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ListBox Initialize Macro

I found the follownig on this forum (many thanks), and altered it to suit the workbook but how do I get it to delete duplications and sort ascending?

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How Do I Initialize A ComboBox?
I figured out how to populate the ComboBox, but I have to manually step through the code to do it. How do I get it to populate the values when the spreadsheet is opened?

Then, what I want to do is have the cell formula depend on one of two selections in the ComboBox.

Here's my code for the box.

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Initialize Userform
I have the following in a standard module:

Public Sub Timesht()
End Sub
And this in my UserForm module:

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
'//Populate ComboBox1
Sheet1.Range("K5", Sheet1.Range("K65536").End(xlUp)).Name = "CODE"
userform1.ComboBox1.RowSource = "DATA BASE!CODE"
End Sub
I have a named range as "CODE" in my DATA BASE!, sheet1.

I keep getting an error: " 380: Could not set the RowSource property. Invalid property value."

when I type in UserForm1 and arrow down. in turns into lowercase letters.

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Initialize A Variable
Option Explicit

Dim mdNextTime2 As Double
Dim mdNextTime1 As Double
Dim mdNextTime As Double
Dim myCount As Integer
Dim myC As Integer
If (myCount Mod 5 = 0) Then
end IF
end Sub

Now, when myCount is multiple of 5 it should go inside that loop.
Instead it goes inside immediately, also when myCount = 0
So I decided to initialize myCount to 1.
But the strange thing is that I don't know how?

If I write:
Dim mdNextTime2 As Double
Dim mdNextTime1 As Double
Dim mdNextTime As Double
Dim myCount As Integer = 1
Dim myC As Integer


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What Does # Indicate When Initialize An Integer
While reading the book "VBA and Macros for Excel", I can not understand the following
Dim concat As Variant
concat = 0#

What does the # indicates?

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UserForm Initialize Error 13
The initialization code of a userform I'm using has started causing me 'Runtime Error 13, Type Missmatch' and I can't figure out why. Can anyone see a reason why I may be experiencing this,

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
'Get Last Entry
Dim countnonblank As Integer, myRange As Range
Dim SDate As Date, SDateRange As String, EDate As Date
Dim SDateString As String, EDateString As String, DirString As String

'count cells with data in them
Set myRange = Sheets("textfilemerger").Range("A:A")
countnonblank = Application.WorksheetFunction.CountA(myRange)
'decide if data is present or not
If countnonblank = 1 Then.............................

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Declare And Initialize An Array?
I am running into the error, "Procedure too large". I know I need to break the range down into Arrays, so how can I hard code the values into an array? I cannot find an example to follow. Ranges: D:E,K:L,O:P,....etc. I know I can break the rows up into an array too, but one thing at a time. Here is an example of the range for D:E.

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Incorrect Optionbutton Value On Initialize
I have a userform on which there is a frame containing 8 option boxes. After a query, the results are displayed in the form. If I have a value of 1 in a cell, optionbox1 is checked; a value of 2 checks optionbox2, etc. It works great EXCEPT when first initialized. At that point, it checks the last optionbox, even if the number is 1. I have built a next and previous feature to scan the data, and when I return to the first entry, the correct box is checked. I tried coding blanks into the fields prior to populating them, but I still get the same results. Is there some explanation available so that I may remedy this? I'd really like the first piece of data to be correct.

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Populate Multiple Combobox On Initialize
I have a userform that contains 5 combobox. The userform will be initilized on sheet1 and the data is on sheet3 in the following columns:

Combobox1 = sheet3 ("A3:A6000")
Combobox2 = sheet3 ("B3:B6000")
Combobox3 = Sheet3 ("C3:C6000")
Combobox4 = sheet3 ("D3:D6000")
Combobox5 = sheet3 ("E3:E6000")
Combobox6 = sheet3 ("F3:F6000")

When the userform is loaded, I want the data in each range to be available in the dropdown for each respective combobox. It would be great if spaces can be removed from each list, but from what I read, this may be an issue.

