Enter / Lift Data From Spreadsheet Into UserForm?

May 27, 2014

I have created a spreadsheet which uses a User Form to input data and then give it a reference number (this bit works fine).

I am now trying to use a User Form to enter a reference number which will then be searched across my spreadsheet, I then want all the entered data relevant to that reference number to appear in a User Form along with additional fields for entry of additional info.

In this User Form, the original data could be modified but more importantly, the remaining data added before then being placed into the main spreadsheet.

This is a booking in system where the person presents to a receptionist and the initial data is entered. Once that person has been dealt with, the remaining details regarding their visit will need to be inputted, hence this request.

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Enter User Form Data Onto Spreadsheet

Oct 4, 2007

I have 4 textboxes that the user enters data. I then have a button on the user form.

i would like to write code so that when the user hits the button...
Textbox1 data goes into active cell
Textbox2 data into the cell below Active cell
Textbox3 below it
and textbox4 below it
then close the user form.

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Excel 2007 :: Unable To Enter Any Data In Spreadsheet?

Apr 19, 2008

Very simple Excel 2007 spreadsheet. It consist of four columns with either numeric or alpha data in the. No formulas, no macros etc...

She emailed the spreadsheet to me and it works fine, I can enter data without problems. Whenever she tries to use it she just can't enter any data. She clicks in a cell and it highlights but she doesn't get a cursor and can't enter data. If she tries to click in the area underneath the toolbar to enter data she also does not get a cursor!! It used to work just fine for her but has suddenly stopped!

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Userform To Enter Data

Mar 15, 2007

I have a developed a UserForm to enter data into Excel. I can get the UserForm to enter data in row2 under the headings I have created. I have a Next button on the UserForm, which I want to go to the next row when pressed to enter dta in row3, then row4 etc. Is there anywhere I can find examples of how to do this?

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Userform To Enter Data On Worksheet

Sep 14, 2006

I have sheet (say Sheet3) that is in essence a Database. I need to create a Userform to insert a row above the highlighted cell and insert the data on the Userform in that row.

Userform would have 3 textboxes to enter data, a submit button and a cancel button. (the 3 boxes titled Part, Price,Vendor)

In the Worksheet the 3 Columns are
Part Price Vendor

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Enter Data To Correct Column Using Userform?

Jun 29, 2014

I have started a user form called submit stock. What i am trying to work out is if i can use this form to enter the data to the worksheet using the form to specific columns depending on the first choice.

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Enter Data In Cells While UserForm Showing

Oct 30, 2006

is it possible to enter data on a spredsheet while a form is opened or must the from be closed first. I thought I was smart to have a form remain open so users could change parameters but at the same time allow them to enter data in uprotected cells.

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Enter Data To Multi Sheet Through Userform

May 9, 2007

Enter Data To Multi Sheet Through Userform. How can I enter Data from entryform to multisheet?

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Password Userform - Login Function To Enter Data

Mar 10, 2014

I have a userform that numerous people need to fill in. I want to add a login function so that each person has their own login detail. Their will be a command button called login. Until they login in they cannot enter any data.

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Enter Data From Userform Into Cells Starting From Specific Cell?

Feb 3, 2014

I need to add something to the code below to have my first row of data entered into cell "Q8". As it is now the data is starting on row Q9 instead of Q8, but the rest of it is filling in correctly.

[Code] .....

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Userform To Enter Data In Different Locations Depending On Selected Options

Jan 22, 2009

xxxxxxxxxxxxxTeam1 | Team2 | Team3 | Team4 etc.
Hours State1
Hours State2
Hours State3

xxxxxxxxxxxxxTeam1 | Team2 | Team3 | Team4 etc.
Hours State1
Hours State2
Hours State3
xxxxxxxxxxxxxTeam1 | Team2 | Team3 | Team4 etc.
Hours State1
Hours State2
Hours State3

Each team leader would then input hours in each state each day on their column. Make sense? Easy Peasy...

My question........... is it posible to have a userform where a TL would select their name (Column) and Day (Monday=Row 3, Tuesday=Row23 etc) from a dropdown and then input figures in txt boxes to submit them in the correct location?

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Userform Data Placed In Spreadsheet

Oct 14, 2009

At the moment i've got a userform with 6 text boxes and what I need is when the 'save' button is pressed, all the words from the text boxes is put in 'customers' sheet. I've found this but I just adds data to the top of the current sheet.

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Updating Data On Spreadsheet From Userform

Nov 18, 2007

I have created a userform with textboxes. I want to update cells on a spreadsheet with the values in the textboxes. I have set the code into a command button to update the values, but they only get updated when I close the userform, not when I click the command button.

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Copying Data From UserForm To SpreadSheet And Back Again?

