Multiple Time Calculations With Breaks

Jul 17, 2014

I have a start time and a stop time, then a difference is calculated in cell L53. I want to subtract the time value of a break but it only works if the entered value is greater than 1:00. I tried K2-I2-L55 and It works but It wont work for times less than 1:00. I need to be able to subtract :15, :30 or any other value in cell L53.

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Time Calculations - Multiple Timestamps

Feb 12, 2014

I am trying to track the time the various activities take. I need this in hours:minutes - Monday through Friday. Attached is the spreadsheet that does NOT work. An "x" in the column creates the timestamp in the adjacent column. Some of my formulas are not correct as the calculations do not create the correct data.

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Time Sheet Lunch Time Calculations

Aug 12, 2009

I am making a time sheet for work. It should be very simple but cant get it to work. I want time in, time out, lunch column, and Total. I don't want a lunch in and a lunch out though just a section where I can put my time in :30 minuets :45 or what ever. I also want it to work. on a 12 hour clock AM/PM .

Here are my column's
B2 Is Time In
C2 is Time out
D2 is Lunch time ( decimal ? )
E2 is the TOTAL with lunch deducted.

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A Formula To Track Breaks In Time

Mar 7, 2014

I need a formula that places a "T" next to values where the current cells time is greater than 15 minutes than the previous cells time. The times start in column D3 and I want the formulas to start in column E3.




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Get Start And Finish Time For Breaks / Lunch?

Apr 15, 2014

I am trying to get the start time and finish time for breaks.

I have 4 columns Name, status, start, finish. In the name column there are multiple names, under status there 6 different status's. and under the time columns there are in and out times dependant on status. I am trying to us index match match. I have tried vlookup and hlookup as a nested function. I keep getting errors.

NameStatus MessageStart TimeFinish Time
Cameron WilliamsTech All & Billing12:31:4812:31:52
=index(starttime,match(name,namefield(match,"on lunch",starttime)))


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Time Calculations.?

Feb 9, 2010

if you look at attachment, in Cell J2, if cell I2 is greater than 2 minutes but less than two minutes, the I need the value of I2 in Cell J2 otherwise 0:00:00 then K2 between 3 & 4 Mins and so on.

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Time Sheet Calculations

Feb 6, 2010

Attached is a layout that I am trying to get working.

the 1st tab is the input sheet, I want to be able to post input on that sheet and have it transfer to the other tabs in the appropriate fields.

I'm having a problem mostly with the vlookup to get the data into the right cells on the other tabs.

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Time And Cost Calculations ..

Aug 14, 2006

I am compiling a simple worksheet that will keep an ongoing track of labour costs in a production environment. The objective is to end up with a labor cost "per unit" for packing punnets of soft fruit.

The source data I have is;

1 - Start time and end time of the job

2 - Any breaks taken during the job

3 - The number of staff it took to do it

4 - The status of the staff (Supervisor, temp, etc) and their hourly pay rates

5 - The number of punnets packed.

With all of the above it should be a relatively simple exercise to calculate the cost per unit (and with a calculator is!). My problem appears to be that I am not formatting something correctly, because when I try to calculate the costs for the employees' my costs are obviously wrong. I have attached my early draft for reference, in the example shown I am showing that a supervisor earning 7.50 an hour worked for 1 hour 15 mins at a cost of 0.39

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Time Calculations Subtraction And Average?

Dec 10, 2013

1st problem concerns entering data as text and it being converted to time. I have found the formula 00:00 which does an excellant job of converting. However, when I want to subtract, (=a2-a1) for example, it treats the time as a number. Sometimes it works, but if the hours are different, say 23:30- 22:10, it will subtract 2330-2210! Is there a way to make this work?

2nd problem, related to the first is when I try to avg a column of times, I get a similar effect.

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Excel Time Calculations Sums?

Nov 28, 2013

i have a tab on the bottom that is labeled "Man hours 2013" i need to pull the information from this sheet and create a new tab that will pull the property name, how many weeks of service, and the total man hours for each property. i will then be adding a column were i enter the monthly price for this contract divided by the number of weeks we serviced to figure out our percentage of gain/loss.

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Userform Textbox Calculations (time)

Feb 21, 2012

I've got a userform which I'm developing (my first) and I have two textboses:

Textbox6 = start time & Textbox7 = end time & Textbox10 which contains the calculation (Textbox7 - Textbox6).

