Formula Needed That Changes According To A Specific Day

Oct 12, 2008

I'm trying to make a spreadsheet for work so when im not there they can just enter the day for example sunday and what they have and then it will show them what they need to prep

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Formula To Sum If 2 Different Factors Are Needed

Apr 9, 2014

I have a big list with names, money spent and date. I need somehow with a formula to do:

Take all the money spent on some specific day from a specific person an put it into a field.. and this for every date of the week and for everyname... Im gonna upload a photo.





[Code] ........

I need the list of the left to produce me list of the right somehow, at least just the sum of everything spent everyday.

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Specialized Average Formula Needed

Jan 14, 2009

In order to avoid embedding 12 if statements, I want to take an average of a selection of cells based on what month it is. So I have a "now" function, and then a month function referencing the "now" cell so that I get the current month as a number 1 through 12. I have a row of expenses (C14:N14) and I just want the average from January up to the current month. The reason I can't take an average of the entire selection is because the users don't want to have to enter a 0 everytime there's nothing, they'd like to leave it blank, so the sheet needs to recognize what month we're up to. And the average function in Excel only takes an average of the data that is present, not the entire range. For example, if the data in the first cell was 15, second cell was 15, and third cell was blank, the average function returns 15 and not 10. So what I need is, for example, if it's March, the average will calculate =average(C14:E14) and so on. Any ideas? Maybe it's a simple change of formula instead.

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Formula Needed That Identifies Last Time Product Run

Jan 21, 2014

Basically I have in the first column, different products (lets call them a, b,c and d). in the second column is a counter which starts at 1 and continues counting down the column.

In the third column I need to identify if it is the last time the product has been run. i.e there are no more duplicates of product a further down the 1st column.

I have attached an example : example.xlsm‎

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Update Formula Needed For Multiple Workbooks

Feb 5, 2012

I'm in need of some VBA code to control the updating of information from 16 active workbooks to a master workbook and vise versa. I would like it on command as it slows down the use of the workbooks when they calculate after every change of data as they are being used. These workbooks are connected over a company intranet and are used 24/7.

The desire is that cells in the master workbook will read specific cells on each of the other workbooks and complete a "map display" of the data. The data is not in a column or row range side by side but scattered across the sheet to form a map when data is entered.

I've tried using code to open and close the workbook with on time events but that hasn't worked.

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Formula Needed To Separate Names From Numbers

Sep 21, 2012

I have a phone list set up as LastName, FirstName PhNum all in a single column. The problem is, some last names have a space, some phone numbers are in the xxx-xxx-xxxx format while others are just an extension like xxxxx.

Smith, John 519-123-4567
Van Smit, Joe 12345

What can I use in a formula to extract the numbers so that I can end up with 2 columns, one with names, the other with numbers.

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Formula Needed For Calculating Profit On Sales

Dec 14, 2012

In my spreadsheet, I have data for each sale in each row. Column C is the buy price, and column D is the sell price. I need column C to be subtracted from column D to get the profit into column E so that I can AutoSUM any cells in column E for total profit over any time period. The problem I'm having is that in columns C and D, I have either a dollar sign in front, or the letter m following without a space (ie $45.00 or 150m). Many cells in column C also contain another word following the buy price, and many cells in column D have a date following the sell price (ie $32.00 12/11 or 42m buyout).

Examples of how my spreadsheet looks:
A1: 12/13/12 B1: Item #1 C1: 100m D1: 152m
A2: 12/14/12 B2: Item #2 C2: $20.00 D2: $35.00
A3: 12/15/12 B3: Item #3 C3: 90m bid D3: 120m 12/16

So looking at my example above, I would need cell E1 to automatically show "52m", cell E2 "$15.00", and cell E3 "30m"

How I can get a formula for all of column E that will give me my profit for both $ and "m" for each item (row). I have tried the SUM function but just keep getting the #VALUE! error, it does not ignore the text like many people say it should.

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Formula Needed To Count Cells With Data

Jul 12, 2007

formula to calculate how many cells in a column contain data of any kind. The data might be a number, a word, or even a symbol, such as "):>:)" for example. The range will change from time to time. For example, one day it might be a2:a4956. A few days from now I might delete a few rows from the top, such as rows 2 through 26, so then the range would be a2:a4931. Then I might add rows at the bottom with data that I need to be counted. I dont want to have to change the formula evertime I add or delete rows with data. I do not want the formula to count a blank space created by the space bar as "data." One formula I used sorta worked, but if the cell appeared empty, but had been cleard out by pressing the space bar instead of the delete key, the formula counted it as a cell with data.

