Networkdays On Default

Apr 17, 2009

Networkdays on default takes saturday as a holiday. Is there a way I can undo this and have only sunday as a holiday while calculating net working days.

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Networkdays() And Now()

Dec 5, 2006

I have a formula which compares a date entered into a cell (say A1), against the function NOW() and returns a number. The number is the number of days left to complete a job (if the date in A1 matches the NOW() exactly then it returns 5, meaning there are 5 days left to complete the job).

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Mar 28, 2007

I have a sheet with several NETWORKDAYS functions. They normally work perfectly, but sometimes I get a #VALUE! error as if Excel was not recognizing the function.

I haven't been able to track what exactly triggers this error. It could be related to a some macros I run, but I'm sure they do not disable Analysis Toolpak at any point. Actually if I manually disable and re-enable the add-in, the error doesn't go away.

To get rid of this bug, I need to either open the spreadsheet on a different machine or close/repoen Excel (which only works sometimes). Strangely, if I retype one of the cells, sometimes Excel will recognize the function across the board.

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Oct 16, 2008

I am using networkdays. as follows:


The formula returns as 2 if it is between two consecutive days (Monday to Tuesday). I need to change the formula to the following:

If the days are the same, return as 1 day, if it is two consequtive days, return as 1 day and if 3 cosecutive days, return as 2 days and so on.

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Group THE Networkdays

May 22, 2007

I have a pivot table listing stock prices from Jan to today. I would like to group them as networkdays.

I see the option to group as days and then select number of day=5. However when I view the data, the 5 day group does not mirror the calendar.

It is 5 days in a group, but it is not the 5 work days of the calendar. It might be the last 3 days and the next 2 days of the following week. I am trying to get the same week to stick together.

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Oct 23, 2007

I have this formula for determining the numberof days in the current month, excluding today.

Now I need to exclude the holidays.

I'd rather not add another named list or table so I thought I'd use an array constant but can't get it to work. This is what I added:

Okay, I used oct 10 and 11 as an example to insure the formula is working. But it doesn't work and I can't figure out why.

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Calculate The Networkdays Between Two Dates

Jan 13, 2009

I can calculate the networkdays between two dates but how do I project a finishing date if I know the starting date, the holidays, and the duration of the task in working days? (Sample sheet attached, working in Excel 2003).

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Networkdays In Production Schedule

Jul 2, 2009

I have attahced an example of what I need to do. I need to project due dates for each of our 8 departments based on a ship date of the final product. Each of the 8 dept. have a number of operations (ops) and given number of hours for each op. These alocated hours change on every job plus I have 2 outside operations that may or maynot be added to the mix. I don't have a clue on where to even start with this formula.

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Networkdays Formula :: #NUM! Error

Feb 2, 2010

I have the formula Networkdays(A4,F4-1,L2:L10) and it works fine apart from if i enter the same date in cells A4 and F4 ie the work was processed on the same day the formula calculates a value of -2 when I would like it to be 0 Also if the cells are blank as the data has not been completed yet it comes up with a #NUM! error.

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Use The Networkdays() Function In A Workbook

Dec 27, 2006

In order to use the networkdays() function in a workbook im working on i need to get the Analysis ToolPak add-in installed on my pc.

Will this workbook function correctly if opened on a pc that does not have that particular add-in on it?

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Average NETWORKDAYS Calculation

Mar 26, 2007

I have three columns of data that pertain to this question:

1. Status (Open or Closed)
2. Assigned (names)
3. Date Opened (a date value)

I want a formula to calculate the AVERAGE NETWORKDAYS between Today() and the Date Opened where Status = Open and Assigned = .

I'm thinking it'll be a big, honking SUMPRODUCT formula but I can't figure it out. Honking is a ...'technical' term.

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Adjusting Networkdays Formula

Jun 11, 2007

How would you adjust the network days formula so that Wednesday is considered a non-working day?

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Conditional Format & Networkdays

Mar 9, 2007

I am trying to apply a conditional format to a cell with a date entry (D5) if the date in D5 is more than 2 days previous to the date in A5 excluding weekends. I've tried variations of the following using conditional formatting


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NETWORKDAYS And Producing Future Dates

May 5, 2014

I want to make a little chart for easy reference that tells me due dates for projects, based on estimated completion times.

I'm already using NETWORKDAYS to find the amount of working days between today and a due date, but I want to flip the formula around, and I'm having trouble getting the syntax right.

