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Enter Spreadsheet In Design Mode

I've created a spreadsheet that has a number of command buttons acting as hyperlinks navigating to other worksheets within the workbook and other files. The buttons only function when in design mode and no matter what I try the document will not open in design mode. For ease of use I wanted to avoid training people on how to go into design mode, anyone aware of a work around?

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Can't Exit Design Mode Because - Error Msg
I have a production report card spreadsheet with numerous checkboxes. Originally I also had text boxes for user input - which I have since removed all of and simply unlocked cells for user input (I protect the spreadsheet). My problem is that now that I have removed ALL of the textboxes - I get the error message "Can't exit design mode because Control 'TextBox3' can not be created." everytime I go to lock the spreadsheet after tweeking or upon opening of the file. I also cannot use the checkboxes now because I am stuck in design mode.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this...or better to stop the error msg altogether? I googled and no answers...some theories that it was a bug with excel2003...but I find it hard to believe as I found posts for the same message of users of I am thinking it might be VBA related?

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Toggle Design Mode Code: Change The Game Using A Drop Down?
i need some code to be able to toggle design mode, i am creating embedded flash games in excel and i want to be able to change the game using a drop down and this code:

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To Design A Production Spreadsheet
I am going to attempt to design a production spreadsheet which does the following:

1.Orders are put on one page of the spreadsheet (Order Tab) The order is put on listing, Customer, Sizes, Qty etc

2.The user is then able to select an order and if possible I would like a pop up calendar to appear in which the user can then select a production date.

3.One the production date has been selected I want it to open up a new tab if one doesn’t already exist and then cut the information from the order tab and then paste it into the production day.

I have provided a spreadsheet of what I want to achieve but I am unsure if this is possible.

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Best Practice Spreadsheet Design
I have been tasked with performing a work measurement study to improve productivity in our organisation. I managed to adapt a paper based report to an excel file; with the view of creating a model. I also intend adding the cost of employing people in specific positions to determine the cost per hour for each specific activity.

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To Design A Spreadsheet To Allocate An Amount To Different Bands
I'm trying to design a spreadsheet to allocate an amount to different bands.

For example - I have the figure 1750.

Band 1 : 0-500 (1)
Band 2 : 501-1000 (0.8)
Band 3 : 1001-1500 (0.6)
Band 4 : 1501-2000 (0.4)

Each unit in each band has a value (in brackets). So as you can see, the value of a full Band 1 would be 500. But the next band is only worth 400 when full, and Band 3 is only worth 300. I want band 1 to fill up first, then band 2, then band 3, then finally band 4.

I would like to be able to allocate the figure 1750 to all the bands automatically - starting with band 1, then 2, then 3, then 4.

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Design Spreadsheet In 2007 For Use On Earlier Versions
Compatibility mode, in 2007, is frustrating me like crazy. I thought it was supposed to 'limit' functionality to what was in 2003. But what it seems to be doing is letting me use features that only work in 2007and then tell me when I save that 'hey, these won't work after you save'. Ugh! I can't even pick a highlight color without getting a warning and wondering what it will look like to 2003 users!

Is there a 'theme' or anything that will truly limit the features I use to those available to 2003 users?

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Excel Spreadsheet Design For Calculating Occurrence In Each Of The 211876 Combination
I have a dataset storing 6 numbers in a row (where each number range from 1 to 50 and no duplication of number within each row). Totaling there is 1000 rows ....

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Allow User To Enter Break Mode (Debug)
i want to do is throw a break in my vba code if the user selects yes through a msgbox vbYesNo prompt and proceed in debug mode. is it possible to code in a break point in this fashion? my desired pseudo

if user selects yes:
set break point (to send to debug mode at that point... i dont mean to end the code with a END statement.)
if user selects no:
proceed program normally

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"Can't Enter Break Mode At This Time"
why I get a "Can't enter break mode at this time" message when stepping through the following code (using the F8 key) at the 'With NewButton' line?

