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Identify Duplicates Between 2 Columns Of Different Sheets

I have two spreadsheet in which I am looking for duplicate customer names.

1st - "Customers"
2nd - "Orders"

In column A of my Customers spreadsheet I have the following formula
=IF(ISERROR(MATCH(E2,Orders$D2:D1000,0))=FALSE, "Y","N"). This allows me to see if a name in my Customer spreadsheet (column E is a field of names) is also in my Orders spreadsheet (column D is a field of names). My end results is either a Y indicating a duplicate or a N for no duplicates.

What I am looking to do next is to place in column B of my Customers spreadsheet the date that coincides with the duplicating customer name. Sorry to be confusing. If a customers name is found in the Orders spreadsheet I need to know what date has been given to this customer (column L in the Orders spreadsheet contains the date information).

However, on numerous occasions a customers name is found in the Orders spreadsheet more than once meaning there may be more than one date which needs to be placed in column B of my Customers spreadsheet.

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Identify Duplicates
I have two worksheets one worksheet contains Insurnace names and Addresses from a hospital. I need to match these up to specific Insurance codes from a billing company worksheet. The bad thing is my billing database has multiple duplicate addresses for different insurances (Yes this does happen where different Insurances have the same address-don't ask me why). So originally I did a VLOOKUP where I looked up the address from the hospital Spreadsheet and matched it to the Insurance Specific code. The pitfall to doing it this way is that it only grabs the first exact match from the Billing worksheet. Is there a way to either automatically identify the possible matches and allow me to choose which one is the exact match or how do I just identify duplicates on my billing worksheet and match them manually? I attached the worksheet.

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Macro To Identify Duplicates
I am trying to write a macro to check for duplicate numbers. My logic is as follow:

If(A2-A3=0) Then

I want to write the macro as follow:

Select Check>0
Do While Check <885
If(A2-A3=0) Then
End If

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Identify Duplicates In A List
I need to identify duplicates in a list and have the foilowing formula:

=IF( COUNTIF(range1,A2)>1,"Duplicate","")

This works ok but i have a further condition which i dont know how to factor into the formula. I think i could write some vba to determine the dupes but i was hoping to avoid this as im sure it will take me an hour or so. Duplicates are identified at the moment as being identical numbers in column "amount", i now need to specify duplicates as being identical numbers in this range where there is at least one row with no pay date filled in in col "paydate"

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Identify Duplicates: Get A Unique List
I have a list of objects:


I know how to get a unique list. How do I identify those that are in the list more than once and how many times it is in the list?

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Identify Duplicates Across Multiple Colums And Rows
I have a spreadsheet with 20+ columns. Each column contains a list of invoice numbers, eg, 1234. The lists are all of different lengths (see below). I want to find a way to find/highlight/identify those invoice numbers that appear more than once in the entire sheet (eg if invoice 1234 is listed in column B, and also in column H, and/or if invoice 5678 is listed in column A, and also in column J, and also perhaps in column D, etc.)

I've searched this forum but haven't found anything about searching for multiple duplicates in multiple columns. Ideally the matches would be highlighted in different colours, (eg all cells that contain 1234 would be red, those that contain 5678 would be blue, etc., for ease of identification) but I'm not sure if that's possible. I've attached an example that I've shaded myself to show what I mean. I've tried the MODE function but that only tells me which invoice number occurs the most.

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Identify The Errors, Duplicates, Typos And Such Between Two Spreadsheets Of Over 4000 Rows Of Data Each
I need to identify the errors, duplicates, typos and such between two spreadsheets of over 4000 rows of data each. The Macro: I got a macro working, but it's not perfect. So far, it can only tell data that's missing on spreadsheets A, or B. However, it can't tell which are the duplicates, typos, etc. Please look at the sample for more details. The code is included in the sample. And for your convenience, it's right here:

Sub difference_general()
Dim frontcount As Long
Dim backcount As Long
Dim diffcount As Long
Dim nosrcflg As Boolean
Dim front_ref As String
Dim back_ref As String
Dim anydiffflg As Boolean
Dim ftnotexistflg As Boolean
Dim invnotexistflg As Boolean
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
Cells(1, 1).Select
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlUp
Cells(1, 2).Select............................

