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SetFocus On Multi Page UserForm

I've got a userform with multiple pages, and in my userform initialize sub I set the focus to "combobox1" on "page1". When a user is on page2 of the form and clicks my "ClearData" button, which calls the initialize event, I get a run time error 2110 - "Can't move focus... etc" I would like users to have the ability to clear the form and start over no matter what page they are on.

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Change Start Page Of Multi Page UserForm
Is it possible to Change Start Page Of Multi Page UserForm Based on 8 CommandButtons. on a WorkSheet, for example.

UserForm1.MultiPage1.Value = 0
UserForm1.MultiPage1.Value = 1
UserForm1.MultiPage1.Value = 2
UserForm1.MultiPage1.Value = 3

Could I use 1 multipage UserForm Instead of 8 UserFoms. Is it better to use 1 multipage UserForm with 8 pages or 8 UserForms. I dont know if this make sense or not?

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Multi-Page Userform Controls
I have a MultiPage userform and I'm adding (4) control buttons - CancelButton, BackButton, ForwardButton and FinishButton. On the first page, those names are fine but when I get to subsequent pages, I get an ambiguous error if I try to name the controls the same. But the code will all be the same. What am I missing? In an example that I have, the user was able to name all the controls with the same name. What setting would control that?

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UserForm Multi-Page Wizard
i'm trying to build an app that'll take a user through 5 or 6 steps of a process, with maybe 2-3 substeps in some steps. right now i'm currently using a multipage Userform , but all the tabs make the whole thing look cluttered (even when there's a "Next" button in plain sight). this is especially because i've put each substep as a multipage form under that step's page (multipage forms inside a multipage form). so steps 1-5 would each have their own pages (1-5), then in page 1 you'd have another multipage form (1.a. - 1.c.). is there a way to make it look simpler? i'd like it to look a bit like a Wizard (ie remove all the tabs), but the only way i can think of is to throw a whole heap of controls on one page, and turn them visible/invisible each step of the way.

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Set Up Multi Page To Mimic Userform Initialize
I have a userform that has a multi page on it with 4 pages. I notice that there is no way to have the individual pages be set to a click event- or none that I see anyways.
What I am wanting is for a series of events to happen based on what page the user chooses from the four (like a userform initialize type event).

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Setfocus + Show A Page
Excel 2003. User form coding an If statement the "Else" FieldName.Setfocus. The User form has a MultiPage object in addition to the above (setfocus) in a particular field (NOT on the MultiPage object) I want it open to Page2 instead of what ever page it was last closed on. I tried this: MultiPage1.Page2.Enabled

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Setfocus In Userform Not Working
I'm having some problems with SetFocus on a user form that I am using. Code is Below.

Dim Answer As Variant
With cboAccount
If .Value "" And .ListIndex = -1 Then
Answer = MsgBox(cboAccount.Value & " is not a registered account, would you like to add it?", vbYesNo)
If Answer = vbYes Then
Load frmNewAccount
frmNewAccount.txtAccountName.Value = frmEnterTransaction.cboAccount.Value
If Answer = vbNo Then
End If
End If
End If
End With
End Sub

basically the code asks if the if the answer placed in a cboAccount (combo box) is valid against the list designated to that combo box,

If the entry is not valid a message box appears asking if they would like to add the entry to the valid list if they do not want to do this they can click no and in which case I wan't the focus to be set back to the combo box however currently the setfocus command above does not does not work and the focus is set to the next text box.

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Using SetFocus To Any Other Object On Userform
I have been trying to setfocus to any other object on my userform with absolutely no luck at all?

In the code below I open a dialog box to import a text file (with CommandButton1), if no file is selected the user is prompted, this works fine. However it leaves focus to the textbox and the user would have to click on some other object and re-enter the textbox to open the dialog box again.

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Setfocus From Module To Userform Control
I have a project with many textboxes on different forms. On some of the textbox_exits on some of the forms, I call a standard module that checks what the user has input. If the user needs to change the input, a msgbox appears to inform the user the info needs to be changed.

I have tried to use ControlSource, Name etc., But I cannot seem to setfocus back onto which ever textbox the input needs to be changed. I think it has something to do wih the _exit event, but not sure.

