Userform Labels :: Change The Color Property Of All The Labels On The Form Simultaneously

Mar 11, 2009

I have a UserForm and what I'm trying too do is change the color property of all the labels on the form simultaneously.

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Change Chart / Pivot Table Numeric Labels To Associated Text Labels?

Feb 7, 2014

I have an export from a database that I'm bringing into Excel 2010 of about 30K records. Data points are recorded numerically and I have their associated text "value label" (what it would be called in STATA, for example, not sure what it's called in Excel). I want to create various charts/pivot tables with the data and want the labels to be the text label, not the number.

For example, variable ASSIGNMENT has the following possibilities:


Here's what each of those "mean" (I have this in another table):

1 - Sick
2 - Overtime
3 - Court
4 - Present

How do I create a chart or pivot table where the labels are "sick", "overtime", etc., and not "1", "2", "3", "4"?

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Change Values Of Labels In A Userform Through Another Userform

Oct 29, 2009

I'm trying to do: Let's say I have a simple userform with labels as follows:

(Label1) John's birthday: (Label2) 12.10.1974
(Label3) Mary's birthday: (Label4) 15.03.1978

(Button1) Change Birthdays

Let's say want to change the birthdays I see, so I press the button and enter the new values through another userform with inputboxes.

How do I make that change permanent, so that next time I start the macro in the labels 2 and 4 I have the last entered values for the birthdays???

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Pivot Table - Show Row Labels Horizontally (Not As Column Labels)

Jan 16, 2014

I have a worksheet that is just a list of items with a location listed next to each item. I took that list and made it into a pivot table and would like it to have it list the items with each location it is in displayed across. I have already set it to tabular form in the pivot table options, but if there are multiple locations it lists them vertically and I want them list horizontally for printing purposes. I have attached a screen shot to explain.

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Set Color Of Embedded Labels

Nov 21, 2006

I have a worksheet with Labels (from the "Control" Toolbox) embedded and I want to read and/or set the BackColor value in VBA. I can't figure out how to accomplish this when they're embedded on a sheet like this.

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Format Userform Labels

Aug 25, 2006

Is there a method for formating numbers in a label on a userform?

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How To Add Date Labels And Have Different Color Points For Scatter Plot

Sep 15, 2014

What I'm aiming to be able to do is have a scatter plot that displays date labels for each point as well as distinguish the points by year by using different colors. I found a VBA code for scatter plot date labels and I also realize that (for me at least), the easiest way to distinguish the years by color would be to separate them with a logical statement and let the chart do the rest of the work by categorizing them as separate data ranges. However, I tried to do this with the VBA code that I found and it expectedly did not work. I'm not sure if it's an easy fix to just add more "xvalues" columns in the code or if what I want to do here is even possible.

Format and Code for the Date Labels:
Date Time
Rainfall (mm)
24 hr RDII Volume (L/ha/day)


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Macro To Add Data Labels And Font Color White?

Jul 28, 2014

Formatting charts is difficult so I'm trying to find a macro that adds me data labels (in the middle) and color these in white in my active spread sheet as shown in the image.

View image: Example

I was trying recording the macro but it was too many commands, is there a simple way to achieve this?

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Populate Labels In Userform If Criteria Met?

Feb 15, 2014

When I put order number into "txtOrder" it finds that order and populates the labels in userform. But the problem is, it populates only first row with that order number. How to show all other rows with the same order number in userform labels?

For example : i want to find all rows with that order number and populate them into labels like that:

(Order number -123456) lbl1 = cellA1; lbl2 = cellA4; lbl3 = cellA3; lbl4 = cellA5; lbl5 = cellA10; lbl6 = cellA7
(Order number -123456) lbl7 = cellB1; lbl8 = cellB4; lbl9 = cellB3; lbl10 = cellB5; lbl11 = cellB10; lbl12 = cellB7
(Order number -123456) lbl13 = cellC1; lbl14 = cellC4; lbl15 = cellC3; lbl16 = cellC5; lbl17 = cellC10; lbl18 = cellC7 and so on....

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Dynamical Access To Labels In Userform

Mar 17, 2014

I've created a userform which contains 20 labels. To access the Caption property of the 13th Label, I use Me.Label13.Caption ..... Can I also access it in a more dynamic way (e.g Me.Labels[13].Caption) ?

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Adding Labels In A Userform With Combobox

Jul 14, 2007

I have a userform1 on there a combobox1 and a frame1. In that frame1 I want a number of labels to be added named "name" & number. The number varies depending on the value in combobox1. If combobox1 = "1" then I want 20 labels to be added. if combobox1="2" then I want 60 labels to be displayed.

label height=12, width=102, top=6 and left=6

for each following label the top = top + 14
and after each 10th label left = left + 120

If there's more than 30 labels then I need a scrollbar on the bottom of the frame to be displayed and so be able to see the other labels.

