Finding Duplicates Adding Them To Another Sheet

Apr 1, 2009

Hello everyone....

I have a project where I need items for different boxes.

i have 20 boxes that need the same amount of items. However, when I came towards the end, i ran out of items.
For example




I have all in a spreadsheet all the items that are missing per box. Here comes the main question....
How do I program my spreadsheet find the items that are missing in each box and summarize in another sheet?

The summary I am looking for is....

and so on...

I started doing the code, but I haven't got too far.

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Identify Duplicates On Sheet 2 And Populate Number Of Duplicates On Sheet 1?

Apr 8, 2014

I'm trying to Count duplicate text on sheet 2 and populate the number of times repeated on sheet 1.

On sheet 1 I have A3:A128 and would like the number of times these respective cost centers are repeated in Sheet 2 to populate Column B of Sheet 1.

File attached.

Not sure which formula to use. I tried CountIF but didn't work with 2 sheets.

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Finding Max Value In Duplicates

Jul 22, 2009

I have data that has about 10 duplicate values (UTC Time) in one column and another column with number values (depth ft) that vary. I need to obtain the maximum (highest) value in the depth column and remove the other duplicates to filter out the low values. So for the data example below for UTC 15:56:28 I only want the 5.7 row, for 15:56:29 I want5.3 row and so on. I can attach the sheet. - this is a huuge dataset so manual filtering wont work. Data is from a sonar that gives 10 depth readings per second - I only need one depth tat is the highest value.


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Finding Duplicates ...

Oct 3, 2009

I have a workbook that I want to find if I have any duplicate numbers in a specific area.

The area of cells that I am checking is C3 through AO70

I am checking for numbers between 95 and 800. These are all ID# of individuals and not all the numbers between 95 and 800 are used. IE: 97 through 100 are not used ect.

I have already written a macro that does something else and I can use it to check each number as it comes up. However, once the number comes up I don't know how to use it to check the area.

If I can check all the area at one time to find duplicates it would be easier.

I do not know how to do either way but I can adapt my macro to whatever way is possible.

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Finding And Listing Duplicates

Feb 7, 2014

I have a workbook of appointments, I need a formula to list duplicate appointments and display them using 2 criteria (date and time).

See attached workbook : duplicate entries.xlsx‎

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Finding Duplicates Between 2 Rows ...

Jun 25, 2008

Just wondering if anyone has a macro, or formula that would allow me to find out (and possibly highlight), when any value in column A is equal to any value in column B. Im dealing with about 2000 rows so its almost impossible to complete manually.

Sorry the heading is supposed to read need help finding duplicates between 2 COLUMNS

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Finding Duplicates With Condition

Oct 10, 2008

way to wrap or format anything in this post. I dont think the text I put here is code, but I want to be sure, after receiving a moderators infraction for failing to properly wrap code in a previous post.


I have a wks in which the first column is a list account #'s and the folowing columns are specifics of transactions or interactions.

Lets say it is a movie rental customer list that lists each rental, and column "A" is the customer number, column "B" declares if it was returned late.

I need to compile a list of "all" rentals by customers who have "EVER" had a "late return" or a "YES" in column "B".

I need to find all account records/rows of accounts that at any time had a "YES" in column "B" even if the some or many of that customers rentals/entries have "NO" in column "B"

so say: ...

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Finding Duplicates In Different Columns

Aug 23, 2012

I'm trying to condense my email lists in order to stop people receiving the same email having signed up to several lists. How do I compare 5 different columns to find email addresses which appear in more than one...

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Finding Duplicates Out Of Millions

Oct 22, 2009

I have to scrub files of 20,000 phones numbers against a file of several million phone numbers on the national do not call list.

On sheet one I have all 20,0000 phone number and then on sheet two in 5 columns I have roughly 2 million phone numbers. I need to know if any of the 20,000 phone numbers are in the 2 million on sheet two.

Right now I am simply using a vlookup formula but it is taking a very long time to update all of the fields.

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Finding Duplicates (sort Of)

Jan 28, 2010

I have a spreadsheet with 7000 lines exported from a database. I'm looking for lines that exist with an @@2 that don't have a corresponding @@1. Let me explain.


I want to keep the first two lines because there is an @@1 associated with an @@2. I'm looking to single out and delete lines that have @@2 that don't have a corresponding @@1 associated with it.

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Finding Duplicates In Two Seperate Columns

Sep 16, 2008

This should be an easy one, it has slipped my mind.

I have columns A and B, I want to find any names that appear in both column A and column B. I want them to show in a certain color.

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Finding Character Duplicates In Two Lists

Jul 19, 2012

I have two lists of numbers.

The first list contains site numbers of people who havent responded to me.

The second list is the master list of site numbers along with a column showing the date they responded.

Now, a site number is built like this:


So it is possible for the same 6 digits to appear more than once in the master list.

