Formula To Compare Data On 2 Workbooks And Highlight Changes On Third Worksheet

Dec 11, 2013

I have a spreadsheet with two worksheets (sheet 1 and 2). Sheet 1 has all the current employee data on it e.g. employee number, Forename, Surname, Address, Pay rate, etc. Sheet 2 was last month's employee data in the same format. I want to compare the two worksheets on worksheet 3 and highlight any changes or just put the changes on worksheet 3 (this would be better).

The problem is employees might be on different rows on each worksheet and some employees might not be on one spreadsheet due to staff leaving and starting.

Each staff member has a unique employee number to identify them. So I need a formula that matches the employee number and then looks in the cells in sheet 1 and 2 and if different puts the value in sheet 1 into the cell in sheet 3.

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Compare Data In Two Workbooks And Highlight Matches

Jan 28, 2008

Here is the scenario. I am running a business and each day I download my orders for the day. The information includes customer names and addresses. The customer name is for example in column E. We will call this "Book1".

I have a second workbook that I use to store bad customer information. i.e. customers that I do not wish to sell to. The information stored here is customer name and address e.g. column A - customer name, column B - 1st line of address etc. This will be "Book2".

I wish to programmatically be able to compare customer names in column E Book1 to the customer names stored in column A Book2. Any matches found should highlight the rows (i.e. orders) in Book1.

I have tried to make this clear as possible. I want to be able to do this as a macro hence programmatically so when I click a button this comparison/highlighting takes place.

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Compare Data In Two Workbooks And Highlight Matches

Jan 28, 2008

I am running a business and each day I download my orders for the day. The information includes customer names and addresses. The customer name is for example in column E. We will call this "Book1". I have a second workbook that I use to store bad customer information. i.e. customers that I do not wish to sell to. The information stored here is customer name and address e.g. column A - customer name, column B - 1st line of address etc. This will be "Book2".

I wish to programatically be able to compare customer names in column E Book1 to the customer names stored in column A Book2. Any matches found should highlight the rows (i.e. orders) in Book1. I have tried to make this clear as possible. I want to be able to do this as a macro hence programtically so when I click a button this comparision/highlighting takes place.

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Compare Cells In Different Workbooks & Highlight Differences

Dec 6, 2007

I am trying to find a way to compare the cells (example: D4:D12 to the same cell range in another workbook. If the value in D4 is less than D4 in workbook 2 highlight it red and if it is greater highlight it green. I also want a loop to go through the specified range. Of course, the scale of the worksheets is much greater.
Another issue I foresee, is that the workbook name that I am comparing to changes every week, so is there a way to handle this change easily?

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Macro For Compare Worksheet Highlight Difference

Sep 29, 2013

I have 1 workbook contains 2 Sheet with Name and Address in Column A,B,C,D. Sheet1 always contains New Data of Name and Address and its import from another software.

I need a macro to Compare these 2 sheets, Highlight the rows which is not in sheet2

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How To Compare The Data And Highlight

Jun 13, 2014

Please refer to attached sheet. i have 2 sets of data. I need to compare the data and highlight.

First compare each cell in column W with each cell column L.

If match is found then compare the corresponding cell in column U with the value in column N.


W1 matches with L1 and U1 matches with N1 so do not highlight.

W2 matches with L7 and U2 does not match with N7 and hence highlight.

If value is different then highlight the cell in column U.

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VBA - Compare 2 Columns Highlight Data Not Common To Both

May 9, 2014

Looking for some code to do a simple compare column A to Column B (row 1 contains headings) and highlight any differences.

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Compare Data With Different Workbooks

Oct 11, 2008

i had received a new project. i want to compare the data among 2 different workbooks. there are book1 and book2 which i attach at here. if there are 1 cells is different with both workbooks, then the whole row will copy and paste to a new workbook "output.xls".

i also attach the "output.xls" at here.

the background color i highlighted which data is different, just for easy to view. so can ignore the color.

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Filter Or Highlight Changed Data Between Two Workbooks

Dec 11, 2007

I have two workbooks containing data, the second workbook being an update of the first. I am looking for a way to filter or highlight the data that has changed from the old book to the new. The rows of data have unique IDs that can be matched up between the workbooks but what I need to know is if any other data has changed on that row. Ideally I would like the spreadsheet to then set a filter to only show the changed row(s) but a simple highlight with colour of the changed cell(s) would suffice.

