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Finding Duplicates Adding Them To Another Sheet

Hello everyone....

I have a project where I need items for different boxes.

i have 20 boxes that need the same amount of items. However, when I came towards the end, i ran out of items.
For example




I have all in a spreadsheet all the items that are missing per box. Here comes the main question....
How do I program my spreadsheet find the items that are missing in each box and summarize in another sheet?

The summary I am looking for is....

and so on...

I started doing the code, but I haven't got too far.

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Finding Duplicates ...
I have a workbook that I want to find if I have any duplicate numbers in a specific area.

The area of cells that I am checking is C3 through AO70

I am checking for numbers between 95 and 800. These are all ID# of individuals and not all the numbers between 95 and 800 are used. IE: 97 through 100 are not used ect.

I have already written a macro that does something else and I can use it to check each number as it comes up. However, once the number comes up I don't know how to use it to check the area.

If I can check all the area at one time to find duplicates it would be easier.

I do not know how to do either way but I can adapt my macro to whatever way is possible.

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Finding Max Value In Duplicates
I have data that has about 10 duplicate values (UTC Time) in one column and another column with number values (depth ft) that vary. I need to obtain the maximum (highest) value in the depth column and remove the other duplicates to filter out the low values. So for the data example below for UTC 15:56:28 I only want the 5.7 row, for 15:56:29 I want5.3 row and so on. I can attach the sheet. - this is a huuge dataset so manual filtering wont work. Data is from a sonar that gives 10 depth readings per second - I only need one depth tat is the highest value.


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Finding Duplicates Between 2 Rows ...
Just wondering if anyone has a macro, or formula that would allow me to find out (and possibly highlight), when any value in column A is equal to any value in column B. Im dealing with about 2000 rows so its almost impossible to complete manually.

Sorry the heading is supposed to read need help finding duplicates between 2 COLUMNS

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Finding Duplicates (sort Of)
I have a spreadsheet with 7000 lines exported from a database. I'm looking for lines that exist with an @@2 that don't have a corresponding @@1. Let me explain.


I want to keep the first two lines because there is an @@1 associated with an @@2. I'm looking to single out and delete lines that have @@2 that don't have a corresponding @@1 associated with it.

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Finding Duplicates Out Of Millions
I have to scrub files of 20,000 phones numbers against a file of several million phone numbers on the national do not call list.

On sheet one I have all 20,0000 phone number and then on sheet two in 5 columns I have roughly 2 million phone numbers. I need to know if any of the 20,000 phone numbers are in the 2 million on sheet two.

Right now I am simply using a vlookup formula but it is taking a very long time to update all of the fields.

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Finding Duplicates With Condition
way to wrap or format anything in this post. I dont think the text I put here is code, but I want to be sure, after receiving a moderators infraction for failing to properly wrap code in a previous post.


I have a wks in which the first column is a list account #'s and the folowing columns are specifics of transactions or interactions.

Lets say it is a movie rental customer list that lists each rental, and column "A" is the customer number, column "B" declares if it was returned late.

I need to compile a list of "all" rentals by customers who have "EVER" had a "late return" or a "YES" in column "B".

I need to find all account records/rows of accounts that at any time had a "YES" in column "B" even if the some or many of that customers rentals/entries have "NO" in column "B"

so say: ...

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Finding Duplicates In Two Seperate Columns
This should be an easy one, it has slipped my mind.

I have columns A and B, I want to find any names that appear in both column A and column B. I want them to show in a certain color.

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Finding Duplicates And Highlight Enteries In A Roster
I have a roster for a large group in excel and would like to have an easy way to highlight if there are duplicate entries in the roster as we are merging multiple smaller lists together.

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Finding Duplicates (cell At The Top Show Row Number Of Duplicate)?
i have duplicate cell entries occuring. I have a column of about 8000 entries (Column B) and would like to have a cell at the top of my spreadsheet that displays where the first duplicate resides (Row No. will suffice).

At present i have a conditional format on dupllicates, but is is a big task to scroll down through all the data looking for them.

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Finding Duplicates :: Find Duplicate Cells In A Column
I have many rows of data. How can I find duplicate cells in a column?

