Set Autofilter To All Without Removing The Autofilter

Jan 16, 2007

I can set the autofilter, change it, remove all using Macros. What I need to know how to do is reset a filtered column to ALL while leaving all other filters on.

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Excel 2007 :: Removing Blank Rows - Autofilter

Nov 8, 2011

I have several sheets with about 250,000 rows per sheet.

But, even I sort by Column A, there are STILL hundreds or rows that are total blank interspersed down the page . . . I can't autofilter for blanks because there is too much data . .

How can I get rid of them?

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AutoFilter Method Of Range Class Failed - Yet Autofilter Works.

Sep 25, 2009

Im sure this is a very common problem. I tried searching for it but I havent found anything that solves this for me. Here is the code Im using:

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Copy Top Cell Post Autofilter And Reapply Autofilter Based On Cell Value

Aug 20, 2014

I can select the top cell in column "F" after filtering by multiple columns using VBA and arrays, but now want to I want to use the top cell in column "F" to search for all other equipment that uses this item.

E.g. remove filter, and reapply autofilter to column "F" based on selected cell as per below VBA

Note: Row 1 contains command buttons and row 2 Headers.

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Jul 25, 2009

auto filter options in excel. For some reason it is only sorting up to row 140.

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Autofilter On More Than 2 Criteria

May 15, 2008

Say you have a long list of data, and you go to Data menu --> Filter --> AutoFilter

And then you want to use the Custom AutoFilter. Here's a screenshot:


Is there any way to do MORE than two autofilters?

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Autofilter With More Than Two Conditions

Aug 3, 2009

I have a list of item numbers in a column which is Autofiltered. I can go to the autofilter drop down and then to custom and select two item numbers to allow through the filter, however I have about ten item numbers that I want to allow through the filter.

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More Than One Autofilter On One Worksheet

Sep 17, 2009

Is it possible to have multiple instances of autofilter on a single worksheet? The two autofilters should not be related to each other and are on different sets of data (in different rows as well as columns but in the same worksheet).

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AutoFilter Is ON But Not FILTERED

Apr 16, 2014

I have a situation - where I have a table and a "eSubtotal" cell that basically shows the subtotal value when Autofilter is ON and a SUMIFS calculated value when Autofilter is OFF. I have written this in the Selection change event of the sheet.

For this purpose, I have perform a regular check of AutoFilterMode = true or false and based on this result, I change the formula in the cell, eSubtotal.

Now the challenge is, I don't want to apply SUBTOTAL formula when AutoFilter is ON but there is no filter in any of the columns. I want to keep the SUMIFS just like that in this case.

So far, no good luck..

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AutoFilter 0's & Non-Blanks

Sep 20, 2008

The following the code from the macro recorder. Is there a better way to execute this task in proper VBA code?

How do you add an [If...Then] critieria when 0 or 0.00 are not found, then continue to search for the next criteria, Non-Blanks?

I have 2 more questions within this .....

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Array In Autofilter

Oct 1, 2008

When I run the following code, it just returns records that matches "Commonwealth" and not a single record with "State". What am I doing wrong?

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More Than Two Criterias In Autofilter

Nov 3, 2008

i am trying to filter data based on more than one criteria (8 to be precise). I have some data in one worksheet and i need to transfer it to other worksheets depending on certain criteria. for example if cell A1 has A or B then it should go to "temp1" spreadhseet, if A1 has C,D, E, F, G or H then it should go to "temp2" worksheet etc.

Is there a smart way of doing this rather than writing a number of with statements using 2 criterias each and hence copying data in more than one attempt (and thus slowing down the macro)?

I did think of using creating a dummy column, then using If statements to write True or false in that column, using true & false to filter and copy the data and then finally deleting the column. but as i understand i can not have more than 7 nested if statements but i have 8 criterias.

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Last Visible Row With Autofilter

Jun 2, 2009

I have an autofiltered sheet, on which I need to find the last visible row (all columns have the same # of rows in use). I am trying to use:

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Resetting AutoFilter

Aug 13, 2009

Code runs rather slow. Is there a better way to achieve the same results?

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Autofilter To New Workbook

Oct 8, 2009

I have a workbook of approx. 60,000 rows, with about 20 columns including a source identity column, such as 'Leeds' , 'Barnet' etc..

What i need is a solution that will auto filter all rows that have a value of 'Leeds' in the source column into a new workbook called 'leeds.xls' for eg. and so on (for each unique source value) and loop until the whole data set has been filtered.

Saves manually filtering, copying and pasting....over and over.....

Im guessing the VBA needs to build / look at an array etc...

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Setting AutoFilter Via VBA

Jan 20, 2010

This macro was working just fine, now it generates an error on the line in red.

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Using An Autofilter Instead Of LOOP

Feb 11, 2010

I have an spead sheet with 9 sheets 1 master and 8 sub sheets. The master sheet runs for col A to AV and the it can have x amount of rows. At the moment i use the following but this takes an age.

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AutoFilter & Find Using VBA's

Feb 20, 2010

The attached file has two sheets, “order” sheet and “stock” sheet. Can some help me with the followings:

1-In either sheet, I would like a VBA where if I put the mouse on a cell and then click on a VBA button, the VBA performs an Auofilter of the cell I have selected.

