Finding The Newest / Latest Date In Each Record

Aug 26, 2009

I have a table that contains names and dates. I need to find the most recent / latest date in each record. For example:

Names Dates
A 01/02/09
A 05/25/09
B 06/09/09
B 07/30/09
B 01/02/09
C 03/09/09
C 02/28/09
D 12/12/09

The results should be:
A 05/25/09
B 07/30/09
C 03/09/09
D 12/12/09

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Finding Latest Date In A Range Dependent On Record Variable

Sep 4, 2013

I have this table as my simple little database and I have to extract some info from it and keep track of dates and deadlines...



I have to get the following data, I need to lookup the last visit date out of all dates associated with a specific name in column "A".

This requires that I test an unsorted table for a value in column "A", i.e. "test2". Then determine which record has the latest date.

In other words, If I test for the value "test2" in column "A", I find I have 2 records, with dates ranged across "D4:F4 and D7:F7".

I need to return the latest date found in those ranges...

The purpose here is to write a function that will find a range of dates associated with a name in an unsorted table, from that range find the latest date, then add 90 days to that date and display the results....

I have been trying to employ a form of, =VLOOKUP(E3,$B$3:$D$11,MATCH($F$1,$B$1:$D$1,0),FALSE) and =INDEX(Table_Array,MATCH(Lookup_Value,Lookup_Array,0),Col_Index_Num) combined with "IF" functions, but to be totally honest I am COMPLETELY lost here....

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Select Latest Effective Record By Creation Date Field?

Apr 10, 2014

I have an excel file with the ID, Name, workID and Creation date fields. Some people have several work ID's created in different times. How can I select row that contain work ID's that were created the latest. I may have several records per person, I need only the latest record. File contains about 3000 records, I can't go through all of them.

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Highlight The Latest Record?

Apr 22, 2014

Column A | Column B | Column C |
UMB-RPT-01 | 0 | In Review |
UMB-RPT-01 | 0 | Pending Markup |
UMB-RPT-01 | A | Comments - Correct and Resubmit |
UMB-RPT-01 | A | Review Complete |
UMB-RPT-01 | B | Approved |
UMB-RPT-01 | B | Review Complete |

I need to have a macro run through a spreadsheet and look through column a, which is sorted, and then highlight the row that has the latest record. IN the case above it would be 0 with Pending Markup

So the latest value in Column B, whether its alpha or numeric, with a status in Column C of Pending Marking.

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Now() As Record Id; What Record ID Schemes Are Fequently Employed Besides Date/time

May 25, 2007

I seek advice on using the value of NOW() as a record ID in an address book program. Question #1: Do Excel developers often use a record ID? Question #2: What record ID schemes are fequently employed besides date/time? I have decided to create an Excel address book as an exercise to increase my knowledge of VBA, and also as a useful application for work.

I realize that a record ID is not essential in Excel in the way that it is essential in Access, but I feel the need to have some unique ID associated with each address, so that I may have different worksheets, with data related to a given Contact, sort and manipulate it, if necessary, but have the record ID as a way to restore the relationship of rows to a given Contact, and also, as a handy way to examine the data in the date/time sequence in which it was entered. I have experimented with the following code, to assure myself that I can access the number returned by the NOW() function, manipulate it as a string, and format in various ways if necessary.

Dim n As Double
n = Now()
sn = Str(n)
p = InStr(sn, ".")
first = Left(sn, (p - 1))
l = Len(sn)
d = l - p
S = Mid(sn, (p + 1), d)....................

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Finding Earliest And Latest Dates

Jan 4, 2009

I have a workbook with two sheets.

Sheet1 contains details of all of the jobs I do.
Sheet2 is my customer list.

Customers appear only once in sheet2, but may appear mutiple times in sheet1.

In sheet1 I have customer name, lead date, job date et al.
In sheet2 I have customer name, first date, last date et al

I am trying to populate first and last date in sheet2 from the lead date and job date in sheet1.

Sheet1 has a range of 500 jobs

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Excel 2007 :: Where To Find Oldest To Newest Or Newest To Oldest Sort Option

Jun 4, 2014

I want to sort a column in Excel 2007 which is having dates. Normally, we use oldest to newest or newest to oldest option in sort & filter. But i am unable to find this option in my excel sheet. how can I find this option in Sort & Filter.

Note: I have imported this data column from Access 2007

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VBA To Remove Duplicates And Keep Newest Date

Dec 6, 2013

I have a pretty good size file here where I need to remove duplicated date BUT keep only the Newest Record.

What is Needed is to look at "test Group Identification" and compare it to "Actual Start Time" and keep only the Newest Record and remove any Exact Duplicated data

See example of Data.

