Min Formula Excluding Any 0's Or Empty Cells

Mar 25, 2009

I have tried a number of different ones from my search of this forum but I'm getting an error. here is a sample of my spreadsheet.

I want it to give me the lowest number, I don't want it to look at the 0's or if the cell is blank.
Here is my formula and my error:

my error is #num!

I've also tried others including using the MIN function but either 0 is entered or the error above.


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Excel 2010 :: Formula To Determine If Duplicate Values Exist In Single Column (excluding Empty Cells)

Jun 29, 2012

1 workbook, 2 worksheets (or tabs). On tab 1, I want a formula/alert that tells the user if any duplicate values exist in Column A of tab 2

Tab 2, Column A, has Unique ID's (6 digit numeric values)

The user manually inputs the ID's on new rows in Column A

Row 1 is reserved and in use for something else
Row 2 is my header, so cell A2 says "ID"
Row 3-623 currently contain unique ID's

When the user inputs a new ID into cell A624, then they return to Tab 1, I want my formula/alert on Tab 1 to tell the user that they have duplicates in Column A of tab 2. I know the Conditional Formatting, but if the user copies in 100 new values, they won't necessarily see the highlighted cells. My tab 1 is my "checks and balances" and the last place the user is suppposed to look to ensure that they haven't created any duplicate ID's. If the user sees a warning message that says duplicates exist, then I'll tell them that they need to look at column A (for cells that have been conditionally highlighted).

One issue that I'm running into with the conditional highlighting is that I want cells A3:A1048576 to already have the conditional formatting - this way when the user inserts a value into Cell A624, then A625, etc they conditional formatting is already there. Right now with data in cells A3:A623, cells A624:A1048576 are all highlighted with the Red/Bold Red Font (which is okay I guess), but ideally it would be nice to not count 2+ empty cells as duplicates and I'll have to have my formula on Tab 1 not include the blank cells.

I DO NOT want to use the Remove Duplicates feature of Excel 2010. If I remove them I could be removing data in columns B, C, D, etc that belong to the Unique ID. I just need the user to be told in Tab 1 that they DO have duplicates and I'll train the user how to research this and fix it.

The reason I want to look for duplicates in the entire Column A is because the list of Unique ID's will grow over time.

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Function To Count Numbers Excluding Empty Cells

Jan 6, 2010

Is there a function that will count a column of numbers where that will eliminate counting empty cells based on a certain date that will also capture any numbers that is added after refreshing the table from Access? I have attached a spreadsheet for an example. I need to count on the number in column V that equals 13 for the date of 12/22/09.

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Rotate Data Excluding Empty Cells Using Macro

Jan 16, 2012

First I will post the data:

Weekly Roster

PARTIATIS106SPICE107TAN108TORRES. Jr109VAN STEEN110ACCIARITO111112113114115116117118119120

In this data, as you can see there are a lot of cells/rows that are empty. I have a macro that will copy the cells F98:F120 to F99:F121 and then copy F121 to F98, and finally delete the value from F121. In this case, it will give me a blank cell at the top and the data hasn't rotated really. All the names will be in same position.

But I DON'T want that. I want the macro to look for the last cell/row with a valid value in it and rotate the cells so that I end up having ACCIARITO at the top and everybody else to move down one row.

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Make Formula Cells Empty Rather Than Empty Text

Apr 17, 2008

Is it possible to make a cell "really" blank/empty based on an If statement? For instance:


Has a value_if_false of "". But Excel interprets this a bit differently than a cell that never had anything typed into it.

So if you have a column full of this formula copied down, and hit <control+down arrow>, you will go straight to the bottom and skip over all rows. Whereas if you have a column with values and empty cells alternating and hit <control+down arrow>, you will only skip the empty cells and go to the next value. Excel treats the conditionally empty cells as if they have a value, when it comes to this type of navigation. This holds even if you copy and paste "Values" for the cells over the formulas.

Is there any way to tell Excel to make the cells truly empty?