(This is code from a Walkenbach book, and it runs fine if I don't step through it. I'm using Excel 2007 btw)

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Enter User Form Data Onto Spreadsheet
I have 4 textboxes that the user enters data. I then have a button on the user form.

i would like to write code so that when the user hits the button...
Textbox1 data goes into active cell
Textbox2 data into the cell below Active cell
Textbox3 below it
and textbox4 below it
then close the user form.

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Automatically Add Rows To End Of Spreadsheet By Pushing Enter
I am making a template for my company to automatically calculate the amount of sheet metal needed for a specific job. The spreadsheet could get very long depending on how much duct is needed. Is there any way I can automatically insert rows to the end of the sheet by pressing enter after filling the last row with data, which would then move the totals down. Also, the formatting of the rows I wish to add need to be copies of the ones above.

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Shrinking A Design???
I have created a design in excel and now need to shrink it to fit on 1 page. Is there any way to do this?

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Worksheet Design
I've been reading some threads lately about worksheet design and wanted you advice on something.

I have a worksheet that is about 7.5mb. The details of the worksheet are:

A. 19 total worksheets within workbook, three are visible
B. 1 master worksheet (raw data) that is updated monthly
C. There are 13 worksheets (for each outer office) that pull data from the master.
D. A couple of "Summary" sheets that summarize totals, profits, losses for each area

Situation is this....All code runs fine, but when it's time to save the worksheet it is kind of slow doing so b/c of size.

Would you suggest making a seperate WORKBOOK for the outer offices? I gave this a try yesterday and it worked fine, but I also added code to save once the data was extracted and that part took about 5-6 seconds (I know that's not horrible, but I'm comparing it to previous times).

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UserForm Custom Design
how to customize the userform with the background like Ivan's userform:

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Design Around Linking 2 Shared Worksheets
The spreadsheet I have designed is to be input offshore by one group, and the values that get put in this shared workbook will feed into another shared workbook (for reference and ease, I will call one offshore. book and the other

It seems that I have to save the (so could I use some autosave code, for every 5mins or so? I dont have the plugin so would have to write it in), then hit update links in the (again, I presume I could write this so it triggers off every 30mins or so, but can be done manually if required). It seems abit fiddly doing this, but this is the way they wanted it done (my idea was to put into a database, but got out voted).

The figures in the would simply be a vlookup. However, we do not want the uk team to be able to look at the other book so would the links still work properly? (ie there would only be one open workbook at a time - direct access to each others spreadsheets shouldnt occur.)

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Trying To Design A Creche Enrolment Schedule
im trying to make a few things work at different stages.

1. Im TRYING to create a not so simple programme with Excel for My Wifes Creche - She would like to have a programme that, when she gets a phone call from a parent to check availabilty in lets say - 3 months time, it reports back with a number of availabiltys for that date in a specific room.

2. Rooms are broken in 4 categories ( up-to 12 mths old "Baby room" 12 mths to 2 yrs "Wobblers room" 2-4 yrs "Toddlers room and finaly Playschool,)

3.So far what i have done is this =IF(G2<$A$1,"",IF(G2<$A$1039,"Baby",IF(G2<$A$1404,"Wobbler", IF(G2<$A$1770,"Toddler",IF(G2<$A$2290,"Playschool",
which gives me a room from inputting the Date of Birth.

4. ive then used the form button to give me the option to add edit and delete entries from the headings (First name Last name Date of Birth Room -but this will show once DOB is entered.

5. i have tried to run the =COUNTIF(A2:A7,"Baby") to try and get the total baby spaces taken up at a given date however this wont work for me and isnt giving any error message, just a blank cell.

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Qn: Userform Design - Considerations Or Limits?
I am in the midst of developing a Userform with a purpose of entering/retreiving and amending data. A rough approximate of about 50 sets of 3 text boxes is required for user to type in data. Is there a kind of limit or performance issues if there are so many text boxes available? What other ways would make it work? Would appreciate some advice from the veterans in this field.

