Multiple Outcomes From A Logical Formula

Sep 28, 2009

I am trying to get more than one outcome from a logical function in a single cell. I am teaching a class and i want this particular cell to add up all the points from tests and quizzes and then give me an outcome of a grade (A,B,C,D, or F) Right now i can only get the cell to give me an outcome of A or B. I need the cell to be able to give me 5 possible outcomes (A,B,C,D,F).

Right now i have this formula in this particular cell......=IF(Q6>234,"A") if Q6 is greater than 234pts they get an A...if not they get a B. How can i also give ranges of total points to have the cell give C,D, or F?

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IF Statement Using Multiple Variables To Give Multiple Outcomes

Feb 6, 2009

I'm looking to work out an IF statement based on a series of dates entered to give 1 of 3 possable outcomes. Where:

A1: todays date (exmaple =NOW())
B1: due date (exmaple 10/02/09)
C1: completion date (example 12/02/09)
D1: status (overdue, outstanding or completed)

D1: =IF(A1>B1,"overdue",IF(A1<B1,"outstanding",IF(C1<=>A1 & B1,"completed")))

I know the last part is totally wrong (symbols arranged in that manner), but to clarify i would like the date entered in C1 to override the other statements in the fomula to make it read "completed". If no date is entered in C1 then the formula will return either "overdue" or "outstanding" depending on the other dates in A1 and B1.

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How To Use An IF Statement With Multiple Outcomes

Dec 7, 2009

I want to say, if B1 = A then the value is 10, if B1 = B then the value is 20, if C then the value is 30 and D the value is 40.

If there are two conditions then I know it would be =if(b1=A,10,0) but this is obviously a bit more complex.

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Web Query Looping Multiple Outcomes

Dec 8, 2009

I have a web query that I would like to loop to a specified range. The catch is there are two possible outcomes. There is an outcome (data) and an outcome that is useless (no such page is found, etc). I'm kind of stuck trying to get this thing to loop. I would like to reference a range (contains links for input), and input all the data from the range, and based on the outcome, input the useful webpage data into the same spreadsheet.

Here is where I'm starting out.

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Formula With 6 Outcomes To Return 4

Apr 5, 2009

if h5 = "Supply Only" or "Supply Only With IWA" then I5 should be "S/O" however if h5 = "Supply Only With Survey" or "Supply Only With Survey With IWA" then I5 should be "S/o & S"

h5 could also be "Supply & Fit" or "Supply & Fit With Iwa" which should return "S/F"

but if h5 = "Supply & Fit With Survey" or "Supply & Fit With Survey & IWA" then I5 should be "S/F & S"

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Formula To Predict Trends / Outcomes?

May 2, 2014

I used three different dates. In which the outcomes were available. The first three sheets.

Is there a possiblity to use excel to calculate a future outcome of the next month(Sheet 4). The figures are in a way linear, because the previous months are in it.

So it's possible for the future outcome to go up or stay the same. It can't be less then previous months.

See attachments.

It's about a holiday (combinations) of arrangements. So it'll be influenced by the date (because of holliday plannings), finance etc etc. But the last factors/variables we will use and test in SPSS and other programs.

The question is more: Is there a program/formula in excel which will predict the outcome in the last sheet with maybe a factor of outliners (this coincendence of a better salary in some parts/or the date that people will book a holiday). And how the formula would be formulated in the last sheet?

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Use Excel To Create A Formula To Predict Future Outcomes?

Jan 17, 2014

So I have some stats I have been tracking for NHL hockey games. I want to find a formula that is predictive of future outcomes, based on whether or not a team has a statistical advantage. Obviously, there are so many other factors, and there is no golden formula to accurately predict the winner of ever game. I want to find maybe a 70% success rate here. I want to be able to plug in all of the stats, and essentially have it tell me who statistically should win the game.

I have 11 independent variables (Stat A, B, C, D, E, etc.). I have a running total of how often the winning team had the stat advantage for each of these, and I think that should factor into the formula. My dependent variable is whether the team wins or not. how to do that with multiple independent variables.

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Logical Function: Logical Test With Three Possible Results

Apr 8, 2009

I am trying to create a logical test with three possible results:

h2 <10.2 "needs improvement"
(if false) h2=10.2 "meets standard"
if false h2>10.2 "exceeds standard"

Basically, I am referring to a cell to determine if it meets, exceeds or does not meed a specific standard. In this case 10.2.

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If Logical Test Multiple Criteria

Feb 17, 2012

I am trying to build a logical formula and it turns wrong values. I have four criteria in numbers, the codes are: 1 invoices, 3 credits, 7 Debits, 8 Returns, 9 Payments. All of these codes have positive numbers. I am trying to convert "credits", "returns", "payments" in negative . the rest "invoices" "debits" stay positive. In column A i have dollar values all positive, column B "codes" mentioned above, column C "i want to put the correct values.