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Rank Formula Excluding Blank Cells

Jun 4, 2009

I am currently working on a football spreadsheet ranking players based on their fitness performance scores. For example, there are 14 persons on Offensive Line. I need all their test scores ranked out of 14. However, if there is a blank, I still need the test scores to be ranked out of 14.
As of right now, I have cheated, and inputted a random number to bypass the blank:

=IF($G12>10, 0,RANK($G12, $G$12:$G$25,0))

But, this now affects my average of the fitness testing scores for that position. This could be avoided if I could find a way around my first problem.

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Formula Arrays That Will Omit Empty Cells In My Formula

Jan 31, 2008

I am looking to average a range of cells which won't always be the same size. How do I create a formula array that will omit empty cells in my formula.

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Average Formula With Empty Cells

Mar 6, 2008

I have a grade system where I need to obtain an "Average" of grade data within four cells. At time there may onlt be two cells with a value or three. Example: The cell cell cantain a value of 100 points with the totral of 400 point. AS we know the "Average" would be 100 points. But is only two cells cantained 100 point and the other two where empty then the "Average" come back as 50 points. Because I have 4 cells that requires a value input. So my question is how do I create a formula that will give the correct value for the "Average" of data that is placed in the cells. The values are calculated as a total from the grades entered. That total is in F14, F31, F48, F65 - Now if F14 has a value of 100, and F31 has a value of 100 then the "Average" should be 100, but it is not for the is calculating F48, and F65 as 4 values, so the return is 50. The situtation is that I need all the cells for in some cases data will be necessary, but I need the "average" to be calcalated for only the values entered.

Where is the Formula.
=IF(SUM(F14,F31,F48,F65)=0,0,AVERAGE(F14,F31,F48,F65)) - My brain says this is simple but no matter what I do it returns 50.

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Insert Formula In Empty Cells

Jun 19, 2008

I have a sheet that I put a blank row before every change in column G,

Dim lr As Long, i As Long
lr = Range("G" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
For i = lr To 2 Step -1
If Range("G" & i).Value Range("G" & i - 1).Value Then
Rows(i).EntireRow.Insert Shift:=xlShiftDown
End If
Next i

and now I need formulas in columns B and I in those blank rows. I'm happy to roll it in to the above piece of code, or put it in after.

I don't think I can use LastRow to define my range and replace blanks with formula because of the blank rows. I would need more of a "LastRow with only one blank in between populated rows" if such a thing exists.

The formulas will be ="*"&H3&" DWG "&G3 for cell B2 and =I3 for cell I2.

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Formula Referring To Empty Cells

Dec 19, 2006

I think I understand what you were talking about now with the generation of the watchbill using the rand() and sort. You were trying to get me to get rid of the whole system I was using before and use only the rand and sort. I thought you were asking me to incorperate the rand sort thing into the randomization process I already had using offset etc. The whole thing works good now, however, because the column Ive designated for the roster names may or may not always be filled the formula sometimes refers to empty cells in that column thus producing 0s on the watchbill. I was thinking maybe (if its possible) having a formula to identify a 0 and if so skip to the next cell down. The formula would repeat until it found a name without a zero in it.

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Formula Based Upon Number Of Empty Cells?

Jul 28, 2014

I am creating a fantasy football draft board using excel. To keep it short and sweet, each individual team (one per column) has a $200 budget to draft players. Each team must fill 14 roster positions (one per row), but here's the catch; you must spend at least $1 on all of the 14 players on your roster. So you have a maximum bid amount which is your remaining budget subtracted by $1 for every remaining spot you have left to fill.

I have already created a "remaining budget" field which subtracts each drafted player's inserted dollar amounts from the $200... easy. Beneath this, I'd like to create another cell per team that tells you your "maximum bid," which is essentially 200, -1 for every cell that remains blank. I have played around with the conditional IF formulas but cannot seem to have it account for multiple cells.

