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Graph - Hide If 0

Is there a way you have a graph auto-hide if the data its pulling in equals 0?

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Make A Graph That Will Graph Against Time
How can i make a graph that will graph against time? lets say i have a bank balance like this:

1/2/2000 $500
1/3/2000 $600
3/12/2000 $400

there may be more than one entry on any one given day, or there may not be an entry for 2 weeks. How can i graph the running balance in a way that it will show the timeline just as a calendar year(or however long i selected) and the points are plotting according to their date, not just equally spaced out.

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Line Graph: (line Graph To Display An Amount Over Time)
I want to use a line graph to display an amount over time - that's the easy part. On the other hand, I would like to have to group the lines based on a value.

A short example:
Imagine you own 3 different stores and you're selling oranges. So your table looks like this:

Now I'd like to have one graph (3 different graphs won't work as the rows increase -I need to select the whole column as data source):

Date on the x axis,
Oranges sold on the y axis,
and one line per store (e.g. a green one for store A, a red one for B and a blue one of C, doesn't matter).

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Query Hide State Of Column Ranger And Hide If False
I want to create a macro that checks whether a specified range of columns is hidden, and

a) hide them if they are not hidden, or
b) unhide them if they are hidden,

i.e. toggle the Hide state.

What method can I use to query the hidden state of a selected range of columns and return a boolean value?

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Hide Columns & Hide X-axis Labels
I am filtering the data displayed in a chart by hiding columns. I would also like to filter the X-Axis labels by hiding columns. If I do this manually I have no problems but when I run the following macro the chart gives a reference error for the X-axis labels.

Sub ShowA2()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
num = Sheets.Count
Range(Columns(1), Columns(256)).Select
Selection.EntireColumn.Hidden = False
For a = 1 To 5
Sheets(num - a).Activate
If ActiveSheet.Name = "A2 Data" Then
Selection.EntireColumn.Hidden = False

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X-Y Graph
I have a X-Y graph with 602 data points. My x scale is a counter from 1 to 602 and the Y is a decreasing set of numbers. When I hover my mouse over the points on the graph (I zoomed the graph) My first 3 points are all labeled as Point "1". At the end of my graph, my last 3 points are labeled 599,601,602, it skips 600.

I am using Excel 2007. Has anybody seen this before?

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Graph Background
I'm working on a interfacing program between delphi-excel to manipulate data (from delphi tables) and create a graph in excel. The program is almost done, but I'm having problems with the background and foreground color of the graphs, which don't change.

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Activate Graph
I am getting old and can't remember how to activiate a graph to accept and show new numbers.

Example: In "Charts and Graphs for Microsoft Office 2007" by Bill how does one get the graph (Figure 3.35) to accept data for the coming months and have the data reflected in the Linear Trend Bar (the forecast bar is not in the figure) but I would like to include it?

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Offsets In A Graph
I'm trying to figure a way to calculate numbers in arrears as a part of a sum/average/stdevp.

What I've done so far is create a named range called "x_values" that dynamically adjusts itself to the dates given. What I'm trying to do is create a range that finds the avg of each "X_VALUE", and the previous X_VALUE before it.

I tried =offset(x_values,0,0,roll_factor,1) to do the offsetting; but it just starts at the very top of my range .....

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Scattered Graph ..
I have three colums of data.

First represet company , second colum represent data1 ( x- axis) and third represet data2 ( y-axis).

I want to plot x-y graph with the company name

McDon | 10 | 20

In the above case i want to show a round circle or dot which will be 10 right on x axis and 20 up on y axis and near the dot i want to show McDon as company name.

See that attachement... Graph is coming well.. but i am not able to add the company name to the dots.. or pot of x and y intersection

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Total Graph
I hope you can help me out on a problem I am having. I would like to create a macro that generates a total graph of my sales.

