Finding First Item In Subset

Jun 12, 2013

I have a list that kind of looks like this. I sorted it by date, then by location, and then by time. I need to find the earliest item in one location on a given day and display as a list.

6/1/2013 A730
6/1/2013 A745
6/1/2013 A750
6/1/2013 B800
6/1/2013 B810
6/1/2013 C730
6/1/2013 C745
6/1/2013 C800
6/1/2013 C815
6/2/2013 A730
6/2/2013 A745
6/2/2013 A800
6/2/2013 A815
6/2/2013 B700
6/2/2013 B800
6/2/2013 B815
6/2/2013 C800
6/2/2013 C815

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Finding Item In Array Then Executing Code?

Apr 25, 2014

I am trying to find an item within an array and then VBA could execute code.

Here is an example:


LookupItems =("text", "value", "book") or should I acutally be using Split("text,value,book",",")

For Each sht in ThisWorkbook
If = array(LookupItems) Then.....execute code

[Code] ....

So basically in this example I want to loop through all the sheet names in the workbook and if any of the names in the arrary are found it will execute the code for those particular sheet names.

I know alternatives are the select case or write an if statement for each value I am looking up or even use an OR for each value to lookup; but I just wanted to see if this method was even possible as it would be less coding.

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Finding How Many Time Each Item Appear In Specific Range

Jun 23, 2012

How many time each item appear in specific range.

For example:

In that list we should get :

If I am using =COUNTIF(F6:F14,"apple") then I can get the result of apple.. and just keep changing underlined word but if then i have so many data, i cant do that.

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Finding And Calculating Highest Trending Item By Daily Sales?

Apr 20, 2012

I have a very large spreadsheet with daily sales for over 140 different items, over the past 2 years.

This is how my data looks like:

ITEM NAME 4/1/12 4/2/12 4/3/12 etc
item1 10 15 500
item2 5 0 3
item3 0 0 5

I'm trying to build a formula that allows me to see which item is the highest trending over a period of time I input.

I figured out the way how to select data between specific Start and End dates, but don't know how to interpret "trending" in a formula.

I was thinking maybe highest jump from beginning to end of interval, but what if it's a new item that was launched halfway through the interval and does poorly throughout, that would still be "trending" under that rationale....

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Sum Of The Max's For Each Subset

Mar 16, 2009

Looking for a "oneliner: or CSE perhaps that sums the maximum values for each subset. See example below. The answer should be "9".....

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Click Item In ListBox1 And ListBox2 Item Is Also Selected Simultaneously?

Feb 16, 2013

Excel Userform

'enables user to click [U]highlight and select[/U] an item in ListBox1 and ListBox2 item (same row in index) is also [U]highlighted[/U] (highlighted only not selected)
Private Sub ListBox1_Click()
ListBox2.ListIndex = ListBox1.ListIndex
End Sub

Question: Is it also possible to enable a user to click to select an item in ListBox1 and ListBox2 item is also selected simultaneously (same row in index). Is there excel vb code to do this?

I think the code may be along the lines of the ListBox SelectedIndex property. What would be the Excel VB code equivilant for the ListBox SelectedIndex property, if so?

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How To Subset A Range

Oct 8, 2013

I have a sub where I pass in a 1200 row by 8 column named range. Inside the sub I want to create a single column, 1200 row range. I also pass in which column I want to use of the 8 in the big range. So I pass in a number between 1 and 8. I create a new range, but i am not sure how to reference a particular column. I am trying to avoid looping.

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Ranking Within Subset Of Data?

Jun 24, 2014

I have a workbook of data that I created a pivot table with. From there I need to rank each value of the NES, column C, within the corresponding Reporting Structure, column A. The table that I created will be update with data on a monthly basis and I don't want to have to redo the rankings every month and just have it refresh.

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Create Subset Table

Feb 18, 2009

I've got a table on a worksheet (daylies) with daily data, dates in A6, A7, A8, ..., various data in columns B, C, D, ... .

