Lookup Data From Dissimilar Formats

Jan 19, 2010

Is it possible to extract data (=lookup?) where one set of data is in a different format to the other? I've atttached a sheet showing how it looks.

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Comparing Dissimilar Data In Two Sheets

May 5, 2012

I would like to compare column b of sheet 2 to column b of sheet 1.

If the entry exists in both sheets then i would like to delete the entire row in sheet 2.

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Import Not Only Data But Also The Formats Of A Cell?

Apr 24, 2014

I do have a 2 tabs with certain sets of data which I need to compare. I have one tab called "NEW" and another one with "PREVIOUS" and unique values in column C in each of them.

I now look for a formular / macro which tries to find the value in cell C2 of the "NEW" tab in the "PREVIOUS" tab. In case there is a match, the cells of columns T to W (of the row where the value was found) should be copied from the "PREVIOUS" tab into the "NEW" tab just to the same place. When there is no success, "NEW PD" should be entered into cell T (of the respective row).

The lists are growing week by week. I can do an offset / match function which will import the plain data, but I cannot get the formats, too. I believe I will need a macro for that but I am too unexperienced to get this to work on my own.

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Sorting Data That Has Multiple Formats?

Jun 15, 2012

I have lists of products that I want to sort, but all the skus are in different formats, some letter, numbers, spaces, symbols and mixes of all.

ECO CUP22OZ/1000

I would like to organize them by the order of the numbers, letters and symbols, not the value of the numbers.

ECO CUP22OZ/1000

I have tried formatting and different sorting options but there's a dent in the wall and my forehead is getting bruised from all of the banging.

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Formats Specific Downloaded Data

Feb 24, 2009

I have a Macro that Formats specific data downloaded to an excel spreadsheet everyday and I have also got a macro that will 'Save As'.

I am trying to merge the 2 within Visual Basic but am unable to word it correctly and get it to run without errors...

Here is the end of the first Macro:

With Selection
.HorizontalAlignment = xlCenter
.VerticalAlignment = xlBottom
.WrapText = False
.Orientation = 0
.AddIndent = False
.IndentLevel = 0
.ShrinkToFit = False..........

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Changing Formats Depending On Data From Dropdown Box?

Sep 4, 2013

I have a table showing data for 10 teams. There are however 10 different measures which are pulled from a seperate sheet using a dropdown box to select the measure.

One of the measures is example 390823 which needs to be format 390,823 so that thousands are shown, and other formats are, example, 89.9 which need to be 89.9%.

Ive gone to my other sheet and all the raw data is showing correctly with % and ,s. But my dashboard table can only have one format. How do i make it so that each measure pulls in the correct format when selected, without dragging the whole area and changing each time?

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Populate A Listbox With Data That Is Of Varied Formats

Jun 27, 2006

I am trying to populate a listbox with data that is of varied formats and I can't seem to do it! I can get the data into the listbox but not change the formats. I have attahed a worksheet to show the problem. Basically, column 2 of the listbox I want to be in hh:mm:ss.0 format and column 4 I want to be in dd-mm-yy. The strange thing is that the listbox does seem to take into account some formating as column 4 is in mm-dd-yy format already but column 2 is just a number.

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Geographic Coordinate Data Types / Formats

Feb 15, 2008

I often find that it would be useful to have a data type for geographic coordinates (i.e. latitudes and longitudes) that would e.g. permit/facilitate formatting negative values as South and West, direct subtraction of one latitude/longitude from another, conversion of degrees-minutes-seconds to decimal degrees, properly formatted axis labels when using Excel to draw maps (at the moment, I am editing the axis labels in the PostScript file by hand, when I don't use chart labeller to paste axis labels in) and so on.

(Time formats could be used, if only they could be prevented from converting hours over 24 to days, which I have not found out how to do.)

Therefore: does anyone know of any Add-In out there somewhere that could supply the lack of a geographic coordinate data type?

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Copy All Selected Sheets (data / Formats / NOT Formulas) To New Workbook

Oct 2, 2013

I had a macro on my previous laptop that worked, but didn't have the macro backed up so it was lost.

I need a vba macro that will copy all active/selected worksheets into a new workbook. Included requirements:

* Maintain tab names

* Only bring in contents/data with all formats (including logo image, but NOT formulas or hidden rows/columns)

* Keep the file name the same except adding "- FINAL" to the end

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Macro And Conditional Formatting: Formats The Data That Is Pasted Into It From An Access Database

Dec 2, 2008

The macro firstly formats the data that is pasted into it from an access database, then it does some calculations to determine when 10 working days from a specific date is, and when 20 working days from the date is (these go in new columns at the end of the data). The macro will also add new columns which say "Not resolved" if there is no date in the Resolution column, "Yes" in the "10 working days met?" column if the condition is met and the same for 20 workings days in a different column. As the colouring etc takes a long time I really wanted to add as conditional formatting to the macro!

how to attach a spreadsheet here then I can show you what the outcome we want is. A point to note is that there is not a set number of rows each time we do this, and I don't just want 1 cell to be coloured - I want to specify which cells in the row are coloured depending on the results in another cell on that row.