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Adding Contents Of Cells For Duplicates
I have an employee sheet which has multiple hours rows for one employee, i want to select an employee ID and add corresponding hours and place both in a separate sheet. Here's my code so far.

Sub dup()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
Set NewSheet = Worksheets.Add
NewSheet.Name = "NEW"
Set NewSheet = Worksheets.Add
supcount = 2
countresources = 0
Do While Sheets("RS Nov 2009").Range("A" & supcount).Value ""
countresources = countresources + 1
supcount = supcount + 1................

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Finding Names And Adding Data
Is it possible, and does anyone know the formula to find someones name and add the data to the right of it? Example

A1 John B1 32:26:00 C1 500
A2 Bill B2 23:45:44 C2 452 D2 John E2 36:45:11 F2 520

I have many names and they are scattered throughout the sheet. I know how to add them if the are in a single column but not if they are scattered.

In my summary I would have the names ...

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Finding Cells With Certain Values And Adding Fill Colour To The Cell
i have an excel file which contains data, I want to be able to search this file and to fill the cell and its next 3 cells to the right with a certain colour. Is this possible as I have wrote some vba to do this but, Im only able to search and not fill the cells with the correct colour.

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Working With Duplicates When Pasting To Another Sheet
if anyone has some vba code that can help with keeping latest duplicates when pasting to another worksheet.

Basically, I have a worksheet with YTD data and another worksheet with data for the current month. I need to paste the data from the Month to the YTD sheet. However, if the data (a reference number in column A) already exists, the row from the Month data should be pasted over the duplicate in the YTD sheet, and if it doesn't exists, it should paste it as a new row.

At the moment I'm just copying the whole lot to the YTD sheet and then try to remove duplicates, however, once it's pasted, I don't know which ones to remove.....

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Delete Duplicates On A Specific Sheet
I found the following code to delete duplicates. I want the code to work on close and only on a specific sheet....

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Compare Two Lists & Save Duplicates To New Sheet
The Master list:
Sheet1, Column C has unique numbers, i.e, 0608-211-1093-2.

(can have thousands of entries)

The Comparison list:
Sheet2, Column C will have duplicates of some of Sheet1, Column C numbers.

(Sheet2, Column C will have the numbers but other columns will have different
data than Sheet1 and may have a few hundred entries or less)

I need a macro that will that will compare the two sheets for duplicates based on
Column C and then write the entire row of Sheet1 with the duplicate number to a new Sheet3.

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Copy Duplicates Between 2 Worksheet Columns To 3rd Sheet
I’m trying to do is identify duplicates in a LARGE column of numeric data. As a matter of fact, it’s about 112,000 rows which won’t fit on one spreadsheet since a spreadsheet can only handle 65,536 rows. So the caveats are that the information needing scanned for duplicates is all ONE body of data even though it is on 2 spreadsheets so I am not comparing one sheet of information to the other rather all 112,000 lines need checked for duplicates as a whole. Once duplicates are found I would like them to be highlighted in yellow on the original 2 worksheets but then also have the duplicates copied to a new sheet.

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Finding A Cell From Another Sheet
I type in a number in G8 in F8 a town name comes up which is on another sheet in column c the number I typed in G8 in in column B of sheet 2 It continues all the way down in column G with differance numbers.

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Trying To Run A Macro To Sort And Remove Duplicates From Entire Sheet
Currently use this macro (see below) but occasionally I have more rows than 842. I could increase to 10000 and this would work but looking for a more automated macro that will automatically remove duplicates from all rows i.e. a macro that works out all rows.

Sub copyTab()
Application.CutCopyMode = False
ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$J$842").RemoveDuplicates Columns:=1, Header:=xlYes
End Sub

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Compare 2 Lists On 2 Sheets And Output Non Duplicates To A Third Sheet
I need a macro to compare the values in column b across 2 sheets and output the rows that do not have duplicate values in column b to a third sheet?

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Finding Equivalent Of Maximum Value In Another Sheet
I have to sets of data, each in a sheet with the first column as identical for both sheets. Sheet2 contains two series of 6 rows, each for a specific first column (""B Code").

