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Nesting A New Criteria In Sumif

I have the following Formula:


In this way I got the sum of all items located in column E wich have the same value than in B3 in Sheet 1....

How could I change the formula in the way that only returns the Values in Sheet2 E:E when (If equals to B2 and C2 in Sheet 1 then Sumif)

The value which I want to use to filter is in the same columns in both sheets

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Nesting OR & AND Functions To Meet Multiple Criteria
I want to put a formula in a spread sheet that if block f5 is equal to or higher than 20% of block b4 then block d3 * .0 if less than then * by .0078

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Formula- To Pull Cell Values Similar To A SUMIF Function (SUMIF(range,criteria,sum_range))
I am trying to pull cell values similar to a SUMIF function (SUMIF(range,criteria,sum_range)). For example, in A1 I use a data list created from data elsewhere on the spreadsheet. In the data I created elsewhere, there are 2 columns being used. The 1st column is the information that is being used to create the list and the second column contains specific values (number or text). In the dropdown menu I select an available value (text or number) . When I have selected that value I would like cell A2 to show what the cell directly to the right of it shows from the data I have elsewhere in the spreadsheet as mentioned. I have tried the SUMIF function however it seems to exclude certain values (number or text) and I am not sure what else to use.

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Sumif With Two Criteria
I don't know why I can't figure this out, but it has been too long, but I need a formula that looks for yesterday's date and adds up any time that matches that date and that person from the list. So like in this example, for yesterday, my answer would be 1 hour for Ashley.

1 1/7/09 Ashley 0:10
2 1/8/09 Ashley 0:10
3 1/9/09 Bob 0:10
4 1/7/09 Ashley 0:50

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SUMIF 2nd Criteria
Im using a formula to identify a job description then add up the quantity which works fine. =SUMIF(Master!A1:A10,"Bread",Master!C1:C10)
But my problem is, I have a second description in column 'B' for example called 'White'. I've been trying to get the formula to look at column A & B and if they match criteria in formula, then add up C. But can't seem to get it to work with the second criteria.

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SUMIF With Criteria
I am trying to take a census by date and name for every half-hour using the attached data. So for example, I would like to know how many people Roger had that walked-in and walked-out for each date on the spreadsheet and during what hours. The census would be every half-hour and not double count times. I could actually deal with just the min and max time for the day (by date and name) and having some indicator (say a one or an X) in the cells when Roger had at least someone anytime between walk-in and walk-out. It's kind of like getting a "time worked" based on the data that's provided to me. So I know how many hours Roger worked by day.

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SUMIF 2 Or More Criteria
I have a workbook with several different worksheets. I am attempting to pull data from a worksheet, I will name it sheet1. Sheet1 has 6 columns. The data I am interested in is in B and F. Column B has account numbers ranging from 1 - 1,000,000 and column F has the total account balances. What I am attempting to do is to sum the data in F that falls between a criteria in B. For example I want the sum of F that correspond to accounts 4999 thru 7555.

I have tried several variations of the same formula from my online search and am still unable to get it to work properly. I have tried using ">=4999" "<=7555" and I cannot get it to work properly. It seems fairly straight forward, but I am perplexed as to what I am doing wrong.

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Sumif For Non-blank Criteria
I'm trying to figure out how to get sumif to sum for non-blank entries- e.g.
sumif(A1:A5,"not isblank", B1:B5).

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More Than One Criteria In SUMIF Or SUMPRODUCT,
I need to add amounts in column B, based on column A’s account numbers, so I want to add only account numbers, say 17101 & 17201 and nothing else.

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Sumif Between Date Criteria
I just became a member of your forum, so please forgive me if I am not concise enough or take too long.

I imput the number of hours associated with week ending dates.
Date Hours OT
01/08/2006 6 2
03/12/2006 8
04/16/2006 3 1

I need to add up the hours for each quarter for Hours & OT
Apr-June etc

This is what I came up with, but it doesn't give me the correct value
= SUMIF(A3:A75,"<="&DATE(2006,03,31),C:C)

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SUMIF/COUNTIF With 2 Criteria
I am trying to extract some data from a large spreadsheet and having problems...