Now I would like to make a subset table on a separate worksheet (weeklies) with just weekly snapshots, i.e.,

snapshot from daylies off row 6 on row 2 of weeklies,
snapshot from daylies off row 13 on row 3 of weeklies,
snapshot from daylies off row 20 on row 4 of weeklies etc.

Is this possible or do I have to use the sledge hammer technique of copy and paste?

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Comparing Subset And Getting Respective Value

Jan 20, 2013

I'm facing a problem wherein i have two tables A& B.

Table A has two columns and 40834 records(rows).first column is userid and second column is activeyn with respective values (0 or 1) for each userid

Table B userid column is a subset of Table A and has two columns and 411 records(rows).first columns is userid and second column is activeyn with respective values (0 or 1) for each userid.

Now I want to get activeyn value from table A of all the 411 records(userid's) in Table B.

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Saving Subset Of Worksheets

Nov 4, 2008

I am trying to e-mail a portion of a spreadsheet that I have. My approach is the following: I save a copy in a temporary folder, open that copy, remove all the sheets that I don't need to send out, save it (same name as the e-mail subject), and then e-mail as an attachment.

The current approach does not remove the macros and references though. I use the following to remove the macros and references:

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Using CORREL On A Subset Of Data

Jul 8, 2009

I have a set of data that can be divided into sub-sets. I've attached the sheet of data. There are 5 sub-sets and each of these has 5 sub-sets. The sets are defined by the Portfolio and End columns.

So, the 25 sub-sets look like:

10 LCG
20 LCG
30 LCG

I'm wondering if there is a way to write a formula in cell N10 that basically pulls in '10' and 'INTL' and finds the correlation on only that sub-set of data. So I guess I want a formula that returns a range such that =correl(Range1, Range2) will work. Also, the length of the ranges will vary, so trying to write an INDIRECT(ADDRESS... will not work. I tried an array-formula in cell N10, but it didn't work. I also included my expected output. in M18:O24.

I know I can do this in other ways, but I really want to learn if there is a way I can do this with 1 formula that I can just drag down. I guess its more of a learning opportunity than something that needs to get done.

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Copy Subset To Different Sheet

Jan 24, 2007

I've got a list of employees with their division and a bunch of other data in each row. I want to copy each and every row to another sheet based on the division.
ID | Name | Division | Other
4 | Joe | South | up
5 | James | South | over
8 | Jim | North | down
9 | John | East | left
14 | Jerry | East | right

Assuming "ID" is A1 and the list is sorted by Division, I need some code to accomplish my goal. I know C/C++ so I understand the principles of programming but I'm just learning the VBA syntax. First thought is to loop through each row moving them individually but then I have to worry about putting it in an open row on the other sheet. Then I thought about finding the first row that contains the target division and, since the data is sorted by division, select each subsequent row and copy the entire selection at once to avoid fumbling around in the destination sheet. Hopefully someone out there can make sense of this and help out. Please let me know if I need to elaborate.

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Loop Through Subset Of Worksheets Will Not Work

Feb 9, 2014

I'm trying to insert two rows in a subset of worksheets in a workbook by defining a range in a worksheet and loop through the worksheets in that range, but the code will only run on the active worksheet.

[Code] ..........

How I could get this loop to work?

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Extract Subset Of Data From .csv File

Oct 21, 2008

I would get the End of day bhavcopy from the exchange which is a .csv file. The first column contains the column heads like name, open price etc. and the first column. Now I have to extract the names and the corresponding column values from this list by referring to a notepad that contains the ticker names to be extracted, place in another workbook and save that file.

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Loop Through Subset Of Worksheets Will Not Work

Feb 9, 2014

I'm trying to insert two rows in a subset of worksheets in a workbook by defining a range in a worksheet and loop through the worksheets in that range, but the code will only run on the active worksheet.

Sub StatePIPData()
Dim sheet_name As Range
For Each sheet_name In Sheets("WS").Range("A:A")
If sheet_name.Value = "" Then

[Code] .......

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Function To Match Subset Of Characters?

Mar 25, 2014

Can I use MATCH to match a subset of characters?