Now I want to find the values of "TCT-C" column in sheet1 (for each range of 6 rows that the "B Code" is match) which corresponds to the row number that "TCT" in sheet2 is maximum (again for 6 rows). The point is, I need to shift to another series of 6 rows in sheet2 once the "B Code" does not match.

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VBA - Finding Data And Copying It From 1 Sheet To Another
I have 2 sheets and i have a date which is common in both

In sheet 1 I want to find a date in column A17:A23 (it will always be rows 17 to 23) and then copy column C, E, G

I then want to find the same date in Sheet 2 column A (The date could be on any row in Column A) and paste the value in column S, T,U

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Finding Sheet That Matches A Cell Value
I have worked on the code – with as limited knowledge as I possess – to perhaps communicate my intention. I know for a fact that in the code below there are 2 problematic lines – and herein lies the root of my problem. The first line is: “Dim Day As String” In Debugger speak, I am told that this cannot be done along with “Set sh = Worksheets(Day.Value)”. However, in normal speak, I am trying to copy data from one sheet to another. When pasting the data on the second sheet, I am trying to make the code find the appropriate sheet that matches a Day value in Cell I5. Getting the code to execute this one action is proving to be particularly difficult. I am thankful for any suggestion on how to get the code to work correctly.

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Finding The Visible Area Of The Sheet
described the code for calculating the boundaries of the visible area of the sheet - that is the bit you can see on screen.

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Finding A Cell And Placing It On Another Sheet
I have on sheet 2 in column D names of cities the vary like Sydney Brisbane could be twice but each week the cells could have difference city in them. In column F it will have a number in them a difference number each week . I need the total of the number that matches the city added up on sheet 1 that matches the city in sheet 1 which on sheet one the city never moves.

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Formula For Finding Data In Another Sheet
I have a workbook with two tabs in it. The first tab (2004) contains a current price sheet. The second tab (2007) is an updated price list from our vendor with added part numbers so the rows are not corresponding to the 2004 tab although the columns are exactly the same. I have changed many of the descriptions (Column C) in the 2004 tab but need to use the new sheet because of the added part numbers.

I would like to find an easy way for excel to find the matching part numbers in Column A of both tabs(sheets) and return into column C in the 2007 tab(sheet) the description for each part number from the 2004 tab. For those new part numbers in the 2007 tab the description should remain (as there will not be one in the 2004 tab) but I would like for it to somehow flag me (color change) so I know which ones I need to manually change.

The columns in each tab (2004 and 2007) are exactly the same. Column A is empty, B is the part number, C is the description and D is the Page number.

Can I create a formula to make this easy? If so how? Data in tab 2004 is in Rows 3 to 2157 and the data in tab 2007 is in rows 3 to 2532.

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Finding Number Of Data Rows In A Sheet
One of my Worksheets gets populated, by another application, with variable number of Data Rows, each time.

sometimes, there are BLANK rows, as well, in between the consecutive data rows.

In one of my macros, I need to find the following:

Total number of rows, including blank and non-blank
Number of blank and number of non-blank rows.

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Adding Sheet Name
I am looking to Cut an entire row from one sheet(Sheet3 E2):
to a new inserted sheet
Name new sheet the contents of Cell E2 a Date type variable
Then insert cut row
Delete place it came from

I have variables DataArray(300) and Var being Variant

Does anyone know how to add the sheets name

Have the following code ...

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Adding Value One Sheet To Another
I have worksheet in worksheet I have 1 to 5 sheets and in sheet 6 I need to add sheet! 1 to sheet! 2 cell b4. Please see attached for more detail.

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Adding A New Code To A Sheet
I am trying to add code to a sheet with one code already on it.

Each of these 2 sets of codes work just fine alone, but I do not know how to make them both work on the same sheet.

A working sheet with the code I want to add is attached. The code I would like to add is on the same sheet (pasted on the the page). (See attachment)

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Adding Value With Code To Sheet
I want to display value from cell A11 to J11, and when the button is clicked, I need to transfer the value to underneath the last value on sheet “Results” leaving 1 space. So in my example it would go into row 28. On other occasions there may only be 1 value for example on results, if this was the case the row from Additional parts would have to display in row 7.

