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How Many Characters A Cell Can Contain?

how many characters a cell can contain?

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Conditional Formatting Counting Characters If Less Than X Characters
I'm trying to use conditional formatting to highlight cells in a column that have less than 8 characters.

I know the LAN function, but I don't know how to make it work for the conditional formatting.

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Too Many Characters In Cell
I have a spreadsheet which I use to enter notes related to particular invoice numbers. A v-lookup pulls the notes into another tab. What I'm running into is that the notes can be quite lengthy - in excess of 1,000 characters. When the notes get too long, they don't all appear in a single cell (unless it's extremely wide).

I'm wondering if there may be a way to maintain my notes in a word doc instead? Maybe in a table that pulls in using a v-lookup? But I'm not able to figure out how to direct a v-lookup to a word doc.

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18 Characters In One Cell
When I try to enter 18 numeric characters in a single cell, the last three characters are converted to zeros. I can find no format that would allow me to see all 18 entered characters. Is there a way of doing this?

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Count Characters In A Cell
Just a quick one this (famous last words).

I'm trying to count the number of characters (including spaces) in a cell - is there a formula for this?? =CELL I thought would do it but doesn't

PS What I'm actually trying to do is return the Surname in a cell containing a full name. I can get the first name easy enough with =left(A1,Find(" ",A1)-1 (I take no credit for that...) but can't get the surname - I thought I might be able to use =right but can't.

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Format Cell Value To Ten Characters
I have the following code which formats the cell values in column A to 10 characters on entry:

Sub FormatToTenCharacters()
Dim Cell As Range, LR As Long
LR = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
For Each Cell In Range("A1:A" & LR)
If Len(Cell.Value) < 10 Then Cell.Value = "'" & Application.Rept("0", 10 - Len(Cell.Value)) & UCase(Cell.Value)
Next Cell
End Sub
For example:

Enter excel in A1 and it changes to '00000EXCEL
Enter 123456 in A2 and it changes to '0000123456
Enter abc456 in A3 and it changes to '0000ABC456

I want to format it as text so that it does not have the apostrophe (').

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Extracting Characters From Cell
I have a spreadsheet containing 2 columns. Column B contains a list of item numbers which are made up of either all numeric values or alpha numeric values. Column A will contain the vendor code which must be extracted from the item number in Column B based on the following criteria:

a. If the item # in Column B begins with the letters ZZZ and the next four (4) characters immediately following the ZZZ letters are ALL numeric, then the vendor code = the next four characters immediately following the ZZZ.

b. If the item # in Column B begins with the letters ZZZ and the next three (3) characters immediately following the ZZZ letters are alpha numeric, then the vendor code = the next three characters immediately following the ZZZ.

c. If the item # in Column B begins with the letters AMER, then the vendor code = AMER.

d. If the first four (4) characters in the item # in column B are all numeric values then the vendor code = the first four numeric characters from the item #.

e. If the first three (3) characters in the item # in Column B are alpha-numeric values, then the vendor code = the first three alpha numeric characters from the item # in Column B.

I tried writing the following formula and receive a #VALUE! error message:


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Counting Characters Within A Cell
In one of my columns I need to count the characters (alpha/numeric AND blank spaces) in each cell. (Any that are over 300, I will need to manually reduce to under 300.) How can I do this? Basically I would simply like to know which cells exceed 300 characters.

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Capture Some Characters Within The Cell
i have a long text in A1 field and i just need to capture some characters in between. Below is the example.

Raw Data:
Cell A1 (r1,c1) = Target: ABC, CustomerOrder, Results: BDE, LastUpdate: 12Dec08

I want to get the Result as below:
Cell A2 = Target: ABC Cell B2 = Results: BDE

Can this be done in Excel Cell format? Or do i need to do it in MS Access?

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Removing Characters From End Of Each Cell
I ran a couple of formulas in column E and now it looks like as shown in the attached image.

The cells now contain different characters at end. Sometimes its a couple of commas, hyphens, blank spaces etc.

Is there a formula which can remove the ending characters in case they are not alphabets or numbers?

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Limit One Cell To 55 Characters
Can you limit the characters inside of one cell to 55 characters? I need this function for eBay's File Exchange Format. I'm sure that there is some VBA code or formula out there that can accomplish this.

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Characters In Cell To Be Re-arranged
i have data that looks like the following


i need the data to look like the following

in other words the x is always the 5th charector
the start of the str to be the 11th charector

spaces must be left from the first number to the x if 4 numbers have not been used. this also applies after the x

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Maximum Characters Per Cell
I have a worksheet that multiple users will be entering in data, this information is then being used to pull into a form located on a sepearte worksheet within the workbook. One of the cells in the input sheet has the potential to have more characters than excel will allow. It is my understanding the maximum number of characters per cell is 1,024.