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Formula Needed Based On 2 Conditions And Variable Row Reference

Jan 9, 2014

I am an architect and recently I was required to do some extensive calculation relating to water requirements and toilet requirements for a building that i was designing. i created a excel file, with a basic vlookup function to put certain values in the cells that are pre-defined for a particular building typology (mostly created by governmental bodies as guidelines). for example, when i choose a particular type in column E, column F and G fills up automatically. now this table also gives me occupant load based on what is the area i enter in column D.

The problem is that I want to automate the calculation of toilet requirements. Now, each typology will have a different formula to calculate WC/Urinal/washbasin.

1. there will be 17 different formula - one for each typology (as shown in sheet 5)
2. Column j will calculate what is the number of WC required based on 2 criteria - first id what is the typology and then looking what is the number of occupant.

The problem here is for example, if in E9, selected typology as "offices", the formula of offices typology will be used in J9 and occupant value from H9 will be used but if i have E18 also selected as offices typology, the same formula will use occupant value mentioned in H18 instead of using H9.

Hence, excel will first have to look what is the typology selected. based on that, it will load formula - out of that 17 different formula - specific to that typology and finally it will refer to corresponding row for occupant load and will use it in the formula to get the result.

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Formula For Number Of Perfect Ordered Needed To Achieve Certain Target

Jun 11, 2014

I was working on a chart to calculate my Amazon seller rating to see how many more perfect order I need to hit my next target grade. Here is how the calculation works.

Order with no problem gets 100 points per order
Minor problem gets 0 point
Moderate problem minus 100 points
Severe problem minus 500 points

Grade are evaluate by:
<84.5 Fair
<96.5 Good
<98.5 Very good
Above is Excellent

Total points / total orders = final grade (or percentage)

As of now i got : 53800 (points) / 624 (orders) = 86.22(%)

Now that I know what grade I've got so far and I also want to know how many more perfect orders I need to achieve my next targets or in case some bad orders come by and how far they pull me down.

Attached is my work sheet so far and I'm just missing the calculation for the orange shaded part.

Amazon seller rating calculator.xlsx‎

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Formula Needed To Copy Same Set Of Data From Cells And INDEX Into A List

Nov 27, 2012

I have a list of data in columns Q R S and i need to in between each line insert the data from columns D E F underneath and then underneath that the data from G H I

so bascially i have a list at the moment like this



There is 2 sheets in total , 1 i need to inc 1-1 draw as above and the other sheet to be exc the 1-1 draw . I have attached an example of what i am trying to achieve . can offer as i have had this on with over 150 views and no solution

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Formula Needed To Make List Of Same Numbers From A List

Mar 21, 2014



So the data I put in Is Cells A to D the reast are calculated for me. so for example E2 is looking down column D to see if the number matches the number in A2, If any of them do it will put the name in the corresponding cell in E2 (Or you ca use a different cell if you prefer) so in this case D3=A2 so B3 is the answer also in the cell next to it I need whatever number is the cell next to the answer so in this case C3

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Better Method Needed For Column To Column Formula Transfer

Apr 20, 2007

On 18 worksheets I intend to use variations of the formula below to read ColsD:G and ColsK:N to ascertain whether the values are less then or equal (

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Formula Needed To Format A Cell When Its Value Is 0.2 Less Than The Cell To The Left

Apr 27, 2009

Is it possible to do the following?

if cell A1 = 6 and cell A2 =5.8 (0.2 below A1) colour cell A2 orange

if cell A1 = 6 and cell A2 =5.5 or below (0.5 or more below A1) colour cell A2 red

if cell A1 = 6 and cell A2 =6.2 / 6.5 / 6.8 (0.2/0.5/0.8 above A1) colour cell A2 green

if cell A1 = 6 and cell A2 =7.2 or above (1.2 or above A1) colour cell A2 green

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Specific Cell To Run A Specific Formula

Aug 14, 2009

let say in cell A6 i have a list


I can pick one of these. If i pick Cash then i want a specific cell to run a specific formula. depending on the item chosen.

So in cell A6 is the list.

in cell B6 an amount will be place and in C6 another amount will be place. the number for c6 will range from a -number to a +number.