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Multi-page Tab Caption
Can i have the caption of a multi-page tab caption change on the result a given cell?

i.e. in the attached example i would like page 1 to be the result of B2.

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Multi Page Tab Strip
what is the differance between a multi page control and a tab strip control

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Tab Strip Vs. Multi-Page Controls
What are the differences/advantages to these 2 controls in a User Form?

I have already seen that the tab strip doesn't seem to toggle b/t pages, as a frame I placed remained on both "tabs" (I am wondering what it does if you can't toggle).

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VBA Code For Transferring Selections On A Multi Select List Box To A Page
Whats the VBA code for transfering selections on a multi select list box to a page.
ex. the list box has selections from 1 to 20 and I want to select 3,4, and 5
then on the page I want it to say 3,4,5

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Multi Colored UserForm
I want to have the top half of the userform colored in Red and the bottom half in green. This is not something of much practical use but would be cool and certainly very educational to see if could be done.

I have been searching to see if i could find some snippet Win GDI API codes which i could adapt to Excel and am also asking here maybe someone has seen this done in excel userforms before.

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Enter Data To Multi Sheet Through Userform
Enter Data To Multi Sheet Through Userform. How can I enter Data from entryform to multisheet?

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Collapsible Multi-Select UserForm Control
I would like to add a combobox type control that will allow multiple selections. I know that the combobox in the MS Forms Object Library only allows single selections and that the list box is the way to go to allow multiple selections, but I am trying to keep the form as small as possible. I would like to add a control similar to the one used on pivot charts, where the user clicks the dropdown box and can select multiple items. I'm hoping this control is installed with MS Office and just needs a reference to it, but I am open to installing third party controls as well.

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Page Break Preview It Shows The Page Numbers In The Centre Of The Page
When I view a sheet under Page Break Preview, it shows the Page numbers in the centre of the Page. While I am aware that it would not print the page number I was wondering if there is an option to remove/hide the page numbers.

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SetFocus On TextBox
I have the below to check for a numeric entry and when it's not, it deletes the entry, shows a Splash Form for a few seconds telling the user to enter Numeric, and then unloads.

The problem is, on the SetFocus part. I thought that it should put the cursor back into TextBox2 for another entry. It doesn't, in fact the cursor is nowhere to be seen. I have to grab the mouse and click in the TB2 to reenter a number.

Private Sub TextBox2_Change()
'//Check for numeric entry
If Not IsNumeric(TextBox2) Then
Me.TextBox2 = ""
'//Show SplashForm if not numeric
End If

End Sub

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Control Events And SetFocus
I have been working for 8-1/2 hours to get the focus to move to a specified control on my user form if criteria are met in two other controls on the same user form. It's not responding as I expect. I think I know what is happening; I just don't know why.

Situation: I have a user form with the following relevant fields in this tab order - LMonthDay, tbMonthDay, SBMonthDay, LYear, tbYear, SBYear, LTime, and tbTime. I used the designations L, tb, and SB in my control names to represent label, text box, and spin button respectively.

Problem: Once the SBMonthDay control has the focus, if I press TAB without changing the control's value, it does not execute the Exit event statement the way I anticipated. I want the focus to move to the tbTime control when the tbMonthDay & tbYear controls are already properly populated. (They will already be populated for 99% of the entries in this case.)

Private Sub SBMonthDay_Exit(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)
Debug.Print "SBMonthDay_Exit Begin"
If ISLIKE(tbMonthDay.text, "####") _
And ISLIKE(tbYear.text, "####") Then
Else: tbYear.SetFocus
End If
Debug.Print "SBMonthDay_Exit End"
End Sub ...........................................

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TextBox.SetFocus Not Working
if i write the following function on a checkbox,

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Setfocus To Combobox On Multipage
I have a userform with a multipage consisting of 4 tabs.

Each one has several combobox's and 1 commandbutton.

As you move through the form the commandbutton moves the data to my worksheet then moves you to the next page. When it reaches the last page it will return you to the first page then unload the form which is great.