What is the best way to setup my spreadsheet in the event the data contains more than 1,024 characters. The informatino going into the cell are legal descriptions of property so I want to be able to keep the description together in the final document in the other worksheet. Is there a way the user can input the entire decription in one cell, regardless of the character size, then have a formula to take the first 1,024 characters and put them in one cell, followed by another formula to put the next 1,024 characters in the next cell?

Then in my main document I would use the concatenate formual to combine these two cells into one.

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Compare Characters Within Cell
i am attempting to recreate a 1 armed bandit in excel and was wonderin the following.

Is it possible for excel to look at a cell and determine how many of a certain character there are within it?

i.e. if a cell contains 112 can excel work out that there are two 1s and one 2.

I am hoping i can get excel to determine whether the random output is a jackpot or not i.e 3 of the same number.

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Searching A Cell For Certain Characters
I have cells that look like the following


Not the most exciting data, but I need to identify which cells contain the sub string "HWA". Ideally the next column would have that string extracted into it or some kind of indentifier

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How To Remove The Last X Characters In A Cell
I need to remove the last x characters if its equal to 0's


should be


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Counting How Many Characters Appear In A Cell
how many times a charachter appears in a cell?

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Let me state first that I do not see the need to put so much in one cell. Aren't there enough cells ?

Secondly, note the difference between DISPLAY and actual CONTENTS (see formulabar) of the cell. Contentslimits: see helpfiles, but displaylimits check out this code. It will explain itself. Experiment with settings within code.

Option Explicit

Sub count_characters_in_cell()
'Erik Van Geit
Dim cell As Range
Dim nr As Variant
Dim x As Integer
Dim temp As String

Set cell = Sheets(1).Range("A1")
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual

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To Check Whether A Cell Only Contains A-z Or 1-9 Characters
Is there a formula to show (true or false) whether a cell contains any characters that aren't a letter or number without resorting to vba?

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Removing The / Between Characters In A Cell
See the attached file. I regularly receive input files which I have to reformat and upload to a website as a .csv. The website does not like the / between the characters on the Input Data tab. Is there a way to automatically search and remove them and leave the rest of the characters intact? The columns do not always appear in the same order and there could be more or less columns. On the Import Template tab, columns A-I will always be there, so ideally the code should make the changes from the Input Data tab and copy the present columns (J thru whatever) header and data over to the Import Template tab starting in 'J1'. I think that VBA would be the best way to go due to the variable nature of the columns.

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Counting Cell Characters
We are in the middle of a system conversion and I need to make sure our data is not over the length of the maximum character count for certain fields in the new system. Is there any function in Excel that counts the # of characters in a cell or will highlight the cells that contain larger than a certain # of characters?

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Delete If Cell &lt; 16 Characters []
I have a formula which I have been using for testing up till now. =IF(LEN(Q3)

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Remove Last Three Characters In A Cell
The numerical results in column A need to have the last three characters stripped from the cells. I used the =LEFT formula in adjacent cells to return the results but I am looking for a way to run code to remove these three numbers in each cell from row 1 to 8000 in column A.

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Copy Row If Cell Contains Certain Characters
I am trying to see if a cell contains any combination of the letters A,L,P,S, or T. The cell could have one, some or all of the letters. If it contains A, then paste that row on sheet 2. If it contains A and P, then paste that row on sheets 2 and 4. If it contains A, S and T, then paste that row on sheets 2, 5 and 6. Etc. The letters might be in any order, not necessarily alphabetical.

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Display All Characters In Cell
I have entered text as I would like in the formula bar. However not all of the text is displayed in the cell. I have sized the cell so it should definitely dispaly all text. Word wrap is on But the text displayed in the cell is truncated

Also the spreadsheet was originally in 2007 format, I converted to 2003. I also tried copying all text from the formula bar, pasted to notepad, deleted from Excel, copied from Notepad, pasted back to the formula bar. Still not all text is displayed. In a helper cell I dropped in =len(xx) where xx is the reference. Returned 1357

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Get Left X Characters From A Cell
I am looking to write a formula in an excell cell to veiw some of the wording in another cell. I know how to say that i want to see the first or last "x" characters in a cell.. But how do i say that i want to see all the info/wording in a cell except the last "x" characters..

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Count Of Text Characters In A Cell
a formula that will count the txt chars in a cell example ie "aa99" result would be 2 or "aa99aa" equals 4

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Limiting Number Of Characters In A Cell
I'm creating a spreadsheet (Excel 2003) in which a user enters data in several cells, each of which will permit different numbers of characters (to include spaces). For example, in the first cell, the user will be limited to 50 characters, in the second cell, the limit is 30 characters, and so on.

I found the data validation error alert feature, but want to give the user a cue that the entry is too long so they know to stop typing before moving to the next cell. If they only are alerted when they finish making the entry, they might not take the time to properly reconstruct the entry to meet the size limitation. I'm trying to make this more user-friendly.

