Create Graph Of Date Hits Using Weekly Range?

Aug 5, 2013

I'm trying to create a line graph to show the trends of usage. I have a list of dates that I pulled from a website. I am trying to create a function that will count the number of dates between, for example, 8/5/2013 and 8/11/2013.

I had tried using this function to create a set of weekly ranges. =TEXT(DATE(2013, 1, 7)+(ROW(2:2)-1)*7, "m/d/yyyy h:mm AM/PM")&"-"&TEXT(DATE(2013, 1, 7)+(ROW(2:2)-1)*7+6,"m/d/yyyy h:mm AM/PM")

It correctly displays the date ranges, however when using this function:
=COUNTIF($E$2:$E$305, A2) Nothing gets pulled.

Here is one of the dates that has been pulled for example: 8/5/2013 11:10:00 AM

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Dynamic Weekly Graph To Run From Monday To Sunday?

Oct 3, 2011

Is there a way to create a dynamic chart to automatically run from the most recent Monday to Sunday. So on Monday the entire chart will reset?

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How To Create A Graph Where Date Starts On July 1st And Runs Through A Full Year To June 30

Jan 14, 2014

I am trying to create a graph where the date starts on July 1st and runs through a full year to June 30. No matter how I sort the dates in the cells, the graph still wants to start in January. You will see from the attached picture the very right lines up with the very left, where these should actually be meeting in the middle. as to what I need to do? Please see photo and dataset.


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Compute The FuTure Date When Start Date,Lead Date,Weekly Offs,Leaves And Holidays

Nov 15, 2008

First and foremost I would like to congragulate you on this wondeful piece of code in the below link...

The query was to get a future date excluding Fridays and Holidays...

I have a similar query and therefore I pasted this link...

I actually wanted to get a future date using a Dynamic two day off as my the offs keep on changing as well as incorporate Holidays and Leaves if any..

Now Holidays would be official Public Holidays and
Leaves would be taken by the employee..

The code needs to pick the Leaves + Holidays and different offs maybe even more than 2 offs...

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Worksheet Change: Data In A Range, And Hits The "delete" Key Once

Oct 3, 2006

I have code in Worksheet_Change, and it works great when a user is filling in the data. When the user deletes data one row at a time, it also works. However, what winds up happening, is the user selects all their data in a range, and hits the "delete" key once, and then I get an error. How can I check whether or not the target is multiple rows and columns?

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Application.EnableEvents = False
If Target.Column = 1 And Target.Row > 15 Then
If Target.Value < 1000 And Target.Value <> "" Then
'My logic goes here
End If
End If
Application.EnableEvents = True
End Sub

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Weekly Stock Without Listing All Products Weekly

Jun 19, 2007

In the attached workbook, the CASTINGS worksheet has a SOH ( stock on hand) column.
It looks up the SOH from the SOH worksheet (column 3) for each product on order for that week.

But how do I make week 2 use the SOH figure minus the previous weeks order, IF there was an order?

And so on until week 52.

The problem I have found is what if that product wasnt ordered for the last 4 weeks? Maybe I need a temp worksheet with all the products listed for all the weeks and a running total of SOH weather it is ordered or not?

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Date Change MM/DD/YYYY & 3-Work Day Weekly Repeat

Oct 11, 2009

In MS-Excel 2007 dates seem to be limited to YYYY/MM/DD style, which I imagine there is a way to alter it into MM/DD/YYYY. I looked into MS Help, and a google search, and either I was using wrong keywords, or not, but I couldn't find anything to simply change date arrangement. If I am being unclear, I am talking about the function '=DATE(YYYY/MM/DD)' is what I want to change.

After I get that fixed, I need there to be a function to reproduce a 3-day work week (Mon, Tue, and Thur). e.g.:

10/05/09 [data] [data] [data]
10/06/09 [data] [data] [data]
10/08/09 [data] [data] [data]
Week 1 [data sum] [data sum] [data sum]

Week 2


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Weekly Chart With Ability To Change Start Date

Jan 8, 2009

I have a simple bike log that lists out each day of the month in rows with a summary row between months. Like this...

