How To Combine If Formulas With Visual Basics

Aug 12, 2014

I have an excel sheet that have a large set of datas. In these datas in one column most of the datas are indicated as green but some of them are red. I can pick the red ones by using filter option but I also wanted to show the red cell values in one cell. For example, Cell1;Cell2;Cell3 like this (the ; should be between them). I try to use macros but that is not the program that I have full knowledge about it. S

( Like this
A(i)= red
end if

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How To Combine Three Formulas

Mar 29, 2014

Ok, These are the three formula's. How do I combine them or can I.

=IF((B2="GOV"),[@[Gal Billed]]/1000*1.5)

=IF((B2="NPROFIT"),[@[Gal Billed]]/1000*2,0)

=IF((B2="COM"),[@[Gal Billed]]/1000*3)

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Two Formulas Need To Combine As One

Nov 9, 2007

I have two formulas that i need to combine as one, but i dont now how.

This is the other formula:

=SUMPRODUCT((Huollot!I2:I500="Ty”n alla")*(Huollot!K2:K500="Warranty")*1)

The other one:


the biggest problem is that this formula does not work as it is. Or is there some other function than networkdays that i could use?

The purpose of the formula is to count how many "objects" that are in service have been there for over 20 days. There a a few other criteria also, but sumproduct takes care of that. Can networkdays even be used the way i´m trying to?

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Combine 2 Formulas - Approved Value

May 9, 2014

I would like to combine the 2 formulas below but I don't know how to do this.





I would like to display the value of formula 1, unless the value of formula 2 is "Y" in which case the value would be "APPROVED".

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Combine Two Formulas With Average And Sum

Feb 20, 2008

Working on the same simple chart NBVC helped me on, but this is for AVERAGE instead of SUM and with an added variable.

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Combine 2 Formulas In One Cell?

Feb 3, 2014

I would like to have cell A3 contain two different formulas. I may be doing this wrong, so here is what I would like to do:

Cell A1 will contain a number that will change from month to month, but will need to show as $0 until then. Cell A2 will contain a fixed sum number from month to month Cell A3 will contain the difference between cell A1 and A2

I wouldl like cell A3 show as $0 until a number is inputted into cell A1




The formula I have in cell A3 is =SUM(A2-A1), but cell A3 shows $2000. I remember doing this before, cut can't remember the exact formula. Something like =if(A1

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Combine Multiple If Formulas

Nov 14, 2006

i have 2 worksheet function IF statements that of course look for certain conditions, but in some instances i need to combine the IF statements in one cell, the 2 i need to combine are below:


=If(Or(C1="Line On",G1="Line On"),Sheet2!B3,"")

so what i need is for the cell to show either Sick, Swapped or the contents of Sheet2!B3 however if both C1 and G1 show Line Off then cell must be blank, which is what i achieve with the second if statement.

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Combine Two Formulas And Add A Condition If True

Jul 23, 2007

I have two formulas that I have worked out to deliver the results independently. I would like to join them together into one formula and add an If condition that if the two match then add a "+" to the end of the string.

#1 finds the base value :

#2 verifies the value is a valid color:

I would like to join the two formulas together and if they match then add a space, " " and a "+" to the end of the string. If there is no match then return the base value.

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Combine Worksheets....just Values No Formulas

Aug 3, 2009

i have about 100 worksheets in my workbook ..i need to combine them into one worksheet ...all my 100 worksheet has many formulas in some of the cells.

i want to combine all the worksheets one below the other with a gap of 5 blank rows after each worksheet contents....i just want the values in each worksheet to be pasted and no formulas...

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Nested IF - Is VBA The Answer: Combine The Formulas Into One?

Jun 12, 2006

I need to combine the following formulas into one but obviously it won't work due to the limitations. Would the following be better using VBA? If yes. At the moment, they are in 3 separate columns and working but indepenantly. It basically says, if the agreement is older than todays date, write expired, if not if its for 12 months, then calculate the percantage according to number of days. and so on for 24 months and 36 months...................

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Excel 2010 :: How To Combine Two Different Formulas Into One Cell

Jun 24, 2014

I need to know if it is possible to combine these 2 formulas (1. (RIGHT(C23,0)&RIGHT(C23,4)) and 2. LEFT(E23,2)&":"&RIGHT(E23,2)
into a single cell. I have a date time group that is in text format. I need to take the last 4 digits (the time) and pull it out into another. Then take that cell and convert it into an actual time ie 2:30.

example: 01may2014 0831 first formula pulls the 0831 into another cell. then the 2nd formula converts it into a time 8:31.

After this occurs, I can then subtract times from different categories in my spreadsheet.

My, problem, is that I cannot combine the two formulas. They work great by themselves. I am just trying to make formulas more compact and hopefully more efficient.

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Formula To Combine Multiple Formulas Into Single Cell?

Mar 12, 2014

I'm looking for a way for Excel to combine formulas together into a more compact form for me.

