Linking Charts So They Change Simultaneously

Jan 10, 2014

Is it possible to make a copy of a chart that is edited simultaneously as when you edit the original chart...somewhere else in the same workbook.

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Linking Two Charts Within A Single Workbook

Jan 22, 2010

I will attempt to describe my problem the best I can. Thank you in advance:

I have a series of charts (and the tables in which the data for the charts is stored) located in a worksheet. I copied and pasted each one of these charts next to its original. I then moved each one of the new, pasted charts into a single chart sheet at the end of the workbook. Is there a way, via macro or otherwise, to update the charts now located in chart sheet if any changes are made to the original charts?

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Copy Formula To Another Sheet And Simultaneously Change Reference Cell?

Apr 29, 2014

I have an excel workbook that has many spreadsheets (each one sheet has a client name)I have another excel workbook that has these client names on one sheet (on a list) and next to every name I have a number (i.e total turnover of the year).

In the first workbook (where every client has his sheet (tab named after the client) I want to have a cell that equals to the sum of some cells on the other workbook, that refer to the specific client

(it looks like this ='[comissions NF 10-14.xls]comissions 14(auto)'!$J$81+'[comissions NF 10-14.xls]comissions 14(auto)'!$J$197+'[comissions NF 10-14.xls]comissions 14(auto)'!$J$313+'[comissions NF 10-14.xls]comissions 14(auto)'!$J$429)

I want this sum to be added to every sheet of this workbook. each sheet refers to a client, so $J$81, $J$197 etc must be changed for the correct cell that refers to the name of the client. The tab names are alphabetical and so s the list.

Is there any way to do it, without re-entering the formula to each one?

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Userform Labels :: Change The Color Property Of All The Labels On The Form Simultaneously

Mar 11, 2009

I have a UserForm and what I'm trying too do is change the color property of all the labels on the form simultaneously.

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Linking Worksheets When Paths Change

Feb 18, 2012

I have a folder in Dropbox (important that it is stored there, it is shared with 15 people who are on a bunch of different networks) that contains 15 spreadsheets. One of them is the master, containing performance data for 14 people. The other 14 are for each individual person pulling their performance data from the master. Monthly, the master spreadsheet gets updated, and I want the user spreadsheets to update, so I can email the individual spreadsheets to each person so they can track their performance. Of course, they cannot see each others numbers, so they have no access to the folder. There are a handful of people that have access to the master. All the spreadsheets will live in this folder all the time.

The issue is that on my computer the path to the master is different then it is for other users because of where Dropbox stores local data by default, and for a lot of reasons, I cannot change it.

Is there any way to tell excel that the master (or the other 14) live in the same folder so there is no need for the first part of the path?

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How To Change Base Unit Of Charts

Dec 11, 2013

I'm working on a charting application that uses Office charts. I'm wondering what are some of the main reasons people change the base unit from the default, and how common that is.

Some reasons I've identified on my own:You're comparing different monthly metrics, but they could be recorded on different days of the month.Get a zoomed-out view.Compare the max value of each month.

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Bar Charts - Change Bars To The Category Name

Nov 26, 2007

I have a list of salesmen and their performance to date (on a percentage basis) which is sorted lowest percentage down to highest. What I would like to do is to graph this as a bar graph (no problem there) but for the bars to be replaced by the names themselves! So, I have data like this:........

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Charts - Dynamic Change Of Where X And Y Axis Cross

Oct 4, 2013

There is POLICY statement that determine an what ACTION should be applied to a paticular building given a score for "LIFE" & "RISK" which results in varing policies A-D. (The Policy intervention points differs slightly for varing types of building. This excel sheet works just fine, and provides the correct guidance for our engineers by suggesting Policy A-D on input of tbuilding type and LIfe/Risk score. However the Policy is a guide, and they do need to apply a level of judgement with the data close to intervention points.

My Question,

I would like to provide further graphical representation to aid decision making. I have a graph plots the X Axis ( LIFE) 0-100, and y Axis (risk) 0-5 and show the , but what i need to be able to do is dynamically adjust the position where the x&y axis cross, so showing visually the intervention point when different building types are selected.

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Change Charts Backround Color Via Drop-Down

Dec 10, 2008

I have a chart where half the users want a black backgroud and half want a gray background. Is there a way I can change the chart colors based on a textbox value? I would have the user choose a value (say, "Dark Background or Light Background") and then, upon commencing the macro it changes the chart.

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Change Order Of Graphs When Using Macro To Export All Excel Charts To Powerpoint?

Apr 14, 2014

I've been using a VBA code to look through my spreadsheet and find any graphs in any tab and move it to powerpoint. I have about 70 tabs with 7 graphs each.

I have is that the order of the graphs in the slidepack isn't in the same as found on each excel tab.I also tried renaming them (chart1-chart7) but problem still remains.