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Declare & Initialize A Variable As Global Using Vba
how to declare&initialize a variable as Global in vba?

I have a variable ,
now i am using this variable for 3 different functions. so what i am doing is wrote the same code to 3 functions, so how i can declare&initialize this variable as global and access to all functions.

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Set Focus To TextBox On UserForm Initialize
I am trying to SetFocus on a single textbox in a simple form. I am not sure if I am doing it right.

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

' On Error Resume Next

' Dim rheadings, cl As Range
' Set rheadings = Worksheets("CONTACT").Range("A1:F1")
' For Each cl In rheadings
' Me.cbxSearchWhere.AddItem cl.Value
' Next cl

With Me
End With
End Sub

Kind regards, Mentor Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;Hi: I answered my own query - just commented out the setfocus instruction and it defaults to the first, and only, textbox by default

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Creating A Checkbox On Userform Initialize And Then Using It In A Later Code
I have a userform that creates labels and checkboxes for those lables on the initialize event based on an if statement. I would keep getting an error on a line where I try and use the name of one of those created checkboxes of "variable not defined" as if it hasn't been created, but it was.. Here is the code for the creation:

'Option Explicit
Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
'dynamically add the tickers and funds based on if there is any data inputs for them.

'declaring variables
Dim lbl As MSForms.Label
Dim i As Integer
Dim x As Integer
Dim newcheckbox As MSForms.CheckBox

'selects the summary page

For i = 7 To 65
If Cells(i, 3) "" Then..................

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Initialize Toggle Button Value When Opening Workbook?
When opening a workbook, I'd like to set a Toggle Button's value to TRUE. I already have code Workbook_Open() procedure which resides in the ThisWorkbook module. This Workbook_Open() procedure already does lots of other things. I would like to add code in Workbook_Open() that would set the Toggle Button's initial value (TRUE).

The code for the Toggle Button resides in one of the Sheet modules (not the ThisWorkbook module). I attempted to set this toggle button value using the following code (see row 10), but it does not pass the compiler due to not being a defined variable.

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Set Up Multi Page To Mimic Userform Initialize
I have a userform that has a multi page on it with 4 pages. I notice that there is no way to have the individual pages be set to a click event- or none that I see anyways.
What I am wanting is for a series of events to happen based on what page the user chooses from the four (like a userform initialize type event).

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Executing A Program, Initialize Or Open An Application
When running a script within Excel, is there a way to cause the script to initialize or open an application other than Excel? For instance: If I desired to have the script open 'C:program.exe' is there script available for this?

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Macro: Listbox Value Null
I do (I've cut it out, saved, closed, reopened, tried different naming conventions). The code does 2 things:

1) Copies the selection from the Listbox ("RegionSelect") to another worksheet ("Steps")

2) Uses that value to copy and paste other items into the same sheet.

The first part is working, the second part gives me a "Run-Time error '94': Invalid Use of Null" error on this line:

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Select Item In Listbox Via Macro
How do I select the first item in a listbox via code (userform).

A user starts with listbox3 and makes a selection for a font type. If the font selected doesnt exist on there system (code already taken care of, true or false) I want to automatically set the font to the first item in listbox3 as a default value transparently so the user can continue.

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Setting Font For A Textbox/Listbox With Macro
How do you set the font for a textbox and or listbox? I have tried:

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Search Macro Doen't Work When Initiated From Listbox
I've been working on a database for a Dutch nursing home, but I'm struggling to get it to work. The file provides for a userform that enables users to search for residents and retrieve their appartmentnumber and the adress of their legal representative.

This userform consists of three parts; in the first, the user can type the full or partial name of the resident of interest in a textbox; in the second phase, all matching registrations are presented in a listbox; and in the third phase, a macro searches for the name selected in the listbox and retrieves the corresponding appartmentnumber and adress.

The first two phases of the userform work fine, but in the third phase, the macro fails to find any matches even though it is practically the same as the macro used in phase 1.

