Fill Alternate Cells Macro, All Sheets

Dec 22, 2005

Would like a script that will go to each sheet in the workbook, and fill in light grey background, each alternate row that contains data, EXCLUDING the 1st row (header row).

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Macro To Populate Alternate Cells In A Row With A Value...

Mar 17, 2009

I have a spreadsheet for work rosters. Each person on the roster has a row with info on what they're doing for a given week. Split into the am and pm session of each day.

All I want to do is be able to fill the row with the same value if they're doing the same thing for the week - eg if they're on leave, I'd like to hit CTRL-L and have the row populated with 'LEAVE' in each alternate cell, rather than typing it manually. Note that it is each alternate cell, not each cell as the alternate cell has different info.

So a row would look like this:

Leave | blank |Leave | blank |Leave | blank |Leave | blank |Leave | blank |Leave | blank |Leave | blank |Leave | blank |Leave | blank |Leave | blank |

For the am and pm session of the five working days. And just to complicate matters, each 'cell' on my spreadsheet is actually 4 merged cells, and the alternate 'cell' that I want left alone is two merged cells! This is the macro generated when I do a simple record - it does what I want, but obviously jumps to the original row that I recorded it in whenever I run it - I need it to fill the row that I start it from. I recorded starting in cell I133:L134

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Fill Alternate Rows With A Color

Jul 18, 2006

is there any easy way to fill alternate rows of a worksheet with a particular color? I have a worksheet with 175 rows and alternate rows are to be filled with green!

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Alternate The Background Color (fill Color) Of Rows In A Spreadsheet

Aug 19, 2009

how I can alternate the background color (fill color) of rows in a spreadsheet. Say I wanted every other row to be gray starting at row 10.

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Sum Alternate Cells

Apr 24, 2008

I need to sum the contents of every fourth cell in row A .... ie sum(A1 + E1 + I1 ... BY1)

Can I do this via the formula bar, or do I need to use a VBA routine?

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Row Range Sum Of Alternate Cells

Apr 18, 2013

I have a row range to sum only alternate cells.

How can i do this job by means of formula.

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Formula To Add Alternate Cells

Jul 17, 2006

I can't remember any formula to do the task. I have a time series with quarterly sales. The dates are in format given below.

01/01/1990 - first quarter of 1990
02/01/1990 - second quarter of 1990
03/01/1990 - Third quarter of 1990
04/01/1990 - fourth quarter of 1990

I need to add the sales of all first quarters , all second quarters..and so on.
Is there any formula that an elegant way or I have to do it manually?

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Countif In Alternate Cells

Jun 19, 2007

I have a table of data that is laid out in multiples of two columns. I have attached a simplified example. Essentially all I need to do is count the contents of every second cell when it equals a specific value. If you look at my attached example it will be clearer. how I can do this using formula? (I don't want to use VBA in this instance).

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How To Protect Alternate Cells Of Column

Apr 16, 2013

Is there any possibility to protect alternate cells of column see below for example. I want to lock cells B1, B6, B11 and B16 only so that no one is able to delete the average rate.

average rate0.0
average rate0.0
average rate0.0
average rate0.0

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Alternate Button Macro & Caption Between 2

Apr 23, 2008

I have a worksheet with 2 buttons labelled "Hide" and "Show". As the names imply, they allow the user to hide or show parts of the worksheet. I would like to combine them into one button and have the button label and the associated macro change with each press of the button. Here is what I have so far;

Selection.EntireRow.Hidden = False
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Button 20").Select
Selection.Characters.Text = "HIDE LEADS"
Range("A1").Select 'is there a better way to remove the focus from the button than selecting a cell off the button?
End Sub

Selection.EntireRow.Hidden = True
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Button 20").Select
Selection.Characters.Text = "SHOW LEADS"
End Sub

These macros change the label fine after hiding or unhding the rows but I can't find the proper terms to use to change the macro associated with the button (if there is one?)

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Find & Copy Cells & Paste To Alternate Columns

Dec 6, 2006

I have a spreadsheet that I would like to loop through column "C" and if criteria is met copy and paste A:C on sheet1 to sheet2 over multiple columns alternately. What I mean by alternately is that I would past the first row in column A6 then the second in E6 then the third in A7 and so on until all items are copied. I purposely left a blank column between both columns of information. I've tried sorting/and advance filtering and couldn't get it to work.

loop through column "C" If I have the Letter "A" copy data to column "A" and "E" alternately back an forth until I no longer meet the criteria. I start putting data on the 6th row due to header information in rows 1-5.
... If column "C" is the letter "B" copy to column I,M,Q,U

Lastly I could always have less rows of information than I do columns. SO the last column could be empty. I always sort my data by column "C" so data will be sequential.

