Import Not Only Data But Also The Formats Of A Cell?

Apr 24, 2014

I do have a 2 tabs with certain sets of data which I need to compare. I have one tab called "NEW" and another one with "PREVIOUS" and unique values in column C in each of them.

I now look for a formular / macro which tries to find the value in cell C2 of the "NEW" tab in the "PREVIOUS" tab. In case there is a match, the cells of columns T to W (of the row where the value was found) should be copied from the "PREVIOUS" tab into the "NEW" tab just to the same place. When there is no success, "NEW PD" should be entered into cell T (of the respective row).

The lists are growing week by week. I can do an offset / match function which will import the plain data, but I cannot get the formats, too. I believe I will need a macro for that but I am too unexperienced to get this to work on my own.

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Import Data From A Single Cell In A Table On A Site

Jul 19, 2013

We have a list of around 800 clients containing client id, name and e-mail and i need to add contract number. I can only get the contract number by accessing the admin (password-protected) using a URL that looks like this admin/index.php?client=id.


1. if i use the From Web option in excel's data tab, i get the entire table not just the needed cell
2. if i get the data using the above mentioned option, i can only do it from one client at a time

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Lookup Data From Dissimilar Formats

Jan 19, 2010

Is it possible to extract data (=lookup?) where one set of data is in a different format to the other? I've atttached a sheet showing how it looks.

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Sorting Data That Has Multiple Formats?

Jun 15, 2012

I have lists of products that I want to sort, but all the skus are in different formats, some letter, numbers, spaces, symbols and mixes of all.

ECO CUP22OZ/1000

I would like to organize them by the order of the numbers, letters and symbols, not the value of the numbers.

ECO CUP22OZ/1000

I have tried formatting and different sorting options but there's a dent in the wall and my forehead is getting bruised from all of the banging.

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Formats Specific Downloaded Data

Feb 24, 2009

I have a Macro that Formats specific data downloaded to an excel spreadsheet everyday and I have also got a macro that will 'Save As'.

I am trying to merge the 2 within Visual Basic but am unable to word it correctly and get it to run without errors...

Here is the end of the first Macro:

With Selection
.HorizontalAlignment = xlCenter
.VerticalAlignment = xlBottom
.WrapText = False
.Orientation = 0
.AddIndent = False
.IndentLevel = 0
.ShrinkToFit = False..........

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Too Many Different Cell Formats

Aug 13, 2005

This error occcurs when i add some worksheets to a workbook from another
one. I am not completely sure (cos this is not my work actually) but it
seems to me that there is not really too much (about 4000?) "different" cell
formats in the workbook, but there is a quite lot amount of drawing objects
(grouped technical drwaings plus autocad objects which i also converted them
to bitmaps to overcome the error).

I also dont understand the restriction:
If i have 3999 cells formatted "bold" and another 2 formatted "underlined"
this should not count 4001. True?

My workbook has about 15 worksheets with each fits to 2 printing pages.

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Changing Formats Depending On Data From Dropdown Box?

Sep 4, 2013

I have a table showing data for 10 teams. There are however 10 different measures which are pulled from a seperate sheet using a dropdown box to select the measure.

One of the measures is example 390823 which needs to be format 390,823 so that thousands are shown, and other formats are, example, 89.9 which need to be 89.9%.

Ive gone to my other sheet and all the raw data is showing correctly with % and ,s. But my dashboard table can only have one format. How do i make it so that each measure pulls in the correct format when selected, without dragging the whole area and changing each time?

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Populate A Listbox With Data That Is Of Varied Formats

Jun 27, 2006

I am trying to populate a listbox with data that is of varied formats and I can't seem to do it! I can get the data into the listbox but not change the formats. I have attahed a worksheet to show the problem. Basically, column 2 of the listbox I want to be in hh:mm:ss.0 format and column 4 I want to be in dd-mm-yy. The strange thing is that the listbox does seem to take into account some formating as column 4 is in mm-dd-yy format already but column 2 is just a number.

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Geographic Coordinate Data Types / Formats

Feb 15, 2008

I often find that it would be useful to have a data type for geographic coordinates (i.e. latitudes and longitudes) that would e.g. permit/facilitate formatting negative values as South and West, direct subtraction of one latitude/longitude from another, conversion of degrees-minutes-seconds to decimal degrees, properly formatted axis labels when using Excel to draw maps (at the moment, I am editing the axis labels in the PostScript file by hand, when I don't use chart labeller to paste axis labels in) and so on.

(Time formats could be used, if only they could be prevented from converting hours over 24 to days, which I have not found out how to do.)

Therefore: does anyone know of any Add-In out there somewhere that could supply the lack of a geographic coordinate data type?

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Copy Cell Formats In VBA?

Nov 30, 2011

How to copy the cell formats of the copied range in the vba.