For example, column A reads:


Estimated completion times for various projects.

So I want column B to read the date that this would render. A1, value 0, would always produce today's date for B1. B2 would always read one business day into the future, B3 would read as 2 business days into the future, B4 as 3 business days into the future. Does that make sense, and B5 as 5 bd into future.

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Networkdays Formula Excluding Holidays

Feb 27, 2014

I have formula for working days which excludes holidays :

[Code] .....

Code works but I have monthly worksheet and macro for adding days in month. This formula's end date is in AI2 cell, which corresponds to 31th day of the month. Problem is that I get #REF error across all sheet when I delete last day columns, in month which have less than 31 days.

I know that this is the cell reference error because cell AI2 is deleted, but is there any solution for changing networkdays formula or replace It with something else that will work same, with range maybe ?

For now I just hide columns, which is o.k., but I would rather delete columns...

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May 1, 2009

I've attached a sample of what my problem is. I'm trying to keep track of critical ship dates using NETWORKDAYS. My formula works good until the 2 cells it's watching have no dates in them. This should be an easy fix but I can't figure it out. The formula reads =IF(ISBLANK(E3),NETWORKDAYS($A$2,F3,$A$17:$A$29),NETWORKDAYS($A$2,E5,$A$17:$A$29)). The cell range A2:A17 list the holidays for the year. Cell E3 is a ship date to teflon and F3 is a ship date of the completed job to the customer.

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Ignoring Weekends & Holidays - NETWORKDAYS

Dec 14, 2005

I have a schedule of holiday dates through year 2010 off to the side in cells N8-S18 that a workable formula could refer to.

........C...................D..................... ......E.........

Column C is the duration of the project in days. Column D is the project start date. Column E is the project end date.

As example, in D4 I'm using the formula =IF(C3=0,E3+0,E3+1). I need to include something to make it ignore weekends & holidays.

I don't have much experience in multiple conditions - I tried some things & made a decent mess of it.

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Calculating Dates Using Different Values For NETWORKDAYS

Apr 19, 2006

I have employees that have different number of business days they work. I
need to be able to calculate when the employee has utilized a specific number
of business days specific to the days of the week they work and the number of
days per week work. For example, if I have an employee that works 3 business
days per week (Specifically M, W, and F), and I need to know the date this
employee worked a total of 30 business days, is there a way to calcuate this
date (which should be 6/9/06 if we use a start date of 4/3/06.

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NETWORKDAYS Calc With 3 Columns Of Dates

Aug 10, 2006

I have 3 columns of dates (A1, B1, C1).
Several different scenarios:

1. If A1 is blank, but B1 & C1 are populated, I want to put the result in

2. If B1 is blank, but A1 & C1 are populated, I want to put the result in

3. If C1 is blank, but A1 & B1 are populated, I want to put the result in

4. If A1 & B1 are blank, I want to put "N/A" in D1.

5. If A1 & C1 are blank, I want to put "N/A" in D1.

6. If B1 & C1 are blank, I want to put "N/A" in D1.

Why are there 3 date fields you ask, the powers that be want it that way,

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Using Sumproduct To Sum Networkdays Between Dates With Criteria?

Oct 15, 2008

Hmmmm. Looks like I ruined my original posting while trying to mark it solved.

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Networkdays: Start Date & End_date..?

Oct 19, 2008

I use without problem the function =NETWORKDAYS(start_date;End_date;[holidays]) that calculate the distance between two dates overlooking Saturdays, Sundays and, if specified, other holiday days.

But is there any general kind of this function that allows the calculus for the “long work week” ( i.e considering Saturday as working day )? Or and More: If I would consider Fridays as holiday days?

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Sep 19, 2007

Excel 2003.
Cell A1 = "Opened"
Cell B1 = "Sent to DoN"
Column A = named range Opened
Column B = named range Sent_to_Don
Cell A2 = 8/30/07
Cell B2 = 9/7/07
Columns A & B formatted as date in display format mm/dd/yy
Cell C2 =NETWORKDAYS(A2,B2) Display is 7
Cell D2 =NETWORKSDAYS(Opened,Sent_to_DoN) Display is #NUM
Cell E2 =(Sent_to_DoN-Opened) Display is 8

How to fix the #NUM error?

