Dynamic & Dependant Lists On UserForms

Mar 27, 2008

what i need to do is display a list of items, with a dropdown box next to each item. the dropdown boxes are identical. for each item in the list (e.g. each musician), the user should be able to select an item from the box ("percussion", "horn", "string").

my problem is that the number of items in the list is not set, so the list of name labels, dropdown boxes, etc needs to be generated dynamically. is it possible to generate a list of labels/dropdown boxes using a loop? (as i understand it, this would involve writing code to write code.)

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Dependant Validation Lists With Dynamic Named Ranges

Jun 18, 2008

in a sheet I have two cells using data validation and dropdowns - the source for the first cell is a static named range - no problems. The source of the second cell is dependent on the value in the first cell and the sources are dynamic named ranges.
The dynamic ranges in cell#2 is named according to the value in cell#1 and I therefore have referenced the ranges using the INDIRECT function - but this only works with static ranges.

In the data validation source field for cell#2 I have the following formula:

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Data Validation List :: Dependant Lists

Aug 28, 2007

I have a question regarding the data validation lists. What i have is 4 different lists


What I want to do is...once a user chooses a department, he gets a list of assays done in the chosen dept. and also a list of instrument used by the dept and a list of manufacturers

I used the examples shown here


and was able to succeed in creating dependent lists to some extent...I am attaching whatever I have able to accomplish so far, which is able to pull up the assay list based on the dept. ...but am confused as to how to get the Instrument and Manufacturer list at the same time .....please choose 'Chem 2" from the dept list to see what I have managed to do so far

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Data Validation Dropdowns (Dependant Lists)?

Oct 22, 2007

I am creating a spreadsheet i want it to be that i make a selection from a drop down and this will then narrow the options available in the next drop down. Say box one you select 'half day' and then the next drop down menu will automatically loose all the data for a 'full day' and only show half day information such as costs for food and room bookings ect. i have made the drop downs but im not sure what to do next.

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Conditional Formatting Based On Dependant Lists

Feb 16, 2009


In the drop-down menu in col D I select the value “Egress”, then the drop-down list in col E is populated with the values of EgressCol. Now I select a value, lets say “Cash payment”. If at a later time I change the value of col D, lets say to “Ingress”, then “Cash payment” in col E doesn’t match the values available for IngressCol (the correspondent dynamic list for the Ingress value).

I need a conditional formatting formula that checks whether the value in col E is listed in the corresponding list of the value selected in col D. Request: I found this formula that works fine, but it gets Excel to work really slow.


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One Data Validation List Dependant On Four Dv Lists

Sep 28, 2007

I have on a sheet:

4 data validation lists that contain the exact same values.

would like to have:

One validation list box that is dependant on all 4 vd lists.

I posted a thread on dv and came to the conclusion that it is not possible to use INDIRECT() as it only allows for one cell reference and not four.

Is there another way to do this?

Glove Man, I tried your suggestion but couldn't get it work.

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Dependant Lists Using Text Values Not Listed In Worksheet

May 28, 2009

I have seen in the forums where lists are created by refering to column values in other worksheets.If you create a list by entering text values can you make other lists dependant to those values and can those lists also be made up of text lists?

All the examples I have seen here use lists that exist in some other worksheet

I use lists which use text values directly and not from a worksheet. I'm wondering how to make a secondary/sub list dependant on each value selected so say if text value "A" is selected in list 1 then this only allows the list for "A" to be available for list 2 in its corresponding cell (the next one along)

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Dynamic Filter-Dependant Formulas?

Feb 8, 2010

I have a Filter set up across a few columns of data. Lets say one of the columns is called "Hours", and another is called "User". There is another cell called "Totals" outside of the Filter.

What I would like to have is a self-updating Totals cell that will Sum the total number of Hours for whatever the Filter is currently showing.


If I set the Filter to show only UserA's data, the Totals cell will Sum the Hours for UserA.

If I set the Filter to show All Users with Hours greater than 2, the Totals cell will Sum all the Hours greater than 2.

If I set the Filter to show UserB and UserC and Hours less than 5...well you get the idea.

Can I write a function that loops through the data that meets the Filter's criteria? Do I need to create a macro to update the Totals cell each time the Filter is changed? Is there an easier way that I don't know about?

