Remove Single Leading Quote From All Cells

Feb 19, 2013

Is there a way to clean all of the single leading quote marks from all cells in a sheet?




I'm importing data and I have several columns to deal with and will never know how many columns/rows are in a sheet.

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Remove Leading Single Quote From Text Cells

Oct 9, 2009

I am a SAS programmer and often use SAS Proc Export to dump data to Excel. Sometimes the data is an Excel formula, e.g.
=hyperlink("#Sheet1!r1c1","click here")

Because the data is text, what get's put in the cell is '=HYPERLINK("#Sheet1!r1c1","click here") (note leading single quote).

I cannot use the replace function to edit them out, so must hand edit each one out -tedious at best.

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Excel 2003 :: Removing Single Quote Of Contents Of Several Cells?

Jan 31, 2014

In a large range of cells, how I can remove the single quote at the beginning of the contents of each cell? (without single quote they would be formulas). It didn't work using CTRL + L and trying to replace the single quote by blank applying this to the whole range. I am currently using Excel 2003.


cell a1 contents: '= IF (I17 = "----------", "----------", E17-C17)
cell a2 contents: '= IF (I18 = "----------", "----------", E18-C18)
cell a3 contents: '= IF (I19 = "----------", "----------", E19-C19)
etc., etc., etc.

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How To Detect Leading Or Trailing Apostrophe And Quote Characters

Jun 23, 2014

I want to alert a user that he or she has typed in a text string that begins or ends with an apostrophe ' or begins or ends with a quotation mark " so that they can take corrective action in removing these characters. The reasons for this are superflous to this post but what I thought was a logical answer returns a formula error. Here's the scenario:-

A user enters a string of text in cell A1.

Cell B1 checks if the text, if any, in A1 begins or ends with a ' or a " and if it does, returns an "Error" message

The formula I've tried in B1 is =IF(OR(LEFT(A1,1)="'",LEFT(A1,1)=""",RIGHT(A1,1)="'",RIGHT(A1,1)=""")),"Error","Ok") but Excel will have none of it.

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Remove Leading Space From Multiple Cells

Oct 24, 2005

I need to delete a leading space from multiple cells, 200 or more. The leading space is in front of text that is often more than one word so I can't just copy into Word and do a find and replace on the spaces.

I looked in many places and found out about the Trim function but when I tried it, it didn't work for me. I created a column next to the column that I want to remove the leading spaces from.

Then I put =TRIM(B2) in the first cell, =TRIM (B3) in the next one, etc. But all it did was put the exact same thing as before (with the leading space still in it) in that column?

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Remove Leading & Trailing Spaces From Cells

May 27, 2008

While entering data space is given in the first and last of each cell content. For example

if there is a word Alex Patrix in a cell, space is given before A of alex and after x of Patrix. This is done fo many cells. I want to remove only initial and last space which is un-necessary.
The space caused problem to compare cell so i've to remove space.

I've around 2500 cells with this problem.

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Single Quote Display Only

Dec 12, 2006

Someone might find this interesting. Inherited a file that need to total columns but almost 50% of the file has cells w/ the single quote tick infront of the number.

Ex '2257894 or '2234. How can one remove those single quotes out of a cell? NOTE: Cell values are not the same length.

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Excel 2013 :: Remove Characters Before / Between And After Certain Occurrences Of Quote

Jan 27, 2014

I am using Microsoft 2013 and am looking for 4 formulas in order to split 1 cell in to 4 (across same row). Number of characters varies between each instance of """.