Example....Looking for value in a range that matches cell A1 (which reads 'DOGS')


This will look for a cell with 'DOGS' in it.

But what if I want a positive match on a cell that has 'DOGS & CATS'

This fails because it doesn't match exactly.

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Random Selection Of A Subset Of Numbers

Aug 29, 2008

I have a set of 20 numbers that I regularly wish to select 6 numbers from, without duplicates

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Working With A Subset Of A Named Range

Dec 19, 2008

I have a sheet of data that is imported from an external database. Depending on which report gets imported, the column count and column location will vary. However, the headers for the columns I need to work with are constant, therefore I create a named range for all columns, and reference the ranges as I work with the data and avoid hard-coded cell references. Therefore, the ranges are one cell wide, with up to 2000+ rows.

Here's my problem. I need to reference a sub-set of a named range, to get the min of the subset. I've searched this board and others, but can't find an example of this method. The code is within a loop, and the range subset location is determined by a count on another named range.

The data involves Tasks and Subtasks. Each task can have multiple subtasks, and each subtask has it's own start and end dates. I'm trying to determine the earliest start date and the latest end date for each individual Task so I can determine the total duration for the Task.

Here's the code that determines the cell range. This code is working.

d2 = WorksheetFunction.CountIf(Range("ASR"), Range("ASR").Cells(y, 1).Value) ' count number of tasks in this ASR, store in d2

The code that I can't figure out is below. The compiler can't figure out what I'm trying to do. (Neither can I!!)

d3 = WorksheetFunction.Min("Planned_Start_Date").Cells(y, 1), Cells(y + d2 - 1, 1).Value) ' Get the min Planned Start Date for this ASR

In english: Look in the Planned_Start_Date named range, and more specifically a certain subset of that range, and return the minimum date found.

I've tried several ways, none of which will compile. I realize the above code is way off; I include it to show how lost I really am!

Slightly off-topic: I'm fairly new to VBA, and am expected to create executive dashboards with the data. I've purchased Excel 2003 Power Programming with VBA and Excel Charts (both Walkenbach); Excel Programming 2nd Edition; Excel Edition of Using Visual Basic for Applications; and Dashboard Reporting with Excel, Kyd. These are all useful books, but I think they expect me to have a better understanding than I have.

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Vba Code Finds Max Value Of Column Subset

Oct 17, 2006

I need a piece of VBA code to assign to an Excel form that determines the maximum value of a subset of one column whose cognate rows in an adjoining column satisfy a particular value.

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Flag Item When Doesn't Match Item Above

May 20, 2014


I need some way that can identify when the item in the description column doesnt match the first item of the same number- for example, here the 1-blue and 3-orange would be flagged because they should match the 1-yellow and 3-green.

I need to do this on a much larger scale (approximately 20,000 data points), so I wanted to create a formula or macro that could do this for me.. I thought making a reference page with would work but I keep getting an error.. I haven't done VBA in a while, so I may have syntax errors.

If Range("A2:A9").Sheets("Sheet1") = Range("A2:A6").Sheets("Ref") And Range("B2:B9").Sheets("Sheet1") = Range("B2:B6").Sheets("Ref") Then
Range("C2:C9").Sheets("Sheet1") = "x"
End If

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Selecting Item In Combobox - Item Not Get Selected

Jun 14, 2014

I am getting close to finishing the drop down menu capability when filling in column L in tab Transactions. However, there is a snag. When I enter part of account say "fin" (the important part here is that the part of the word should not be the beginning of the account name) - then I select an account from the menu - but it does not stay in the cell if the part of the name is the beginning of the account name - all is fine.

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Highlight And Delete Lower Value Of A Subset Of Cells?

Apr 30, 2014

I have a huge list of data with numbers in cells. each number also has a corresponding percentage in the next cell over. In some cases, some of the numbers appear twice with differentiating percentages in the cells. What I am trying to do is automatically highlight and delete the duplicate number with the lower of the two percentages. See the below example.