Now I have code that works great for normal numbers however I need to be able to make the calculations in TIME (hence the start time / end time).

How I can amend this code to be able to calculate total time between textbox 7 and Textbox6.

Private Sub TextBox6_Change()

If TextBox6.Value = "" Then Exit Sub
If TextBox7.Value = "" Then Exit Sub
TextBox10.Value = CDbl(TextBox6.Value) - CDbl(TextBox7.Value)

[Code] .......

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Time Calculations - Getting Hours In Minutes

Feb 27, 2012

If I want to make a formula for a time such as

I have this time like 4:30 hour and i want to get this time by minutes like 270 minutes.

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Time And Cost Calculations Per Minute

Oct 17, 2007

I have costs per minute and call times in seconds

How do I work out the cost per call in Excel?

It's probably something very simple, but I just can't work it out. No matter what I try, I can't get it right

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Employee Time Schedule, Calculations

Sep 28, 2009

I have tortured the cells into producing the output I want...

Namely time(s) in and out, with the hourly totals - subtracting 1/2 hour
for shifts over 6 hours.

I however have a couple of questions about glitches the approach I am using give me.... I will outline as best I can: wish I could upload a sample...

1) the user inputs (in the time format) the starting and ending times for the individual ie. 9 A = 9:00 AM ... 1:30 P = 1:30 PM simple

2) after the user inputs the total formula for each day is calculated:


That leaves the cell null if there is no time in the day...
If there is time, checks to see if more than 6 hours...
If so, deducts 1/2 hour, else does the difference calculation
This does work, but is it the elegant or simple way? recommend?

3) At the bottom of each day totals are calculated by this :


This also works to sum the individual totals to the bottom
But is this the best way to work with the times?

4) the individual then inputs the Actual Hours worked by the team...
And the sheet does a variance calculation between actual hours
Worked vs. Scheduled hours...


Now this is a problem...cannot do negative times....need help!

5) Am having a problem with totaling the individuals weekly total using ...


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Weekly Time Sheet Calculations

Sep 22, 2004

I need to calculate the total hours worked for a series of 22 locations. Each Location has weekly allocated hours ranging form 0 to 80.

For example:
User1 worked 4 Hours on Monday at Location1 and 4 Hours at Location2.
User2 worked 4 Hours on Monday at Location1 and 4 Hours at Location3.

I am assuming I will need to use VBA for this calculation.

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Rota Time Calculations And Colour Coding

Sep 13, 2013

I am currently working on a rota for my work. What I would like to code is that if a shift begins before 8am and finishes after 2pm it automatically deducts an hour for a lunch break. The spreadsheet currently calculates how long a shift is excluding any calculations for breaks, then checks whether that shift is a normal working day for the staff member, and returns the additional hours the staff member worked on that day. Separately, if possible I would like the spreadsheet to colour code each cell. So if a shift starts before 9am the cell fill color to be red, and if a shift begins after 1:30pm for the cell fill color to be dark red.

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VLOOKUP With Multiple Qty Breaks

Mar 17, 2012

I am working on a spreadsheet that has QTY discounts; all based on how much you buy of a certain Part#. The problem is that some Part#s use different QTY breaks. I am using VLOOKUP and I can only get it to show one QTY break level, and I need it to show multiple QTY breaks depending on the Part#.

Posted below is a sample of what I am working with:

QTY Part#
100 3
Part# Description 0-99 100-199 200 +

[Code] ......

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Time Efficient Methods For Calculations Based On Different Set Of Data?

May 27, 2014

how to calculate averages and standard deviations based on different time periods without having to manually change the cells?

1st average output at z3, 1st std dev output at z4
data to calculate from c3:c50

2nd average output at z5, 2nd std dev output at z6
data to calculate from c51:c98

3rd average output at z7, 3rd std dev output at z8
data to calculate from c99:c148

and it goes on based on this sequence. i would like to know how to do this without having to change the cells each time i want to calculate. basically what is the quickest way to calculate following this sequence?

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Adjusting Page Breaks In Multiple Tabs

Nov 13, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with many tabs in it (over 100 I believe) and I just want a macro that will adjust the page breaks so it will print one page per tab. Somewhere along the way, the page breaks have auto-adjusted themselves to print 4 or more pages on one tab. I do not want that.

