Retrieving The Information

Dec 1, 2009

i have workbook in which I have two sheets, one of them cotains colums with information and in the other sheet I have to create a Search box to retrieve all from any Contact number, of course it has to be based on contact numbers culumn.


379159OUTSOURCE201002C4PSMARTnet Onsite Premium 2x7x4USD
379159OUTSOURCE201002C4PSMARTnet Osite Premium 4x7x4USD

and in the other sheet I have to create a search box template that based on the contact number it will retrieve all other information.

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Userform Data (allows Input Of Information And Then Deposits The Information On A Specific Sheet)

Feb 11, 2010

I have created a userform that allows input of information and then deposits the information on a specific sheet. I am looking for a way to have that information not only deposited on the specific sheet it is already set to but also to another sheet based on a selection made from a combo box.

here is my current

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Write Information Into New Row In Different Sheet But Keeps Overwriting Old Information

Apr 6, 2013

Basically I am trying to create a worksheet in which everytime I input information into Sheet 1, it is copied into Sheet 2. I want to have each entry in succession on Sheet 2 such that my first entry would be on Row 2, second on Row 3, third on Row 4, etc. However, everytime I put something new in Sheet 1, it just overrides the information in Sheet 2.

Basically I type in ticket sales in sheet 1, it calculates the prices and keeps a transaction log in sheet 2. But everytime I do a new ticket sale, it just overwrites the previous transaction witht he new transaction information. I've pasted my VBA below:

Sheet 1 VBA:

Option Explicit

'Form level variables - used in more than one event
Dim intAdult As Integer
Dim intStudentSenior As Integer
Dim intBalcony As Integer
Dim intChild As Integer
Dim sngAmountDue As Single

[Code] .......

Sheet 2 code:

Private Sub cmdSummary_Click()

'Declare Variables
Dim intCount As Integer
Dim i As Integer
Dim intAdult As Integer
Dim intStudentSenior As Integer

[Code] ......

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Retrieving Values From Name Tag?

Apr 14, 2014

I have created multiple nametags. I want to use a button which when pressed will run a loop to extract each individual element from the nametag and assigns a value to cell based on that. I have coded for the other functionality that happens when the cell value is changed but can't figure out a way to run the loop.

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Retrieving Data

Dec 31, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with several tabs. I am wanting to lookup data in tab "A" based on data in a list. For example:

I may have:
Tab A
Tab B
Tab C
Tab D
Tab E

I have created a validation list containing A, B C, D, E I would like to use Hlookup to look up data imported into the table in Date order.

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Retrieving User Name

Nov 14, 2008

When I run it it returns in A1, Jeffrey.Brown2. I would like to turn this into Brown, Jeffrey but because another user may have a shorter or longer name the Left & Right function does not work for every scenario?

Sub who()
Range("A1").Value = Environ("username")
End Sub

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Retrieving Data From A Website

Jul 31, 2013

retrieving data from financial website databases like and I'm trying to make an automatic stock analysis model to read from the website database and retrieve the data into excel sheets. For example, when opening the excel model the user gets a popup to enter the stock ticker, the user enters the ticker and gets a set of data. Is this do-able in excel?

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Retrieving Data From Text?

Sep 22, 2013

i have a long list of what were once file names in excel that i need to retrieve data from. i have attached an example file with 2 file names which i recomend to view while reading this request.the file has 2 spreadsheets. the first one is just the file name in the format in which i recieve it. the second one is a table that i need to fill out from the data in those file names.

i have a problem with the following columns in spreadsheet 2:

1. column C: i have the command to copy the site name as it is to this column, but what i need is for the program to read if the site name is ZANUAH or ADORA and then write only Z or A. note that these two site names have a different number of charecters in them.

2. columnd D: similar problem. i need it to read the lab name and write AL if its MAGAMA, BA if its Ben-Ari and SH if its shafir. i have the command for excel to simply copy the word, but how do i make it write the letters that represent the lab name rather than the lab name itself?

3. column E: the report number is the 6 digit number in the file name. i have the command which retrieves it, but it has trouble when the length of the number changes. its important to note that sometimes the number might contain non-numerical characters like 219641-1.

4. column O:i have the command to get the data from the parentheses next to PSD in the file name into a box. what i need is to get it to copy just the letters C or NC from the file name into this column, without the number.

5. column P: same as column O, but here i need just the number, without the C or NC.

