Find And Display A Specific Field?

Jun 23, 2014

formula to tell me 9 values. These values are on 9 separate tabs/worksheets. They are always at the bottom row in a specific column - but the row changes every week. I have a totals tab in this workbook. I would like to stop manually going to each tab and pressing Control+End to see the total and manually going back to the totals tab to enter the value. Is there a formula to find these 9 values automatically and display them on my totals tab?

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Find Specific Text In Cell That Matches Range Then Display Specific Text?

Aug 5, 2013

I'm trying to find vehicle make and model in a cell containing a lot of text and then display that in the formula cell. For example if A1 is a paragraph that contains somewhere within it "Ford" & "Ranger". I want B1 to display "Ford" and C1 to display "Ranger". I have a list of vehicles makes (column A) and models (column B) on a seperate sheet.

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Formatting / Display - Field Not Display 0 If It Is Empty On WHITE Sheet

Mar 14, 2013

I have attached the spreadsheet for reference. All other sheets pull information from the WHITE sheet.

I want the columns for unit price, discount and total to be set to two decimal places but I also don't want it to show anything if the field has a 0 value (so if i only have a few items I don't get lots of o's).

To get the field to not display a 0 if it is empty on the WHITE sheet I have been using "0;-0;;@" which I found on the net. If I use this then it negates the two decimal places.

This also includes the WHITE sheet.

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SUM By Both A Specific Month, And A Specific Year From A Single Date Field

Nov 30, 2007

So, this works perfectly by itself: {= SUM(IF(MONTH(I4:I17)=1,G4:G17,0))}
And this works perfectly by itself: {=SUM(IF(YEAR(I4:I17)=2007,G4:G17,0))}

But this doesn't work at all: {=SUM(IF(AND(MONTH(I4:I17)=1,YEAR(I4:I17)=2007),G4:G17,0))}

SUM by both a specific month, and a specific year from a single date field?

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Display Calculated Field

Mar 4, 2012

I have a calculated field - if it is 0 I would like to now show the 0 - just a blank cell - can I do that?

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Implementing A Movable Display Field

Sep 24, 2009

I have this list wherein the rows might extend beyound 100.

At AG23&24 i have some comments

Can i somehow implement such that even when i scroll down teh rows this too will be appearing, as we see sometimes navigation toolbars appearing in websites when we go down or move up.

I want to know if this feature can be implemented in excel.

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Display Text In Value Field Within Pivot Table

May 3, 2012

I am trying to display text in the value field within a pivot table. I do not want a count or any number to display. What I am basically trying to create is a weekly schedule for nurses, with the dates on the top and times along the side, with "call type" and client as the text data to display with the value field.

I have attached an excel file with all the data on Sheet 1 and my attempt at a pivot table on Sheet 2. Perhaps there is some way to write a macro to display the data in a similar fashion, without using a pivot table?

Clients and Caregivers - All Schedules-2.xls

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Count Lines On Display Once Field Is Filtered?

Jun 24, 2014

right I have 5 columns

employee id
Date exposure
Total Exposure
First Name
Last Name

I want to be able to filter by employee id I'm using this formula below

=SUMPRODUCT(('Excel Exposure Grapth'!B$2:B$4000<>"")*(MONTH('Excel Exposure Grapth'!B$2:B$4000)=1)*('Excel Exposure Grapth'!C$2:C$4000))

but problem I'm getting it count all dates even after the data is filtered

For Example

if I had 2 employee's

EmployeeID 1 had 6 dates in January
EmployeeID 2 had 10 dates in January

if I was to filter to only show EmployeeId 1 it will only show 6 dates but the formula above counts everything even if filter applied

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Excel 2007 :: Pivot Table - How To Display And Use A Field

Jan 26, 2012

I have a table of data which I am analysing in a Pivot Table. For the majority of the data, the Pivot works very well: however I have a small issue, but it subsequently means the Pivot is useless.

Within the table array that I am referring to, there is a column of data of "Days per employee for a given period". The rows of data within the table array relate to every absence entry per employee, but this final column of data always contains the same figure (although can differ from employee to employee).

When I put the data into the Pivot, I can summarise the absence(s) as a simple sum. However, this final column of data should not be summed, since it is already the sum figure.

This figure though needs to be part of the Pivot, since I need to report on the percentage of absence days per type over the given period. So, the simple representation of =absence day(s)/worked days does not work... well I cannot get it to work. Additionally I have tried features like % of, but nothing.