Attached is a very simple version of what I want, my actual formulas are very complex but I'd still like a way to have them automatically combined into a single cell.

Alternatively, what is a good way to break down a very complicated one-cell formula and still keep things organized?

Here is the one-cell version of a formula I work with.

[Code] .......

That formula is difficult to work with in one cell, so on another sheet I have it broken down into parts so that if one part isn't doing what I want I can change it. This takes up a LOT of space because of the other steps I do (the above formula is just one step) and I'd like to combine it together.

Attached File : Excel Formula Combination Question.xlsxā€ˇ

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Using VBA Code In Visual Basic: Develop A Stand Alone Program In Visual Basic

Jun 3, 2006

I would like to do is develop a stand alone program in Visual Basic ( not in Excel VBA) to update the price file in our Portfolio system automatically using the downloaded Excel format file csv extention file from the BigCharts. But before that, I need to export the *.pri file from our Portfolio system in to Excel which still saves as *.pri extention. Then once it updates, I import the updated *.pri file back in our Portfolio program. I understand that the Excel VBA code can be incorporated in Visual Basic code provided there is an object declaration for Excel file (In this case eventhough the both files are in Excel format, they don't have xls extention). how to use external files and Excel VBA code in Visual Basic?

Below is the code that I currently have in Visual Basic. What I'm trying to accomplish is using the ticker (eg. msft) as a keyword search to look up in the price file. If found , the price of that ticker from the test.csv file will be copied in to the price file which is test.pri. I haven't ran it yet.

Sub UpdatePrice(BigChartPath As String, BigChartName As String, AxysPricePath As String, AxysPriceName As String)
'Below are Excel VBA codes
'Uses the test.csv to look up tickers in test.pri and update the price in it
Dim PriceFile As Workbook, BigChartFile As Workbook
Dim PriceFileSheet As Worksheet, BigChartSheet As Worksheet
Dim MaxRows As Long
Dim PriceFileRow As Long
Dim BigChartRow As Long
Dim BigChartFound As Boolean
Call CheckBookOpen(BigChartPath & BigChartName)
Call CheckBookOpen(AxysPricePath & AxysPriceName)
Set BigChartFile = Workbooks(BigChartName) 'Big Chart website imported CSV file saved as test.csv...............

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VBA Array Basics

May 14, 2009

Lets say I have this....

Dim B as Rangeset B = activesheet.range("A1:C3")Dim a(3) As Doublea(1)= 1.2a(2)= 3.6a(3)= .27 

B is a 3x3 Matrix of values in your sheet

How would I perform matrix multiplication of B * array "a"?

My main problem is with how to reference then entire array "a" and how the data is being stored (is the array a 3x1 or a 1x3). And if there is a VBA MMULT command or if building my own or using the worksheet one are my only options.

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Userform Basics

Jul 13, 2007

I have been looking into refining the way a couple of big macros that I wrote several years ago work and have decided that instead of loads of inputboxes that a Userform might be the way to go. I have never used them, don't know how to link code to the objects to make them work and can on make a guess as to the right way to start going about this. Need sort of Userforms for Dummies site where I could pick up the basics? I am going looking toward having a box come up where the user can enter about 8 pieces of data and based on that data the macro will then go off and open specific files anc change specific data.

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Conditional Formatting Basics

Oct 2, 2009

I want to do apparently simple thing but somehow it never works...I must be highlighting wrong or doing something out of order etc.

I have a pivot table. Imagine it showing Dept date anc this:

Dept Date Charge
51 1/1/09 20.00
1/2/09 10.00
2/26/09 10.00
3/6/09 20.00

55 1/1/09 20.00
1/2/09 10.00
2/26/09 10.00
3/6/09 20.00


Anyway I want the first line (the one that shows the dept) BOLDED. I thought I could do dhtis with conditional formatting, applying it the sheett all at once by saying if the value in row A > 0 then bold the line..........but I am not doing right...

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Cell & Sheet Protection Basics

Mar 27, 2008

I have 2 spreadsheets: in a Sheet1 I keep some values and in a Sheet2 5 names of users with special rights (range A1:A5). I want to have sure that anybody will change/delete that names without password. Only the user "Administrator" can do that(I check the name of the user using "Application.UserName"). Additional question: is it possible to still protect those cells if somebody turn off macros during opening file?

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ActiveX Sheet Controls Basics

May 3, 2008

i have been working on editting a game that i got off the internet and i was having trouble editing the buttons on the worksheet. they dont seem to be linked to a macro and i cant edit them or even delete them
it seems like they are forms but attached to the worksheet.

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User Form Basics - Populating Text Boxes

Sep 23, 2009

I am trying to create a user form to edit some named ranges. The VBA user form designer is basically the same as Borland Delphi, so building the form itself was easy. What I can't figure out is how to populate the user form with the data from the spreadsheet.

