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Table With Autofilter

I have a table with Autofilter, on B5: J5000. I want to insert a value in cell B2 and the list should shows only the values equal with B2.

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AutoFilter Table & Copy Results
The error above comes up every time I copy filtered data to a new worksheet. It does its work but the said error comes up.

Sub AUTOFILTER_withouthead()

' AUTOFILTER_for_drop Macro
' Macro recorded 1/27/2008 by DD
Dim ws As Worksheet, wd As Variant
Set ws = Worksheets((Worksheets("Destination"). Cells(1, 6).Value))
Set wd = Worksheets("Destination").Range("A1:F65000") ...

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AutoFilter Method Of Range Class Failed - Yet Autofilter Works.
Im sure this is a very common problem. I tried searching for it but I havent found anything that solves this for me. Here is the code Im using:

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Set Autofilter To All Without Removing The Autofilter
I can set the autofilter, change it, remove all using Macros. What I need to know how to do is reset a filtered column to ALL while leaving all other filters on.

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Import Data From Access Table To Pivot Table - Enable Auto Refresh
I have enable Refresh on Open for my excel pivot table, but user need to click "Enable Automatic Refresh" , only solution i came across is to change the registry setting. Which i dont have access to edit registry(admin disable the access).

Alternate solution i try to use Access macro to automate the process and use Outputto save it as a excel file A. Then use excel file B to update pivot table from excel file A.(as excel A data is always latest)
The problem is i will get "....A file name already you want to overwrite.." prompt.
Which defeat the automate process.

Any other solution to enable the automatic refresh on open the excel workbook?

Or Access can overwrite the exist file or save it as another file name with timestamp ?

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Convert The Data Shown In Table 1 To Table 2 Without Rearranging The Columns And Rows
Is there a function to convert the data shown in table 1 to table 2 without rearranging the columns and rows? because i don't want to use TRANSPOSE. I want a function, somthing like SUMIF with OFFSET or INDEX and MATCH or any other function.

Table 1

Team 1Team 2Team 3Team 4Team 4Team 5Team 5ABABCity 12531642City 231173705City 367891125City 436251348

Table 2

City 4City 2City 1City 3Team 4BTeam 2Team 5ATeam 4ATeam 1Team 3Team 5B

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Macro To Create A Statistics Table From Another Data Table (containing Merged Cells)
I would like to have a macro to automatically generate a statistics table (on the "statistics" tab) with the 5 following fields:
Fragment names / # samples / # of failed samples / % of success / # of variations in the fragment (SNP). At the bottom of this table, I would like to have a cell with the average % of success for all fragments. The data to generate these statistics are on the "gene name" tab (please note that this name will change every time I will work on a new gene). To make things easier, I think the macro should be run from this tab.

1. The Fragment names are displayed in row #5. I use one column per variation per fragment. If one fragment has 3 variations, there will be three columns and I will merge together the fragment name cells. The fact that some cells are merged can be a problem when copy-paste to the stats table (as I would like to get rid of the merging).

2. # of samples corresponds to the number of cells in blue in column A. The number of samples can change from one report to another but is always constant in the same report.

3. # of failed sequences. In the table, I type "Failed Sequence" (if the analysis has failed) and "Missing Sequence" (if the analysis has not been done). When a sample is failed or missing, it is for the who fragment, no matter how many variation there is in the fragment, so I usually merge the cells of all variations for this failed sample.

4. % of success: this is quite easy #sample/#of failed+missing sequence for this fragment

5. # of variation is equal to the number of variations for this fragment (can be 0, 1, 2, etc.). When there is no variation in a fragment, I put '-- in all cells of the corresponding fragment on the "gene name" tab. Fragment 3 on my file is an example of 0 variation.

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Fill Table By Match Row & Column Headings Of Another Table
I currently have a table with a range of headings (row & column), and the necessary data for it. On a new worksheet, I have a table with only a few of the headings, and I was wondering if there was a macro that would automaticlly match the headings of the new sheet with the other table, and fill in the ncessary dat, as on the other sheet.

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Find Largest Invoice For Each Individual Identifying Code Number In The Table Without Using A Pivot Table
Data Table including-

List of Identifying Code Numbers for customer invoices

Multiple repetitions of individual Identifying Code Numbers in list

Various data in table range including Various Values of invoices from different dates for each repetion of Identifying Code Number.

