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IF Statements - To Copy One Cell Data From One Sheet To Another

I'm trying to copy one cell data from one sheet to another if it matches a ciritra but need multiplue arugments


if A1,sheet1 = Yes then I need to copy B1sheet1 into a say,a1sheet2, but if A1 = No then copy b1sheet1 into b1 sheet 2

So copying data from one sheet to another sheet, the if true copy to one cell in that sheet if false copy to another cell in that sheet

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Statements To Copy And Paste From One Sheet To Another
Sheet2, Sheet4, Sheet6, Sheet8, Sheet10, Sheet12, Sheet14, Sheet16, Sheet18, Sheet20, Sheet22, Sheet24, Sheet26, Sheet28, Sheet30, Sheet32, Sheet34, Sheet36, Sheet38

If G8 = E and if F8 = H and E8 is >=10 Copy A8:G8 and paste to sheet tab Sheet40.

If G8 = E and if F8 = E and E8 is >=1 Copy A8:G8 and paste to sheet tab Sheet40.

If G8 = E and if F8 = L and E8 is >=20 Copy A8:G8 and paste to sheet tab Sheet40.

When at anytime D is in G8, do nothing.

These conditions would be for each row from 8 3000 down the page

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Copy Row From Sheet 1 To Sheet 2 When Data Entered In Cell F
I have Worksheet 1, with columns A to E. I would like a row to be copied to Worksheet 2, as soon as cell F in Worksheet 1 is populated. Also the row to be deleted from Worksheet 1.

So, as soon as F1 in worksheet 1 is populated and enter button pressed, row A1:F1 will be copied to the next empty row in worksheet 2, while being deleted from worksheet 1. So eventually all rows in worksheet 1 will be deleted and rows in worksheet 2 will be populated.

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Copy Data From Cell In One Worksheet, Add Text, And Paste To Cell In Another Sheet
I have the following code in another workbook that is used to populate a cell on the same sheet based on input to cells in column 'A'.

Is it possible to modify this for the attached workbook to select a cell with data (numbers) on the Input Data sheet in column 'E', add text to the beginning, ('CG' in this case), and paste the result to the Import Template in the corresponding cell of column 'A'? I currently have a formula copied to dozens of cells in 'A' but since the number of rows for the Input Template is variable, there are usually cells in 'A' that contain CG but no corresponding data in the rest of the row.

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How Copy The Data From More Cell In Sheet1 To A Row On Sheet2 (others Sheet)
I want entry the data with different row and different cells, so when I click the button, the data on sheet1 is clear and copy to empty row on sheet2 and automatic create a border and automatic insert new row, so we can entry again and next. And I attached my sample Excel File with the description too.

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Copy Data From Another Sheet If Adjacent Cell Meet Criteria
I have a have excel problem Im trying to figure out. I have 2 sheets. Sheet1 and Sheet2. I want to copy into sheet1 cell B2 the contents of sheet2 column C row x iff sheet2 column B row x = 1. There will be only one cell in that column equal to 1, so I will be copying that cells(colB; rowx) adjacent cell (colC;rowx) contents. This is what I have so far but it doesnt work. =IF('Sheet2'!B:B=1,DONTKNOW WHAT TO PUT,""))

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Copy Data From One Sheet (Fixed Cells And Sheet) To Another Sheet
I want to be able to copy a name from one sheet (Available Players), paste it to a cell in another sheet (Round 1 through Round 20). The cell that will be copied is fixed but the place where it will be pasted will be different and may be on a different sheet.

also i would like to change the color of the copied cell to "greyed" out or cut if it can not be greyed out. I have created a button and put in a macro that i created but have been having problems with it, generic 1004 errors that i can not figure out. i am attaching the document.

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Macro To Copy Data From Sheet 1 To Multiple Pages On Sheet 2 In Correct Cells
I have attached a 97-2003 .xls file with data for multiple store locations on sheet 1, and the desired result on sheet 2. I am actually using excel 2007, but I dont think I need any special features that it provides.

I will try to explain the issue here without opening the attachment.

Here is an example of the Data on Sheet1

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If And Copy Statements
I am tring to create an excel spreadsheet used to track loan numbers that we will scann to excel, the date it was scanned and then scan the tracking code and place that in a seperate location. I have done some preliminary work but am running into a a few issues. I need to copy the tracking number to each loan number it is relitive for example we would scan 10 files then scan the tracking number and that tracking number would be copied on each line of record. I also need to creadte a code to identify if it is a tracking number not to imput the info in the field.