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Identify Changes Across 2 Sheets
I am looking for a way to search using macros. Currently i can search/find by cell, but i need to find with mulitple cells. An example is, sheet 1 "A2" and "B3" date needs to be compared to sheet 2 to see if the data is already in sheet 2. Column A is first name and Column B is last name. Need to know if that full name (first and last) is already in second sheet. I can already search for just the first name or just the last name but now the two together.

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Identify Sheets Having At Least One Formula Containing Cell
I am trying to loop through all the worksheets in active workbook. But I want to ignore all those sheets which does not have a single formula containing cell. I mean if the sheet has at least one cell with a formula then the loop should work on that sheet else ignore that sheet.

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Identify, List, And Sum 2 Columns
It's a time sheet that I need to have whatever data is listed in column E to be listed starting in cell C27 but only once even if it's listed several times. In cell D27 I need the sums to match the data to it's left with the values from above in column D. I've used fill colors to help show my intent. I would also like it to keep track of remaining vacation time by recognizing the word 'VAC' from column E and subtract the value from it's left. This value is shown in cell J26 as '46hrs REMAINING'.

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Macro To Compare Columns A & B And Dispaly Any Duplicates In Columns C & D
what I'm after is a macro to check the contents of Column 'A' against column 'B' and display any duplicates in Columns 'C' & 'D'.

N.B. The headings of Columns C & D are :-

C = Value Found in Column A

D = Value Found in Column B

Any duplicate entries logged in columns C & D should be listed in C2,C3,C4....C20 and D2,D3,D4......D20 etc (in effect creating two new lists)

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Identify Multiple Columns In Listbox
The following code takes the selected item from a listbox and populates another listbox with the item. The problem is that only the item from column 1 is populated to the other listbox. How can I populate the other listbox with the items from both column 1 and column 2?

Private Sub cmdSelToExc_Click()
Dim i As Long
With Me.lstProducts
' Copy all selected items, then delete.
For i = 0 To .ListCount - 1
If .Selected(i) Then
Me.lstExclude.AddItem .List(i)
End If
Next j
Next i
For i = .ListCount - 1 To 0 Step -1
If .Selected(i) Then
.RemoveItem i
End If
Next i
End With
End Sub

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Identify Blank Rows & Columns
What is the syntax that I have to use to identify whether or not an entire column or a row is blank? Specifcally I want some code where I can say if row 1 is null, or blank then delete the entire row or. if column A is blank then delete entire column

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Checking Non-duplicates In Column A Across 2 Sheets
I have a workbook with 2 sheets. What I want is:

1. Cells in column A, Sheet 2 are compared with the Cells in column A, Sheet 1.

2. Sheet 3 is produced containing all the rows in Sheet 2 for which there is no duplicate cell in Column A, Sheet 1.

3. The rows copied from Sheet 2 to Sheet 3 are highlighted on Sheet 2. Attached is a workbook with 3 sheets. Sheet 3 is the desired result (+ the cell highlighting on non-duplicates on Sheet 2).

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Conditional Formatting Duplicates Across Multiple Sheets
Conditional formatting duplicates across multiple sheets. I have been using the formula

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Duplicates In Two Columns
I have a list of numbers in column A of my Worksheet, and a list of names in column B.
There are duplicates in both columns:

234 John Smith
253 Charles White
461 Mary Carlsson
876 Erica Alvin
954 Joe Brown
234 John Smith
461 Mary Carlsson

The duplicates in column A and in column B are correct, because the same names correspond to the same numbers. I would like a formula or VBA macro, if possible, to detect when there is no correspondence, for example, if the last row above were

461 Ben Wayne - where it should be Mary Carlsson.

Is it possible to check all the rows of both columns and identify errors?

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Compare 2 Lists On 2 Sheets And Output Non Duplicates To A Third Sheet
I need a macro to compare the values in column b across 2 sheets and output the rows that do not have duplicate values in column b to a third sheet?

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Generate Two New Columns From One (no Duplicates)
I have got a very big list in worksheet "1" which contain of only one column, the column D. There are over 150 000 cells in column D and each cell contains of many members seperated by ";". Some cells in column D have many dozen members. Now i want to generate two new columns out of D in another worksheet "2". The two new columns in "2" should be the colulmns A and B.

