Identify The Cell Address Of Last Change Made In Sheet Using VBA?

Aug 13, 2012

I am using an event macro to trigger a set of calculations. In the spreadsheet, users have a choice of 3 input cells to work out an answer; these 3 cells work out the same cost from different angles depending on the variables available to the user.

Users only ever need to fill in one of the three cells to work out the answer as the event macro I designed, should (upon input by the user), work out the remaining two input cells using logical arguments.

The macro and calculation work fine, except in the event of users amending a value in an input cell previously updated; in other words, if all 3 cells contain a value and 1 of them is being changed by a user.

The issue: I need the event macro to recognise the location of the last change made by the user in order to determine which 2 of the 3 cells need to recalculate. However, users will invariably press enter or tab etc... upon making changes and this has caused me issues so far.

What I have tried already:

1) running another event macro "on selection change" to record elsewhere in the model all cell selections as and when the user interacts with the model

EFFECT: it made the "on change" event macro very slow and clunky; so I need to avoid
2) declaring a range as set r = activecell.address

EFFECT: this did not work as the active cell's address would in fact be the address on the last cell; e.g. the one selected further to pressing enter (often the one directly below the cell recently changed)

A solution to add to the existing "on change" event macro that identifies the last edited cell

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Identify Cell Address Of Active Cell Selection

Oct 10, 2007

I have an embedded chart on my worksheet.I can select a cell behind the chart using the keyboard arrow keys.Is there a way of doing this using a mouse click,so that I know which cell i am pointing to/choosing?

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Change Text Colour When Entry Made In Another Cell

Jan 10, 2010

I am using Excel 2003, my problem is that I have cells D4 & E4 with red text, when an entry is made in B4 (say $640, the amount can vary) I want the text in D4 & E4 to turn black. I have attached a section of the document in question.

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Identify And Extract Postcode From Address?

Aug 25, 2012

Column D contains a complete address eg
60 Braugham Road, Wallasey, Merseyside CH46 1LP

I would like to be able to extract the postcode into column E, and then the address into columns F, G, H etc so that I can use the data for mailmerge docs. Is there a forumula or a macro that can be used to identify and extract the postcode? The postcode will usually be either one or two letters with one or two numbers, then a number and two letters. eg it might be as above or B6 9XF etc.

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Change Cell Address In Formula On Cell Value Change

Mar 25, 2013

I have below formula.i need to change the cell address AK in the below formula on the value change in the A3.


For example if A3 is having value AZ i need the formula changed automatically as below


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Change Cells Address Based On Values In Another Cell?

May 5, 2014

I would like to have a cell (A2) with "H" in it. then have another cell with something like =A2&"2" which would equal H2 and actually reference cell H2?

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Running Macro When Change Made To Worksheet

Feb 16, 2012

The intent of the code below is to run the marco HideCol when a change is made in cell C10. If I actually change the value in C10 it works. However, I have C10 linked to another worksheet (=anotherpage!A13). When the value changes, my macro is not executing.

Here is the code:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim changed As Range
Set changed = Range("C10")
If Not Intersect(Target, changed) Is Nothing Then
End If
End Sub

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Keep Hidden Sheet Made Visible As Active Sheet

Mar 2, 2007

I have a button on a sheet that runs a macro to unhide another sheet. That works, but I want the sheet made visible to remain forward. Instead, the button unhides the sheet and the sheet the button is on comes forward again. I am unable to figure how to keep the sheet made visible forward. Here is the macro 'as recorded'.

Sub UnhideSheet1()
Sheet2.Visible = True
End Sub

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Make Chart That Will Constantly Change As Different Selections Made By Person?

Jun 18, 2014

I have created a spreadsheet which uses data validation to allow a user to select a company, start Date, end date, and projected months in order to output different figures. I have attached a spreadsheet to this post in case that was hard to understand.

Since there is data validation, indexing, and matching going on, as different selections are made, various tables change as a result. What I mean as you open the example sheet and start messing around with the data validation boxes.

The problem I am encountering now, is creating a chart that will also keep changing as the user changes their selections in the data validation boxes. I am unsure if this is even possible, but I figured it was worth a shot to ask. On the example sheet, I have included a graph similar to the one I want, but it only contains data in a certain range of cells, rather than dynamically changing to accommodate whatever data is outputted.