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Formula Must Be Confirmed With CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER Not Just ENTER
This formula must be confirmed with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER not just ENTER. You will see { } brackets appear.

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Function Design Return True Or False
I'm trying to determine if a rangeName is defined so that I can delete it without a programming error. I've used the idea that if I try to goto a non-existant rangeName, I'll get an error. I've tried to design a function that will return true or false if the rangeName is defined on the basis of that idea. Can you take a look at the code and see where I went wrong?

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Interface Design: Drop Down List Sources
I am working on a workbook that contains drop-downs in various cells. The source for these drop downs are several Named Ranges on a tab named 'Drop Downs'.

I am locking the whole spreadsheet down so that people are not messing with the format, etc. (which is the current problem). So I don't allow people to add/delete rows, etc.

I am trying to think of a good interface to allow users to modify the entries in each drop down list (i.e. they may need to add a person to the "Resources" Range which feeds into a drop-down box elsewhere).

So, people should be able to add/delete items. I was thinking I would put a little 'X' next to each entry, such that when pressed - it would delete the corresponding entry. (Using the Assign Macro on a Text Box). However, I have to assign each 'X' a method to call - and I can't pass in an argument - so if I assign them all the same macro name - I won't be able to figure out which one was pushed. And the number of 'X' will be dynamic, so I can't hard code a bunch of functions. I don't really have a good idea for allowing additions yet (other than a button that prompts for the name and then adds it in).

I guess I could just use a Form that allows editing of the data (that would be easy and powerful to do), but I don't really want to do that - I want it to be editable within the excel spreadsheet itself.

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Report Design. Layout Multiple Database Queries
Is there a really good tutorial for laying out multiple database queries in excel? Or even just for automating reports between Excel and Access? Here is my situation: Monthly, Quarterly & Annually I report on performance standards such as: duration, best practices, cost-benefit analysis, etc. The information is pretty standard and is pulled from Excel Reports. Access is used to filter this information by appropriate month, quarter, year, and/or data type. In access I calculate the performance averages, max and min. Then this is in linked back to Excel to update the charts and summaries. My concern is how much time I spend rebuilding this system every month (about 4 business days)

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I want to find out the most frequently occurring value for the below
example. Based on the example below I want to know Column A = Sales, Column
B = s682, which value is the most frequently occurred.

Column A: Column B: Column C:
Sales s682 4
Sales s681 1
Marketing s683 5
Sales s682 4
Finance s682 4
Sales s683 5
Sales s682 2

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Mean, Median And Mode
Is there a good/easy formula to use when trying to find the mean, median and mode for a column? If so, can someone post it? I'd like to make it as easy as possible (obviously!).

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Mode Function
I want to use a formula to detect which name is appearing most in a selected range of cells. The Mode formula gives this result but for numbers. I was thinking of the probability of having to combine the LEN function with the MODE function.

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Mode Or Frequency
I have a large data set. Within the column I have determined the mode. How
do I find the second most common number, third most common, etc.?


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Mode In Subtotal
=mode(x#:x#) will give the most frequently ocurring value in the range.

But I want to be able to use mode like subtotal where it will show only the most frequent value within the filtered list...

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Using Mode Function When Range Changes
How would i find the mode of a range of numbers that changes?

For example, I want a simple out put of the Mode for the numbers after Aand D, and E and so on, without having to do it manually. A function perhaps?

I have attached spreadsheet. The 2 left columns are the raw data and the right columns are what i want the outcome (modes) to be. Is there a way I can do this without having to go through this manunally for every one?

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Run Macro While In Edit Mode
I cannot run code from the formula bar.