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Count The Duplicates In At Least 2 Columns
I have columns from A to AA and need to count the duplicates in at least 2 columns and accordingly need to give them values on the basis of their ratings (A, B, C, D) and type of work (book, article etc) given in yet other columns.

I tried COUNTIF, but that does not work for multiple perimeters
I tried SUMPRODUCT, =SUMPRODUCT(($G$4:$G$3000=$G28)*($AA$4:$AA$3000=AA28)), but that only gives a multiplication of my input without the possibility of giving new values to the output.

I tried AND(IF( but that did not want to work either really...

I think the solution is ifsum, but I do not know how to use it in this scenario...

I know this all sounds a bit blurry, so let me attempt to make it more concrete.

Author Title Year Rating Type Desired outcome
P Marx I 2005 I A I Book I duplicate
A Hegel I 1923 I B I Article I -
B Kant I 1674 I D I Book I -
A Derrida I 2005 I D I Monograph............................

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Search 2 Columns For Duplicates
I want to search Column A in sheet1 vs column B in sheet 2. If there is a match, i want copy Column B in sheet 1 and PASTE it to Column E in sheet2. I have a macro (helped by those on here ) that will find the duplicates and copy cells from the cooresponding row only to another sheet.

The tricky thing is, the macro I have makes a complete new sheet. I want to copy the data to column E on sheet2 ONLY if there is a match for that cell. If ther eis nto a match i dont want it to put anything.

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Flag Duplicates Across Columns
sorting duplicate e-mails across three columns in an Excel spreadsheet.

Precisely, I have three mailing lists (Column A, B, and C) that I would like to sort.

I would like to know what e-mail addresses appear in more than one Column (Mailing List), and I would like to highlight/flag them somehow.

I have attached an example spreadhseet that contains fake e-mail addresses for test purposes. As you can see, some e-mail addresses are duplicated or in triplicate across the 3 Columns. In other cases, an e-mail address may be unique to a specific Column.

In my real spreadsheet, I have approximately 3,500 rows and 3 columns.

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Finding Duplicates In Two Seperate Columns
This should be an easy one, it has slipped my mind.

I have columns A and B, I want to find any names that appear in both column A and column B. I want them to show in a certain color.

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Highlight Duplicates Based On 2 Columns
I have a column of information, and I want to find out of there are duplicates in it without alphabetizing it. Where there is a duplicate (say E2=E5), I want to check the adjoining column to see if the value of those fields are duplicates as well (does F2=F5). So, what formula would I put in D2 to see if the value of E2 has an equal anywhere in column E, and if any duplicates are found (say E10,E33, and E43), to check if F10,F33 and F43 equal F2 (the value adjoining the cell that was searched for).

to find duplicate entries in a database by using people's last names (in column E) and birthdays (in column F). Odds are if they have the same DOB and the same last name, we've found a duplicate.

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Highlight Duplicates Based On X Columns
I need to find a way to highlight duplicate records within a list. The records would first need to be compared by (1) the month (found in column A), (2) the account number (found in column B) and then (3) the commission type (found in column D).

I do not need the duplicates deleted just highlighted or better yet maybe have them identified as "Duplicates" in an empty column (such as column H).

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Count Unique Duplicates In Two Columns
I need a one formula solution to compare two columns for duplicates and count the number of matched pairs. Need to ingore blanks. Can have matched numbers or letters. Asterik denotes a blank (empty) cell. Also only consider the first matched pair if there are more than one matched pairs.

Col A Col B
b a
* b
c c
d y
x f
f z
f z

In this case I only want to consider a:a, b:b, c:c and f:f, resulting in the count of 4.

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Compare The 1st 9 Digits In Two Columns Looking For Duplicates
I have two columns of data. Each row cell is 27 characters long. I want to
find any duplicate matches between the two columns on just the 1st 9
characters of each cell. Is there a function that can do this?

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Show How Many Duplicates Items In Columns
I have a list of line items and I want to be able to see how many duplicates in Column A and B.

Column A has text field and column B is a numeric field

I thought I could use INDEX MATCH but I'm unsure.

