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IF Function With Multiple Conditions

I am having serious trouble trying to make this work:

I need to create an IF function for the following:

If B13

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Count Unique Logs With Multiple Conditions Of Multiple Sheets
I've got no clue about all this, but I've had to get specific formula examples and fill in the blanks in order for my timesheet to work. There's just one final problem if somebody could please help.

This is a timesheet for a 5 day work week. I need to count the number of unique log numbers for a specific activity. The log numbers counted must be unique across the entire week, not just for each day, which means I want the formula to count the unique log numbers across multiple sheets.

The formula also has multiple conditions. I got 2 columns. The first part of the formula needs to verify a word, say, "split" and if it does it checks the adjacent cell for a unique log number. If both arguments are true, it counts the log as 1 unit.

Here is a working formula for only one page.

Here's 2 problems with this formula:
1. I will count if it encounters a blank cell in the Log numbers the first time (which will happen as not every activity we do has a log#), but it will stop counting if it encounters a second blank cell.

2. I don't know how to make it work across several sheets.

This is an alternate formula which works and skips the blank cells, but I don't know how to add the multiple condition of "split" and to have it work across multiple sheets. I just copied it Microsoft. As I said, I don't understand it, I just fill in the blanks.

SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF(LEN(C4:C29)>0,MATCH(C4:C29,C4:C29,0),""), IF(LEN(C4:C29)>0,MATCH(C4:C29,C4:C29,0),""))>0,1))

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How To Satisfy Multiple Conditions Using Multiple Criteria
I'm trying to divide my data into 6 different groups, based on 2 different criteria. First, I am not sure how to write the logical test to take 2 columns of data into consideration (using "&" and "AND" do not work; I am not sure what else to try), and second I can't figure out how to write the formula so that it can select from 1 of 6 conditions.

So, overall here is what I want:

If DL2=3 and CK2=1, then I want this to be labeled as '1'
If DL2=3 and CK2=2, 2
If DL2=1 and CK2=2, 3
If DL2=2 and CK2=2, 4
If DL2=1 and CK2=1, 5
If DL2=2 and CK2=1, 6

These 6 conditions cover all possible combinations of numbers in the two columns.

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Remove Multiple Data By Multiple Conditions?
1. I have 4 columns (let's say D,E,I,J);

Account1 Sum1 Account2 Sum2
151 93,79 BF2479 30,00
1476757 93,79 BF7 22,00
BF2479 30,00 151 93,79
86041 84,03 23235 30,00
534 6608,45

2. I need to clean the multiple identical data in the list by both Account no. and Sum (of course the list is much longer!) so that the list should look like this:

Account1 Sum1 Account2 Sum2

1476757 93,79 BF7 22,00

86041 84,03 23235 30,00
534 6608,45

I must say that I am a beginner in Excel, so I tried to use this:


for column E, and


(which is reverse of the first one) for column J; (The ranges are the ones used in the real sheet), not for the ones in the example above!); The formula does seem to eliminate a dew unwanted data, but does not give me all the wanted results!

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IF-THEN Function For Many Conditions
I have attached my sheet. I want to apply IF-THEN formula in P1 cell in this condition:-

IF C1=Y then =IF(OR($D$4="",M8=""),0,IF($D$3="USD",J8,IF(J8="na","na",J8/ D$4)))


C1=N then=IF(OR($D$4="",M8=""),0,IF($D$3="USD",M8,IF(M8="na","na",M8/$D$4)))

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Check Sum Then More IF Function Conditions

I have a small issue with the formula above. Basically the sheet is used to input start and end time of shifts and create breaks and lunches accordingly. The formula above resides in column S. Basically it warns us if the end of the shift is over 4.00 hrs past the end of the last lunches. A shift can have no lunch, one lunch or two lunches. H10 would be the start of the first lunch, R10 is the end of shift, I10 is the end of the first lunch, AH1 = 4:00 or 4:00:00 AM, N10 is the end of the second lunch.

What happens is that if there is no lunch given in cells H, I, M, N or in this case H, I, N then I get a strange number. For instance, I put in 6:00 for the start time [E10] (actually we input military time and the result is displayed in AM or PM) and the end time as 8:00, then I get a result of 8:00 in the S column [titled +4hrs warning). 6:00 to 9:00 results in 9.00 hrs., etc, When we input a six hour shift, a lunch is automatically starts in H10 and ends in I10. Once this begins, the formula works correctly.