Then if I were to add another value in additional parts I would then want this to display in row 30 in my example. So again leave a space and add the line.

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Adding A Row In One Sheet Will Auto Add To Another
I am currently working with a very detailed cost sheet that I have created in excel. To keep this description short... I ran out of columns after 6 months and had to create a new tab for the next 6 months. Basically, I have copied and pasted the first six months to the new tab and QC'd all the formulas and all that.. What I am foreseeing happen, as I've seen this in the past, is this cost sheet is a dynamic thing that will require the addition of rows for more line items.

My question is this, is there a way to "link" the two tabs so that if I added a row to the one sheet, it will automatically add a row to the 'linked' sheet in the exact same position with the same formatting?

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Adding Sheet Name To A Cell
Is there any way of inserting the Sheet name into a cell? When you are in print preview for Header / Footer it is a comand - &[Tab. I have 3 Tabs called UK, France, Germany and would like to add a few more with a refference in A1 that picks the name up. I have tried =concatenate("Profit Journal - ",&[Tab]) and many other ways. I am sure I have seen this done before.

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Adding Formulas To Sheet With Vba
Is there a way I can add formulas dynamically to a sheet using VBA? I need to do cost calculations in the excel sheet for each company defined as an input from the user, so the number of formulas needed will change? Is there a way to write in the formulas to the sheet?

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Adding A New Sheet With Command Button
I just stuck on the basics. I want to add a new sheet through a macro and a button in the same. I am unable to make it dynamic. it is giving me an error:

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Subscript Out Of Range Error When Adding A Sheet
My macro adds a sheet to an existing Excel workbook. However, this only works the first time. If I delete the added sheet and run the macro again I get the above error. The macro below call a second macro (see later )

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Adding Time: Adding Individual Cells Works, But SUM Doesn't
I have a column of times: e.g. 10:03:00 and I would like to add them all up.

=A1+A2 works fine.

=sum(A1:A10) does not.

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Adding Dim'd Variables: Ignoring Strings & Adding Number
I've got a problem involving several Dim'd Variables needing to be added up, they're all Dim'd as Variants though as they can be either strings or numbers at any time.

I need a formula (VBA) to add them up (to add their actual numeric values - not just a "1" if they contain a number) and ignore them all together if they contain string values.

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Adding Data With Userform: Check For Duplicate Before Adding
I have a userform that I'm using to add data to a worksheet, with the following

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim OutSH As Worksheet
Set OutSH = Sheets("Sheet1")

OutSH.Cells(nextrow2, 1).Value = Surname.Value
OutSH.cells(nextrow2,2).value = ID.value
OutSH.cells(nextrow2,3).value = Date.value
I need to ensure that duplicate entries are not made for the same person on the same date. The ID is unique to each person.

IF statement that can check for a duplicate and then come up with a dialouge box with some custom text, and then exiting the sub?

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Adding A New Sheet Which Includes A "change" Event
As per the following code I'm trying to add a new sheet which should inclide the CHANGE Event Proc

Unfortunatelly, I get an error message (free translation from Hebrew):
RunTime Error '1004':
"Programming entrance to the Visual Basic Project is not secured".
Here is the code I used:

Sub AddSheetWithCode()
Dim StartLine As Long
With ActiveWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents(ActiveSheet. Name).CodeModule
StartLine = .CreateEventProc("change", "worksheet") + 1
.InsertLines StartLine, _
"if not intersect(target,range(""a1:a10"")) is nothin then" & Chr(13) & _
"if target=10 then" & Chr(13) & _
"target.clearcontents" & Chr(13) & _
"msgbox (""Bla...."")" & Chr(13) & _
"end if" & Chr(13) & _
"end if" & Chr(13)
End With
Application.VBE.MainWindow.Visible = False
End Sub

how to eliminate the error.

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Adding Values In Cells (stops Adding After Row 14)
I am trying to add numbers from cells if it IsNumeric and for some reason in column K the macro doesnt recognize numbers after row 14?