Here is what I am looking for in the graph:

1. Whatever dates are selected by the user in the data validation boxes, along with the projected dates will be on the x-axis.

2. The PMPM figures associated with the selected dates, and the projected dates on the y-axis.

3. Ability to make different selections from the data validation boxes and still have a dynamic chart that keeps updating itself.

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How To Make Audit Trail When First Change Is Made Right After Opening Excel File

Jul 30, 2012

Pls see below codes, the codes can record down changes made "from" and "to" and put on the "Log" sheet, however it is unable to capture the original values when I first open the file and make the changes.

Also, how can I put the value of "Now" in column B?

Dim PreviousValue
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Value PreviousValue Then


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Texts Automatically Change The Currency Depending On The Choice Made In The Previous Userform

Jul 3, 2008

I have options buttons in a userform, first is "$" the other is ""

When somebody chooses one of them, it writes the choice to a cell in the data sheet. But when clicked on the next userform I want some of the texts automatically change the currency depending on the choice made in the previous userform.

The formula below was is example

=""&Data!$A$2&" / m"

=""&Data!$A$2&" / kWh"

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Getting The Final Sheet And Cell Address Of A Value

Mar 24, 2007

If coded correctly, there are various Excel functions & tricks for creating a formula to send someone on a wild goose chase through many worksheets and cells before finding the final cell that contains the final value. I was able to use =Cell("address",...) function to cut through the many paths and retrieve the address of the final cell. Is there a VBA trick for doing this to the active cell? I would like to be able to run a small VBA routine that would trace back the fomula of the active cell and return the final cell's worksheet and cell address.

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Use Cell Address' To Call Up Sheet Name In A Formula

Oct 6, 2009

If I have 12 sheets in a workbook (Jan, Feb,etc..) can I have those names in specific cells (A1,B1,etc..) and call them out in a formula as the cell name as opposed to the actual name?

like A1!C4:C100
instead of Jan!C4:C100

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Copy Cell Address Of Duplicates From One Sheet To Another?

Mar 12, 2014

I have one worksheet in my job named "Tudo" and there I have about 100 rules and the name of employees that need to follow these rules. What I need is the worksheet named "Nomes com Regras" show me in each name which rules is for each person.

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Check Each Cell Matches Same Address In Different Sheet

Oct 25, 2013

What I am trying to do is, check if the value of c2 in update is the different to the value of c2 in original then run a code (for the moment just says msgbox so I know it works).

Sub what_needs_update()

'UPS = Sheets("Update").Range("c2:76")
'ORS = Sheets("Original").Range("c2:76")

For Each cell In Sheets("Update").Range("c2:S76")

[Code] ..........

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Use Sheet Name From Cell To Address Sheet?

Jul 18, 2009

I am wondering if it is possible if I can use a cell which holds the name of another sheet in my workbook to address this sheet?

A2 has the name of a sheet on my workbook entered (Name: Testsheet). ow I would like to display the value from C5 on this Testsheet:

=Testsheet!C5 (works, of course)

=A2!C5 (doesnt work, of course....)

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Delete Cells When Any Changes Have Been Made To Sheet?

Jun 27, 2014

I've tried for a while on my own but no luck. I'm looking to delete cells D21 and 22 when any changes are made to the sheet.

I've tried using Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) but no luck.

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Macro That Copy Address In Cell And Send Active Sheet To That Email ID

Apr 15, 2014

Is it possible for a Macro to read a cell say D:11 and copy that email address and send the active sheet to that email?

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Delete Buttons Made From Shapes When Copying Sheet To New Workbook?

Jan 27, 2014

I have a code that copies a sheet into a new workbook. The copied sheet is for information only. On the original sheet I have various macro's assigned to buttons made from using Insert Shape command. I assume if I can find away to remove the buttons then the functionality of the macro's would be lost which is what I want?

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Event Change To Change The Sheet Name Based On A Cell Value

Jul 21, 2009

Im trying to use an event change to change the sheet name based on a cell value, but my issue is how can I error trap if the sheet name is a duplicate? Here is what I have so far

Sub ChangeName()
On Error GoTo errhandler
Sheets(1).Name = Sheets(1).range("d10")
Exit Sub
MsgBox "sheet name is already exists"
End Sub

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Conditional Formatting To Identify Change In Signs?