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RANK With Several Conditions (like For The SORT Function)
In the RANK() function I can rank a value depending on one set of values (one condition), but when you SORT data you can choose a second (and a third) condition.

Is there a way to RANK with two sets of values (two conditions)?

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More Than 3 Conditions For The Conditional Formatting Function?
Can I have more than 3 conditions for the conditional formatting function?

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Sum On Multiple Conditions In Multiple Columns
My data looks somewhat like this :

DOU Quarter Sum
0 Q1 = sum of 1's in Q1
1 Q1 = sum of 1's in Q2
1 Q2 = sum of 1's in Q3
0 Q2 = sum of 1's in Q4
1 Q3
1 Q1
1 Q4
0 Q2

A cell in the SUM column must contain the sum of 1's in column DOU if under column Quarter the value is Q1. Similarly for Q2, Q3 & Q4 if only the corresponding value under DOU is 1.

Its like.. count the number of 1's per quarter and come up with the sum in 4 distinct cells for each quarter.. i.e. quarter-wise sum/count of 1s

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VBA Multiple IF Conditions
If ActiveCell.Value < -25 And ActiveCell.Offset(-2, 0).Value < -25 And ActiveCell.Offset(-3, 0).Value < -25 Then
End If
End Sub

I am looking to do something similar on excel 07 as follows:
IF ActiveCell.Offset(0,-1)Value ="1" And ActiveCell.Offset(0,-2).Value = "1" Then
ActiveCell.Value = "1"

Compile error expected: Then or GoTo At the First value (which I have highlighted in red)

Also would like the If formula to repeat for range O16:O36.

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Sum With Multiple Conditions
see attached workbook.

I need to create a conditional sum in the report tab in the yellow cells that will sum all the values from the list sheet, based on the following conditions.

1) The name is in the list
2) The code in the list is one from the codes tab.

I saw somewhere that I need to put an 'OR' statement in the conditional sum but I can't get it work. It seems to add up values for the code 'HOLIDAY' and I don't want it to.

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IF Formula For Multiple Conditions
I need to set up something like an IF formula that will populate 1 cell based on which of 11 possible values will be represented in another cell. I can do this up to 7 with no problems using the following IF statement:

= IF(G23="1","a", IF(G23="2","b", IF(G23="3","c", IF(G23="4","d", IF(G23="5","e", IF(G23="6","f", IF(G23="6","g",IF(G23="7","h", "OTHER"))))))))

But if I try to put more than 7 conditions in there it tells me I've entered too many arguments. Is there a way I can either use more than 7 arguments or some other formula

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Lookup With Multiple Conditions
way to return a value from a data table by specifying 3 conditions to be met.

Eg. My data table is in cells W1:Z100
(Column names = Track, Distance, Class, Time)

I want to be able to return the time value, based on track, distance and class values.

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Sumproduct With Multiple Conditions
My sumproduct has multiple conditions - is there a limit to the number of multiple conditions one sumproduct formula can have? I didn't think there was????

The formula looks like this, and should return results - at the moment, it returns #N/A. Does it have anything to do with the fact that I'm using named ranges?


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Summing With Multiple Conditions
I need to sum the items in column G12:G39 with the 1st name in Column B12:B39 which could be 1 of 9 different names, that, and the 2nd name in column D12:D39 cannot not say either #4 or TE. If it says #4 or TE, then it needs to sum the info in colmn G12:G39, based on the 1st name in column B12:B39.

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Copy Row With Multiple Conditions
I am attempting to come up with code to copy a row only if columns K:Z are all blank in a row.

I tried using thirteen if statements (it was a messy code) and then using a search code with a For/Next statement and none of them are working. They copy the rows but something keeps bugging no matter how I change them.

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How To Use Count With Multiple Conditions
I have a table in Excel:

The first row is time in years.

The second row is method name,say,"A","B","C".

I want to count the number when the time is less than 5 years AND "A"
method is adopted.

I tried this:
count(if(AND(C2:Z2<5,C3:Z3="A"),C2:Z2) but it didn't work.

how to revise the formula?