The problem I am having is the cursor is not in any of the boxes on the first page. If I click on one of the other tabs then return to first page the first combobox has the focus. All the tab orders are correct. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

Private Sub cmdNext3_Click()
If IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = False Then
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
End If

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TextBox Setfocus Unexpected Call
I've got a user form with 12 textbox, one for each month a total textbox number 13 and a 14th text box (TB28) to enter $'s in.

AfterUpdate in each textbox 1-12 posts its value to a worksheet all values are summed in a =sum range which in turn populates textbox 13. When TB13.text = 100.00 it sucessfully calls a number of routines but what I can't get it to do is set focus on TB28.

Private Sub TextBox13_Change()
If TextBox13.Text = "100.00" Then
With FormPhasedAmt.TextBox28
.SelStart = 0
.SelLength = Len(TextBox28.Text)
End With
End If
End Sub

It returns a Run time error Unexpected call to method or property access highlighting .SetFocus. The rest of the code works OK. Is it because other textbox on the same user form have text highlighted because of the tab order?

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SetFocus On TextBox As First Control In A Frame
In Excel 2000 there seems to be a problem with setting the focus in a UserForm TextBox if the SetFocus method is applied in the same submodule as the UserForm.Show method. Microsoft's circumvention for this is to put the SetFocus command in the form's Activate event submodule.

This seems to work OK except when the TextBox you are applying the SetFocus to is the first control inside a frame. It works if the TextBox is not the first control, and it can be circumvented by first setting the focus on a subsequent control then switching the focus to the intended control.

However, the circumvention is not that useful if there is only one TextBox control in a frame or, as in my current project, if you try to create a generic piece of code to validate controls from multiple forms and set the focus from within the generic code.

Does anyone know of a way over overcoming this problem and being able to directly set the focus to the first TextBox inside a frame?

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Event Keypress, Tab Or Keydown And Setfocus
How to setfocus on a cell, when user press enter, key up, or tab ?
examp. :

i want setfocus to cell A5, when i press enter or key up on cell A2.

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Setfocus (point To A Cell In A Spreadsheet)
I would like point to a cell in a spreadsheet, click a Command Button and copy the content of this cell to another cell, say D30.

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Put In Error Handling In Case The Format Of The Page Changes Or The Internet Page Is Unavailable
I have some code that parses an html table. I want to put in error handling in case the format of the page changes or the internet page is unavailable. I am testing without an internet connection and the run time error is not being branched off to the error handler and is fatally ending the macro. This is true also if I raise an error manually.

Private Sub ParseInjuryPage()
On Error Goto ErrorHandl
Dim strPage As String
Dim webIE As SHDocVw.InternetExplorer
Dim myURL As String
Dim tableBeg As Long
Dim tableEnd As Long
Dim RowBeg As Long
Dim rowEnd As Long
Dim cellBeg As Long
Dim cellEnd As Long
Dim strBeg As Long
Dim strEnd As Long
Dim myCell As Range
Dim rowNum As Integer
With Sheets("INJ")
Set myCell = .Range("A2")
.Range("A:F").Value = vbNullString
rowNum = 2
Set webIE = New SHDocVw.InternetExplorer
myURL = ""
webIE.Navigate myURL
strPage = webIE.Document.body.innerhtml...................................

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Macro To Print Page Based On Active Page
I need a macro that will print a hidden page that is linked to the page I have active.

It needs to be able to find the correct hidden page that corresponds to the active page because there are multilple pairs of the hidden/visible pages. The name of the hidden page is the same as the visible one with "printout" added to the end. When created, the sheet code names are sheetn and sheetm; n and m being consecutive numbers.

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Printing One Page Grayscale And One Page Color With Code
I have a report that I use and right now I have a command button that prints the report x2. What I would like to do is to have it print one in color and one in grayscale. I could do this I think with two different buttons, but I would like to utilize just one. I tried creating a macro but it did not pick up the fact that I changed the properties to black and white.

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Countif Formula: Take Data From One Page And Graph It On Another Page
I am looking for a formula that will take data from one page and graph it on another page. The data I am trying to graph is arranged like so:


1 q 2009.05.01
2 w 2009.05.02
3 w 2009.05.01
4 q 2009.05.01

I am looking for something that will look at column A and if the answer is "q" and then look at column B and if the answer is "2009.05.01" Excel will take that and count it in a specific cell on another page. In the case above, I want Excel to give me the answer of "2" in a designated cell.

