Distribute Duration Evenly Amongst Tasks?

Sep 10, 2013

I'm working on a project that will will have varying tasks & estimating the total duration to complete these tasks.

For example:

If estimating that the min-project will take 90 days & I have 17 tasks, how can I distribute the 90 days evenly amongst the 17 tasks?

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Evenly Distribute Hours Over Month

Dec 9, 2006

I am currently tracking our company's service tasks in Excel and would like a formula or method that will take the total hours a task has been approved for and equally distribute the hours into columns under each month.

Column A = Resource
Column B = Task Owner
Column C = Task Name
Column D = Task Description
Column E = Approved Hours
Column F = Start Date
Column G = End Date
Column H = Jan 07
Column I = Feb 07
Column J = March 07 etc. etc.

I basically want to take the approved hours (Column E) and have those hours automatically calculated and filled into the month columns (Column H forward), as per the start and end date fields (Column F & G) so the hours are evenly distributed over each month.

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Calculating Duration Of Tasks

Aug 7, 2009

I have a worksheet where I calculate the duration it takes for an operation. the format of the worksheet is as folows:

The worksheet is composed of Start and Finish times in this format: 2009/06/02 5:32:19 , so for example,

- Row1 of the worksheet will have "Start" in column H1 and the start time in column B1
- Row 2 of the worksheet directly below has the "Finish" time, with the Finish time information in column B2

So with the help of excelforums I was able to implement a macro to extract the finish time cell found in row B2 and offset it to C1 and do a simple calculation to get the duration in minutes and display it in column D of the same row as "Start".

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Calculating Duration Of ALL My Tasks

Feb 2, 2009

I have 10 columns (1 through 10) called TASKS and 2 rows for each task
Row 1, has a 'start date' in the form of 1/1/2010
Row 2, is duration

the duration of each task may or may not overlap with other durations of other tasks.

how can i find out the total duration of ALL my tasks.....without any overlaping.

any formula that can calculate this? ( i need one number at the end!)

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Distribute A List Of Data Evenly Throughout The List Of People

Dec 9, 2008

I am trying to distribute a list of data evenly throughout the list of people I have.

I am not sure how to describe it so I will upload the example excel as an attachment.

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Dividing Numbers Evenly

Apr 6, 2009

I have a total at the bottom of my spreadsheet and I want to distribute that total equaly to the missing columns for each month and each product highlighted in green in the spreadsheet. What formula do I need to use to be able to do that?

At the end I want the numbers in each month to total the total at the bottom.

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Countif Evenly Divisible By 5

Sep 22, 2009

I have a column of numbers in cell A1 through A10.

In cell A11 I would like to count how many times the numbers listed from A1 through A10 are evenly divisible by 5.

How would I do this?

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Reduce GP Percentage Evenly For Two Departments

Aug 14, 2013

When we sell things here at a 'sale' price there is always an argument as to who's department needs to give the discount off.

Each job we do has a labour time and an hourly labour rate.

Each part has a profit in it.

So if something is normally £100 but we are going so sell it for £80 we need tio split the £20 reduction evenly to both departments based on the GP each department has in the sale.

See attached : GP Reduction per department.xlsx‎

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Formula To See If Cell Divides Evenly Into 5

May 22, 2014

I need a formula to do two things I need it to look at Cell C2 and if it does not contain a number then I want the letter A put in the cell, if it contains a number then if that number is divisible by five giving a whole number i.e like 10,15 20 would, then input 1, but if not 2.

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How To Spread Existing Data Evenly Throughout The Same Row

Sep 28, 2009

I don't know how else to ask this so I will just tell you what I'm trying to do.

-I have a list of name on one column say "A"
and this list of names goes through "A1" through "A145"

-I am taking those names and pasting them via "right click" "paste special"
"Values" onto another spreadsheet.

-BUT I have to take each name one by one and paste them evenly
in every 8th row for example ( "A1" A8" "A16" "A24" ...)