In trying to figure this out on my own, I recorded a macro on one of the tabs and it returned the following
Sub Macro1()

ActiveWindow.View = xlPageBreakPreview
ActiveSheet.VPageBreaks(1).DragOff Direction:=xlToRight, RegionIndex:=1
ActiveWindow.View = xlNormalView
End Sub
How can I add to or adjust this to make it adjust the pagebreaks in all available tabs?

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Multiple Line Breaks Between Text In Cell In Excel?

Mar 29, 2012

I have multiple line breaks between text in a cell in excel. I wanted them replace without line breaks. Is there any option to replace this.

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Excel 2007 :: Time Difference Calculations And Automatic Insertion Of Text In Blank Column

Jan 4, 2014

Please find attached a daily copy of a spreadsheet that is used to monitor train running times.

The columns on the left - "Serv No, Serv Start Date,Train No:, Scheduled Arrival, Scheduled Depart" are provided to us automatically and the underlying cell formatting/formula cannot be changed. This information is cut directly from a daily report sent to us the previous day. The cell formatting for the start date is custom - dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm.

The sheet is usually locked out with user access only to the left hand side to cut and paste train times in and the input columns on the right hand side. User has no requirement to adjust any details in the left had column apart from to add additional trains at the bottom is need be. I have left the loaded sheet blank and complete with all underlying cell formatting, conditional formatting and formulas intact for you to play with.

Both sheets essentially do the same thing so whatever formula changes are made to the empty sheet can be adapted for the loaded sheet.

For simplicity, I will focus on the empty sheet. What I am mucking around with is having the user input the train arrival time in the "Actual Arrival" column - (column F)

What I am looking at then making occur is the spreadsheet automatically filling the adjacent columns with the appropriate text and calculations.

To do this excel needs to compare column the number (cell input is text formatted) as a number with the arrival time in column G. It then needs to calculate if the train is Early (16 minutes or more before scheduled arrival), on time (+/- 15 minutes either side of scheduled arrival) or late (16 minutes or more after scheduled). It then needs to automatically place the letter "E", "O" or "L" in column K and the time differential in column L.

My problem is two fold.

Firstly, I cannot seem to make the spreadsheet automatically enter a letter into column K depending on the above conditions.

Secondly, I have had limited success in having the spreadsheet compare column J with column F and working out the differential. However, this only works if the time remains linear. IE only if the train runs on time or late. It gives an incorrect time differential if the train is early. I will attach this spreadsheet tomorrow as an add on to this post.


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Multiple Criteria For Calculations

Apr 29, 2014

I have a spreadsheet that I am trying to have automatically calculate a total based on certain criteria:

I want the amount under the per diem amount column W to return a value based on if P is entered in column V. If this is for partial it will depend on departure and arrival times. If departure is after 6:00 AM no breakfast per diem is paid, if departure is after 11:00 AM no lunch is paid. If arrival is before 2:00 PM no lunch. If arrival is before 7:00 PM no dinner. If the user enters a 1 or 2 in column U, 1 uses out of state per diem breakdown located in cells I38:I40. In state uses a 2 and is located in cells E38:E40.

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Multiple Commission Calculations?

Feb 12, 2014

I want to pay different commission rates for different levels of sales...

IE nothing if sales are under 250,000 per year.
5% between 250,000 and 500,000,
8 % between 500,000 and 750,000
10% between 750,000 and 1,000,000
12.5 % between 1,000,000 and 1,250,000
and 15 % over 1,250,000

The issue that im having trouble with is that if the sales guy brings in 1,500,000 in yeary sales he would be paid some at 0%, some at 5% some at 8% some at 10% , so at 12.5 and some at 15%

How do i calculate that? I have included a excel spreadsheet.

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Multiple Calculations In Userform?

Feb 19, 2014

I am creating a userform that has multiple calculations in it. I understand how to do this in Excel but I have no idea what the order of operations would be with a user form. (UoM Cost) will = Unit Price / Quantity). The (Ext Cost) field would equal [Quantity x Waste% x UoM Cost (that needs to be calculated before) + Unit Price. (Cost Per Each) would = the "Ext Cost"....that needs to be calculated before / Quantity - Waste%.

Once I have these calculations, then need to click a button to either reset the user for for another record (or if I mess up) and a button to save the record to the excel spreadsheet in the background.

