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Selecting Only Cells That Contain Data

when run a macro to make the macro select all the cells in a specific column that only contain data i.e. i have a spreadsheet 5 columns wide by 23 rows deep, the macro at the moment selects the 5 columns (this never changes) but the number of rows always changes 123, 56, 1, etc i need to to always select the rows that have data.

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Selecting Cells
I have 2 Cells

Cells( 2,1) and Cells ( i , 1) with "i" a While Counter, and i need to Select All the Cells between that, including both cells.

I'm tring Cells(2,1):Cells(i,1) but obviously this didn't work

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VBA Selecting Cells Only With A Specified Value
To make things simple, I have a range of A1:A10. Within this range I only need to select cells thats contain "Tax".

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Selecting Only Cells Of A Certain Colour (CF)
A macro that only selects cells which are coloured light green. I need this so that I can add it to an existing macro that I've written to remove conditional formatting from these cells only.

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Selecting Visible Cells
someone the VBA code which only selects visible cells in a sheet.
i.e. if for example, range("a1:d5") contained data BUT

range("a6:d100") contained formulae but NO data

the macro would only highlight range("a1:d5")

However, when say range("a6:d10") contained data, then the macro would highlight range("a1:d10")

and so on.

I want the mcro to do this without me having to manually change the ranges when running the macro.

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SpecialCells - Selecting Cells With A Certain Value
How do I use SpeciaCells to select cells in a range with a certain value?

In the same manner that you can use SpecialCells to select blank cells and then delete that entire row I want to do the same for a cell containing a specific value/text

I have been using SpecialCells to assign a value in blank cells as a temporary marker. I then need to delete the rows with the temporary markers. I have not been able to use SpecialCells to select the temporary markers .

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Selecting Range Of Cells
I am trying to select a range of cells. The range I need to select starts in Cell A1. I need to select every row with data in column 1 up to the first row with no data. I then need to expand the range to all columns up the last column with data, including columns with blank cells.

The problem with my code relates to the selection of columns. It is only selecting up to column F. Column G is empty, Column H has data, Columns I-J are empty, Columns K-R have data.

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Selecting Cells With Filter On
I have two excel sheets with lots of data in, that i import from a database. Based on these two sheets I make four other sheets that are suppose to get input from this two sheet. To decide what lines I shall copy to the other sheets, I use a filter. But my problem is that there can occur new data too the two main sheet....

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Selecting Cells Between Blanks For Use In Graphs.
I'm trying to write a VBA code that'll select cells in column B that contains text until it comes to a blank row, the amount of data changes each time, i've tried two different approches but i'm unable to get it to hold the cell, it only moves down one cell each time i run the macro, no errors though.

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Selecting Cells Containing Specific Character(s)
How to get Excel to select all cells within a specific column that contain a specific character. In this instance, I need to select all the cells which contain a comma...

And even better would be if I could get Excel to not just select all the cells in a specific column containing a comma, but each of the rows in which those cells reside.

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Active Cell - Selecting Too Many Cells
I have some code as below
Range(ActiveCell, ActiveCell.End(xlDown)).Select

This should basically go down a list and stop when there is a blank cell. However due to a previous operation in my excel program, it is not doing so.

Basically this list has been formed from copy and pasting from a list of formulas. some of these formulas return a result and others return "" leaving the cell empty.

When i have pasted i have used paste special/values... but it still seems to paste something into these cells because this macro wont work.

I even went and manually selected the first blank cell and pressed the delete button and when i do this it correctly selects the cells only with content, so clearly when pasting a "" value it stops the activecell operation from working..

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Specify Cells For Find Dialog Without Selecting Them
In the routine:

Private Sub bttnPCsFind_Click()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
ActiveWindow.ScrollColumn = 10
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
ActiveWindow.ScrollColumn = 10
End Sub

Is there a way to set the range of cells for the DialogFormulaFind to search against that doesn't involve Cells.Select? Functionally the above routine works perfectly but, if given the option, I would prefer to not have the cells highlighted (and thus darkened) while performing the search. If I remove this line altogether then nothing in the search is ever found. It is a visual glitch I am looking to get around.

Does anybody know how Excel manages the selection of the cells when performing a find using Ctrl + F (when performing a find using the hot key or menu item the cell range isn't selected (highlighted) ahead of time and thus, remain white during the search/Find Next). Is this possible to code this behavior using VBA?