6. column T: all i need is for it to copy the last 2 letters from the file name, which i know how to do. the problem is that since the file names come with a .pdf at the end, all i get is df. so in fact i need it to copy th 6th and the 5th letters from the end of the file name, which is above my abilities.

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Retrieving Data Of Certain Cell

Jan 28, 2009

I am trying to get the data out of a cell and put it in a textbox in my userform.
What I have is a Worksheet that has autofilter on. After the user clicks certain objectbuttons, there is only one row, that has data in it, displayed. The cell I'm after will always be in column A and be the second visible row.

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Retrieving Data From Table ...

Nov 21, 2008

I have a fairly simple matrix table that im needing help in which way to retrieve the information correctly.

Starting in row 10...
My Column A has length that i want to return

My Column B has a minimum value that i need A2 to be larger than, say 20
My Column C has a maximum value that i need A2 to be smaller than.
My Columns C & D, E & F, G & H and so on then have different sizes also available... but thats for me to work out later.

Is the best way to achieve this with a series of If statements as Vlookup only returns values to the right, and i want the value on the left, or what is my best way of tackling this problem.

I can attach a sheet that i started if the above makes no sense but my formula is useless so far...

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Retrieving A String From A Sentence

Feb 14, 2009

=IFERROR(SEARCH("[",string,1),MID(string position,start of char,length of char))

Hi I wish to pull out the characters from a sentence. Once it detects the "[" from the sentence it should pull the string that follow limiting to the length of the character.

It looks like I did something wrong and the results shows only the position of "[" only.

I want to error check because it to return nuthing if there's no value. IF statement would process errors in this case.

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Retrieving Data From A Cell

Nov 24, 2009

I have the following in Column A. 01. Artist - Title

I manage to put 01 in Column B and Title in Column D
I am struggling to split between the "." and the "-" to show Artist in Column C
I am using in Column B

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Retrieving Elements Of Array

May 14, 2013

I am facing the some issue while tried to display the data from array. Below is code I have to tried to display the data from array.

Scenario: I have assigned the few values in my excel to an array and tried to display the data stored in array

Sub Main()
Dim Rows_Array() As Variant
Dim i As Integer,
Rows_Array = Range("C6:C" & Range("C65536").End(xlUp).Row).Value
For i = 1 To UBound(Rows_Array())
MsgBox Rows_Array(i)
End Sub

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Retrieving Top 3 Results For Each Stage

May 21, 2013

I am looking to find the rider names of the first top 3 position for each stage in Results Page. The data comes from Stage Results. Initially I used Index and Match but to no avail.

Results Page

Stage 1




Stage ResultsA

Guy LeForge

[Code] ..........

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Retrieving Value From Cells To Userform

Jan 26, 2007

How to retrieve value from cells to textboxes, DTPicker, ListBox in a userform ...

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Retrieving Ddmmyy From String

Nov 11, 2008

I need to retrieve 6 digits (It's really the date in "ddmmyy" format) from a string. If the strings were to follow a standardized format it would be a simple matter of using left, right or mid. However, I have a couple of different scenarios.

The "ddmmyy" I'm looking for may be sandwiched between other characters, separated by a space or remain at the end of the string. Is there a way to sniff out the 6 digits in the string regardless of it's position?

Here are some examples:

1) ABC COMPANY 3.6% 100111-BLAH
2) MCCAIN JOHN4.9%120509
3) ROYAL BK SCOTLAND 4.03% 160309
4) IBRD 8% 090210 BNPHFN00002 HKD5) AUST & NZ BANKING 4.23%161109-EMTN

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Retrieving Values From Last Row In Colums

Jan 20, 2009

I'm using this code to input values into the next available row of columns of A and B.

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = Textbox1
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = Textbox2
I have this piece of code right under it:

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = Range("B65536").End(xlUp).Offset(1) - Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(1)

The value being returned is 0.

What I want that last part to do is take the last row of column B and subtract the last row in column A.

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Retrieving And Displaying Result

Sep 11, 2006

how to retrive and display Data. I've attached an excel file with the macros. That what I need is to be coded in Module1.

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Retrieving Color Settings

Jan 30, 2007

Is there an easy way to print out the Red Green and Blue settings (i.e. numerical values) for the current pallette in a workbook?

I can set them fine and transfer them between workbooks but that's not quite what I need.

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Retrieving From A Closed Workbook

Feb 6, 2007

I have tried to find how to retrieve a worksheet from a closed workbook and I am almost sure that there was an answer how to do this in FAQ but I cannot seem to find it, does anyone know where this thread is?

