Now() As Record Id; What Record ID Schemes Are Fequently Employed Besides Date/time

May 25, 2007

I seek advice on using the value of NOW() as a record ID in an address book program. Question #1: Do Excel developers often use a record ID? Question #2: What record ID schemes are fequently employed besides date/time? I have decided to create an Excel address book as an exercise to increase my knowledge of VBA, and also as a useful application for work.

I realize that a record ID is not essential in Excel in the way that it is essential in Access, but I feel the need to have some unique ID associated with each address, so that I may have different worksheets, with data related to a given Contact, sort and manipulate it, if necessary, but have the record ID as a way to restore the relationship of rows to a given Contact, and also, as a handy way to examine the data in the date/time sequence in which it was entered. I have experimented with the following code, to assure myself that I can access the number returned by the NOW() function, manipulate it as a string, and format in various ways if necessary.

Dim n As Double
n = Now()
sn = Str(n)
p = InStr(sn, ".")
first = Left(sn, (p - 1))
l = Len(sn)
d = l - p
S = Mid(sn, (p + 1), d)....................

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Flag Record That Has Overlapping Date As Another Record?

Mar 16, 2014

I am creating an asset management sheet. For the formula I am trying to work out there uses 3 fields : ID, start date, and end date.

What I want to do is be able to show if the ID is duplicated within another record with an overlapping date. So an item is flagged if it is in the list within the same dates as another record. I tried a few countif formulas but with no success.. I may just be approaching the problem incorrectly though.

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Record Time & Date Of Event

Mar 9, 2009

I have cobbled together some code that searches a folder of my choice and lists the files within the folder every xxx seconds for yyy minutes. The files it finds are listed in 'Column A', and between each search during the defined yyy search duration 1 row is added to seperate them.

I require the additional code to record the search time in 'Column B' of the corresponding Row, and the search date in 'Column C' of the corresponding row. The Time & Date will simply be the Computers Time & Date at the occurrence of the relevant Search interval. The code is as follows:

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Record Date And Time Macro

Jul 1, 2009

I have already looked at many of the posts but I have not found the solution that I am looking for. I am familiar with VB and the NOW function.

I am trying to create a macro that will reference a cell and place a static date and time next to the cell. I want this date and time to only change when the checkbox is clicked.

I have a checkbox in E11 that is linked to F11, I would like to have G11 record the date and time that the checkbox is clicked. I have already tried the following.

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Record Time And Date Of Data Entered Into Workbook?

Feb 24, 2012

I'm having trouble while trying to use a variable in a cell reference. I have a sheet that is being used to record the time and date of data entered into the workbook. This sheet is divided into columns, each designated to a specific type of data. I have written a macro to enter the current time in the correct column, but that macro is embarrassingly long and complicated because I used a series of if statements to handle all the different data being entered. I'm trying to simplify by using vlookup, and assigning the column value to a variable, and inserting that variable into the cell reference.

Here is the line I need to insert a variable into:

Sheets("Current").Cells(Rows.Count, columnstart).End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0).Value = Now()

Where columnstart is my variable. It is an integer, but it's value will change depending on the type of data being entered.

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Automatically Record The Last Date (and Time) Of Customer Last Massage Session

Aug 14, 2013

I ran a Home Service Massage, with ten massagers and it's continually growing. I know I'm supposed to use a database for this, but I'm not very good in creating one. I am however confident in using MS Excel, so in a much as possible, I only want to use MS Excel, and strictly use formulas (if I can get away with it).

Anyway, I keep customer records in one tab, and all their personal info is listed there. There are two types of columns, which I'd like to call 'static' and 'automatic'.

Static columns includes Unique ID (number), Name, Address, Phone Number, etc.

Automatic columns, by the term I used, is filled automatically. This includes the total number of hours they have availed the massage from us, the names of massagers who serviced them, --- and my biggest issue --- the date of last massage. I can manually input this, but I normally forget, so I want this filled automatically.