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Macro To Copy And Fill In Cells?

May 6, 2014

I'm using 3 sheets within one Excel file. 1st sheet (target) is called Offer, the 2nd one (source) is called Stock and there's a 3rd one that only contains a button to which i'll assign the final macro. Now, back to it.

I need to copy from Stock to Offer contents of the entire column (basically there are a few more in Offer, so i need to copy each one and place it in a different part). I need to copy from ROW 2 and paste in ROW 6. The length of the document varies, as it's connected to the database (now i can have 3800 rows, in the next hour 3765). Previously i just added an X to row 4500 ( i don't expect to EVER have more than 4000 lines) and just copied from 2 to 4499

Second issue is, on the Offer sheet i have to fill a column with a certain value. Again, it needs to start from Row 6, and needs to be as long as the adjacent column. To get a better idea, i have for example 3800 price lines, so i need the column next to it to be filled with 3800 rows saying GBP (this will be a fixed value).

Also, none of the codes above should exclude blank cells in the middle of the string. Last thing, seems some of the barcodes i have only have 12 digits, so i'll need to add a 0 in front of all shorter numbers to go up to 13 digits.

[Code] ......

I should be able to figure the rest by recording bits and pieces. The Save part is done already, i'm using

[Code] ....

I needed it in XLSX format, not XLSM so that suits just fine. I might need to add hour and minute as well but i can sort it out (as i said, i can do some stuff on my own but this one got me to the bottom).

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Macro - Type In Value, Fill Other Cells W/same Value If

Jul 25, 2007

Col D has list of order #'s, starting in row 9. Col M is for COMMENTS about each order. Order #'s can appear in Col D more than once.

What I am looking for is a macro that will automatically detect if I have entered a new COMMENT in Col M, recognise the order # in adjacent Col D, and put my new comment in other cells in Col M if the SAME ORDER # is referenced in adjacent Col D.


worksheet starts with:
Col D Col M
1234 x
123 xyz
1234 zyx
4321 zyx
321 y
1234 yz

If I type the letter "Q" into Col M in a row adjacent to order # 1234, the result should be:
Col D Col M
1234 Q
123 xyz
1234 Q
4321 zyx
321 y
1234 Q

I think I would need to put this macro into a Worksheet Change event but beyond that I do not know what I need. UDF? Macro?

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Macro To Fill Blank Cells

Nov 29, 2006

I wonder if soeone could change the following macro so that the bottomcell
is set to be as far down as there is content in Column "A". As it stands if I fill in blank cells in Column "C" and the last cell with data is say C10 it does just this. But if the actual last row with data in column "A" is A14 then cells C11, C12, C13, and C14 are ignored. C11, C12, C13, and C14 should be the same as C10 above them.

Sub FillBlankCells()
Dim topcell As Range, bottomcell As Range
Set topcell = Cells(1, ActiveCell.Column)
Set bottomcell = Cells(16384, ActiveCell.Column)
If IsEmpty(topcell) Then Set topcell = topcell.End(xlDown)
If IsEmpty(bottomcell) Then Set bottomcell = bottomcell.End(xlUp).Offset
Range(topcell, bottomcell).Select
Selection.FormulaR1C1 = "=R[-1]C"
End Sub

Other macros recognize the actual last row.... but have issues with columns formatted as Text. The macro above doesn't create problems with columns formatted as "Text".

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Change Colorindex Within A Range Of Multiple Cells [ Alternate Method]

Jan 8, 2010

I have tried to go around the long way to achieve this but came up with pages of pointless code .... I know there is a better way I just dont know enough about VB to do it myself ... And I know this is EASY for many :-)

Cell ranges h11 to as11 are a totals row.
If the total is 0, colorindex is set to vbpatternnone, if >= 1, then colorindex is set to vbpatterngray. Easy right ? I just dont kn ow how to do FROM/IF/DO range loops...

The code in worksheet_SelectionChange will contain the following:

1: From range h11 to as11, variable1 = application.interior.colorindex of the cell.

2: Check if the cell is >=1 or <=0 ....

3: If >=1 then set application.interior.colorindex = vbpatterngray. Go to #5.
' (This inserts a pattern over the original color of the cell)

4: If <=0 then set application.interior.colorindex = vbpatternNONE
ALSO set application.interior.colorindex = variable1
' (This clears the cell pattern and returns it to original color)

5. Repeat steps to clear cell pattern and restore color / or insert pattern for all cells from range H11:AS11

6. End sub

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Excel 2003 :: Copying Cells Based On Alternate Cell Value?