Column C contains text descriptions, e.g 'Description One', 'Description Two', 'Description Three'

Column O contains a date.

I need to count the number of items that have a date prior to 1st April 2007 and have certain text contained in the full text string value in column C e.g. 'One'

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SUMIF With Sequential Criteria
In the formula (range, criteria, sum_range), I have a fixed range and a fixed summary range for each column, i.e.: ($F$3:$F$805, "criteria", O$3:O$805).

HoweverI am trying to sum up units by income level (columns D, E, and F) using information from elsewhere on the sheet. I am doing this for each city, which entails changing the criteria for all of the cities I am using three times (once per column).

Is there a simple way to autofill the criteria? They are just names of cities, all in the same column, COLUMN B. Or do I have to type each individual change?

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Sumif - Multiple Criteria
Column A |Column B |Column C
Store_Name| Dates |Revenue_Generated

I want to sum the revenue generated in every row where:
Store_Name = "x"
Dates >= Date1

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Sumif Formula With 2 Criteria
is there away to do the sumif formula with 2 criteria? See attachment

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Non Working SUMIF (more Than 1 Criteria)
Normally, sumif formula works well with problems that have one criteria to take into consideration. With the table that I have, I'm unable to accurately use SUMIF. I'm not even sure if I should use it since what I really need is Average. SUMProduct proves to be even harder to use for me. Here's what I have:

122307Closed1/142/81/3112 DAYS
122265Closed1/142/22/214 DAYS
122265Closed1/142/101/3112 DAYS
122253Closed1/121/221/229 DAYS

Other details:

I used =SUMPRODUCT(--($B$21:$B$31=C4),--($D$21:$D$31=$D$3)) to count the total number of a specific task status per ID code, say, closed and ATD.

I manually added TAT that has "Closed" status on a per ID code basis.


ID Code# of Closed StatusAverage TAT
12265213 DAYS (14+12/2)

Is there a formula that will give me the average TAT taking ID Code and "Closed" status as conditions/criteria? What about Vlookup, average?

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SUMIF Based On Two Criteria
I want a formula to sum all values if two different criteria match. I've attached a sample below. The TaskID and the Time Entry ID are the two data points I'm searching for and the totals column is where my sum statement would be. The numbers are being pulled from another worksheet.

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SUMIF Multiple Criteria In 2003
I am using Excel 2003 and need help with sumif with 2 criteria. Please see attached worksheet.

I am trying to find total costs for repective projects if they happend in 2009 only, else leave blank.

In attached worksheet, see column c, row 17...thats what the result should be.

Find All Instances of:

Project A that happend in 2009 and from range c2..c7
Project B that happend in 2009 and from range c2..c7


and show their sum in c17,c18, etc.

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Sumif Formula Multiple Criteria
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the formula on page 1 cell F56? it is not adding the 666 gallons at the end of column F for 426 - cc. Any ideas?

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Sumif With Multiple Range And Criteria
I am trying to do a sumif function where it only sums when a different criteria is met in several different columns.


sumif b:b shows portsmouth d:d shows calais f:f shows night then sum range g:g

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Sumif Formula The Meets Five Different Criteria
I want to create a sumif formula that will sum the data if it meets five different criteria. I tied to do an “Or” statement in the formula, but it doesn’t work. For example, I want to sum all the rows that contain: Apples, Bananas, Cherries, Pears, and Plums. How do I write the sumif formula so that it will do this?

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SUMIF - Multiple Criteria Using Concatenate
Im tryng to do a SUMIF formula that has several criteria as answer but using the concatenate formula, but it doesnt seem to come back with the answer - im using AND/OR formula aswell, but have a feeling im doing it wrong.

It does work when i use the single concatenate, but not when i try a do more than one

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SUMIF With Multiple Criteria In 2003
I'm trying to return a value from a data dump based on 2 seperate criteria, 1 being the name of a person and the other being the name of an activity. Is there any way of using an array and the SUMIF function to do this?

