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Increase Cell Range By 1 Every Day

I'm trying to sum a range in Column AB that increases by 1 cell every day.

Specifically, Jan 1 will be AB1, Jan 2 will be SUM(AB1+AB2), Jan 3 will be SUM(AB1:AB3)...and so on...Dec 31 will be SUM(AB1:AB367).

If it helps, the dates of the year run from A2:A367.

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IF Function Formula Logic: For Every Increase Of Of Mhz, Give 25.00 Per 100 Increase
I have a test due in the morning, and I really need this question answered ASAP, if anyone could. I need to create an IF formula for this situation: the standard Mhz is 500. Give 55.00 for that standard. But for every increase of of Mhz, give 25.00 per 100 increase.

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Relating A Cell's Day To A Cells Day.
I am trying to relate a specific cells day to a date.
for example:

Today's date is : 11 May 2006
Therefore the day would be: Monday.

I want to link the day cell to the date cell, so when the date changes so does the day.

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Increase The Range Each Month.
I currently have an excel spreadsheet which has monhtly sales totals in it. We have some forumla that compare Year To Date figures with YTD Budgets and we also wish to compare Current Year To Date to Previous Year To Date. The problem I have now is that it currently means updating the range formula for Year to Date Budget and I will also be required to update the Previous Year To Date sales manually too.

Im looking for the spreadsheet to re-calculate theses figures based on the month that they are in. For instance should I be working on the Spreadsheet in January, it will only use the values in the budget sheet from Apr-DEC. Currently I woud be required to change the range in the formual to take into account the extra cell required.

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Increase That Amount By A Percentage Identified In Another Cell And Display The Value Only Without Any Formalas In A New Cell
If a cell is not blank, then increase that amount by a percentage identified in another cell and display the value only without any formalas in a new cell. To this end I wrote this IF statement:


Observation: I see a FALSE in CS9 where this IF statement exists, however, CP9 does not display the required value.

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Can I Get One Cell To Increase By 1
if it is possible to increase one cell by 1 when the date was changed in another cell. I installed the code that was given to me and it worked perfectly, thanks agin JB and royuk, UNTIL the cell that was to increase by 1 was locked and the sheet protected.

The date cell is not locked.

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Increase Cell Value
I need to increase the cell value on a spreadshhet that contains over 50,000 cells. I know how to do this on a cell by cell basis. I need to know if there is some way of doing this to multiple cells. Here is my example;


I need to increase each cell value and roundup to the next number. I have been doing the following formula: =ROUNDUP(603/.97,0) to increase the cell value to $622.

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Get One Cell To Increase By Digit One
How can I get one cell to increase by 1 after I change the date in another cell. The spreadsheet is used to keep track of Oxygen Bottles at the local Fire Dept. and I want the " Times Filled" cell to increase by 1 after the " Date Filled" cell is changed. I'm not sure if they key the date in or if they use a calender add-in pop up.

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Formula To Increase Cell Reference
I have to reference to another sheet a fixed increase of moving 6 rows across. What would be the formula for it?

For example.
First formula would be =Sheet1!A1
What would be the formula for the subsequent cells. (eg. =Sheet1!A1+6) obviously doesn't work.

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Increase Current Cell ONLY When Different Than Target Cell
I am looking for a way to avoid the circular reference issue. I would like to monitor a cell that is being incremented and decremented so that I can automatically retain the highest and the lowest values that were entered into that specific cell over time. Since the data is only entered into that specific cell and not retained in for example a column, the MAX/MIN option is not usable in this case.

More simply stated, is there a way to put a formula in a specific cell ( A1 ) that will equal the target cell ( B1 ) only when that target cell ( B1 ) is greater than A1?

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Change Cell Color After Every Decrease Up To Increase
I have a 49 numbers in cell A1:AW1 they are not in acceding order. I want to separate all groups’ start from lowest number to highest giving them deferent color. As shown in example table below in cell (A2 start with nș 6 and increase up to nș 47 till cell F2 =yellow color) then Cell (G3 decrease nș 3 and increase up to nș 49 till cell L49=Green Color) and continue same process for rest ....

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Increase Number In Same Cell Across Multiple Worksheets
I have multiple worksheets (too many, actually!) and each worksheet is a record. I need to enter a Record Number into B5 of each sheet. The Record Number doesn't start at 1. I'd like to enter a number into the first sheet and the rest of the sheets to increase by 1. However, I only need to do this to some sheets.

