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Macro To Create CSV Files From Spreadsheet

How do I create VBA macro to create CSV files out of Excel spread sheet for each tab? Right now I am manually opening the spreadsheet and saving each tab as CSV file. But it is taking lot of time if we have lot of tabs.

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Merge Files? (add Data From One Spreadsheet To The Appropriate Places On Another Spreadsheet)
Often I need to add data from one spreadsheet to the appropriate places on another spreadsheet. For example:

Sheet A has 10,000 records with these fields: id#, name, address, place of employment.

Sheet B has 5,000 records these fields: id#, GPA, college major, type of degree.

Some of the records in B contain information for the same id#'s as sheet A. I want to add this information together so that a Sheet C will have these fields: id#, name, address, place of employment, GPA, college major, type of degree.

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Creating CSV Files From Spreadsheet
I am trying to create CSV files from Excel spreadsheet for each tab. But when I convert these CSV files, text in cell is limiting to 255 characters, in otherwords it is getting truncated after 255characters. I am using Excel 2003 version.

And also when convereted these windows CSV files to UNIX csv files using the command "DOS2UNIX", some charaters becoming special characters. For exmaple, I have the actual text as "If AEENDTC ne '' then do; " and is becoming "If AEENDTC ne ś∆ then do; " Do you have any idea why it is doing this.

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Renaming Files From A Spreadsheet
to take a spreadsheet in excel and rename files with it. I will get all the columns together and

named properly by using the concatenate function. So when i go to rename i would have a

list of say 5,000 things to rename. In column A will be the full path. In column B will be the

new name i want it to replace the old one with extension and all. The reason i want to do this

is because that way i can work with the 5,000 files column A, B, C, D, get everything the

way i want it and then concatenate them. Then rename the files after copying and repasting

them so there is no formula. This would just be much easier than having to go to each

individual file and rename. also a lot easier to be able to compare and see what is going on

in spreadsheet i can sort compare. just a lot easier. i have messed around with excel some

but not macros much. what i would like to do is for a macro to look in A1 for path then

rename with B1. then A2 for path then rename with B2. loop through all rows until there is

nothing in A? that way there does not have to be a certain number of files. i do not know if

C: estSGB04SGB04-08 - Frank Sinatra - Wives And

rename to B1

SGB04-08 - Sinatra, Frank - Wives And

running excel 2000 windows xp

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Using SAP To Export Files To A Spreadsheet
I am using SAP to export files to a spreadsheet for Excel 2004. Whenever I do this, there would be a problem with numbers.

For eg, there is reference ids available like 02651977 and when the files is opened from excel, these reference Id's will lose its 0. And it becomes and ID of 2651977.

I need help from here if any and fast.. Or else I will have to use concantations for batch of files for my whole life with 372648235417612536712 columns of data.

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Open All Xls Files In Folder & Copy To 1 Spreadsheet
Iím wondering if this is possible, if I have a folder with say 30 excel spreadsheets (.xls) all named differently (number of files will always change), can I easily write something in VBA to Open all the spreadsheets and copy each sheet over to an existing Excel spreadsheet? For example, have a Ďtemplateí spreadsheet where the VBA would exist, then have the first sheet, (Sheet1) of each 30 sheets be copied back over to the template.xls? Even better, could I rename each Sheet1 to the name of the file before copying it over? This would basically be the first step in my process of getting the spreadsheet made.

I found this code in a similar question, so how can I rename the Sheet to the opened file name, then copy that over to template.xls?

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Load Multiple CSV Files In A Spreadsheet Faster
In my spreadsheet I load 26 CSV files. Each CSV file has 3 columns and 7 rows. It uses the connection query in Excel. It is only relatively slow to refresh the data. To refresh the data, I can press the refresh data button in Excel.

But in practice I use this code every 5 seconds:

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Vba To Create A New File From Spreadsheet
I have the following spreadsheet:


What I need is if there is an NDT in Column B and 123456 in Column A then I need to eliminate all rows which contain 123456.

