Increment Formula Row Number Filling Across Columns

Aug 24, 2007

I am trying to increment a row when i copy it across columns. I have searched for a couple hours on how to do this, but I have not come up with a solution that I can understand that works for my situation.

I found this page, but I guess I am too novice to comprehend it. [url]

I would like the number in this formula to increment when i copy it to the adjacent column.

This formula is in B178.


So in C178 I want it to be


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Increment Row Number Within Formula When Copying Across Columns

Mar 16, 2009

to copying a formula from one column to the next adjacent column and also incrementing the 2 numeric values inside the formula. Please see attached sample.

One value increments with each new column whereas the other increments with each new row. Please see attached sample.

And in the last row there is the average formula which must copy the new column and average the new column.

I tried to create a Macro in attached but it did not work with formulas.

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Increment Part Of Formula Row Reference When Filling Across

Jan 15, 2008

I have a spreadsheet containing quite a few lookups etc. I am trying to copy a cell across about 10 columns. This has to be done for about 50 different rows on about 20 different sheets, so I am looking for an alteration to the formula to help me rather than typing in the formula over and over;

='Basic Labour'!AD6*Rates!$E$526

Say this is in AD6, then in AE6 I would require

='Basic Labour'!AE6*Rates!$E$527

and so on across the region to be autofilled...

(It is multiplying the same cell in a different sheet against the 'next row down' in a rates lookup sheet).

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Copy Formula Across Columns But Increment Row

Jun 1, 2008

I am trying to link cells between two worksheets and am having some difficulty. For instance, in E17, I want the cell to reference cell H41 on sheet 2 and for F17 I want it to reference H42 on sheet 2, etc. However, using the formula =Sheet2!H41 when I cut and paste the formula it changes it to =Sheet2!I41 (ie it changes the column and keeps the row constant). I want to find a way to fill a large amount of cells this way and would prefer to not have to manually change each cell individually. I assume I would use the indirect( and the column( commands but can't seem to figure that one out.

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Index Row Reference When Filling Formula Across Columns

Oct 16, 2013

In Column A, starting in row 8, I have a list of part nos. This list can be any number of rows long.

Further down the sheet, I want to put that same list into a horizontal array. I currently have this formula in the first column. It will, of course, pull the value from the 1st row.


However, when I fill across all of my columns, it changes the Cell reference to B8, C8, etc. whereas I need it to change to A9, A10, etc.

Writing a formula that will index the ROW reference as I fill across?

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How To Increment Worksheet Number When Dragging Formula

Nov 29, 2012


I have data in worksheets that make up the 52 weeks of the year. Each sheet is numbered like this "WK1" "WK2" and so on... up to "WK52"

Each sheet is setup exactly the same so all cells are the same.

So I have a summary sheet that structures the data from all the week sheets to plot to graph all within the same file.

Thing is when I link the first cell to the first sheet say WK1 and then try to drag the formula down to the worksheet number does not increment

Tried the code in the beginning of this post and it displays the worksheet and cell number in the cell cant get the actual data to be displayed.

When I drag this formula down I want it to index the worksheet number


Like this


This is what I get in the cell when I use the formula given in the post

WK01! $AG$14

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Loop To Increment Row Number And Execute Command Where Set The Formula

Oct 11, 2011

Make a loop where I can increment the row number and execute the command where I set the formula?

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Copy Formula With Absolute Reference & Increment Row Number Every X Cells

Mar 25, 2009

I am creating a spreadsheet which creates a bulk of data from a front sheet.

The question is:
Is there a way to automatically copy a fixed formula for 100 cells using one fixed cell reference such as $A$1 and then automatically after 100 cells replace $A$1 with $A$2, after another 100 with $A$3 and so on?

Explanation with Example:

For example, Sheet1 contains the words "Green Tree" in Cell A1 and Sheet2 will then place "Green Tree" into 100 different sentences such as:

Plant a Green Tree
Grow a Green Tree today

This would be created with the formula ="Grow a "&'Sheet1'!$A$1& " today"

After 100 different variations using the formula I want to change that formula to reference cell A2 on Sheet1.

I know if I place "Red Tree" in Cell A2 and use the formula ="Grow a "&'Sheet1'!$A$2& " today" I can do this manually using find and replace for the 100 cells, but I want to do this for 100 different variations of Green Tree to create a 10,000 different sentences so I'd need to find and replace 100 times!

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Excel 2003 :: How To Increment Only Number In List When It Contains Both Number And Alphabets

Jun 26, 2014

I have a requirement where I want my list should auto increment with number only.

For example: I want to fill below text in cell and when I drag the cell( Along the column A) and fill the rows downward it should automaticallly incremented.