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Pivot Filters To Change Simultaneously With Other Pivot Filters?

Jul 1, 2014

I have 3 pivot tables and with 3 filters each (they are all the same filters). I just want to change 1 of the filters for each of the pivot table (meaning the other 2 stay the same for all of the pivots). Is it possible to have a filter change automatically to match a filter in another pivot?

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Converting Static Charts To Dynamic Charts

Jun 27, 2013

My DB is in table format . I use this table as source data for 2 barcharts and 1 pie chart.Following are my table headers

Costs|exp heads|Month1|Month2|...|Month n|Spark lines|Average

When i add a month coloumn,Sparklines and Average coloumn should get updated automaticaly.Now this is not happening even if the data is in table format.I also want the graphs to be automaticaly updated.

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Linking Cells Globally To Allow Users Ability To Change Cells On Separate Sheet / Cells?

Feb 18, 2014

I have a workbook that uses the values that a user had entered into 3 cells to calculate multiple other charts/diagrams on multiple sheets within the workbook. Each sheet would show what the user had entered in the 3 cells to allow them to see what is being used to calculate each table. Is it possible to link these cells so that the user can change the 3 values without having to go back to where he originally entered the 3 values?

For example, a user has entered in 3 values in Sheet 1. A formula in Sheet 2 displays what is entered by the user and uses these calls in Sheet 2 for calculations. When the user wants to change the three values, he would have to navigate to Sheet 1 and enter in the new values to have the workbook recalculate all the tables. Is there a way to link the three cells from Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 so when the user is on Sheet 2, he has the opportunity to change the values on the current Sheet without having to navigate to Sheet 1 to do so?

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Pivot Charts Versus Charts

Sep 5, 2012

I am trying to put some charts into a report that is pivot table based. I have some code that will work if the pivot tables stay stagnic but the users may change the tables around so that could be an issue of new data. I have the following code where I changed the source to the pivot table name (general name because of numberous report possibilites). I have taken out the other charts because they are just a variation of the chart 1. I am crashing on the line with the * on it.

Sub UWTierChart()
Dim oCell As Range
Dim oChart As Chart
Set ws_data = ActiveSheet
'Chart 1


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To Do More Than One Search Simultaneously

Oct 26, 2007

Is it possible to do more than one search simultaneously. Let me elaborate. I have a data of 40,000 students in DATA A and searches each student in DATA B which is also around 40,000 students. Instead of doing a For Next Statement, searching one student at a time, is it possible for it to search all the students simulatenosly because searching 40,000 students in a data base of 40,000 students takes FOREVER?

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Changing Defined Name Simultaneously?

Dec 31, 2013

I have approx. 50 Defined Name and which were divided into 2 parts, i.e "name.2012" & "name.2013" means each files had ".2012" or ".2013" but the issue is I want to change or replace ".2012" or ".2013" with any other name or number in simultaneously. Just like inside excel sheets, Find and Replace method.

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View Two Worksheets Simultaneously.

Nov 11, 2008

I use a two monitor setup driven from a Radeon 9550 graphics card, but the problem I have occurs on a single monitor as well. When I open multiple workbooks or worksheets I can only view one at a time the other remains embedded behind the open window. Nothing I know of will let me view both at the same time.

If there are two open worksheets full size on the screen and I minimize one they both minimize. If I decide to close one workbook/sheet down all open workbooks/sheets close down as well. Can I view two workbooks at the same time? Can I close one down while keeping one open?

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Sort Two Columns Simultaneously

Apr 8, 2009

I'm trying to sort selected rows by two columns, but simultaneously instead of sorting by "Column A and THEN Column B". In my case, this is numerical data where there is ONLY data in one column or the other, never both.

For example:
5 _
10 _
_ 1
_ 6
_ 4

Should sort to:
_ 1
_ 4
5 _
_ 6
10 _

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Freezing Several Columns And Rows Simultaneously

Mar 1, 2012

freezing columns and rows it does not seem possible to freeze MULTIPLE rows AND MULTIPLE columns simultaneously in the same spreadsheet.

In my spreadsheet I would like to freeze columns A, B, C as well as rows 1 - 8.

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Running A Loop On A Few Columns Simultaneously

Feb 13, 2010

I am trying to run a loop on a few columns simultaneously, from the last row to the top (well, until the 2nd row).

So I have a few columns of data, A through I, and the number of rows they populate changes all the time.

So how would I run a loop that will check for the following:

If a certain row in Column F is greater than the previous row in column F by 1.5times, then in that same row, if number in Column B is greater than number in E, the code should put the the value of E in a new column, lets say M (in the same row)

I know that sounds very confusing, but is that even possible? I am playing with loops, and I can only do very simple loops where I define a range, like

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Monthly Totals To Display Simultaneously

Apr 10, 2007

Spreadsheet is made up of Col A - Col AK:

Col A = Purchase Date

The info is continuous:

Row1 12/1/06
Row2 1/2/06
Row3 3/5/07

I need monthly totals to display simultaneously. Do not want to use Subtotals option.