End result


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Import Content From Separate Excel Files To A Single Spreadsheet?
Hi everyone,

I've got several Excel files that need to be edited separately.
Once they have been edited, I need to paste the content of each file in a single separate Excel file.

Is there a way to retrieve the content from all the files in a folder, and merge it in a single file?

For example:

3 separate files > File1, File2, File3

Merged file, sheet1

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How To Create Buttons To Navigate Around A Spreadsheet
I was wondering how to create buttons such that when the user clicks on the button they are automatically taken to a different part of the workbook.

I'd like to do this because my spreadsheet is now large enough such that navigating just using the sheet tabs at the bottom is not ideal.

I can create a hyperlink, but I think a button just looks nicer.

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Create A Find Button In The Spreadsheet
I'd like to create a button that makes the "Find and Replace" popup come up when pressed. How to do this? (Ctrl + F is the shortcut for it)

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Create A Spreadsheet In Which The Cell Will Tell How Many Hours, More Or Less
I'm trying to create a spreadsheet in which the cell will tell me how many hours, more or less, i have worked a week.

Below is what Iím trying to create - but I'm having trouble.

- if the total = 35 (in cell A1) then display -2 (in A3),
- if the total = 36 (in cell A1) then display -1 (in A3),
- if the total = 37 (in cell A1) then display 0 (in A3),
- if the total = 38 (in cell A1) then display 1 (in A3),
- if the total = 39 (in cell A1) then display 2 (in A3), etc (and so on)

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Create Splash Screen With Filter Spreadsheet
i have a spreadsheet which i have attached, currently users have to filter each column to get the end result

I would instead, like to create a screen where by they answer questions, for example. a drop down box where they choose flow rate, ie. 0-5l/min 6-10 l/min and so on for each option and then they end up with the list of choices which meet their criteria

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Create Clone Copy Of Spreadsheet For A New Year
I have an Excel spreadsheet containing a large amount of formulas applicable to 2009. I want to create a duplicate workbook for 2010. I want to maintain all cell formatting, ie A1=sum(whatever) without retyping it all. When I attempt to use copy-and-paste (or paste special) from 2009 to 2010, the cell values maintain a reference to the 2009 workbook. For example on 2010 workbook, A1=[2009]sum(whatever). Therefore the values from 2009 print in cells. I only want to maintain cell formula formatting, not a reference back to 2009 workbook.

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Create Folders & Copy Files To It
I need to create a macro that will allow the user to create a directory based on a template directory, with all directory paths/ names stored in workbook cells:

1) Create a new directory (name/path specified in workbook)
2) Go to a template directory & copy the entire directory, subdirectories & all files
3) Paste them into the new directory
4) Save a copy of the workbook into the specified location from (3)

-copy all to-
X:Projects(Value specified in workbook cell)

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Create List Of Files In A Directory
Is it possible to create a VBA script that will list the filenames of files in a set directory? I have about 100 directories, each containing 1000 files and they need to go into an excel spreadsheet (each file on a new row)so they can be audited... ;(

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Automatically Create Csv Files From Columns
I have an excel worksheet with data from A to T and the numbers of rows may change from use to use. I want to create a button/macro that determines where the data ends and will take the data from two columns, say column A and column D and put it in a new csv file.

In my final product, I would really like to be able to have a set of check boxes that say "Column D", "Column E", ... "Column T" and so if I check TWO boxes, say "Column D" and "Column T" and click create, it will output TWO csv files, one with Column A and Column D and the other with Column A and Column T.

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Create Automatic Link To Files In Same Folder
I have two files,

1. Form Templete & 2. Student Data Index. (Both files will be placed in same folder)

About Form Templete : This is a simple form, containing some fields. Fields which i require are Form No., Student's name & Standard.

