inputsheet A1:A5 to be transferred to a new row in recordsheet.

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If Cell = X, Then Copy Entire Row Into A New Sheet
I have a report that I use everyweek and split up into various sheets according to the criteria.

So if any cell in column C contains "Apple", then I want it copied into a new s/s (with the headers). I basically have to do a number of iterations on this, can someone assist please? The main problem I invisage is asking Excel to copy the row into the new sheet underneath the last one.

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If Column Contains XXX Then Copy Row To Different Sheet
I am trying to work out a formula that states if column F contains SQ050SM or SQ075CC or SQ050CC then copy that row and paste in a second sheet.

I have attached a spreadsheet to provide a visual.

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Copy Row To Another Sheet If Cell Not Empty
I have programmed in many languages but a noob when it comes to VBA. I can guess at the syntax but I don't really understand what I am doing. So I was wondering if the following is possible. I want to write a script that checks for a value on a different sheet (SheetA) and based on it being defined (ie not empty) copies the entire row to a different sheet (SheetB). I probably have around 120 rows in SheetA and will only expect to see 10-20 rows on SheetB based on the criteria for copying. I am also unsure if the VBA code should be for SheetA or SheetB. At first I thought I could just hide rows based on a value but I also need to export the sheet to a csv file and looks like excel exports all the rows, even the hidden ones and I don't want that.

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Copy 2 Fixed Ranges To Another Sheet After The Last Row
I want the range B111:B167 from the hidden sheet copied to Column A of the questionnaire sheet 5 rows after the last used row on the sheet. There is text in cells C261 & S261 at the bottom of the sheet, so currently row 261 is the last row, but users could/might insert or delete rows, when answering questions. I then also want to copy the error check responses from C111:C167 to column N of the questionnaire sheet 5 rows after the last used row on the sheet, so the question # and response matchup. I then planed to delete any rows that have “Answered” in column N on the questionnaire Sheet. The Idea being the user can run the macro over and over until no questions remain.

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ALL Worksheets Onto Master Sheet
I have a file with 10 tabs (worksheets) and i would like all the information on each sheet (it's all in exactly he same format, same headings, etc) to automatically feed itself onto a "MASTER" tab. sure i could cut and paste it, but here's the tricky part. as the separate tabs are changed (deletions, additions, edits), i want the MASTER sheet to automatically update with newest information. am i asking for too much from Excel? (I think not, as I've become a firm believer that Excel can do anything - except the laundry!)...

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