-Is there a way to take the existing data on that row and just spread it evenly throughout the same row? So I don't have to take names one by one by one...

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Increase / Decrease Numbers Evenly For Spreadsheet

Aug 27, 2012

How to increase & decrease numbers evenly for a spreadsheet.

I have a number in cell F16 that can be changed and for this example say it has a value of 900.
I have a number in cell F17 that is always more than cell F16, for this example lets say it is 1000.

What I'm trying to do is create 10 numbers evenly increasing away from 900 (F16) in value, & 10 numbers evenly decreasing in value away from 900 (Cell F16) but here's the catch.

What makes this tricky is that the numbers that are increasing in value away from 900 (F16) can't be bigger than the value of F17 , IE in this example the number 1000

So the formulas must evenly distribute 10 numbers BETWEEN 900 & 1000. This must have the same even distribution for the increasing numbers & decreasing numbers.

I'll attach a sheet also. So, if you say 900 is a starting point & 1000 is the ending point, what formulas would you need in each cell to evenly increase to 1000?

Also,, going the other way, decreasing, away from 900 at the same rate as the increase?

Really stuck n this 1.
Spreadsheet here: [URL] ......
Screenshot here: [URL] ......

I'll attach a spreadsheet .xls

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Auto Stretch Text Evenly Across Merged Cells?

Dec 28, 2013

I am using a staff schedule spreadsheet and have each column displaying text of where a staff person is assigned.

Instead of displaying the word "lunch" separately across several columns, is it possible to merge several columns and have the word "lunch" automatically stretched evenly across the several merged columns?

I dont want it to be centered but to literally be stretched to fit evenly across all of the merged cells.

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Outlook Tasks

Oct 30, 2007

I have searched and think I have found what I need to create Outlook tasks from my Excel spreadsheet. I'm hoping that someone here can help me pull it together into something that will be usable in my project tracking spreadhsheet...

I try to keep track of milestones... these milestones are listed in column B of my spreadsheet and are in rows 10 through about 105

For each of my customers I then keep 4 columns D, E, F, G - H, I, J, K - L,M,N,O - etc. Each group of 4 is a different customer....

The customer's first column (D, H, L, etc.) is a Due date of the Milestone that is found in column B.
The second column is a check box that I use to indicate when the milestone is complete
The 3rd column is the completion date
The last colum is just a filler space that helps to separate each customer.

What I would like to do is insert a button at the bottom of EACH grouping of 4 that when pressed would look at the first column for the customer group and for ANY Milestone that has a DUE date process the stuff in the VB below to create an OUTLOOK task for each item that has a DUE date. (It would be conceivable that as it stepped through each row for a customer group of columns that I could have it create 90+ Tasks in Outlook.

A couple of additional things... in row 110 for the first column of the customer I have a DATE or a blank. So for example in D110 it might be blank or a date like 10/29/2007. If it is blank then when I press the button it would loop through ADD the tasks for each row with a due date. If row 110 has a DATE I would get a popup indicating that the tasks are already in OUTLOOK and that they were added on whatever the date is in row 110... This is kind of the safeguard that I don't get the same group of tasks multiple times by pressing the button by mistake.

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Set Tasks In Outlook..

Jan 20, 2010

I want to use excel to update the tasks in outlook. All I have is a due date (from A2) and a task (from B2) Here is the code I have got so far

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Schedule Tasks ..

Apr 6, 2009

Im having trouble with getting a macro to run at a specific time and day (Every Thursday at 7PM).

Here's what I have done so far..

1. I added my excel file to the task scheduler
2. created a class module and place the code below into it.

In testing the workbook opened but it asked if i wanted to enable or disable the macros - how do I get around this? And it does seem to kick off the macro (create_all).