About Student Data Index : This file is to maintain records.
Each time when I fill form for a new student i will copy paste the form templete file & rename it by form no. (Entered in the Form Templete file, Form No. field)

My question is : Is it possible that whenever i create a new file in the same folder with student's name the required fields in the Student data Index get filled automatically, apart from that the new file created get hyperlinked & when i click on form no. the form for that student gets open?

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Search Folders And Create Hyperlinks To Files
I have a list of file names sans extension in column A. I want to search a folder I specify and if file is found create a hyperlink to said file either in a new cell or in column A.

The code I have does the search fine, but its hyperlinking is offset and I canít get it to match the link to the file name.

Also it breaks if it can not find the file.

Here is the code...

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Create A List Of Files With Clickable Links
I've found countless, very useful macros that do 1/3 of what i need. My needs:

1) A macro to look in a set network folder, and generate a list of Excel files, and display them (1 per row, just the file name if possible)

2) Each file name is a hyperlink to open that sheet

3) A macro to look at the file listed above, then list in the column B a value from a set cell. So it would ideally output:

1| RH0018.xls A1CellValue
2| RH0019.xls A1CellValue
3| RH0020.xls A1CellValue

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Automatically Create Tables From ASCII Files
I've written a program to read data into a custom table from ASCII
files. The ASCII files are created from a VB script I've added to an Excel
spreadsheet. The VB script in Excel is the following:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim str_fileName As String
Dim int_fileNum As Integer
Dim str_fileName2 As String
Dim int_fileNum2 As Integer
MsgBox "Testing"
str_fileName = "\EPCOR02COLLECTSinto.txt"
str_fileName2 = "\EPCOR02COLLECTDisa.txt"
Application.EnableEvents = False
If (Target.Address = "$D$2") Then
'Write to the Sinto file
On Error Goto Err_CreateOutputFile
int_fileNum = FreeFile...............................

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Create Multiple Text Files From Cells & Save As Name In Adjacent Cell
I have two columns one of which has filenames and the other having values. I need to creating a macro that takes each value from a cell outputs it into a text file and then saves it with the filename of the cell next to the value. I'll need it to go down the columns and create separate text files for each.

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Locate Files Of Predefined Extension, In Predefined Location & List In Spreadsheet
I require a bit of code that locates where the excel file is stored - it then searches that directory folder for all file names. Any file names with an extension *.hm for example are listed in column A, while their relevant 'Dates of last Modification' are listed in Column B.

Every time the spreadsheet opens it should ask the user if he/she requires a re-search of this directory and update of any file names accordingly. NB: if a file name is deleted from the directory, the file name should remain in the spreadsheet.

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Create An "Insert Row" Button In An Excel Spreadsheet
Can anyone tell me what the macro code is to do this (at whatever box I have selected at the time)

say my box is selected at E3, then when I click the button, it creates a new row E

likewise for F7, AA1, etc...

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Macro Fixes Macro: Copies Tabs From The Spreadsheet
I am working on a macro that copies tabs from the spreadsheet the macro (button) is located in, creates a new book for them, and then pastes values so that no formulas still exist. The problem I am having is with named ranges. The named ranges do not reference the new sheet, but rather the old spreadsheet. This is fine because the new file is solely for presentation, however, one macro (which selects print ranges based on user selected checkboxes) tries to reference the old spreadsheet once it runs. I would like the macro that I currently have working, to also make this macro in the NEW spreadsheet so that it can still highlight the correct print area when used. The macro does not reference the name of the workbook at any point, it is purely "Range("ai10") type references so I don't understand why it is trying to open the old sheet back up.

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Macro That Takes Workbooks Or Files And Runs Them Through Another Macro
i need to make a macro that takes workbooks or files and
runs them through another macro. i already have the 2nd macro
done and it is working perfectly i just need to know how to make the one
that finds the other files and runs them all through the macro i already made. My boss said that he will have about 150-200 files to run through this macro.