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Multiple Condition Nested Logical Functions

Feb 17, 2014

I am having trouble evaluating two conditions with nested logical operators to produce the output I need.

For example Condition 1 has 5 choices (A,B,C,D,E) and Condition 2 has 3 choices (a,b,c).

Breaking it down,
[Condition 1] option "A" always applies and should give "Yes" (No matter [condition 2], "A" always gives "Yes")
[Condition 2] option "c" always applies and should give "Yes" (No matter [condition 1], "c" always gives "Yes")

[Condition 1] option "D" never applies and should give "No" (No matter [condition 2], "D" always gives "No")

[Condition 1] options "C" and "B" only apply if [condition 2] is "b" (if so, the answer is "Yes")

What I need is the equivalent of:

if ((([condition 1] == A) || ([Condition 2] == c)) || (([condition 1] == B || C) && ([condition 2] == b)), "Yes", "No")

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Basic IF Function With Multiple Logical Tests

Jul 10, 2014

Basically, I'm trying to calculate a pooled z-score from z-scores already stored in different cells.

Each individual z-score are calculated like this :

They are derived from standard scores with a mean of 10 and a SD of 3. I use 999 to mark missing values and this work flawlessly for single z-score cells.That way, if A1 is a missing value (999), Excel returns a value of 999.

Now here's my problem. How do I tell Excel to ignore 999 values if I am pooling multiple z-scores together?

Let's say A1, B1 and C1 are single z-scores. I want D1 to be the pooled z-score result, but I want it to ignore A1,B1 and/or C1 if their value is 999. For instance, if A1=+2.0 , B1 = 999 and C1= -1.50, I want my D1 cell to ignore B1 in the calculation.

I've tried : D1=IF(A1,B1,C1=999,999,(LC5+LI5+IK5)/3)) but it sure doesn't work...

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Logical Formula For Date

Jun 22, 2014

In column N I have a list of dates. In column Z I want to display either "Yes" where the date in column N has already passed or "No" if the date in column N has not passed. The formula I'm using in column Z is =IF(N2<TODAY(),"Y","N") however it just gives me "No" on every row regardless of whether date is passed or not.

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Logical Formula: Check In Q24 Such That If (P24=#DIV/0!,0,P24)

Dec 16, 2008

I need a solution for this situtaion! Iam using a french version of excel2003!
I have #DIV/0! in P24 (i.e an error value) So I need to check in Q24 such that if (P24=#DIV/0!,0,P24). I need to have a logical formula for this one!

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Use Of Logical Formula From A List

Sep 14, 2009

How to find whether a particular cell is blank or is text in a given row/column?
To elaborate more, I have some data in a row:

15 N 16 17 18

I am using a below formula to find whether there is any text in the row

ISTEXT(row(A1:E1)) but I am getting result as False.

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Searching Logical Formula And Also Formula For Combinations?

Feb 4, 2014

2 formulas that I need for my work (related with linear recurrences; this is serious work). First, I would like to know if is it possible to write a formula (or a set of formulas) that allows to write in a first column, in the first cell, the number 1 and in the following m cells, m distinct numbers chosen in a set S of n numbers (n > m); in the second column again the number one, and another set of m distinct numbers chosen in the same set S (here the order of the elements matters which means that the set {1,2} can be written as (1,2) and (2,1)). And I would like to do this until all the choices of m (ordered) numbers chosen in the set S are exhausted. Example: S = {2,3,4} which means that n=3. Suppose m=2. Then the columns would be


The second formula I'm searching is (I think) a logical formula. What I would like is a formula that checks if the numbers in a fixed number of consecutive cells of a column are distinct and also non-null. If that's the case the formula should assign TRUE and if (at least) two cells are equal or (at least) one is zero, it would assign FALSE.

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Logical Formula: Value If True/false To Be Another Formula, Not Just A Set Value

Sep 16, 2009

I want to use the If formula but want the value if true/false to be another formula, not just a set value. Here's what I came up with (obviously wrong, please excuse my lack of experience) =IF(D2>C2,"=(D2-C2)*5","=((60-C2)+D2)*5 ")

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Unable To Apply Multiple Logical Conditions Using If / AND OR Functions

Feb 19, 2014

I have to decide if the final answer will be yes or no based on a combination of 4-5 cell values from a single row.

I have attached the details in the excel sheet.

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Return Multiple Values From A List That Fit Logical Test?

Nov 15, 2013

I need a formula that will return a range of values from a list.