As per above, I would want to delete the duplicate number with the 88% since it is the lower of the two percentages of that number. I have almost 2000 cells and have been going through manually deleting the lower of the two percentages for the duplicate numbers.

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Determine The Largest Magnitude Of A Subset Of Four Values

Feb 16, 2010

I've got four tables with negative and positive values and want to determine the largest magnitude of a subset of four values within those four tables. In other words if the largest magnitude is negative I want the negative value of the four subsets or vise-versa.

I've tried the following but got an error stating it was too long:

= IF(ABS(VLOOKUP(table1)) = MAX(ABS(VLOOKUP(table1)), ABS(VLOOKUP(table2)), ABS(VLOOKUP(table3)), ABS(VLOOKUP(table4))), VLOOKUP(table1), IF(ABS(VLOOKUP(table2)) = MAX(ABS(VLOOKUP(table1)), ABS(VLOOKUP(table2)), ABS(VLOOKUP(table3)), ABS(VLOOKUP(table4))), VLOOKUP(table2), IF(ABS(VLOOKUP(table3)) = MAX(ABS(VLOOKUP(table1)), ABS(VLOOKUP(table2)), ABS(VLOOKUP(table3)), ABS(VLOOKUP(table4))), VLOOKUP(table3), VLOOKUP(table4))))

The repeating line needs attention in my mind:

MAX(ABS(VLOOKUP(table1)), ABS(VLOOKUP(table2)), ABS(VLOOKUP(table3)), ABS(VLOOKUP(table4)))

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How Do I Find The Median Of A Subset Of A Large Group

Apr 10, 2009

So what I have is a large list of items, and each item has the price of the product, and a product type.

What I want to do is find the median price for each specific product type, using a formula, without having to sort or filter my large list of products.

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Formula To Calculate Average/wtd Avg On A Subset Of A List

Jun 2, 2006

I will do my best to explain but just in case I have attached a worksheet to make things easier. I have a list of a few thousand products with data on each product. When I run through a series of cuts, I get a subset list and want to be able to calculated a weighted average by somehow saying to do a weighted average (and/or count, and/or average, etc.) on the characteristics of only the products in the subset.

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Data Validation - Creating Subset Choices Based On Adjacent Column Choice

Oct 27, 2013

I am limiting choices in a certain cell to a list via data validation (using data validation, allow - list and pointing to the source). I want to limit the next set of choices in the next column (in this example in Column C) for the user based on the choice made in the adjoining cell. For example to keep it simple I will use the following: if the user selected "Fruit" in B1, then the options in C1 would only show "Oranges","Apples", "Pears". If however the user selected "Veg" it would only show "Cucumber", "Lettuce", "Spinach", "Radishes" in the drop down in column C. I can put a prefix in front of the column C data validation list if that is needed to narrow down e.g. FR-oranges, FR-apples etc.

1 Fruit Oranges
2 Veg Lettuce

Data Validation source for Column B (H2:H4)

Data Validation for Column C: (I2:I10)

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Assigning A Category To An Item Number Based On The First Two Characters Of The Item Number

Jun 18, 2008

I am using a vlookup and have a problem. I am assigning a category to an item number based on the first two characters of the item number. For example item number 60123 would equal scrap because of the first two characters of 60. But the item number can begin with either a number or letter. Here is the formula I am using that works for item numbers that begin with numbers:


It works fine until I reach a item number that begins with a letter, then I get the dreaded #Value error. If I take the value out of the formula then it works for the letter based number items but not for the number based item numbers.

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If Formula: Item Number From The Old File Corresponding To The Same Item Descprition In The New File

Nov 20, 2008

Here I would like to get your valued guidance for the usage of "IF" formula. I am having two sheets one is new XL-1 and other is old XL-2. I want to have a item number from the old file corresponding to the same item descprition in the new file. I am attaching the snap shots of two files which is more explanatory than describing in words here.

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Compare Our Item Number With The Suppliers Item Number?

Dec 18, 2012

I am using Vlookup to compare our item number with the suppliers item number but the result is removing the decimal point on some but not all items.I have included a small sample but it concerns almost 10.000 items.

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