Test Status
Test Group
Test Group Identification
Actual Start Time
Want I need

09-Jan-2013 15:48:25 EST

[Code] .....

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Selecting Newest Date From A Column

Dec 22, 2009

I want to seach and select the newest date in a column. There are green, red and black fonts in the column. I only want to only seach the cells with black fonts.

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Find Oldest And Newest Date

Dec 29, 2009

Is there a way to pull out the oldest date ((04) Apr 25, 1950) and the newest date ((02) Feb 14, 2050)...?

i have tried the Min function (min(P28:P31)) and the Max function (max(P28:P31)) both resulting in a "0"..

i have also searched this forum as well as others and found formulas that were posted by Aladin Akyurek..but those did not work either..


P28(02) Feb 14, 205029(04) Apr 01, 201330(04) Apr 25, 200931(04) Apr 25, 1950
Spreadsheet FormulasCellFormulaP28=IF(O28=FALSE,"Who Knows?","("&RIGHT(O28,2)&")"&" "&LEFT(O28,3)&" "&LEFT(RIGHT(O28,4),2)&", "&LEFT(RIGHT(O28,8),4))

Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

Im Using Windows Xp With Sp2 With Microsoft Excel 2003

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Finding Difference Between Latest And Previous Value Excluding Blanks

Dec 4, 2013

I need a spreadsheet to record the number of calls taken by my staff YTD, and have it laid out as follows:

Column A Column B Column C

1 Date Calls Taken Increase
2 01/01 10
3 02/01 13 3
4 03/01 19 6

The "Increase" is a simple =B4-B3 etc. But, there is a problem...

Say for example a member of staff is ill one day and therefore doesn't take any calls, I end up with a 'blank' cell in column 'B'...

Column A Column B Column C

1 Date Calls Taken Increase
2 01/01 10
3 02/01 13 3
4 03/01 19 6
5 04/01 -19
6 05/01 25 25

My problem is the increase in calls from 03/01 to 05/01 YTD ISN'T 25, it's 6.

Is there a formulae I can use that works out the difference between the latest number of calls taken and the last number of calls taken (excluding the 'blank' cells)?

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Flag Record That Has Overlapping Date As Another Record?

Mar 16, 2014

I am creating an asset management sheet. For the formula I am trying to work out there uses 3 fields : ID, start date, and end date.

What I want to do is be able to show if the ID is duplicated within another record with an overlapping date. So an item is flagged if it is in the list within the same dates as another record. I tried a few countif formulas but with no success.. I may just be approaching the problem incorrectly though.

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Delete Duplicates With Macro Keeping Only Newest By Date

Feb 14, 2011

I have a spreedsheet with 17,000 rows in it. In column D I have ID numbers and in column B I have the dates. There are multiple entries for each ID in column D which gives multiples dates each entry was given in column B. I need a VBA Macro that will identify duplicate entries in Column D and keep only the most recent entry by date in column B.

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Find Duplicate In Certain Columns And Keep Newest By Date & Time

Jun 20, 2006

In the included workbook I've got a sheet that needs to be updated every time a userform is completed. So I intend to run a macro after the data is entered to find duplicates, and delete the older row.

so, column A must match then column C must match then look in columns AK & AL to find the newest entry to keep. I also need to delete any rows where column A is empty(light Green), no matter what other columns have data.

In my example sheet all the yellow's match for column A but the bright yellow's are the only "keepers", because one has a different number in "C" and the other is the newest.

Also remember that this is just part of a much bigger, multi-sheet book so I will need to I.D. this sheet in the code.

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Create A Macro That Will Autofilter My Starting Dates In I To The Newest Date Entered

Feb 11, 2008

i wanted to create a macro that will autofilter my starting dates in I to the newest date entered. So ive recorded the macro: ....

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Automatically Finding The Record

Jun 13, 2007

The workbook has several worksheets, each with different information but the first two columns are identical in each sheet.

For the sake of simplcity, let's say the first two columns for the worksheets read name and phone number. Other columns through out the variuos worksheets might be age, address, state, hair color, etc.

On my template, I want to be able to type in a name, and have the computer automatically pull up the age, address, state, hair color, etc. and put them in their respective positions on the template. Is this possible? It would be a lot easier to view the information and much more convenient.

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Finding Current Duplicate Record?

Apr 21, 2013

I have a spreadsheet to track events (servicing, repairs, fuelling, etc) for my car - dates in Col A, events in B, mileage in C, prices in D.

I want to return the mileage when the next service is due, based on the mileage of the last service. Using VLOOKUP set to FALSE returns the first service mileage; set to TRUE, it returns random values. The events in Col B repeat in a random order (e.g. fuel, fuel, service, fuel, repairs, fuel, fuel, service).