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Copy Rows From Selected Sheet To New Sheet Based On Cell Value
i have a workbook that has a lot of sheets but i need to pull information from the one sheet "Veneer Log" i Need it to make new sheets with the same heading as on the "Veneer Log" (Rows 1 & 2) Sheet but it needs to be filtered by the "Product" Column (H) with a new sheet made for all the diffrent products i.e. Dimensional, Drywall, Corners - Thin V., Accents,..... so each product will have a new sheet with i am hoping someone can help me with this. This log changes Daily and it would be nice to have a sheet with only the same product on it to compare new orders so we can batch run. i hope i have given you enough information so someone can help me with this. i have attached a sample log the real log has about 10 worksheet for diffrent departments but i only need info from the Veneer Log Sheet.

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Automatically Re-name Sheet To Cell Value & Create Copy Of Hidden Sheet
I have a workbook with a hidden sheet ("Template") and a visible sheet("New Job"). I need code so when cell F1 in "New Job" is populated:

1-the sheet is renamed to the value of F1,
2-a new tab is made (a carbon copy of the hidden sheet "Template")
3-the new tab is named "New Tab" and marked as unhidden.

Public Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
ActiveSheet.Name = Range("F1").Value
End Sub

Function WorksheetExists(SheetName As String, _
Optional WhichBook As Workbook) As Boolean
Dim WB As Workbook
Set WB = IIf(WhichBook Is Nothing, ThisWorkbook, WhichBook)
On Error Resume Next
WorksheetExists = CBool(Len(WB.Worksheets(SheetName).Name) > 0)
End Function..................

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Copy Cell From Specific Sheet & Paste To Active Sheet
I would like a macro that will go to a fixed sheet, copy the format, go back to the previous sheet and paste the format. My problems arise going back to the previously activated sheet rather than just a fixed sheet.

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Copy All Data From Data Sheet, Sequence Top Down By Spend, Manually Delete All After 50
I have two sheets, a data sheet with all our customers by ref, name and spend; and a presentation sheet.

In the presentation sheet I want to display the ref, name and spend of the Top 50 customers by spend, price high to low.

The workaround:

Copy all data from data sheet, sequence top down by spend, manually delete all after 50.

My only issue is that each month the data sheet will update and I want the Top 50 to auto update, without performing the workaround above.

Is there a way to do this without VBA i.e. pivot tables etc

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If Statements; List Any Date That Has Three Or More True Statements With The Coresponding Name
Sheet one will contain the following:


On sheet two I need to list any date that has three or more true statements with the coresponding name.

2/26/2008 Bill

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Multiple IF Statements (skip The Next Two Statements Or The Result Will Be Changed Again)
I have three IF statements as below. the problem is if the first statement is true I want it to skip the next two statements or the result will be changed again.

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Copy Row With Data To Second Sheet
i need to have a macro that searches columns C and E (on sheet1) for any cell with data.
if finds data in either C or E, it copies that entire row to sheet2 in the next avilable row, and adds a date stamp to column F ...

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Copy Data To Another Sheet
I have a sheet that contains multiple rows of information, i would like to copy the details of the last entry on each row to the corresponding row on the next sheet.
Normally this would be the last 3 cells on each row to be copied, but some rows will also contain a couple of cells that may be coloured which would also be required.
My question is -
firstly - what is the best way of copying the last few cells on multiple rows to another sheet?
secondly - is there a way of copying an extra cell or 2 if they are coloured?

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Copy All Data Into One Sheet
I have excel worksheet with lots of sheet with data in Column A and Column B
I need a macro to copy all column A and Column B data from all sheets in let's say sheet called "Consolidate".

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Copy Data From One Sheet To Another
I got the following code from this forum to copy data from one sheet to another. Is it possible to use it with an input box code. So instead of always getting data from a specific range, it may be selected through an input box and copied on desired location with the help of also an input box.

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Look Up Data And Copy Into Another Sheet
All data is organized by date, and to make comparisons easier, the different types of data is in it's own individual column, and different levels of analysis is on different worksheets.

"Sheet1": This is the raw data.