January Summary
Jan 1
Jan 2
Jan 3
Jan 31
February Summary
Feb 1
Feb 2
Feb 3
Feb 28

and so on. Each column has a data field where I enter in miles and distance and so on. I frequently add rows if I do two rides in a day so two rows may start with "January 23rd". I would like to have a chart that shows me my weekly ride summary. But I have some issues:
1. With the field summary I don't know the best way to do a chart that doesn't include the summary (the summary data would throw the chart way off)
2. If I have multiple rides in a day I don't know how to make the week include those days
3. I may want the week to start on Monday and not Sunday. Is it possible to have the user choose and have the chart change automatically?

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Formula: Automatically Update The Date On A Weekly Basis

May 5, 2006

Need the formula to enable a cell to automatically update the date on a weekly basis

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Create A Chart By Inputting A Date Range?

Dec 5, 2008

I have a worksheet with 500 rows. Coulmn A is all the dates of the items. Is it possible to somehow havea userform or something that I input a start date and a finish date and it only shows me that info.?

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How To Create N1.85 Graph

Sep 28, 2004

Trying to create an N1.85 graph in Excel that has irregular spaced tick marks on the X-axis. Found the following information but no luck with it. Need US measure for this semi-log (10 X N1.85) graph. Also called a semi-expo (Q1.85) graph.

The resulting graph appears to be a log graph in reverse with one scale; the column widths are smaller at the left and become larger as they progress to the right.

Info found:

A 1.85 graph can be constructed manually by establishing a series of 15 values (in the case of the example in D5.2.1) from a base measurement to the exponent of 1.85.

Step 1
Select a base measurement for the desired size of the graph. A base measurement of 1.0 mm will produce a graph to 15 which is approximately 150 mm wide; a base measurement of 1.5 mm will produce a graph approximately 300 mm wide. In the case of a 1 mm base measurement, the x-axis numbers will be the 1-15 series. In the case of a base of 1.5 mm, the numbers will be represented by the series: 1.5, 3.0, 4.5, 6.0 etc. for 15 values.

Step 2
Construct a series of columns to the 1.85 exponent values measured from the zero point. The rows representing the pressure values are linear.

NOTE - A good approximation of the above can be computer-generated by a spreadsheet programme by entering a column width established from the exponential figures by subtracting the preceding value in each case. The column dimensions are displayed in the number of standard characters able to be accommodated in the column width which is slightly inaccurate in linear dimension.

The figures below indicate the values for a graph based on 1.0 mm.

Linear scale Exponential value of linear values = Column width = linear values to 1.85 power exponential value - preceding value

1 1 1
2 3.61 2.61
3 7.63 4.03
4 13.00 5.36
5 19.64 6.64


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Create Graph Using VBA

Oct 14, 2008

I want to create excel graph using VBA and found difficulties on chart name set to default.

the script is like this :
ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 31").Activate

Can I set my own name of the chart instead of "Chart 31" (excel default) ?

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Data Not Create 3D Bar Graph?

Feb 26, 2014

Data or a case that can't be created a 3D bar graph from? I've been told there is just a little of data that can NEVER create 3D bar graph.

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Create 'blank' On Graph Instead Of 0 Value?

Nov 30, 2005

What can I have the IF statement return as a result that will NOT graph at all. Just leave a hole in the graph.

Long Question:

I have a large range of values and dates.
1/1 1/2 1/3 ....etc
10 11 7 .......etc
8 12 6 .....etc

These values are pulled via VLOOKUP() from various places. When VLOOKUP finds a blank cell, it returns a '0', which doesn't work for me. I've added an IF(ISBLANK), to return "", which is (I believe) an empty cell. The problem is, this is still graphing as a zero. So it will be graphing along nicely, and then shoot down to zero and back up again.