Is there a way to set up the worksheet so the user knows that the entry is approaching the character limit? For example, each character filling an individual cell or having a display appear with a count-down for the number of characters remaining in the limit, or something similar.

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Counting Text Characters Within A Cell
This should be simple, but I am struggling with finding a way to use the search or find function to identify text characters. This is my situation, I have for example a cell that contains FW023 or D1234. I need to be able to count the number of characters that are text.

i would think I would be able to do it with the search or find function, but can't figure out how to get it to just count the number of text characters with in it.

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Does VLOOKUP Not Work If Too Many Characters In Cell
I have a VLOOKUP formula that works when searching some cells but not others when both cases should work.

Q: Does VLOOKUP have a certain maximum amount of characters it can search? If a cell contains more than this amount of characters will VLOOKUP not work?

This is what seems to be happening on my spreadsheet. The VLOOKUPS that refer to the cells with more than the average amount of characters seem to fail. The same happens with INDEX.

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Formula To Split Characters In Cell
In A1 cell i have the following text

A5:390 ML

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Cell Will Not Display All Text Characters? !
I pasted in 1369 characters (including spaces) to a cell, and NO MATTER what I try, all characters will not print.

If I have the cell up for formatting on the function line, all text can be seen, but for some reason it cuts off the last sentance or more and will not show it in print preview.

I've tried all kinds of cell text formatting, cell merging, etc. with no luck. The only work around I found is to just have the "missing text" on the following row.

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Find & Replace All Characters In Cell Like #
I need help with a formula (no VBA) that will find all the semi-colons ";" and pound signs "#" in a cell and replace them with this "<br> - ".

Example of Cell A1: ;#Red;#Green;#Blue;#

I started with this:

=REPLACE(MultChoice,SEARCH(";#",MultChoice),1,"<br> - ")

but it only replaces the first character.

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Using Cell Values To Populate With Characters?
I am trying to find a way to populate a cell with spaces (like " "). But I want to populate a cell based on a number in another cell.

For example, if cell A1 has a value of 7 in it, I want to make another cell have seven spaces (or seven letter Z's, or anything), but I can't figure out how to do it. Then I want to use that equation to do any number of spaces based on the number in the cell, whatever it is.

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Take Number In Cell And Mirror It With Characters
in ROW 1 I have columns A thru AD populated with a number in each cell. what I need to do is take that number and fill the below cell with the number times a set character. for instance, A1 has "4" in it, so I want A2 to look like "----"

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Banning Specific Characters In A Cell []
I need to ensure that the client names entered don't contain certain banned characters (* / : ? [ ]) as the name entered will be used later to create a file name. This is what I have written (in the Worksheet_Change event):

If Target.Column = 1 Then
If Target.Value 0 And Target.Value "" Then
Dim intFound as Integer, ranFound as Range, i as Integer
Application.EnableEvents = False
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
intFound = 0
For i = 42 To 93
Set ranFound = Target.Find(Chr$(i), LookIn:=xlValues, lookat:=xlPart)
If Not ranFound Is Nothing Then
Select Case i..........................

Which is all very well, but it treats character 42 (*) and character 63 (?) as wildcards and even good client names are rejected. How do I search the entry to find if there is an actual * or ? in the target.value?

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Inserting Characters Into 3 Points Of A Cell
I have a column of about 15,000 numbers that I need to update. They are all 6 digits long and I need to insert characters at 3 different points. The numbers currently look like


and need to be changed to


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Conditional Format Using LEN If Cell Is &gt;3, But &lt;10 Characters.
I'm working on a report right now that I would like to identify incorrect phone numbers. So I'm looking to use the LEN function to identify and highlight any phone number that is incomplete (like missing area code). But I also don't want it to highlight if there is an "N/A" in the cell.

So I was using =LEN(A1:A100)<10 since 10 digits would be a complete phone number). But I don't know how to manipulate it to be if the cell is greater than 3, but less than 10.

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Extract Text Characters Only From A Cell
This is very similar to my previous post, which was solved. Now that I've extract the numbers, I need to extract the text for the specific work activities, for example 13Z or 9GGG. I'm assuming some variation on this formula:


is the solution, but I'm struggling with making the correct alterations.

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Limit The Amount Of Characters Per Cell
Is there a way of limiting the amount of characters you can enter in each cell?
Also is there a way to apply this to an existing sheet that has cells with more characters in it than I would like? ie. If an existing cell has 25 characters in it, could i cut it down to the first 10?