Aside from customer tab, I have one tab for each massager. First column is the date, then 48 columns for time. Starting from 8AM, 830AM, 9AM... 730AM. Hence I have 48 of them. Each column is equals to 30mins of massage availed. I copy and paste the Unique ID from customer tab.

so A2:A32 are dates, and B2:BC50 is where I copy paste the unique ID. B1:BC1 are time labes.

Is it possible for me, just by using formulas, to populate the 'last massage date' column?

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Auto Copy Template On Record Entry & Link Set Cells Back New Record Entry Sheet

May 26, 2009

I am looking to create a macro that will create a new sheet when data is added on a summary sheet. Example.

1. Summary sheet called "Variations" contains columns that will contain the information needed for new sheet (Columns A to D)

2. When data is entered on "Variations" sheet: Column B, then macro automatically creates new sheet renamed to e.g. VO1 (Number used on "Variations" tab) and is a copy of "Master" tab.

3. Data entered in Column A to D on "Variations" tab is automatically entered onto new sheet created (e.g VO1). Shown is blue on attached file. Additional data is updated on "VO1" sheet and this then links back to "Variations" tab

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Macro To Print Record # To Record#

Mar 20, 2009

I'm trying to find a macro that will run allowing the user to select a 'starting record number' and a 'finishing record number' when printing.

I have a spreadsheet that feeds from a master list in excel, from over 5000 records.

I need to print the s'sheet with any given indivdual record's information at any given time.

Individual prints are fine. However if I wanted to print from record number 1500 to record number 3000 it would take me all day.

Is there a way I can set up a macro so an option form pops up? allowing selection of "From record" and "to Record" ?

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Record Date & Time In Cell Corresponding To Changed Cell

Jun 18, 2009

When a cell changes i would like the cell in the next column to record the date of this change. After achieving this i want to set up conditional formatting to compare this date to the current date and if they are the same then change the original cell's colour to show it changed today!

I started using the code below (from ozgrid) which was working fine BUT my cell value in column A is actually taken from a different column. when the different column cell value changes my cell in A changes but the script below does not seem to see this as a change. it only records the date if i physcially change the cell in A rather than another cell prompting it to change.

based on my overall objective and my plans to date please can someone suggest a solution?
current code below....

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Highlight Each Time A Record Changes?

Jan 7, 2012

i have a spreadsheet with different customer names. I want to highlight a row every time a customer name changes. For example: ABC, DEF , i want to highlight where abc ends . Normally i use subtotals, then group them by rows then select visible cells then i highlight every different customer. The problem is that since it is a huge sheet, it takes 30 minutes to do the subtotals. I am not sure if conditional formatting can do this.

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Record Macro Gives Message "Unable To Record"

Jan 6, 2007

Im trying to record a macro that will enter a formula in a cell each time I run the macro

Drop the Lowest2:

=IF(ISERROR(AVERAGE((SUM(C5:L5)-MIN(C5:L5)-SMALL(C5:L5,2))/(COUNT(C5:L5)-2))*Scale!$B$2*10),(IF(ISERROR(AVERAGE(C5:L5)*Scale!$B$2*10),"",AVERAGE(C5:L5)*Scale!$B$2*10)),AVERA GE((SUM(C5:L5)-MIN(C5:L5)-SMALL(C5:L5,2))/(COUNT(C5:L5)-2))*Scale!$B$2*10)

Drop Lowest1:

=IF(ISERROR(AVERAGE((SUM(C5:L5)-SMALL(C5:L5,1))/(COUNT(C5:L5)-1))*Scale!$B$2*10),(IF(ISERROR(AVERAGE(C5:L5)*Scale!$B$2*10),"",AVERAGE(C5:L5)*Scale!$B$2*10)),AVERA GE((SUM(C5:L5)-SMALL(C5:L5,1))/(COUNT(C5:L5)-1))*Scale!$B$2*10)

I know I can write the formula in a simpler way, but I was asked to make it like this.