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Use Macro To Increase Cell Content 10 Points
I don't know if I am asking for something impossible,but is it possible to create a MACRO to automatically add or subtract 10 to whatever number is in the cell? for example:

A1= 20

I would like to have a macro that lets you either add 10 to it to become 30 or subtract 10 to it to become 10.

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On Today()+1 Increase Date In Cell By 1 Month
I have 22-08-08 in Cell A2 I would like it to change to 22-09-08 on 23-08-08 ideally using edate (but not neccessarily).

Perhaps I can add a formula with conditional formatting eg formula is = "On Today()+1 Add 1 month to cell A2"

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Automatically Increase Weekday Dates By Value Of Cell
I have a range (M6:BM6) which consists of week end dates = every Friday (M6 =
5/8/09; BM=5/7/10). I would like to have the range adjusted based on when a
cell (B3) is updated. For example, currently B3=5/5/09 and M6=5/8/09 (week
end date of B3). If B3 was updated to 5/12, I would like to have the range
automatically updated to M6=5/15/09, N6=5/22/09....BM=5/14/10. I could do
this with excel formulas in the sheet but would like to macro code adjust the
values in the range rather than formulas.

These ranges are used in other macros and works better with values rather than formulas.

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VBA Increase The Decimal Places Of A Cell
Is there a function in VBA that lets me increment or decrement the number of decimals of a particular cell? let's say i got a cell value of 7.123456 but excel only displays 7 on the cell. What if i want excel to display only 7.123? How can I specify the number of decimals i want on a particular cell (in this case 3)

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Increase A Cell Value By 1 If Another Displays "yes&quo
I'm a novice at macros and spreadsheets and a Visual Basic Virgin!!.

I'm trying to work out how to increase a cell (B17) value from 1 through 5 then jump back to 1 and count to 5 again etc etc.

The value should be incremented every time cell B33 ="Yes" however there needs to be a 2nd event which resets the B33 trigger to operate again.
This is when cell B34 shows "New Race"

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Formula To Change Cell Colour :: Due To Sum Increase Or Decrease
how to change the cell colour due to a sum increase or decrease? For example: if the amount is greater than 200, change cell colour to green. If under 200 change cell colour to yellow.

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Find Actual Day In Range Of Cells
i have this file with macro. But it doesnt works how i want. I need all data exctly in forms as are. So it can not will be changed. I hope it will be works, if i define my macro other.

I find actual day in column C where are dates. But now it find only if is there value like now(). In this file it found cell D24, but i need, that it will find cell C24. I need search only actual day in column C.

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Day Of Week -day Of Month List Auto Setup
What I'm after is a sheet that self generates the day of the week in column A and the day of the month in column B. I have a month long sheet where daily entries get made in the DOW row, the day of the month is a reference. I have a macro to generate a new sheet for the next month and would like to auto populate the DOW and DOM. This typically gets done on the second day of the month (data from the first day is entered on the second)

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Pull Dates Which Fall Into The Range From Today Until 30 Days From To Day
I got this problem I can’t solve, maybe it is easy to solve, but I am fairly new to writing functions in excel.

I got a lot of different dates in single column, what I need is to pull the dates if they fall in to the range, from today till 30 days from now.
I understand it calls for array formula.

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Working Day Function: (Day + Next 1st Working Day)
I was looking for a final result as follows

21-Aug-09 + 1 = 24-Aug-09 (Day + next 1st working day)

21-Aug-09 + 3 = 26-Aug-09 (Day + next 3rd working day)

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Automatically Add One Day To An Existing Day
how can i automatically add one day to an existing day..
1 Monday

in b1 what would be the formula for tuesday..



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Month Day Day Of Week
1 2 3 4 5 6
11/1 11/2 11/3 11/4 11/5 11/6
sat sun mon tues wed thur

what i am trying to do is to be able to put a date in a cell and it would fille in the month day and day of week


cells are not correct in the formulas just copied them. i got this to work in a set up xls file when used it in the real setting i get ###.

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Cell Shading By Day
I have two columns. Date and Day

Date Jan 1, 2007 and it falls on on a Monday in the Day column.
Date Apr 6, 2007 and it falls on on a Friday.
Date Dec 25, 2007 and it falls on on a Tuesday.

What I want is to Colour Code the DAY column in case it is a holiday falling on a Monday or a Friday.