I am using excel 2007.

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Pivot Table Display Field Date On Each Line

Nov 16, 2005

I'm making a Pivot table and i'd like that the different field will be displayed on each line.

here is an exampe of what i have and what i want to have

______Group____Average age

Result needed

______Group____Average age

Where can i found the option to edit? if it's possible.

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Conditional Formatting To Turn Field Specific Color Based On Two Conditions

Aug 9, 2014

I am trying to work with conditional formatting to turn a field a specific color based on two conditions, one of which is variable. The first condition is a list of ongoing events (which can change) and the second condition is a set of known milestones. I want to create a control (check boxes?) that will turn a given field (which has dates in it from another calculation) to either Red, Yellow, or Green.

I was thinking two Dropdown boxes - one for the events and one for the milestones. The user would choose an event, choose the milestone, then choose a checkbox or something to change the color of a field elsewhere in the spreadsheet. Right now, I'm doing this in a very clumsy way by having three checkboxes for each milestone for each event. There are five milestones per event (so 15 checkboxes per event on Sheet2). I will likely have 70+ events so I was hoping for a better way to do this. I've done this for the first three events and need a more efficient way of doing this.

See the attachment : Event Milestones based on Go Date Uploadable.xlsx‎

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Find Last Value That Has Field Lookup Of 1?

Oct 4, 2012

I want to create a formula that I can place in D1 that looks at the table below and finds the last instance of the number 1 and returns the value of 600,000.

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Macro To Find Field Based On A Cell Value?

Aug 18, 2014

I have 2 sheets in same excel.

Sheet 1:
HR 2015 Q1 Database Planned 176
CRM 2014 Q4 Major Product Planned 125
HCM 2015 Q1 Database Planned 113

Sheet 2:
Doc 2015 Y 176 -----

simple requirement is to search column A in sheet 1 based on Column D in sheet 2. and write it in Column E.

The answer should be
Doc 2015 Y 176 HR

I need to perform this search on various fields in sheet A. this is a small snapshot of sheet. Vlookup wont work in this condition as there are several searches I need to do, I cant change the columns.

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Display Dates In A Specific Format

Apr 2, 2008

I'm in the process of setting up an Excel document and I need to be able to have it display dates in a specific format. I need it to express just a month and year such that the month is represented by a letter (A thru L) and the year is expressed as its last two digits such as in the these examples:

May 2012 = E12
Mar 2009 = C09
Nov 2011 = K11 etc.

I want the date to come out in this format regardless of how the user enters it.

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Get Cell To Display A Specific Word

Oct 23, 2009

I am using the formula below to calculate the number of days left to do something, when there are no days left I want the cell to display "Begun" in red italic text. Is it possible to do that via this formula or is a macro needed? =IF(ISBLANK(E2),"",IF((E2-I2)<0,"",E2-I2-10&(" Days")))

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Copy Specific Cells In A Row To An Array And Then Display Them

Jan 22, 2009

I want a macro that if a certain cell on a row in column F on my worksheet is "6" then copy the cell in columns B and H on the same row are to be copied into an array and then when the loop is done, display the copied cells in a msgbox.

Is there a simpler way to do this without fidgeting with an array?

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Chart X-Axis To Display Specific Numbers

Jan 10, 2008

I am trying to format my x-axis to list only the labels that have corresponding data points, but at the same time maintain appropriate number spacing. For example, My x-axis range is 0-90; however, I only want tick marks at 0, 5, 13, 40, 85.

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Display Picture For 5 Seconds When Specific Text Is Entered?

Jun 28, 2014

I have a picture on sheet 2. When I enter the text "htfo" without the quotes into cells a1 on sheet 1 , i would like the picture to be displayed for 5 seconds and then exit the picture and return me to sheet 1.

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Formatting A Number Field To Hold A Specific Number Of Digits

Feb 12, 2009

I wrote an excel program in Excel'03 for a dental office to manage state assistance patients and one of the table columns is the state assistance number. The problem is that the program defaults to a number format when it is entered instead of a text format, which is what I want. The issue is that state assistance numbers are always 8 digits and when it defaults to a number field the program drops the required preceeding zeros.