I have a number of text boxes on the form with names like txtTier1Slots, txtTier1Ceiling, txtTier1Floor, etc up to 4.

I have a defined name that corresponds with each item, Tier1Slots, Tier1Ceiling, Tier1Floor, and so on. I'm using defined names because they're referenced in Conditional Formatting on one of the worksheets in my project. They don't exist as actual cells, just name references.

I want to get the form populated with those values. I've tried about twenty variations of the following code, using ThisWorkbook, Workbooks, Cells, Range, Name, and just about every cell reference method I can think of. I've so many different error messages, my head is spinning.

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User Forms Basics - Text Boxes To Named Range

Sep 24, 2009

User Form Basics - Populating Text Boxes. A few tweaks later and its reading the data just fine. Some of the specific form objects and range names have changed, but it's the same logic.

Anyway, this isn't just for display. I need to export the data back to the spreadsheet. So, I plugged this line into the event handler for the "Save & Exit" button on the sample form in the other thread:

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How To Combine Text Values Of Formulas In Addition To Adding Text

Jun 15, 2013

I am trying to combine the text values of several formulas in addition to adding some text (punctuation) in between.

Here is the data that I am trying to combine

C14: 2013
C15: Period 6
C16: Week 1

In Cell C13, I would like to have this value returned: "2013 - Period 6, Week 1"

Is there such a way to do this?

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Can 2 "if" Formulas Combine As One?

Apr 21, 2009

I am creating a Sales Pipeline. I have learned everything I know about excel on my So probably not so much. My problem is I need a formula that can total a range of cells only "if" they meet "2" different criteria. Is this possible. I am attaching my workbook. I have formulas in there but Im not getting totals. I dont know where Im messing up. (all info in work book is fiction)

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VBA Vs Visual Studio

Nov 18, 2007

I am using my spare time to learn how to create macros (for the first time) in Excel and Powerpoint in order to the use the programs more efficiently (since I spend way too much time on the them

I am SOOOO confused as to what the scoop is with VBA vs. VB net vs Visual Studios? Is there an expert that can provide me with some guidance given that this is the first (and probably the only) time I will be learning a programming language for Excel & Ppt

Here are my questions:

1) Which programming language should I invest my time to learn if you were in my situation? This is complicated by the fact that most corporations do are not using Office 2007 and (from my experience) are utilzing Excel 2003

2) If I choose to learn Visual Studio or VBA 2007, will my knowledge of the language enable me to use VBA in Excel 2003?

3) If I create a macro in (for eg.) excel 2007, will it run in excel 2003?

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Visual Foxpro

Jun 7, 2006

Can I enter any record through excel in Visual Foxpro Database without having source code.

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How To Add Visual Aspect To Macro

Aug 18, 2014

I would like to add some visual aspects to my lottery macro. Like numbers flipping through the range as they appear (and I can control how long they flip through the range) and maybe a little rand () function as the numbers are picked. How would I do this and where would I add these two aspects???

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2007 - Visual Basic

Jan 23, 2008

how I can get to the visual basic toolbar in excel 07. In previous versions there was a visual basic toolbar and it allowed you to add buttons, ect. Where is this in 2007?

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Visual Basic And Images

May 6, 2006

Is there a code you can type in to VBA to allow a picture in a spreadsheet to change when a parameter is specified. For example i have a picture of a timber beam i drew in excel. and i wondered if i could set it up so that when the user inputs the length of beam they are using, the diagram alters to show the length specified.

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Visual Counter On Form

Apr 11, 2007

I have a workbook that has a login form. I set it up so that if the user does not log in within 2 minutes a nother form will pop up telling them the workbook will close due to no activity. What I want to do is put a timer on that for that counts down the seconds before the workbook exits and at the sametime give them an opportunity to cancel the action.

way to make anything that ticks of the seconds and allows me to press the cancel button at the same time.

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Visual Basic To Access Web

Aug 4, 2007

My company "makes widgets". Each "type of widget" is associated in our internal database with a record locator (five alpha characters). Our company website can also use that record locator to pull up a webpage specifically dedicated to that widget. In addition to the webpage itself, the website also creates an expanded URL which contains additional information about that widget.

I'd like my macro to take a list of record locators, open up the company website related to each specific widget, pull back the expanded URL, and do some text management with the URL to populate other parts of the spreadsheet.

For example, if my record locator is "ABCDE", my macro would go to the website, "". The site then redirects to an expanded URL: "". I'd hope to write a macro which pulls back the expanded URL and does some magic with the "whole bunch of data" part. I've been told that the MSHTML library would be useful for a project of this type. I've been able to connect my spreadsheet to that library, but then I'm not sure what to do with it.

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Creating A Visual Acknowledgement Of A Target

Feb 20, 2009

How could i create a visual representation once a target date is met?

i.e. Once a target date is met could a row be automatically striked through.
So the data is still visible but a visual acknowledgement is created for that row.

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