If the first value in combobox1 is "1" is selected and all is displayed and then I select "2" that is deletes all the current labels in the frame and then add 60 new labels.

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Popluate Labels In Userform From Spreadsheet

Nov 15, 2006

I have a userform that allows the user to choose an order template from a combobox. I also have a ton of labels in the userform to return values based on the template chosen. then they can approve the template or choose another and the template chosen will be returned to the spreadsheet.

to see what they look like:
link to the userform (originally they were textboxes, but i changed to labels so the user cant change the values):
link to the table:

to return the values to the labels based on the combobox... this is what i came up with, but it says that my sub or function isnt defined...and it highlights the error in "Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()"

Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
Dim x As Integer
x = OrderTemplateSettings.ComboBox1.Text
Workbooks("newlocationsetup.xls").Worksheets("Templates ").Activate
OrderTemplateSettings.Label82.Value = HLookup(x, Range("A2:AE65").Value, 1, False) 'ones
OrderTemplateSettings.Label83.Value = HLookup(x, Range("A2:AE65").Value, 2, False) 'twos
OrderTemplateSettings.Label84.Value = HLookup(x, Range("A2:AE65").Value, 3, False) 'fives
OrderTemplateSettings.Label85.Value = HLookup(x, Range("A2:AE65").Value, 4, False) 'tens
OrderTemplateSettings.Label86.Value = HLookup(x, Range("A2:AE65").Value, 5, False) 'twenties
OrderTemplateSettings.Label87.Value = HLookup(x, Range("A2:AE65").Value, 6, False) 'fifties
OrderTemplateSettings.Label88.Value = HLookup(x, Range("A2:AE65").Value, 7, False) 'hundreds

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Search Value Return Offset To Userform Labels Or Textbox?

Sep 28, 2012

I'm trying to search a column to match the value in textbox1 then return to the userform the values from the same row in columns A to textbox2 and so forth.

I can get it to find the value but am struggling to get the data back to the userform

Reason for this is so the user can search an Id, get all the data back on the order before changing the Id number

The code im trying to use is


Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim lr As Long, i As Long
Dim x As Variant, y As String
Dim Found As Range
x = TextBox1.Value
y = UserForm2.TextBox2


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Change X-axis Labels On Pivot Chart?

May 15, 2014

I have a data set where a number of pieces of technology are listed in rows. For each piece of technology it can relate to a "Network" or a "Terminal" and the columns are yes/no as follows:

Tech Network? Terminal?

Tech 1 Yes No
Tech 2 Yes Yes
Tech 3 No No
Tech 4 No Yes

When I plot this on a pivot chart, I get the attached chart, where the x-axis relate to the hierarchies, i.e. Yes/Yes, Yes/No, No/Yes or No/No. As you can imagine, this is not very useful for the viewer as it's not clear what the yeses and nos refer to. It would be much better if I could rename the axis labels: "both"; "network only"; "terminal only"; or "neither".

Is this possible? And is there a solution that doesn't require me to change the source data? I'm happy to use a power pivot if that would make things easier.

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How To Change XY Scatter Plot Data Labels

Jan 22, 2014

I need to label points on an XY scatter plot with a different set of label points than those provided by simply assigning data labels (don't need series name or x and/or y values displayed but an additional field of data). I can't use an add in (work machine) and would like to do this without using macros.

The project has 4 fields

plot# type x y

I need to label the XY points for each series (type) by their plot #. The attached image/file shows what I'm looking for (added plot # labels manually for sake of display, in reality there are >2000 plots so I cant do it manually.

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Userform - Adding Textboxes (and Labels) By Clicking Command Button

Apr 18, 2012

I would like to make a userform where additional textboxes (and labels) can be added to the form by clicking a command button. Is this possible to do?

For example, a userform which has:

Contractor 1: (TextBox)

and underneath this have a command button which when clicked will add another text box e.g.

Contractor 2: (TextBox)

I'm new to vba so haven't got a clue how to go about making this userform or even if it is possible.

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Userform, Labels Equals Range In Workbok, Easier Code

May 24, 2006

I have over 500 labels in a userform and each labels content is gathered from an workbok like this:

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
Workbooks.Open "V:allaBeredningSemesterstänging Medleverantörer och Verkstäder.xls"
' Sheets(Year(TODAY())).Select
LabelA1 = Range("A1")...............

I have shortened the code and I haven't yet written all labes. The ... is supposed to mean "from" and "to". I don't want to write over 500 lines of the label codes.
So what is an easier way to write it?

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Display Day, Month, Hour & Minutes In Seperate Labels On A Userform

May 28, 2008

I have made a form with a calender control, a keypad for hours and minutes. I have no problem getting the date from the active cell into a label caption and changing it by the calender, but I am having trouble reading just the hour and minutes into separate label captions from the active cell and changing them via the keypad and updating the active cell at the same time with a new date and time.