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Move Listbox Line To Another Listbox With A Command Button
I have two sheets and two listbox's(ColumnCount8) and one command button.

lstInYard rowsource is set to sheet1
lstMilled rowsorce is set to sheet3

Iam trying to cut and paste the selections in lstInYard to lstMilled as well as the corrosponding row values in sheet1 to sheet3 by using cmdMoveSelected click event.

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Initialize Error "Sub Userform_Initialize" With Multiple Comboboxs & Lists
I have a userform used to insert new vehicle details onto a spreadsheet. below is the code used in two of the boxes to choose the service intervals and the engine type. There is another combobox on the form, however when I try the same type of code for more than 1 box I receive an error on the "Sub Userform_Initialize" line. I assume I need to change something on the 'Sub' line but I cannot figure out what!!

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Userform Loads Combobox Values Upon Userform Initialize
I have one userform that loads combobox values upon userform Initialize. Though through a second userform changes can be made to anotherworkbook this workbook is saves any changes. when i close the second userform i need to rerun the 1st userform Initialize event to update the combobox's incase changes have been made.

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Vba Listbox Lookup To Populate Another Listbox
I have 1 listbox (lisbox1) that retrieve it's list items from a worksheet range (imported/database query from access). This works fine.

I have a second listbox (listbox2) that should display results from clicking a value in listbox1.
Listbox1 contains companynames (1 column), listbox2 needs to be populated with quotes.

Range A3:D4800 contains company ID's, Company names, Quote Numbers. When I select a company name in listbox1, I need listbox2 to be populated with all quotes for that company.

I have tried (using vba) to do a vlookup using the listbox1 value, but I cannot seem to figure out how to populate listbox2 with "all" quotes. I get 1 quote and that's it. I realize I probably need to have the vlookup loop through each cell in the range to find the value, but when I try this, I get a type mismatch when using the .additem (only for the 2nd and subsequent passes).

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Populate 2nd Listbox With 1st Listbox Selection
I have the following sheet which functions as a table to store values for files that have been created using the application which this table is in. In this app., I have a form with 2 listboxes. When the form loads, I have the first listbox list values which each of these files are listed under (i.e. - "sub-directories"). With a selection of one of the list values and clicking of a button, I want the second list box to list the values of cells listed in a range directly below where the selected value in the first listbox came from.

I'd prefer, in the first listbox, to have only the values of the ranges that have a value in them in the listbox. However, this would cause my listbox.selected(array) not function properly. But since my current offsets (in the second sub) do not seem to be working anyway, maybe I am going about this totally wrong.

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Setting Listbox Value Doesn't Set Listbox Value
The following line highlights the first selection in the listbox visible and calls the listbox click event

myListbox.Selected(0) = True
myVal = myListbox.Value 'after this line executes, instead of being set to the actual first value in myListbox, myVal is ""

Why is myVal not set to the first selection in the listbox? After I execute the following code, myListbox.Value still equals "" and not "Counter 1".

myListbox.Value = "Counter 1"

Why can I not set myListbox.Value?

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Transfer Items From One Listbox To Another Listbox
I cannot find this information anywhere else in this forum...

Does anybody know how to transfer an item from one list box to another using code, on the click of a button.
The list box with the information in is called 'Team_ListBox'The list box i am wanting to transfer to is called 'Starting_Team_ListBox'The button to do this task is called 'AddPlayer_team_Btn'

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UserForm Initialize Code Closes UserForm
When I run the userform initialize procedure to reset the values in text boxes and the like instead of resetting like it should, now it closes the userform completely and then won't allow me to show it again, what could be the problem?

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Me.MultiPage1.Value = 0
TextBox3.Value = ActiveWorkbook. Sheets("Sales Invoice"). Range("G15").Value
Dim hWndForm As Long
Dim hMenu As Long
hWndForm = FindWindow("ThunderDFrame", Me.Caption) 'XL2000
hMenu = GetSystemMenu(hWndForm, 0)
DeleteMenu hMenu, SC_CLOSE, 0&
End Sub

The Dim stuff down is to gray out the x button, there are also some module level declarations to go with that...

