Counting Odd Numbers In A Line?

Jun 13, 2009

Is there an easy way of counting odd or even numbers in a row? I can't figure it out on countif, isodd, odd, count etc.

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Counting The Line-breaks In A Cell

Jun 30, 2009

I'm dealing with an Excel file with many cells and line-breaks. I'd like to have a count next to each cell with the total line-breaks in it.


Do you know which formula I should put in the cell for counting the line-breaks?

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Counting Characters To 50 And Adding To New Line

Jul 6, 2009

I need to be able to paste information into excel and then get excel to read the characters to 50 and then move the other info to another line and do the same command again until it has read all the data and put it in lines of 50.

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VB- Line Of Numbers In One Cell

Jul 16, 2008

I have a line of numbers in one cell (B2). They look like this;

1, 21, 21, 94, 64, 2, 213

These numbers are currently in Decimal format (more on that later).

I need to "split" these numbers into individual cells and drop the comma. It would look like this;

B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9
1 21 21 94 64 2 213

I know I can use the "text to column" function but I was hoping for a VB script to do this.

The second part is I then need to convert the numbers from decimal to Hex and add a "0" to the front of any single digit numbers.

I can do this part using standard excel formulas with no problems but if it could be added to the script then that would be great.

The final thing needs to look like this;

B3 B4 B5 B6 B7 B8 B9
01 15 15 5E 40 02 D5

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Add All The Extra Line Numbers

Feb 14, 2008

1) I work with dozen's of tabs within workbooks, adding rows (that are numbered) etc. When I'm done and want to save the file, I usually go through this routine to make sure I'm at the top of each page before closing the file:

Ctrl-Home, Ctrl-Page Up, Ctrl-Home, Ctrl-Page Up ...through all tabs.

2) I also have to "add" all the extra line numbers (by dragging the last number I had in "row A", and filling down). I need to add the newly added rows to the "print area". Any easy way to do that?

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Incrementing Line Numbers

Jun 6, 2008

Incrementing line numbers is a simple task.

If line Identification starts with
AC, why doesn't the same rules apply?

Highlight the cells then click and drag the corner down.

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Counting Certain Numbers?

Oct 24, 2007

In my rows, I have 0, -1 and 1 and wanted to know how many 1s, 0s and -1s I have. So in the example below, there are 4 -1s, 4 0s and 3 1s.


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Open A Blank Line Between The Numbers

Apr 1, 2007

Col AB has numbers from xero to 110 in descending order. I need a macro that will open a blank line between the numbers 29 and 30.

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Line Numbers In VBA Macro Code

Nov 20, 2008

If I number my lines of code and an error occurs, the use of Erl in the VBA will then return the exact VBA line number that the error occurred on. Is it possible to automatically capture or record that same effect when the macro process leaves its current sub and goes to another?

Reason: I'm trying to create a Call Stack that can be reported through an Error Handler that will include the exact location and process that the error occurred to better troubleshoot and understand where and why the error occurred.

The best I can come up with so far is manually putting in bookmarks along way so I know how far along the macro went before the error. From all of my searching I believe retrieving the Excel Call Stack is not possible and so one must be manually created.

Enclosed is an example of what I have so far. It goes through several macros and logs the Call Stack. Itís a work in progress so it is a little sloppy looking but it is functional. If a Sub finishes it is then taken out of the Call stack.

Several "BookMarks" are placed to give an idea of how far along the Macro has gone within that Sub. The Code for the Erl example is:

Sub SampleErrorWithLineNumbers()
Dim dblNum As Double
10 On Error Goto PROC_ERR

' Errors if table doesn't exist
20 Select Case Rnd()
Case Is < 0.2
30 dblNum = 5 / 0
40 Case Is < 0.4
50 dblNum = 5 / 0
60 Case Is < 0.6
70 dblNum = 5 / 0
80 Case Is < 0.8
90 dblNum = 5 / 0
100 Case Else
End Select
110 Exit Sub

120 MsgBox "Error Line: " & Erl & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & _
"Error: (" & Err.Number & ") " & Err.Description, vbCritical
End Sub

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Counting Decimal Numbers

Oct 25, 2006

I am trying to find a way of counting decimal numbers if, say, they begin with 3.