In the mean time, count(if(C2:Z2<5,C2:Z2))worked as well as

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Countif Multiple Conditions....
I have a table like this:

Name (A).....Date-in (B)....Date-out (C)

I want to count the rows (in the entire table) that B and C dates intersect with a reference dates (say J1 and J2).

It is a booking table so I want to know if the apartment is available for the reference dates (i.e. no bookings for that days).

I tried first a simple double conditional to know if a date is inside two dates but it didn't work:


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Logic With Multiple Conditions
I want cell B to be blank if 1 of 2 different conditions are met. If Cell A is blank then so too should be Cell B. If cell A contains data, then I want cell B to perform a formula $D$1-E6.

However, if Cell C contains data then Cell B should return to a blank status.

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Counting Multiple Conditions
My worksheet contains a database of systems that have been installed since 6/08. Each system has its own unique serial number, however, this serial number appears more than once.

I'm trying to count the number of systems that have been installed since 9/08/08 but I do not need Excel to count each s/n entry, I only want it to return a count per s/n once to get a total of all installations since this date.

I have attached the sheet in pk zip format.

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Sum Based On Multiple Conditions
I am trying to sum numbers based on three counditions.

My problem the third condition needs to use a wild card. I have attached a sample file, in the last condition I am only wanting to sum numbers where the characters in the last column begins with bd*

The yellow cell contains the formula I am using.

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Countif With Multiple Conditions?
In my Sheet "List" I have list of persons working on different projects.
I prepared graph after putting conditions on Project Type, Project Size, Project Year & Position (PM Project Manger). Every thing was done a in a nice manner with the help of below formula.

PJ TYPE , PJSIZE, PJYEAR, POSITION are ranges names.


But the problem was occured that in a year if a person work on small project more than once then he will be counted only once. But if he has worked in same year on Medium or Larage project then they will be counted separately. I tried to oversome the problem with the help of Pivot Table and put manually some legend P1, P2 & P3 against the person name if he is working on same type of project in same year. then count only P1 in my formula to count how many Project Manager worked on Project. like


Now i am trying that in a separate columm of # of PM there must be a formula which only put P or 1 for a person if he is working on same project in a year but i want that p or 1 only appear against his first entry i duplicate. for other persons it automatically enter 1 or p if they are appearing only once. i have tried a lot while using countif with multiple conditions but all in vain.

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SUMIF With Multiple Conditions
I'm trying to get a sum only if 2 conditions are met.

Column A has dates (ex. 01/02/2007) in a random order. Column B has a location in a text format (ex. London). Column C has a series of values formatted as [h]:mm.

What I'm trying to do is get a sum of the values in column C where the corresponding values in columns A and B = the date and loction I specify. I've tried...

=SUM(IF(('Jan ''07'!A$2:A$750="1/2/2007")*('Jan ''07' E$2:E$750="London"),'Jan ''07'!J$2:J$750))

but it's returning zero values regardless of the criteria being met or not.

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Multiple Conditions For Formatting
conditional formatting with multiple criteria needs. I don't even know if it is possible but thought it just may be possible using VBA or some formula in conditional formatting. Please take a look at the sheet and let me know if it makes sense or if you need any further info.

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Multiple Conditions With A SUMIF
My book is telling me that I can't use multiple conditions with a SUMIF
statement but other sources are telling me I can. Either way, it's not

My situation:

Look at data in $V$2:$V$144 (range = "group"). If cells in "group" =
"Broth" then look at $Y$2:$Y$144 (range = "bldg"). If "bldg" = "1" then sum
corresponding cells in $R$2:$R$144 (range = "fcst").

This is one of my attempts - feeble...


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VBA Do While Loop With Multiple Conditions
I'm having some problems getting a simple Do While loop to run. Essentially I'm trying to get it to run as long as one of two conditions is met, so I used an Or function in the loop condition. This then produces the "Run time error 1004: Application defined or Object defined error" error on that line.

I'm certain my syntax for the two conditions is correct (one is a simple check value in a cell, the other is check the value of a VBA variable) so it would appear the error is caused by the inclusion of the Or function. So I guess my question is this, have I done something wrong? If so what and if possible why is what I did wrong (I like to understand these things)? Is this something that has to be done in a different way or even is it something that cannot be done? I'm using excel 2003 on XP SP3.