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Remove Duplicates Of Multiple Columns
I have searched the many forum solutions for duplicates however the ones I found relate to a single column. However what I would like to be able to do is starting from row 6 is to remove duplicates of multiples columns of a single worksheet, namely columns M, O, P, Q and R. Note some cells in each column are blank.

To clarify - it would firstly check for duplicates in column M, keeping just one of the rows of the duplicated value and removing entiely the row/rows of where the duplications appeared. Then go through each of the other four columns. of the worksheet doing the same for each of the other four columns.

Then after the duplicates are removed from all five columns provide a tally at the bottom of the worksheet of how many times a value now appears in the cells of each of repective columns.

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Count Duplicates In 2 Columns, But Not If Column A=b
I have data in two columns where column A is a name and column B might be a synonym or might just equal the value in column A. I want to count duplicates if cell A2 matches any other cell in column A or B, unless the only match is with cell B2. If cell A2=B2, but also matches cell A7 then it should be counted as a duplicate. I've searched through a lot of the threads and found a lot of useful information, but nothing that seems to do what I need.

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Merge Columns B,C,D,E And F, If Duplicates Exist In Column A
i have got a wordlist in worksheet "original" which looks like:


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Sorting Columns, Rows And Removing Duplicates
I have a single spreadsheet with a few columns but hundreds of rows. Each row is a property reference (with other data such as address in the columns) with a type of charge in column J and the amount in column K. I'll try to replicate below ...

A B ....... J K
Prop1 Prop1Address Rent 100
Prop2 Prop2Address Rent 150
Prop3 Prop3Address Gas 70
Prop4 Prop4Address Water 60
Prop4 Prop4Address Rent 200
Prop4 Prop4Address Elec 80
Prop5 Prop5Address Service 90

I want the sheet to display a property on a single row so would look like as follows ...

A B ....... Rent Gas Water Elec Service Total
Prop1 Prop1Address 100 100
Prop2 Prop2Address 150 150
Prop3 Prop3Address 70 70
Prop4 Prop4Address 200 60 80 340
Prop5 Prop5Address 90 90

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Compare Two Columns-delete Duplicates From Just ONE Column
I have column A that is 1,500 records.
I have column B with 40,000 records.

Among the 40,000 records in column B, duplicates of ALL 1,500 records from column A exist.

My question is: How do I find WHERE the 1,500 dupes are and how can I delete JUST those records?

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Delete Rows Based On Duplicates In X Columns
I've been looking through various forums looking for a macro for a particular task, but I have not found something that works yet. Maybe someone could help me out? It's pretty straightforward situation.

I need a macro that removes an entire row when: information in column B and column C are both found in other rows ( duplicates).

I'm dealing with a worksheet with store record information ... Store Name (column B), Street Name (column C), State/Province, etc. I import new store records all the time and many are invalid because they share the same name and street address and therefore need to be removed. The ones that Iíve played with unfortunately end up deleting the cells only and not the entire row.

It's a tedious process to do manually remove entire rows (for duplicate column B&C) when dealing with thousands of rows and I would very much appreciate any assistance or insight into how simplify the process with a macro. I've attached a sample of what I'm working with.

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Transfer Duplicates Based On Matches In X Columns
I am working on a list of agents and I want to get rid of the duplicates. I know I could use conditional formating to highlight the duplicate names but it conditional formating won't allow me to find duplicates based on three cells in a row. My code below works to an extent but it misses some of the duplicates in the list and I don't know why. I have check the cells of the duplicates and they are an exact match.

Sub SearchDups1()
Dim rFnd1 As Excel.Range
Dim rFnd2 As Excel.Range
Dim iCount As Integer
Dim iEnd As Integer
Dim sAdr1 As String
iCount = 2
iEnd = WorksheetFunction.Match("zzzzzzzzzz", Sheet2.Range("D:D")) + 1
Set rFnd1 = Sheet2.Cells(iCount, "D")
Set rFnd2 = Sheet2.Columns("D:D").Find( _
What:=rFnd1, LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlPart, _
SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=True)..............

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Delete Duplicates Rows Based On 2 Columns
I want to delete the current row if the data on row A and Row B match. Its hard to explain so I posted an example.