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2 Criteria Sumif Or Sumproduct With Wildcards
-I have 3 relevant columns, A, B and C with 999 rows
-Column A is a status indicator "Yes" or "No" are the only options
-Coumn B a list of vendor names, which requires the wildcard example:"*Verizon*"
-Column C is the data range that needs to be summed

Right now i have this:

But, it seems sumproduct does not allow wildcard matches within it's "--" arrays. I am willing to try something else if possible, but I lack the excel knowledge to answer this myself.

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SumIf: Change The Criteria To Be The Equivalent Of A1 OR B2
I've searched the boards & haven't found anything as uncomplicated as what I'm looking for. I know I could use Sumproduct, but for something this simple is there anything I can do with Sumif? This in effect is my worksheet.
1AD200=SUMIF('Sheet2’!B:B, A1, 'Sheet2’!C:C)

All I want to do is change the criteria to be the equivalent of A1 OR B2 (ie checking the range for either match. No way to do that in a sumif? I'm looking for the least complicated, easiest to adjust/edit formula possible.

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“Vlookup” Or “Sumif” With Multiple Criteria ?????
I would like to take a precise value from one table which corresponds to two different criteria. See the example attached with this message.

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SumIf Two Columns Meet Criteria
On the attached example i would like a formula in F2 which sums all the values where column equals "Smith" and column B equals "Golf European". I'm assuming it would involve the SumIf formula but i'm not sure if this is the best solution when the criteria is in two columns?

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How To Use SUMIF On Consecutive Cells Matching Criteria
How would I write a sumif function to only add consecutive cells that match the criteria? Here is the formula I am using right now, but it adds all of the cells that match the criteria, not just the consecutive ones. Also they need to be consecutive cells from the current cell (in the formula below i would be referring to A80)


More data:

Column A is a group of dates, but not in order, they are slightly mixed up
Column H is a monetary value.

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SumIf The Sum Of Unique Values Is Greater Than Criteria
I have a problem which is beyond my capabilities. I need excel to sum amount column (See example table below) by unique values in company column then conditionally sum those values based on the year of investment, stage of company and finally, the kicker, the summed Amount by unique companies value has to be less than a certain threshold.

For example, I want companies in Stage Column of Exit only and in year 2004 only BUT only if the sum of the Amounts by unique company values is less than 100. So in the example table this would return 0. I have code and criteria written to sum unique values based on similar criteria such as sum if company Stage is Seed and Year is 2004 but for the life of me I can't seem to make the jump further.

For Unique values I used this function:
=DCOUNTA($A$1:$D9999,2, Criteria)
=DSUM($A$1:$D9999,2, Criteria)

This along with criteria explained before returns the number of unique companies that are Stage=Seed and Year=2004 or sum of amounts with that criteria.

I am trying to adapt this technique to get what I want but to this point have been unsuccessful. My best guess is that I will need to create an array of the unique companies (New Sheet column A) with the Summed Amounts (New sheet column B) and then run functions again with the easier equations and criteria? I am trying to avoid combining company records as each investment needs to remain individual and there are 16000 records. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Company Year Amount Stage XYZ 2004 10 Seed XYZ 2004 20 Seed ABC 2004 5 Early ABC 2004 25 Early DEV 2004 14 Later DEV 2004 19 Later TRU 2004 100 Exit TRU 2004 120 Exit TRU 2004 100 Exit

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SUMIF With Two Text Based Criteria Using INDIRECT
I have a need to sum values in the right column of a 2 column table based on multiple criteria of the values in the left hand column. The table has 500 rows.

The two criteria are:
1 - that the cell contains a specific text string ("product a")and
2 - that the cell contains a text string for the month in question ("Jan")

The other limitation I have to work with is that the formula is in a different workbook to the source data. I have a worksheet that lists the external workbook/sheet and have been using INDIRECT in the DSUM.