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Lookup Function To Lookup For Data In Another Table

Jul 29, 2008

I am trying to use lookup function to lookup for data in another table (we call it table A). Unfortunately, whenever the code is not in the table A, Excel will return the data from the previous row.... is there any possible way to prevent this... in another word, if the code does not exist in the table A, I want Excel to return 0 or some other figures.

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Lookup Data Left Of Found Lookup Value

Nov 28, 2006

here is an example....

(this is on a sheet called Summary)

----A--------B --------C------- D
1Names----At Bats----Hits----Batting Average

Using the LARGE function, Excel has created a list based on batting averages(on a separate sheet called Line-up). It looks like this.....

2 -----------.737
3 -----------.700
4 -----------.675
5 -----------.816
6 -----------.649

The problem I am having is figuring a way for Excel to also bring the corresponding names (after using the LARGE function to create the line up list).

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Lookup Matching Data & Subtract From Another Lookup

Jun 12, 2007

I have a very large spreadsheet of customer information(I call it the master spreadsheet). Each row contains only 3 things: Account number, product bought, Price

Later I receive the money from the customer for that product(the pay sheet) that contains the exact same thing in the same order: Account number, Product bought, Price paid.

What I'm trying to do is compare the two spreadsheets so that when i receive the pay sheet of cusomters who have paid with the amount it will deduct it from the master sheet.

So it should compare account numbers when it finds a match then it should subtract the amount paid (column C) from the master spreadheet price column(column C also).

sometimes customers don't pay the right price so it has to be a subtraction so I can see if it was over paied, underpaid etc.

Right now I'm still doing it manually combining the two documents sorting it by account number and checking for matches in column A (account number).

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Lookup Formula: Find The Longitude And Latitude Data From My "lookup" Sheet

Jan 28, 2009

In my workbook I have multiple sheets but I'm attaching a very simple workbook to demonstrate what I'm trying to accomplish. In my "Lookup" tab/sheet. I want to have known Latitude and Longitude data that will exist in columns A&B. Columns C & D will have address numbers and Street Name. I would like my lookup formula to find the longitude and latitude data from my "lookup" sheet, when the matching address information is typed in, in my 2009 sheet. I have to keep the street numerics and street name separate on this worksheet as well. I believe I'll need two separate lookup formulas as I need these formulas to start in cell G4 & H4 in my "GeoCoding1" sheet. Is it possible to have four columns of data to be viewed in a lookup formula? I tried this formula in cell G4 (GeoCoding1 sheet)

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Extract Data With Differing Date Formats - Convert Text To Date

Mar 27, 2013

Extract data with differing date formats that I need to convert to something consistent that I can format as a date.

This is an example of data.... all with general format at the moment.

2/28/2013 2:48:53 PM

1/16/2013 10:48:50 AM

12/17/2012 11:59:49 AM

I have used this formula to extract the date portion, but I can't get this to then format as date. How do I convert this to the julian date, so I can then apply a date format?


(The day portion of this date always has a leading zero).

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Lookup Or Data Change Based Upon The Data Reported In Column

Mar 7, 2008

I need to pull info to additional tabs. The problem I am having is that the data is sorted daily based upon performance numbers, so the REP names in column A can change based upon the data reported in column C.

What I want to accomplish:

Pull daily data for each unique name in column A to a team tab/worksheet that will be used to report that team's daily data.

Below is a representation of the data I need to break down by Rep Name and Team.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 REP 2 27.5% 14

51 86 REP 1 33.3% 14

42 74 REP 3 19.3% 11

57 86 REP 5 19.6% 9

46 66 REP 4 33.3% 9 ...........................

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Multiple Data In Single Cell Lookup In Another One Data

Nov 9, 2013

see sample file, i need a formula to do like B column,


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Data Lookup And Email Based On Data Extracted.

Mar 27, 2007

I have a excel spreadsheet that has employee names, email address and DOB. The DOB format is 23/03. I need a program that will lookup the DOB row and when it matches the value I enter it extracts the employee name and email address. Once it has this information I need it to copy into an already created email template and send its off. On some days there are more than 1 person with a birthday so it will need to send multiple emails.

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Lookup Data Within Data Range And 1 Other Criteria?

Jul 29, 2012

i have a treatment centre with 22 rooms some with mutiple beds, i need to view occupancy in a grid form to optimise bed useage. i need to look up a date that is after arrival but before depature that matches a room number, i have tried match, index, and, vlookup etc but all this info must exist on the same row

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Too Many Different Cell Formats

Aug 13, 2005

This error occcurs when i add some worksheets to a workbook from another
one. I am not completely sure (cos this is not my work actually) but it
seems to me that there is not really too much (about 4000?) "different" cell
formats in the workbook, but there is a quite lot amount of drawing objects
(grouped technical drwaings plus autocad objects which i also converted them
to bitmaps to overcome the error).