Feb 21, 2013

We created a database for our employees who have security items and other things we need to keep track. We created a spreadsheet where data was entered on Sheet2 (Entry Form) and then by clicking various buttons would be thrown over to Sheet1 (MasterList) and put in alphabetical order. Then last week he said lets change it to a User form where i can put all the data, be able to tab through my text boxes and make the whole process of entering information faster and more efficient.. but now hes gone and I'm left with his macros and all this stuff i don't really understand! I have been doing pretty well on my own but im stuck "Search Employee" Here is what i have...

Private Sub SearchEmployeeButton_Click()
LastName.Value = Range("A500").Value
FirstName.Value = Range("B500").Value


use code tags around code. Posting code without them makes your code hard to read and difficult to be copied for testing. Highlight your code and click the # at the top of your post window.

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Copying Data From Spreadsheet To List Box In A UserForm

Nov 25, 2008

I must say I have learned quite a lot from this forum. So, a vey big Thank You to the folks who are managing this forum and those who are contributing possible solutions. I have a question about copying data from a spreadsheet to a List Box in a User Form (Pls see attached). First, I select the Account from the drop-down cell in the Main sheet. Then I click on the CommandButton and a UserForm will pop out with a List Box that draws relevant data from the Remarks sheet according to the Account that I have selected. The data in the List Box must be in this format : "Date1 : Remark1"; next line "Date2 : Remark2; line 3 "Date3 : Remark3"........until the last available entry.

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VBA Script For Copying Data From Userform To Spreadsheet

Nov 27, 2012

I need the VBA scripts for the following: 1) I have created a UserForm in Excel with a text box entry field. In this I would like the user to enter a date range (i.e Dec.11 - Jan.12) and for this data entry to be displayed in various cells accross different sheets (within the same workbook).

2) Once the date range has been entered, Okayed and transfered I would then like the text box in the Userform to be cleared.

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Paste Data From Userform Back Into Spreadsheet

Jan 3, 2013

I have a "txtQuoteNo" box used in my userform "FrmQuotation", and this is recorded in column A of my Central Data spreadsheet (with a fair slug of other data from the userform).

I can currently recall the data into the userform from the spreadsheet using the QuoteNo, but when I need to resubmit it back to the spreadsheet, I can't see why the following code posts this new data onto a new line rather than the blank cells in the corresponding row of txtQuoteNo and column A (if you see what I mean...)

Set wb = Workbooks.Open("M:Central Taxi Data.xlsx")
With Sheets("Data").Range("A:A")
Set cell = .Find(myVal, LookIn:=xlValues)
rw = cell.Row
End With

RowCount = Worksheets("Data").Range("A" & rw).CurrentRegion.Rows.Count

[Code] .......

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Formula To Lift Information From Table

Mar 30, 2008

I need to find a forumula that will enable me to transfer values from a table within the worksheet. Something along the lines of if I13 = A16 then need to enter the number that appears in A17 into cell 019, if I13=B16 enter number in B17 into 019. I also need the forumula to include if the figure in 113 is less than 3 then need to enter 0 into 019.

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VBA Code To Retrieve Data From Spreadsheet To Userform Listbox

Dec 1, 2013

I am trying to populate a list box in a user form and have started to write the below code but seems not to work.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Crit = Range.TextBox1

If Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(x1up).Row = 1 Then
LR = 2

LR = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(x1up).Row

[Code] ........

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Excel 2010 :: Populate UserForm In Word With Data From Spreadsheet

Feb 19, 2013

I have a word template that gives a popup when started for the user to fill out. At present this is okay, but it is hard to maintain. So what I want is to be able to add all needed information in Excel - since our tools have the possibility to export my needed info to this.

I have a spreadsheet in Excel 2010 named 'Input TR'. This info I want in the popup macro in word. When choosing name from a dropdown menu - I want Excel to give me the choices instead of having it in the coded macro. After I have choosen the name - I want the product belonging for this name in the 'Product/Service:' dropdown menu, e.g Test 1 will give the value 1...5. (I will only be able to choose one of them)

Today - everything is coded in the word2010 macro, and thus difficult to maintain.

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Enter Spreadsheet In Design Mode

Jun 11, 2009

I've created a spreadsheet that has a number of command buttons acting as hyperlinks navigating to other worksheets within the workbook and other files. The buttons only function when in design mode and no matter what I try the document will not open in design mode. For ease of use I wanted to avoid training people on how to go into design mode, anyone aware of a work around?

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Enter 4 Columns Of Data In Row Then Shift After Hitting Enter?