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Indentify Duplicates In Table Based On X Columns
I have a worksheet that contains thousands of patient appointment entries, there are more than one entry with the same patient details contained in the worksheet. For example; sometimes a patient will reschedule a appointment, this causes another entry to added for the new appointment. When the patient attends this appointment, the appointment status changes to Seen. But the original entry still stays Rescheduled. This there a way that we can look for identical infomation in some selected columns that match the original entry but have different infomation in some other columns:

E.G. The cells in columns A,B,C,H have identical infomation than the original entry but the cell text in column D equals to "Checked" or "Cancelled" and the cell date in column G is higher than the original entry date. If the result is true then tag the original entry as Invalid

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Copy Duplicates Between 2 Worksheet Columns To 3rd Sheet
Iím trying to do is identify duplicates in a LARGE column of numeric data. As a matter of fact, itís about 112,000 rows which wonít fit on one spreadsheet since a spreadsheet can only handle 65,536 rows. So the caveats are that the information needing scanned for duplicates is all ONE body of data even though it is on 2 spreadsheets so I am not comparing one sheet of information to the other rather all 112,000 lines need checked for duplicates as a whole. Once duplicates are found I would like them to be highlighted in yellow on the original 2 worksheets but then also have the duplicates copied to a new sheet.

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Compare Data Between 2 Columns And Highlight Duplicates Using 2007
searching between 2 columns (A:B) and finding duplicate emails using some type of formatting that will highlight duplicate emails?

For example?

I am using MS Excel 2007 and not very experienced, but this is for a marketing golf tournament my company is hosting.

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Compare Columns Between Two Sheets
The code below compares values on sheet 4 column A to sheet 3 column A and then colors a cell "Green" (Temporary), later I will place data from sheet 4 into sheet 3.

I dont know why but when it finds data on sheet 4 that is not 100% numeric it errors out.

Run-time error '91'
Object variable or With block variable not set.

The data in sheet 4 column A is primarily numeric, there are and always will be some numeric/alpha strings.
I can change the value of sheet 4 A2 to "123x" from "123" and the code stops as described. Leaving sheet 4 A1 as 100% numeric, which works fine.

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Loop Through All Columns In All Sheets
I am trying to loop all columns in each of a number of sheets using current region.

It selects the current region OK but the column counter only shows 1 as the number of columns in any sheet.

The Cells(6,1) likely has something to do with it but I do not know any other way to point to the current region I need. I do not know in advance how many rows or columns I am starting with but each has the required Row 6.

For x = 1 To Sheets.Count

Cells(6, 1).CurrentRegion.Select
Selection.CurrentRegion.Name = "Mydata"

'Loop all columns in sheet

For y = 1 To Range("MyData").End(xlToRight).Column
Cells(5, y).Select

Next y

Next x

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Autofit Columns (A:G) On The Last 5 Sheets Using VBA
I have an excel workbook with 7 worksheets. I am wanting to autofit columns (A:G) on the last 5 sheets using VBA.

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Compare Columns From 2 Sheets
I'm trying to cmpare two excel spreadsheets, each one of then have 3 columns with column A being the KEY to lookup and compare records into another spreadsheet. So in my example spreadsheet If u take cell ZVNA!A1 and lookup for values in ZSKU!A* and find a match then comapre the B1 and C1 in respective ZSKU! Column B and C. If there is a record for A1 in ZVNA then comapre it's column B value with column B value of ZSKU, and column C value with column C value of ZSKU. I have not used macro/vba before so if you could tell me formula based solution that will be good or point me how to use macro. I did Vlookup but it did not return me 100% accurate result may be bec my format of column is not accurate.

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Synchronize 2 Columns Of Different Sheets
I have two sheets: Sheet1 and Sheet2. I want the Column A in sheet 1 to look exactly like Column A in Sheet 2 so I enter to A1 in Sheet 1 ='Sheet2'!A1 and drag it down. However, when I enter a new row -let's say between row 4 and row 5 - in Sheet2, then A5 in Sheet 1 keeps the value of old A5 (new A6) in sheet2. I, on the other hand, want it to have the value of new A5.