Data in one cell say (A1) is like 001_TCO_CM, now I want to drag data present in cell A1 and wants data in cell A2, A3, A4 etc... it should get increment like

A2 = 002_TCO_CM

A3 = 003_TCO_CM

A4 = 004_TCO_CM

and so on...any method or way present in Excel 2003 so that my series should get auto filled.

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Filling Down Series Of Formulas In Several Columns

Jan 21, 2014

I need to 'fill down' a series of formulas in several columns - but the number of rows I need to fill down will vary dependent on my raw data.

See attached file.

Worksheet 1 - contains the raw data which is copied and pasted in from an external source. In this example, there are 20 records.

Worksheet 2 - brings in the raw data from worksheet 1 and does some calculations. The formulas are in the first 30 rows - in case the number of records grow. But what happens if the number of records is, say, 40?

I have a much bigger workbook in reality - so having too many formulas will increase the file size.

Simple example.xlsx‎

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Increment Number Every Nth Cell

Feb 26, 2014

I have a spreadsheet with 2100 rows. I am trying to fill one column with a numbering system that fills the same number in for 21 cells and then increases by one. For example:




However, I did the first column manually and wish to fill in my "trial" column for all 100 trials.

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Increment Ref Number By Criteria

Oct 12, 2009

when a user answers yes to a question a ref number is generated. Which works fine. The problem that im having is when a no is changed to yes the ref numbers get incremented but they all get misaligned.

Not sure if the tabel will come out right when i post it.

Where the no has changed to yes it has changed all the ref numbers below the no


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Insert New Row & Increment Number

Sep 10, 2006

I've created a spreadsheet that tracks problems using an assigned problem number. Attached is the spreadsheet.

I need assistance in inserting a new row and incrementing the sequential number after pressing the "Get/Assign New NCR Number" button. I am successful at getting a new row added, but am not able to increment the number. In addition, I would also like to have the table locked so that no deleting or amending the sequential number is allowed.

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Increment Entered Number

Aug 11, 2007

if I use the following formulae in A1 and fill it down, I get the serialization 1,2,3....etc. =(INT((ROW()-1)/1)+1)*1

But if I begin formulae at A11 and fill down, I get 11,12,13.....etc. Now I type 1 in A11, how do I modify the formula so that A12 will be 2, A13 will be 3, A14 will be 4 and so on ?

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Increment Number Until It Reaches X

Apr 3, 2008

way to do this in plain excel (no macros, I have sufficient knowledge to do it in VBA but certain circumstances do not allow me to).

I want to insert a relative formula into a cell based on a condition.

For instance, I have a number N=10 (changeable).
And the following cells with corresponding formula:

Is there a way to automatically insert that relative formula to the next cell until its value is larger than N?
I don't want to use IF and then copy to 65000 rows either, it will create blank cells that I don't want to be there (and it affects the printout as well as the scroll on the right).

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Increment Columns For Destination Range

Feb 19, 2007

I'm trying to download stock price history inside a loop and move the destination range over one column for each new symbol. I want to keep moving the results from the query over one column each time it loops through....

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Filling Column With Number Sequence Whenever Value Changes

Apr 28, 2014

I am trying to fill a column with a number series starting with 1 whenever a value changes in the adjacent column. So for instance I am trying to do something like this :

87 1
87 2
87 3
88 1
88 2
88 3
88 4
89 1
89 2
90 1
91 2
92 1
92 2
92 3
92 4
92 5
92 6

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How To Increment Alpha Number String

Sep 19, 2012

I have a log that I need to number starting in cell A1, as follows:



I've put this formula in A2 to try an increment it by 1, but it just replicates the string in A1:


with the proper syntax?...

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SpinButton To Increment By Decimals Not Whole Number

Sep 2, 2006

Im using this code to change the value of an active cell with a spinner named: 1.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim lNum As Long
If IsNumeric(Target) Then
lNum = Target
If lNum = Target And Target >= 0 Then
With Me.Shapes("1").ControlFormat
.LinkedCell = vbNullString
.Value = Target
.LinkedCell = Target.Address
End With
Me.Shapes("1").ControlFormat.LinkedCell = vbNullString
End If
End If
End Sub

The problem is, that whenever I click or activate a cell its value automatically changes to 0. The spinner works just fine modifying the value of the activated cell. The problem is that this code somehow causes all the decimals such as 0,3 0,1 or 0,8, entered manually, to change to 0. This way only integral numbers, such as 1, 45 or 100 are accepted. I must truly say I have no [no need to swear - mod] idea how to fix these problems meaning the automatically inserted 0 and the fact that the sheet doesnt accept decimals changing them to an integral number.

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Increment Invoice Number On Open

Aug 21, 2007

I have created a templet for an invoice, but I cannot get the invoice number to increment. I am using the following code from a previous thread

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Sheets("Sales Invoice"). Range("B7").Value = Sheets("Sales Invoice").Range("B&").Value + 1
End Sub

The address of the invoice number is B7 and the name of the sheet where the B7 is located is Sales Invoice.