I read through the examples here:

Basically they recommended DSUM as the most efficient.

I can get the DSUM working, but it needs the workbook to be open before it can evaluate the expression and therefore I get an error when I select to update values upon opening the workbook.

So in summary I wondering if anyone can show me how to write a SUMIF formula based on the above criteria.

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Sumif Several Sheets And Using A Variable Criteria Range
Currently I’m using several formulas to acquire my result; I know it can be abbreviated to a more compact formula.

I have four Sheets. One summary sheet and SheetA, SheetB and SheetC containing Data.
All sheets are documented in an equal format, e.g.: in column A: Date, column B: Code (A, B, C or D) and Column C: values.

Criteria are located in the summary sheet e.g.: A2: 1-1-2008 A3: 2-1-2008 and B2: A, B3:B
The data sheets are listed in H1:H3.

The results should cover a sum of col C over the sheets by using the critiria listed in summary sheet.

The criteria range is variable; sometimes I only want to use one criteria and sometimes more.

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Sumif Multiple Criteria: Sum Spend In Certain Categories
I have a column which lists total spend by vendor. I am using the sumif formulae to sum spend in certain categories, for example spend greater than £500,000. I would like to use two criteria, for example greater than £300,00 but less than £499,999. I am also using countif to get the number of vendors in each range of spend. How do I adapt my current code of "=SUMIF(D2:D1463,">300000",D2:D1463)" to look at greater than £300,000 but less than £499,999. I'm sure this is simple but like most things only simple if you know how.

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SUMIF Using Greater/Less Than Symbols In Text Criteria
I'm trying to get a simple Sumif formula to work. I have used this formula a hundred times before but this time the results are inaccurate. I suspect that it may be because of the math symbols which are used in the criteria text i.e. < and >

My formula is as follows: =SUMIF('Raw Data Export'!D:D,"< No Project >",'Raw Data Export'!G:G)

A data extract from the sheet named "Raw Data Export" is attached.

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SUMIF Multiple Conditions (two Columns Match Criteria Add The Third)
Im trying to have a formula look at two diferent columns and if they meet the criteria add the third column.

I tried using sumproduct but It wont give me anything but error messages or a zero.

Looks like this

Need it to say:
if column A = Stewart and Column B = Fiduciary then add up the amount in Column C

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Nesting Sum If....
I tried using this array formula but it has an error in it and I can't figure out the error. =SUM(IF(Tracking!$C$2:$C$5000=$B$4,IF((Tracking!$D$2:$D$5000="15-M Eval")+(Tracking!$D$2:$D$5000="15-M TIC")+(Tracking!$D$2:$D$5000="Misd CRT"),IF(Tracking!$E$2:$E$5000=$A6,IF(Tracking!$J$2:$J$5000>=VALUE($B$1),IF(Tracking!$J$2:$J$5000<=V ALUE($B$2),1,0)))))) (I attached the workbook. In the CSTE worksheet, I didn't use control-shift-enter so you could see the formula.)

What I'm trying to do is come up with a formula that will sum if either of these three Legal Status types (15-M Eval, 15-M TIC, and Misd CRT) are present on the Tracking worksheet with a specified Evaluator within a certain date range. The formula works if I just want to find one Legal Status type. I also will want to come up with a formula that will sum if either of these five Legal Status types (15/30-F Eval, 15-F TIC, 1/90 CRT, 2/90 CRT, and 180 CRT) are present on the Tracking worksheet with a specified Evaluator within a certain date range. I tried researching if I could define a name that would sum these 3 Legal Status types but that didn't work either.

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Nesting IF(AND
Im having some isses nesting two arguments together.

basically(ha, ha), id like to do the following operation in cell J9:

If the Actual Date (F9) is blank leave the cell blank, and if the actual date is blank is the target date is less than NOW(), leave it blank.

If the Actual date is not blank, do Actual minus Target, and if NOW() is greater then the target date, do now() minus target.

if(F9="", ""
if(E9 < NOW(), ""


if(F9=<>, F9 -E9
if(NOW()>E9, NOW()-E9

I have attached a spreadsheet to illustrate.