For example, I might have 3.33, 4.1, 3.0, 5.65, 3.8, 3.7, 3.33, etc.

I want to count anything that begins with 3 (3.33, 3.0, etc). Using the data above the answer would be 5 ...5 numbers that begin with a 3.

If this possible?

There doesn't appear to be the facility with Countif. I don't want to truncate the data (the spreadsheet already is quite extensive). I have tried using =SUMPRODUCT((Y$2:Y$170 >=3)*(Y$2:Y$170<=3.9)) but this will return an answer only when there is a complete set of data within cells within the range.

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Counting Duplicate Numbers

Jul 20, 2006

I use the following formula to count duplicate random numbers on Row 35 that occurred on Row 34:


I would like to continue to compare against Row 34 and count duplicates on other rows (ex. Row 36 or Row 37) one row at a time.

In addition is it possible to visually identify the duplicates through conditional formatting (ex. Bold or color change) or other ways?

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Generate Numbers Without Reversing Dozen On Same Line

Nov 29, 2012

I need to create random numbers with 10 columns and 10 rows.

But for each line can not be the number opposite each decade.


[Code] ........

see the first line was generated as the number 79, then this same line, can not generate the number 97.

number 22 in this case is OK.

The first line was generated the number 84, then this is not the same line, you can generate the number 48.

The first line was generated the number 07, then this is not the same line, you can generate the number 70.

and so

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Counting Consecutive Numbers In Excel

Sep 28, 2012

I need a formula that will count the number of consecutive 3 0's from the following Data series. There are 22 such events.



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Counting Duplicate Numbers In A String?

Apr 21, 2013

i want Counting duplicate numbers in a string for example Counting 2

22241278-------- Count(2)=4

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Counting Unique Claim Numbers?

Nov 28, 2011

Is there a formula I can use to count the number of unique claim numbers in an excel column?

Is there a way that I can format a cell containing a number containing a decimal point to a number without a decimal point. Example, 205.55 to 20555

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Counting Numbers And Colours Within Cell?

Jan 31, 2013

I wish to count the "number" of numbers in a cell i.e.

Cell A1 has the following data: 12 25 25
This should return 3

Simillarly 4546546545646456 1 2
Should also return 3

I will have data such as the above in a row so i need the count to be able to count a range as opposed to the single cell example above.

Furthermore I need a separate count to count the number or red numbers in a cell. Same parameters as above.

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Counting Consecutive Numbers In A Column?

Jul 1, 2014

I have 2 Columns. One column represents calendar dates and the other column represents numbers between 0 and 7.

Therea re 10000 rows in this table.

I would like to count how many consecutive days I observe certain numbers numbers ( i.e 3+, 4+, 5+, etc)

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Counting Formula: Count Up The Numbers

Oct 16, 2007

I have a column that contains numbers relating to processing days. I need formulas that I can put into a results table that will show me processing timescales. I need to count up the number of 0s, 1s, 2s, 3s....9s and any numbers that are 10 and above. The column also contains #Value! errors and any formulas I have tried won't work with the error code and are also counting blank cells as 0 whereas I only want to count the cells in which 0 was typed in.

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Counting Quantity Of Numbers, With Conditions

May 5, 2006

in a2:a277 i have numbers 1-10, randomly. in m2:m277 i have numbers 0-4, also randomly. i want to count how many of the 1s in column a have a corresponding 0, how many have a 1, how many have a 2, etc. if you just give me one formula i can manipulate it for all 40 outputs i need,

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Reformatting Data - Subtotaling Brings Numbers Down To One Line

Apr 2, 2013

I have several thousands lines of data....much of the data is the same, 2-5 rows per person, but at the last two columns is different numbers/totals....I'd like to get those all into their own column so that each person has one row with all the data...I USUALLY would sit and sort by each total, shift them over to the right into their own columns, then sit and shift them all up to one line...but thats a carpal tunnel project and i know there must be an easier way....subtotalling brings the numbers down to one line once I have shifted each one over, but not the rest of the data....