Sep 26, 2011

I am wondering if it possible to automate the copying of data from particular cells, based on a value in a different cell, into a different format.

So to go from this simplified table:

to something like this:



At the moment I do it all manually, and it takes forever. I am sure there must be a simple way of doing it. I am using Excel 2003, but could work in a newer version if required.

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Auto Fill Value In Different Cells In A Row Using Macro Button

Jul 30, 2012

how to auto fill of same value in different cells in a row?

For Example:

A1 D1 E1 G1 K1
10 10 10 10 10

like that when i hit a macro button the values in the A1 D1 E1 G1 K1 must fill with A2 D2 E2 G2 K2

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Macro To Fill Cells Until It Reaches Reference?

Sep 20, 2012

I have some information in a column where I have different types of references in each cell with some blank cells in between. I am trying to write a macro that will go down the column until it gets to a cell containing the reference "THIS PAYMENTS" and then copy that cell reference down until it reaches a cell containing "Y-T-D AMOUNTS".But I want the loop to carry on until it reaches another cell containing THIS PAYMENTS.I want this to repeat for about 3000 rows See here before and after result.



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Excel 2007 :: Macro For Merging Data Of Alternate Rows?

Jul 7, 2014

Currently I am using Excel 2007. I want to merge data of alternate row of a particular column in Excel.Also i want to remove merged row. E.g.

Name City Pincode
John Mumbai
John 400009
Carol Delhi
Carol 110001
Carol Pune
Carol 411079

I want output to be ----->

Name City
John Mumbai-400009
Carol Delhi-110001
Carol Pune-411079

macro/formula for the above requirement..?

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Macro To Fill Cells Of Rows Based On Two Other Columns

May 28, 2014

Data file with few columns. There are groups of similar ID numbers in Column J. For a group of similar ID numbers in consecutive rows there is only one row that has a number greater than 0 in its Column L cell and the rest of the cells of Column L for that set of similar IDs is filled with 0s.

First for that unique ID group I need to find out which row is it that has a value greater than zero in its Column L cell.

Then I need to use that value to fill the rest of the 0s in Column L corresponding to that set of Unique IDs.

The process continues with identifying similar IDs in Column J and this time doing the same thing for their Column M. I have attached a sample file that shows the data and how the results need to look like.

See here Fill Cells.xlsx

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Macro To Fill Cells For Number Of Times With Value Divided

Jun 3, 2014

I need a macro to do the following

Assume A1 has 100 & B1 has 20

The macro should divide 100 by 20 & then fill 20 for number of times I get as the answer starting from B3 9 in this case its 5 times

E.g.: B3 , B4 , B5 , B6 , B7 should be filled with 20

If A1 has 200 & B1 has 50

B3, B4 , B5, B6 should be filled with 50

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Macro To Fill Blank Cells With Data In Above Cell

Dec 10, 2013

I have a small challenge, where I am trying to fill blank cells with the data from the last populated cell above.

However, I need it to be able to automatically recognise when a manual entry has beed actioned down the column and recalculate for below that cell with the new data.

The data in the cell is selected from a drop down. I want it to populate all the cells below, until the next drop down is selected. And automatically repopulate them all when it is selected.

E.g. Cell C8 has the value "DATA" selected, and everything below is autofilled with "DATA", but when I select cell C12 with different drop down list value "VALUE", all the cells below stay as "DATA" because they are obviously no longer blank.

What I need if C9 - C11 to remain filled with 'DATA" and from C13 to auto fill with the newly selected value "VALUE".

Need this to happen for as many rows and data selections from the drop down as needed (endless).

I have used:

Sub FillEmpty() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.Calculation = xlManual Dim cell As Range For Each cell In Intersect(Selection, _ ActiveSheet.UsedRange) If Trim(cell) = "" And cell.Row > 1 Then cell.NumberFormat = cell.Offset(-1, 0).NumberFormat cell.Value = cell.Offset(-1, 0).Value End If Next cell Application.Calculation = xlAutomatic 'xlCalculationAutomatic Application.ScreenUpdating = False End Sub

which does the auto fill, but won't change the cells below once one of them has been updated.


Drop down list has 31 possible selections at the moment

Starts at Cell C8

Needs to be flexible enough to add an indeterminate number of rows, and additional items to the drop down selection.

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Excel 2003 :: Run Macro And Fill Out Cells When Country Is Selected?