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Selecting Non Sequenced Cells In A Range
I'm trying to use the SUM function with non sequenced cell but the Range or any other function won't allow me to activate the selecting cells if there are more then 41 cell, I wrote somthing like so:

Sub Test()
Dim str AS String
Dim R AS Range

str = "A1,A3 ...... ,A57" 'this is only an example, assum that there are _
more then 41 cells
Set R = Range(str) 'Here is the Problem, I get a Runtime error 1004 _
Application-defined or object-defined error
End Sub

But if the str input was a 41 or less Cells address string then it works

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Finding And Selecting Multiple Cells
I'm working on a macro that's supposed to copy certain cells from a sheet, and paste them in another. But the problem is that I can't find a way to get them all in one go. The sheet that I am copying from has a mile-long list that looks something like this:

OR0220018NO-RING 21,95 x 1,78 N270 BS-0205,00
OR0220018N90O-RING 21,95 x 1,78 N290 BS 02022,00
OR0220018VO-RING 21,95 x 1,78 V275 BS-02010,00
OR0220018V90O-RING 21,95 x 1,78 V290 BS 02013,00
OR0220020NO-RING 22,00 x 2,00 N2709,00
OR0220020VO-RING 22,00 x 2,00 V28024,00
OR0220025NO-RING 22,00 x 2,50 N2705,00

It goes over 3 columns. I want to select column A, B and C in every row that contains the letters "N270".

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Logic With Multiple Cells, Selecting Between The Two
I'm working with Excel 2003 on a peice for work that requires users to enter their current grade and, if they have one, a temporary grade. Another sheet in the workbook needs to add together all those in a certain grade and who answered a certain way to a drop-down table, so that I can use it to figure out what percentage of staff are of each grade. At the moment it looks like this:

=SUMPRODUCT(--(Work_Data!F2:F9827="Grade 1"),--(RIGHT(Work_Data!K2:K9827,3)="Top 25%"))

Which only draws information from the current grade (column F) and the answer they give (Column K). What I can't come up with is a formula that will only take column F as long as column G hasn't got a temporary grade, but if it does have a temporary grade will take column G instead.

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Selecting 1 Row, While 2 Cells Of The First Column Are Merged
how can i (in VBA) select 1 row (eacht time, it's an ? iteration? (repeating)), while the first 2 cells are merged, like:

a b c d .....
2 merged
3 merged

and i need to select row 3 only

and if someone could explain me how i can use the " find" function (on another sheet)

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Selecting Cells While Userform Is Open
I have created a userform to get cells from the user using the selection property. The userform is supposed to do the following: prompt the user to select the first range. When the OK button is clicked, the selected range is stored to the variable first_range. Then the userform prompts the user to select the second range, and stores the selected range to second_range once the OK button is clicked. My problem is that I am unable to select cells while my userform is open. Is there a userform property allowing one to select cells while a userform is open?

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Prevent Users *Selecting* Cells Using VB
I am currently setting up protection on an excel sheet - I have a proceedure to open a specific worsheet and lock and unlock cells according to whether or not certain information exisit. My question is, although I can lock cells and prevent users changing them using code I can't seem to stop them selecting cells in the first place - this is obviously achieveable from the 'Protection'>'protect workbook' menu but I want to do it from code since the sheet is unprotected and reprotected a number of times during a session....

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Change A Cell's Contents By Selecting Another Cells
what i need is to affect the contents of cell c3.

if i select cell e15 i would like cell c3 to read 123
if i select cell e17 i would like cell c3 to read 234

i believe this could be done using an cell formula if statment but due to teh number of cells i wish to have affect c3 a vba based solution would be required.

i've built an if satement to do this under worksheet activate but not sure how to use the worksheet change way

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Selecting Cells Based On Textbox Entry
I have a user form with some option buttons (1,5,10,etc...) that are used so the user can select a given number of cells they want selected. My last option button is labled Other(optOther) and has a textbox next to it(txtOther).

What I am trying to do is give the user the option to either select one of the given numbers or be able to enter their own number. The data will then be extracted from one worksheet to another. I have all the coding for the optiong buttons with the given numbers, just cant figure the textbox one out.

My data starts on B5, so what i am trying to do is when the user enters number n, i would need data from B5:B(n+4).

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Selecting Cells Based On Last Used Column In Lower Row
I am inserting a subtotal above my data set, the first cell that this subtotal takes place is "R1", then I have an unknown number of subtotals going right, depending on the number of months FCSTed by my sales managers.

Attached you will find a subset of the data and you will see that I need to select "S1 : iLastColumn(1)".