Jun 1, 2014

I really know nothing about vba so here goes. I would like to enter data in a row with 4 cells of info. then hit enter and return to the first cell and move the row down. all four cells must have data entered. and all four must move down. i tried some code as below i found and i modified but it did not work as expected. this moved the row down when returning the cursor to A2. It also should not copy the data style of the top row.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column <> 1 Then Exit Sub
Application.EnableEvents = False


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Automatically Add Rows To End Of Spreadsheet By Pushing Enter

Jun 1, 2006

I am making a template for my company to automatically calculate the amount of sheet metal needed for a specific job. The spreadsheet could get very long depending on how much duct is needed. Is there any way I can automatically insert rows to the end of the sheet by pressing enter after filling the last row with data, which would then move the totals down. Also, the formatting of the rows I wish to add need to be copies of the ones above.

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Excel 2010 :: Enter Formula For Volatility In Spreadsheet

Oct 10, 2012

Im trying to enter a formula for volatility in my excel 2010 spread sheet

my hig low close is listed verticaly in A,B,C

The formula for D1 is supposedly “={LN((A1)/(B1))}^2”

The formula for E1 is supposedly =SQRT(SUM(D1:D10)/10)*SQRT(252)*100

I put this in D1 and it is giving me an error

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Excel 2003 :: Spreadsheet Shifts To The Left When ENTER Key Is Pressed?

Feb 27, 2014

When I enter a value into a cell and press "ENTER" or press the Right Arrow the whole spread shifts to the left instead of just confirming the entry of the cell and moving one cell(column) to the right.

This is a spreadsheet that I have used for over 3 years so something has changed in one of the settings.

I have Office 2003.

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Run Userform: Show A Userform In The Spreadsheet Environment

Jul 25, 2006

how do i show a userform in Excel in the spreadsheet environment? I used to "run macro" but unable to run userform code "private sub".

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Using Enter In Userform?

May 30, 2012

I have this series of userform modules that error check the user's input of a date value.

Private Sub txtDate_Enter()
txtdate.SelStart = 0
txtdate.SelLength = Len(txtdate.Value)


Everything works fine, but I'm looking to improve it's efficiency. Most people will by habit press [ENTER] after inputting the date in the textbox txtdate control. As it is now, for the code to execute after the value is entered is to push the {SUBMIT} button.

What would I need to do to allow hitting [ENTER] to do the same as clicking submit?

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Userform Tab Using Enter Key?

Mar 7, 2014

I have a userform made with excel. I need to tab to the next field (in the tab order) when I press enter instead of having to press the tab key. Is there an easy way to do this. Im not that savvy with VBA.

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Enter With UserForm To 1st Empty Row

Aug 16, 2008

I have an excel sheet with a couple of rows/columns of data in it (i've attached the sheet to my post (zipped in two parts)). Since I'm not familiar with VB. I want to simplify data entering procedure and I need a simple Userform for that purpose. That userform should enable me to enter data in the first row which has an empty cell in Column C. I have found a relatively decent userform on the internet and incorporated it into my sheet, but it's not working particularly well (it allows me to enter data only in one row, not in two or three). If I hadn't been clear enough, try to enter data in my sheet and you'll see what's the problem

Private Sub cmdAdd_Click()
Dim iRow As Long
Dim ws As Worksheet
Set ws = Worksheets("PartsData")
iRow = ws.Cells(Rows.Count, 3) _
.End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Row
If Trim(Me.txtPart.Value) = "" Then
MsgBox "Please enter a part number"
Exit Sub
End If
ws.Cells(iRow, 1).Value = Me.txtPart.Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 3).Value = Me.txtLoc.Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 4).Value = Me.txtdate.Value
ws.Cells(iRow, 5).Value = Me.txtQty.Value
Me.txtPart.Value = ""
Me.txtLoc.Value = ""
Me.txtdate.Value = ""
Me.txtQty.Value = ""

PS you'll notice that I have a Command button/Macro that inserts new rows in the middle of the already entered data. It perfectly suits my needs since it also copies the formula from the Column L to the new rows. That code needs no repairs.

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Make Userform Show Data From Spreadsheet And Add Delete Or Make New Entry

Jan 24, 2014

I have a spreadsheet on sheet 1 with a list of customers and their information. So on column A I have the customer number (i.e. k968, e37, p528,...), on column B i have the customer's name, on column C the street's name, on Column D the house number, on column E the zip code and finally the city on column F.

Right now there are around 600 customers in this list.

I have made a userform with a combobox in which I want to select an existing customer (pulled from the spreadsheet). On the same userform I have textboxes (customer number, name, street, number, zip, city). When I select a customer in the combobox, I want this customer's info to show up in the textboxes. I want to be able to change the info and hit Next to store the changes in the spreadsheet. When I do not select a customer from the combobox, I want to add new info in the textboxes and hit Next to store this info as a new customer. The userform also has a delete button. Then I select a customer in the combobox, this customer (and it's info) should be deleted from the spreadsheet when i hit Delete. So the spreadsheet is variable in length.

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