Jun 8, 2014

I have a dropdownmanu in sheet1 with different countries taken from Column A in Sheet3. I need a macro to run when i select a country example Denmark. It will fill out transmittal code and also country code in named cells for it in sheet1. Info taken from Sheet3

Transmittal code is in below testsheet in Sheet1 cell E12.

Country code is in Sheet1 cell.

But this have to be possible to change. Also the range for the country have to be possible to change.

This vba code i need to run as soon as i select a country in the dropdown manu.

But one thing i would like to solve also is. When i select a country it will create a dropdownlist in I13 taken from the info in column, i have in Sheet3 column F. So if i select example Denmark, it will show a dropdown menu in sheet1 I13, with the ledger codes 10 and 6x. I have tried to make this work but cant make it work good.

I use excel 2003. Please have a look and upload the testsheet back.

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Can I Fill Non-adjacent Cells With The Fill Feature? (example Listed)

Nov 7, 2008

how to enter data in non-adjacent cells using a fill command.

Here is what I am trying to do:
in the column, I am holding ctrl button to select every 10th cell down the sheet. I need to enter a date in every selected cell that is exactly 7 days apart, i.e., 11/7/08 then 11/14/08 then 11/21/08, etc.... but no other dates or data.

I have tried to figure out a way to do this other than manually, but am confounded.

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Macro Add Sheets Using Template And Name Them From Column Of Cells

Feb 4, 2014

Step 1: I have data coming from a data dump which is placed on the "Summary" sheet of my excel workbook. I need to take column A (beginning at A8) and create a new sheet (based on "Template" located in the same workbook) for each name in column A.

Step 2: I need to place the name of the new sheets in cell C4 of each sheet so I can do a lookup using C4 as my lookup_value, so this can't be a formula like "=MID(CELL("filename",A1),FIND("]",CELL("filename",A1))+1,256)" because lookup doesn't function properly.

Step 3: Delete "Template", so that the only things left are the "Summary" sheet and the new sheets.

Each department will have their own workbook with a "summary" sheet and different sheet names although they will all start off with the same data dump and will all be in the same format. Each department could also have a different number of new sheets added depending on information from the data dump.

I found a utility (ASAP Utilities) which will do the steps I need done, but it won't record in the macro.

Budget time is fast approaching and each department needs their worksheets.

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Macro Is Selecting Blank Cells When Merging Sheets?

Feb 19, 2014

I have some reports that I run that go out to analyst daily and I use this script to merge all the documents together. They are the same everytime. However it includes a series of blank rows because the vba I use to create them I believe causes this. Is there a command to remove the VBA when merging them together. Here is the selection copy piece.

HTML Code:
'Import a sheet from found files
Do While Len(fName) > 0
If fName ThisWorkbook.Name Then


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Use A Macro That Creates Sheets And Places Formula In Cells

Jun 20, 2006

I am trying to use a macro that creates sheets and places formulae in cells but the resulting formulae are not what I coded. Here is similar

Function CreateSheet(i As Integer)
Dim CellAddress As String
Set Adjustment = Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(6, 3 + 4 * i)
Celladdress = Adjustment.Address(ReferenceStyle:=xlR1C1)
With Selection
.Offset(22, 9).Formula = "=Sheet2!B14*Rating!" & CellAddress
.Offset(23, 9).Formula = "=Sheet2!C14*K4*Rating!" & CellAddress
.Offset(24, 9).Formula = "=Sheet2!D14*K5*Rating!" & CellAddress
End With.............

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Macro For Getting Colored Cells In Separate Sheets In To One Consolidated Sheet?

Dec 2, 2013

Macro for getting colored cells in specific range in a separate sheets in to one consolidated sheet.

Have attached an excel as a reference.. marked yellow and red.

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Macro Challenge-Copy Range Of Non Empty Cells From 2 Sheets

Mar 20, 2007

first time posting. Need some help. I have a workbook with two sheets - (say sheet A and sheet B) that I need to copy a range from and paste (concatonated) into a new workbook. The thing is I want to copy the "non-empty" cells in columns d and e of each sheet - another words - I dont want to specify a specific cell range because users will be periodically adding new rows. Then I want to paste the "combined" from both sheets into a new sheet in a new workbook.

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Auto-fill Color Among Different Sheets

Dec 22, 2009

I'm using Excel 2007 and need some color help. I'm making a spreadsheet based on goals. Sheet 1 is the main sheet where every employee's progress is seen at once. Sheet 2, 3, 4 are my employee's individual pages where they log their progress. They simply fill a cell red if they've failed a goal, yellow if it's in progress, and green if they were successful.

If Jim fills cell E4 green on his individual sheet (Sheet 2), how can I make cell E4 on Sheet 1 turn green as well?

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