2-In sheet “Orders”, I would like a VBA where if I put the mouse on a cell and then click the VBA button it takes me to sheet “stock” and performs a find function of the cell I choose in sheet “orders”. For examples, if I put the mouse on cell E21 in sheet “orders” and press the VBA button, it takes me to cell H297 in sheet “stock”.

3-In sheet “stock”, I would like a VBA where if I put the mouse on a cell and then click on a VBA button, it takes me to sheet “orders” and performs an Auofilter of the cell I choose in sheet “stock”

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Turn Autofilter On And Off?

Nov 23, 2011

I have a code that will look in column C for all rows with data, turn on autofilter and copy the data into column A.

Then do the same in column D, paste into column A.

And finally the same in column E, paste into column A.

But I think the autofilter turning on and off might be a problem.

Dim LastRow1 As Long


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Selected (Autofilter) Without Using VBA

Jan 1, 2012

How to achieve by formula what was selected in autofilter without use vba.

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Autofilter And Delete In VBA

Feb 15, 2007

From my data set I would like to delete all rows that show "Yes" in Column I.

I copied this piece of code a few days ago from this site and have attempted to modify it eg by altering Columns to "I" and Autofilter Field to 9 and Criteria1 to = "Yes", but without success. Can you please help?

With Columns("A")
.AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:=""
.Range("A2:A" & Rows.Count).EntireRow.Delete
End With

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Table With Autofilter

Jul 1, 2007

I have a table with Autofilter, on B5: J5000. I want to insert a value in cell B2 and the list should shows only the values equal with B2.

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AutoFilter Macro For Does Not Contain

Jul 17, 2007

I have an Excel 2003 worksheet that has a list (Data > List > Create List), which displays the AutoFilters for each column in the list. I am seeking a macro that will filter the results (Custom > does not contain "Closed").

I would like to assign the macro to a button as the casual user might not understand the AutoFilter use.

The worksheet in VBE is defined as "Sheet3 (Audit Findings)"
My list has headers on row 7 (A7:K7)
I would like the AutoFilter to return all results except those marked as "Closed" in column K.

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2007 - AutoFilter

Dec 4, 2007

We have a large list of data with an autofilter on it. On column, R we want to show ONLY Blanks. Once we have the Blanks filtered, we put the word, TRADE (or any other word that you want). We finally select all the TRADE cell that were previously shown as blank and highlight them yellow. When we cancel the filter, all the rows in between are now highlighted yellow whereas in Excel 2003, only the rows that we highlighted when the filter was in place had the yellow highlighting.

There is a workaround that you can select each cell individually, apply a fill color, go onto the next cell, apply the color, etc but that is not efficient.

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AutoFilter For BLANKS

Feb 11, 2008

In order to produce my report I am trying to use a MACRO:

I have a column of data in row AZ. I do an AutoFilter for BLANKS. Then I want to put the word "non-base" into each blank cell in column AZ. I put the word "non-base" into the first row in column AZ. I then try to copy down the "non-base" to the end of the filtered data (all the blanks). I have tried to double click, I have tried to do CTRL End DownArrow but it just goes to the end of the spreadsheet instead of to the end of the filtered data.

I have copied the data and then held down the SHIFT key in the last cell and pasted in the data. This works but when the new data comes in, the following week, the number of blanks will be more or less than the last weeks data and my macro fails because it may or may not get ALL the data.

I need to get to the LAST BLANK CELL OF FILTERED BLANKS EACH TIME, replace the Blanks with "non-base" and have it do it consistantly.

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Autofilter With Formulas

Jun 17, 2008

I have one basic spreadsheet with all the data and then I filled a second spreadsheet with weighted averages based on the data in spreadsheet 1. However, then when I switch my filter on spreadsheet 1 all of the numbers change in spreadsheet 2.

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COUNTIF In AutoFilter..

Oct 2, 2008

I have the following type of data. How can i countif if the data in Filter Mode.

DatesArea Code3-Oct-08









If i am filtering on 4-Sep-08, i want to count how many "A". I know a method Filter by date 4-Sep-08 and area code "A". But is there any formula without filtering two columns? I have a cell down TOTAL A = ???? [ ???? What is the formula can i use? ].

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No Autofilter With Protection On

Dec 18, 2008

It is my understanding that the autofilter should still work on a protected sheet, but despite all of my efforts I have not been able to make this work. I have tried adjusting the settings on the protection to allow filters, formatting, and everything else I could think of all to no avail.

What am I missing here? This is the same on several different spreadsheets that I have put together.

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Test To See If The Autofilter

Mar 19, 2009

How i can test to see if the autofilter, while enabled, is not currently filtering?

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How AutoFilter Works

Jul 6, 2009

I need some information about How the auto filter in excel works?

Excel shows a drop box with list of unique values in that column, if i select one value only rows having that value are displayed.

Are other rows "hidden". I tried to unhide these rows but those are NOT hidden. What actually happens to rows that don't satisfy the filter criteria?

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