I would like the formulas to start in column B-D (data in A)

I am looking at formulas based on specific instances of a quote mark in cell from data in column A

Formula 1 - Return with characters up to and including the 5th instance of """
Formula 2 - Return with characters after 5th """ and up to and including 6th """
Formula 3 - Return with characters after 6th """ and up to and including 7th """
Formula 4 - Return with characters after the 7th instance of """

Example below...
Cell A1

Desired results
Cell B1 - Formula 1
Cell C1 - Formula 2
Cell D1 - Formula 3
Cell E1 - Formula 4

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Remove Leading Apostrophe From Numbers

Nov 23, 2006

I receive a lot of spreadsheets which contain numerical data where each cell has been forced to be text by a leading apostrophe.

how to strip the apostrophe out so I can process the data, please?
I know the apostrophe is a hidden character, so I can't use Find & Replace, and using MID or RIGHT doesn't seem to work, either, even if I Copy and Paste Special as Values.

Is there an alternative to manually editing every single cell?

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Remove Leading Apostrophe From Text And Numbers

Sep 26, 2007

I searched through some pages of old threads but could not find specifically one solution for performing the subject task on text strings in cells.

I have a lot of Excel files which contain both numerical data and text strings where each cell has been forced to have a leading apostrophe appended to the left side of the text strings and numbers.

How can I strip the leading apostrophe out?

I know the apostrophe is a hidden character, so I can't use Find & Replace.

I would like to figure out some VBA so that I could build this into and automate this via a macro I'm working on.

Is there a way to comprehensively do this for all cells containing text and numbers in a worksheet?

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Remove The Display Of The Leading Zero In Decimal Numbers

May 15, 2009

Is it possible to remove the display of the leading zero in decimal numbers of less than one in Excel 2007?

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Remove Leading And Trailing Spaces In A Cell?

Dec 5, 2013

Any easy way to remove all spaces from a cell, both leading and trailing? I find it hard to believe that Excel doesn't have this functionality. I don't particulary want to write a VBA script since I have never done it but if that's the only way, I'd love to know how to write it. I have looked everywhere but obviously not in the right places.

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How To Remove A Leading Zero From Every Cell In An Entire Column

Jul 7, 2008

how to write code that would remove a leading zero (if there is a leading zero) from each cell in a column that looks like this:


I know that using regular expressions would work but I don't know how to implement this. The column will always be column 'C' in my spreadsheets. I already have other code which is executed when I click a 'Process' button that relies on this column having no leading zeroes for it to work, hence I need to add in code that will make this change.

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Search For & Remove Leading Or Trailing Spaces

Sep 1, 2008

I wrote a tool that people at work use. They initially need to paste in a bunch of customer locations with Address, City, State, Zip, etc. Sometimes the Users have "bad input" data that has non-breaking spaces, multiple space between words, or leading and trailing spaces and nonbreaking spaces. I have code to get rid of all of those problems. However, the Users often use their data for other important functions at work. So I want to give them a message to let them know that their Original Data is "bad".

So instead of just "Fix" . . . I want to "Report the problem", then "Fix". I need to identify exactly what problem was found - not just tell the User that their data is bad.

I wrote a simple Search routine with error handling that identifies 2 of the 4 cases and notifies the User:
Case 1) ASCII 160 (non-breaking space, HTML &nbsp
Case 2) multiple spaces (2 or more consecutive spaces)
Case 3) Leading or Trailing Spaces (ASCII 032)
Case 4 Leading or Trailing non-breaking spaces (ASCII 160, which is HTML &nbsp)

I cannot quite figure out how to find the 3rd and 4th Cases. If anyone can help me with Case 4 especially, then I can probably do the same thing for Case 3.

I think it will work to somehow use this idea - the code is not even real code but it is just conceptual:
RIGHT(CellReference, 1) = Char(160) or Char(032)
LEFT(CellReference, 1) = Char(160) or Char(032)

Anyway, here is what I have so far . . .

Sub NotifyBadInput
ErrorFlag = False
Cells.Select ' select entire worksheet

' BAD INPUT 1 - lLook for any occurence of ASCII 160 (non-breaking space, HTML &nbsp)
' and Notify the User if any of his Input cells contain &nbsp's
On Error Goto errormsg1
Selection.Find(What:=" ", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas, LookAt _
:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:= _
False, SearchFormat:=False).Activate

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Remove Leading Apostrophe From Text & Numbers

Sep 26, 2007

I have a lot of Excel files which contain both numerical data and text strings where each cell has been forced to have a leading apostrophe appended to the left side of the text strings and numbers.