- Wish to find largest invoice for each Individual Identifying Code Number in the table without using a pivot table.

i have tried combining Max and Large functions with Vlookups etc.

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Apply A Filter In A Pivot Table And Extract Results In A Table
I have made a pivot table and I dlike to identify with a macro the documents with net value over 1000. Then extract these values next to the respective sales documents in an are near the pivot table somewhere. The fields are called Document and Sum of Net value. Of course the pivot is very variable one time it has 3000 records and another 5000.

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Create Database Table From Multi-Column Summary Table
I want to accomplish something like this but slightly different:


I have the same issue but a bit more complex. In my case I have an additional amount of columns (let's say dimensions). So for the example given (sales per month) I would add two columns for 4 different regions and 5 machine types (just examples).

The output (that would serve as pivot tabel input) would then have to be a 4 x 5 x 12 x 4 = 960 row database table.

I have tried to accomplish it by customizing the given code but that provedto be beyond my powers ;o)

and some 3rd party software [url]and [url] but non of them is doing what I'm looking for.

The code I'm looking for ideally would count the number of columns and unique records per column and construct the database table from that. So I am looking for flexibility in the number of dimensions also...

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Creating A Mat Table Based On A Price Table
Part 1: Pricelist
The user presses 1 of 3 macro buttons to access the price list.
The buttons represent 1 of 3 parts of a construction project.
The buttons are labeled PHASE 1, PHASE 2 & PHASE 3. The macro,
depending on which button is pressed, hides all but the relevent quantity
col & total col.

Each job phase needs its own total & having it setup this way makes it
easier to enter new items into the table (only have to enter
the item once, rather than 3 times).

The first html shows a simplied example of the "price list" described above
(before & after the quantitiy & price cols are hidden).
The user adjust the quantity & the sheet calculates the price total.
Part 1: Material listThe material list is a list of items & quantities the user selected in the
quantity col of Price list. This list is to be printed & given to the workers.
It does not show price, only item & quantity.

This list, unlike pricelist, must be visiablly broken down by job phase.

I dont want the material list to be the price list repeated vertically
on a sheet 3 times. This would take up too much space & require new
items to be entered once in the pricelist & then 3 times in the mat list.

I would rather the mat list be on a seperate sheet from price list & have
a formula in cell matlistA1 that searches the phase 1 quantity col
(then phase2 & 3) for the first #>0.

When a #>0 is found, the formula
would return an item name into the cell on matlist. Then the formula
would run in matlistA2, & search for the next #>0.
(& so on until a complete mat list table, broken up into phases is created)


ABCDEFGHIJK2 3 4 PRICE CALCULATOR (USED TO ESTIMATE ANY OR ALL 3 PHASES OF CONSTRUCTION) 5 6 7 *this is how table appears before macro button named job PHASE 1-3 is pressed to access. Macro hides 2 of 3 quantity cols & 2 of 3 total cols. 8 9 10 11MATERIALSQUANTITY PRICE TOTAL12MISCELLANEOUS PHASE 1PHASE 2PHASE 3 PHASE 1PHASE 2PHASE 31399871009'x12' PLASTIC DROP CLOTH1 X4.73=4.73

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Pivot Table An Extract Of Each Data Contained In This Table
i have a pivot table an extract of each data contained in this table.

[img]Count of NAMdate
SERVICENAM12-oct10-déc11-décGrand Total
Commercial-laura Totalgh11

custody-jonathan Totalgh1113

settlement-ludovic Totalgh11

SPQC-elodie Totalgh112

Grand Total1337

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Pivot Table: Table That Shows As A Header The URL
I want for my set of data. The attached .xls is pretty straight forward: the first column is a list of people (identified by their customer number) and the second column is the URL they visited.

Since many people went to multiple pages, there are dupes between the two columns, but all of the rows are unique. What i am looking for is a table that shows as a header the URL (just one) and then the list of people that went to that URL under the header. So it's really just one column of information. It seems like a perfect task for a pivot table.

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Data Table: Incorrect Results Inside Table
I did a data table yesterday and it worked. I tried again today and the results are incorrect. They are coming out as a constant (the same result as the original formula). Has anyone had this happen before and figured out how to fix? My spreadsheet is fairly complex. Does the data table formula need to refer to the "base" cells? For example, if the formula refers to cell F15, but in F15 the formula is +C15, does my data table formula need to use C15?