I have a context sensitive menu

Sub AddContextMenu()
On Error Resume Next
Application. CommandBars("formula bar").FindControl(msoControlButton, 0, "MYMENU").Delete
On Error Goto 0
Dim objTemp As CommandBarButton
With Application.CommandBars("formula bar")
Set objTemp = .Controls.Add(msoControlButton, , , .Controls.Count + 1, True)
With objTemp
.Caption = "Formula Menu"
.BeginGroup = True
.OnAction = "TestMe"
.Tag = "MYMENU"
End With............

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Using =MODE And Ignoring Zeros
I need a formula that will find the mode from a range of numbers but ignore the 0's. I have worked out the below array formula which seems to work.

{=IF(MODE(IF(N18:P25>0,N18:P25))=1,"Low",IF(MODE(IF(N18:P25>0,N18:P25))=2,"Secure",IF(MODE(IF(N18:P2 5>0,N18:P25))=3,"High")))}

The only thing is, if only one cell contains a number other than 0 (eg. 1,2 or 3) then it returns #N/A. Ideally i'd like it to show the appropriate response for the number that is in the number range. For example - if one cell shows the number 2 and the rest are 0's, i'd like it to show Secure(the response for 2) rather than #N/A.

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Find Median, Mode
How to find Median,Mode in a excel sheet which contains more than 255 rows of data?

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Conditional Text Mode
I would like to calculate the mode of a range of cells containing text. To do this I would use a formula like:



How do I find the mode of a range of cells containing text with an additional criteria, like finding the mode of A only for values with a "yes" in B as in:
red no
yellow yes
orange no
orange no
blue yes
orange no
yellow yes

In this case, the answer I'm looking for would be (yellow).

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2nd Mode - 2nd Most Frequent Number
In this old thread (which the software did not let me continue) Yogi mentions 2nd mode and third mode etc.


In the above thread, Yogi has a nice formula for finding the "other mode", when the other mode is a tie. I am wondering - is there a simple formula
to find the 2nd (or 3rd) most frequent number. For example the (AFAIK non-existent) formula or function would act like this:


"modelarge(range,2)" should return 3

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Delete In Filter Mode...
I have the following code

Columns("A:A").Insert Shift:=xlToRight
Range("A1").Value = "Date added"
Range("A2", "A" & Cells(Rows.Count, "B").End(xlUp).Row).Value = Date

ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$L$3115").AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:=Array( _
"1", "2", "3", "4", "5"), Operator:=xlFilterValues

but how do I delete what has been filtered without deleting the headers?

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Turn Off AutoFilter Mode
i have a userform that uses auto filter the filter the search results. I am wondering if someone can show me how to turn the auto-filter off once action (printing) is completed.

below is the code I am using:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = Sheets("ComplaintData")

With ws
.AutoFilterMode = False
With . Range("A1:L1")
If ComboBox1.Value = "Month" Then
.AutoFilter Field:=11, Criteria1:=ComboBox2

Also, I was given a code in this forum to handle the "Item not found" situation. Where would I insert it in this code. If the searched item doesnt exist, then I would like the message box to come up before it shows the printer selection box and if the searched item exists then directly show the printer selection box.....following were the two lines

On Error Goto ErrFindClick

MsgBox " " & combobox1.Value & " Not Found!"
Exit Sub

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Stuck In Full Screen Mode
I seem to be stuck in "Full Screen" mode. When I go to the View menu, both "Full Screen" and "Normal" are highlighted. I can't seem to get out of Full Screen.
I am using Excel 2003, XP SP3 installed. This just started this am. I did download and install Microsoft patches this am. ???
I am able to save and use Excel but without normal view my formating buttons etc. are not available.

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Prevent ESC From Full Screen Mode
I have an excel workbook that I would like to

a) appear more app-like, and
b) show more data in the available space.

I do not want to go too elaborate by hiding (remembering and restoring) control bars and I reckon the View Full Screen is pretty much okay for my purposes. I am currently invoking View Full Screen on Workbook_Activate but hitting the ESC key returns to normal view. I can already see my users hitting the ESC key for various reasons and ruining my master plan. Is there are any way to prevent unintended ESC from Full-Screen or otherwise lock in the full-screen mode until revoked intentionally by macro (shortcut)?