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Ctrl-A Selecting Limited Range Of Cells
I have a spreadsheet wherein if I press ctrl-A (normally Select All) it is only selecting a limited range of cells ($B$12:$M$22). If I press ctrl-A again from there then it selects all.

I can see something like that being useful in some cases and annoying in others, but I have no idea what is causing it. Some of the cells in that range are locked and others are not. Some of the cells outside that range are also locked while others are not. In any case, the sheet is not protected.

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Count The Nos Of Cells After Selecting Parameter In Autofilter
I want to count the nos of cells after selecting some specific parameter in autofilter. I thought this is a simple problem & searched here in various thread but nowhere I found good solution which works nicely. I have attached a excel file where I applied autofilter in the column C & I need to count the nos of cells when I select specific parameter in filter in Column C.

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Selecting A Range Of Cells With R1C1 Notation
I'm trying to select a range of cells using the R1C1 notation. But I'm making an error in the syntax. I know it's really simple, I just don't know what's wrong.

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Selecting A Range Of Cells Relative To The Current Cell
I would like to select a range of cells relative to the current cell and move them to the right two cells. Basically, if I were in cell A1 I want to be able to have a macro select A1 - A8 and move them over by two cells leaving A1 and A2 blank.

Excel 2003

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Having Cells Filled Automatically When Selecting Options In Lists
I've been breaking my head over this and i haven't managed to make this work. The attached excel file contains a list of students that participated in exchange programs on the past. What i want this to do is that when i choose the university the student went on exchange with, that the city and country cell fill in automatiocally with their respectuve info. I have a worksheet on excel that has the university name, on the next cell the city, and on the next cell the country.

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Selecting Data For Chart
I'm working on a macro that creates columnplots from a sheet of data.

The sheet is organised as a series of tables. Through a userform, the user selects the columns and rows that she wishes to include in the plot.

Is it possible to control the order in which the data is plotted?
For instance, the macro produces the following range to be plotted:

"$D$29, $B$29, $C$29,D33:D31,B33:B31,C33:C31"

where row 29 contains the table headlines, and rows 31:33 contains the data.
However, when I plot this, it always ends up as column B, then C, then D, rather than D first like I wanted.

I'm fairly new to both Excel and Visual Basic, so it's difficult to explain exactly what I'm after, but hopefully someone will understand what I'm after here..

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Selecting Data On Another Sheet
When I am trying to select a data range on another sheet within the same document, I get an error. My code looks like this:


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Selecting Data Without Using Filter
I have that list in column B and I want to put only those cells that end in "RET" in column C and put only those that don`t end in "RET" in column D, by using an automatic method, otherwise I`m gonna have to do it many times in many worksheets manually ;/

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Selecting Dates In Msg Box And Data
I need a macro that will, (i) make a copy of the current sheet, (ii) let the user select the month to be selected from a list (Message box), then (iii) delete all other columns in the sheet that is not from the selected month and then, (iv) total the data of the selected month in the empty cell on the right.

The sheet contains data in the following way:

Column A = Description of data in rows
Column B to IV = in each column is a specifics day data
Row 1 = Branch Name
Row 2 = the date in the format 2006/05/16 for 16 May 2006
Row 3 361 = financial data

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Running A Macro To Copy Multiple Cells From A Row By Selecting A Cell
I want to be able to select a cell, for example A10, this would then run a macro that would copy and paste several cells of information along that row and paste it on another worksheet. However, if i then choose a15, a3, a79 in turn (using the control key), it would run the macro using those rows in turn.

i'm looking forward to hearing if and particuliar how this could be achieved.

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Vlookup Not Selecting Source Data
I am having trouble with a number of workbooks when using vlookup (using the wizard rather than entering the formula directly)

First I select the cell with lookup value, then try to select the table array on the source sheet but the cursor changes to the hand symbol and I can't click on any cells. I have had this problem with many different workbooks. The only solution I have found is to copy the whole sheet, paste-special-values into a new sheet and use that as source.

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Selecting Data Over A Date Range
I have 2 worksheets where I need to transfer a certain amount of data from one to another depending on dates.

Sheet A, is the main data source. Col A holds all 365 dates from 1 Jan to 31 Dec(starting at A2), and the subsequent data for each day is held in cols B to P.
Sheet B is the destination where the user will specify a key date in cell A3, then in A4 to A32, formulae populate the next 29 dates (ie so there is a continuous run of 30 days).