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Create Multiple Files For Multiple Groups Of Data
I have one main Excel file with information (in example file - columns A & B). I want to create 4 other Excel files that will draw from the main one (in example file - columns D, F, H, & J). I want the information in Excel file A, B, C, and D to be continuous information that matches the main file. For example, the letter A matches up with numbers 1,3,4,10,11,13,15,17, and 19 in the main file. When I open Excel file A, I want a continuous list of these numbers. And I want this for all 4 Excel files which draw from the main one.

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Reset A Spreadsheet With A Macro
As mentioned I want to create a button that can reset this/a spreadsheet.

I have locked all the cells and unlocked the cells with the light green background. I.e. where a user can input data.

I haven't added a password yet nor protected the sheet. (the macro needs to work when the sheet is protected.)

I am looking for a macro that can be used to reset the sheet to its original state. However, the sheet needs to be protected.

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Macro Minimizing Spreadsheet At End
Using Excel 2003. I have a macro set up to copy all information from one Excel workbook to another. There is quite a bit of going back and forth between the 2 workbooks. I ended the macro by clicking in a particular cell in the origination workbook.

When I exceute the macro though it minimizes both workbooks. I have used the VB Editor to make sure that there is code such as.

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Populate A Spreadsheet Using Macro
A macro which compiles a list of entries and adds or summarises the cost.

Sheet1 contains multiple entries per group and a cost in ColumnB
Sheet2 contains only one instance of the group with a summary in ColumnB

Here's an example and I hope it helps;

A1 = November , B1 = 100
A2 = November , B2 = 50
A3 = December , B3 = 75
A4 = December , B4 = 10
A5 = September , B5 = 60

After running the macro with CommandButton1
A1 = November , B1 = 150
A2 = December , B2 = 85
A3 = September, B3 = 60

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Macro- Spreadsheet With 28 Columns
I have a spreadsheet with 28 columns. I need some column headings to be amended when I run a macro and I also need some columns deleted.

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Macro To Navigate Through Spreadsheet
when the user selects any cell(s), then hits the command button, I want the code to move the cell(s) selection to the far left i.e. Column "A". I've managed this is a roundabout way, but I'm trying to make a far more elegant version.

Set C = Selection
With C
While Not C.Previous Is Nothing
MsgBox C
Set C = C.Previous
End With

So C is the selection made my the user, for this example they are just selecting one cell. The MsgBox proves to me the code to moving the cell selection to the left, but the While condition falls as the Previous test condition fails and bombs the macro. I cannot think of another way of doing this. Is there a method that returns X and Y co-ordinates as numbers?

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Use Macro To Print Spreadsheet
Trying to summarise large (but varied # of rows depending on which project is being reported on) table for specific values. I get the size of the sheet by:

FinalRow = Cells(65536, 1).End(xlUp).Row
FinalCol = Cells(1, 255).End(xlToLeft).Column

As all the search criteria are numbers lists from out ERP System, a 'For' 'Next' loop seems to work on the Auto-filter settings, and only display the matching values. As I am only trying to get the number of occurrences, and not do anything with the data in the sheet, the 'Count' function seems to work pretty well:

'Change to " proper" dates and insert TTC columns
Columns("C:G").NumberFormat = "d/mm/yy;@"
Columns("F:F").Insert Shift:=xlToRight
Range("F1").FormulaR1C1 = "TTC"
Columns("F:F").NumberFormat = "0"
Range("F2").FormulaR1C1 = _
Range("F2").Resize(FinalRow - 1, 1).FillDown
Range("A1").FormulaR1C1 = "=COUNT(R[1]C:R[500]C)"
Range(Selection, ActiveCell.SpecialCells(xlLastCell)). AutoFilter

How can I replace the '=COUNT(A2:A500)' with '=COUNT(A2:A[FinalRow])' and only count the rows I need to? This sheet can change from between 20 rows up to 50K+. I understand that this may look messy, but have only been playing with VBA for about a month, and I shall tidy it up later.