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Extract Latest Date To Particular Date From Different Date List

Mar 9, 2014

i have several styles to handle mentioned under different rows separately.

all the styles have their various raw materials inward date mentioned under different column of their respective rows from column Q to Y

now i need to 1. extract the latest date of any particular raw material which can be in any of column from Q to y columns ACCORDING TO DIFFERENT STYLES IN A Particular row automatically that is AC

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Latest Date For Each Names?

Jun 10, 2014

Sheet 1 is filled with names(column C) and dates(column X). On the sheet 2 I want the latest date for each names. I tried the below formulas. But it is not working.

=IF(ISBLANK(EWS!$X$2:$X$101)," ",MAX(VLOOKUP(Lookup!$D2,EWS!$E$2:$X$101,20,0)))

= MAX(VLOOKUP(Lookup!$D2,EWS!$E$2:$X$101,20,0))[code]....

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Latest Date Of Unique IDs

Aug 4, 2014

I'm needing to finding the latest date, of each unique ID (and Name, Criteria).

In my attachment ('Table'), the "Newest" column with the result of "Yes" is what my calculated result should be.

Any formula here (outside of a Pivot)? Because, I then need to delete all of my "No" results from the list.

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Filter For Latest Date

Nov 26, 2009

I have a data field of about 2000 rows & 30 columns.

These contain records on accidents for 56 offices.

One of the columns contains the date an individual had the accident.

There can be a number of records for each office as there are a number of employees in each office who have had accidents over the last few years.

I need to be able to run a macro or set up filters or formulae to show the row containing the most recent accidentin each office, by office. I also need to display the total number of days since the last accident occurred at the end of each row.

The offices are listed in Column B & the date of the last accident is listed in Column V.

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Maximum / Latest Date In Row

Mar 14, 2008

If I have a row full of dates and I want to find the most recent date, how do I do that?

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Pull Latest Date For A Product?

Jan 14, 2014

formula that can pull the latest date for a product, if there are multiple dates attached to the product?

For example, in the attached, I have a Customer and Deal Date list, for Customer A, there are 3 dates, but I only want the latest date: 2/14/2014.

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Find Latest Date For Particular Customer

Feb 18, 2014

I've attached a quick sample, I have two customer ID's, AB1 and AB2, I want to be able to put a formula into column C that will return the latest date for each customer. So AB1 will show 01/04/2013 and AB2 will show 01/05/2013. I know I can use a MAX formula but I don't know how to connect it to the specific customer ID.

Max Date Query.xlsx

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Selecting Latest Date From Spreadsheet

Apr 24, 2014

I have a spreadsheet which contacts three columns of dates, the problem I have is that there are not dates in every column.

What I would like to do is to have a fourth column which shows the latest date from the three previous columns.

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Jump To Latest Date In Column

Oct 9, 2009

I need a macro that can jump to the nearest current date in column B from anywhere on the current tab. all the dates are in 10/09/2009 format, and the actual date of today might not be in that column. This can be + or -1 one day search from today. After this macro run's the nearest current date will be the active selected cell in column B.

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Return Corresponding Data To Latest Date

Jan 18, 2008

I am trying to use a function to search for a particluar value (e.g., ssn) in one column and return the "InDate" in another column. I thought this would be easy, but I'm having considerable trouble. When I do manage to get a value returned, it's the wrong value. I need to return the most recent "InDate" for the ssn that I search for. The button on the " Lookup" sheet is to sort the InDate column descending so that the Excel function will start with the most recent date when it searches. I've tried Lookup and and just about every other similar function with no luck. I originally wanted to search for a ssn and return the information for the last 5-10 most recent visits, but gave up on that long ago.

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Extract Latest Date From Wall Of Text?

Mar 27, 2014

Lets say I have a wall of text that looks like this, all of it in 1 cell.

[Code] .....

What formula do I use to extract the latest date from this string? In this example, the ideal result will be 02/05/2014 .

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Returning Earliest And Latest Date For Unique ID?

Jun 25, 2014

I need an excel function to return the earliest and latest date for a particular/unique ID.

For example: In my sample workbook, the earliest date for all the columns with ID = 1 should return 11/1/2001 and the latest date should be 12/2/2011. If all the dates for a particular ID are the same, it should just return that date. For example, for ID = 2, all dates are 5/5/2010 so the earliest and latest dates should equal 5/5/2010. The earliest and latest dates have to be for each unique ID.

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Array Formula With Latest Date Condition?

Nov 13, 2011

with the formula below..


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