Per product line I have defined a sheet, and I have a defined area per sheet where the sales are recorded. This sheetlayout is the same for every product line and looks like the following:

date name_customer price quantity
1/1/09 Johan 8.00 5
4/1/09 Peter 12.00 9
24/01/09 Carol 29.50 36

In my totals sheet I want to include a line graph, where every line is a product line, on the x-axis the months, and in the y-axis the total per month.

I am using Excel 2007 if that makes a difference.

To complicate things, I use a macro to first empty the sheet and recalculate the totals per product line.

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Put The Annotation On The Graph
I need to create a graph using the data in the following format:
Item X Y
A: 10 100
B: 20 200
C: 30 300
D: 40 400
E: 50 500
I need to annotate points with A,B,C etc in the scatter plot so that the same can be quickly identified in the graph.

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Dynamic Graph
I have a sheet that has names in column A and a list of subjects in Row 1. Cells B2:BA25 have the scores acheived for each person in each subject. I was thinking of creating a customisable graph where by there would be a dropdown box that could select a persons name and this would populate a bar graph of all that persons scores.

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One Graph Three Variable
I want to carry out a survey in Sept, Oct and Nov. I will asking 1000 random people in each survey what is their personal favourite--- iPhone, Nexus or Blackberry. Counts of each phone type is then divided into male and female.

Now we have three variables: gender, phone type and month. Is there any way I can present 3 variables on X, Y & Z axes and the value at their intersection as bubble size (or colour gradient)? Theoretically it's possible but I can't find a way to do it in excel. Or anyone knows any software that can get the job done?

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Create Graph Using VBA
I want to create excel graph using VBA and found difficulties on chart name set to default.

the script is like this :
ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 31").Activate

Can I set my own name of the chart instead of "Chart 31" (excel default) ?

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XYZ Coordinates Graph 3D
I have the following data:

X Axis - Years (2004, 2005 ,...)
Y Axis - Quantity (imported, exported, produaced)
Z- Axiz - Name of the products

I want to make a graph with teh X, y,z axis in excel. When i use the 3D graphs in excel, it is not taking the z vales connected to teh cell.

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Dimensions Of A Graph.
My macro prduces some text ang a graph on the screen and I can print the result.
Ok so far. But when I run this macro in a different screen resolution, the layout of the page is disturbed: the graph is on the wrong place and the dimensions of the graph are different.

Of course I can drag and resize the graph and include this proces also in the macro but I think this is not the right way. My question is: are in VBA commands which can fix the graph to a location on the sheet/screen and adjust the graph to the requested heighth and width?

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Graph Plotting...?
I use spectrometer in my reesearch. The datas are in (a, b) format in single cell. Is it possible to seperate a and b seperately? like a in seperate cell and b in seperate cell?

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Show A Tab With A Graph
I know that to show a tab in VBA you can write worksheet("NameOfTheTab").select
However, it does not work when the tab is just graph.

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Grouping In A Graph
I would like to create a graph where the numbers are grouped in such a way as all numbers between 0 and -1 are shown in one column, all numbers between -1.1 and -2 are shown in the next column, all numbers between -2.1 and 3 are shown in another column etc

The numbers are shown below


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Locking A Graph
how to lock a graph in an unprotected worksheet?

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Creating A Graph Using VBA??
I have implemented a function in VBA which calculates certain values, called 'IndexSim.' These values are not required to be outputted into the spreadsheet, however I would like to create a simple line graph plot of these values against 1,2,....etc however many values are chosen to be created. The code is as follows:

'Create storage for FTSE100 and binary payoff simulations.
Redim IndexSim(1 To SampleSz) As Double
Redim Payoff(1 To SampleSz) As Double

'Do the simulations.
For Cnt = 1 To SampleSz
IndexSim(Cnt) = gBmProcess(Kt, r, q, Vol, TMat - TNow)
If IndexSim(Cnt) >= IndexBetValue Then
Payoff(Cnt) = Range("D18").Value
Payoff(Cnt) = Range("D19").Value
End If
Next Cnt

how I can create a line graph for the 'IndexSim' values, which will update everytime the macro button is clicked.