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Detect If Cell Is In 'editing' Mode
I'm doing the vba programming for excel where I added a button to the excel, and when user click on the button, it will trigger my function.

My question is: if currently there is a cell been focused, how can I know whether that is in the 'editing mode' (ie, focus on that cell and double click on that) or merely 'focus' on that cell? Any of the excel object property for this?

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Cell Comments - Not Going Into Edit Mode
I am using a lot of double click routines in my sheet. In order for the sheet to be more user friendly I have used the comments of cells to tell the user what to do. For instance "Double click to choose type" or some such. Everything works great except that after the user selects what they want from the userform and it hides and the focus comes back to the sheet, the comment is in edit mode. While this is not horrible it is not as nice as I would like. I have tried to have my code send the active cell to another cell and then back, but that doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep the comments from going into edit mode?

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Mode Function For Each Work Type
I’m using excel 2003 and I need help with the MODE function. I have a spreadsheet with 142 work types’ rows of work with each one showing the last 13 months of work received. I have set up a mode function for each work type, but for the ones when excel cannot work out the mode it puts n/a in and I have to do them manually, by looking at the last 13 months data and basically guessing a mode figure – which is a pain (e.g. if there was 13 different numbers from say 120 – 135 excel would give n/a but I would put the mode at around 128. As this spreadsheet gets updated monthly is there a way I can trick excel into giving a mode figure, or a figure close to what the mode should be. I have attached a sample of the spreadsheet.

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Rum Macro While Cell In Edit Mode
I have users who don't press Enter (or move to a new cell) after entering text. They then try to click a form button - and of course - the macro does not run.

Is there an xl/vba solution to force them out of edit mode before clicking the button?

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Run Macro While In Cell Edit Mode ..
In an Excel worksheet all command buttons are disabled while a cell is in edit mode or while the cursor is active in the formula bar. Is there a way in VBA to save the cell's contents and execute a command button if clicked while a cell is in edit mode?

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Run Macro While In Cell Edit Mode
I have Form Button in Excel Sheet which Calculates by reading other excel sheet. Now the problem is when user enters data in a Cell by double Clicking on it and after entering data if he directly clicks on a button then Macro that needs to be invoked is NOT executed. The only way is that he needs to press EnterKey OR Click on any other Cell and then click on the button.

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Macro Only Runs In Step-Thru Mode
I have a peice of code which opens up a number of Workbooks (200+) and updates a series of control tables in each. Given our security etc environment, links and external references etc are not possible. The target files must all be standalone and self-sufficient.

The problem I have is that when I run the procedure in question in the usual way, the procedure simply terminates after the first file is opened. No error messages, no distress - it just stops. I have put debugging calls all around the "Workbook.Open" call, and it simply doesn't make it out of the call. There is no Auto_Open code in the workbooks being opened and (as I indicated above) no external links, references or function calls.

What's weird is that if I step through the procedure in the Command Debugger, everything works fine. Even weider, if I complete step-by-step processing on the first target file then I can press "Play" and the code will complete execution and process all the remaining files without error.

I have rebuilt/recreated/re-ordered the target files and even moved them to a different volume.

If anyone has seen this before, or has any idea what the cause may be, or even just a wild idea, I'd love to hear it.

Code segment attached.

'*** Process each file in the list provided
For intCounter = 1 To intWBS_Files

Call Debug_Msg("Opening WBS File")

Application.EnableEvents = False
Set wbkThis_WkBk = Application.Workbooks.Open(strWBS_Files(intCounter), 0, False)
Application.EnableEvents = True

Call Debug_Msg(("Opened WBS File:" & Chr(13) & strWBS_Files(intCounter)))

If (wbkThis_WkBk Is Nothing) Then
Call Write_Error_Record("File Open Failed", strWBS_Files(intCounter))
Code continues.....