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Fill Table Based On Corresponding Table & Being Between 2 Dates
I have an 'existing results table' as per my attached sample. From this table I need to create a list of 'sold' for each annual date range - i.e. I need a separate list for items sold within that date range. see my example in red. *Note. I am working with Excel07 however my attached sample is in Excel03 because I couldn't upload an XLSX file.

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Table Lookup (search On A 2 Dimensional Table)
I am attempting to do a search on a 2 dimensional table, based on Product Code/Month. Is there a function, addin or a macro that will allow me to do this? All I can come up with is a messy combination of VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP/COLUMN.

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Convert Detailed Table Into Summary Table
I have received a database containing listings of products and their sales, by month (see left side of attached file). What I actually need is to have this table converted (transposed) into a “flat database” which I can later manipulate with a pivot table (see desired output on the right side of the attached file). In the attached file I have drafted the desired output format of 1 line from the raw table, which I would like to get.

What I am looking for (if I might be so bold and ask) is a macro that will allow me to have a simmilar result for ALL the lines (there can quite a few). I think this output format can be achieved with a few simple loops, probably nested, but unfortunately I was not able to find the right sequence (being a novice in VBA).
I have tried to find the answer here, between all the posts regarding “transpose” but couldn’t find something that looked (to me) as containing a relevant solution.

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auto filter options in excel. For some reason it is only sorting up to row 140.

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Autofilter With More Than Two Conditions
I have a list of item numbers in a column which is Autofiltered. I can go to the autofilter drop down and then to custom and select two item numbers to allow through the filter, however I have about ten item numbers that I want to allow through the filter.

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Autofilter To New Workbook
I have a workbook of approx. 60,000 rows, with about 20 columns including a source identity column, such as 'Leeds' , 'Barnet' etc..

What i need is a solution that will auto filter all rows that have a value of 'Leeds' in the source column into a new workbook called 'leeds.xls' for eg. and so on (for each unique source value) and loop until the whole data set has been filtered.

Saves manually filtering, copying and pasting....over and over.....

Im guessing the VBA needs to build / look at an array etc...

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Using An Autofilter Instead Of LOOP
I have an spead sheet with 9 sheets 1 master and 8 sub sheets. The master sheet runs for col A to AV and the it can have x amount of rows. At the moment i use the following but this takes an age.

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More Than Two Criterias In Autofilter
i am trying to filter data based on more than one criteria (8 to be precise). I have some data in one worksheet and i need to transfer it to other worksheets depending on certain criteria. for example if cell A1 has A or B then it should go to "temp1" spreadhseet, if A1 has C,D, E, F, G or H then it should go to "temp2" worksheet etc.

Is there a smart way of doing this rather than writing a number of with statements using 2 criterias each and hence copying data in more than one attempt (and thus slowing down the macro)?

I did think of using creating a dummy column, then using If statements to write True or false in that column, using true & false to filter and copy the data and then finally deleting the column. but as i understand i can not have more than 7 nested if statements but i have 8 criterias.

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COUNTIF In AutoFilter..
I have the following type of data. How can i countif if the data in Filter Mode.

DatesArea Code3-Oct-08









If i am filtering on 4-Sep-08, i want to count how many "A". I know a method Filter by date 4-Sep-08 and area code "A". But is there any formula without filtering two columns? I have a cell down TOTAL A = ???? [ ???? What is the formula can i use? ].

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2007 - AutoFilter
We have a large list of data with an autofilter on it. On column, R we want to show ONLY Blanks. Once we have the Blanks filtered, we put the word, TRADE (or any other word that you want). We finally select all the TRADE cell that were previously shown as blank and highlight them yellow. When we cancel the filter, all the rows in between are now highlighted yellow whereas in Excel 2003, only the rows that we highlighted when the filter was in place had the yellow highlighting.

There is a workaround that you can select each cell individually, apply a fill color, go onto the next cell, apply the color, etc but that is not efficient.

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Test To See If The Autofilter
How i can test to see if the autofilter, while enabled, is not currently filtering?

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Array In Autofilter
When I run the following code, it just returns records that matches "Commonwealth" and not a single record with "State". What am I doing wrong?

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Autofilter With Formulas
I have one basic spreadsheet with all the data and then I filled a second spreadsheet with weighted averages based on the data in spreadsheet 1. However, then when I switch my filter on spreadsheet 1 all of the numbers change in spreadsheet 2.