How can I strip the leading apostrophe out?

I know the apostrophe is a hidden character, so I can't use Find & Replace.

I would like to figure out some VBA so that I could build this into and automate this via a macro I'm working on.

Is there a way to comprehensively do this for all cells containing text and numbers in a worksheet?

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Excel 2007 :: How To Remove Leading Zeros Of Number

May 6, 2011

I have a lot of record that contain number like shown below:


I want to remove all 0 in front of this number in excel.. I use excel 2007..

I already try using formula

=IF( LEFT(A1) = "0" , RIGHT(A1, LEN(A1)-5), A1)

but it only remove 5 character in front what about the number that have 6 '0'......

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Formula To Remove Leading Space - Data From Database

Mar 31, 2014

I did copy/paste lots and lots of pages from an online database into excel and the data all has a hidden leading space that is not recognized when i do find and replace or =trim. I am trying to compare this data against other data in excel and all the formulas are "false" unless i remove that space manually

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How To Remove Single Entries

Dec 9, 2013

I have a worksheet as shown in sheet 1

With I click on the Macro Button I want to display the contents as shown in sheet 2

That means

In sheet 1 there are number of items purchased shown with different rates.

After clicking on the Macro button in Sheet2 I want the following

1. All the single entries purchase should not be displayed
2. All the items purchased 2 or more times but same amount should not be displayed.
3. Only items purchased two or more times should be displayed and that also with different values. Here if the item is purchased 4 times but only once the amount is different then also it should be displayed.

I have given only few items but actual items are more.

The serial numbers should also be arranged automatically starting from 1,2,3, etc.

What is the code if I do not want to change the serial numbers. with a suitable macro.

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Remove Duplicates From Single Cell

Jun 2, 2007

I have a column that has duplicate information in it.

An exapmle of one of the cells is:

I want a vba macro to go thru the column and delete the duplicates in each cell.

So this one will be:

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Get Rid Of Leading Apostrophes In Text Cells?

Dec 5, 2012

If I manually remove the apostrophe, enter out of the cell, and select it again, the apostrophe is back.

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Leading Zeroes And Combining Cells

Mar 4, 2014

I currently have a column with each cell containing alphanumeric data of a filename.

The majority of cell data looks something like this.

"AB_XYZ_0408_02200.doc" etc

**Note the numbers "00700" are always 5 digits long also note the extension is always ".doc" (4 characters long). However the other parts, AB_XYZ etc vary in length based on the worksheet.

I need to ADD or Subtract "+1" or "-1" from the 5 digit number for example make "00700, into 00701"

I currently tried to separate the data into columns which provides me with the number 00700 isolated in its own cell and then I simply add or subtract 1. In that isolated cell I am able to add "leading zeroes" and it works great.

The Problem is that when I combine the separated cell data "=A1&B &C1" with the New number (in this case 00701") the problem that I run into is the leading zeroes do not follow over to the combined cell and I am left with a final filename like this "AB_XYZ_0408_701.doc" - That is missing the leading zeroes.

Also if you have a more advanced formula that could simply add and subtract "1" from the 5 digit number that would be ideal.

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VBA To Remove / Delete Based Off Single Criteria Without Loop

Apr 23, 2013

I'm okay with Excel, but I'm just getting into utilizing VBA and I've been searching high and low for a simple VBA code that will remove/delete rows based off a single criteria without loop as there are over 40,000 rows. I tried a couple that I found onilne, and adapting them to my criteria range, but no luck. (All the ones that I found that work use loop and it takes about 15 mins to run through the entire spreadsheet)

I would like to maintain my first row as it's my headers. My single criteria is to remove all rows that have "NO" in column D.