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Link Textboxes To Columns In Other Sheets
I have an excel file containing three sheets(1,2,3). And each sheet has 9 Columns (A,B,..,I). Now for the first sheet i have a functioning mask (userform) through which i can edit the columns live and add new rows.

Now i have a userform which is devided into three parts. The third and the last part is working fine which is linked to Sheet 1. Now i want the first part(on the top) of the form to be linked to Sheet 2 and the midpart to sheet 3.

In first and second part of the userform there is button (copy this to sheet 1 as new). This button should be coded in a way that if its clicked then the active entry (in sheet 2 or in Sheet 3) should be pasted at the end of the sheet 1 rows and the textboxes linked to sheet 1 should jump therer so that the new entry can be edited directrly in sheet 1.

The mask can be opened by the button in Sheet1 column A1! I am using 1280x1024 pixels for my grafikcard.

I am attaching two files. Excel file 2003 xls in zipped form and an image of the mask as jpg.

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Massive Search In Different Sheets/columns
I'm trying to make vba, that takes one value(special code, up to 13 car long) from sheet4 column i1 and searches the match from sheet2 columns E:M. And when match is found, copies from sheet4 column K1 value(the same row where the code was taken from) to found match sheet(in this case sheet2) in column Q (the row must be the same where match was found)
If this maters, columns E:M may be hidden on sheet2, or E1 may be only one that's shown.

And has to loop until the end of the sheets.
By the way - i've got up to 150000 rows..

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Join Various Columns From Two Data Sheets
I wish to join few columns from two data sheets using Macro function.

Sheet 1:
1 Headline Msg1 Msg2 Msg3 Msg4
2 Car Post Join Help AAA

Sheet 2:
1 SumNo Msg1 Msg2 Msg3 Msg4
2 CM001 Join Help AAA BBB

1 Headline SumNo Msg1 Msg2 Msg3 Msg4
2 Car Post Join Help AAA
3 CM001 Join Help AAA BBB

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Macro To Match Columns In Two Sheets
I just need an macro which can compare two sheets and give an output as matched or not matched.

I Have data in Sheet1 and Sheet2. In Sheet1 i have 4 columns of data and in Sheet2 aslo the same set of data.

If any of the four Columns of sheet1 or sheet2 is not matching then should pop-up not matched in the last column.

I Hope someone has the best solution for my query .For more clarification iam attaching an sample sheet.

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Average Columns From Multiple Sheets
I have 10 sheets in my workbook that represent 10 employees. Column G, rows 5 through 739, represent the amount of time each employee spends doing a certain task for each day of the year. All these cells have zeros in them until a we come to that day and a time is entered for that day. The result in each cell is a certain amount of minutes spent on that task.

I can average each employees time individually on it's own sheet with this formula: {=AVERAGE(IF(G5:G739=0,"",G5:G739))}, but what I'm having a problem doing is averaging all 10 employees together on a separate sheet. I'm trying to figure out company wide how much time is spent on this particular task each day.

My depth of understanding here isn't too great, I'm learning as I go. I think I have to incorporate that formula while also selecting each sheet. I'm starting to get the BSOD in my head with this one.

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Split Text To Columns Over 2 Sheets
I have data in Column A that is from a text file that contains 50,000 rows , this is pipe delimited data that is 300 columns wide. I would like to be able to keep the columns but using the Text to Column functions means that I lose some them.

I was wondering if anyone knew how to separate the text in to 2 sheets, with the first 200 columns in Sheet 1 and the remaining in Sheet 2. The reason I would like to separate the information in to cells is so that I can investigate the data better.

Its not possible to traspose this information as the rows are nearly 50,000 long.

Here is a small sample of what 1 row is like, it not the entire row. Each "|" character represents a break and a new column.


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Match And Compare Columns On 2 Sheets
I have a list of names on 2 separate sheets that I need to modify. If I have a name on sheet1 matches a name on sheet2 I would Like to add a "space" then "(SV1) at the end of the text string on sheet2. I have a list of 1500 and will only have to modify 75-100. Example shows on sheet2 how I would like the desired outcome to be.

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Convert Text To Columns For All The Sheets In A Workbook
I have a workbook with 40 sheets, I want to convert column A using Text to Columns I have recored the method as below

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