"Sheet2": What data is valid out of the raw data, (already have a script to only show valid results based on user's input)

"Sheet3": 3 days before, and 3 days after each valid date out of sheet2.

I'm having a problem figuring out how to make Sheet3 automated. I need some sort of look up function for Sheet2, and copy and paste the seven raw data points into Sheet3 (As in the screenshot above). I am currently doing it manually and it's very frustrating on thousands of data points.

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How To Copy Selected Data From One Sheet To Another
Hi excel masters, I have questions on how to built a macro to copy selected the data from one sheet (contains data) to a summary sheet, I used excel 2007.

The macro I want to run to achive those result:
The data on the data sheet listed similar like below:

in first column (contains name) as below,
in the summary sheet, I want to copy one particular name from datasheet to cell A17 and below, based on the the selection criteria I enter in cell B1.

For example, if I want to show xx in summary sheet, I input xx in cell B1, and run macro to list xx one by one from A17, A18, A19....

I need to macro to run to search entire list to include the value I selected.

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Copy Only Data In Some Columns To Another Sheet
I am trying to copy rows that match a date range but I only want some of the columns to be copied to a pre-defined sheet.

For example, if the row is selected as a match because it is within the desired date range, I want the data in columns 'A-F', 'I-J','N-O' to be copied to the sheet 'Report' starting in 'A3'.

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Copy Filtered Data (same Sheet)
I have 5 fields which contain 200 rows of information, I'd like to filter field 1 and have the filtered data copied to K2 of the same worksheet.

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On Value Change Copy Data To Another Sheet
I have a sheet in Excel (sheet 1)which reads in eleven values. If the data in the 11th value changes then I would like to copy the other 10 values to sheet 2 appending to previous values copied. Date and time on each copy would also be nice if possible.

The values in sheet 1 are being read in via an OPC server from a machine and only change at the and of a batch which could take a few hours.

We are trying to gather this information as a test just for stocking levels on a short term basis. We may look at a more sophisticated method after our trial period is completed.

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Filter Data On One Sheet And Copy To Another
Is there a way to easily filter the data according to the products' "index %" of a given month and then copying all data (including name, price, index%, and index value for the whole year) of those deviating from 100,0% to a new sheet?

I tried this myself with auto filters but the layout presented some problems. The sheet is created automatically by another programme, so the layout is what it is.

I really hope someone might have a solution for this since I need to sort through these sheets, with thousands of products, every month by hand!

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Autofilter Copy Data To Other Sheet
Trying to filter list and copy filtered data to another sheet in the same workbook.

I'm receiving this error:
Run-time error '438'
Object doesn't support this property or method

Worksheets("Data"). CurrentRegion.Copy _
Worksheets(" Totals"). Range("A1")

Sub GetTotals() ..............

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Auto Copy Data From One Sheet To Another
So im setting up a big list of stuff, and basically i have multiple sheets.

One of them is a "master sheet" so to speak, and the rest are sub-sets of data.

Is it possible to have the Master sheet updated automatically every time data is entered on one of the sub sheets?

Basically its an alphabetical list of names, and my sheets are "Master sheet" "sheet A, Sheet B" etc .... so If I enter a name on Sheet B, or format the cells on sheet B, is it possible to have that automatically copied to the master sheet?

its becoming a pain to have to enter the same name on two sheets manually.

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Copy & Paste Data Into New Sheet (Tab)
I have some data in Columns A&B of Sheet2 in my workbook. I was wondering how I could make this Auto Copy & Paste into a New Sheet of my Workbook and name the new Worksheet "New Sheet". A VB Macro is what i ma currently using to generate the data.

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Compare And Copy Data From One Sheet To Another.
SalesImport contains sales data, and one column of that sheet is a unique reference number to identify the agent responsible for those sales.

Main contains much more data, and I need to transfer sales data from SalesImport to Main in the most efficient, automated way possible - on a monthly basis most likely... but possibly weekly or even ad-hoc at a later date... so it really does need to be quite quick.

At the moment I have come up with an idea to loop through each row on the SalesImport page, and for each row, compare the unique reference number (Column I) with the unique reference numbers on the Main sheet, (Column C). If they match, set the value of the sales column on Main to the same value as the sales column on the SalesImport sheet.

However, this is not working as i would hope, and doesn't copy anywhere near all the rows I know are found in both sheets.

