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Highlight Cell If Same Value Exists In Another Column

I'm trying to do a formula without using a marco. The formula would do the following:

- Highlight value in column A if the value is found in column B and on the same line value in column F and I are equal to zero;
- Value in column A could match many value in column B

I tried everything I know but can't seems to make it work.

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Highlight Row If Cell Value Exists In Row
I'm trying to make a macro. I'm experienced with Excel (took a college course on it) but am really new to VBA and making my own macros.

I need a macro that will take the item number in cell E4, and highlight the row (specifically columns B through R) where that unique item number is found (they're located in row B).

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Delete Row If Value In Cell Exists In Another Worksheet Column
I have working data on list sheet and added data on compiled sheet.

I need to match duplicates and delete these rows from compiled sheet.

I've tried coping to the list sheet and use "Remove Duplicates", but it rids me of the data that has been processed and has fills applied.

I'm looking for a macor that can do this work for me without losing data on list sheet.

This data reaches into the thousands and I'm looking to run this off the CASE column.

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Determine If Cell Value Exists In Column Of Table
Im trying to write a formula that will check if a name that I have in column A also appears in column B and if it does I want it to return a value for example TRUE in column C.

I'm currently doing a survey and I have all employees in column A (600persons) and then column B I enter thos that have taken the survey. So If an employees name exist in column B he/she has done the survey and then they I get the value "TRUE" or "1" or something else. So in this way I can easily see who has and who hasn't done the survey. I've been trying with VLOOK and so on but I can not get it right? Maybe I need VBA?

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Count / Sum Numbers In Column Where Specific Text Exists In Adjacent Cell
One has numbers the other has "YES" or is blank. I want a formula to look at the second column and where there is a "Yes" then count the number in the same row in the first column.

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Highlight Row And Column On Move Down Of Cell
As I move down a cell, I would like the entire row and column be highlighted. Is that possible?

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Highlight Entire Row When Any Cell In 1 Column Contains Specific Value
Code that will highlight a entire row when a cell from a column has a value of 0. It will check all the cell from Column C1:C100 and check all the cells that contains a 0 value. Need to highlight the entire row that contains this cell value and fill it in orange color.

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Highlight An Entire Column Based On A Cell Date.
I want to highlight an entire column based on whether a cell in that column is equal to today's date.

I know how to write a loop that cycles through all of the columns until it finds today's date and then modify the column's properties, I was wondering if there was an easier way to do it. Also, I want the highlighting to be temporary meaning it should not save.

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Sum Smallest Value Per Row If Value Exists In Column A
The whole "story" is explained, in details, inside the attached WB.

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Finding Whether Value In One Column Exists Or Not In Another
I have serial numbers say 1 to 100 in column A. In column B i have values which are text and numbers combined. In column C I have similar values as in B.

Now, if any value in Column B appears in Column C, then in Column D It should tell me Yes or No or 0 or 1.

I basically want to know whether any value from Column B exists or not in column C. I tried Countif and Vlookup but didn't work.

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IF Exists Statement: Address From Column One
I have a 3 column table, the first column is always populated with email addresses, the second column will have secondary email addresses if that person has one, I want a formula in the third column to have the secondary email address if it exists, if it doesn't I want it to have the address from column one.

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Lookup Formula: Tell If A Value Exists In A Column
i need a formula that tells me if a value exists in a column. for example if there is a value in a cell in the b column of 23 no matter where it is, i want cell c25 to return the word "yes".