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Macro Running In OS X, Able To Run This Macro On 11 Files At Once
I have this macro that a friend of mine wrote on a windows machine, and I can't quite figure out the code changes needed for OS X. For someone who knows how to do this, I'm sure it would only take a second, but I've been banging my head against the wall on this thing for too long.

Option Base 1
Sub Data_Compiler()
Dim FileSelected
Dim FileName
Dim CompiledDataArray(1 To 30, 1 To 53) ' Array to store our statistics
Dim Counter1 As Integer
Counter1 = 1
FileSelected = Application. GetOpenFilename("Your Files,*.xls", , "Select Files", , True)
If StrComp(TypeName(FileSelected), "boolean", vbTextCompare) = 0 Then Exit Sub
For Each FileName In FileSelected
Application.DisplayAlerts = False................

I can get a "open files" dialogue box to pop up, but I can't figure out how to make sure that multiselect is enabled. I need to be able to run this macro on 11 files at once.

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VBA Macro To Move Shape Around Spreadsheet
I am trying to write a set of code, part of which involves moving a shape around an excel spreadsheet in a square shape within a certain range. It is based on a random number generator. The shape moves a number of cells to the left/right/up/down depending on the random number (d) multiplied by 16. If the shape reaches a row or column border point, it will change direction but continue moving in the new direction until it has gone as far as was determined by the random number (*16). I have some code which works fine... to a point! The shape starts out, reaches a right hand border, changes direction to go up, reaches another border, changes again and goes left, but then when it comes to change dorection the 3rd time and go down, it fails. The direction of the shape is determined by a word in cell A1 - left/right/up/down:

Sub MoveRed()
Application. ScreenUpdating = True
Dim d As Integer
Dim i As Integer

d = Range("AZ1").Value

With ActiveSheet.Shapes("RedDot")
For i = 1 To 16 * d

Select Case Range("A1").Value

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Applying Macro To Entire Spreadsheet At Once
For simplicity, let's assume I have three columns, "Company," "Policy," and "Balance."

Company A Life $1
Company A Med $2
Company A Dent $3
Company A Disab $4
Company B Life $9
Company B Med $5
Company B Dent $7
Company B Disab $2

According to my post preview, the columns are running together, but I do have it arranged in three distinct columns. What I want to do is program a macro to do the following:

Every time the name of the company changes, I want Excel to insert two rows after the last of the group, and have a summation of the "Balance" column in the first inserted row.

This is what it should look like:

Company A Life $1
Company A Med $2
Company A Dent $3
Company A Disab $4
$10 <- (this should be directly under the $4, but I'm not good with forum languages)

Company B Life $9
Company B Med $5
Company B Dent $7
Company B Disab $2
$23 <- (same with this - should be directly under the $4)

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Macro To Move Around Large Spreadsheet....
Need the code to put into a command button which jumps from the cell selected, X number of cells to the right. Also will need the code to jump back again when clicking on a different command button.

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Macro For Opening Files
i want to write a macro for opening 200 excel files file names start with report0,report1,report2..................report200

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Macro To Import From .csv Files
1. I've recorded a macro that imports values from 6 different .csv files at once. The problem is that not all of these files are going exist upon import. Is there a way to tell the macro to only import if the file exists? And to skip if the import of that file if it doesn't exist? Right now the debugger stops the macro because of file not found.

2. I want to press a button on Sheet 1 that copies Sheet 1 into a new Sheet that's named with today's date. E.g. I press the "Archive"-button, the sheet is copied to a new sheet with the name "051308".

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Launching Pdf Files In A Macro
I have a macro that launches word or excel files if the file address (e.g. C:Documents and SettingsHenryDesktop est.xls) is typed into cell A1 by looking at the last 3 letters of the file name.