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Dynamic List In Combobox For Userforms

Jan 16, 2012

I have created a userform where I have a combo box and an options box. I want the combo box to reference a specific list of values. And if the check box is selected, I want the same combo box to reference a different list of values. This is the present syntax I am using. For some reason, The value of the check box does not alter the list in my macro.

Private Sub Userform_Initialize()
If chkHeader.Value = True Then
With cmbSort1
.AddItem Range("A1")
.AddItem Range("B1")
.AddItem Range("C1")


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Dynamic Data Validation :: Dynamic Lists

Jun 24, 2009

I have a question on the above but can't seem to find a solution. There are two ways that I can find for dealing with dynamic lists via data validation:-

1) Offset and match, cavet being the data must be sorted a-z
2) Have lists for each potential selection

Is there any way to get around 1 without having to do 2? E.g. Got two columns of data, unsorted, and a list from which the user can choose from. The user chooses from the list in first cell, in the second cell require the dynamic list to return all the values accordingly?

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Dynamic Userforms :: Code That Changes The Height Of A Userform

May 16, 2008

I am looking for some code that dynamically (during processing) changes the height of a userform. What I am trying to do is this: I have ten worksheets but only five are being used. I am looking to have a userform with a checkbox for each of the active sheets labeled. I don't want to have to display a form that is basically ten checkboxes with five enabled and five disabled. I want to show only the five active sheets checkboxes with a userform only large enough for the five. If six are active then a userform displaying six checkboxes and a userform large enough for only the six to be displayed.

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Dynamic Related Lists

Aug 26, 2008

I have a vehicle intake-form in which users have to enter vehicle data.

I also have a huge list containing make/model information.

I would like to be able to use this database in the following way : I want the user to select the make in cell A1 , and then the model in cell B1. It must be possible to choose for example the make "BMW" in cell A1 and then cell B1 should only display the BMW models, and not all others that are present in the list...

I tried to use Data Validation with a list of choices, this works fine for the make (A1) ; but how do I make the list used for Data Validation on B1 dynamically related to the value in cell A1 !

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Conditional, Dynamic , Unique Lists

Jun 20, 2008

I am trying to create a dynamic, unique listing. I have two data lists (expanding 45,000 rows). They are as follows. I CANNOT use macros due to security constraints :

ARGENTINE PESO ··············Cash Account 1
ARGENTINE PESO ··············Cash Account 2
ARGENTINE PESO ··············Cash Account 3
AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR ·········Cash Account 1
AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR ·········Cash Account 4
AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR ·········Cash Account 7
AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR ·········Cash Account 9
AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR ·········Cash Account 15

I basically want to be able to type "Cash Account 1" in my control cell, and have a dynamic dropdown created that only summarises those currencies available in that cash account, so in this instance, it would be both ARGENTINE PESO and AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR. I have created a solution, but due to the 45,000 row range, it is very processor heavy, and I would like to be quicker i.e. type the cash account you want to analyse, and the combo box / data validation dropdown(?) will only show relevant currencies. I do not mind using helper cells and / or a master sheet to analyse each currency for true/false. Also, the columns can be reversed if that makes it easier.

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Dynamic Linked Validation Lists

Jan 21, 2008

I have a spreadsheet where I keep all records of all the rock climbing I have done.

I am after a way of choosing a climbing area either by data validation or combo box (already set up as a named range) and then the climb names available in another validation list shows only those from that particular climbing area.

From what I have seen from various web sites it seems the climbing area names need to be in a unique list (is this correct). My sheet looks like the following:

Column A | Column B (climbing area) | Column C (climb name)
Date | Mt Arapiles | Agent Orange
Date | Mt Arapiles | Auto Da Fe
Date | Morialta | Asgard
Date | Morialta | Al Sirrat
Date | Buckaringa Gorge | Agent Orange

The name in the climbing area column will be repeated often.

The climb name should be unique to each climbing area, but the climb name my be repeated in another climbing area.

The climbing areas are anamed range on a separate worksheet.
The details of the climbs has all the details of the climb i.e. the Climb Name; Climbing Area (VLookup); Grade ; Distance ; Single or Multi Pitch ; Lengths of each Pitch.

I already have a working example of the spreadsheet (220KB) but it currently works backwards i.e. I use validation to find the climb name and then this uses the INDEX function to return the climbing area.