I want to start the invoice number at 100000 and add the letters PM to the beginning so that when it is displayed and printed out it reads PM100000.

Then I want it to increment by 1 and this number be placed in the B7 area when the invoice is opened next time.

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Increment Number & Text Of Alphanumerics

Feb 28, 2008

I was recently issued an alphanumeric range that I would like excel to manage for me. The alphanumeric numbers contain 5 characters. The basic pattern starts zero to nine, then A-Z, then 10. For example, A0500 through A0509, A050A-A050Z, A0510-9, A051A-A051Z, A0520-A0529, etc.

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Increment Number Within Alphanumeric Text

Apr 4, 2008

Is it possible to increment / decrement cells using wild characters? I've found myself needing to increment values at different position, for e.g. :


where I would want to be incrementing # placeholders. It would help if I can give it a start number, and the increment amount (which can be different than 1).

What about possibly extending it a bit more to include two or more place holders at the same time as follows:

ABC##- FR*** (where # would have its own starting number and increment value, and * would have its own).

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Loop To Increment Column Width Of Range Of Columns?

May 22, 2014

I'm trying to use the following loop to increment the column width of a range of columns thus:

NewWidth = 0
WidthIncrement = 0.5
For MyCount = 1 To 26
NewWidth = NewWidth + WidthIncrement
Cells(1, MyCount).EntireColumn.ColumnWidth = NewWidth

If I set WidthIncrement to be an integer value, the code works correctly. If, however, I make it something like 0.1, all the column widths that the loop acts on are set to 0. I suspect it's something to do with how I'm declaring the NewWidth and WidthIncrement variables - they're currently set to Double. I know that I can have decimal values for column widths (e.g. 8.43)

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Add Counter Column That Will Increment The Number Of The Rows (1,2,3..)

Mar 7, 2014

I am working on a sheet that has dynamic data saved. For any new value, a new row is inserted. I want to add a counter or more like an index so that I can see the number of the rows. I know that excel has is on the side but, I want to be able to make calculations. Like average of the numbers. Lets say I have 512 rows added. I want to be able (automatically via vba) to set the average with a sum of the values/ 512 which will be the number of the code I am asking. So I want a code that will start with the number 1 at (lets say) cell B2 and it will go like B3=2, B4=3.... any time a new row with data is added.

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Automatically Increment Column Number In Vlookup

Oct 29, 2009

I have the following formula. How can I change it so thst when copy/drag the column number automatically increments by 1

IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP($A2,'Purchase Order Pivot Table'!$5:$500,67,FALSE)),0,VLOOKUP($A2,'Purchase Order Pivot Table'!$5:$500,67,FALSE))

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Increment Serial Number For Each Printed Page?

Feb 1, 2014

I have a excel file to print label on a label printer.I've added additional file in this message.I'm printing different numbers of labels with this file.for example, if I print 10 pieces of labels, I want to write 1/10 , 2/10 , 3/10 etc. on each label.I finded a vb code to print this work but not exactly the way I want.I would ask one of excel guru's to look at my file.

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Auto Increment Cell Number Upon Open

Sep 7, 2006

I am trying to get my invoice sheet to automatically increment the invoice number when I open the workbook. I know it is in the code i.e. private sub? but it doesnt seem to work.

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Increment Left Number In Alpanumeric Text

Apr 9, 2008

I have to put different ticket numbers for a company with some code. At present, I am manually copying and pasting data (which is too difficult as sometimes, tickets may be more than 300). So, suggest some easy way out, keeping in mind that I am new to Excel. I want this as output.

Company Name= New Horizons
Number of Tickets=1/300

Here, I want to increment number of tickets automatically like 1/300, 2/300, 3/300 till 300/300 and all the other entities like Company name and code should remain same. My rest of data remains same except number of tickets through out. I also have to print same data.

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Rename Tab Based On Cell Value And Increment Invoice Number

May 2, 2012

What I'm trying to do is from a template worksheet that I have in a workbook with other worksheets, I'm trying to come up with code that will create a new worksheet based on the template (copy), increment the invoice number, and rename the worksheet tab to be "Invoice # xxxx" (new invoice number from prev. step.).

I have figured out how to use a button on the template to execute, but as I said my VBA skills are lacking to say the least.

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Delete Columns, Increment Alphanumeric Text, Insert Rows & Sort

Feb 18, 2008

I am having to write a vba code for a survey data captured code online.

I am attaching the code and the vba module that is suupose to do

following things


3) Initial 6 letters from each cell (Q0001=) UPTO (Q00011=)

4)Inserts new row at top from Q1 TO Q11

5) Sorts data on Q6 (Faculty/Staff)

Before all this the i need to insert blank cells for questions that have not been answered and shift the cells right (condition 1) ....

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