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Determine If Value Exists In Column & Copy Range If It Does
I require a row of details to be copied to another worksheet by typing in a unique ID using a macro so Sheet 1 is a data base of items (every item have a unique code like 1001, 1002 etc) and sheet 2 has a table, and next to the table is a cell, which i need to work like a search engine.

i need to be able to type the unique id in a cell, in sheet 2, then click an Add command Button. This button then finds the unique id in sheet 1, and copies all the items details in the same row, into sheet 2 in the table, then i require the search engine to be cleared for the next item to be added. (Assumed Experience:Below Average, I know few formulas and know very basic macros)

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Multiple Ifs (checks Wheater Or Not In Column Exists Text)
I have an excel worksheet that creates the total arival/departure time for workers. In the "ore lucrate" column i need a formula that checks wheater or not in column b exists text, if it does then check if cell r12 is bigger than one hour and the substract exactly one hour from it, i.e. 03:45 needs to be 02:45. However if it's not bigger than an hour then put the result as it it (r12). And finally if the adiacent cell in "ore lucrate" doesnt contain text then it should be left as the folowing 00:00.

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Row/column Highlight
When I click on a cell, is there a way to have the cells in the column and row that intersect with that cell highlighted or greyed-out automatically .. to highlight the intersection itself ?

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If Tab Exists Put Cell, If Not, Leave Blank
Excel Version: 2000

Workbook has the possiblities of 366 tabs at the bottom, but for a normal calendar year will only have 26.

The tab name is the ending date of the pay period without the year. So for Feb 25, 2007 the tab would be named 0225

On a yearly calculations page I am simply trying to say IF TAB 0225 exists then cell equals '0225'!A2 otherwise the cell should be blank.

I tried this, but gets a reference failure instead of putting nothing...


In this example the possible tab name would be 0102. If the tab exists, everything works fine, but since in this case it doesn't, I get a reference failure. #REF!

I NEED the result to be empty if the tab doesn't exist.

Any idea would be helpful. I'd rather not have 366 tabs when only 26 are needed for any calendar year.

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Determine If Cell Value Exists In A Range
I am trying to make a spreadsheet for bank reconiliation. I found this formula, =if( countif($B1:$B$1000,D1),D1)=0,D1,"") but there are two open parathese and three close. What needs to be corrected?

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Count Cell Characters & If It Exists Already
I have a worksheet (SHEET1) where users would enter their ID Number and then they would hit a Submit button. The submit button would then add that ID Number into another worksheet (SHEET2) in a running list of ID Numbers. But before it is submitted, I would like to check for two things:

1. ID Number must be 9 characters long (numbers and/or letters)
2. ID Number must not already exist in SHEET2

If condition 1 is not met, then just have a message box asking user to check their entry and try again.

If condition 2 is not met, then just have a message box saying "thanks" but no addition will be made to SHEET2

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Highlight Column Based On Value
I'm really struggling to achieve the following:

I have 75 rows and 10 columns populated with numbers (assume its A1 to J75 but it could be anywhere).

Firstly, if any of the numbers in a column are > 10 then I want to highlight all of the numbers in the column (even those

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Highlight Duplicates In Column
I'm using this conditional formatting to spot duplicate data by turning it red:

= COUNTIF(C:C,C6650)>1

How can I also get it to put a '1' in column A if it is not a duplicate?

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To Highlight Active Row And Column
I found this code to highlight the active row. I tried to make it highlight the row and column, but I was not successful. What I really need is to highlight the active row and column above and to the left of the active cell, not the entire row and column. For example, if G10 is active, the highlighted cells would be G1:G10 and A10:G10.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Excel. Range)
Dim i As Long
Cells.Interior.ColorIndex = xlColorIndexNone
If Application. CountA(Target.EntireRow) 0 Then
i = Target.Row
For i = Me.UsedRange.Rows.Count To 1 Step -1
If Application.CountA(Me.Rows(i)) 0 Then
i = i + 1
Exit For
End If
Next i
End If
Rows(i).Interior.ColorIndex = 6
End Sub

Also, I have fill colors on the sheet and I just noticed that the code removes those fill colors. I need it to not remove my fill colors. The only fill colors it should remove are ones it previously colored.

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Highlight Column Values
In Excel 2003, I need to be able to format one column (ie Lead Source) so that if the value in that column is not x,y, or z, it is highlighted or is otherwise visually marked as being out of compliance.

For example, if I have a column that is titled Month, I need to format it such that if the value entered does not match one of the 12 months of the year, it is highlighted.