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Increasing A Cell Value By +1 Every Day
I'm just fiddling around with excel at the moment and have a created a cell with a value of 16. It represents the number of days an event has been running for.

I'm not sure how to make it increase by +1 every day without me having to open excel and change the value in the cell.

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Need 3 Results In One Cell For Different Time Of Day
I am pulling what hair i have left out of my head, I am a New Desk Officer for a Local Police Dept trying to set up a patrol report sheet, I need to have a return of "Mids", "Days", "Swings" to be displayed in the cell next to the one labeled "Shift" depending on the time of day. IE: 12am-8am = "MIDS", 8am-4pm = "DAYS" 4pm-12pm = "MIDS".

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Automatically Increment Cell Once Per Day
I need to add or subtract a specific amount daily from a sheet with little or no manual intervention.

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Running 20 Day Cell Value Archiving
I want to store 20 days of stock information for any given stock in 20 cells. Cell 20 will be 20 days into the past from today. Cell 0 would be today and would be the value that updates (let's say the price) using the stockquote msn add in.

I want cell 20 to be cell 19's value tomorrow, cell 19 to be cell 18's value tomorrow, and so on. So essentially, everyday I open it, cell 20's value gets trashed, and all the values become one day older, effectively having a 20 day tracking of a particular stock. I want to also make sure that if I update day 0 or (today())'s value, that today()-1, etc.. doens't change just because today() was updated. There has to be a change in the date for that to happen, so referencing a static cell that contains today() will most likely be useful.

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Cell With Day Of Month ONLY (and Volatile)
I have searched around the forum but I could not find anything related. Like the title says, I need to have a cell that is the current day of the month and changes automatically each day.

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Show Day When Cell Has Date
I have cells which show the date ie:- 01/01/2006 02/01/2006 etcbut I want it to actually display the date only ie:- 1, 2 etc or the day ie Mon.

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Show Day In Date Within Cell
Is there any way of configuring Excel so that it will automatically show the day when I hover my cursor over a cell that contains a date, eg 09/10/06 will show Monday as a pop-up similar to a comments box when the cursor is held over it.

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Find The High Price Day Of Each Week. Then Report The Median High Day
I have an interesting problem (I hope you find it interesting too). I'm trying to find the historical "high" day of the week for a particular stock I follow. I searched for several hours but was honestly unable to make any progress. Normally I do my own formulas, so other than pasting a rare macro, that's pretty much the extent of my (lack of) experience, ie please assume I am a novice....

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Macro For Copying Data Into A New Cell Each Day
12/23/20081/2/20091/5/20091/6/20091/7/2009Stores TotalTMX TotalTotal TMX Expedite

I'm trying to create some code that will do this:
On Day1- Copy info from a different worksheet in the 3 cells for 12/23 (column B)
On Day2 - Copy info from the worksheet in the 3 cells for 1/2 (col C) without deleting the info in Column B from the previous day, etc....

I can't figure out how to get it to paste into a different column each day. It will be continuously moving one column to the right each day.

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If Month And Day Not In Cell Delete Row
in column A i have the dates,

if the month and day of a cell is not equal to a keeper i'd like to delete that row

i found some code in the forum and mangled it a bit but it does not work right

Sub xyz()
Let keeper1 = 1
Let keeper2 = 4
Do Until Month(ActiveCell.Value) <> keeper1 And Day(ActiveCell.Value) <> keeper2
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select


End Sub

it deletes 1 cell but does not loop like its supposed to and find all the non-keepers :P

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Conditional Formatting Based On Time Of Day In Cell
I would like to use Conditional Formatting to format a cell depending whether it past a certain time, such as 3:45 PM. Naturally, entering the time as the condition does not work. Is there a way to do this?

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Change Cell Colors Based On Todays Date/Day
I have a spreadsheet that I enter monthly expenditure on.

Column A is expenditure during 24th to 31st
Column D is expenditure during 1st to 8th
Column G is expenditure during 9th to 16th and
Column J is expenditure during 17th to 23rd

Ive been trying to colour the columns grey if todays date is outside the above date ranges each time I open the spreadsheet so its obvious which column my expenditure needs to be entered into.

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Time W/in Each Hour Of Day Btwn A Time Range
I need a formula to calculate the time (in hours/fractions of an hour) that is "covered" for each hour of the day between a range of times. In other words, I have a "START TIME" and an "END TIME" and for each hour of the 24-hour clock, I want to know how much time this range covers.