I also dont understand the restriction:
If i have 3999 cells formatted "bold" and another 2 formatted "underlined"
this should not count 4001. True?

My workbook has about 15 worksheets with each fits to 2 printing pages.

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More Than 3 Conditional Formats?

Feb 12, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with a number of columns. In column D there are the following options: 2,3,4,C,T. I want to color the cell if there is data in the cell and column D contains a value.

So for cell L17, my conditional format I have =AND(D17=2,L17<>"") - - (RED), =AND(D17=3,L17<>"") - - (YELLOW), =AND(D17=4,L17<>"") - - (GREEN).

I need to color for values of C and T: but there are only 3 conditional formats permitted. Is there any way around this?

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US To UK Date Formats

Oct 21, 2009

I'm running excel 2000 and don't have access to mscal.ocx, so i have used the date time picker with a calendar, but the formatting of the calendar is in US format m/d/yy and I need it in UK format d/m/yy, I have narrowed it down the following piece of code, the D values are the days,

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7 Conditional Formats

Jul 20, 2008

I have a sheet that shows sun, mon, tue........,sat - all 7 days.

Under each day there are 3 cols so 21 in total.

Data is being entered into cells each day but as the week goes on it gets more difficult to match up the col & row, to many numbers.

What I would like is a way to highlight the whole range of cells per day in a different colour but only when data has been entered under a day, so if no data then no colour fill.

I only need 2 colours, 1 for sun, tue, thurs, sat &
1 for the remaining days.


This works for one range as a conditional format but there aren't enough options to do the 7 days.

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Import Data Or Lookup

Mar 3, 2008

I am trying to import data from an external source file (Excel) into an Excel sheet that will get uploaded into a db accounting system.

The source data varies month to month in the number of rows and need I to import 7 columns.

The upload file will be saved as a text file for the upload.
I tried to use Import External Data, but since the rows vary in size (anywhere from 1 - 2000 rows) I had to create a named range for the entire column. Upon saving this caused all rows beyond the last row of data to have quotes in them which will kill the upload.
Is there a way around this with the Import External Data, or is there a better way through some combination of INDEX, MATCH, INDIRECT or the like?

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Using V Lookup To Search Data

Nov 3, 2009

I have looked at previous v lookup questions however was unable to do a comparison to the queries which I have. Hope someone is able to help. Sending spreadsheet to hopefully clarify

Sheet 1 = downloaded orders

Sheet 2 = present Customer database

Q1 - sheet 2 column E - can I make the address show without the return stroke (square symbol)?

Q2 - how do I return in sheet 1 column b and c the information held on sheet 2 column b and c. I have tried using the post code as the look up but it is only returning around a 30% find, can you use post code and rest of the address (post codes could be partially different as off 2 independant databases) to find a true match, or at least increase the 30% find considerably.

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Code For Lookup With 2 More Or Same Data

Mar 6, 2008

I need to lookup a data which have 2 or more same data from the output sheet and the source sheet. i have used concatenate function but i need the invoice number also in the output sheets.

example i have a list of Order NUmber, Qty and Invoice Number. There can be a chance where the Order Number are equal but different Invoice number. I need in my output data the correct Invoice number and Qty.

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Lookup Previous Day's Data

Jul 16, 2009

I have a report that is run everyday showing a list of orders, on separate tabs based on facility code, that has all kinds of information. I want to be able to take today's file, and have it lookup any comments I posted on the previous day's file.

I've been messing with code all morning and can't get it right. I think my problem is the vlookup part, and I don't think my loop is right either. Here's a little bit of the code i'm trying:

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Looking Up Data That A Lookup Function Won't!

Dec 7, 2006

I have store numbers and store volume groups (one letter indicating their sales volume). This is sorted in somewhat of a table - the volume groups are in row 4 going horizontal, the store numbers are under their respective volume groups going vertical.

I have all store numbers listed vertically on another sheet, starting in A2. I want to search for the store number in A2 within the volume group data and return the appropriate group header when it's found.

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Lookup Data From Table

Dec 5, 2008

the code for lookup value of point 1 and point2 from the table ,if i key in the no.group and type of grade.
eg.1 Group10 grade a value to be point1=75 point2=20
eg.2 Group16 grade B value to be point1=125 point2=172

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Using A Lookup To Copy Data

Jul 4, 2007

In Sheet2 l have a list of data (more complex than the sample but l expect the answer will be the same)

I would like to enter a name (ie Rob) from column A into Sheet1 and have excel copy all of the lines with the name "Rob" into the new worksheet

I think l know how to use a lookup to copy one line but dont know how to copy multiple lines with the same lookup ie Rob

******** ******************** ************************************************************************>Microsoft Excel - Broomhayes Sick.xls___Running: xl2000 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutE8E9E10E11E12E13E14=
[HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name box

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