What I need to do is to compare the first 6 digits in the non responder list against the master list, because some sites, like the example above, may have more than one '0001' tag and so if they have responded to me from site '0002' I dont want to spam their other sites with emails.

I've tried using match and various formulas I've found from google etc, but nothing seems to work!

The goal of this is to get a list of non respondents that have not responded from any of their sites listed in the master list.

Non Responses

Master List
Date of Response




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Finding Duplicates And Keeping Them With Totals?

Apr 8, 2013

I have a database with ~18000 rows and 29 columns. I would like to filter the data by duplicates in one column, based on total, but keep the remaining data in the row. For example: I have account numbers listed in one column, often duplicates. I can get the total in a pivot table no problem, but need the other data associated with that account. I do not need to see all accounts, only duplicates for accounts listed say greater than 5 times. The data in columns B+ are important.

I have a HUGE vlookup I created to paste in the pivot table data (account numbers and totals) to run a look-up based on those numbers, but I see that running into problems when you run 4k+ look-ups.

I want to see accounts listed only 5+ times, include that total (as in a pivot table) and the remaining 28 columns. I have tried to run this in a pivot table completely, but still too much data to process (plus all the subtotals that I have to keep removing).

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Finding Duplicates Using Countif Or Similar

Jan 13, 2014

I have over 400 thousand rows in my data-set and I'm trying to find duplicates using a countif or similar formula. Let's say I have the following:


I need the formula to increment the count. So for example, the first time Blue appears, it equals 1, the second it appears, it equals 2, third time is 3 and so on.

And, I need it to actually work with 400 thousand rows. I have tried using the following formulas without success as Excel keeps crashing:


That second one equals "2" if there's more than 1, which will work for me as well. Better would be if it increments though.

The purpose of having a count is so that I can pivot the data, then filter out all the "1"s and report on it. Therefore I can't use conditional formatting, or simply using Excels Remove Duplicates feature. I need the same data-set for other pivots and charts.

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Finding Duplicates - Variation On Previous Threads

Jul 9, 2013

I have a list of text values in column X. I need to come up with a formula in column Y.

First HAT in column


I can't play about with the natural order of the spreadsheet, so there's no chance I can re-sort the data into column X and (easily) identify the duplicates that way. So, it could be that the duplicated value(s) will appear in any cell within that column.

I need to identify whether the item is a duplicate in the unsorted list. Ideally, the first entry of a set of duplicates will be given 1, then the subsequent duplicates themselves given a 0 (zero). It's to subsequently do some counts on.

I guess that as long as the one of the entries in the duplicates is marked with a 1, while the others are 0 (zero), that's all that's important.

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Finding Duplicates And Highlight Enteries In A Roster

Sep 4, 2008

I have a roster for a large group in excel and would like to have an easy way to highlight if there are duplicate entries in the roster as we are merging multiple smaller lists together.

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Finding Duplicates :: Find Duplicate Cells In A Column

Apr 16, 2007

I have many rows of data. How can I find duplicate cells in a column?

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Finding Duplicates (cell At The Top Show Row Number Of Duplicate)?

Mar 3, 2008

i have duplicate cell entries occuring. I have a column of about 8000 entries (Column B) and would like to have a cell at the top of my spreadsheet that displays where the first duplicate resides (Row No. will suffice).

At present i have a conditional format on dupllicates, but is is a big task to scroll down through all the data looking for them.

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Adding Contents Of Cells For Duplicates

Dec 18, 2009

I have an employee sheet which has multiple hours rows for one employee, i want to select an employee ID and add corresponding hours and place both in a separate sheet. Here's my code so far.

Sub dup()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
Set NewSheet = Worksheets.Add
NewSheet.Name = "NEW"
Set NewSheet = Worksheets.Add
supcount = 2
countresources = 0
Do While Sheets("RS Nov 2009").Range("A" & supcount).Value ""
countresources = countresources + 1
supcount = supcount + 1................

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Ignore Duplicates When Adding Items To ComboBox -VBA

Dec 3, 2011

I need to add items to a combobox without adding duplicates or empty data. I am able to add without empty data but how to ignore the duplicates.

Here is what I have...

Dim GL As Range
Dim ws1 As Worksheet
Set ws1 = Worksheets("Main")
For Each GL In ws1.Range("MainGL")
If IsEmpty(GL) Then
'do nothing
ComboBox2.AddItem GL.Value
End If
Next GL

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Adding Duplicate Values And Extracting New List Without Duplicates

May 23, 2013

I have a name in Column A, and a number that goes with it in Column B. Some of the names on Column A are duplicates. I want to extract a new list that will add the values in Column B of all matching names on Column A, so that my list has only unique names and a total of the numbers in Column B.