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Nesting If, And & Between Functions
I am trying to create a formula with mutiple criterias to come back with results of whether that person is Eligible or Not Eligible for stock. The criteria to be Eligible is as follows:

1) Hire Date before 1st March 2007

2) Band 1 and the performance review = Exceeded

3) If Band 2-5 then performance review must be either Achieved or Exceeded

See attached file for the example. I have got as far as the first 2 points but i am struggling with incorporating the last point.

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VBA Nesting If Statements For Dates
I am having issues writing the VBA code for IF statements. I am essentially trying to nest IF statements within one another. I have it done through the regular If functions as seen in the attachment, but I cannot seem to get it to work with VBA.

I need it to work in VBA without knowing how many rows of data there are. In the attachment you will see the rules that I need the data follow, but here is an example. Essentially, depending upon how large cell C2 is, I need to add a certain amount of months to whatever is in E2.

=IF(C2="","",IF(C2<500000,DATE(YEAR(E2),MONTH(E2)+1,DAY(E2)),IF(AND(C2>=500000,C2<1000000),DATE(YEAR (E2),MONTH(E2)+1,DAY(E2)),IF(AND(C2>=1000000,C2<=2000000),DATE(YEAR(E2),MONTH(E2)+1,DAY(E2)),IF(AND( C2>2000000,D2="Critical"),DATE(YEAR(E2),MONTH(E2)+2,DAY(E2)),IF(C2>2000000,DATE(YEAR(E2),MONTH(E2)+1 ,DAY(E2)),"Reevaluate"))))))

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Nesting If Statements With Vlookups
I know how to do a vlookup and I know how to do an if statement. I also know how to do an IF(ISERROR or IF(ISNA ....

However, I can not get this to work:

=IF(C73<7,VLOOKUP(D73,'Package Mix'!$G$39:$H$45,2,FALSE),IF(C73<13,VLOOKUP(D73,'Package Mix'!$G$6:$H$36,2,FALSE),IF(C73>23,VLOOKUP(D73,'Package Mix'!$G$48:$H$56,2,FALSE),"")))

I can not wrap my head around how to make this work w/ IF(ISNA ....

Also, why must you use < or > .... I actually want the numbers to be 6,12, and 24... However, it seems when I use an equal sign it fails.

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LOOKUP And Nesting IF Formula
The enclosed spreadsheet includes a couple formulas I’m having trouble with.
The questions themselves are detailed in the document.

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Nesting A Multiple IF Formula..
I had the first and third argument working properly but am running into difficulty when I tried to enter the middle formula.

If A1 + B1 = 0 then "0"

If A1 = 0 AND B1 is greater than 0 then give B1's value times .01
If neither of those are true Then A1 minus B1, divide the result by A1 and then multiply it by negative 1.

=IF((A1+B1=0),("0%")*OR,IF((A1=0 and B1>0),(B1*0.01),((A1-B1)/AI*-1)))

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Nesting Countif: Get The Data ?
I have a new job a part of which is where I have to provide reports using data from excel 2003 sheets that are sent to me by someone else. I add my own formulas to get the data I need. One such bit of data is. How many rows have "yes" in col E and "w" in range M:V?

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Nesting If And Match Functions
I've followed several tips on how to match these formulas, but somehow cannot make them work. I'm using Open office's version of excel. I need a formula that searches on 'tension downfall' for data in the first sheet, and then return a value corresponding to the row and column that match the input on the first sheet.

'tension downfall' shows a double entry table which shows amperage against length and returns a wire size. I would like to input amperage and length on two different cells and have the wire size needed for those values. Is it clear enough? I'm attaching my current work to make it a little bit clearer.

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Nesting IF/AND/Or Statements: Figure Out
I have two cells that each contain their own lists (listA=A1, listB=B1). I'm trying to figure out how to say:

If the selection from (listA= X AND listB=W )or the selection from listB=Y output 0, otherwise output data from C1.