But D6 looks to see if B6 meet the requirements for MTT, SnG or Cash depending on which item was selected from the list. and uses the formula below with $c$3 changing from to either $D$3 or $F$3 and comparing the values for the chosen item. the formula changes would look this

=IF(ISBLANK(C6),IF(B6>$C$3,"Do Not Play","PLAY"),IF(C6<B6, "Lost","Win"))

=IF(ISBLANK(C6),IF(B6>$D$3,"Do Not Play","PLAY"),IF(C6<B6, "Lost","Win"))

=IF(ISBLANK(C6),IF(B6>$F$3,"Do Not Play","PLAY"),IF(C6<B6, "Lost","Win"))

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Joining Two Datasets Together (VBA Needed?)

Jun 19, 2014

So I have two sets of data, I've attached a worksheet which has them both. The datasets have different intervals, but I need to drag "Colour" from Data2 into Data1 and associate it with the correct interval. Sometimes the intervals match up and sometimes they don't - which could be a problem, but as long as its within a small spread it's fine. The "Colour" column in Data1 is filled with my desired result, the source being Data2.


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TOC Or Index Needed For Workbooks Only

Sep 13, 2008

way to take 18 different workbooks, each containing the same 5 worksheets, and create a TOC that reference the workbook name only.

For Example, I would like to have one workbook with the first worksheet as an index or a table of contents that lists the name of 18 workbooks. When I hover my cursor over the name of a particular workbook in the index or TOC, it will open that workbook where I can now view 5 worksheets of that workbook.

Each workbook will contain the same 5 worksheets.

I am using excel 2002

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UDF Needed To Get Correct Data

Jul 3, 2014

I need identifying correct title and corresponding company name. For this I need a UDF which looks for first occurrence of title having event or marketing or meeting word in data and if found the remove other titles and company names already separated with "/".

Sample Data
Producer, Target BTC@Periscope/Events Manager, Recognition Events@Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board/Event Producer@Events by JLS

Required Result
Events Manager, Recognition Events@Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

Sample Data 2
Sales Associate@Teavana/Event Assistant@City of Saint Paul

Required Result 2
Event Assistant@City of Saint Paul

Sample Data 3
Sales and Catering Manager@Bunker Hills Golf Course at Town & Country Caterers/Marketing Coordinator@Town & Country Caterers

Required Result 3
Marketing Coordinator@Town & Country Caterers

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Msg Box Needed For Cell Value In Range

Jul 31, 2009

I am trying to get a MsgBox to appear if the cell value within a given range exceeds a certain number value in my case "8". The only issue I am experiencing is that the code seems to take into account any input from any cell, not just the range specified, and additionally since there are 7 columns in the range the MSgBox pops up 7 times, and I need it only once and if the cell value exceeds "8" only when input.

ideally i would like to do a named range as there as there is a block of data where this will need to repeat.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)

Dim cell As Range

With ActiveSheet
For Each cell In Range("J40:P40")

If cell.Value [A35].Value Then
MsgBox "Red Cell cannot exceed 8 hours per shift. Please correct this."
End If

End If
End With
End Sub

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Calculator Needed For Data Between Ranges

Jul 9, 2014

See the screen shot I have attached: ramp rate.jpg

Basically I have to trawl through tonnes of data every day and I would like an automatic way to do it for me. I am calculating the ramp up rate on an Autoclave oven so these figures are temperatures.

I have various ranges for each section of a cure cycle so I will use this one example.....

I need to calcuate the ramp up rate between 115°C and 140°C

I need to find the min and max between 115°c and 140°c then count the cells within the min and max, minus the min from the max then divide by how many cells there are inbetween


Is this possible?

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Exact Values Needed In InputBox

Jan 16, 2007

When I click a command button an InputBox pops up asking me to enter a set of initials. When I enter the initials and click OK all of the rows with the initials in column 'H' are transfered to another worksheet. However if I was searching for say the initials 'AP' and I only entered 'A' and clicked OK, it will still transfer all the corresponding data with an 'A' in column 'H'.

In other words I want the data that is entered into the inputbox to be exact or nothing gets transfered.

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Web Address Needed For Excel File

Apr 25, 2013

I want to create a web address for the attached file and then post the link on my football forum so that members can view the file in their browsers. Is it possible to do this?

Attached File : Book1.xlsx‎

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Delete Sheets Macro Needed!