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Remove Page Numbers In Page Break Preview
how to get rid of the page numbers that appear when using page break preview mode. The page numbers appear in large grey font in the middle of each page and sometimes makes it difficult to read cells. Can I use this view with all the same functionality without that one feature?

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Transfer Specific Data On Each Page To A Different Colum On That Same Page
I have a workbook that has 9 different tabs in it. Once all the information has been completed throughout the workbook, is there a code that could transfer specific data on each page to a different colum on that same page? I need to do this for 9 pages at one time. The information is listed differently on each page. I need to transfer data from the current data column to the previous data column once the entire workbook has been filed out.

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Copying 12 Months Data Across The Page To Down The Page
I have a dataset that is as follows:

Col1 2 3 4 ...... 45

123 456 xxx xxx xxx
100 234 xxx xxx xxx
221 543 xxx xxx xxx
112 234
112 689
122 956
122 234

This goes on from left to right for 45 odd columns.

I need to copy each set i.e set 1 is 123 down to 122 to say cell a25 and then copy the next set i.e. 456 to 234 below the first set.

I need to somehow write a loop code that knows where to get the 2nd, then 3rd set, etc and copy it to the bottom of the preceeding set

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Wondering How To Keep Headers Repeating From Page To Page.
Working with 2000 Excel is bringing some new chalanges. I see things are done different. I am trying now to keep my header to repeat from page to page.

For example I have a header that may say something like:
People, numbers, date, ect. And there are so many new rows they go on for pages long. How can I keep my header on the top of each page when it prints out on paper.

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Formula On A Page Updated When Any Value On The Page Is Changed
Assume that calculation is set to automatic and not manual, then is every formula on a page updated when any value on the page is changed, or only when the values in the cells pertaining to a particular formula change?

For instance, if cells a1-a10 have values and in a11 is a sum a1-a10 formula, and in b1-b10 are values and a sum b1-b10 formula in b11, if I change a value in range b1-b10 but do not change any values in a1-a10,then as well as the formula in b11 updating will the formula in a11 recalculate or does excel keep track of which cells have changed and thus is aware that the formula in a11 does not need to be recalculated?

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Page Break By Asking The Input File For Page Break To Be Done
The code which you provided works fine no problem for a page break. I need to run the macro for the page break by asking the input file for page break to be done.

For Example, If excel filename "A" contain the code which you have given need to ask to input the filename "B" and process need to be done in file "B".

I have added some code to your code which you provided but it gives error message "1004" "Method 'Range' of object '_Application' failed" at following line :

Set rng = oExcel.Range(Cells(2, 2), Cells(Rows.Count, 2).End(xlUp))

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Macro: Clear Page Breaks & Add Page Breaks
I need to remove all existing page breaks in a document and add a page break every 72 rows. I've tried some similar codes from this forum with other functions that I don't need in it.

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Page Header: Print The Header On Page One Only
I have a booklet I want to print from Excel 2000. I'm not seeing how to have the HEADER on page one only. The header is coming up on all pages. Is there a way to tell Excel to print the Header on page one only?

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Multi If Count
I have to have to have 2 criterias for it to pass before the items are counted

I have 2 columns of data.
1 being a list of clients names, and 1 being if the Connection/Abandoned

Client Column is colum "F"
Connection/Abandoned is colum "J"

I need to count how many Connected and how many abandoned for each client

So if "F" equals "BPS" and "J" equals "Connected", then count.

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Multi Choice Sum
I have a spreadsheet which have data auto inported. (thanks to previous help on here). I have now come up against the next problem.

I wish to make the mark up variable depending on 5 options (workings I13;I17)

the choice is selected in column b after the data has been inported

then down on Rows 75 - 79 i have the totals of my choices.

Unfortunatly i do not know how to do a variable sum

I have attached a copy of the workbook.

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Multi Substitution -- No VBA
What is the best method for searching and replacing within a string when the string to be replaced could be say 1 of 10 options and could appear in any position within the string ? To make it easier let's say wherever those sub strings appear they are to be replaced (ie none to be left behind), and lets say they are all to be replaced by another character -- specific to each string being replaced.