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Create A Graph Report

Jul 6, 2009

Rep NameCall StartedDuration h:mm:ssRep 12:19:18 PM0:00:36Rep 13:09:01 PM0:00:56Rep 13:11:01 PM0:01:05Rep 13:12:12 PM0:01:13Rep 13:26:26 PM0:00:39Rep 27:08:35 AM0:01:57Rep 27:16:32 AM0:02:12Rep 21:47:17 PM0:02:01Rep 37:05:01 AM0:10:37Rep 37:36:24 AM0:00:16Rep 311:41:43 AM0:15:21Rep 312:47:36 PM0:00:46Rep 31:45:36 PM0:02:19Rep 31:49:54 PM0:00:32Rep 31:51:46 PM0:00:56Rep 31:55:03 PM0:00:35Rep 31:59:26 PM0:00:22Rep 47:04:24 AM0:00:16Rep 42:40:41 PM0:00:08Rep 43:06:22 PM0:02:16Rep 43:21:35 PM0:00:04Rep 43:21:49 PM0:03:05

which is the time that any rep started a call and the duration of each call

and i need to make a graph from it that kind of looks like this:

(not actual data)

this way you can clearly see that for the most part rep 3 was the most productive however only rep 2 was on a call after 2pm.

i need this report to see tendencies on how much time is wasted on meetings and such keeping the reps off the phone.

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Create Box Chart/Graph

Mar 12, 2008

How can I create a box chart showing graphically a median, 1st and 3rd quartile and a minimum and a maximum?

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Sum Weekly Range Based On Daily Information?

Feb 7, 2013

I have one workbook where someone enters information on a daily basis and id like to sum this in another workbook weekly.

The daily sheet "sheet1" has headings in row 1 starting B1 = 11/02/2012 this is then dragged along till the end of the year. In B2 the user will enter a number so B1 - 11/02/2012 and B2 - 5

On the next "sheet2" in cell B1 i have the date 17/02/2012 and in B2 id like to sum the total from "sheet1" B2 - H2 which is in effect the range 11/02/2012 - 17/02/2012 then id like to be able to drag this formula along so it automatically sums the weekly totals based on the first sheet

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Horizontal Weekly Date Values Aggregated Into Single Vertical Monthly Value

Aug 27, 2013

I can't seem to figure out to easily aggregate & automate a series of weekly values (ie. forecast volumes by a specific part number) into vertical monthly summaries, by product.

Here's the before picture:

column A column B column C column D column E column F
Part num 1/1/2013 1/8/2013 1/15/2013 1/22/2013 1/29/2013A
100 100 100 100 100B
150 150 150 150 150C
200 200 200 200 200D
250 250 250 250 250

The output after manually doing this would look like this:

column A column B column CPart num Date QuantityA
Jan-2013 500B Jan-2013 750C Jan-2013 1000D Jan-2013 1250

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How To Create Overall Graph From Multiple Worksheets

Jun 28, 2006

I am wanting to create a yearly graph, but it isn't allowing me to add cells from multiple worksheets.

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Create Stacked Bar Chart/Graph

May 29, 2008

I need to plot a stacked chart. I have attached a sample of it. I need to plot, category As X and subcategory and and its percentage as Y (stacked chart). In the attached sample I plotted a chart. The problem is, the series name showing is not correct. It takes the series name from the top row.

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Macro To Create A Graph When Button Pressed?

Apr 16, 2014

I have a table of data which contains company names, the number of high risk policies, number of low risk policies, and the percentage of high risk policies (compared to total policies).

What I want to do is for people to be able to select up to six of these companies and press a button that says 'create graph' and it creates a graph which shows the number of high risk and low risk in a stacked bar, and the percentage on a separate axis as a line. I know how to manually create this graph no problem, but to be able to dynamically create one from selected companies would be awesome.

To start with I have created six drop downs where you can select the company name as I image the macro will need to know which companies' data to look for in the source table.

