Copying Next Inactive Range To A New Consecutive Sheet

Mar 4, 2009

I tried to save a macro but it doesn't work (I am inexperienced!).

What I need is to copy five columns (e.g. range C:G) and copy it in another sheet ('1' range C:G). Subsequently, I have to copy the next range of five columns available (i.e. range H:L) and copy it in the consecutive sheet (i.e. '2' range C:G), and so on.

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Create Range To Inactive Sheet

Sep 17, 2009

I want to create ranges in a worksheet that is inactive.I have 3 sheets in the worksheet and i want, while the first sheet remains active, to create ranges in the second one.

I'm using the following code that creates no errors no matter how i use it but it works only if the second sheet is active.

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Copying 193 Rows Yet Referencing Consecutive Cells From Different Sheet

May 1, 2013

I have a worksheet "parent child" with product data, cells F4 and BK4, pull pertinent data from cells T2 and M2 respectively on a different sheet "products".

A5:A196, D5:D196, F5:F196 is dependent on cell F4 and BK5:BK196 is dependent on BK4.

Once we get to row 197, the cycle starts over again. F197 and BK197 needs to equal products!T3 and products!M3. Then rows 198 through 389 will be dependent on row 197.

I basically need this to repeat perpetually for about 1000 different products on the products sheet, thus the ability to create approximately 193,000 rows.

I am not sure what it will take to do this, i am fine if I have to drag and copy all rows, which I have tried to create and failed at, I end up with products! T196, instead of T4.

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Get ActiveCell Data From Inactive Sheet

Aug 8, 2009

I need to grab data from one sheet while I'm in a different one - same workbook, however. From the first sheet, the data that I need would be an "activeCell.value" issue. From the other sheet, however, how can I get that cell's data - an "inactiveCell.value" call, in essence? Right now, I'm getting around it by assigning the value to a global variable but that seems wasteful.

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Clear Filters From Inactive Sheet VBA

Dec 15, 2009

In VBA, is there code to clear all filters from an inactive worksheet or does the worksheet need to be activated?

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Change Activecell Of An Inactive Sheet

Dec 18, 2008

CopyPaste operations leaves the goal range selected and I don't want that. The .Activate and .Select methods seem to require that the cell to be selected refers to the ActiveSheet.

What I'm doing now to change the active-cell is kind of:
1. Disable ScreenUpdating
2. Save a reference to ActiveCell
3. Activate the relevant goal-worksheet
4. Change the ActiveCell to the upper-left-cell of the Selection
5. Come back by the reference in point number 2
6. Enable ScreenUpdating.

It works, but seems to me as a huge job for something as simple than "collapsing" a multi-cell-selection. Another irritating problem is the slight screen-shaking caused by the disabling/enabling ScreenUpdating.

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VBA For Copying The Same Range From Different Sheets Into One Sheet

Apr 28, 2014

I have a workbook with large number of sheets (150+). All sheets have the same column structure (same number of columns with same heading in Row 1), but the sheets vary in the number of rows.

I am looking for a VBA (Macro) that copy (combine) the same range (d2:g6 from each sheet) into a new sheet stacked.

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Subscript Out Of Range Copying Add-in Sheet

Aug 14, 2007

I cannot figure out how to correct this subscript out of range error in this xla addin I have. At the top of the module I have Public q As Integer, w As Worksheet As the integer is shared between two functions. The error occurs in here,

Sub Button()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Template").Copy After:=Sheets(4) 'error occurs here - Subscript out of range
Set w = ActiveSheet 'a copy
On Error Resume Next
q = 1
Worksheets("Calculation_" & q).Activate
If Err.Number <> 0 Then 'sheet name doesn't exist yet
w.Name = "Calculation_" & q
Exit Do
End If
q = q + 1
On Error Goto 0
Application.ScreenUpdating = True

This is weird as it works on my computer, but when I load the xla on another computer using same version of office, it has this error.

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Copying Pivot Table To New Sheet - Chart Data Range Grayed Out

Jun 4, 2012

I have a user that uses pivot tables and charts every month to do a report. He wants to copy his charts every month and then just change the month in the data for the pivot table, but not matter what he tries its tied to the previous month and then chart data range in the select data source properties is grayed out. how to get this to work?

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Copying A Certain Range In A Work Sheet To Another Existing Work Sheet Using VBA

Dec 29, 2009

I have a range of cells in a work sheet "sheet 1 " my objective is to filter this range according to certain criteria (i ve succeeded to do this ) yet what i want to do now is copy this data to another existing worksheet in a certain range .

note :the existing worksheet to which i 'll copy the filtered data has some cells out of the range that i dont want to over write ..

Simply :how to copy a selected range of cells in a work sheet to already existing work sheet in a specific range aswell .

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Copying And Pasting Current Region To Another Sheet Without Actually Copying?