It is also important to be able to apply this formatting to already existing data, as opposed to as it is being entered (as in list validation). And that is can be easily applied to large sets of data.

I have used conditional formatting in the past to highlight repeated cells, and had tried something similar with this, but am not familiar enough with excel syntax and can't seem to make it fly.

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Highlight Largest Value In Column
I need the largest value in a column to automatically highlight and the old high value to return to normal.

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If Cell In Col. A Exists As Part Of String In Col.B Then Color It
i have two columns in my worksheet A and B. Now col. A contains of words and column B contains of long strings. I want to make those parts of col. B which match to the content of A.

For Example It is now:

Col. A...................Col.B

Should be:

Col. A...................Col.B

I am attaching this example as excel file. I will be very thankful if some one could add the formula to this file and upload it.

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Highlight Duplicate Data In A Column
I need some thing that will highligt duplicate entries in column a

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Highlight The Lowest Number In Each Column
I have 18 columns of numbers, I need to figure out how to highlight the lowest number in each column, only if it is a unique value... in other words, only if it doesn't match any other number in that column. I'd also like that number somehow paired up with it's row's indentifier and put somewhere in a report.

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Highlight 5 Of The Lowest Values In A Column
I'm using the code described down below to highlight 5 of the lowest values in a column. The problem; If at a certain moment the column contains less then 5 values the code errors, so I've to put in a lot of error handlers to fix the problem.

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Highlight Row Range Based On Value In Another Column
I have been reading and searching on how to get around Excel's limit of 3(or 4) conditional formatting rules with VBA.

I have a pretty good grasp of what the code is telling the system to do, however what I am not understanding is how can I have the Code check multiple sets of columns?

ex Columns A,B and C Rows 1:100 need to be checked if they are between a particular range and clolums D,E, and F need to be checked against a completely different set of criteria.

I tried cutting and pasting the Sub, changing the Range values and the conditions, but it always errors out.

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Highlight Duplicate Rows Based On 1 Column
I need VBA help. I know how to highlight every other row but what I can't do is highlight a row if column values are the same. For example I have 5 columns but only the first one has the data I'm interested in. If the data in the first column looks something like this:


I want to highlight every other row that has similar values therefore I want to highlight row 2, both row 4s, and three 6s...etc.

I also want it to start on the 2nd row of every page until the last row of every page which is row 37 in my case.

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Highlight Cells Based On Row/Column Being Visible
I am attempting to have a cell highlighted if the adjacent cells are visible, but no highlighting when the cells are hidden. For example, Cell D1 is highlighted when cells A1:C1 are visible, but not when cells A1:C1 are hidden. (this is for the group/outline feature)

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Autofilter: Highlight Criteria Column/Field
When activating Autofilter in a wide table, the only way to determine which criteria field was selected is to try and identify which drop-down arrow has become blue. When working on a laptop, it is rather difficult to identify the difference between the black arrows and the blue ones. Is there a way to have a macro or event procedure that will cause the selected criteria field (or fields) change its background color (into yellow, for example)? This way, the yellow fields will "stand out"… No more searching...

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Macro To Move A Range Of Data Over 1 Cell, If A Certain Condition Exists
I am trying to create a macro that will look in Column B for the word "RPLCASE." Whenever "RPLCASE" appears in Column B, the cells in that particular row will move over (Right) one space. I am simply trying to align the data from a file that I FTP'd from Net Term to Excel. You can see how the data should look in the 2nd example.


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Conditional Formatting Look At The Cell Contents And Check If The Value Exists In A Range
I am trying to set up a conditional formatting which will look at the cell contents and check if the value exists in a range.

The range to compare will be over multiple columns and multiple rows.

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Highlight Differences Of Cells In Multi Column & Row Table
- A record is created
- The record is modified once/several times
- Only the original record and the last modified record needs to be kept

- The differences between the original and the last record need to be highlighted in the spreadsheet.
- This has to be repeated for a whole bunch of rows

Currently I am manually deleting the rows and eye-balling the changes. I'm using Excel 2002. I have ASAP Utitilities as well. Although macros are cool, I was hoping I could try with an Add-in or software.