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Lookup 1st X Characters Of Cell Text
I have some cells in a spreadsheet that contain unique numbers as the beginning of the cell (these numbers are always ten characters). In the rest of the cell there is text. the data would look something like this:-

SGGHNVT561 - 3yr Maintenance

I also have some cells which dont have the unique number at the begging, so the data would just look like:-

3yr Maintenance

In another table I have a list of the unique numbers and the name that they correspond to, for example (this is the 2 columns)

SGGHNVT561 - Dave
HUKIDO8946 - Stuart
HJUTIFHE78 - Graham

I have ben trying to construct a formula that only searches the beginning of the cells to see if it containts one of the unique numbers and if it does to put the name of the person beside the cell. If the unique number is not there to return a value like 'Check'.

i tried vlookup but then i ran out of ideas :/

this is what i came up with so far:-
=IF(P7="","",VLOOKUP(P7,'[Master List.xls]Sheet1'!$B$2:$C$5,2))

The only problem i can see that this is looking for the full cell to be within the master list - but its really just the first 10 characters I want it to check

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Delete Row Based On First 4 Characters Of Cell
I need a way to check to see if the first four characters of cell A1 is = 2006. If it is, do not delete the row, else, delete the row. Have tried everything I can think of.

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Replace 2 Characters Signs In Cell With Another
QUESTION: How do I check to see if a cell contains either "" or "/" and if it does then replace it with "-"? THE REASON: I have a form which needs to be saved in a particular directory with the name "Form 1 - client name - matter name". To do this I have put =("G:UsersCComplianceFile OpeningForm 1 - "&B7&" - "&D42) in Cell A1 and then in VBA added the following macro to a button which saves the file

ThisFile = Range("A1").Value
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=ThisFile

This works ok BUT, if the user puts "/" or "" in either B7 or D42, it won't save and throws up an error because you can't use those signs when saving a file.

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Deletion Of Empty Characters From A Cell
I have a cell for example with:




What the effective way to delete all empty rows in current cell? I confused with VbCrLf, VbNewLine and e.t.c I want to get after that:


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Count Number Of Characters In Cell
I need to do a macro to do this:

Count the numbers of the characters in a cell.
The number of characters must be appear in another cell.
This number must be refresh when you type the key, not when you push enter.

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Count Cell Characters & If It Exists Already
I have a worksheet (SHEET1) where users would enter their ID Number and then they would hit a Submit button. The submit button would then add that ID Number into another worksheet (SHEET2) in a running list of ID Numbers. But before it is submitted, I would like to check for two things:

1. ID Number must be 9 characters long (numbers and/or letters)
2. ID Number must not already exist in SHEET2

If condition 1 is not met, then just have a message box asking user to check their entry and try again.

If condition 2 is not met, then just have a message box saying "thanks" but no addition will be made to SHEET2

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Name File Based On First 2 Characters In A Cell
I'm trying to find a way to save a file based on the contents of cell A2. I've modified the code to Create Worksheets for Each Item in an Excel Table of Data, so that it creates a new workbook for each item. I am also trying to get it to save the master workbook based on the first 2 characters in the cell. Here is the code I have, at the moment (the FAIL.xls is what I put in for testing)

If Range("A2").Value = "YE*" Then
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs "YE_Master.xls"
ElseIf Range("A2").Value = "NE*" Then
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs "NE_Master.xls"
Else: ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs "FAIL.xls"
End If

I've tried this, string arrays and everything else I can think of, and it's failing every time.

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Add X Left Most Characters Of Range Into Cell
I'm trying to figure out why i'm getting this error: "Object variable or With block variable not set" for this

Sub Macro3()
Dim cel As Range
Dim str1 As String
Dim SearchThing As Range
Set SearchThing = ActiveSheet.Range("I34")
str1 = Left(SearchThing.Value, Len(SearchThing) - 4)
cel.Value = str1
End Sub

The error is specifically with this line

cel.Value = str1....................

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Ensure Cell Only Accepts X Characters
my formula is in B1. If in A1, there is letter Y, the value in B1 should accept only 3-digit numbers.

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Reference Cell & Only Return X Characters
how I would go about referencing a cell on another worksheet to return only the last so many characters from the data in that cell. EG:

Sheet 1 cell A3 contains the number (stored as text) 12345678
Sheet 1 cell A4 contains the number (stored as text) 98765432

On Sheet 2 I want to put into cell B2 5678 (the last four characters from the data in Sheet 1 A3.) Also on Sheet 2 I want to put into cell B3 5432.

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Selecting Definite Number Of Characters In A Cell
I have a description for a couple trucks in my inventory, rather than retyping all the mileage, I would like to select the miles out of the description.

14.0 Detroit 515 HP, 10 Spd OD, Engine Brake, Air Ride Suspension, 3.42 Ratio, 234" WB, 70" Double Deck Condo, 22.5LP Tires, Aluminum/Steel Wheels, Tandem Axle, 12,000# FA, 40,000# RA, 259,000 Miles

I have tried the find, left and mid formulas but haven't put something together to work just right. I would like to select the 7 characters to the left of "Miles".

Does anyone have any ideas?

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