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Pop-up Graph On Mouse Over
is it posable to get a graph to popup when the mouse is draded over a certen cell? or maybe to get it to popup in the comments bubble. if that is possible. then is it possible to set pramators that if its above 350 it turns red( on a line graph) and if its below its turns black. this was throwen at my about 20 min ago.

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How Do I Have A Graph Ignore Zero Value Cells
I have a graph that references a column which contains a formula. In the instances where this formula produces a zero value or a DIV/0 error, I would like the graph to contain a blank space.

As it is now, the zero or DIV/0 cell graphs as a zero value. I have tried using an IF statement which takes any zero or error and replaces the cell value with "": IF(A5/A6=0,"",A5/A6)

Even though the cell comes up as blank... a zero value still appears on the graph. The only way for me to have the graph ignore that cell is to go into the cell and delete the formula. This is unnacceptable b/c the data is updated daily... I do not want to have to go through my data every day and delete cells.

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How Do I Not Graph A 0 Value On A Line Chart
I have created some charts for my work and one of them is a line chart that spreads across one year with values for each month. Well they want the graph to always show one month ahead of where we are out. So there is actuals in for Sep. but then the line graph drops all the way to 0 for Oct. I don't want to have the graph bottom out when there is a zero. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Connecting Points In A Graph
I have a data and it has been plotted into a graph. Here's what i have: I have 2 points, point A and point B with caps, 1.00 and 2.00 respectively. So now i need to draw 3 parallel lines, i.e from the caps and the main point itself. How do i do that? Manually will be of course selecting a line from the shapes. Any suggestions?

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Dynamic Range In Graph
I have a table that has formulas that read off a pivot table. When the pivot table is updated, the other non-pivot table is updated. I created a graph off of the non-pivot table data. I want to do a bar chart, but if data is added to the pivot table (and then through formulas added to my non-pivot table) I want the graph to automatically update with the new fields. I can't figure out how to do this

For example, if my table had Grapes, apples and peaches and their quantities in cell A2:b4 if I choose range a2:b5 I don't get any data in my graph at all, if I choose the correct range a2:b4, I get a bar chart with Grapes, Apples and Peaches and thier quantites. If I added Strawberries to the Pivot table, the non-pivot table would update, but the graph is not grabbing row 5, I have to manually change the range to a2:b5.

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Cost Vs Units Graph
I'm wondering how to display the following cost model on a graph (this is a piecewise-linear cost model for some production company):

Cost per unit for 0-10 units: $1
Cost per unit for 11-20 units: $3
Cost per unit for 21-30 units: $5
Cost per unit for 31-40 units: $8
Fixed cost: $100 (this is regardless of the number of units produced)

Basically I'm looking to construct a cost vs units graph.

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Creating A Graph Over Time
Hi i have alot of values that i would like to display in a graph over time.

The problem is, is that there are many different times (irregular intervals) that the value is recorded during each day.

whenever i create a graph and choose the x-axis format as the date i get a spike at each day, which is no good!

value Date Date Time
0 22/12/2008 12:33:35 22/12/2008 12:33:35
0 22/12/2008 20:53:25 20:53:25
9 23/12/2008 00:48:48 23/12/2008 00:48:48 ....

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Screen Graph Not Updating
The following short macro moves data into an area from where a series of graphs can either be displayed on the screen or printed. It may not be the most elegant of code and the way in which I "jump" around the hard copy option may raise some eyebrows, however except for what follows, it generally works.

When the "S"creen option is taken only the first graph is displayed, subsequent ones are not shown, (the screen does not refresh). What do I need to add to the coding to ensure each graph is shown? .....

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Create 'blank' On Graph Instead Of 0 Value?
What can I have the IF statement return as a result that will NOT graph at all. Just leave a hole in the graph.