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Keyboard Shortcut To Highlight All Cells In A Column From Bottom To Top
What is the best way to highlight all cells in a column from bottom to top?

For example, if I'm in column O, row 138, what keyboard shortcut would I need to select ONLY and ALL cells from the row I'm currently on, (in this example, 138) to row 1 and ONLY in that particular column?

Keep in mind that the next time I may be starting at row 1,200, it could be different everytime.

I tried everything I could think of..


and nothing worked to select everything in that column from the row I'm currently on, to row 1.

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Conditional Formatting A Column And Highlight The Cells That Fall Within The Top 20%
I have a spreadsheet showing names, quality percentages and times taken to answer a call in 3 columns. I would like to highlight the cells that fall within the top 20% of those shown (e.g. if there are 100 quality percentages I want to highlight the top 20 not those over 80%) also the same with call length.

I have a column of numbers and times (mins and secs) and what would like to do is set a conditional format so that the cell turns a colour when the number of any cell is within the highest 20% and the other column turns a different colour when the time is within the lowest 20%.

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Highlight Rows Meeting Multiple Column Criteria
I have a large file of invoices, and some have been paid. The problem is, sometimes it is not paid against the correct invoice, so I have a lot of credit and debit that should offset each other. I want to go through the sheet and highlight all the rows that has a matching ID and an a 0 value when total amount column was added up to another row. I would like it so that it highlights a different color for every pair of offsetting amount, but the same color highlight is fine too.

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Find Columns By Name And Highlight Them Certain Colors Based On Text In Another Column
I have a worksheet with 20+ columns. For this macro, I only need to focus on 4 of them. However, none of these columns are ever in a fixed position so the macro would need to find them by name and NOT by column position. Here they are...

1. Vacation Type (will only have a text value of either "Cold" or "Warm")

2. Vacation Started (will always have a date *x/xx/xxxx)

3. Vacation Ended (sometimes it will have a date '*x/xx/xxxx' and sometimes it will NOT have a date and will be truly blank)

4. Number of Days (currently has ALL truly blank cells)


Here's what I would like the macro to do...

Scenario 1 - for "Cold" values
Find "Cold" text values in the "Vacation Type" column
"Cold" values WITH a date in the "Vacation Ended" columnIF there IS a date in the "Vacation Ended" column in the same row, put the number of days difference between the "Vacation Started" column and "Vacation Ended" column in the "Number of Days" column.

The amount of days in the "Number of Days" column will determine whether these cells should be highlighted GREY or RED.

A) IF the number of days difference is 7 days or less, highlight the cells in the "Vacation Ended" column and "Number of Days" column RED.

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Conditional Format: Highlight A Cell If Any Cell In The Range To The Right Was Greater Than Zero
If I wanted to highlight a cell if any cell in the range to the right was greater than zero, what formula would i use. I have tried =IF(L1:AD1>0,1) with the result returning for only the cells in column L. Row 3 has no value in column L but a value in column N with no result to highlight the cell.

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Highlight Blank Cells Red In Column G If Not Blank In Column C (same Row)
I would like a macro to do this...If a cell in column G is blank and the cell in the same row in column C is NOT blank, highlight the blank cell in column G Red.

I need the search to stop ONLY when it gets down to the bottom-most row of data in column A.

Note: Any row headers will always be in row 1 only


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Selecting Cell A2 Will Highlight/change Font In Cell A1
How can I change the font color or highlight cell A1, when I select cell A2. Cell A2 is still blank, no value entered yet. I also would like cell A1 to return to original font color or no hightlight when cell A2 is no longer selected (active), whether a value is entered or not in cell A2. Let me clearify, (A1 thru N1) and (A3 thru N3) have diferent dates and the font color is white, as is the cell too. Therefor you can not see the dates in (A1 thru N1) or (A3 thru N3).

