Lookup Formula: Find The Longitude And Latitude Data From My "lookup" Sheet

Jan 28, 2009

In my workbook I have multiple sheets but I'm attaching a very simple workbook to demonstrate what I'm trying to accomplish. In my "Lookup" tab/sheet. I want to have known Latitude and Longitude data that will exist in columns A&B. Columns C & D will have address numbers and Street Name. I would like my lookup formula to find the longitude and latitude data from my "lookup" sheet, when the matching address information is typed in, in my 2009 sheet. I have to keep the street numerics and street name separate on this worksheet as well. I believe I'll need two separate lookup formulas as I need these formulas to start in cell G4 & H4 in my "GeoCoding1" sheet. Is it possible to have four columns of data to be viewed in a lookup formula? I tried this formula in cell G4 (GeoCoding1 sheet)

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Find The Closest Match To Given Latitude / Longitude From Data Stored In 2 Columns?

Feb 2, 2014

I have 2 different sets of data: temperature data recorded at meteo-stations defined by latitude / longitude, and major world cities also defined by latitude / longitude.

After the user chooses the station's coordinates, temperature data is pulled out from the first data set; this works! However, I would like to be able to provide information about the closest city to the chosen meteo-station from the second data set.

File attached with sample data sets.

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Find Latitude And Longitude Within Radius And Within Given Slope And Return Number?

Feb 25, 2014

I have more than 1000000 coordinates with heights to sort through. The aim is to be able to give a specific radius and check all coordinates within this radius if the slope is more than a maximum slope. If this is the case it need to put the value (in this case) 100 in a new column. The reason for this is we have a reasonable flat terrain but the entire area is filled with Anthills. I need to sort the data. Normal ground points (No Anthills) should be labelled/coded as 200 and anthills as 100. This will allow my program to know the difference between the ground and anthills. In the tab "Input Sheet" I have a small portion of co-ordinates starting from row 8 to row 53 (this will have to extend all the way down to the last row in excel). I need to copy each row starting with row 8 (C8:E8) and paste it in row 2 (C2:E2). Column H indicates if the points are forming an anthill and the code needs to change. I have my final answer in the tab "Final Answer" that I require for my program. Is there any way I can write a VBA code that will check all the point instead of doing it manually.

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Latitude & Longitude Processing Help Please

Dec 12, 2009

I'm currently working on a project with data that includes columns for both latitude and longitude which I will need to convert from its current form into decimal degrees. The problem is that the coordinates are in the format DDDMMSS followed by a single letter indicating the direction, which means I have to first extract proper degree minute second format before I can do anything. Further complicating the problem is that each of the entries does not necessarily have all of the components I just described (eg some of the latitudes only have degrees and minutes but not seconds) and also if a longitude is less than 100 degrees, the third digit is not used in the data. There are over 2000 records so doing the conversion by hand just won't work and I've only got a few days to present this part of my project anyway.

I'm looking for a formula or series of formulas that will reliably convert something like 1083000W into -108.5000 when the last two zeros may or may not be there and the first digit may also be missing.

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Convert Zip Codes To Latitude And Longitude

Jul 15, 2014

I currently have an excel file of around 40.000 records with their zip/postal codes accompanying addresses in countries all over Europe, I would like to convert these into latitude and longitude coordinates.

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Extract Latitude And Longitude From Text

Feb 5, 2009

Some of the data I was given has latitudes and longitudes which are valuable to me but some of the information was entered incorrectly and the lat and long columns have only zeroes for some entries. I used some VBA to sort out all the ones that have zeroes in the lat and long columns because I noticed in a comments block some of them have the latitude and longitude placed in the comments instead of the designated spot.

An example of one of the comment cells is this:
Search and Rescue 30NM S MARTHA'S VINEYARD 40-37.4N 070-43.3W MEDEVAC OF 35YOM E

As such the problem I am having is figuring out how to search through the cells for ones that have a lat and long in them since there is other information and numbers in the comment cell. Keep the cells that have latitudes and longitudes and get rid of the rest. The red highlighted information is what is valuable to me. Another problem is not all of the latitudes are in that format sadly as can be seen by this example cell:

SAR Unreported Vessel/ 42 01. N 067 25. W CLOSED AREA II/041527ZAUG06

If anyone has any insight/references into how I could go about doing this I would pretty much owe you my life since doing it manually would take ages for myself and my group on this project.

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Latitude & Longitude -Text Separation

Mar 19, 2009

I am using Excel to calculate distances from latitude and longitude GPS positions. These positions have a format as follows:

S36 39.113 E174 25.945

These have been imported into a column, and using VBA I wish to separate latitude and longitude into two other columns. In both cases the minutes will eventually have to be express as decimals of the degrees. I don't mind if numerous columns are used as stages to get the final answer which is 36.234678 in one column and 174.15567 in the other.