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Retain Leading Zeros In Calculated Cells

Sep 15, 2014

I had been trying to calculate cells that contain numbers with leading zeros.

I can't convert the cells to TEXT because Formulas don't work in TEXT Cells.

I cant use Custom Formatting because the rows may contain different number of leading zeros.

Also Is there a way that I can trim the numbers from Col A and put them in C?

Currently I don't like having to change the RIGHT(G2, 3) to RIGHT(G2, 4)

if the number is smaller than the number of char. option.

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Split Phone Numbers Into Single Column & Remove Duplicates

May 4, 2008

I have to take a range of phone numbers that I have to port from another carrier and manually type them out or copy into another speadsheet, removing duplicate numbers. For example, I have the following numbers:


The results on the next spreadsheet need to be:


I am looking for a way to automate this process.

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Combine/Join Cells & Preserve Leading Zeros

Sep 6, 2006

I have 2 columns which contain numbers that have laeding zeros. example:

Column H has 002345 and Column I has 0678. I have tried H1&I1 but the leading zeros are stripped off. Is there a way to combine 2 cells AND preserve the leading zeros in both cells ?

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Excel 2010 :: Using Single Command Button To Apply And Remove Filter

Jan 17, 2014

How can i use a single command button to do multiple task in Excel 2010.

First Instance I click -- It filters only With Record "Yes"
Second Instance I click -- It filters only With Record "No"
Third Instance I click -- It removes filter.

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How To Retain Leading Zeros In A Cell When Combine The Values Of Two Cells?

Oct 25, 2012

I have managed to retain leading zeros in a cell by formatting the cell and selecting Number and Custom and adding the maximum number of zeros I want to have in front of the number in the cell i.e. 000002.

I want to have another cell in the spread sheet which contains the value 35394000002 using the formula =A24&B24.

When I use this formula I get 353942. How can I retain these zeros?

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Copying Decimal Values To Different Cells With Leading / Trailing Zeros?

Jan 28, 2013

I have 4 columns (and a couple of other text columns) that are formatted as decimal with 6 dicimal points.

I need to create a text file with lines that are 80 bytes each from the spreadsheet - no spaces inbetween each of the characters.

The issue I am having is trying to format the 4 decimal point columns to be fixed numbers and retain the leading or trailing zeros to do a concatenation with the other columns.

Just an example of some what some of the values look like on my spreadsheet:

.123456 | .123450 | .012345 | .012340

Essentially when I'm all said and done, I would like the row to look like "text123456123450012345012340text"

I tried to format 4 new columns as general and use a "=right(cell,6)" and that worked pretty well for the cells that have leading zeros, but for the cells that have trailing zeros, it doesn't seem to pick up the zero. I tried to use a "=mid(cell,2,6)" but that didn't work either.

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Macro To Generate New Quote

Mar 19, 2009

What I require is the macro code to achieve the following:-

Cells A2, B2 and C2 will be completed manually, however, when a new quotation is required the user must enter a new Control Reference Number in cell E2 and then press the Generate button.

Once pressed the Macro behind the button will generate the following :-

(a) Quote number underneath the last one in column 'A'

(b) Change Ref underneath the last one in column 'B' (this was the ref number input above in E2)

(c) today’s date underneath the last one in column 'C'

(d) a blank Quote Tab i.e. labelled the next number in the sequence i.e. Quote 2, Quote 3 etc which should be created copying the Template Tab

N.B. the total number of Quotes in any one work book should be a maximum of 30 so some form of checking would be required.

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Calculate A Quote Over 4 Years

May 24, 2012

I need to calculate a quote over 4 years but the first and last years are not full 12 months.

On Row 20 are monthly costs for each year. The start and end date is in Row 3.

I need to find a formula that can calculate ANNUAL TOTAL for the all these year in Row 22 populated automatically, not just manually times the months in each cell.

Here is a sample file.

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