For example, if my start time is 3:30am and my end time is 5:15am, for the 3am hour, the formula would return 0.5 hours, for the 4am hour it would return 1.0 hours, for the 5am hour it would return 0.25 hours, and for all other hours it would return 0.0 hours. The range of START TIME and END TIME can be up to 24 hours (but not more), but the tricky part is that the START TIME can be on the day BEFORE the END TIME (e.g., START TIME of 10:35pm and END TIME of 5:45pm the next day).

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Macro: Check CheckBox Is True, Current Date For Day/Month, Then Sum TextBox & Cell
I am trying to allow the Command Button when clicked to go through multiple conditions before making a decision. So, when someone clicks on Command Button 3 the code should look to see if CheckBox1 is true, then it should check today's date, and if it is between a range of days, or even months, then it would add the number in TextBox1 with the amount already in cell H18. This event will happen every time someone clicks on the Command Button.

The end result is to have several sheets (4 total) for each quarter in the fiscal year, and if the dates are within those parameters, the clicking of the command button will update the correct sheet.

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Increase With 1,5% For 20 Iterations
in getting the formula right for this:

I have a value which I want to increase with 1,5 % of last calculated value (the initial value is 40 in the example below).

I only need 20 iterations.

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Increase Its Existing Value With 1
I would like to add Cells(18,3) also along with the below code which should increase its existing value with 1.

Sub newinv()
R = Sheets("Sheet2").Range("B65536").End(xlUp).Value + 1
Cells(15, 4) = R
End Sub

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Automatically Increase Value
I have attached a spreadsheet, in which I have highlighted the following cells (I2, J2, G31 and I31)

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Increase Speed
to speeding up this little routine that deletes rows that have identical values in certain cells in the row above

Sub remo() ...

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Percentage Increase In A Period
I'm doing research with a professor at the University of Florida. This is my first time using Excel to any extent, so I need everything from the ground up!

I have the housing values for each of the 50 states from 1975 to 2006. I need to analyze each state individually to see if there were any points during that 26 year span when housing values increased by more than 20%. I need to know when this increase started and when values peaked and began to fall. I could do this manually, but I'm assuming that would take a while.

Is there a simple way to do this in excel? A macro, or a UDF (I have no clue about either of them by the way).

The 50 states are listed in a column and the rows next to each state having housing values for the 26 years. ( I don't know if that is relevant).

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Increase Value In Group Of Cells
Can someone tell me it is posible to increase cels value (diferent values) from D2 to D21 for example, by 20. I just start to use excel.

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% Of Increase - Decrease - Formula
I have a this years total in A1, last years total in B1, difference +/- in C1


I am trying to get a % of Increase/Decrease (Between A1 and B1) in D1.
Not as a dollar amount but as a %.

I have tried Percentile and PercentRank and some other stuff. No joy.

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Formula To Increase A Number By 10%?
formula to put in microsoft excel 2003 to increase a number by 10%, so for example, 20 by 10%.

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Increase Date In Each Row
I have two dates in A1 and B1. Eg 24/Oct/06 in A1 and 27/Oct/06 in B1.

Can the range of these two dates be updated to Cell A10, followed by the next row.


Cell A10 24/Oct/06
Cell A11 25/Oct/06
Cell A12 26/Oct/06
Cell A13 27/Oct/06

Because the two dates in A1 and B1 are updated by user, the range is not fixed. Eg It could be 20/Oct/06 in A1 and 29/Oct/06 in B1.

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Increase Reference Number
in cell A1 I have a ref no. eg aa/01/bb
in cell A2 I have a ref no. eg aa/02/bb

only the middle number increases in the reference each time eg: /01/

is there a formula that can achieve this or am i doomed to manual input, I have made a few attempts but cannot work it out.

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Increase Values By X Percentage
How do I change numerous numbers in several different columns by a constant amount? example reduce each number in each of these columns by 50%.

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Macro To Increase A Number
what i need is a macro to run when I print a form. I am making a job card with a unique number on it ie: 100. when I print the form, I then need the 100 to change to 101 and so on. I cant work this one out.

EDIT - Ive attached my work in progress. It is for a computer repair shop. I have a few macros in there as I need to email a copy of the workbook too.

when you open the workbook, you will see the job number in red. I just need a macro tht will increase that number +1 every time it runs. I also need the email macro to rename the workbook to the customer name input in cell B4 - but I think im best to post this request in a new thread?

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