Jan 31, 2009

I have a macro on: Sheet101 (DAY 1) that adds additional sheets.
Example: When I click active button it will add Sheet102 (DAY 2) & can add up to Sheet130 (DAY 30)

I want a macro that will delete any of the sheets added from Sheet130 (DAY 30) to Sheet102 (DAY 2) But WON'T Delete Sheet101 (DAY 1)

If I have added 3 sheets I want it to delete those 3 Sheets:

Sheet104 (DAY 4) <--DELETE
Sheet103 (DAY 3) <--DELETE
Sheet102 (DAY 2) <--DELETE
Sheet101 (DAY 1) <--DON'T DELETE

& give a vbOkCancel MessageBox saying: Do you want to Delete Added sheets?

Okay the code below works, but one thing!

It deletes DAY 30 to DAY 20, then it skips DAY 19 to DAY 10, then Deletes DAY 9 to DAY 1.
So it's not deleting DAY 10 to DAY 19...

Do I need to add a wildcard?

Here is the Code: .....

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Multiply 2 Columns With Each Other. Dynamic Row Needed

Jul 31, 2009

Hi, I have this good working formula: ...

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Array (delete Un-needed Data)

Sep 24, 2009

Is there a way to delete this un-needed data while it is still in an array (effectively resizing the array - removing specific columns and rows) and then writing the array back to the worksheet?

(5X5) Array with the following data

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Display Needed Info On Different Worksheet

Sep 29, 2009

The worksheet perfectly performs as expected, big thanks to JBeaucaire again. Now, as am looking around of the file and doing some exploration on the array, as I was trying to make this applicable to real life application, I noticed the following mysteries...

1. When I tried to delete some rows, The Members Sheet output went wrong and displaying #N/A. I noticed it's because the formula range have change. But it would be hard for a new user to re-arrange it over and over again everytime when a row is deleted.

2. I've been trying to solve this problem to no avail. I found this link that gives me an idea how my worksheet should work, this was already solved but I can't apply it on my worksheet...

3. I would like to add another column on A to put the 0 and 1 on, but I don't need to delete this column after the resort so that next time if I need to delete another row existing row i'll just replace the existing 0 with 1 on column A.

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Loop To Verify If Action Is Needed?

Jul 17, 2012

Anyway, I am basically done with a program which looks for one condition and displays an email to send as a reminder.

What I need is to have an if/then statement which checks a column in the spreadsheet and if the cell in the column states "closed" then an email is NOT displayed/sent. It seems whenever I run the macro, an email appears even if the cell for that row reads "closed."

My if/then statement in question lies following my note " 'here lies my current dilemma to solve"

Sub ThreeDayEmailTest()
' ThreeDayEmailTest Macro


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Hlookup With Dates Solution Needed

Oct 3, 2008

I am using HLOOKUP to show a date depending on the month shown in B10.

If B10 is January then the dates throughout January ie. 01/01/08 to 31/01/08 are shown in the cell range of F13 to F43. There is no problem with this unless there are 30 or 29 days etc in a month. So if November is in B10, in F43 I have the value of 00/01/1900. Can I modify my formula so if there is no data in the lookup table to return a blank value ie. "".

Here is my formula:

I obviously change the 2 to 3, 3 to 4 as I copy the formula down the table.

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Macro Needed To Open Folder

Oct 4, 2008

need a macro that will open the following folder

c: my documentskatyexcel

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Macro Needed For Email/submit Button

Jan 13, 2009

I've got this macro I pulled from some other site and it's not working quite like it should. In my eyes at least...

OK, first, a little back story...
At work we used to have a custom Outlook form that was used for submitting office supply order requests.
The form was stored on our public drive for all to access it when needed.
Well, the form broke somehow and no one knows how to fix it.
We need something to replace it.
Keep in mind that we have no access to the Internet, nor can we send/receive emails outside of the company.

So, I created a simple form in Excel with a drop-down list of all the items in the supply cage, a form field for the senders name, etc...

What the macro does is, it copies the active worksheet the form that just got filled out) to a new workbook (dropdown data is on other sheets in the original) and then opens Outlook (2003) to send it as an attachment.

The only catch is that when the email arrives the only thing filled out is the form fields, NOT the drop downs...

The ONLY way I can get the drop downs to send with data in them is to leave the original open.

Oh, and for some reason every time I sent this while testing, it would name the attachment Book1, Book 2, Book3, and so on. I can't have that...

Here's the code I'm currently using:

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