As a workaround, I have made columns hidden beneath the board which contain the conditional IF, ISBLANK fields which are -1 if true and 0 if false. Then creating the "remaining budget" field that subtracts these values from 200. This works, but it's not perfect, as when you have multiple players you still need to draft and you've exhausted your budget only saving $1 for each, it overstates your "maximum bid" by $1, or when you have $X left and you need to only fill one more spot, it ill tell you your "maximum bid" is $X-1.

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Ignore Empty Cells In A Sum / Countif Formula?

Jan 18, 2014

I have a list of assessment scores for students with a matching grade in text form. I want to show the percentage of students that receive "Adv" and "Pro" grades out of the total number of students (cells with data). But I have extra cells in case students are added during the year. I need to have the formula ignore any empty cells and count all of the "Adv" + "Pro" grades divided by number of students with data. I would like to do this by including the extra cells in the formula so I don't need to amend the formula should students be added. This is the formula so far. Maybe there is a totally better way to write this formula.


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Sumproduct Formula - Ignore Empty Cells

Sep 26, 2013

I have a table that looks similar to the below. I want to be able to extract the numbers between the brackets and add all up in the last column (as shown in example below).

I have used something like the below however it returns #VALUE in column F because of the empty cells.


I need a formula that will be applicable even when there are empty cells and return the results as shown.


Worker (3)
Engineer (23)
Manager (1)


Plumber (2)
Designer (20)


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Check If X Cells Are Empty Before Formula Calculation

Dec 5, 2008

I have a spreadsheet that uses IF(C5>J5,(EDATE(C5,12)),(EDATE(J5,12)))__ IF(J9<D9,(D9-$N$1)) where N1 is current date. If C5 and J5 are empty how do I get it to ignore the formula and just leave the other cells blank?

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Nested IF AND Formula: If Cells K8 And L8 And R8 Are Empty, Then No Data Should Show

Dec 31, 2006

i am having trouble putting together an IF Formula together with and/or. i need to do the following

if cells k8 and l8 and r8 are empty, then no data should show.
if cells k8 and l8 and r8 is zero, then show zero.
otherwise add all three cells.
i thought i should use if(and... that is all 3 cells must be empty or zero.

=IF(OR(ISBLANK(K8),ISBLANK(L8),ISBLANK(R8)), "no data", IF(OR(K8=0, L8=0, R8=0),"ZERO", K8+L8+R8))

i have tried if(and) and if(or) and no matter what i have tried it doesnt work

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Excel 2007 :: Formula To Count Empty Cells On Worksheet?

Nov 22, 2012

Is there a formula to count empty cells on a excel sheet?

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Find Empty Cells In Column And Auto Input Formula With Certain Criteria Using VBA

Apr 24, 2014

i have the following code, what it does is, it locate those empty cells in column M and insert the formula "=TODAY()". What i need the code to do is only insert to the empty cells in column M if there is a value(as long as is not empty) in the reference cell of column E.

Private Sub CommandButton3_Click()
Dim wks As Worksheet
Dim rng As Range


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Formula That Checks If Cells Are Empty Or Filled In And Gives Valid Or Invalid Message

Aug 11, 2008

I'm looking to put a formula in the last column (Card Valid/Invalid (N3:N8)).

I want this formula to say IF Project Name OR Start date OR Due Date or Type OR Author OR VS are empty then I want the last column to say Invalid else if all of these columns are filled in then give valid. Also if a completed date or no. of review loops are filled in but not both then give Invalid but if both are filled in then as well as all the rest of the info give Valid.

Project Name - Valid/Invalid is B2-N2

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Is A Cell With A Formula Considered True Or Is It Empty If The Criteria Is Empty

May 30, 2009

Is a Cell with a formula (like shown below) considered true, or is it empty?

If Scorecard!$B$13 was False...
Would a cell with the above formula be considered?
True or Empty?

If Scorecard!$B$13 was True...
A cell with the above formula would be True.