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
If Hour(Now) = 1130 And Weekday(Now, vbMonday) < 7 Then
' TheNameOfYourCurrentProcedureHere
If Workbooks.Count = 1 Then
Me.Close True 'save the changes and close the workbook
End If
End If
End Sub

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Two Tasks, Same Macro? (put A Value In A Single Cell)

Nov 1, 2009

I want to put a value in a single cell - A1 is going to be (say) 5.

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Schedule A Macro To Run With Scheduled Tasks?

Jan 28, 2003

I have a worksheet that runs a query from an external data program. I have made a macro that refreshes the worksheet and this works ok. Is there a way I can get Scheduled tasks to automatically update this workbook eg overnight. I do not want to leave the workbook open either. Can task scheduler open the workbook, refresh the data, then close the workbook again.

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OnTime Not Firing Via Scheduled Tasks

Dec 27, 2006

I scheduled a task to open excel and when it does (at a certain time), a little sub is supposed to run (couple minutes later) via the OnTime Method located in the Workbook Open Event. There is one weird thing though....

1. When Excel opens automatically through Scheduled Task (and you see the clean white sheet WITH gridlines), Sub does NOT run (that is, my file is NOT even opening).

2. When I myself open Excel manually WITHOUT opening a new workbook (in other words, in front of you there will be grey area without gridlines), Sub runs perfectly (in other words, my file opens automatically and Sub performs whatever it is supposed to do).

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Sum Duration Times In H:mm:ss

Jan 28, 2014

I am trying trying to calculate the amount of time students view videos. I understand I should use [h]:mm:ss but excel continues to convert entries such as 0:14:59 (0 hours, 14 minutes, 59 seconds) to 12:14:49 PM both in the cell and the function bar.

The problem gets complicated because I have entered the data with two different formats; some in h:mm and some in h:mm:ss'

1) Is there an easy way to sum the duration time so it accurately reflects total hours:minutes:seconds?
2) Do I need to reformat or re-enter data to make it work?
3) If so, is there a macro to do it?

This has been a bear, (40 students by 30 videos) all hand coded.

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Date Duration

Oct 26, 2008

Date problem.

I need to find the duration of time based on 4 columns:

column A : Start date DD/MM/YYYY
Column B : Start time HH:MM:SS [24 hour clock]

column C : End Date DD/MM/YYYY
Column D : End time HH:MM:SS [24 hour clock]

Column E: The duration result in : in Days and Hours

I have several thousand rows and need to complete before tomorrow

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Duration Formula

Feb 16, 2010

I have the below Date & time in cell a1 and another date and time in cell a3

8/2/2010 08:45:00
8/2/2010 10:15:00

I need to be able to show duration (in hours) between the 2 times, in this instance its the same date, but this wont always be the case. To add a level of complexity in addition to the gross duration in hours, I will also need to know how long (in hours or mins) of the duration fits into "in hours" ( 9 -5 mon- fri) then the duration thats fits "out of hours" (after 5pm weekdays or all day Sat & Sun)

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Macro Recognize A Number And Then Preform Two Tasks

Aug 24, 2009

Over the weekend I had to look at 220 strings of numbers, some strings with as much as 20 numbers and determine if the numbers represented red, green, blue, or yellow and how many of each color from a parent list.

I did it all by hand. After getting help here from JBeaucaire on my tally sheet, which I successfully recreated with their guidance, I thought I might ask this question. How would one go about creating a macro that would when it seen a certain number, it would put the color in the column immediately to the left, and the number of colors in the column immediately to the left.

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Identifying Tasks Based On Value Of Preceding Task

Jan 21, 2012

I have a project network spreadsheet shown below and in column BT I need to identify each non-critical path task (value in column BS is "N") that has a critical path task (value in column BS is "Y") as one of it's immediate predecessors.

Predecessor tasks are listed with commas separating them in column G. They are also separated out into columns H through Q for another function in the spreadsheet.

Note: Task ID's can be numeric or text

*BGBSBT11Task IDPreceding Tasks * * * * * *(comma seperated)CP?