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Compare List Of Latitude / Longitude

May 18, 2011

I have a list of 800 lat/long coordinates. I need to see how many of those 800 are within 3 miles of another list of 7,000 lat/long coordinates.

I have found the following formular to find the distance between 2 lat/longs:

*SIN(RADIANS(90-Lat2)) *COS(RADIANS(Long1-Long2))) *3958.756

Is there a formula that would allow me to run each of the 800 Lat/longs against the list of 7,000 and indicate how many on the original list have a match within 3 miles?

I was thinking a combination of countif with an array formula, but I can get the order of operations correct.

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Converting Latitude/longitude To OSGB Grid Ref

Jul 31, 2008

I'm using excel to try and sort by distance a list of wind farm locations from a location i put in.

This should be relitavely straight forward, however there are a few elements that make it more complicated.

I am getting a list of wind farm locations from the internet, the BWEA site. The latitude and longitude data copied over is in text. I'm using Excel '07 but it still requires me to butcher the numbers out of it with several columns of REPLACE formulas, it isn't elegant and may well be wrong.

The second and harder problem is that I have to first convert the latitude and lonitude values into OSGB grid references. So far i have found the OS maps excel converter, but it only converts one value at a time. I need something that will convert all of them at once (i don't want to go through and individually type in each distance).

After that it is possible to use basic trigonometry to find the distance between them and any grid reference i put in.

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Splitting Large Numbers Into Groups (LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE)

Nov 16, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with a column of Longitude values like:

I want to somehow split the cell into new individual cells so it will be like this:

17 28 28.383

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Comparing Latitude And Longitude To Identify Closest Locations

Mar 23, 2013

I have list of address with zip code and Latitude and Longitude information. I am trying find a central locations, which will act as hub for rest of the address, by comparing distances from on locations to another.

Basically i need 2 things

1) How to identify the central locations
2) How to groups other locations around the central locations

Criteria here is distance

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Lookup Formula: Find And Return Value

Sep 30, 2009

I have a column with 11 different numbering schemes that go from 736466.01 through 736466.11 In the group from 736466.01 through 736466.07 I need to have the adjacent column look to those cells and if it finds 736466.01-.07 return "CM" if it is 736466.08-.11 I need it to return "TC". I created the formula below but it doesn't like something I have done unless I change the format of the 736466.xx to text. Anything other than 736466.01-.11 should return a "null" or "void" Can you help me improve this formula, or show me a better way of creating it?

=LOOKUP(E2,{"736466.01","736466.02","736466.03","736466.04","736466.05","736466.06","736466.07","736 466.08","736466.09","736466.10","736466.11"},{"CM","CM","CM","CM","CM","CM","CM","TC","TC","TC","TC" })

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Lookup Formula: Find The Maximum Date

Nov 10, 2009

in which the OP was trying to find the maximum date (Col B) in which the value in Col A occurred, DonkeyOte used this formula as a possible solution

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Find First Non Blank Cell And Return Number Above It Based On Lookup From Other Sheet

Oct 18, 2013

I have two spreadsheets.

spreadsheet 1:
Lookup from Order numbers listed from A5:A177.
requested formula in I5: I would like a lookup to sheet 2 based on the order number (F19:F191), to return the cell above the first non-blank value.

spreadsheet 2:
Lookup value:Order number listed from F19:F191.
Data search:AY19:CI191
return the (date) which is in the range above the data search from row AY18:CI18.

I've had a look at few forums but i'm getting mixed responses, having to use index / match / lookup / min / --.

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Formula To Find Original Entry In Column With 4 Criteria Lookup

Feb 26, 2012

I'm trying to find a formula that will find an original entry using 4 criteria original entry is cases ordered.

columns A,B,C,D will have to match then give me a result in column E to find original entry if there is one otherwise I will have to enter new row and original entry for cases ordered.


A = section
B = description
C = size
D = region
E = cases ordered
Row 2 = fruit, apples, medium, north, 25
Row 45 = fruit, apples, medium, north,

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How To Find Data Using Partial Lookup

May 12, 2014

[Code] .....

My data are ABC:apple and im looking in a column where data are like these : apple, melon, lettuce.

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Lookup Function To Lookup For Data In Another Table

Jul 29, 2008

I am trying to use lookup function to lookup for data in another table (we call it table A). Unfortunately, whenever the code is not in the table A, Excel will return the data from the previous row.... is there any possible way to prevent this... in another word, if the code does not exist in the table A, I want Excel to return 0 or some other figures.

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Lookup Data Left Of Found Lookup Value

Nov 28, 2006

here is an example....