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AverageIf Multiple Conditions
I currently have this equation: =AVERAGEIF($B$2:$B$900000,">="&L5,$C$2:$C$900000). Where L5 = 100. I'm interested in having the formula averageif B column value is between L5 & L6. Where L6 = 200. So I want it to find all values in B$ that are between >= 100 but < 200, and then average their C$ counterparts.

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Multiple Conditions Within An IF-THEN Statement
I have the following formula entered into cell O4: =IF((AND($K4="1",$B4="1 - C",$I4="open")),(1),(0)). When the three conditions are met in the corresponding cells, I get a "0" returned in cell O4. I would like the formula to return a "1" when all three conditions are met.

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Sum Ranges With Multiple Conditions
# of Project Names that are under Status=Contract (Amount in $s ) & # of Trks
# of Project Names that are under Status=V Verbal (Amount in $s) & # of Trks
# of Project Names that are under Status=No ($ Amount lost) & # of Trks lost
# of Project Name that are Lost to (Grandview) that are under Status=No ($ Amount lost) & # of Trks lost

Must be able to add more lines & have instructions so I can do it myself for the future.

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If Statement With Multiple Conditions
Dim b As Long
Dim last_rowB As Long
last_rowB = Range("K65536").End(xlUp).Row
For b = last_rowB To 2 Step -1
If Sheets("Main").Cells(b, 11).Value = Sheets("Main").Cells(b + 1, 11).Value & Sheets("Main").Cells(b, 11).Value <> "" Then
Sheets("Main").Cells(b + 1, 11).EntireRow.Delete
End If
Next b

If 2 cells are the same i want to delete the row of the 2nd cell, this works. But i dont want 2 delete cells that are blank, this doesnt work. For some reason it deletes everything in the table.

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Formula For Multiple Conditions
I need a formula for:
If nothing is entered into J1, leave it blank
But if J1 is greater than or less than H1, have the text "why?" appear in the cell. Late in the day and getting a lil brain dead.

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Counting With Multiple Conditions
I am looking to get a formula that count the number of rows that match some
criteria. The sample table is listed below. I would to have a formula
calculate the # of rows in which values in column B (>=3 and <=3.9) along with values in

Column C = 0

IDRATINGAMOUNT(formula match)
003044.0 (5.0)
002992.5 0 x
000692.5 2.0
013804.0 0 x
017293.0 0 x
017832.5 0 x
019342.0 (1.0)
019013.8 (1.0)x
014823.0 (1.0)x
020762.5 (1.0)


B>=3, B<=3.9 = 3 rows
C=0 = 4 rows
Overall = 6 total rows

But if you combine both criteria, there are 6 rows that match. I'm having a
difficult time figuring our how to write the formula for this.

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Maximum With Multiple Conditions
I have problem How to find Max of a column but instead see the conttent of the previous besde column on two criteria. and some one "UMH" from another forum helped and guided me much but unfortunately still my problem remains. I attach the sample

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Delete Rows, Multiple Conditions
I need help with the following conditions. I have attached a sample file with desired results.
Conditions required to delete row:

1Delete Row when cell E is blank (example: Row 6 will be deleted as E6 is blank)
2First character in column 'C' is an alphabet (for example: Row 5 will be deleted as the first character in the cell is an alphabet
3First character in column 'B' is an alphabet (for example: Row 29 will be deleted as the first character in the cell is an alphabet

Special Notes : All characters in column 'B' are not in number format (ex: 555-9999 is general)
There are more than 1500 rows of data that need to be sorted with the above conditions.

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SUMPRODUCT Formula - Multiple Conditions?
Can a sumproduct formula accomodate multiple criteria?

The following is a sumproduct formula, for just one condition.

SUMPRODUCT(--(A1:A100="Red Sox"),--(B1:B100""))

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Summing Based On Multiple Conditions
I have been trying to search an array and cannot find the correct combination of functions to get the information I want. I might need a macro to do this but I will try anything. Here is an example:

1 A 1
1 B 2
2 A 3
2 B 4
3 A 5
3 B 6

I want to search for 3 and A and return the value in the 3rd column. I have tried several functions but cant figure out how to make sure I get the correct value in the 2nd column that corresponds to the value in the 1st column.