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Hitting Nesting Limit
I'm building a model that based on the start date (cell C7) needs to display the month of the project (M1, M2, M3, M4, ... M12) under the appropriate calendar month (Dec-07, Jan-08, etc.). The formula below works great (E4 is the calendar month Dec-07 in this case, and when I drag the formula horizontally it updates (F4, G4, etc.). B33 through B44 are my month references M1, M2, M3, etc.)

Here's the problem: The below statement contains seven nested ifs and Excel won't let me add additional if statements. How else can this be accomplished?


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Nesting Limit In 2007
I am trying to use a formula with 13 nested IFs in Excel 2007, which is supposed to allow up to 64 nestings. But I get a message that the formula "uses more levels of nesting than are allowed in the current format" whether I am using xlsx, xlsm or xlsb.

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Nested SUMIF Statement Or Multiple SUMIF
I need to perform 2 SUMIF's on 2 columns of data to return a result and I'm not quite sure the best way of doing this. I'll give an example below.

I have 2 columns of data, both numeric and the SUMIF needs to say if H1:H100="10" and also if J1:J100="907". I can perform one or the other but not both.

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IF Function Nesting In Excel, Allows Only 7 Arguments?
=IF(E18>760,(">760"),(IF(E18>550,("550-760"),(IF(E18>365,("365-550"),(IF(E18>210,("210-365"),(IF(E18>120,("120-210"),(IF(E18>90,("90-120"),(IF(E18>60,("60-90"),(if (E18>30, ("1-30"), (0))))))))))))))))

If you try to use this it will not work, as excel takes only 7 arguments
can someone help me with this. Do any one know macro for the same.

if you use this formule it will work

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Nesting-Don't Use Blanks Inside Formula
I am currently using the STDEV formula. Is there a way, that i can make
the formula use data from nonblank cells, only. For example: A1, A2, A5 will
have numbers listed. A3 & A4 are blank. Can i get the formula to use only
A1, A2, & A5?

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Nesting Isnumber Search Formulas
I am using the ISNUMBER formula to verify if specific text is found in a string of text.

This formula worked when I only needed to find 1 particular brand name:


Now I need to have 2 different brand names ("BrandB" and "J & B") that need to return a "B" and all others should return a "C".

I found a thread regarding this same topic, but I could not get their solution to work for me.
They recommended using:

=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("BrandB",RC[6])),"B","C")&", "&IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("J & B",RC[6])),"B","C")

The fact that my second brand name is written with spaces ("J & B") could be adding to the problem, I don't know. I thought replacing the "C" with another "IF(ISNUMBER" function should work, but I have been unsuccessful at writing a formula that doesn't cause run-time errors.

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Nesting Functions Of Match And Offset
Is it possible to nest the two functions of match & offset. I am working with two worksheets. One is a constant the other is building. I want to match a text from the first spreadsheet in the second sheet (otherwords I want to find that exact within the other spreadsheet) then I want to retreive the offset value to the right of the matched cell and place it in the constant worksheet where the formula is.

For Example

Sheet 1 Sheet2

Company: First Name: Company: Name:
Adamack's ? Adamack's Patrick

So if I put the formula where the ? mark is, I want to match the first company name on sheet 1, from the range in sheet 2, then I want to get the offset from that match 0,1 to give me the name patrick.

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Nesting Isnumber Search Functions
I have this search function that works well: =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("which is < ",E9)),"test ok", "not ok") my E9 cell contains the phase: "I have a number which is < 9, and which is positive..." E9 has "which is < ", then i get back "test ok"

My question is.... how can I do this multiple times within the same function/cell. i.e. if I wanted to search "which is < " and/or "positive" in the same cell, then i get back "test ok", "positive number") I keep trying all combinations to no avail, like: =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("which is < ",E9)),"test ok", "not ok"), =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("positive",E9)),"positive number", "no good")

Keep in mind I am using a numeric example, although I am using this function to check if part of a cell matches specific text...

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