Sub Summary_All_Worksheets_With_Formulas()
Dim Sh As Worksheet
Dim Newsh As Worksheet
Dim myCell As Range
Dim ColNum As Integer
Dim RwNum As Long
Dim Basebook As Workbook
With Application


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Copying Cell Formats

Jan 15, 2014

In effect the code looks at sheet 'data' and creates new tabs depending on the contents of column f and then pastes data from the entire row into those tabs as appropriate - this is what I asked for and works wonderfully. What I would like it to do is to also copy the format of the row that it is copying. (most importantly the cell borders and colours)

I can (I think) identify the copy and paste elements of the code but have no idea what if anything I can change to make this work.

The code is as follows

HTML Code:

Sub CopyData2()
application.ScreenUpdating = False
Call Sample ' this inputs data into column f
Dim rCell As Range
Dim lastRow As Long


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Too Many Different Cell Formats Error

Oct 14, 2008

I have a relatively complicated spreadsheet 'process' which involves a number of different people filling in Excel based progress reports, in similar formats (created from the same template), and then invoking a common "publish" VBA macro which opens a common "master" workbook and copies their sheet into the master one ( deleting any previous one of the same name). The master sheet thus contains around 30 similar sheets published from different people, plus a couple of summary sheets. Note I also then copy cells in order to get around the 255 character limit on worksheet copy

All works fine except this week it decided to raise the "Too Many Cell Formats" error when trying to open the master workbook. I didnt know about this error, but apparently there's a limit of around 4000 cell formats per workbook. Given that the individual sheets are similar, I presumed that they wouldnt all have their own cell formats. I dont know how to check the number of different cell formats (it's not the same as checking the number of styles) or how to condense them to avoid any limit.

Looking at the actual styles defined in the master workbook, it seems that styles are duplicated when sheets are copied - I have multiple "normal" and "hyperlink" styles. I dont know why, or how to avoid this.

So - any ideas on how to avoid multiple cell formats (or even styles) when doing a worksheet copy into a different workbook? It needs to be an automated solution (i.e. macro) - I'm not able to go in and perform manual operations every time someone publishes (i.e. copies in) a new worksheet

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Link Cell Formats

Dec 1, 2006

Is there a way for your linked data to cary over formatting such as Bolds, borders, fonts and colors?

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Custom Cell Formats

Jan 27, 2007

I would like to display the following number of hours as day hour minute format
48.0 hrs as 2d 00h 00m.

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Error: Too Many Different Cell Formats

Aug 19, 2007

When I try any command I get a message such as "too many different cell formats." Is my 1mb workbook simply too large and/or complex?

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VLookup Cell Formats Don't Match

Jul 23, 2014

I have a report which has list of outstanding invoices on Sheet1 and I enter invoice nos and Notes on to DATA sheet then by using Vlookup function I transfer the Notes to Sheet1 under "Notes Column K",

Some reason vlookup doesn't work because of the invoice number's format on Sheet1 doesn't match with the invoice numbers on the DATA sheet because they come from SQL server data base table,

So every time I refresh the Sheet1's data then I need to do Text To Colum on "Colum D" to make it work but this is not a solution because every time I refresh the Sheet1's data Vlookup formula doesn't work.

Is there a SQL formula that I can add to my SQL code which can automatically do Text to Column on the "Column D"?

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Copy Cell Formats From A Sheet..

Sep 10, 2009

In a macro, I am copying data from another sheet and most of the time I only require the actual data or the values as per below.

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Retaining Both Cell Formats When Pasting On On Other

Nov 28, 2008

I have a template A that has lines on it, sometimes I want to overlay template B which has other lines on it, however when I past template B on top of A the formats of A are overridden by the formats of template B.

Is there any way of "overlaying" B on top of template A without losing the template A formats?

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Convert A Column's Cell Formats

Oct 10, 2008

I have a column of about 1000 records. In each field is a long integer, that has been obtained through a concatenation formula. I have copied the results to a new column and used "paste special, values" to do so. I now have the results in a new column, but the cell format is text and is giving me an error. Even if I pre-format the cells that I will paste into to be a number they do not stay as a number after being pasted into, they still have an error.

I need to run a vlookup on these results but because of the error in the cells the vlookup wont work until they have been changed to a number format. I am able to change the format of the cells to number, no deciaml places, one by one. I have about 1000 records and need to be able to change the cells to number format in one go, as it is too time consuming otherwise.

If I change the format of the cells all together in one go to a number, they do not change unless you double click in them and press enter one by one. Is there a way to change the cell format for all the cells in one go without this laborious process?

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Date Formats In A Cell Which Also Contains Text

Nov 29, 2013

I need to change the date format in a cell which also contains text.

The full formula is as follows:-
="Report period:
"&TEXT(Control!B9,"dd mmmm yyyy")&" - "&TEXT(Control!B10,"dd mmmm yyyy")

This gives me the following:-
Report period:
01 October 2012 - 30 September 2013

What I would like to have is the following:-

Report period:
1st October 2012 - 30th september 2013

It's only a minor change but I think it looks better. Without a hideously complicated formula, if this is possible using one of the standard cell formats?