However, when any cell (A2 thru N2) or (A4 thru N4) is selected (example A4), the cell above it (cell A3) changes font color or highlights, so the date can be seen in (A3). But when cell (A4) is no longer selected the above cell (A3) hides the date (changes back to white font on white cell). Data or a value is not necessarily entered into (A4) for (A3) to change. (A4) is only selected to show the date in (A3). But if data or value is entered into (A4), the date in (A3) will still be seen until (A4) is no longer selected/active.

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Highlight A Cell
Have ABC row and EFGH row and just want to color the cells that only have
double numbers in it....In Conditional formatting----

example---All are in separte rows---

ABC ------EFGH

just the doubles I need to color them RED---

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Highlight Cell If Contains
i have a sheet which contains large data.All the cells as formated as TEXT
e.g. value -863.45 appears as 0000-863.45

I have 3 types of values
1. headings => HEAD-1-TEMP-DATA
2. Only '-' sign => -
3. Numeric values with -ve sign => 0000-863.45

i want to hilight on Type3 values ..... is it possible with conditional formatting.
Or any other way w/o changing any value in the original sheet?

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Highlight The Cell
i have got a spredsheet, with clients names on it and in cell Q i have the clients account number, when iam looking at the clients name i also want to see the number, is there any way to highlight the cell i am on.

What i mean isusing the arrows keys i want to make the row highlighted, is there a way to do this

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Highlight A Cell Through Macro
i have a loop which runs through column A and column B and if the value of column A is less than the corresponding value(same row index) of column B, then i need to highlight both the cells...

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Highlight Lowest Cell Value
I am new to excel and have to create a comparison chart that shows the lowest cell result in each row ie

23 25 28 13 42 16 13
21 34 25 17 21 23 17

I will have 36 rows by 20 columns I also need the lowest in each row to appear at the end of the row in the total column. I would like to highlight the cell by a cell colour rather than text colour.

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Highlight A Row Based On A Cell
I have a macro that already works well but I need to make a change to it and I can't figure out how to do it.

I need so when the macro is run it will prompt the user for a date. After they enter the date it will highlight cells A:K on each row that data appers.

A little background for this. It is a schedule for a call centre which can show two to three weeks of schedules per agent. We rerun the macro each day to update break times and I would like it so it will highlight todays line.

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Highlight Cell On CLick
Here is a selection of my data:

[data] ......

Now here's what I would like to achieve.

If I click or maybe double-click on a cell I would like the cell colour to change to lets say yellow. However, I would like all matching cells to change colour too.

So from my example above if I clicked on C13 "3 TIMER" then C13 would change to yellow as well as C14 - C17 - C18 - C19

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Function To Highlight The Cell That Is Different
I would like my function to highlight the cell that is different. I will be comparing 3 cells which should have the same value. What I would like to have happen though is to have the function highlight the cell that is different from the 3.

Public Function Balance(A As Range, B As Range, C As Range)
If (Abs(A - B)

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Highlight The Part Of The Cell
Just "upgraded" my Excel to the 2007 version. In the old Excel, I could superscript part of a cell by highlighting the part I want, then going to "Format" and "Superscript."

In Excel 2007, it doesn't work. Yes, I can highlight the part of the cell I want to superscript, I can right-click and select "format" and "Superscript", and it even then shows as superscripted in the cell. That is, until I hit enter or move to a new cell. Then the superscript is no longer there. The cell is in "general" number format.

By the way, it did work in another cell: mg/l3 (3 superscripted) works. 742 (2 superscripted) doesn't work.

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Evaluate Each Row And If The Last Value For That Row Is X, Then Highlight That Cell
I want to do it evaluate each row and if the last value for that row is X, then highlight that cell and the Server name for that row.

I have used conditional formatting but it seems that I cannot specify an option to look at the last cell in a row, evaluate that cell's value and then apply the formatting. I can only have conditional formatting highlight every cell in that row that matches the condition.

I only want the last cell, which represents the most current data, to be highlighted, as well as the category name, if the condition is met.

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