Say I want to replace any digits in a string, to be replaced like for like as follows:

0 -> a
1 -> b
2 -> c
3 -> d
4 -> e
5 -> f
6 -> g
7 -> h
8 -> i
9 -> j

Sample strings:

Luke is 0 Donkey
Luke is 0 Mul4
0nd Luk4 is not very cl4v4r
Luke can not h40r very w4ll.


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Multi Option Sum
I want to sum data in COLUMN C that is related to COLUMN B if the COLUMN F is blank.

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Multi Condition Sum
I am trying to sum the error points of staff in their work done based on a specific time frame. For example,from 4.00pm to 4.30 pm as per the attached. I tried sum product but did not work. Is there an addition formula that I need to use when incorporating time ?

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Sum As Per Multi-lookup
In the attached file I managed to sum up the Quantities per Material & Category. The Original DATA is presented in columns A:E. The requested results/Formulas are at Cells B2:B4. My Question is very simple: Is there a way to sum up the Quantities WITHOUT the Help-Column G !? If so - how ?

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Macro That Deletes Sheet With Control & Shows UserForm Causes UserForm To Disappear
This is weird - if you delete a sheet that contained a control then

a. showing a modeless userform resluts in a userofrm that goes invisible at subroutine End
b. public variables lose their value

These things do not happen if the sheet did not contain a control. Attached is an example file - put the inputfile.xls in your default file location (or add a path in the code) then open the ProblemDemo.xls and run the main macro to see it fal - isthis another Excelbug I've found?

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Password Vb With Multi Users
I was wondering if someone know how to creat multi users in a password protection that I got from RoyUK Password/User Name Attempt Count. this works great but i'm haveing proble with the multi users oh and I was wondering if it was possible to have the user have limited visiblity to certian parts of the workbook.

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Multi Column ListBox :: How To Set Up
I am not grasping how to setup a multi column listbox (2 columns).

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Multi Test Lookup
I have a rather complicated question, complicated for me. I have one workbook with 24 worksheets. The first three worksheets are names of people, ie kim smith, jack white, bill blue. The next 23 sheets are held in reserve for new people and are currently labeled isr 4-23.

I have used your site to get to a point where I can generate a cell to reflect the tab name. I have used these formulas to accomplish that:

=CELL("filename",'ISR 4'!$A$1)

="'"&MID(F6, FIND("]",F6)+1,256)&"'!"

This generates 'ISR 4'! in the destination cell. I have taken this list of sheet names and crated a dropdown list. Now I would like to apply two tests to this list as well as another list.


Depending on who is picked in the sheetname list and depending on what week is picked in the week list I want to go to the sheetname tab, that week and grab cell b1 or b2 (week 1 b1, week 2 b2 and so on for 52 weeks)

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Multi-parametered Do Loop
Is there a way to have a do loop that only works when Cells(t, nonNMtotal.Column) "" or "NM". That way I think I could get rid of the if statement which is not working anyway.

Do While Cells(t, nonNMtotal.Column) ""
If Cells(t, nonNMtotal.Column) = "NM" Then


total = 0
On Error Resume Next
total = Cells(t, 3).Value
nonNMtotal = total + nonNMtotal
t = t + 1

End If


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Multi Lookup A Name And Its Corresponding Code
I am currently using the formula below to lookup a name and its corresponding code. I type the code into cell A13. The name is fixed at B1. This formula then finds the name (B1) in a table and matches the column header of the code which I type into A13 and returns a value. This allows me to type in different codes and quickly see the value corresponding to the name. I also want to be able to type the coding into A13 and be able to see a listing of all of the names attached to that coding.


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Multi Condition Sumif
Is there a way to have a sumif formula dependent on two conditions?

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Multi-Line Listbox
I am reading info from a sheet via array into a listbox which displays the results on a user form. One of the columns has a long text and I need to wrap the text.

From my searches I think I need to have an actove x listbox.

I have right clicked on the toolbox but can not see one with the name for active x lisrbox.

what one I should select and if possible how to set it up to wrap the text.

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