Long Question:

I have a large range of values and dates.
1/1 1/2 1/3 ....etc
10 11 7 .......etc
8 12 6 .....etc

These values are pulled via VLOOKUP() from various places. When VLOOKUP finds a blank cell, it returns a '0', which doesn't work for me. I've added an IF(ISBLANK), to return "", which is (I believe) an empty cell. The problem is, this is still graphing as a zero. So it will be graphing along nicely, and then shoot down to zero and back up again.

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How Not To Graph Blank Cells
How do I graph (scatter or line) a series of values that contain blank cells in the y data series, without them coming up as zero values on the graph.

If the y value is blank, I do not want this data point plotted at all....

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Transposing Data For Graph
I am trying to create a graph for each store in my data sheet.

I have a data sheet with a list of stores that lists the quantity that was ordered by each store for the month of December. Not all stores placed ordered on the same dates.

What I would like to do is take the data from store line and create three columns that are: ....

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Updating Graph Daily
Im handling a graph, line type, that needs to be updated daily, as daily, another cell in the row will be filled.

Anyone can tell me how I can make it update daily and still only show untill todays data. For instance: today is the 7 of May and I want only to show the evolution from the first of the month to the 7th but tomorrow I want it to automatically show from 1 to the 8th,and so on...

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Postion Autoshapes On Graph Relatively
I have a line graph which I have annotated using the autoshapes function in Excel. Various high points and low points have notes attached in order to make the graph clearer to clients.

Unfotunately, if I want to update the range of the graph (say to include two months instead of the usual one,) none of the autoshapes move.

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Creating An Image From A Graph
I want to add a button to a worksheet to allow a graph to be exported as an image. This seems to be a fairly common request, I have read some of the posts but cant get it to work. I am using Excel 2003 as that is all we have...

So, I have a simple button on 'sheet1' containing :

Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Worksheets("Sheet1").ChartObjects("Chart 1").Chart.Export Filename:="h: est.jpg", FilterName:="jpg"

End Sub

.. but it doesn't work. I get the error :

Run-time error '1004':
Application-defined or object-defined error

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Time Model Graph
I have a sheet with a table of peoples hours they are doing during the week each day. I want the hours to be put into a model shading the appropriate times to show when people will be in. I have attached a sample sheet of what i want it to do which i have had to do my self. Sheet 1 has table in and sheet 2 has the model i want to be automatically filled in once ihave entered all my data in the original table.

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Ignoring Zero Values On Graph
I have a line graph that charts certain data per day in a month.

During the weekend there is no data. The graph however considers the number as zero, and I want it to just "skip" that day and plot the line directly from the friday date to the monday, instead of the line touching zero on saturday's and sundays.

Is it possible to do this? Or am I forced to adapt my table to only include days of the week?

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Plotting On Scatter Graph
We have a special testing machine in the lab I work in, and it measures reflectivity from reflective vests etc. A special instrument takes a reflective reading and reports back a X and Y value which is used then as a co-ordinate and gets plotted on a graph.

The machine measures for 8 colours, and takes four readings, so for example the first color will be Flourescent Yellow. and then it produces 4 "X,Y" readings, which get plotted onto a graph, and joins all 4 points to create a box as shown in the link >> Graph with joined plots

This is a small capture of the spreadsheet with the values >> spreadsheet

Basically, I need to know how to take the values in columns X and Y, and then make it plot onto a graph as one point, and then join the four points for that one colour,

end result being the grapgh will have upto 8 boxes on it.

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Make Graph In Each Sheet
the sheet name is made by a inputbox in sub a()
in this way i make all my sheets with some data in it

afterwards, i run sub b() that does some calcs in each sheet and i want each time a graph in it (not in seperate graphsheet)

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Graph - Expandable Range
i have a range (A2:A30) that has values imported into it (sheet1).
in B2:B30, i'm doing a simple calculation based on the perspective values in A.
The number of values imported into A is different each time my model is run.

i'd like to graph A and B columns against each other but i don't want to have to adjust the range on the graph each time the model is run.

ps. i tried graphing A2:A30 vs. B2:B30 but the graph also shows the empty cells in A so that doesn't work.