Sub SalesDataImport_Main()
Dim c As Long, d As Long, Limit1 As Long, Limit2 As Long, Limit3 As Long, sh1 As Worksheet, sh2 As Worksheet, sh3 As Worksheet

Set sh1 = Sheets("Main")
Set sh2 = Sheets("SalesImport")

Limit1 = sh1.Cells(Rows.Count, 3).End(xlUp).Row
Limit2 = sh2.Cells(Rows.Count, 9).End(xlUp).Row

For c = 2 To Limit2
sh2.Cells(c, 9).Select
For d = 3 To Limit3
If sh1.Cells(d, 3).Value = sh2.Cells(c, 9).Value Then
sh2.Cells(c, 27).Value = "In Main List"
Else: sh2.Cells(c, 27).Value = "Not in Main List"
End If
Next d
Next c
End Sub

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Get The Data From Sheeet And Copy To Other Sheet
I have 3 workbooks, I have a sheet that will have a button on it that will run the code, when the button is pushed, data from another workbook will then copy to a 3rd workbook.

Control.xls - Has the button, which will run the vba code.
Source.xls - Has the data to be copied.
Dest.xls - Were the data will be copied too.

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Copy All Data And Paste To Other Sheet
I have a workbook with multiple sheets. Within the workbook there is 1 mastersheet and 30 other sheets. On a daily basis, I need to copy all the data from the 30 sheets to one single sheet.

For each sheet being copied, I want to copy all data with the exception of the first row. Some of the sheets may contain blank lines. I am have trouble getting my code to copy all the data.

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Copy Data From One Sheet To Another With Condition
Sheet OldData has 4 fields Bo# / Tag / ORG / ACCT
Sheet NewData has 2 fields Bo# / Tag

I would like to copy fields ORG / ACCT from Old to New if the Tags from New match with OldData.

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Copy Selected Data Onto New Sheet...
I have a button the brings a dialog box with a list box. on selecting a figure in the listbox and clicking 'OK' the figure is transferred to a cell in a worksheet.

The column under this cell has a formula with the result True/False. The autofilter then selects only 'True', and then should copy the active range to a new sheet, preferably named according to the value first selected.

It must be possible for the user to have several of these ranges copied to different sheets for printing purposes, which is not a problem as this already works with the code.

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Add Sheet, Copy Data With Validation
Their is sheet in which some online data is comeing.

#1 I have to copy that data in another worksheet and its name shud be last 3 characters of the sheet in which data is comeing.
Say for example data sheet is abcd_2781 so new sheet name shud be 781

#2 now i have to copy the data based on certain validation
the sheet has 14 colums

the data keep coming in....every time it comes with a unque ID.
but when it comes there is a colum which tell us three operations

And so when ever we copy data it shud only copy 0,1,2 it shud not copy new, change or delete.

Now there is one more colum in which their is entry ID, it carried diff ID for NEW transactions. But when ever their is change or delete it will be same what ever was generated when it was new. so the validation shud be

when its 1= change it should match its Entry ID and delete the complete ROW with all previous same ID keep this only

When its 2= Delete it should match its Entry ID and Delet the complete row with all same including itself.

i am attaching the input and out put data
Input data Output data
MDUpdateAction MDEntryID MDUpdateAction MDEntryID
0=NEW 100302 0 100302
0=NEW 100303 0 100305
0=NEW 100304 0 100306
0=NEW 100305 0 100314
0=NEW 100306 0 100313
0=NEW 100314 0 100315
0=NEW 100313 0 100316
0=NEW 100315 0 100293
0=NEW 100316 1 100291
0=NEW 100291
0=NEW 100292
0=NEW 100293
2=DELETE 100303
2=DELETE 100292
2=DELETE 100304
1=CHANGE 100291

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Copy All Data From Different Files Into One Sheet
Here is my problem:

Every month I have *.xls files containing one sheet with different data.

I tried to make a macro whose job was to copy all data from different files into one sheet but i failed.

Please tell me is there some kind of macros which will copy all data sheet from all files into one sheet and to detect every next empty row to paste the information there?

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Copy Data From One Sheet When Criteria Is Met
I have is the formula works as long as there are no blanks in column "A" my situation has changed and I will have blanks in column "A". I've attached the file to show how if you have blanks. I was trying to work through the blanks any help would be a bonus.