A complicating factor is that multiple rows of data can be contained under one unique identifier. I don't know if this makes the whole idea implausible but any suggestions or pointers in the right direction. I have attached a workbook with example data if my description above is unclear.

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Compare Data Between 2 Columns And Highlight Duplicates Using 2007

Aug 6, 2008

searching between 2 columns (A:B) and finding duplicate emails using some type of formatting that will highlight duplicate emails?

For example?

I am using MS Excel 2007 and not very experienced, but this is for a marketing golf tournament my company is hosting.

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Compare Cell Data Between Two Workbooks

Jul 7, 2009

I am modifiying a macro I once used to compare cell data from a worksheet to a worksheet in the same workbook. But I am having trouble getting it to work bewtween two workbooks.

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Compare Workbooks And Extract Data

Jul 3, 2007

I have 2 workbooks containg about 600 names and the serial number of the computer they are using. One I keep so I know who has what machine. The other is created automatically by a service we subscribe to.
This workbook is loaded with errors. Machine costs being charged to the wrong people.

They both contain last name, first name and serial number. Although not in the same columns. With formulas, I have been able to take the serial number from the service.xls and find that serial number in the inventory.xls.

The ultimate goal is this:
Take serial number from service.xls and compare it to inventoryxls.
If it exist, put the first and last name of the user from inventory.xls onto the service.xls sheet.
If it does not exist, then put "does not exist"

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Compare Data From 3 Workbooks Against 2 Files

Feb 15, 2010

For the past several days I have been attempting to write a macro, which in theory would check the values within a one- sheet workbook (we’ll call it run_list.xls) against the values in two different workbooks (we’ll call these production.xls, development.xls). However after several days I am nowhere closer to solving this problem then I was when I started. I’ve tried different scripts and variations of vlookup, but I have been unsuccessful in tailoring what I have found to meet my needs. So I feel it is time to lie down and scream for a medic.

Here’s some background on the workbooks. The sheets in all three workbooks are set up in the same manner. Cell “A1” contains time/ date, cell “A2” contains a lot#, cells “A3:A99” contain positioning data, and cells “B3:B99” contain serial numbers associated with tubes in the specific positions. The only differences between the workbooks are the sheets in production.xls and development.xls are labeled according to their specific lot number.

What I have been trying to do is to take a value from cell "B3"in run_list.xls and find where that value occurs in column B either of workbooks. When that value was found I wanted to copy cell "A2" from its sheet and paste that value in cell "D3" of run_list.xls. I had also wanted to repeat that those steps for every cell in column B containing a serial #. If a serial number was not found I wanted it to report “Not Found”. There are also times when instead of a serial number a phrase “No Trakmate” is listed. In these cases I had intended to skip these lines.

Also, since production.xls, development.xls are updated frequently their names are also updated with new version numbers ie. Production_v10.xls I had intended to allow the user to choose what files to search in but was unable to figure out how to add a second location.

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Compare And Merge Data From Two Different Workbooks

Apr 4, 2007

I'm sure that there is an excel function that can do this but darned if I can figure out which one it is. This is what I would like to do: I have two different workbooks. Each workbook has one worksheet that has two columns of data. The first column is a part number and the second column is a price. The first workbook holds my master data. Starting at the first column of the first row on the second workbook I wish to compare the part number held in that cell with the part numbers held in the first column of the first workbook. If there is a match then I want to take the associated price from the second workbook and place it in a cell to the right of the corresponding part number in the first book - actually in the first open cell in the third column. I wish to do this automatically via macro, or otherwise, for all part numbers in the second workbook. The macro will also need to recognize that some part numbers in the second workbook may not appear in the first workbook in which case that part number is skipped.

The end product is my first workbook that has been transformed from two columns of data to three columns of data - one part number and two price points although not all part numbers will have the two price points. If it helps I can copy the data in the second workbook and paste it in to a second worksheet in the first workbook and do all the work in the one workbook.

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Compare Two Workbooks And Copy Unmatched Data

May 15, 2007

I have two workbooks: one is a daily workbook that will be used to keep track of work accomplished, the other is a weekly report that is generated by head office.