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AutoFilter Macro For Does Not Contain
I have an Excel 2003 worksheet that has a list (Data > List > Create List), which displays the AutoFilters for each column in the list. I am seeking a macro that will filter the results (Custom > does not contain "Closed").

I would like to assign the macro to a button as the casual user might not understand the AutoFilter use.

The worksheet in VBE is defined as "Sheet3 (Audit Findings)"
My list has headers on row 7 (A7:K7)
I would like the AutoFilter to return all results except those marked as "Closed" in column K.

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How AutoFilter Works
I need some information about How the auto filter in excel works?

Excel shows a drop box with list of unique values in that column, if i select one value only rows having that value are displayed.

Are other rows "hidden". I tried to unhide these rows but those are NOT hidden. What actually happens to rows that don't satisfy the filter criteria?

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AutoFilter For BLANKS
In order to produce my report I am trying to use a MACRO:

I have a column of data in row AZ. I do an AutoFilter for BLANKS. Then I want to put the word "non-base" into each blank cell in column AZ. I put the word "non-base" into the first row in column AZ. I then try to copy down the "non-base" to the end of the filtered data (all the blanks). I have tried to double click, I have tried to do CTRL End DownArrow but it just goes to the end of the spreadsheet instead of to the end of the filtered data.

I have copied the data and then held down the SHIFT key in the last cell and pasted in the data. This works but when the new data comes in, the following week, the number of blanks will be more or less than the last weeks data and my macro fails because it may or may not get ALL the data.

I need to get to the LAST BLANK CELL OF FILTERED BLANKS EACH TIME, replace the Blanks with "non-base" and have it do it consistantly.

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No Autofilter With Protection On
It is my understanding that the autofilter should still work on a protected sheet, but despite all of my efforts I have not been able to make this work. I have tried adjusting the settings on the protection to allow filters, formatting, and everything else I could think of all to no avail.

What am I missing here? This is the same on several different spreadsheets that I have put together.

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Autofilter On More Than 2 Criteria
Say you have a long list of data, and you go to Data menu --> Filter --> AutoFilter

And then you want to use the Custom AutoFilter. Here's a screenshot:


Is there any way to do MORE than two autofilters?

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Resetting AutoFilter
Code runs rather slow. Is there a better way to achieve the same results?

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More Than One Autofilter On One Worksheet
Is it possible to have multiple instances of autofilter on a single worksheet? The two autofilters should not be related to each other and are on different sets of data (in different rows as well as columns but in the same worksheet).

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Count On Autofilter
I would like to count the number of time I have a string in column C it is on an autofilter. In mine example I would like to

1006 1

ColA ColB ColC

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Autofilter Show All
I have autofilter enabled on the header row across the top of my worksheet.
Is there a quick line of VBA I can use to toggle EACH one to (ALL). This would act as a "Reset" in my spreadsheet and display everything.

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Autofilter Syntax
I thought I saw a thread where someone used AutoFilter as a one liner like

Range("VFILTER").AutoFilter 23, "True"

but for some reason this does not work. The filter is active, but it doesn't pay attention to the field or criteria part.

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Autofilter Between 2 Times
i have a nice little table with lots of colums on informtion using an auto filter... my issue is i cant seem to get the auto filter to play nicly with the time column...

08:42:20 <<< that is how the time is formatted hh:mm:ss

now what i use a custom auto filter and try and filter all records from after 19:00:00 and before 07:00:00 it never brings anything up its blank even though i know there are records from in between these times..

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Toggle Autofilter (if On - Then Off, If Off - Then On)
Attempting to toggle autofilter (if on - then off, if off - then on). Found this here at Ozgrid, apologies lost the thread and author

Sub CheckForAutoFilters2()
With ActiveSheet
If .AutoFilterMode = True And .FilterMode = True Then
.AutoFilterMode = False And .FilterMode = False
.AutoFilterMode = True And .FilterMode = True
End If
End With

End Sub

I added the Else... piece. The code does turn autofilter off - if on. But not on - if off. (Hard to read) ObjectiveAdd drop down arrows to header row if autofilter off. That's it all data to reamin visible until user (me) takes some action.Show all data, remove drop down arrows if autofilter onThanks

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Autofilter Across Several Worksheets
I need to autofilter across several worksheets and have it look for the same information across all of them, so if I set the autofilter for the 1st spreadsheet, then how do I get Excel to autofilter the rest of the spreadsheets in the workbook or is that possible?