May 15, 2014

I want to copy the current region on sheet 3 and paste that into sheet2 starting with cell E4. But I don't want to actually use the copy method. I believe there is a way to do this. I was thinking the following:

[Code] ......

The idea I had was to simply state that cell E4 would be assigned the value of CurrentRegion on sheet 3. Is there a way to bypass the copy method?

If not, how to copy, then paste?

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How To Copy Non Consecutive Cells Into Another Sheet Consecutively

Mar 10, 2014

B+N Total sheet is where the data is and the decider is Column 'AF' which is already formulated and has 2 options: 'MMS' or 'Retail'.

I'm trying to write a code which needs to do:

If B+N Total sheet's AF Column has 'MMS' then copy that row and paste it into ADI MMS consecutively.

Just like the example attached Row 2,3,5 is MMS and not row 4. So I'm trying to get those rows in periodical order as Row 2,3,4 into ADI MMS Sheet.

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Copying Cells From One Sheet To Multiple Sheet And Naming Sheet As Copy Text?

Dec 24, 2013

I want to do a loop where you can copy say A3 worksheet 1 then add another sheet naming the work sheet "A3" then copying A3 worksheet 1 to A1 "A3". After that looping to A4 to a new work sheet naming the work sheet "A4"copying the value to A1 "A4", etc...

Is there a simply way of doing this loop? I can probably fit my other coding into the structure.

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Formula To Sum Non-consecutive Numbers In Range?

Oct 13, 2011

I'd like to take data in the range from B2:B500 and in C2 sum from B2:B9 and then in C3 sum from B10:B17 and in C4 sum from C18:C25 and so on.

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Name Each Range Of Rows With Consecutive Dates

Jul 8, 2006

I filled sheet1 with the following

Set SourceRange = Worksheets("Sheet1"). Range("A8:A73")
Set fillRange = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A6:A64000")
SourceRange.AutoFill Destination:=fillRange

This filled cells with 7:00 AM, 7:15, 7:30.....11:00 PM all the way down to row 64000,in colum A, 65 rows at a time.

After this, I selected rows 8 to 73 and named it Friday_July_7.

How do I name each chunck of 65 rows based on the prior day, the first range idealy named from a variable assigned to the Now method and incremented with a loop?...or something

I also set a "TODAY" button and a range "SHOWDAY", in the (frozen) first 7 rows of sheet1 to show the current day with the following code.

Private Sub TODAYBUTTON_Click()
ActiveWindow.ScrollRow = 8
Range("SHOWDAY").Value = Now
End Sub

In a perfect world, opening the workbook would activate a procedure that would display the current day in "SHOWDAY" and also scroll to the cooresponding range. clicking the today button would do the same. From here I could refrence each days worth of data by its range name.

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Count Number Of Consecutive Cells In Another Sheet With Value Greater Than Zero?

Jan 16, 2010

I'm trying to create a formula (in Sheet 1) that will return the most recent number of cells containing a value (i.e. not empty) in Sheet 2 Range AD2:A367 greater than zero.

I've tried using COUNTIF but that only adds the individual values, it doesn't 'start from zero again' when a zero value appears.

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Range Of Data - Count Where There Is 3 Consecutive Days

Aug 7, 2013

I have a range of data but the important pieces are

Column B - list of employee IDs.
Column C - Date

I have sorted the data by column B with secondary sort for column C oldest to newest date.

I want to know the number of instances where an employee has 3 consecutive days in column C. Only count 3 consecutive. If the consecutive days go over 3 (such as 4 or 5 days) I do no want to count these.

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Selecting Range Of Consecutive, Identical Values

Jun 13, 2006

I am trying to select a range of identical values in a column. Basically I need to ask Excel to highlight any and every part of the worksheet where the value '0' (zero) occurs 30 or more consecutive times in any given column.

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Count Number Of Appearances Of A Range Of Consecutive Cells

Jan 12, 2007

how to built a formula or a VBA code which would tell me how many times a range of a certain amount of consecutively stnading cells in a given row there is present, where each of the cells belonging to these five cells fulfills a certain criterion.


How many times does the range of 5 consecutive cells appear in range A1 to P2, where every cells belongng to these 5 consecutive cells would have a value graeater than 10.

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Validate Cells For Numeric Range Of Consecutive Numbers

Mar 19, 2008

I would like to " Validate Data In A Vertical Column To Not Allow Non Consecutive Numbers Less Than 100"


The above is a valid list. Below would be an invalid list:


This part of a larger scope, but I have a macro that will crash if the data entered is entered by way of the invalid list, it works perfectly with the valid list. I am limited to one column user's will input the data via a Barcode scanner that after it recieves input it enter's a "Hard" return. This is a warehouse pickticket program, user's scan their ticket id's (numbers greater than 100000) and then the number of lines on the ticket (usually not greater than 15)

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Counting Consecutive Cells In Range With Blanks And Displaying Specific Value?