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Too Many Cell Formats: Is 4000 Still The Limit

Feb 1, 2007

I understand that exceeding approx 4000 cell formats causes the message "Too many cell formats" and a freezing up Excel.

Are there versions of Excel (2007?, Vista?) for Windows XP that significantly increase the 4000 limit, and if there are, what are their limits on the number of cell formats?

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Macros Causing: Too Many Cell Formats

Jul 26, 2007

I have got several different workbooks that I use that contain macros that format cells. However, just recently I have had countless problems with the macros telling Excel to format certain cells. There seems to be no logic or order to this. Also, if I then try to format the cells by hand, I get the following error message: "Too many cell formats"

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Copy All Selected Sheets (data / Formats / NOT Formulas) To New Workbook

Oct 2, 2013

I had a macro on my previous laptop that worked, but didn't have the macro backed up so it was lost.

I need a vba macro that will copy all active/selected worksheets into a new workbook. Included requirements:

* Maintain tab names

* Only bring in contents/data with all formats (including logo image, but NOT formulas or hidden rows/columns)

* Keep the file name the same except adding "- FINAL" to the end

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Multiple Numerical Formats In A Single Cell?

Oct 7, 2008

In a single cell, I would like to show 2 values: a currency and a percentage. So A1 and A2 has values, say 50000 and .10 respectively (these are derived via formula, if it's of any relevance). What I ultimately want is "$50,000 and 10%". I've originally thought about adding the "$", " and ", and "%" separately, but I need the currency value to include commas.

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Runtime Error 1004: Too Many Different Cell Formats

Feb 28, 2009

I've just recently ran into this Error (Runtime error 1004) "Too many different formats." I'll admit i have a ton of cell formats within my single worksheet.
perhaps most are for artistic purposes.

Still, my worksheet as it is causes this error, when running my scripts. When I wipe out all my format color, boarders, etc. my scripts run fine. Is there a maximum amount of cell formats that can be used? I'm using Excel 2003

Is there a way to circumvent this?. Not sure if using Excel 2007 is an option:
I've tried opening my project in 2007, but found that all my buttons were missing, plus it seemed to run considerably slower.

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VBA To Compare Cell Formats - True / False

Feb 26, 2014

In the below link u will find each state driving license formats of ..example for alabama 7 Numeric..for ALASKA Up To 7 Digits..what am i looking is if we select a specific state and then insert any driving license of that state in next cell if the format matches i want that next cell to be true if not false ..wonder if we can create anything like this ..there are about 50 states with different license formats..

Can we write VBA for this .. [URL] .......

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Retrieving Various Date Formats And Return These Into Cell

Nov 17, 2011

I am trying to find dates & time within text in a cell & return to a separate cell. The issue I have is that the date format varies frequently. I also can't rely on searching for "Sent:" as this also varies frequently

e.g. From: ########
Sent: 17 November 2011 11:57

I would like to return 17/11/2011 11:57

From: #######
Sent: 01/11/2011 11:50:13

I would like to return 01/11/2011 11:50

From: ########
Date: 05/11/2011 09:45:13

How can i search for various forms of dates and return them into a cell?

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Concatenate Formula To Retain Cell Formats

Jun 11, 2008

I have the below concatenate formula and it works for what I need..well, almost. I know I don't have the format cells option when using concatenate, but I need the answers to the formula to come out as a percentage or to two decimal places. I have searched and honestly don't understand how to do this in my formula....

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Macro And Conditional Formatting: Formats The Data That Is Pasted Into It From An Access Database

Dec 2, 2008

The macro firstly formats the data that is pasted into it from an access database, then it does some calculations to determine when 10 working days from a specific date is, and when 20 working days from the date is (these go in new columns at the end of the data). The macro will also add new columns which say "Not resolved" if there is no date in the Resolution column, "Yes" in the "10 working days met?" column if the condition is met and the same for 20 workings days in a different column. As the colouring etc takes a long time I really wanted to add as conditional formatting to the macro!

how to attach a spreadsheet here then I can show you what the outcome we want is. A point to note is that there is not a set number of rows each time we do this, and I don't just want 1 cell to be coloured - I want to specify which cells in the row are coloured depending on the results in another cell on that row.

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Inserting Rows With Formulas And Formats Based On Cell Value

Jan 11, 2014

I am attempting to create a template to make time and dollar budgets for various projects easier to create (20 plus projects a year with varying number of employees).

I want to have a template in which you input the number of employees working in a cell (IE. 3 employees), and with that the table expands to have enough rows to have 3 employees data input. However, only insert the number required but not overriding "totals" row below. With the new inserted rows I would like to keep the same format and formula for the row it was based on.

Example :

week 1 hours
week 2 hours


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