Private Declare Function FindWindow Lib "user32" Alias "FindWindowA" (ByVal lpClassName As String, ByVal lpWindowName As String) As Long
Private Declare Function GetSystemMenu Lib "user32" (ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal bRevert As Long) As Long
Private Declare Function DeleteMenu Lib "user32" (ByVal hMenu As Long, ByVal nPosition As Long, ByVal wFlags As Long) As Long
Private Const SC_CLOSE As Long = &HF060

the userform shows when the workbook opens and is then hidden when the user has finished entering values, then when the user goes through the process of being asked to print and save, they are then asked if they would like to create a new record, if yes then it shows the userform again, but the userform is still filled with all the stuff previously entered. I tried using the unload me instead of hiding and that wouldn't work at all, didn't give errors just didn't show the userform either, this at least shows the userform, but now when the user goes to clear the information by initializing the userform again, it simply closes the userform and then it can't be shown again either.


This is the link to the ZIP, and here are some instructions for setting it up to work.

The contents of this need to be unzipped into a folder called SyntheticShield that is placed in the C: drive that way all paths begin with C:SyntheticShield and then the other folders or files will be referenced correctly. The template I'm having problems with is the SyntheticShieldInvoiceMaker template, when you open it you'll be prompted whether you want to create a new invoice, number is final blah blah blah, say yes, then it will ask if you are importing from the Quotemaker which you aren't say no, it should then show the userform as it should. Then you can go through that process and by pressing either the create invoice or go to template directly whatever, you can hide the userform. Then you press the command button (red) a userform is brought up asking if you'd like to save without emailing, save with emailing or close controls, as for right now, I'm just getting the save without emailing to work the rest is all the same just a few tidbits of code. So click save without emailing, it should then prompt an are you sure message box, click yes it will do some things, then it will ask if you want to print, click no, then it will ask do you want to create a new invoice, click yes, this should then start the process all over again by calling the workbook_open procedure, however, when you go through everything, and click no to the import from quotemaker part it won't show the userform. And at one point it would, but then I couldn't initialize the userform without it disappearing and not being allowed to be shown...I tried putting a command button on the template to show the userform, but it wouldn't do it either.

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Create "Master" Listbox From Choices In Another Listbox
I have two listboxes on a userform. One is the "choice" listbox, the other is the "master" listbox. Each item selected is a billing object on a sales invoice.
problem: The master list works fine when the item is selected in the choice list. But when it is deselected, how can you REMOVE it from the master list? question: How can I add a text box automatically to the userform to allow the user to enter quantity info?

For I = 0 To CodeList.ListCount - 1
If CodeList.Selected(I) = True Then
obj = CodeList.Column(0, I)
p = 6
test = 0

Do While test = 0 And p <= 25
If sheetsales. Range("C" & p) = obj Then
test = 1
test = 0
End If
p = p + 1
If test = 0 Then.........................

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No Value In My Listbox
I have a bit of code for a user form I am doing but I cannot seem to get the mathematics to work. When I step through the code I get the correct values for Tbox 5 & 8 but I cannot get the final part (the LISTBOX to pass its value and)to work.

Private Sub TextBox9_Exit(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)
On Error GoTo InvalidTypes:
TextBox9.Value = CStr(CDbl(TextBox5.Text) * CDbl(TextBox8.Text) * CDbl(lstUnitP.Text))
TextBox9.Value = "Non-Numerics in Either Textbox 5 or Textbox 8"
End Sub

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Different Colors In A Listbox
The following code is the code "behind" the run button on my userform. The last section reads in a column ( of numbers and text) into a listbox based on the users choice. Is there any way I can have only certain rows in a different color - based on either if the value in that row is greater than a certain number of if the text in that row is a particular sentence?

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
'Dimension all variables
Dim fqc As Long
Dim eptg As Long
Dim newlabel As String
Dim BorC As String
Dim now As Long
Dim secondorthird As String

'Collect User Choices
fqc = TextBox3.Value ' Final Quiz Choice
eptg = TextBox5.Value ' Expected Post Test Grade
BorC = TextBox4.Value ' Is desired grade a B or C
now = TextBox6.Value ' Number Of Weeks after term has started
secondorthird = "second"
If (now = 3) Then secondorthird = "third" .....