I would like to be able to choose the climbing area and then the next available choices would be limited to that climbing area.

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Merge & Sort Dynamic Lists

Aug 5, 2008

I need to create a BOTH box that will dynamically pull names from both the "Chicago Office" & "Seattle Office" columns in my sheet. It is extremely preferable to do this without VB Script if possible to avoid the security warnings on opening the sheet. (Our IT department will not budge on this..)

I have two lists of employees. Column A lists the Chicago Office employees. Column B lists the Seattle Office employees. I've been able to successfully define named ranges to work with these as dynamic lists. I can append names, or delete names, and the Chicago, or Seattle boxes (drop downs created with data validation formulas inside named ranges) will reflect the updated names correctly. I have been unable to make a single drop down with all the names from both offices, that is updated dynamically. I've attached a sheet so that this is easier to understand. Basically I need the "BOTH" drop down to actually work.

The Chicago range is defined as:
=OFFSET(Sheet1!$A$2:$A$11,0,0, COUNTA(Sheet1!$A$2:$A$11),1)
The Seattle range is defined as:

In the boxes on the right of the lists, I just have a Data Validation List formula as:
=Chicago and the other as =Seattle

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Set Up Spreadsheet With Linked Dynamic Dropdown Lists?

Apr 24, 2014

I am trying to set up a spreadsheet with linked dynamic drop down lists, based on a table.Using the OFFSET function, I have managed to get this to work if the table is on the SAME sheet at the drop down lists. But I want to be able to put the drop down lists onto a different sheet, so that I can lock and hide the table.

I don't want to use the 'name based on the previous column' idea, as the table is large and will change weekly. the drop downs show all values, even duplicates, which I would like to get rid of.

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Ignoring Duplicates In Dynamic Drop Down Lists

May 6, 2008

I have a large list of items and have set up some dynamic drop down lists but need to know if/how to make these lists only show each item once and therefore ignore any duplicates.

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Dynamic Named Range As Validation Lists

Nov 13, 2006

In the attached example I have a column of data on worksheet 2. Extra rows will frequently be added and removed from the column. I want to use that column of data to populate a validation drop down box for a whole column of cells on sheet 1. (Target cells coloured yellow for demonstration purposes)

I don’t want the validation drop down to be full of blank rows so I set up a dynamic named range to refer to the column on Sheet2. It all works really well...but...only for cell D6 on sheet 2. It doesn’t work on any of the other target cells on sheet 2 or on sheet 1. I have been looking at this for far too long and it has begun hurting my brain.

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Dynamic Data Sorted Lists Index And Match?

Mar 27, 2014

I'm hoping to make a dynamic sorted list for each Mfg (H - T) using the garbled data input in columns B & C.

See attached : sorted list.xlsx‎

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Dependent Dropdown Lists Based On Dynamic Data Range?

Apr 19, 2013

I have data that resembles (I have also attached an example workbook as well if that is easier)

Column A.................Column B................Column C..................Column D.............Column E................Column F
Year.......................Quarter...................Month..................Product-Code...........[data A]................[data B]


I am hoping to have, on another sheet, a series of dependent drop boxes- Year, Quarter, Month, SKU- which after selecting then displays 'dataA' & 'dataB'.

So you could select- List 1: 2013 ----> List 2: Q1 ----> List 3: Jan ----> SD-21.................and then 13% and 0.05% are displayed.

The data will be continuously added to and so needs to be based on a dynamic data range.

I know that a pivot table is the perfect way to do this, however my bosses have requested that I do not use that format so it is easy for all staff to access.

So I think I need to construct some sort of dashboard sheet, I have experimented with OFFSET from other posts, but so far have had no joy.

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Autofill Cell Based On Results Of Multiple Dynamic Dropdown Lists?

Aug 25, 2014

how best to do this (bare with me I'm not quite a pro at excel yet!). I'll attach my doc (JMP Excel Forum) so you know what I'm taking about. I've set up the data to work in a similar way to this, as you can see I've a table set up (Appliance Sheet) which feeds information to the Main Sheet which contains the drop down lists.