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Labels In Userform Linked To Cells With Dates In A Worksheet Won't Update Automatically

Jun 2, 2014

I'm working on a workbook to track staffing patterns. I have two userforms included in my workbook. The first userform (userForm2) initiates upon opening the workbook. It's intended to allow the user to enter a date range and an office location for the report. The second userform (userform1) initiates when a command button (Weekly Summary) is clicked. I've linked texts boxes in userForm2 to cells in a hidden worksheet; this is where I'm holding the dates and office location until userform1 is initiated. I also have labels in userform1 linked to the same cells in the hidden worksheet so that when userform1 is initiated the office and date range appear at the top of userform1.

Here's the problem, when I click command button "Weekly Summary" the office location shows up perfectly however, the labels I have linked to cells in the hidden worksheet that contain dates do not update (i.e. they show the dates that were previously in those specific cells. I have to close userform1 and re-open it to get the dates to update.

I need the user to be able to choose a date range and office location when they enter the workbook. Then, I need userform1 to show the date range and office location (without having to open it, close it and re-open it) that the user chose on opening the workbook.

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Using Labels In VBA Code

Nov 19, 2008

In the following VBA Code. I have a section labeled tier2 and a section labeled tier3, as you can see.

Both of the calculation formulas are refering to the items listed.

Will the code in the Tier3 section ever refer to the values in the tier 2 section, since they have the same label names?

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Using Labels In Formula..

Dec 4, 2009

In Excel 2003 you could use Labels in formula by enabling the Tools-->Options-->Calculation-->Accept Labels in Formula setting. In 2007 I can only find an option for using table names in formula. Is the use of standard labels no longer valid in 2007? If it is where do you enable it?

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Chart More Labels

Mar 18, 2008

I have a basic bar graph showing the average home prices per quarter. I know I can turn the legend on and position it to show the average price on top of each bar in the graph. I would like to add an additional legend (on this chart) showing how many homes sold per quarter but not display it as a bar. I just want the number displayed maybe on the bar or below the bar. Can I add a separate (extra) legend?

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Dynamic Labels

May 31, 2006

My excel file brings up a userform as soon as it is opened. The user chooses an entry from the ComboBox and then clicks OK. This brings up another userform which has a Label at the top. I want the caption of this label to show the entry from the ComboBox on the first userform. This should be straightforward, but what I've done so far doesn't work!

I've tried:

Label1.Caption = ComboBox1.Value

within UserForm_Initialize(), but it doesn't work!

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Pie Chart With Data Labels

Apr 29, 2014

I have a file with a small example of sales and % of sales for about 7 persons.

I wanted to insert a pie chart but want to show labels inside the pie chart along with % of sales and the sales person name near each part. How to do this ?

I have attached a file : Book1.xlsx‎

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Top 5 Values Labels In Chart

Jan 22, 2014

i create a chart in excel, is there any way to show only top 5 values "labels" in chart? just only top 5 values,,

maybe this pict can explain what i mean.. Top5.jpg

i need that chart can change automatically when i change the tables data

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Hide PivotTable Row Labels?

Feb 4, 2014

I have a PivotTable with data and I want to hide the row labels (in blue) that's in the first row.

See image:[URL]


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Setting Up Mailing Labels

Dec 8, 2009

I just received a massive worksheet full of information for mailing labels. It's all in columns-which is excel. Is there an easy way to set this up for mailing labels? I've tried to import it into word, but I'm not getting anywhere. Is it possible to change the way excel displays the cells? To a point where I can have the address beneath, then the state, zip, etc?

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Values Appear Twice In PivotTable Row Labels

Jan 31, 2010

I have a PivotTable that is summarizing a data table. In the configuration panel, I've dragged one column ("C92") to the "Row Labels" area. Likewise, I've dragged the same column to the "Values" area, where it defaults to "Count of C93". So far, so good.

I should mention that my values in column C92 are the whole numbers 0-7 and the string "NA". But in the output chart, each of these values is listed twice! And each count of each value is different! I'm attaching a cut-down version of the spreadsheet that shows this behavior.

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Labels In Conjunction With Formula?

Mar 26, 2014

I am using the below formula to calculate average handling time for a call center agent then converting that to a percentage. Instead of the agents score showing the percentage I would like for it to show a "label" based on their level of performance. 50% = Below Average 75% = Average 100% = Above Average


How can this be done?

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Special X - Y Graph With Labels

Jan 23, 2014

I try to develop a special x-y graph with identical x-y-axes and straight lines representing constant values.

I try to add constant text D/E=0.25, D/E=0.5 etc. to the lines but I am not successful.

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