(this is on a sheet called Summary)

----A--------B --------C------- D
1Names----At Bats----Hits----Batting Average

Using the LARGE function, Excel has created a list based on batting averages(on a separate sheet called Line-up). It looks like this.....

2 -----------.737
3 -----------.700
4 -----------.675
5 -----------.816
6 -----------.649

The problem I am having is figuring a way for Excel to also bring the corresponding names (after using the LARGE function to create the line up list).

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Lookup Matching Data & Subtract From Another Lookup

Jun 12, 2007

I have a very large spreadsheet of customer information(I call it the master spreadsheet). Each row contains only 3 things: Account number, product bought, Price

Later I receive the money from the customer for that product(the pay sheet) that contains the exact same thing in the same order: Account number, Product bought, Price paid.

What I'm trying to do is compare the two spreadsheets so that when i receive the pay sheet of cusomters who have paid with the amount it will deduct it from the master sheet.

So it should compare account numbers when it finds a match then it should subtract the amount paid (column C) from the master spreadheet price column(column C also).

sometimes customers don't pay the right price so it has to be a subtraction so I can see if it was over paied, underpaid etc.

Right now I'm still doing it manually combining the two documents sorting it by account number and checking for matches in column A (account number).

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Converting Score Sheet To LOOKUP Formula?

Apr 13, 2009

I have a paper-based scoring sheet that we use to determine a rating category. I cannot figure out how to convert this scoring sheet into a lookup region and use some type of LOOKUP formula to determine the rating. I have looked at the various Grading examples on the Internet that show you how to look up a grade, based on a score, but they only look up a grade, based on a single input (the score).

Here I have two values going in--the person's age and their score, and I need to look up the rating, which is the column heading.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I've attached a sample spreadsheet which shows the original scoring sheet.

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How Do I Use Lookup To Find Data Based On 3 Criteria

Aug 22, 2008

I have a bit of a challenge. You'll have to take a look at the attached files to understand what I am trying to do. I am asking for your advice. I am creating multiple spreadsheets (QPPcompany.xls) that will refer back to a master data(QPPdata.xls) file.

I am trying to figure out how to best set up the data file so that I can do lookups on the data from the referencing files. Here's the challenge. I need to be able to find in the data page the company name in Column A and then how many L's (or C's or P's) they had in a specified month. So for instance I need to be able to find the number 3 in cell E6 and place it in B15 of the referencing file. The required criteria for lookup are Company Name, Month and then L, C or P.

So my question is, is this possible with how my data file is currently set up? I think it may be a problem to have the month/year in row 4 refer to 3 different colums for each month (L, C and P). I don't mind making changes to the data file to make these lookups possible and I think it may be necessary.

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Lookup Formula With Two Lookup Values

Nov 12, 2008

I have 3 Sheets named Paid, Rejected, and Reprocessed.

On the Paid and Rejected sheets I have 2 fields Customer # (Column A), and Amount (Column Q). (The customer # field has many duplicates but the amounts are never duplicates)

On the Reprocessed sheet I have all the rejected items (all fields) and also a field named Reprocessed. I need to use a formula that will check the Paid sheet for any items that have the same Customer # and Amount and return the amount

There are 8,216 rejected items and 45,047 paid items. Some items were originally rejected have been reprocessed and show under paid.

Any thoughts on which formula I should use?

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Lookup Data On Another Sheet

Jun 27, 2007

How to make the table treat like a database and gives the cost for each day alone.

depeanding on prices sheet list

( For more please see th file ..)

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Dynamic Lookup Formula - Retrieving Result From A Set Of Range From Other Sheet

Sep 27, 2011

I have a query on retrieving the result from a set of range from other sheet.

Query: In the Sheet1 Column B has to take first two words from the
Column A & lookup the matching results from Sheet 2.
(The search range should be the first two words of each cell)

Result: The complete sentance in the Cells (First Two words) should get placed in the Sheet1 Column B

Example: The Expected result should be as mentioned below. (Blue in color should be the results)

Sheet1A BC1NameResults2abc def fkfeabc def words3ghi jkl kikgN/A4mno pqr stu lkasmno pqr must work5
Don't give my book don't give up6vwx yzyvwx yzy not7xwv uts rqpxwv uts yes8omn lkjN/A9ihg fed cbaN/A

Sheet2A BC1Lookup Data2abc def words3xxxghi jkl4yes you have to5don't give up6no you will not7mno pqr must work8vwx yzy not9Excel work10xwv uts yes11omn mre lkj12ihg not fed 13not work14

This is my query

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Lookup Data From A Separate Sheet

Aug 29, 2006

I have a spreadsheet that has a resource table, project stage table and an approx 50 different project sheets. (The 50 sheets are duplicated layouts, just different project names)

Based on the data on the first two sheets I would like to populate the individual project sheet.