What I need to do, is to identify the same 30 day range from sheet B on sheet A, then to copy the data in Cols B to P for that range back onto sheet B (pasting in at D3)

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VBA - Selecting The Last Cell In A Column With Data
I am trying to write some VBA code to select a range in a column going down to the last item in the column.

So I want to write a macro that will copy cells B4 - B17 into cells A4 - A17 but am having trouble with the code that will select B4 - B17. When I use the usual code which is as follows:

ActiveSheet.Range("b4", ActiveSheet.Range("b1").End(xlDown)).Select
it selects down to A75, and I know why this is but not how to fix it.

This is raw data extracted from a third-party system. It has an option to export to Excel, but where it appears to have blank cells Excel actually believes there is data in there.

So is a way to identify what data Excel thinks is in there and perhaps use this to be able to select the range I want?

Different extractions will need a different range moved over - however it will always start at B4 and go down to B-whatever.

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Selecting Groups Of Similar Data
I have ~1,000 rows of data utilizing columns A:C. The data is "grouped" by data that is in column C. Layout is as follows for example

Row01.....Column A......Column B.......Column C
Row02.....some data.....some data.....apples
Row03.....some data.....some data.....apples
Row04.....some data.....some data.....apples
Row05.....some data.....some data.....apples
Row06.....some data.....some data.....oranges
Row07.....some data.....some data.....oranges
Row08.....some data.....some data.....oranges
Row09.....some data.....some data.....oranges
Row10.....some data.....some data.....pears
Row11.....some data.....some data.....pears
Row12.....some data.....some data.....pears

I have been trying to come up with some code that will "select" groups of data and then perform an action on those cells. As an example:

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Selecting Multiple Data To Copy Throughout Worksheet
I would like to create a spreadsheet where I enter a list of 30 40 names and associated data over 4 separate columns. I would like the option of having a check box next to each name so when checked, it copies that name and associated data in to a section below. This will give me a reduced list of names (lets say 20). From this section I would like the same again to reduce further and once more after that.

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Creating A Graph By Auto Selecting A Set Of Data
i have a set of data range from B1 to K10 (10 cells all together).
and i created a graph by selecting from B1 - K10.
what i want is, if i key in range from 1-10 in A1, the graph will change based on the number i keyed in (from 1-10).

if i keyed in 5 in A1, the graph will auto select B1 to F1 and show data from B1 toF1

then if i select 6 in A1, the graph will auto select B1 to G1 and show data from B1 to G1

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Selecting A Range Where Data Is Populated Using Macro In Xl
i want to write a macro which searches for data in a xl sheet.It should then format that data in a particular format.The data can be present in multiple places.For eg. formating a 5*6 matrix which starts from d4 cell and a 4*7 matrix which starts from e15 cell(please note that d4 and e15 location are not fixed).

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Selecting The 2 Last Values In A Column Of Data With Range
I m trying to make a button to add values to another sheet in my xls. Ive done that... now i try to autofill the percentages from left and above one row....

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Selecting Data To View In A Pivot Table
is it possible to select the data to view by running a macro. my table is based on dates. i would like to see all data before the date i run the table and 6 weeks in front only.

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Pivot Table Not Showing Data :: Selecting From Drop Down
i have a pivot table that shows the customer names. when i select the customer drop down box i can all the customer i want to see. but in the table itself there are some customer not showing. this is the first time this has happened

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Comparing Dates And Selecting A Days Worth Of Data
I need to compare dates that include both the date and time of day, to find when the day changes.

I have a large list of dates (also includes the time of day in the same cell). There are specific values in the next column that correspond to that date. Some of the values that are too great and have to be changed. This I have figured out with some help from this forum. When a value is changed I need to add together all the values for the corresponding day, some could be above and some could be below.

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Add A New Column Of Data To The Results Displayed When Selecting From A Dropdown Box
I have a dropdown box to choose a category.
When the category is chosen it displays the relevant course names which corresponds to that category (this could be 1 course up to 10 different courses).
Along with that course name it gives the relevant course overview.

This works exactly how i want it to. (thanks to Zbor from a previous thread)

I now want to expand further and give the corresponding course objectives for each course that shows up in the results.

I have attached a workbook as its much easier to see the dropdown box working.

Sheet 2 is the working sheet and sheet 1 will contain all the source data.
I have highlighted the columns affected in Blue Blue column on sheet 1 will have the course objectives on the same line as the course they belong to Blue column on sheet 2 is where they will be displayed when the correct category selection is made.

The course objectives are unique to the course title and course overview.