SPP-001 2
SPP-002 3
SPP-006 4
SPP-001 5
SPP-008 9
SPP-006 3

Result that I'm looking for"

SPP-001 6
SPP-002 3
SPP-006 7
SPP-008 9

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Finding Names And Adding Data

Dec 29, 2008

Is it possible, and does anyone know the formula to find someones name and add the data to the right of it? Example

A1 John B1 32:26:00 C1 500
A2 Bill B2 23:45:44 C2 452 D2 John E2 36:45:11 F2 520

I have many names and they are scattered throughout the sheet. I know how to add them if the are in a single column but not if they are scattered.

In my summary I would have the names ...

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Finding Matches And Adding Additional Data

Mar 17, 2014

Sheet 2 in the attached sample workbook (without all the pre-existing formula's from the original) contains data that I paste in (Cols A to D).

Sheet 1 then searches that data (minus Col D) from Sheet 2 and returns "Yes" to Col I if matching data is found.

What I would like to do now is if Sheet 1 returns "Yes" then the corresponding value from Sheet 2 would be returned to Sheet 1 Col J.

So in this example the value "5" would be returned to Sheet 1 Cell J1

I already have all the formulas in place to find the matches and return "Yes", this is just to return the additional information from Col D Sheet 2 to Sheet 1 Col J..

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Delete Duplicates Or Adding Extra Cells To Keep The 24 Hour Time Sequence Intact?

Apr 26, 2014

i am trying to remove some duplicates in a sequence and add new cells for missing ones

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Adding Date To The Bottom Of List And Finding Correct Cell

Feb 26, 2014

I have two problems sort of rolled into one. I have a spreadsheet with a list of skills to perform in cells a2:z2. Under those I put in dates where those skills are performed so a3:a100 , b3:b100 and so on. At the moment I have the these dates populating another sheet with the list of skills going a2:a200 and the dates in b2:b200.

Annoyingly I have been asked set it up so it inputs the other way so my problems are: The skills in the second sheet are in a different order than in the first sheet so its not a straight correlation between the two so I would need to search for the title and match it to the second sheet. Then the second problem is as the will be numerous entries I need to find the next available space in the first sheet. So can you add data at the bottom of a list??

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Finding Cells With Certain Values And Adding Fill Colour To The Cell

Feb 1, 2007

i have an excel file which contains data, I want to be able to search this file and to fill the cell and its next 3 cells to the right with a certain colour. Is this possible as I have wrote some vba to do this but, Im only able to search and not fill the cells with the correct colour.

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Comparing Sheet 1 With Sheet 2 / Moving Any Duplicates To Sheet 3

Feb 28, 2014

Is there a way I can compare sheet 1 Column A, with sheet 2 Column A, and then move any duplicates from sheet 2 over to sheet 3.

For instance,

Employee Numbers that match in both sheet 1 and 2, remove that row from sheet 2 to and insert it into sheet 3.

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Vlookup - Finding Additional Values From Duplicates Using Additional Column

Jan 29, 2014

I am using a spreadsheet as a score sheet for a competition. One of the columns is the student's GPA. After entering all the scores there are duplicate final scores. I need a way to have it look at the final score and then use the GPA so that it will not put a duplicate value in the final column.

al Column N is the Total Column, Column O has the Names that correspond to the Total Column. Currently I am taking this total and putting it into Column Q (High Scores) in high to low order. Column R should have the names that match the scores. But with duplicate scores, it is only putting the first name associated with the score. I would like to use the GPA as a final determining factor for the duplicate scores. The higher GPA would come before a lower GPA. I have tried to put an additional column to bring the GPA over to correspond with the High Scores Column, but could not get it to work.There are actually more names for the competition and the top 10 will be moved to a different sheet and further judged. I have attached a sample with the exact formulas that I am using.

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Copy / Replace Pivot Into Sheet Without Adding Number Of Sheet

Jul 6, 2012

In a sheet (4) I have a pivot refreshed by a VBA macro code. Since I have defined a Chart on this pivot, I need to copy this pivot in a new sheet to avoid to reduce rows using a filter of the Chart. I copy this pivot using this VBA code

Sheet4.Copy After:=Sheet2

I have e new sheet with a number Sheet(n) not equal to maximum sheet number +1

For a new run of the VBA macro I need to delete this sheet

Sheets(n).Select where (n) is not = maximum sheet number +1

Then I need to avoid the message box where I need to confirm to delete the sheet because the sheet is not empty.

Is there a solution to copy a pivot in a new sheet replacing the previous pivot and vithout changing the number of the sheet?

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Find Duplicates Copy One Of Each To Another Sheet

Jun 24, 2014

I'm supposed to find duplicates in sheet_1 Q6:Q251 and copy one of each to sheet_2 D6:D243 as well as unique values from the same column. In a sheet_1 B6:B251 I have values related to Q6:Q251 and I have to copy each of them to sheet_2, E6:I6 in the same row as the related duplicate (I'll have max 5 duplicates). You can find attached simple example of what should be the result (sheet_2)

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