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Mode Function By Strings Instead Of Only By Integer
i've tried searching for "Mode Function in Text" , "Mode Function by Text" but to no avail. Can someone please guide me in how to do a Mode by Text? =MODE(number1,number2,...) But if i have a whole chunk of data in Strings in cells Range A1:C50

1) How can i get the mode of that Range ?
2) is it possible to get the statistic of those for e.g.

Apple 20
Pear 30
Watermelon 50

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Macro To Paste While In Edit Mode
Is it possible to write code to paste a string in text select (double click in a cell) mode rather than cell select (single click a cell) mode? I need a string to paste in as if someone had double clicked then hit paste (so as to utilize special delimiters.) Here is the code that reads the workbook, finds the next available row, then pastes:

Dim strCopyToLog As String
strCopyToLog = Range("Q2")
ActiveCell.Value = strCopyToLog

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Mode Function Over Multiple Sheets
I am trying to use the MODE function over multiple sheets within a work book, however when using =MODE( 'First Page:Last Page'!K5). the formula returns "#REF!". this should be returning 7, 8 or 9. I have already checked to see if the range is wrong, but when I changed the function to SUM, AVERAGE, etc they work fine....
however due to the need for non-excel users to easily add extra pages, adding each page individually would be a pain (and would mean I would need to train the staff in Excel)

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Function For Calculation Mode & Status
I am looking for assistance for 2 vbcode functions that will provide current:

1) Calculation Mode - whether automatic, manual or semi automatic; and

2) Calculation Status - whether a recalc is required or not.

These functions need to work regardless of the calculation mode and always need to show the current status.I have tried creating volatile functions, but the problem I face is that if the calculation mode is manual, the function's return value is not updated unless I force a recalc which renders the purpose of the exercise useless.

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Spreadsheet That I Have A Lot Of Macros That Are Attached To A Customized Toolbar Saved In The Same Spreadsheet
I have a spreadsheet that I have a lot of macros that are attached to a customized toolbar saved in the same spreadsheet. I saved this is a read-only file. When I open as read-only and run my macros (testing), I save it as another file. When I then open the "template" to do the same thing, the toolbar/buttons now reference the file I previously saved as something else. Help please? Is there a macro that would delete all macros before saving the file as something else?

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Multi-Spreadsheet Formula Down To Populate The Other Cells In The Total Spreadsheet
I have attached a document paralleling a document I am working on. The dollar amount in each spreadsheet represent sales. I have entered in values into the candy, soda, and chips spreadsheet. I have also linked values for candy into the total spreadsheet. My question is can I somehow type something or drag the formula down to populate the other cells in the total spreadsheet?

The idea I am thinking but which I don't know how to implement is to list all the items (as in column G) and list all of the relevant cells (e.g. B1 in the Candy spreadsheet) as in columns H and I (Note that all items will have the same cells but the cells will have different values...e.g. all three items have a cell B1 and B2 in their spreadsheet but these cells contain different values). I then try and fail to create a formula in cell B3 of the Total spreadsheet. I am trying to create a formula of the following nature:

='(Spreadsheet Name From Column G)'!(Cell Name From Columns H and I)

The Second half of the formula doesn't really concern me (i.e. the cell name from column H and I). However I am perplexed as to how to achieve the goal in the first parentheses above.

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How Do I Create A Macro To Work In Shared Mode
Ive got a problem with a work book im working on at the moment, my company has various different documents created in excel, like a price list, cost price list & stock levels (all Independant) I have had the idea to join them all into a single shared workbook using an idea I found and modified over a year ago on this site, that had the promise of allowing multiple users to see the nessesary parts of the same document. the advantage of this being any new parts or prices or suppliers added would update all users at once. So ive got this workbook that when you open you get asked for a username & password this then hides/unhides, protects or unprotects to suit the users needs. This works great when unshared but when I share it the login box wont display

The Administrator username is jamie and the password is joshua

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