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Integrate To Some Extent With The Outlook Tasks Function

Aug 28, 2008

it seems to be possible to integrate to some extent with the Outlook Tasks function....

Is it possible however to 'update' a given task, and have it linked somehow to my workbook project? (Maybe using some sort of reference?)

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Formula Stops Working After Performing Certain Tasks

Nov 21, 2006

I was given the following formula by Domenic some time ago that I use along with VBA code supplied by Fin Fan Foom to open do a lookup on a closed workbook:

=If(ISNUMBER(MATCH(MIN(If( Date=D2,If(ABS(Time-E2)<"0:30:30"+0,ABS(Time-E2)))),If(Date=D2,ABS(Time-E2)),0)),INDEX(Contact,MATCH(MIN(If(Date=D2,If(ABS(Time-E2)<"0:30:30"+0,ABS(Time-E2)))),If(Date=D2,ABS(Time-E2)),0)),"")
Everything works fine, until I attempt to
- cut & paste a block of cells, or
- do a SaveAs, or
- change a worksheet name

The formula will no longer function after performing any of these tasks (the cells go blank), and I have to close the workbook without saving to preserve the original workbook functionality. All other tasks, including even importing of different files into the workbook have NO negative effect.

The formula uses an INDIRECT named range. Sheet name changes are reflected in the named ranges, but any change of names somehow causes a malfunction (no sheet names are referenced in the VBA).

I thought that the large lookup workbook (40,000 rows) may be a problem, but even after deleting most of the data and retaining only a few rows, the problem still remained.

After the formula cuts out (after performing the above tasks), if I open up the lookup file, then the lookup will work again, but if I close the lookup file, it will stop working.

I doubt the problem is in the VBA code since IT WORKS, and besides, I have other simple VLookups formulas that also uses the same process (and VBA code) and they continue to work just fine when that one formula gives out. The only thing I can think of is that the complexity of that one formula may be an issue.

Anyway, I the original thread is long, so Im starting a new one here. The original thread is here (Domenics formula, pg 7; FFFs code, pg 8):
Dedicated Cell To Choose Lookup Table

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Calculate Duration Of Hours

Nov 9, 2008

I'm trying to create a work sheet with start and ending times with a 30 minute meal break, for the end of the week I would like to calculate those hours as a general number.

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Get Duration Of MP3 File In Spreadsheet

Oct 9, 2012

I'd like to write a VBA script which writes all data of my mp3s in a spreadsheet. I can read all data like the artist, songname, album, year, this works fine. However I'm not able to get the duration of the mp3 files. Any sample script which reads the duration of the mp3 files?

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Write Code To Cal Duration

Jan 12, 2008

I have following data, data_in and date_out. I need to auto cal these 2 variable different and give the output as duration in month.

x_INV EF1date_lndate_out205/10/195005/10/1950325/10/195025/10/1950415/11/195015/11/1950508/01/195029/10/1950618/10/195018/10/1950717/10/195017/10/1950817/10/195017/10/1950915/10/195020/12/19501013/12/195013/12/1950 Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

And give the result in colume X as following :-

x_INV X1stk_dur20304051060708092 Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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Public Variables Duration

Jul 21, 2009

I've recently been experiencing some strange phenomena in relation to public variables. It seems that if I run separate routines in quick enough succession (e.g. press a button twice within a couple of seconds), the memory of the public variable "hangs over" into the second routine.

The routines, however, are completely separate events. And I'm not using userforms or anything like that in order to keep VBA running in the background. In which case it seems that Public variables don't always get set to nothing with the end of the final sub in a routine. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I was under the impression only Static variables could do this.

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Format For Time Duration

Aug 28, 2006

Is there a format for duration of time. The attached spread sheet has column B "Duration". This is the actual time on which I need to do calculation. On "C2" I have the formula "=IF(B2>10,400,B2*40)". The formula is " if value in B2 is more than 10 hours then the value in C2 should be $400 , else C2= B2(duration time) multiplied by 40.

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