For example the number 00123456 will sometimes show up as 123456, which is wrong. It's like sometimes it will show up right and other times it gets a butterfly in its brain and deletes those zeros irritating the receptionist here. So, how do I get the table to either stay in text format or set up a number format that keeps the preceeding zeros?

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Excel 2010 :: Display Column If Single Cell Has Specific Value

Nov 27, 2012

I'm using Excel 2010 and I'm having troubles displaying hiding my column B if none of the cells of column A contains either "(Quasi Echec)" or "(Quasi Russite)" at least once.

PHP Code: [URL] ......

Below are my 3 attempts.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim c As Range
If Target.Column 1 Then Exit Sub
Application.EnableEvents = False
On Error Resume Next

[Code] ..........

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)

Sub GetUniquesInColA()
Dim rng As Range
Dim c
If Target.Column 1 Then Exit Sub
On Error Resume Next

[Code] .........

Option ExplicitPrivate Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim x As Long
Dim LastRow As Long
LastRow = Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row

[Code] ...........

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Read From Column And Display How Many Times Specific Number Appears

Jan 5, 2009

I type random numbers into column B

I want cell E10 to read column B then display (number 26 for example) how many times number 26 appears in column B

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Display Chosen Number If Cell Text Begins With Specific Letter?

Apr 3, 2014

I'm trying to write an IF formula that will return a number if the word in the adjacent cell begins with a specific letter. Here's what I want to show:




So "C" would return 01, "E" would return 02 and "O" would return 03.

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Auto Populate Field With Date When Other Field Is Selected From Validation List

Jul 4, 2013

In the following extract, I would like to have today's date placed into Col K when an entry is made into Col J.

Entry into Col J is from a validation list of 3 options. What I desire is that when one of these options is selected ("Complete"), then I would like today's date to be written into Col K.

Currently Col K has a validation list which comprises dates from 1st of each month from July to June.

I need a fixed date as text preferably, so was thinking the VBA function "Date" on a Change Workbook Sub.

The information is currently part of a Table in Excel 2007 that has about 500 records.



Month Completed

In Progress




Data Validation in Spreadsheet

Input 1
Input 2



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Macro To Preset Field With Text If Condition In Another Field Is True

Jun 9, 2006

I have a macro that imports a report. If the Charge Type in column A is BTOREPLX, I need to prefill the field next to it in column B with the text "REPLX", e.g. "REPLXCDROM". I've attached an example of the report.

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Change/Move Pivot Table Row Field To Column Field

Apr 23, 2008

In building my pivot table my data that I want to show in the column area is showing up as rows stacked on top of each other. In the column section I'm trying to show Total Budgeted Amount next to Total Actual Amount but on the layout it's showing the two stacked on top of each other is there some kind of hidden key that I'm missing?

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Getting Zero Formula Field When Data Field Blank / Empty

Feb 13, 2013

I have a simple formula ='info page'!b2&'info page'!b5 in places that on my sheet adds a company prefix to a item number, prefix in b2 and item in b5, we have a client that we cant use prefixes but now when I leave the field blank its giving a zero and thats not good either. I'm pretty sure an IFERROR or something will work but can get the syntax right.

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Find Next Result Display In Message Box?

Sep 13, 2013

creating a .Find code to search a range on a sheet and then display each result seperately in a msgbox. An inputbox will be the value .find searches the range for.

the msgbox needs to be a vbyesno

Dim myItem As String, myRNG As Range, NewLoc As String
Dim Found As Range [code].....

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Find & Display Unique Values

Aug 25, 2009

What's the formula that will search a column of values and "pull out" only one of each unique instance? The expected result, then, for the following data-set would be 4,5,6,7,8,9.


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Double Post Find And Display

Apr 26, 2007

is there a function that will return the specific content of the cell. like for example, i have a cell that contains the word DOG(a1), and on the other one is a sentence like THEDOGBARK(b1)...the function must find the word dog and must put it in another cell(c1).

find (a1) to (b1) and display the word in (c1)...

a1 = dog
b1 = thedogbark

b1 = thedogbark

b1 = thedogbark

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Find First Instance - Display Value From Another Column

Jun 19, 2003

In col A, I have the dates. I would like to create a formula in all the other columns in row 1 that will look fror the first instance of a value in each column and return the date that that threshold value is reached.

The value I am looking for is 3, but the values in the columns might look like 0 1 1 1 3 2 1 3 4 2 0 etc. I want to return the date of the FIRST instance of 3. How would I do this?

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