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Copy Data From Hidden Sheet
I have a hidden holding sheet where I copy data into col A as follows:

Sheets("April_June"). Range("a10:A110").Copy Destination:=Sheets("Staff_Import").Range("a1")

This works fine but what I also need to do is delete the blank rows in the holding sheet "Staff_Import" and copy back to another sheet "July_Sept" without removing the formatting in "July_Sept" sheet ie cell fill & borders.

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When Data File Close Sheet To Sheet Range To Range Copy
i have a main.xls file and two data file dat1.xls and dat2.xls

mail named file have ar - br- cr- dr- er -fr sheets

dat1 named file have ar-br-cr sheets

dat2 named file have dr-er-fr sheets

and all this files data source is

colomn source a - fd
row source 29-4000

i want to make two commandbutton to main file first for dat1 second for dat2 file and i need a code to use at this buttons to make

when dat1 and dat2 close

main file user when click first button

copy dat1 file ar sheet colomn source a - fd row source 29-4000 cells to main file ar sheet colomn source a - fd row source 29-4000 cells

copy dat1 file br sheet colomn source a - fd row source 29-4000 cells to main file br sheet colomn source a - fd row source 29-4000 cells

copy dat1 file cr sheet colomn source a - fd row source 29-4000 cells to main file cr sheet colomn source a - fd row source 29-4000 cells

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Copy Data To Master Sheet Next Avail Row
I am trying to write a macro that will go to one workbook after another, select a large range and paste it to a master sheet, then repeat for the second workbook but this time paste in the next available row.

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Copy A/F Data To New Sheet & Retain Format
Using xl 2007 - The following code is working fine. except on completion my new sheet does not have the same nice formatting of the Original Sheet.. So I need to Incorporate the formatting of the new sheet to be the same as the Original Sheet.

Sub DumpAutoFilterToNewSheet1()
Dim wss As Worksheet
Dim wsd As Worksheet
Set wss = ActiveSheet
If ActiveSheet.FilterMode Then
Set wsd = Worksheets.Add
wss.AutoFilter.Range.Copy _
Destination:=wsd.Cells(1, 1)
MsgBox "Nothing is currently Filtered" & vbNewLine _
& "Filter a Column and Try Again."
End If
End Sub

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Auto Filter Data & Copy To Another Sheet
macro which autofilter data & copy to another sheet.

below mention are the steps, i dont knw how to write vb code to autofilter month. Please find sample workbook on
below mention link

1.Auto Filter Date 2(Column C)

2.Select First Month (eg.May 09)

3.Auto Filter Date 1 (Column B)

4.from, the month, which filter in Date 2 (from May 09 to Dec 09..last month of year)

5.Auto Filter Column A

6.Copy each unique value on output sheet

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Copy Data From Userform To Sheet, On A New Row Each Time
I have designed a userform that allows teachers to input assessment grades and calculate overall module grades based on these...

I'd like to develop a macro that would then allow the teacher to click a "save" button on the userform, triggering the transfer of the information on the userform into the next sheet and then clear the contents of the userform ready for the next calculation.

I have made an attempt; unfortunately I have very limited experience of Excel and am therefore running into difficulties; the macro is as follows: .....

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Copy Data From One Sheet To Another Depending On Date.
"Sheet1" of Book1.xls contains the daily efforts of each members in the team. The detail changes automatically everyday like:

Date Name Task1 Task2 Total
1/1/08 Mark Design-2 Analysis-2 4
1/1/08 James Design-3 Analysis-2 5
1/1/08 Paul Implement-4 4

On the very next day the details will be automatically changed as:

Date Name Task1 Task2 Total
1/2/08 Mark Design-2 Analysis-4 6
1/2/08 James Design-3 Analysis-2 5
1/2/08 Paul Analysis--8 8

i.e. "Sheet1" will contain only the details of current date.
I have managed to do it in "Sheet1"...

Here I need to add all the details automatically for each and every day in a separate worksheet ("Sheet2") from "Sheet1" of the same excel.

As soon as the date changed, then it will be reflected automatically in "Sheet2" in the next blank row for each member of the team...
The details of "Sheet2" will be:

Date Name Task1 Task2 Total
1/1/08 Mark Design-2 Analysis-2 4
1/1/08 James Design-3 Analysis-2 5
1/1/08 Paul Implement-4 4
1/2/08 Mark Design-2 Analysis-4 6
1/2/08 James Design-3 Analysis-2 5
1/2/08 Paul Analysis--8 8

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Formula (copy Data From One Sheet To Another When Value Matches)
I have two sheets (sheet 1 and sheet 2). Sheet 2 has a range of data about employees. Column A contains a unique reference number with the rest of the row (Column B - Column X) containing corresponding data about that empoyee.