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Programming Multiple Conditions In Cell
Attached is my worksheet. I need to program column C to adjust the value in column A according to the rules set in table J2:K17, but ONLY if the value in column B = mens. If the value in B does not equal mens, then leave the C cell blank. I've manually populated column C to show the end result that I'm looking for.

I tried a simple =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Small",A2)),"S",""), etc., but I can't figure out how to incorporate the additional condition that would let the cell return a value ONLY when a condition in B is also met.

NBVC helped me with a similar request previously, but with that formula, if the condition wasn't met, the cell returned "#N/A" instead of being blank.

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Lookup Value Basd On Multiple Conditions
I could use some help with a look up formula with mutliple conditions. In my worksheet I have a column for an order number, date, activity, machine, job status code, unit of measuer and cost. I need to find the quantity reported by a specific actiivty and unit of mesaure for a speciific order number.

Here is an example:

I need to find the quantity reported in the 7th column for order #1 based on Actiivty "2" and U/M "m".

Order No.DateActivityMachineStatusU/MQuantityCost19/1/200811Cm101 $ 3.23 19/1/200821Cm317 $ 10.17 19/2/200812Az5 $ 43.25 29/1/200811Pm23 $ 2.50 29/3/200821Pm57 $ 27.50 29/3/200812Pz2 $135.00

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Vlookup- Multiple Conditions For Lookup Value
MetricsCategoryJan 2008VisitsTravel50view_offerTravel10

Above is the data I want to lookup on. I need to be able to do a lookup for travel visits and a seperate lookup for travel view_offers.

Is there someway to do this with a vlookup or maybe match index?

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Conditional Formatting With Multiple Conditions
I have a spreadsheet that contains a great deal of information, though most if it contains dates. There are some colums that contain the word "NEED" if i don't yet have the date to put in there, and the cell is yellow. What i want to do is set up conditional formatting to change the cell to pink if:

A)the cell contains the "Need"


B)The date in the corresponding row from column C is more than 15 days old.

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SUMPRODUCT - Count Multiple Conditions
Ive started using the sumproduct function to count multiple conditions which is useful

howveer if i want to count those records in one column that meet a condition and those records in another column that meet anyone of a number of conditions how can i do that?

the only way i can think is like the below


Rather than having to eliminate red and yellow i would like to say is green or blue.

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Cell Value Based On Multiple Conditions
I need to create a macro that will calculate a value based on the contents of multiple cells. Looking at the example attached, if columns A and/or B (employee ID and name) are empty, then allowable OT (G) should be 0. If either have data, then if Stage (F) is CAN, G should be 20. If Stage is FAS or FAR, G should be 10.

I'm not very savvy with IF statements, which is how I imagine this can be done, and I don't know if this would be easier to do as a macro or as a formula within G. Since the contents of the of the cells will be changing on a weekly basis, I'd prefer the formula to only be there if there is content on the line, so we don't have nulls showing.

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Summing If Multiple Conditions Are True
I could probably fix by making a loop, but I am trying to avoid doing any more looping. The program that I am working on has way too much looping in it already, and is getting kind of bogged down.

Here is what I need. On my worksheet, column D lists the names of farms, column E lists a specific chicken house on that farm (by number), and column F lists how many chicks are being placed into that house. What I need to do is find a way, within VBA, to add up all of the chicks in column F that correspond to a certain farm name (column D) and chicken house (column E).

I can make something like this work in excel, but not in VBA. For example, if I wanted to find out how many chicks were being delivered to Johnson Farms, house 4, I would use this formula:

= SUM(IF(($D$5:$D$25="JOHNSON FARMS") * ($E$5:$E$25=3),$F$5:$F$25 ))

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Number Formatting With Multiple Conditions
Problem : Belgium has three types of phone numbers

##/###.##.## (if prefix is "02" or "03")
####/##.##.## (if prefix is "04##")
###/##.##.## (everything else)

depending on the prefix.

How can I put a conditional number formatting on a cell, so that it puts the input (eg. 025648595) in the correct format (in this case : 02/564.85.95, or something along these lines)?