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UserForms & ListBox
I have a UserForm which has a ListBox and other TextBox, I have an issue when I select any option from the ListBox. I transfer data from the Form onto a Worksheet, which works great until I reach the ListBox.

My problem is that when I enter the information and click submit which will save the Data and send it to an Access Database. The problem arises on the ListBox. I get an error message Run-time error 3265 "Item not found in this collection"

I dont understand what the error is, how can I get around this so that all the data is written to the Worksheet and can then be transfered to the Database?

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UserForm ListBox
i have a ListBox in my userform i want to enter n items in the listbox at runtime
i also want to have a delete button,so that if i think i dont want that particular item in my listbox,by selecting that item from that listbox and clicking delete,should remove/delete that item from the listbox.

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Update Listbox
I have a combo box, when I make a selection in the combobox it filters the selection in the listbox but I want it to list Column B & C data - it only lists column B data. I did make the column count 2.

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Make The Listbox
How can I get the results, not in column D but in a textbox,so I can choose one of the
names from that text box?

Sub concatvals()
Dim strvalue As String
Dim strsearch As String
strsearch = InputBox("What Number do you want :?")
For Each c In Range("A1:A100")
If c.Value = strsearch Then
If Len(strvalue) < 1 Then
strvalue = c.Offset(0, 1).Value
strvalue = strvalue & ", " & c.Offset(0, 1).Value
End If
End If
Range("D1").Value = strvalue
End Sub

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Populating A Listbox
I have a spreadsheet that continuously is having data input in columns A-F. I want to have a listbox automatically populate each time the worksheet is opened. I would like to have a macro that will search for all rows that have data in columns A-F that DO NOT have data in column L. I would like the macro to populate a listbox when the worksheet is opened with the data from columns A-F of all rows that meet the previously stated criteria.

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Listbox Selections
I have a userform with multiple buttons and a listbox. When any button is clicked on, a listbox is created. The user selects various items on the listbox. Then the user clicks another button and selects other items based on a new list. If user goes back to click the original button, the original list shows up, but the selected items are not highlighted. Is there any way to keep those original selections highlighted (selected)?

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Listbox Crashes
I'm trying to use a listbox and wanted to have the data sit in a different sheet. When I do this, I get a message about low memory and then excel says it has an error and shuts down. When I move the data to the same sheet as the listbox, there is no problem.

I'm using excel 2000 and that's all I can get (at work). Any thoughts? Should I just put the data on the same sheet and hide it? Is there a way around this?

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Filling Up A Listbox
How can you fill up a listbox on a form with data from a couple of cells.

For example you have the worksheet Colors and you have these values in the cells of column A

A1 = red
A2 = yellow
A3 = blue

Now I want red, yellow and blue to be in the Listbox.

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Listbox Clearing
I have 4 listboxs on a Userform populated by rowsource

I have code that will not allow conflicting selections of the list boxs

EG listbox1 conflicts with listbox3
listbox2 conflicts with listbox4

What I am trying to do is when the user clicks on listbox1 and listbox3

I clear the selections from 1 and 3 leaving no highlted blue in the boxs

My code runs it clears the first listbox and not the second

I have tried using boolean to clear them but it is the same thing

here is my code below

If shOptions.Cells(r, c) = "" Then
MsgBox "You have selected conflicting Alterations"
UserForm1.Controls(h.Name).ListIndex = -1 *this works
UserForm1.Controls(lb.Name).ListIndex = -1 * this does not fire
Exit Sub
End If

If I change the code to
UserForm1.Controls(lb.Name).ListIndex = -1 * this works
UserForm1.Controls(h.Name).ListIndex = -1 *this does not

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More Userform Listbox
I have a listbox that is populated based on a named range from another workbook. Below is the code that populates it:

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

Dim InvDB As Workbook

Set InvDB = Workbooks.Open("C:Documents and SettingsPATSYSDesktopInvoiceDB.xls")

With InvDB

ListBox1.RowSource = .Name & "!rng"


End With

End Sub
My problem.