The range column is "E4:E"
Search criteria is the letter "R" in column "E" Then using OffSet, I go thru other columns and process data. Most of the macro works except for column K after row 14?

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Add Duplicates
The data is copied daily to load and duplicates are removed and new entries are copied to list sheet, by searching on the concatenation.

The problem i have is that i also want to add to the list, the row lines from the load sheet if the date changes in column G. Not really sure how yo approach this. I have attached sample data.

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How To Keep Only 10 Duplicates
I have a bunch of phone numbers in a row and I want to eliminate duplicates of 10 for a given number. For example - 5556839898 may appear 15 times, I want to delete the 5 extra instances of that number, leaving me with a maximum of 10 duplicates. This is for an SMS voting application where the entries where supposed to be limited to 10x.

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I have 2 columns, one has UPC which are sometime duplicated but the number associated with it in the next column could be the same or different. I need to identify which duplicate UPCs have different numbers, if they are the same I don't really care.

01030088834524need to identify
01116101270212don't care
0111610141268need to identify

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Creating New Sheet From Template Sheet & Filling In Summary Sheet - Userform
I have some experience with excel, but until now have not ventured into VBA and macros.

I have a workbook which will have the following sheets:

1.Absence Summary sheet - Summarises data from each employee's individual sheet.

2. Template Sheet - A sheet formatted as an absence record sheet, but without data.

3. Individual employee Absence record sheets - Based on the Template sheet.

I have read with interest the various posts and help files on User Forms & Macros, but have got a bit stuck.

My Aim: ....

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Duplicates In Two Columns
I have a list of numbers in column A of my Worksheet, and a list of names in column B.
There are duplicates in both columns:

234 John Smith
253 Charles White
461 Mary Carlsson
876 Erica Alvin
954 Joe Brown
234 John Smith
461 Mary Carlsson

The duplicates in column A and in column B are correct, because the same names correspond to the same numbers. I would like a formula or VBA macro, if possible, to detect when there is no correspondence, for example, if the last row above were

461 Ben Wayne - where it should be Mary Carlsson.

Is it possible to check all the rows of both columns and identify errors?

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Duplicates In List
I need to check a list of names to see if there are duplicate entries.
At the bottom of the list I would like to count the number of duplicates.
In the list I want conditional formatting to highlight cells where the duplicate appears.
Using Excel 2007.

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Deleting Non-duplicates
I have a large spreadsheet of over 5,000 rows and 20 columns. What I would like to be able to do is find a formula(?) that will enable me to retain rows of data when Cells in column B and column E contain duplicate data but delete entire rows if the contents of cells in column B and E are not duplicated.

For example:

Column B contains Part Numbers
Column E contains Manufacturer

If a part number (Cell B)has been made by two or more manufacturers (Cell E), retain all relevant rows.

If a part number has only been made by one manufacturer, however many times, delete all relevant rows.

What I'm trying to be able to achieve is retain data so that I can analyse it when 2 or more manufacturers have produced the same parts.

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Duplicates - Moving To 1 Row
I'm working with duplicate rows of data and need some help to put them onto one line. I'm working with about 58,000 rows of data.

I have the following as an example:

Ref Name Address 1 Address 2
AAB01 Dr Jones 16 Marsh Ave CL4 2JH
AAB02 Dr Peterson 18 Marsh Ave CL4 2JH
AAB01 Dr Jones 21 Marsh Ave CL4 2JH
AAB01 Dr Jones 18 Marsh Ave CL4 2JK

AAB01 is the duplicate, however it's not clear which address and postcode is correct. I want to perform some sort of formula that will add to the first instance of ABB01 the details from the duplicates.

For Example:
Ref Name Address 1 Address 2 Address 1 Address 2 Address 1
AAB01 Dr Jones 16 Marsh Ave CL4 2JH 21 Marsh Ave CL4 2JH 18 Marsh Ave

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Remove Certain Duplicates ....
Is it possible to scan through column A for duplicates if found delete the row that has not got any data in either column D E or F? If Duplicates are found and neither have any data in D E or F Delete all but one of the duplicates.

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