The problem is that when I enter the formula in the cell while recording. I got a message: "Unable to record" so this part can't be recorded

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Getting Error "Unable To Record" When Record A Macro

Sep 1, 2009

This problem seemed to revolve around "digital signing" with further macro changes done from a different machine (without the proper certificate). Excel warns of the problem and then "unsigns" the project.

I've got a problem with spreadsheets that I've been working on. Now, when I tell it to record a macro, I get the macro name, shortcut assignment dialog box and then an error "Unable to record." After "Ok"ing that dialog box, the normal recording macro dialog comes up. Also, lo and behold, there will not be a macro recorded.

I've got no protected cells or sheets and it doesn't matter what security level is set. It is a "signed" macro but I can take off the signature and still have the problem. I checked for "Help - About" for deactivated modules and there was none.

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Record Time When Task Was Completed?

Jan 23, 2014

What I am trying to do is record the time when a task is completed on the spreadsheet. For explanation sake, lets say I have list of 10 tasks in column C 1-10. In column B 1-10 I have a button for each task. When you press the button for the task, the time it was pressed is recorded in D 1-10. To put the time in I used =now(). The problem that I am having is, when you press button 2-10, it changes the time in the cell above to the same time. So instead of have 10 different times in 1-10, I have 10 identical times,being the last button I pressed. I tried timestamp, time value, etc

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Record Cell Value Each Time Value Is Exceeded

Oct 14, 2007

What i would like to do is record a cell on sheet1 in sheet2 when it reaches a certain number i.e 2. The cell in sheet1 changes all the time but sheet2 must not refresh. Is this possible with a formula?

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Record Date Of When A Value Went Below 0

Sep 8, 2008

I have a cell A1 whose value fluctuates.

I need B2 to record the last date of when the value in A1 last went below 0.

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Macro Processing Time Is Very Slow (using Record Function)

Jun 17, 2009

I created this macro (below) using the record function but when I kick it off it takes 40 seconds or more to run.

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VBA Code To Record Current Date

Apr 17, 2009

I know this is a simple question for all VBA droids...I guess the challenge is in how quickly I'll receive an answer. I hear the turn-around time on this board is pretty impressive. So here goes...

What is the VBA code for recording the current date without the date recalculating when the form is re-opened. I know the formula for automatic entry [=today()], but I need the date to stay the same. I can assign the date to any cell, so you may theorize any cell in the code. Remember...the trick is getting the date to stay the same once it's been automatically entered.

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Record Todays Date As Static

Dec 29, 2006

i am building a data base and every day, say, at 5pm a certain cell should contain a corresponding date. In my macro I simply wrote


I thought naiivly it would work, but it doesn't, as the next day the date will be changed correspondingly. So, the question is: how to record todays' date (Dec 29) so that this date stays in this cell forever? Only the date, not Excel Dates & Times

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Pick Earliest Date For A Record From Row Of Those Records?

May 30, 2014

We have multiple work orders per opportunity, and each work order has a date. I have a sheet of these work orders which shows the work order #, work order date, and opportunity date. What I want to do is add a column which reports the work order date if it is the earliest instance of a work order for the opportunity (said differently, the first work order for the opportunity). Is there a way to write a formula to report whether the date of the row is the earliest date for a given opportunity, all in the same table?

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Insert Row And Record In Another Sheet Once Entered Date?

Jul 27, 2014

I have two sheets one = where I am entering day to day data two = For getting result

Once I entered data in first sheet then I want date wise record in another sheet in which I will enter date. After entering date all the record will be inserted in another sheet from first sheet And main sheet will remain with all records

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Finding The Newest / Latest Date In Each Record

Aug 26, 2009

I have a table that contains names and dates. I need to find the most recent / latest date in each record. For example:

Names Dates
A 01/02/09
A 05/25/09
B 06/09/09
B 07/30/09
B 01/02/09
C 03/09/09
C 02/28/09
D 12/12/09

The results should be:
A 05/25/09
B 07/30/09
C 03/09/09
D 12/12/09

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Select Latest Effective Record By Creation Date Field?