For example:

1.In the individual project sheet there are 5 stages in each quarter.
2.The project stage table sheet tells you want stage the individual project is in for the relevant quarters.
3.The resource table sheet tells you how many resources are required for that stage.

Based on this information, I would like to populate the individual project sheet with the information.

E.g. If the project is in the 1st stage, it would then go to the resource table and take number of resources allocated for that stage and populate the “relevant” field in the individual project sheet with the correct value.

I've attached the spreadsheet to hopefully better illustrate this.

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Update Or Lookup Data In Another Sheet

Nov 30, 2006

We use an accounting purchasing program that stores it's data in Access format. I have an Excel sheet that does a query to that data source and returns inventory part numbers, descriptions and pricing.

This file is about 3mb. Using this file as a data source (was trying to make it portable so the sales people can take the data with them) I created a quoting sheet, where they can lookup parts and have all the info pull into the quote so they can give customers a quote with fairly current info. At first I had my search routine copy and paste in links to the info, but that created a problem when the sales person wants to open an old quote to see what they gave someone. So then I had it just paste values, which works fine except when the quote has expired and the sales person wants to keep all the same parts but wants current pricing. I was thinking something like index(match) but VBA code wouldn't let me do that. I was hoping to write code for a button that they can click and it fetches current info.

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Lookup Data And Place Corresponding Information On Another Sheet

Jan 10, 2008

Found several items close to this, but not exactly (at least that I could find). It's difficult to type what I need to do, but here it goes.

I have two sheets. Sheet1 has data that I want to look at in range A1:B7; Sheet2 has column titles waiting on data from Sheet1. If one of the column titles on Sheet2 is "Mike," I need to look for all "Mikes" from A1:B7 and pull the data automatically onto the other sheet. I apologize if confusing, but I tried as best I could to describe it. I have attached a small file for guidance. Using the attached file, take "Mike" for example. Under his name on Sheet 2, cell A2 would display 300, then cell A3 would display 1,000.

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Lookup Correspoding Data On Another Sheet Of Cell Value

Jan 21, 2008

i have 2 sheets in my excel workbook. in my second workbook i have the values as follows


ss 10
yy 20
zz 30

so in my first sheet values:



in my first sheet X range i have list which consists ss,yy,zz
so i f choose ss from the list it has to check the valu for ss in sheet2 and has to fetch 10 and display in Y range

my excepcted output:

ss 10

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Getting Sheet To Lookup Data From Another Sheet Then Referencing Rows Data?

Jul 22, 2014

I want to be able to paste the large amount of data I get each day into the first sheet in my workbook ("data dump" sheet), the data will be formatted in the way i have used in the example workbook.

I then would like to be able to just have to enter 2 values into columns A and B of "1st output" sheet (Label in A, and Item in B), then have it look up the data that corresponds to those 2 values that are both in the same row in the "data dump" sheet, and have it copy and paste all of the relevant data in that row into the row in the "1st output" sheet.

The data I would want excel to find and place for me in the first sheet is highlighted in yellow

As a way of keeping track of this every day, I then need the data from the "1st output" sheet, to be fed into the "2nd output" sheet. This sheet would have all of the peoples' names already in it, but would just need to look in the "1st output" sheet for references to these names. If one of the names pops up, I'd need the date shown in the row of that instance to be placed after their name. This will allow me to keep a log of how many times their name gets flagged up, as well as the dates on which it happens. Again, the data I'd need excel to look up in the "2nd output" sheet is highlighted in yellow.

If there was a way of having the 2nd sheet add new names it finds on the 1st output sheet, that aren't already referenced on the 2nd output sheet in column A, that would be amazingly handy if it could then enter that name into column A and start a new row for them

Example file :
Attachment 334122

Alternative link [URL]

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Lookup Data In Text File To Fill In Sheet

Jun 1, 2013

I have some quality information that is stored in a single .txt format. All the information for several different parts are stored in the same file "merge__chr.txt I then have a single excel file for each different part. I need to be able to use a macro to extract the data from the txt file and fill in the excel file based on 3 criteria.

Part #
Serial #
Characteristic #

The part # is always in cell "B4" of the excel file, and the first column of the .txt file The Serial # is variable, but will always be in column B (starting at row 11 and down) of the excel file, and the second column of the .txt file The Characteristic # will always be in row #7 (starting at column D and right) of the excel file, and is in the 3rd column of the .txt file.

I need this to copy the information from the 6th column of the .txt file and store it in the cell where the characteristic and serial # meet. I only need to be able to do this for 1 serial # at a time. When the current serial # is selected, I would like to use a button to fill in all the information for all Characteristics of that part. I attached a sample set of data with "QA-PRINT" as the Part #.

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