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VBA - How To Create Graph Where Data Source Is Two Columns

Jan 9, 2012

I'm looking to create a graph where the data source is two columns:

Column A (From A2 down to last but one populated cell)
Column ? (Last populated column on the right, from ?2 down to last but one populated cell.

all I have at the moment is the generic code for creating a graph (which I reverse engineered from a macro I recorded).


ActiveChart.ChartType = xlColumnClustered
ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("1_bth_x_wk").Range("A1:H40"), _
ActiveChart.Location Where:=xlLocationAsObject, Name:="1_bth_x_wk"

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Macro Code To Create Line Graph

May 2, 2014

I have a macro code that will create line graph referring the data given in defined column A1-C4,

Code with Static column range:-

ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Range("'Sheet2'!$A$1:$C$4")
ActiveChart.ChartType = xlLineStacked

I tried to modify the above code, so it will refer undefined/dynamic data column, but getting an error during execution "Run Time Error - 424:" "Object required"

Code with Dynamic column range:-

ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=ActiveSheet.Range("a1", _
ActiveChart.ChartType = xlLineStacked

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Create Chart/Graph From Text Strings

Apr 25, 2008

Can I build/present a "Pie" chart DIRECTLY from a list of "ABC" letters WITHOUT counting the occurrence of each one of them and using the results [nor VBA / nor Pivot-Table] - which is the trivial way of building charts !?

An example of such a list will be:

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Create Graph Showing Previous 8 Weeks Of Data?

Sep 29, 2011

I have used sumif statement to set up a value by week and then used the drop down list cell reference to display what i want ie week 25 data

What I would like is to display the 8 previous weeks and then use this in a graph, so every time i change the drop down week I see all the data showing the current week and previous weeks.

Now the problem is which formula do i use to to identify previous weeks


WK No 21 22 23 24 25
Visits 100 200 250 300 400

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How To Create Mixed Line / Bar Graph With One Data Point

Jan 6, 2012

Ok, so here's the trick:

I know how to create combo or mixed graphs with line/bars on single axis, and secondary axis. I even know how to do mixed stacked and unstacked columnar charts...

But how do you depict in single view graph

a single bar (1 datapoint) with a single line (upper control limit e.g. target).?

And I don't want to to use shapes to draw the target line.

I want the target line to be automatically plotted by Excel...

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Userform To Automatically Create A Graph From The Data That Is Shown In The Worksheet

Jul 4, 2006

I want to do is use a userform to automatically create a graph from the data that is shown in the worksheet. The data in the work sheet will grow and shrink all the time. Am i right in thinking I am meant to create a dynamic range? I know how to do it but am not too sure what I am meant to be naming. And secondly I am not too sure how I set up the button to produce the graph.

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Graphing Time To A Sum Of Hits

Dec 1, 2006

I have a graph / time problem

I have a program that is spitting out raw data to me that I would like to be able to put into a graph form in a efficient manner, but Iím not sure the best way to accomplish this.

Here is what Iím working with:
I am getting a list of time date stamps that appear as follows.

11/30/2006 6:02:25 AM
11/30/2006 6:02:36 AM
11/30/2006 6:02:40 AM and so forth.

Each stamp represents a hit to a link.
What I would like to be able to do is graph the number of hits per hour verse the time of day hit. Showing the time on the x & the number of hits per that hour on the y axis.

I can convert the time to decimal, but I still need to find a way to get excel to graph the sum of hits per hour.

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Hits An External Site

Dec 18, 2006

I am working on a spreadsheet that hits an external site. My questions is, I need to hit the site about 80 times becuase I search for different info. It there a way to get the vba to go down a list 80 of names rather than me entering the vba code 80 times with the different names?

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Create Dynamic Line Graph Using Week And Year Numbers Stated In Another Sheet?

Apr 7, 2014

I want to create a dynamic line graph using week and year numbers stated in another sheet.


Start Year - 2012
End Year - 2014

Start Week - 3
End Week - 12

The top 2 rows above my graph data are as below:

Year - 2012 2012 2012
Week - 5 6 7 etc.

This works fine if the start and end year are the same but if it's greater than one year, it doesn't recognise that.

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