Apr 10, 2014

I have an excel file with the ID, Name, workID and Creation date fields. Some people have several work ID's created in different times. How can I select row that contain work ID's that were created the latest. I may have several records per person, I need only the latest record. File contains about 3000 records, I can't go through all of them.

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Finding Latest Date In A Range Dependent On Record Variable

Sep 4, 2013

I have this table as my simple little database and I have to extract some info from it and keep track of dates and deadlines...



I have to get the following data, I need to lookup the last visit date out of all dates associated with a specific name in column "A".

This requires that I test an unsorted table for a value in column "A", i.e. "test2". Then determine which record has the latest date.

In other words, If I test for the value "test2" in column "A", I find I have 2 records, with dates ranged across "D4:F4 and D7:F7".

I need to return the latest date found in those ranges...

The purpose here is to write a function that will find a range of dates associated with a name in an unsorted table, from that range find the latest date, then add 90 days to that date and display the results....

I have been trying to employ a form of, =VLOOKUP(E3,$B$3:$D$11,MATCH($F$1,$B$1:$D$1,0),FALSE) and =INDEX(Table_Array,MATCH(Lookup_Value,Lookup_Array,0),Col_Index_Num) combined with "IF" functions, but to be totally honest I am COMPLETELY lost here....

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REcord That Fall Within Date Range, AND Meet Text Criteria

Dec 8, 2006

I have a large database that is updated daily. From within the database I need to:

1. Select all records where date field A is 14 days or less than date field B


2. Where a field C matches a text criteria, i.e., =DOGGIE


3. Append KITTY to field D of all records that match criteria 1 and 2


4. SAVE results as a text file.

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Record Filename And Creation Date Of File Used In Another File

Mar 21, 2014

I have a template file that I import data in to, which is then saved with the current date. This works, but I want to automate the import of the data, but ensure I don't duplicate the load.
Therefore, I have a tab 'FileLog' that I record the filename (variable by date) in column A and Creation timestamp in column B.

How do I obtain the filename and creation timestamp of the import data so that they can be entered?

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Add A Row Between Every Record

Dec 14, 2008

Is it possible to add a row between every record, that has different data for 2 columns ( compared to the row below )

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Looking Up And Returning More Than One Record

Nov 4, 2009

I am building a form that uses a combo box to lookup up a row in a table and return row data. To make things more complicated I want to return more than one record. For example: the table has a list of jersey. I search for a style jersey. I want to search the list and return all the colours for the chosen style. Sometimes there is only one colour or there can be up to 10. Have a look a the attached example.

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How To Group Record And Name

Jul 10, 2013

How to group different record and name the group. Attached file

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How To Record A Macro

Jun 25, 2014

l would like to record a macro that allows one finds a 'key word' in sheet 1 ,then the macro should copy the entire raw of the search results to worksheet 2 .The macro should enable the user to have as many searches as possible but pasting all the results on one worksheet.

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Record Some Of Those Values On The Same Row?

Apr 22, 2010

I have designed a website for my uncles business and I have used numerous forms in vba. One of the things he wants me to do is display a list of some of the client details on a new work sheet and I have hit the wall..

I have about 6 worksheets,

The ones i need to access in this instance will be clients.xlsm and the temporary one i have created each time the form is run called temporary.xlsm

I need to search for a particualr client number in row A on the client list and return column number 2 and 3. Usually i would use the match or vlookup function but row A contains the client number numerious times.

However, (this is where I am stuck)
there are multiple client id's in row A. For example the client ID i am searching will exist say 3 - 6 times in row A and i always want to return the row number in a new cell on the temporary page each time it has found it.

I am searching for the client id in worksheet("clients").range("a:a")the client id is repeated and I want to return all the rows if there is a match, but match will only return one row...

would it be a for loop with a match function? -

when I find a match i want to be able to record some of those values on the same row it has found a match on the temporary worksheet

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