Mar 27, 2014

I wanted to count the number of instances that Matt's been late. If there are consecutive timestamps (ex. 600-620, 620-640) that he's been late, I wanted Excel to display 1 and then I'll just sum it up. Or if Excel can do this directly, add all the instances because what I actually need is the total per person.

In this example, I would need a result of 4 instances.

tell if the blank cells will affect the formula or if I still need to do something about them.

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Copying Sheet Names And Cell Data Into New Overview Sheet

Mar 21, 2013

I have workbook that has several sheets within the workbook that are set up identical. Each of the sheets in the workbook are for a specific company.

As of right now I have been adding a sheet to the workbook that is an overview for what is in each sheet (the individual companies). Currently I am doing the formatting of the heading and column names manually and I pull the data from each sheet with a VLookup. I have been trying to enhance my VBA skills with coding something that will fill in the appropriate cells from worksheet to worksheet.

What I am trying to do is to populate an overview sheet with cells C24, C25, and B36 being static on each row per sheet. Then each row will be populated with cells C(36, 59, 70, 81), D(36, 59, 70, 81), F(36, 59, 70, 81), G, and H(36, 59, 70, 81). The overview sheet will have the diagram below in a ru

I attached an example : example.xlsx

Sheet 1

[Code] .....

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Eliminate The Asterisk: Copying A Large Sheet Into A Spread Sheet

Dec 3, 2008

I am copying a large sheet into a spread sheet. The problem is one of the columns contain numbers with some cells having an asterisk at the end of the number. This causes problems with the formulas on other sheets that use this data. Can I use a formula or what is the best way to eliminate the "*".

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Update A Cell Value From A Previous Sheet After Copying The Sheet And Renaming It

Nov 21, 2009

I have copied a sheet, moved it to the end and renamed it with a date that is in cell "A1"

Now after that process is finished I need it to update the date in cell "A1" of the newly created sheet with the next day's date.

I am stuck however referring to the previous sheet to update the date value in "A1"

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VBA Inactive Worksheets

Dec 10, 2009

I am having trouble referencing a range in an inactive worksheet to feed an vba array. this is the following vba code that does not work:

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Inactive Cells

Oct 6, 2009

i have a workbook that contained a single sheet, i ciopied this sheet and amended them accordingly (ie picking up different variables etc).

For some reason every now and again some of the cells on the sheets that are effectively copies of the original dont update, i literally have to click on them and hit Enter.

I know that calculation is switched on as automatic.

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ComBoxes Are Inactive

Jun 8, 2006

I added a combo box to each sheet of a workbook. Each box referenced a range within the sheet and linked to a cell on the sheet. Each box was tested and worked perfectly. Yesterday. On opening the book today, however, I've discovered each combo box is dead in the water. They are totally inactive and can't be activated in any way. I've checked the properties sheet for each and can't see anything out sorts. As a test, I added a new combo box to a sheet, and interestingly enough, it not only works fine, but also seems to have activated the original box, which also now works fine. Other boxes on the other sheets are still inactive, however.

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Script Not Copying Data From Emails Sheet To New Sheet

Jun 8, 2014

I am currently working on a script that will copy some data from one sheet to another, but I keep getting the following error message:

Run time error: Object required
Set uRng = .Range("F1", .Range("F" & .Rows.Count).End(xlUp))

What could be causing it?

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VBA To Hide Sheet In Workbook And Copying Hidden Sheet

Dec 12, 2013

I have a userform which clones the latest sheet and produces copy of it on the next sheet. The first sheet they will be cloning is the sheet called 'template', I however want this to be hidden since I do not want anybody to modify a sheet which basically serves purpose of a template. And once cloned, it is no longer needed.

On the click of the command button, the macro will create sheet1 taking the info from sheet named 'Template' in the same workbook . And now on the next click of the command button, Sheet 2 is created taking the info from sheet1 and Sheet 3 is created taking the info from Sheet 2 and so on. Here is what I currently have, so how can i modify it in order for my scnerio to work?

To select the last sheet in the workbook


To create new sheet


Sheets(Sheets.Count).Copy After:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)Sheets(Sheets.Count).Name = MyEvent & " " & MySCN & "(" & ThisWorkbook.Sheets.Count - 2 & ")"

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Macro For Copying Rows Of Data In Sheet 1 To Sheet 2

Oct 8, 2009

I have a couple of spreadsheets that requires me to copy data from Sheet 1 that matches certain criteria to Sheet 2.

I have tried using posted VB codes that have been written for other people but they dont seem to work (this is probably to do with me not actually knowing what I am doing, as I am not sure what I should be replacing and what I need to be deleting etc out of the pre-written code )

I need to be able to search on column e in Sheet 1 for anything that has just h written in the cell and then copy all the rows that match into Sheet 2. I also would like to ensure that when it is copied it doesnt go in row 2 but maybe 4 or 5 as I have quite allot of headings.

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