I cannot find a way to enable it to launch pdf files as well (e.g. C:Documents and SettingsHenryDesktop est.pdf)

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Macro To Compare Between The Two Given Files
i need a macro to do a comparison b/w the two given files ...(book1 n book2) ...
n want the result to be like result file .. (result.xls)

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Macro To Copy Many Files Into One.
There is a directory (K:/Munka) which contains many many Excel files with different names. What I would like to have is a macro which automatically opens and copies the content of each file into a new excel file, so I do not have to open so many files one by one and copy and paste the content of these file into a new file. Can that macro be created?

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Loop Through Files And A Run A Macro
I want to loop through all files in a directory and run a macro named "Main" in each file. The file that contain the loop-macro will stay in the same directory as the files I loop through.

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Macro To Renames Files
I have several files in one folder. C:/data/

These files are named as date_xxxx.wk1. The date format is YYYYMMDD.

Everyday I need to rename them as date_cellvalueA1.xls where the date format is DDMMYY.

Cellvalue A1 is taken from each of the respective workbook.

As I need to rename them on a daily basis. Can I use 2 field, one to determine the directory path and one to determine what file name to search for.

If the files contain the YYYYMMDD, it will be rename to DDMMYY_cellvalueA1.xls

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Open All Files With A Macro
If i have a folder with multiple csv files in it, all with different names can i get a macro to open all these files.

I know that i can if they are always the same name each time i run the macro but what i would like to do is to change the name of the csv files daily.

The reason is because i could have upto 50 different files a day.

So basically i'd like to click a button and open all the contents of the folder regardless of the name of the files inside.

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Macro For Copying Files ..?
I have data in several files named APT1, APT2, APT3, APT4, APT5... then I have a master file called APTMASTER. the fles contain certain data in sheet 1, what I need to know is if there is a macro that can copy data from all the APT 1 to APT 5 in the APTMASTER in such a way that it is one continous flow of data. Can this be done by just a button...

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Run Macro On All Files In A Directory
The title pretty much sums it up, actually. I have a macro, and a beautiful piece of work it is. It selects a particular selection of the active workbook, parses it in a particularly thrilling way, and writes the result to a text file. I'd like it to do this for ALL the files in a particular directory (somewhere over 500 files, if that matters).

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Open PDF Files Via Macro
How can I code a Macro in Excel to search in a preset directory and pull out, aka open/run a certain Adobe Acrobat .pdf file automatically? Is this even possible to code in Excel Macro or is it out of its scope of what Excel VB code can do?

Right now I have a very repetitive task where depending on the value of a certain field in Excel I have to search for the right/corresponding .pdf file and open it up do work in the .pdf as well as the Excel worksheet... I have to do like hundreds of this. So is there a quick way to code in Excel that a certain value will open a certain file named .pdf acrobat file? Can other programs/files be called upon and ran/started/opened from within Excel Macro?

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Looping Macro (delete Every Other Line On A Spreadsheet)
How do I write a macro that will delete every other line on a spreadsheet? I can create a macro that delete one line using the Record a macro command but what do I ad at the end of the macro to keep it going until stopped with Ctrl Break?

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Moving Rows Into Multiple Spreadsheet Using Macro
Is it possible to move rows of data in a spreadsheet to multiple spreadsheet accordingly?
I had lists of tasks in a single spreadsheet and i need to segregate the tasks for all my staff in serial while no duplication among all of them. For instance, i got 4 personals in my department and i need the 1st 4 tasks to be distribute to each of them and next 4 tasks accordingly. This is due to all tasks are equip with due date and i need to calculate how much time i need to accomplishing them. i'm used to manually move it and found it time consuming, so i was wondering if someone would instruct me where or how to achieve it by using a simple macro.

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Macro To Retrieve Selective Files
I am trying to wite a macro that will allow me to pull up specific files. All files will be located in the same folder. For example, I want to type the workbook name "sawn" into a cell and hit the macro button. The macro will then look in a "pool" folder for the workbook named "sawn" and open it. Is this even possible?

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