Example: I need a formula in cell A2 that looks at the list and will return all numbers that are >99 but 199 but299 but

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Complex Logical/conditional Formula

Jun 12, 2006

I am working between two worksheets. In one worksheet I have a list of
account numbers. In the second worksheet I have the same account numbers in
a different order. What I am trying to do is, If the account number from
worksheet one is found in the column with the account numbers in worksheet
two, I want to display the matching title for the account number that is in
the same row but different column in worksheet two.

So essentially (if acct # from column x in wks 1= an acct in number in
column m from wks 2, display the corresponding title in the same row of the
matching acct # found in column m). Is this possible?

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Offset Formula - Logical Function Using OR

Jul 10, 2013

I have following formula that returns #value!


Where the value in the cell which is referenced is either blank or zero then blank must be returned, otherwise the value which is being referenced by the offset formula.

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Workdays Function & Logical IF OR Formula

Aug 8, 2007

what was wrong with this formula, an error message comes up saying VALUE, im trying to get the formula to say that - If 2 dates are different then subtract one from the other to get a number of working days, but if the dates are both the same then to -1 from the value as for some reason the value is coming back as 2 when it should be 0?


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Formula Structure For IF / THEN With Logical Test Value Ranges

Feb 19, 2014

I'm trying to create a formula that will determine the bonus (%) for sales made. Here's the table:

<10000 sales = 0% bonus
>=10000 sales but <=29999 sales = 5% bonus
>=30000 sales but <=to 44999 = 7% bonus
>50000 sales = 10% bonus

Since the sales and bonus figures are subject to change each year I'd like the formula to point to the numbers but that part seems easy if I can get the formula right.

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Logical Formula With Output Based On The Text Input

Dec 2, 2009

Sometime itís so hard to explain what it is you are having problems with, specially in the little title. I'm trying to write a formula which should be very simple but isnít . The formula is in box F10 if B10 has anything in it and its going to have a mixture of text and numbers (first text then numbers) then itís should equal to the value in the box C7. Here is the formula I wrote that doesnít work.

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Referencing 2 Outcomes From One Cell

Apr 20, 2007

Formula that if the cell (C1) looks up C5, and the range in C5 is 1-10000, I want C1 to show 10, or if C5 has less than 1, then I want C5 to show 0.

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Nested If Statement With 2 Possible Outcomes And 2 Vlookups?

Oct 18, 2013

I have an If statement I am trying to get to work but not sure of the flow. Each part works seperately but not together. What I need is if column E is blank leave blank, if cell DI2 is Yes then use columns DJ to DP for the lookup if DI2 is No than use columns O to U for the lookup. The first 2 lines are the individual formulas that work independently. The 3rd was my last attempt at combining them.



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Conditional Formatting To Reflect 2 Outcomes?

Mar 3, 2014

I have a master worksheet with due dates for various forms to be completed. These forms are on separate worksheets within the workbook.

I'd like to highlight the master date entry in red if the form hasn't been completed by the due date, but also highlight in green when it has been done.

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Simpler Way To Record The Outcomes Of Matches

Feb 9, 2009

I recently posted work of my attempts to create a league table, i feel i have probaly chosen the worst way to record the actual results of matches, causing the need for complicated formula which donkyoite has been very helpful in doing and i thank him, but i dont understand whats going on, was wondering if there was a simplier way?

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Negative And Positive Outcomes In Worksheet

Apr 4, 2014

In my sheet i got some negative and positive numbers -210(Negative) and 210(positive).

So when on F there is a Negative number on K must come (Yes).

And when on F there is a positive number on K must come (NO)

It must go on for all on F

Is there function for that in Excel what i got now.

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Compare The Number Value Of 3 Cells To 64 Possible Outcomes

Apr 16, 2007

I need to compare the number value of 3 cells to 64 possible outcomes, of the three cells they can only have one of four possible values, How do I write the formula to do this. if cell a1 is 1,a2 is 1, a3 is 1 then thave it display the number 64, but I also need it to able to look at the same three cells, 64 different combinations, like 0,0,1 displays 21 etc.

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Creating Outcomes For Normative Values Using Time Hh:mm:ss

Aug 6, 2014

I seem to struggle with excel formulas when time is involved. I am trying to create a spreadsheet that reviews outcome measures (walking tests in this case) to outline firstly if someone has improved or not (Outcome in the blue columns) which seems to be working alright. This takes into account the 2 aspects of time taken to complete the test and the walking aid required.

What I would now like to be able to do is compare each individuals 'After' score with a normal range for that test. I have put a list below the table of the ranges I am looking for. I have tried to put time formats into a long IF formula to try and get the ranges covered for the TUAG test, but doesn't seem to be working.

The 10 metre walk test is a little trickier as this is looking at change in velocity between the before and after scores. I think I need to be able to work out the velocity for each test and then do a comparison, but again bit stuck with the time formatting.

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