What I need to do each week when the head office report is generated is to match up the Project ID's (they are the constant in each workbook) from the daily workbook with the weekly one. If there are Project ID's that are new, the corresponding information would then be copied over to the daily workbook.

I am working on the copy command but I'm just not sure how to go about setting up the search to match Project ID's.

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Compare Workbooks To Include Missing Data

Jul 1, 2008

I have 2 worksheets that need to be merged. More specifically, I have one 'master' XLS file with some columns included in it that are missing from a second XLS file. I need to merge the new columns (with column titles in row 5) into the second 'auxilary' sheet without touching data above row 5.

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Compare Data In 2 Workbooks And List Missing Data

Mar 13, 2007

I have data in 2 workbooks. Book1 - Sheet1 - Col A and Book2 - Sheet2 - Col A. I want to compare Book2 with Book1 and list all values in Book2 that do not find a match in Book1. I want to run a macro for this

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Compare Two Ranges In Different Workbooks And Copy Data To A 3rd Workbook

Jul 30, 2004

I have two spreadsheets in different workbooks ( workbook 1: sheet 1 and workbook2: sheet1), here i need to compare column 5 in Book1 and Column 5 for all cells, say X is the value we are looking for..

X occurs once in book1 and might occur more than once in if a match occurs ( that is once the code checks that there is X occuring in both books in columns 5) it should copy all rows in book 2 where X occurs to a new workbook 3 in sheet 1 and also it shoud copy entire row data where X occurs in book 1 sheet 1 . But this data from book 1 has to be copied at the end of row after the data from book 2 has been copied.

if X occurs 4 times in book 2 , then 4 rows have to be copied in book 3 and then data from Book 1 where X occurs only once is copied 4 times at the end of the data from book 2.

this process has to repeated for all cells in columns 5 in book1 and column 5 in book2 .

Sub Find_Matches()

Dim M, N As Range, x As Variant, y As Variant
Dim NewRange As Range

‘ To get the book1 location

MsgBox " Selec the Location of N File"

Application.Dialogs(xlDialogOpen).Show arg1:=""


Sheets("sheetA").Select .......................

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Put A Formula In The First Worksheet That Will Compare The Property Numbers

Dec 3, 2008

I have a worksheet with property numbers in colum A and first names in column B. Another worksheet has property numbers in A, first names in B, and last names in C (different order, all mixed up)

I want to put a formula in the first worksheet that will compare the property numbers and when it finds a match put the last name from the second worksheet into the first. Does that make any sense? I have tried vlookup but i'm obviously doing something wrong. example below....

# first last
123 x
124 y
125 z

another sheet looks similar but has info in the "last" column. the numbers between the two sheets are not in the same order so i need to search by number and put the info from the second sheet into the first.

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Compare Data In Separate Workbook Or Worksheet

Jan 30, 2010

Im working with a huge amount of data in BOOK1.xls and once or twice a week I received an update of the list.

1. I need to compare and find out from the new updated worksheet if there is a new revision, and if there are new documents added to the list. I have tried Vlookup..but it didnt work for me. Ex. Doc1 has revision 1, 2 in my BOOK1 that I am working on. Note that there is a repetition of the DocName, Doc Number except for the revision.

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Extract Data From Multiple Workbooks Into One Worksheet

Apr 15, 2008

I have a folder with an unlimited number of Excel Workbooks. Data within workbooks are in same format - 3 columns of data. I would like to extract the Data in the range (B55:B70) for every workbook, transpose the data and append by rows into one worksheet.

To be clear - I want to take data range B55:B70 from first workbook,transpose and put on first row - take data range from second workbook, transpose and put on second row, repeating for unlimited number of times...

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Compare, Add, And Highlight

Jun 23, 2008

How would you add rows with the same name and then if they are equal in added amount, to highlight them in red?


a b c

xyz x 50 (highlight in red)
zzyy x 50
zzyy z 50
zzyy x 50
xyz z 50 (highlight in red)

zzyy is x = 100 and z = 50 so it would not be highlighted in red.

but xyz is x =50 and z =50 so it is highlighted.