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How To Add Range From Multiple Sheets With Conditions
I'm creating a summary sheet that adds up all the data on sheets between start and finish where A2-A25 is SU and B2-B25 is 004*04. Background info: SU stands for SetUp, and 004*04 is a workcenter number (its not 004 times 04) I'm trying to calculate the total number of Setups for each workcenter.


gives me a #NAME? error.

Example Data on each spreadsheet:

SU 004*02
SU 004*04
SU 004*04
SU 004*02
SU 004*04

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Delete Multiple Rows Under Certain Conditions
I need to eliminate the passing jobs, leaving the failing ones so I can do coaching sessions with the guys that are missing the mark.

Conventions of the report:

Each job has a 20 digit job # and is allocated 12 rows worth of information fields unless customer has more than 1 cable outlet with a modem, then the rows increase by 4 for each additional modem
Tech name is repeated after every 12 rows even if within the same job #
On passing jobs, column I will only contain Yes (there are blank cells in column I, as not every parameter is checked on every job), failing jobs will contain No in column I

Items I need to accomplish:

Increase column C width to 22 and column E to 25

Format column C to number, 0 decimal places (to avoid scientific notation)

Move tech name to beginning of each job # and eliminate repeated names

Delete all rows plus tech name on passing jobs

Change cell color to red in rows (columns A-I) that contain No in column I

I have highlighted each different job # in different color

John Smith10002934422610200000Outlet 2D - Up Stream SNR274029.4Yes10002934422610200000Outlet 2D - Up Stream Tx365546Yes10002934422610200000Outlet 2D - Down Stream .............................

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Counting Cells With Multiple Conditions
I have a large list of items and I want to be able to count and sum up the cells based on multiple conditions. Lets just say for example I have a list like this, also the list updates and adds more rows for more information, so its not confined.

xxx Open
xxx Complete
yyy Complete
yyy Open
xxx Complete
xxx Open

I want to be able to count how many xxx are Open. I assume it involves either CountA, CountIF, If, And but I keep getting errors when It searches for text. I can use CountA and have it search for text of a single columb just fine, but I cant do contitions based on multiple columbs with just a cell formula.

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Counting Multiple Text Conditions
I am working on a spreadsheet that contains multiple text conditions that I need to keep count of. I would like to try the countif but I don't know if this will work. Here's a summary of my spreadsheet

Column F in my spreadsheet contains 7 different regions (all text).
Column D contains an open or closed option that is not validated.

In my totals section of the spread sheet I need to count each region that meets the "closed" criteria.

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Multiple VLOOKUP Conditions And MAXIMUM Value
I have written a snooker scorebaord spreadsheet which keeps a history of highest scores and highest breaks, but am unable to find a way of showing these key values in a table.

Attached is a cut down version to demonstrate the problem. If you can provide a solution it can be either in formula or code.

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Check Multiple Conditions In Loop
I want to vary a for next loop, depending on the value of a variable (y). Is there a way of doing this without repeating code as in the example?

If y = 1 Then
For x = 1 To 100
' lengthy code changes Cells(x,1) characteristics
Next x
ElseIf y = 2 Then
For x = 101 To 200
'lengthy code changes Cells(x,1) characteristics
Next x
ElseIf y = 3 Then
For x = 201 To 300
'lengthy code changes Cells(x,1) characteristics
Next x
End If

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Multiple Conditions In Nested IF Statements
I've been using nested IF statements, with success for a while, but now I'm into my fourth nested statement I'm starting to get some problems.

=IF($P15>0,SUM(IF(APR09!$M$2:$M$500=Department!$M$1,IF(APR09!$B$2:$B$500=$Q$6,IF((AND(APR09!$G$2:$G$ 500<>Department!$N$29,APR09!$G$2:$G$500<>Department!$N$30)),1,0),$N$2))))

Is what I've come up with so far. However, this returns 0, even though there are 3 items which should resolve the criteria. The main problem is here: IF((AND(APR09!$G$2:$G$500<>Department!$N$29,APR09!$G$2:$G$500<>Department!$N$30))

Where I am trying to make the sum increase by 1 if the cell from the row in question, having made it through the first 3 IF statements is not equal to either of those two cells (a range would be better) then the Sum needs to be increased by 1.

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