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Pivot - Retrieving Other Columns From The Same Row That Has Minimum Value

May 9, 2014

1) I have created a pivot table where one of the value is minimum of a "Rate". So far, so good.

2) Is there a way I can access other column values from the same row "MIN" value was picked up from ? Or I have do a VLOOKUP & INDEX ?

Attached is my excel that has sample data and what I need.

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Retrieving / Returning Data From Different Worksheets?

Jun 19, 2014

I want to be able to choose a country from a drop-down list, and then have the spreadsheet retrieve/return values from that country, whose input data is located in a different worksheet. E.g. I want to be able to change the input according to what country I am looking at. I was able to do this with simple IF functions,but I'm realizing that this is not good enough. I want to eventually expand the number of countries that I want to return data from, and then the formula is not dynamic enough.

Example spreadsheet attached.

To make it simple: I want to be able to return the correct values for "page views" and "high" and "low" according to what country I choose from the drop-down menu in cell C3 on the "value calculator" sheet.

Also; in cell N15 and N16 I want the alternatives to be yes and no, and they cannot be yes at the same time. H

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Excel 2007 :: Retrieving Value Of Corresponding Cell In Same Row

Aug 6, 2014

I am currently struggling with a spreadsheet that has been created in Excel 2007. Essentially, it has a number of items (individually identified by "S code" in the first column) that need to be tested at the specific dates over a one year period (i.e. at "2 weeks", "4 weeks", "8 weeks", etc) as shown in the screenshot below.

A user manually enters "Complete" into the corresponding cell in the "In-testing status" section of the spreadsheet when testing has been completed for a certain item at a particular time point.


I already have set up conditional formatting that highlights cells with dates older than the current date red. What I need to do now is to check for a particular item and date whether or not the corresponding "In-testing Status" cell reads "COMPLETE". If it does, I need to use a conditional formatting rule to return formatting to normal.

What I am unsure of is how exactly to retrieve the value of the corresponding "In-testing Status" cell.

Unfortunately I can't use a macro-enabled workbook in this environment

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Retrieving Data From Closed Workbook

Dec 27, 2013

I'm trying to retrieve data from a workbook that is currently closed. The formula below works only if the workbook containing the data is open. Is there a way to use the following formula to retrieve the data from a closed workbook?

[Code] ......

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Formula For Retrieving Data Using Criteria?

Mar 4, 2014

I am trying to work out a forumla that will bring through data onto a worksheet for teacher analysis. The data is being extracted from our MIS and put into the attached template. When I change the class on the analysis sheet I want to be able to the pull through the relevant learners attached to the class along with their data.

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Retrieving Multiple Solutions With Vlookup

Feb 11, 2010

I am attaching a file that I have just really been struggling with. I have been through multiple forums and ideas but just can not seem to find one that will completely resolve my issues. There are two tabs in the spreadsheet. I want to bring information from the detailed one over to a summary. Please take into consideration that this has been extremely simplified from my original information just so that I could post it. I am not going to use pivot tables, as this is going to be distributed to others at some point so most information will be hidden except the summary. The product and type are normally coming from a drop down list also. The summary format is by request of management so not much choice in changing it.

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Retrieving List Of Data From A Table?

Jan 4, 2014

I'm trying to create a automated calculator that i can customize and adjust. start and what functions should i be using. I've looked into Vlookup/Hlookup and it does not seem the function i need to make the workbook work. Basically what I need is when I enter a item on the A column excel would retrieve the list of Ingredients to the calculator worksheet and multiply it by the amount of variable entered. Then product will be printed and added together to the "sum row".

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Retrieving From A Database Using Listbox Values

Aug 9, 2007

I have a two dimensional database from which I need to pull information based on multiple listbox values (these listboxes are located in a userform). The user selects one or more cars and then chooses from various parameters for that car. The output has to show the results - for example, if Jeep Cherokee and mpg are chosen, the output will be 23 mpg. I need to be able to do this for multiple cars and multiple parameters.

I need for the outputs to be located in a worksheet. I already have the code for setting up the list of cars and parameters selected (this gives me a row and column header), but now I need to be able to cross reference this information to pull the output from the master database. I was wondering if I can use a vlookup function to do this, but I've never used it with 2 dimensional data.

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Macro For Retrieving File Names

Jan 10, 2008

Here is what i have:

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Lookup Retrieving Multiple Values

Jun 26, 2012

I am trying to use a lookup to find the quantity of a certain fabric. However, more than one style uses the same type of fabric. Is there a way to do a lookup that retrieves multiple values?

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