What I need it to do is autofill the wattage column (Main!F8 onwards) with the wattage for the device as described in Appliance!N3 or N4 for example. For the wattage column to equal 28 (equivalent to Appliance!N3) then the following would show in the dropdown selections Type>Computers SubCategory>Monitors Device>BENQ G2222HDL Status>On

Is there a way to do this with the set up I have?

I did have a previous version of the whole worksheet that each Device had its own table and I looked up the wattage using and If formula to lookup a info on the device and knowing where to look it up based on the subcategory

=IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(D7,IF('Main UI'!C7="Heating_Cooling",Appliances!$A$7:$B$14, IF('Main UI'!C7="Kitchen_Bathroom",Appliances!$A$16:$B$27,IF('Main UI'!C7="Monitors",Appliances!$A$52:$B$62,IF(C7="Computers",Appliances!$A$64:$B$68,........

And I got it to work but it was getting to cumbersome to add in new devices and update the formulas. If attached that doc (OLD) so you know what I'm talking about. The last two sheets are the same sheets that make up the new document (JMP Excel Forum)OLD.xlsm

I really prefer the new way I've got it set up. Its easier to add new information or options to the dropdown list

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Add Or Remove Info To Two Lists In Sheet1 And Sheet2 And Difference Between Two Lists

Mar 29, 2014

My problem in the given excel file

1. Sheet1; how to Add "B000" in the List A or "B00" if the digits and 5 in the list
2. Sheet2; how to remove "B000" or "B00" from the list
3. Sheet3; how to highlight difference or find out the difference between to lists


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Lists, How To Make Drop-down Lists Optional

May 13, 2009

Is there a way to make a drop-down list optional? When I create drop-down lists the user has to make a choice from that list.

Example: a list of doctors. I need the user to be able to select from that list if the patient saw one of those physicians, but if the patient saw another doctor not on the list, I need the user to be able to enter the name of that other doctor. Currently the user has to select from the list or not enter a doctor. I am using Excel 2003.

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Dependant Validation

Aug 3, 2009

Basically what i need to do is create a validation list, the contents of which will be dependant on the entry in another cell. The catch is that the other cell contains an "if" formula.


A1: 10
B1: =if(A1=10;"A";if(A1=11;"B";if(A1=12;"C";"Invalid Entry"))) ....

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Sum Color Dependant

Nov 21, 2006

I want to sum a range of cells but exclude any that are in a particular colour (in this case red).

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Return Answer Dependant On /

Apr 5, 2009

in cell d1 i have


in cell i1 i need to return whatever is before the "/"
in this case hk

and in cell i2 i need to return the number after the q
in this case 46559

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Inputting Dependant On Cell

Oct 12, 2008

on sheet1 which is called working sheet and cell d25 is asking what type of goods been sold

i have several different sorts"


i want the spreadsheet to look up somewhere on a sheet called delivery all the components that could be used for that type

so i guess i need to name define?

ie if s25 is selected

on delivery sheet in a20 it would then list all the components underneath each other.

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Multiple Dependant Dropboxes

Jul 8, 2013

I have a worksheet with 4 drop boxes that have the following options in order: 2,28,10,24. My main concern is to make the last drop box depend on the third: so the one with 10 listings will determine which of the 24 will appear according to selection. The other two are not necessarily needed to be dependent although, they will be pulling different data according to the selections. How to make the last two be dependent? The combo box selections will determine the values pulled for four different time frames.

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Showing Different Results Dependant On Drop Down Box

Sep 19, 2007

I'm creating a spreadsheet to track orders as part of a project, the spreadsheet currently lists all the different options that can be ordered, it then lists all parts of the order, installation & setup etc.

However it is likely that not all of the options will be used.

What I would like to do is create a few drop down boxes for each option, if 'yes' is selected then the order tracking for that option shows below.

Example, the wants 'internet' so 'yes' is selected for internet using the drop down at the top of the page. Further down the page all the order tracking info is shown for internet. If 'no' is selected nothing is shown for interent.

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How To Calculate A Total Dependant On Variables

Sep 30, 2009

In the file I have attached, I need to work out how to give the final total (cell G27) inclusive of VAT, dependent on the value assigned in cells K17-K26, which are explained in the list starting cell B29.

At the moment the value given is net of VAT, and I need the total figure in G27 to recognise that the first item needs to be at 15%, the second at 5% and the 3rd at 0%.

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