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Cell Protection :: How To Stop Type Of Data But By Selecting Drop Down ...
is it possible to restrict a cell in such a way that it is impossible to type data into it, but rather select data from a drop down, through validation?

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Stop Users From Selecting Another Cell Until Current Selection Receives Data
Amongst the several sheets contained in my workbook, there is one called 'Inspection Report'. Users fill in whatever data is required in the other sheets, and once they get to this one, they are supposed to enter a number from 1 to 3 into Cell X1 (which is currently selected) before they select anything else. Unfortunately, I am currently unable to stop them from doing what they should not be doing.

So, I would like to have a notification of some sort pop up into their face if they click or move the selection anywhere else while Cell X1 is still empty. Something like a validation would be nice.

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Named List: Data Validation To Restrict The User To Only Selecting Values In A List
I'm trying to use data validation to restrict the user to only selecting values in a list which I create. Right now, the list is a named range. I'd like to get rid of the range and just use a named list. I create a name using the following as my list.

Insert > Name > Create
Name: Fruit

Refers to:

When I try to use the name Fruit in my data validation, I get the message "The List Source must be a delimited list, or a reference to single row or column." I thought my name "fruit" was a delimited list.

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How Do You Protect Cells On Condition Of Other Cells Having Data Inputted
way of protecting an array of cells on the condition that information is entered in another array of cells or vice versa. So, put simply, if data goes into a1 then a2 becomes protected (or vice versa).

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Highlighting A Range Of Cells Dependant On Data In Any Of Those Cells
On the attached sheet I am trying to indicate that enough data has been entered by highlighting the entire column. Any 3 cells in Rows 7-13 and 18-36 will be filled in with any of the values from cells O6-O11 (hidden). When the total = 6 i would like to highlight the entire column to indicate it has been completed.

The aim is two fold: to ensure that the correct number of points is allocated in each race, and secondly to indicate which column is the next to be filled in (as human error sometimes misses the column and adds the points to either the previous or next columns). You could call it idiot proofing the sheet. At present i have the cells in Row 37 conditional formatted to show this, but would much prefer the entire column to highlight.

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Splitting Separated String Data In Cells To New Cells
I have pricelists tables with 300 and more rows and about 50 columns. Three letter codes in first column cells are in strings separated by separator (,), I need to split this strings so that each three letter code would be in its own cell in first column, at same time all other cells in same row as original string data should be copied to rows near appropriate 3 letter codes. In attached xls file I have made small example how data looks before and how it should look after applying macro. Table should not move to other place on worksheet or on new worksheet, in attached example I moved it just to show what kind of form result should have.

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Auto-populate Cells With Data From Other Cells
My sheet goes from monday to friday on the coulombs. On the rows i have various data sections for each day. I would like the data on the last day (any day after monday) that there is data for a sheet to input that data into the monday slot when the "master date" is changed on the cheese sheet. The idea here being that the script will take the last entered data for a given sheet, and put it into the monday coulomb on the same sheet when the date is changed. This is kind of hard to explain so if you need clarification let me know. Attached is the sheet i'm working with.

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Calculating Cells Used Based On Another Cells Data
I have a bit of an odd issue I need to solve. I use an Excel spreadsheet to track daily income for the store over a months' period. I have each day set to give me a rough estimate of profitability for that day. I also want to create a cell that tells me how much we've made so far, based on the number of business days so far in the current month. For example:

Day 1, $1500, $800 in expenses (monthly expenses averaged over the month, plus labor costs for the day), so a total of $700 profit.

Day 2, $1700, $749 in expenses (same as before), so a total of $951 profit.

The formula I'm using to calculate that isn't an issue, but I have the same formula for every single day, and each day has it's own cell with the estimated profitability for that particular day. In two other cells, I put the total number of business days in that month (in this case, 26), and in another cell I put the current number of business days we've had this month (in this case, 4), which is used partially to calculate the other cells. I want to use them to create another cell to contain the estimated profitability based solely on the number of business days out of the month we've had.

So E3 through E33 contain the individual days, I want to calculate - since we've only had 4 business days - what E3 through E7 would total. When I change it to 5 business days, i want it to calculate E3 through E8. So if we've had 4 business days, it only calculates the totals from the first 4 cells, if 5 business days, then the first 5 cells, etc, etc.

I can sort of picture it in my head, but I can't seem to find the necessary equation for it. It may require a macro, but I'd rather use a formula if possible. I'm not a big fan of macros.

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