When I enter that unique reference number in Sheet 1, Column A, and matches the value in Sheet 2, Column A; I would like the rest of the corresponding row data (Column B - Column X) from Sheet 2 to populate 'automatically' (copied) in Sheet 1.

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Copy Data According To Criteria To Another Sheet Within The Workbook
i need a macro that will copy data according to criteria to another sheet within the workbook,

Raw data is in Sheet "Workings" from range A1:L,???? (not fixed), i need the macro to filter Col b and look for string CBA, CITIAIMS, MIR ASIA, STATE STREET, CITIBANK, REG then copy all data relating to these string to Sheet- " Cash_To_External_Custodian"

Account CodeCustodianSourceValue DateBreak DateAgeSideCCYLedger AmountStatement AmountAmount DifferenceError TypeQLGACITIAIMSDES21-Oct-0821-Oct-08-6SCRAUD0.0063,115.1163,115.115647366QLGSBQLGACITIAIMSDES22-Oct-0822-Oct-08-7SCRAUD0.0011,665.0311,665.035649060QLGSBQLGACITIAIMSDERIV28-Oct-0828-Oct-08-13LCRAUD100,000.000.00-100,000.005661452QLGACITIAIMSDES28-Oct-0828-Oct-08-13LCRAUD18,274.880.00-18,274.885655105

When pasting data to "Cash_To_External_Custodian", i would like the macro to paste to the required columns as per my screen dump below, as you can see i want the macro to skip Col b ,Starting Range is A6

Cash_To_External_CustodianAccount Code Case RefCustodianSourceValue DateBreak DateAgeSideCCYLedger AmountStatement AmountAmount DifferenceError TypeQLGACITIAIMSDES21-Oct-0821-Oct-08-6SCRAUD0.0063,115.1163115.115647366QLGSBQLGACITIAIMSDES22-Oct-0822-Oct-08-7SCRAUD0.0011,665.0311665.035649060QLGSBQLGACITIAIMSDERIV28-Oct-0828-Oct-08-13LCRAUD100,000.000.00-1000005661452QLGACITIAIMSDES28-Oct-0828-Oct-08-13LCRAUD18,274.880.00-18274.885655105

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Auto Copy Specific Data From One Sheet To Other
I just want to check that if it is possible to copy specific cells from one row to another sheet by using macro or any other script.

Attached is a sheet which explains what exectly I want

The sheet one is having Source data
Sheet three is the result sheet

If I put some code numbers (in number form) it should search the data from source sheet and update the same in result sheet in different rows

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Copy Data To Other Sheet + Loop To Last Record
I have SQL data that I'm extracting and populating two sheets accordingly on daily basis. (This is done manually and sheets are refreshed with new data)

Name of tabs: (Peaked & Confirmed)

Each sheet consist obviously of different data but table extract contains the same name & number of columns.

Name & Number of Columns :Org_province

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Copy Data From One Sheet To Another, Based Upon Dates
Copy Data From One Sheet To Another, Based Upon Dates ...

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Copy Data & Paste To End Of Table On Another Sheet
I have a sheet in which you enter in new information. I need a macro to copy that information onto another sheet, onto the first empty row, so it does not clear the information that has already been entered. The first sheet is an information entry sheet, and the second is the database, which contains all of the information. I hope this is clear, if you do not understand, I will be happy to rephrase my question!

I have included two screenshots of the excel system. They are named.

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Find Data..then Copy It To Another Print It
i want user using userform to search for the wanted data then the displayed data be copy to another new sheet.. and be able to print!

hope the idea is clear!

i will attach the file in case someone wants to show me the example...

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Sort Data And Copy Top & Bottom 10 Into New Sheet
I'm looking for a simple piece of code I can use to manipulate the data on the attached workbook. Firstly, I need to be able to sort the data by column O ("Balance"). I then need the code to extract all the information for the top 10 and bottom 10 rows and paste the info into a new worksheet. The code will need to account for the fact the number of rows might increase/decrease with this report.

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