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Updating Info In 2 Worksheets Simultaneously

Aug 9, 2006

I am installing over 1000 phones for a business. I was provided a list created in excel (not by me) of all of the phones with their locations and phone numbers. Upon successful installation I simply search the spreadsheet for the phone number and place an "X" in the completed column. I do know how to filter the spreadsheet to print only those with an "X" that I submit weekly to show progress.

Now I am given a separate list of specific phones that someone wants completed by a certain date. I have copied this list to " Sheet 2" of the spread sheet. Is there anyway I can have exel mark and "X" in the completed column on Sheet 2 when I update Sheet 1? Can I update the list on sheet 2 with those that are already "X"ed as complete on Sheet 1?

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Scroll & Zoom Sheets Simultaneously

Dec 8, 2006

I have a workbook of 6 Sheets, what i want is that if i scrolled or zoomed one of the sheets i want all other sheets to be scrolled and zoomed accordingly identically.

to explain more: say I'm on "sheet1" and I scrolled down so i'm seeing range(K225:X250), now if i switched to any of the other sheets i want them all scrolled to the same range. so whatever sheets i choose i want to see range(K225:X250) in the same viewing properties "zooming".

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Automatically Sort Columns Simultaneously

Apr 21, 2008

there are two colums, one for product name (unique names) and other one is for their prices (may be same for more then one product). I want to arrange these columns by the their price vlaues in assesnding/desending order and to have their unique corresponding product names in respective columns. Provide me any solution, probably using any excel formulas. presently i have tried this using Large and Vlookup funstions...but it fails.. when there are same price is available for two product names, then it takes only first one. I WANT TO GET THIS DONE AUTOMATICALLY, AS THIS IS TO BE POPULATED ON SOME OTHER SHEET AS A PARETO. waiting for your vlauable responces ASAP.

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Apply Freeze Pane To All 31 Sheets Simultaneously?

Feb 22, 2014

I have 31 identical spreadsheets in one workbook. Is there a way to apply Freeze Pane to all 31 sheets simultaneously?

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Prevent Custom Functions From Running Simultaneously?

Jul 31, 2014

I have this excel file with some functions inside a Pivot Table, which use a year value as filter (the value comes from a report filter field) and data from a different spreadsheet to calculate a percentile value ... I created custom functions to replace the excel functions, passing the values as parameters.. The problem is now that when we refresh the connection (Refresh All button under DATA tab) the cells that contain the values returned by the custom function lose those values (go blank) In order to get the values I need to select the filter value again, while when I was using the normal PERCENTILE function the values would always refresh normally

Now... I think the problem might be related to the fact that the spreadsheet in question calls 5 different custom functions at the same time.... and, those 5 function call another at least two more helper functions... so, maybe this recurrence in calling the functions is causing the thing to break up

Is there a way I can prevent this from happening? Maybe put some flag or something that will cause the functions to be executed one by one, and not all at the same time?

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Edit Multiple Excel Files Simultaneously?

Jul 6, 2011

I need to copy information from one excel file and paste it into the same location (A1-A1, B6-B6, etc) in many other files all at once. Essentially I have several thousand files that need to be updated right now. I need to copy and paste both the cell contents and the formatting.

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Nested For Each Loops Moving To Next Cell On Both Simultaneously?

Jan 29, 2014

I am trying to run 2 for each loops inside another loop, and I was wondering if there is a way to move to the next value for all loops at the same time.

So when it reaches "Next starting, final, scal", all ranges move to the next cell before performing the formula.

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Macro To Press F2 Key For Multiple Cells Simultaneously

Nov 2, 2011

I am trying to use Vlookup and match on a large volume of data. The Vlookup true function was having trouble when an exact match occurred. I changed the table to allow for all options (sizes in this case) but the Vlookup with false came up with #N/A. The Vlookup key was the result of a formula. I then typed the same data and the formula was successful. I then copied and pasted Value the entire contents of the cell. I still received the #N/A. I then pressed [F2] to edit the cell and then pressed enter and this was successful. I have over 60,000 cells to edit and can not do manually. Any macro run the [F2] function on a range of cells or another way.

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Multiple Users Updating Same Sheet Simultaneously?

Jul 17, 2013

I have a workbook with a list of drawing numbers (with customer, date, author etc.). New drawing numbers and their associated row of information are entered onto the sheet...

..HOWEVER, multiple users can be at least viewing and potentially entering information simultaneously.

I have written code where multiple people can view the same read only file, but not edit it and it be updated.

It seems quite unlikely, but is there anyway of 'live' updating a workbook whilst multiple people are viewing it? Or at least notifying other users when the sheet has been updated?

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