Pic Attached: Excel problem pic.JPG

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Adding Grid Lines And Line Numbers In The Report?

Mar 4, 2014

See the code below. It works fine but in the report that gets printed off, it doesn't display grid lines and line numbers .

[Code] .........

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Seperate Cells By Adding Null Line According To Numbers

Jul 13, 2009

I am looking for a time saver macro,pretty easy to make i guess,as the theory is not difficult...but i am too newbie to make it. So i have an xls that has like 20k lines on Column A!And i have to seperate the numbers. I count the first 4 digits and I have to do it by adding a cell between them.

Example :
(add a null line)

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Hide Rows In Accordance With The Line Numbers That Have Been Determined

Aug 26, 2009

i want to hide rows in accordance with the line numbers that have been determined with Macro, on G3 (Start Rows) and H3 (End Rows).

And i have attached my example file on excel (.xls)

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Separate A Line Of Alternating Text/Numbers Into Columns

Jul 20, 2009

I have thousands of lines of data that are of the following form:

Jackson, TN 9623 BCBS TN 98 UnitedHlthCare 2
Jacksonville, FL 3577 Aetna 47 BCBS FL 37
Knoxville, TN 3796 Cariten 44 John Deere 41
Lakeland-Winter Haven, FL 2165 UnitedHlthCare 31 Aetna 29

I need to separate these lines into columns such that, for example, the first line would be in 6 columns: (Jackson, TN) (9623) (BCBS TN) (98) (UnitedHlthCare) (2)

The delimiter does not work because some of there is no one character that always separates the text and the numbers. I've tried going through in word and typing something like '%' where I want to separate, but with thousands of lines of data that is extremely tedious.

Is there any formula I can use that would be capable of solving this?

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Formula For Counting Positive Numbers From 0 - 999 In A List

Dec 19, 2011

Any way to make a formula that would "COUNT" the number of positive values from 0 to 999 (no negatives and nothing higher than 999). Another way of saying it would be values greater than or equal to 0 but not more than 999?

For example. If you had the following numbers in a list, I would like a formula that would only count the 3 numbers that are less than 1000 but equal to or greater than 0.

$370 $1,070 $1,400 $300 $1,160 ($4,720) $1,080 $1,170 $30 $1,050 $1,150

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Looping Through Rows Counting Cells With Numbers?

Oct 31, 2013

First, I have to say that I am very weak in VBA.

I have a section of code where I need to count the cells from J through BF in rows 42 through 76. The code snippet I'm working on is:

For r = 42 To 76 Step 1
if Application.WorksheetFunction.Count(Range("J" & r:"BP" & r)) = 0 Then
Err = Err + 1


The code checker highlights the ':' in the 'Range .... = 0' with the message "Expected: list separator or )".

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Counting Matching Numbers In Two Adjacent Columns

Nov 19, 2007

I have a fairly large spread sheet where I need to count the number of instances where the number in one column matches the number adjacent to it in a second column.

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Display Line Numbers Against The Code In The Visual Basic Editor?

Feb 26, 2008

Is there any way I can display line numbers against the code in the Visual Basic Editor?

Or can I see in the current line number in the status bar?

or GoTo Line number?

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Group Part Numbers, Blank Line Btwn Unlike

Dec 18, 2008

i have a spreadsheet with 21,000 part numbers. I am trying to group the like part numbers, then leave a space between the unlike part numbers. right now my spreadsheet has a space between each part number and i want to eliminate that. but also keeping the part's qty, date, etc. with it.

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Counting Number Of Unique Numbers Based On Another Variable?

Apr 24, 2014

I run a report that dumps from data from an ERP system. I've attached a sample of this report in excel that has two sheets. A summary and the data.

I am able to report on the total number of Purchase order lines and total purchase orders using various formulas. I am also able to use formulas to report on the number of lines associated with each product in the I column.

However I cannot, how to calculate the number of unique Po# (B Column) numbers based on the Product (I Column) .....

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