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Networkdays Function & Named Ranges

Jun 7, 2006

I have named range in column A = holfrom and another in column B = holtill

When I try to use NETWORKDAYS(holfrom;holtill) I get an error VALUE
Is it even possible to use this function with named ranges

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Working Ship Dates Backwards With Networkdays

May 5, 2009

I have a job tracker program that daddylonglegs helped me with a few days ago. I thought I would be able figure this out on my own but failed. I've attached the file to help show what I need. I know the final ship date of a project. Sometimes my projects need to go out for teflon coating.

I need Networkdays to give me a TO TEFLON date that is 5 days before the final ship date and factor in weekends and holidays.

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NETWORKDAYS() Function Will Return A Value Of 1 If Start And End Date Are Same

Nov 12, 2008

Anyone know why the NETWORKDAYS() function will return a value of 1 if the start and end date are the same? Does the function always assume that the start_date is at 12:00AM and the end_date is at 11:59PM, because it seems to also show that there are 3 days between 11/04/08 and 11/06/08.

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Calendar Form/Control To Calculate NetWorkDays

Sep 29, 2006

I would like to be able to calculate the number of Net Working Days between 2 dates using the dates returned from the calendar form and have the number of working days placed into a separate cell. Example, I use the popup calendar in A1 and select 10/1/06, I then use the popup calendar in B1 and select 10/9/06 and the number of Net Wroking Days is placed in cell C1. Is there a way to calculate the number of working days between the two chosen dates?

I have the forms for the calendar already created and am using this for the popup calendar but don't know where to start to calculate the working days from the calendars results.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
'This will launch when A1 and/or B1 is selected
If Target.Address = "$A$1" Or Target.Address = "$B$1" Then
End If
End Sub

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NetWorkDays Formula :: Giving 0 Instead Of 1 (leads To Negative Values)

Oct 29, 2008

I am having an issue with this formula. The formula works for 85% of my data. I worked through the formula and found that the error occurs within the networksday part of the formula. For some reason the it gives me a “0” when it should be giving me a “1”. This causes the solution to be a negative and create the error. I placed an example of when both the formula works and doesn’t work. I tried many things. Love to get some other ideas why this is happening. It’s a altered Daddylongleg formula....

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Compare 2 Dates Using Networkdays, Assuming Both Column A & B Are Filled

Apr 20, 2006

I have a spreadsheet that captures task start and end dates similar to project. It currently calculates Networkdays correctly, so if you have:

1. 1/1/06 - 1/31/06 (22 Days)
2. 1/1/06 - 12/1/05 (- 22 Days - showing dates have been entered incorrectly.)
3. 1/1/06 - No End Date (-27655)


My concern is with #3, is there a way to instruct the formula that if columna and columb are not filled in,the result should be blank. Previously I had it where it indicated NA - but the problem with this is - while it appears fine in Excel, when I pull it into Access to report on I get the -27655. This is throwing my reporting off.

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Subtract Two Dates To Get Number Of Week Days - Networkdays Does Not Work

Dec 10, 2013

I am trying to find a formula that will return the number of week days between two dates. My specific situation is that my job sets up work orders (WO) to be completed by our staff. We have 3 dates - the date the WO was created, the date the WO is due to be completed, and the date the WO was actually completed.

I would like to subtract the Complete date from the Due date. Generally, this should always equal zero because our staff should be completing WOs on the due date! But obviously that doesn't always happen. There are times that they complete them late, and times they complete them early (yay!).

The problem with NETWORKDAYS is that even when they are completed on time, the result is 1. This formula counts instead of subtracts. I adjusted the formula to =NETWORKDAYS(A3,A4)-1 which works fine for those WOs completed on time or completed late. But for those completed early, it adds (or subtracts, really) 2 days. So for a WO completed a day early, instead of it showing -1, it shows -3. I've attached an example of WOs and the NETWORKDAYS formula I've used so you can see.

Subtract Days.xls

I'm really looking for something that will subtract week days, not count them.

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Excel 2007 :: NETWORKDAYS Function - How To Include Saturdays As Workdays

Nov 26, 2011

I have never worked on workdays before so I do not know most of the available formula and play around. I googled across and found this one: [URL] .......

Where Bob has given an ARRAY formula.

Following is my layout in A1 to C3 grid (for testing purpose):
Start Date11/1/2011HOLIDAYEnd Date11/30/201111/3/2011NETWORKDAYS2011/22/2011
The formula resides in B3.

Is there any other development in 2007+ versions of Excel which can handle 6 working days in a week?

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