Jun 26, 2014

So I am working with a model that calculates IRR, NPV, etc. I need to create a formula for conditional formatting that calls out if the IRR calculation is invalid due to non-normal cash flows. These are cash flows where signs change more than once (eg -100,200,-300).

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Need To Pull Street Address Out Of Full Address In A Cell

May 20, 2014

Assume the following list of addresses are all in separate cells of a single column (A1-A4). I just need the formula to extract the street addresses, and then a separate formula to extract the zip codes.





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Identify Changes In A Sheet

Dec 3, 2013

I have a worksheet with a large amount of data in it. Every couple of months the data will change and I place this in a different sheet (sheet 2, this comes from a software tool) . Is there's some code that can run a check on sheet 1 compare all values against sheet 2 and highlight the rows that have a different value between sheet 1 and sheet 2? Perhaps paste the rows into sheet 3 with the different value highlighted??

Example of original and changed data attached : example_2.xlsx

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Change Address Of Multiple Hyperlinks

May 1, 2008

We have recently updated our office server the name was Procast-fs8 and is now Procast-fs6. eg old address \Procast-fs8docsQualitysuper secret doc.xlsx. new address \Procast-fs6docsQualitysuper secret doc.xlsx. we have a central quality control document in excel which uses hyperlinks there are around 5000 links in this document and i need to change all of them so they work with the new server address.

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Sub To End And Select The Cell Where The Correction Needs To Be Made

Jan 19, 2009

I need to step out of a macro based on a user respone, and I don't know how to end this macro if the user needs to correct a cell entry.

If they respond "no", I want to sub to end and select the cell where the correction needs to be made.

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Macro To Identify Red Cells In Sheet?

May 1, 2013

I have an excel sheet that has conditional formatting. Whenever few cells are not in required format, the cell's backcolor will become red. I am trying to design a macro to check if there are any cells in red due to conditional formatting.

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Get Focus Set To A Certain Cell And Made Active On The Same Page

Oct 29, 2008

I made a command button on the worksheet from the Tool box. This is not made on a form. When I click on the button I would like to get focus set to a certain cell and made active on the same page. Like cell H2 for example.

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Add Color To Cell Based On Selection Made

Jan 5, 2009

I've tried to do conditional formatting for each of the "Discipline" values in this spreadsheet but it is restricted to only 3. Is there a way around this? I'm trying to setup a color code for the "Discipline" values for example RN=Red, LPN=Blue, Social Worker=Orange, Chaplain=Purple, STNA=Yellow, Volunteer=Pink & Other=Green. So when the "Discipline" cell/cells on each of the patient sheets (ie. "Doe, Jane", "Doe, John", etc.) is equal to say RN the cell would then turn Red either on the spreadsheet or only when sheet is printed.

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Comparison Of Two Worksheets To Identify Anomalies On Either Sheet

Jan 19, 2013

how to compare two columns on two worksheets and extract any different entries - I have tried using filters and formulas but can't seem to get this to work. I've been looking at Macro's and VB but as a novice am finding it difficult to construct something that works!

My workbook contain two worksheets containing Journal titles and their ISSN's from different sources. I need to ensure the lists match on both columns and if not have a new summary worksheet of anomalies.

worksheet 1 worksheet 2
Column A Column B Column B Column C
publication_title print_identifier Title ISSN
Abacus 0001-3072 Abacus 0001-3072
Accounting 0810-5391 Accounting 0810-5391
Archaeologica 0065-101X Archaeologica 0077-4204
Acta Neurologica 0001-6314 Acta Geologica 1000-9515

So ideally my summary worksheet should have results:
Column A Column B
Archaeologica ISSN error
Acta Neurologica Title on worksheet 1
Acta Geologica Title on worksheet 2

These are lists with around 3000 entries on so VERY time consuming to do manually!

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VBA Syntax To Identify Last Row And Last Column In Excel Sheet?

Apr 12, 2014

Macros and Often I find it challenging to locate the last row and/or column on my worksheet.

Any specific syntax, command or function I need to use?

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