When I scrollbar down, no data appears.

This leads me to think that I need some kind of userform event to keep populating the listbox (similar to my code above) as I scroll up or down.

My questions:
1. Is it possible to specificy a rowsource in the properties window for the listbox that is pointing to an external workbook? If so, how do I write the rowsource?

I know that if the source workbook is open, I can use the rowsource:


But if source workbook is close, the below does not work:

C:Documents and SettingsPATSYSDesktopInvoiceDB.xls!rng

2. What is the userform event when you click the listbox scrollbar up or down?

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Listbox Array
I'm trying to load an array for a list box using sheet "ZIP Codes", cells A3-A? for the ZIP Codes, and cells B3-B? for the city/town associated with the ZIP Codes.


A2 B2
00000 ThisCity
11111 ThisTown
I need to load sheet "ZIP Codes" A3-A? as MyArray(i,0) and load B3-B? as Myarray (i,1), but after putting in soooooo many hours in at work I can't get my brain working right.

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Listbox Copy
How do I modify the following code to copy the whole row of data in the listbox and not just the data from the 1st column. My listbox has 4 columns in it:

Here's the
Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
Range("TEST!A1").End(xlUp)(2, 1) = ListBox1.Value
End Sub

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Listbox With Checkboxes
Is there any way to recreate a list in the way a pivotfield works? It would be like combining a listbox, but with check boxes next to each item.

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Tooltips For A Listbox
Is there a way to have a tooltip for each individual item in a listbox. I know how to have a tooltip for the overall list box object, but not for the individual line items.

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Populate A Listbox
I have created a Userform with several 'Listsboxes'. I would like to populate these boxes from lists on a spreadsheet. Can someone please point me in the right direction using the 'VB Help' where I can get an example of the code

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Returning Value From VBA Listbox
I have a multiselct listbox on a userform displaying names of all the sheets in a workbook. I want to hide all of the selected names in the listbox on a commandbutton click.

The code showing how I'm populating the listbox initially and then the routine for hiding the selected sheet names is below:

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
Dim i As Long
With ActiveWorkbook
For i = 1 To .Sheets.Count
lb_Hide_Sht.AddItem .Sheets(i).Name
lb_Unhide_Sht.AddItem .Sheets(i).Name
Next i
End With..............................

The problem I'm having is that the .Selected() array seems to be in a different order than the .List() array -- that is, if there are 3 sheets in the listbox, and the user highlights just the first one in the list, the program actually hides the last sheet.

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Generate A Listbox
I have a list of names on a worksheet in cells C9:C:C395. Their respected team numbers are located in G9:G395. What I'd like to know is it possible to put a team number in lets say cell K2 and have a listbox appear with the names of each of the team member from that team.

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Blank Value In Listbox
Blank value in Listbox. in the previous threads.......

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VBA: Listbox With 1 Record
In some cases an Access DB query will return only one record (by design). When this happens, and only when this happens, my listbox displays each of the values in a seperate row instead of just on one row.

i.e. My query will return 8 values per record. If there is only 1 record returned, the listbox shows each value on a seperate row instead of on one row in 8 columns.

The listbox works as intended when there are 2 or more records. I am now stuck. Pardon the ugly code. "questionaires" is the name of the listbox. "record_array" is the variant array containing the records.

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VBA Top10 Into Listbox
I've a sheet with Names in column B and durations in column H.

Please could someojne point me in the right direction to populate a listbox with those 2 columns based on the highest 10 values? (they are times in hh:mm:ss format on the sheet)

Also, what if i wanted to filter by the top-10 times in column H, but for all names ending in "BN"?

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Print From Listbox
Currently I have a listbox in a userform containing the names of all the worksheets in my workbook. What I would like (if it is possible) is for the user to be able to click a button below this listbox which will print the worksheet currently selected in the listbox.

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