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VBA To Compare And Highlight Differences

Aug 3, 2013

I have to worksheets I get from two different dbases do the output is slightly different in each. What I need is simple, (I think). Just need to get a VBA that looks from Sheet1 to Sheet2 for a doc number. If it's not on Sheet 2, simply highlight it BLUE on Sheet, AND then looks from Sheet2 to Sheet1, and if it's not on Sheet1, then highlight the entry on Sheet2 GREEN.


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Merging Data From Multiple Non-standardized Workbooks Into One Summary Worksheet

Jun 11, 2014

I am attempting to write code for a macro that can cycle through about 30 excel workbooks and merge the data. getting the raw data on one sheet is not a problem, but I also need to sort similar data into corresponding columns while merging such that all data from the workbooks with a certain column heading will be in a single column with a single heading on the summary sheet. The problem is that the column headings on the source workbooks are not always standardized, i.e. "F high", "high F". Each sheet has several columns that look like the one below, with a header at the top and a series of numbers. (please ignore the dashes, I just used them to line up the columns in this post, in excel each value is in a different cell)

F Low---F High---V Low

My vba skills are very basic, so I have been approaching this problem with a mountain of if..else and InStr commands, which doesn't seem like the best method and isn't working.

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Compare A List And Highlight Similarities

Feb 24, 2014

Is there a way I can compare the names in column A to those in both B&C and highlight them a certain color if they are the same?

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Compare Two Tables And Highlight Differences

Jan 30, 2012

I have two employee rosters, "yesterday" and "today", with same columns heading(First, Last, Location, Status, etc, etc, etc . I want to compare both rosters and highlight the differences on "today's" roster if an employee's information (location, status, etc) changes from yesterday.

Another change could be, an employee may not be on today's roster as he was yesterday and I could have a new employee on today's that wasn't on yesterday's. Is there a way to copy the row/record from yesterdays roster and add him to today's but highlight it so I know that he is gone?

Compare Two Sheets and Highlight Differences (Sheet attached)

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Vba: String Compare And Highlight The Difference

Aug 25, 2008

I have a string compare function that compares two strings and return 1 if matches. Each string has multiple words separated by ",", and all these words need to be matched.

This function is done, but I want to add a little feature to it. For each string, if one word cannot be found in the second string, change that word's size to 14, fontstyle to bold.

Function StringCompare(value1 As String, value2 As String) As Integer
''this function compare the words from 2 strings
''each word is seperated by "," and the order of these words does not matter
''return 1 if matches, 0 if not match
Dim v As Variant, u As Variant
Dim i As Integer
Dim answer As Integer, answer1 As Integer, answer2 As Integer
answer1 = 1
answer2 = 1

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VBA Compare Two Strings, Highlight Differences

May 18, 2009

how can I get the red highlighting to work like so?

Test Test_002 6698F ES6698F DVP3142 DVP3144 GTM8800 GTI8000 SDV394 SV384STC

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Compare Lists & Highlight Duplicates

Jul 3, 2007

I receive a daily spreadsheet which contains (amongst other information) a column of postcodes. I'd like to run a macro which compares these postcodes with a list of other postcodes, and then to colour highlight each instance of that post code in the daily spreadhseet.

I have been able to find and modify a macro but that searches for one post code at a time and then adds a comments box to the cell.

Instead of copying that piece of code and editing it for the several hundred post codes I need to "look up" against, I'd like to know how to create a list of post codes in the macro, so that the macro searches the first post code in the lookup list, finds and highlights each cell instance, then moves onto the next post code in the lookup list, until the end of the lookup list. I would like this as the editing of the lookup list would be much easier than editing paragraphs of code.

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Compare Worksheets & Highlight 1 By Criteria

Feb 18, 2008

I have read other threads dealing with this issue, but none seem to help me! I have a workbook with two worksheets, both with the same number of rows in them. I want each cell in worksheet1 to be compared to the cell in the same row and column in worksheet2, and if the worksheet1 cell is greater in value then the cell should turn red. I have tried the previously mentioned tactic of selecting the whole column in worksheet2, assigning it a name, selecting the column in worksheet1, and applying conditional formating based on the name. However, the result is always that the whole column in worksheet1 turns red, regardless of whether the cells are greater in value or not.

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