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Autofilter On Every Worksheet
I use VBA to create a workbook that has 6 worksheets. All six sheets are identicle in format. Only the data is different. I'm trying to AutoFilter all the sheets. Here's my code...

For Each s In WB_Report.Worksheets
s. Range("B7:R7").AutoFilter
Next s

This is the very last instruction of my macro. For some reason, it's only applying an AutoFilter to 3 of the 6 worksheets.

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Offset With Autofilter
I have a spreadsheet with a "freeze pane" 5 rows down from the top. My data is entered from row 6 down. In row 3, I have an offset function that offsets 0 columns and 3 rows, which returns the value of the first data entered (on row 6). On row 5 I have an autofilter but when I use it, the "offset" function still shows the data in row 6, rather than the data that is now on the top because of the autofilter. Does anyone have any ideas how to solution this? Maybe a diferent function? The "Offset" function always needs to show the uppermost value in the data range, that is from row 6 down, whether the filter is applied or not.

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Using An Input Date In An Autofilter
I need to have users input a date range for a report and then use that to autofilter a query from a database.

I think I have it close, but I can't tell what I'm missing. I can see the InputBox dates if I put them into a cell. And the criteria operators come up correct in the Autofilter, but the value shows as Starting and Ending, so it's filtering out everything.

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AutoFilter Non-Adjacent Columns
Please see the attached file. I would like to apply an auto-filter to the columns for "Food", "Animal" and "Value", but NOT to "Name", "Number" and "Description."

This would work fine if the columns I wanted to filter were all agacent to one another, but when i ctrl+click to select multiple ranges the auto-filter doesn't seem to want to apply. Any suggestions?

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Show Autofilter Criteria
You posted this code and it works well

could u advise how to display just the criteria ie no heading, no :, no =, and when it displays the criteria could it fill the cell with a colour. When filter is set to "all" give a blank cell

This would over come lots complaints from operators not realizing that filters are on because they can not find the silly blue button.

Are microsoft aware of is and are they changing it in the new release.

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Hide Sheets Via Autofilter?
I have a workbook w/ 120+ sheets, and the first one is a table of contents, while each following sheet is a record sheet for one of 10 individuals. That is, sheets 2-8 are for Alice, 9-12 for Bob, 13-29 for Charles, etc. Individual names are in column C, sheet names are hyperlinked text in column A on the table of contents sheet.

I want to know how to hide all the sheets which are not meant for the individual based on the autofilter of Column C. If I select Alice as the autofilter criteria for Column C, I want all the sheets except the table of contents and her sheets 2-8 to be hidden.

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Macro To Autofilter Using Popup
I am trying to create a macro to autofilter a sheet based on the value a user will enter into a popup box. I have found bits of code which I have been attempting to figure out and use somehow however I am getting more lost.

I can create a basic macro to autofilter, the problem I am having is that I am unsure of how to link this to an input/popup box of some sort

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Autofilter Updates Automatically
I have two worksheets, one that I update information on and the other which just basically points to that information. The second one is for viewing by a different department and has an 'Autofilter' applied so they only see certain information. This works fine as such until the data is changed in the first worksheet, at this point the 'Autofilter' doesn't automatically update, I have to take the filter off then put it back on again.

Is there anyway to ensure the autofilter updates automatically or is there an alternative way of doing this,

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Autofilter To A List Of Data
I have with Excel autofilter.

I applied an autofilter to a list of data that does not exceed the 1000
items limit, and attempted to filter the data to get a particular item. The
filter did bring up all the items needed, but it also had at the bottom of
the filtered list, another item that was not part of the items to be
filtered, which unfortunately affected my subtotal calculation.

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Autofilter With Subtotal Sumif
Small example of data

Name Amount Paid
Sheri $10.00 Yes
Sheri $15.00 No
Maureen $25.00 No
Maureen $12.00 Yes

If I AutoFilter the the list for Name "Sheri", how can I use the Subtotal
and Sumif functions together to show an answer of $15.00?

Or how can I use the Sumif or Sumproduct functions only on the visible cells?
Plus is it possible to show the filtered name "Sheri" in a seperate cell?

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