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Average Out Range Of Cells Excluding Text Found In Other Cells

Jul 17, 2014

What I want to do is Average out a range of cells "F4:F343". That's the easy part =average(F4:F343). However I want to exclude any numbers for that average if data in coloumn "Q" = "FMC"

Would that look anything like:

=average(F4:F343)/countif(Q4:Q343, "<>FMC")

I'm also displaying it as minutes in a day so i added *24*60 to the end of the formula and formatted to Number/.00. I've entered the formula and it will calculate but when i enter FMC to the appropriate area the average wont change.

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Filling Empty Cell Value Based On If Else Condition And Delete Row More Than 2 Cells Empty

May 23, 2014

Here find the excel file

My requirement

1) 4 values contains in each row based on the values from those cells the max value will display.

2) if more than 2 cells have empty,NR or NA text means the entire row has to delete.

3) if 2 or more that means 3 cells having values the empty cell,NR or NA cell will place value with the condition of macro that is 75% of other values which is maximum among them.

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Find Empty Cell In Column And Apply Required Character To Empty Visible Cells?

May 8, 2014

I am looking to find all visible cells in column E that are blank, and then add ''B'' to those empty cells.

I am using code similar to the below:

[Code] .....

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Returning The Contents Of A Non-empty Cell In A Range Of Empty Cells

Jan 8, 2008

I have a long range of cells (U3:AX3), all of which are empty save one. Is there a way to search through the range of cells, and return the contents of the one cell that contains text?

I would do this with a series of nested IF statements if there weren't more than 30 of them!

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Lookup Non-Empty Cells / Ignore Empty Cells?

Aug 31, 2013

How I can look up non empty cells as shown in the below tables by use of a formula (I guess shifting data to the left without any empty cells between the data)?

Data as shown in present worksheet.



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Excluding Outliers When Using Formula

Jan 16, 2012

Is there a way to exclude outliers when doing a calculation? For example, I am calculating the degradation in sales for a given period. During that period a store may have had an extraordinary sales day that is skewing my slope up/down.

Store9/19/29/39/4Slope Should ReturnA15145013-1B131450151C1511413-1D13141151

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Excluding Rows From Formula?

Jun 13, 2013

excel formulas and currently have a very large excel sheet with over 1400 rows of stats from hockey games. For reference will call it Sheet A. I have the stats broken down by month from each season, and under each month I have 6 rows of "Totals" for that month which I would like to exclude. For example monthly totals for games at home(row 12) monthly stats away(row 13) etc. columns include stats such as Goals scored, goals allowed etc.

I want to pull highest and lowest numbers (excluding the totals rows) from each column in sheet A in to sheet B which would be a franchise records sheet. I'm looking for a formula to make this happen. I have tried the MIN and MAX formulas but am unsure of how to exclude those abve mentioned totals rows of sheets.

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Excluding Cells

Feb 3, 2009

I have three columns that i've called 'active period' and 'Date/time' and 'value'

The the value of the cells in the 'active period' column depend on the value and time.

I want to create a cell that; when i can enter a date, this date will be excluded from the 'active period' column

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Deleting Empty Rows / Empty Cells

Sep 27, 2009

I need to write a macro which checks cells in one column and if the cell is empty it deletes the whole row (which contains the cell).

I tried this code but it doesn't delete all rows with empty cells:

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Networkdays Formula Excluding Holidays

Feb 27, 2014

I have formula for working days which excludes holidays :

[Code] .....

Code works but I have monthly worksheet and macro for adding days in month. This formula's end date is in AI2 cell, which corresponds to 31th day of the month. Problem is that I get #REF error across all sheet when I delete last day columns, in month which have less than 31 days.

I know that this is the cell reference error because cell AI2 is deleted, but is there any solution for changing networkdays formula or replace It with something else that will work same, with range maybe ?

For now I just hide columns, which is o.k., but I would rather delete columns...

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Excluding Certain Rows From Delete Formula

Jun 1, 2009

I have a macro that deletes the active row. However if any cell within rows 1-8 are selected then I want the sub to end with an error message i.e. (Cannot delete these rows) The code I have tried is below but doesn't work:

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