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Summing Multiple Calculations

Dec 17, 2008

I want to be able to sum across a worksheet the products in individual rows of a $ rate and a qty, without doing this for each column and then adding them.

for example: I might have in B1 '$100' and in B2 '3', then in C1 '$200' and C2 '6' and so on. What formula can I put in A3 to sum B1*B2 plus C1*C2 and so on?

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If Function Multiple Calculations

May 4, 2007

how to make this work. I am calculation age and service for a spreadsheet.
=IF(OR((E12>=60)*(F12>=10), (E12>=55)*(G12>=75)),"Y", "N")

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Multiple Calculations From Different Pages - Macro

Feb 3, 2014

I'm working on this excel tool that I would like to make as user-friendly as possible. It would act like a survey almost where the user would choose responses or input values for specific questions and then on other worksheets it would have the actual calculation and math.

I see that if one were to add a value onto worksheet 1 and which would be a variable that is essential to a calculation on worksheet 2 it does not run automatically.

If there is a combo box w text values that also needs to have a calculation on another page, can i just do an IF statement on worksheet 2 with combo boxes?

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VLookup With Multiple Criteria And Calculations?

Mar 30, 2012

I have one spreadsheet that contains employee overtime info per pay period which is bi-weekly, another spread that has their monthly production numbers. So...

Employee OT PayEndDate
John Smith 5 01/13/12
John Smith 7 01/27/12
Jack Jones 8 01/13/12
Jack Jones 9 01/27/12
John Smith 6 02/10/12
John Smith 3 02/24/12
Jack Jones 8 02/10/12
Jack Jones 10 02/24/12
And so on

On the other sheet
Employee Production Month
Jonh Smith 53 Jan
Jack Jones 75 Jan
John Smith 45 Feb
Jack Jones 80 Feb
And so on,

What I need to do is see the overtime hours per month, and the production numbers for the same month. Something like...

Employee OT Production Month
Jonh Smith 12 53 Jan
Jack Jones 17 75 Jan
John Smith 9 45 Feb
Jack Jones 18 80 Feb

I have a pivot table the sums up the OT by PayEnd Date but need to change PayEndDate to month, which I know how to do, but then add in the production any thoughts on how I could do this?

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Simplify Calculations With Multiple Variables

May 29, 2014

How to streamline calculations that include multiple variables.

I am trying to calculate results against weighted objectives for multiple associates. Here is a very trimmed down version of the table I have currently:

Function 1 Count
Function 1 Time
Function 1 Learning Curve
Function 2 Count
Function 2 Time
Function 2 Learning Curve
Function 3 Count
Function 3 Time
Function 3 Learning Curve

[Code] .....

There is an acceptable range (floor & ceiling) of performance for each Role/Function/LearningCurve. In the example above, let's say those ranges are as follows:

Rookie/Function1/A = 1-2
Rookie/Function2/C = 4-6
Rookie/Function3/X = 10-15

I currently run a calculation for that associate determining what % of total time was spent on each function. I multiply that by the floor & ceiling of each range, summing the floors & ceilings to produce a weighted range. Then, I compare their production total to that range. I have all this figured out. What I'm running into, though, is that this table is duplicated on a separate worksheet for each month of the year. Beyond that, each member of management maintains their unique workbook listing this information for their associates only. What I would like to do is publish/maintain only one "master" workbook for all associates, regardless of manager.

I tried creating a master table that inserted columns for Month & Manager in front of the columns above. I tried to use a PivotTable (brand new to that process), but I think that because I have certain variables (i.e., Role & LearningCurve) that are "stuck in the midst" of my data, I can't make heads or tails of the PT.

Currently, I have 3 columns per function (Count, Time & LC) as only one LC would exist in a given month for a given function. I figure I can set up the master sheet to have 8 columns per function (account for Count & Time per each of the 4 LC's possible), but that begins to become more cumbersome than what I have already.

In the end, I want to have a table that I can filter by month and/or manager and/or associate to which I can then apply the appropriate calculations. This would allow calculation for a single month or range of months as well as being able to calculate results for an associate regardless of potential reassignment to a different manager, and conversely being able to aggregate results for a given manager using data for whichever associates reported to them each month.

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Multiple Criteria: Combine All The Calculations

Mar 21, 2007

Is there any way to combine all the following calculations? Using the first as an example - If the word Resigned does not appear in P28 and if S28 = Q then the sum is 6 - 6*O28


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