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Select Graph With A Combo Box
I currently have a spreadsheet with about 30 graphs, and when I am done there is going to be about double that.

I want to make one sheet, with a combo box that allows me to select which graph to display, so that users don't have to cycle through a large number of tabs.

I have seen this done before, but can't figure out how to do it. The extent of what I know is making a combo box and selecting the data range for the options to select in the combo box.

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Graph Using Named Ranges
Is it possible to create a chart based on value from a drop down?

The drop down has two values which are both named ranges.

There for I want to be able to choose from the drop down whether to display data per team or per agent.

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To Display A Graph In A VB Userform
I would like to have a graph to pulled on to a userform for display purpose.

I would like to hava a VBA macro to do this operation for a command click event.

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Combining 3 Lines Into 1 On Graph
I'm having trouble combining three lines into one. I'm trying to do a daily weight chart and the x-axis is days of month, and the y-axis is the weight. I have 3 rows for the weight (one red line for weight going up from previous day, one green if the weight goes down from previous day, and one yellow line for equal). I want to make the three into one showing the colors. Right now all they are are vertical lines and are not connected.

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Create A Graph Report
Rep NameCall StartedDuration h:mm:ssRep 12:19:18 PM0:00:36Rep 13:09:01 PM0:00:56Rep 13:11:01 PM0:01:05Rep 13:12:12 PM0:01:13Rep 13:26:26 PM0:00:39Rep 27:08:35 AM0:01:57Rep 27:16:32 AM0:02:12Rep 21:47:17 PM0:02:01Rep 37:05:01 AM0:10:37Rep 37:36:24 AM0:00:16Rep 311:41:43 AM0:15:21Rep 312:47:36 PM0:00:46Rep 31:45:36 PM0:02:19Rep 31:49:54 PM0:00:32Rep 31:51:46 PM0:00:56Rep 31:55:03 PM0:00:35Rep 31:59:26 PM0:00:22Rep 47:04:24 AM0:00:16Rep 42:40:41 PM0:00:08Rep 43:06:22 PM0:02:16Rep 43:21:35 PM0:00:04Rep 43:21:49 PM0:03:05

which is the time that any rep started a call and the duration of each call

and i need to make a graph from it that kind of looks like this:

(not actual data)

this way you can clearly see that for the most part rep 3 was the most productive however only rep 2 was on a call after 2pm.

i need this report to see tendencies on how much time is wasted on meetings and such keeping the reps off the phone.

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Puting The Values At The Top Of A Bar Graph
I have a bar graph..and on top of each bar, i want the x value for that bar.

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Time And Graph Preferences
I'm having a couple of Excel problems.

1. I have a SQL query that returns a time span. Is there any way Excel can convert, for example, 51.9451388888889 into dd.hh:mi format that still allows me to manipulate the data as time so that I can add times together and compare times. So I would like the number above to be formatted to look like this '51.22:41' and still be able to work with it as if it was just a regular time.

2. I want to make a graph from this data I have (the data in the question above). The data has this output format:
A ----B-----C
Date-time ( hh24:mi)----- Time span -------- Reason

I would like to make a graph that displays for each month the 5 highest Timespans on the y-axis and their reasons on the x-axis.

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Creating A Graph With Dates
I have a spreadsheet that I'm trying to make a graph that shows the amount of letters mailed in a certain month.

The first line has 01/24/2008 as date received and 01/28/08 as date mailed. I'm trying to make a graph that shows the amount of letters received and mailed in each month. I know there are probably numerous ways to do this but I'm looking for the most effiecent and I would like to be able to update the same spreadsheet and have the graph update as I add information.

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Graph With Multiple Value Axis
how can i make a graph "like a line graph"
to have multiple value axis's?

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Graph Rational Function
when graphing a rational function (y = 1/x) i get a line crossing the asymptote (y axis for this function...)

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