Splitting Text And Numbers From The One Cell

Aug 4, 2014

Is there a formula or function that I can use that will allow me to split data like below into two separate cells?

In one cell, I have - Narre Warren Black 6.8-44 & in another cell - Pakenham Maroon 5.4-34 just as an example. (There are quite a number of cells like this) I would like the cell split to show - Narre Warren Black in one cell and then 6.8-44 in the next cell. The same is needed with the following cell - Pakenham Maroon in one cell and 5.4-34 in the next cell.

Because some have one space and some have 2 or 3 I can't use 'LEFT' and I can't use Text to Columns as far as I can see.

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Import Large Text File Of Numbers Without Excel Splitting Numbers?

Jul 19, 2014

I have a text file with rows and columns of numbers ranging from 1-4 digits that I'd like to import/copy into Excel with each number being in its own cell. But whenever I copy/try to import, Excel splits all of the 3-4 digit numbers up into single digit numbers. The text file has 10,000+ columns (each number occupies two columns so I have half of that amount in numbers) and 300+ lines.

Is the file simply too large for Excel to handle or is there a way I can do this?

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Splitting Numbers And Text To Their Respective Columns

Jul 31, 2014

Splitting numbers and text separately to their respective columns

Annexed file for reference: SPLIT TEXT AND NUMBERS.xls‎

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Splitting Text And Numbers From 1 Column Into Separate Columns

Jul 24, 2014

I have some data that is both text and numbers in the same cell. I would like to split the the data so that the text is in one column and the numbers are in another column.

The numbers are all a fixed length (15 chars) so I know that I can use the following formula = RIGHT(A1,15)

However I am not quite sure how to split the text as the length can vary as as well as the number of words in the string.

For example A1 is 1 word with 7 characters but A2 is 2 words, 14 characters long inc space.

A1 Goodwin 000710280740120
A2 Gillette Ridge 000715058510122

B1 Goodwin
C1 000710280740120

B2 Gillette Ridge
C2 000715058510122

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Text File Import With Text To Columns Splitting Same Text Differently

Nov 21, 2007

I have a macro which imports data from a mainframe dump text file and performs 'Text to Columns' on the imported data so that formula in the spreadsheet can act on the data. The code works perfectly well when I use it, but if a different user logs on and performs exactly the same mainframe dump and import macro the Text to Columns action splits the raw data in a different way and the result is that the split renders the formulae useless.

I've experimented a little and for some reason it appears that the 'Field Info' parameters which are produced when the Text to Columns function is recorded in a macro differ between users even though the raw data is exactly the same.

FieldInfo:= _
Array(Array(0, 1), Array(18, 1), Array(35, 1), Array(56, 1), Array(70, 1), Array(88, 1), _
Array(102, 1))

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Splitting Word From Numbers?

Mar 7, 2014

I want to split the names from the number and then merge column Desc and 2nd Line Desc?

2nd Line Desc

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Splitting Numbers Separated By A Space Automatically?

Jul 27, 2009

i have a list of customer codes each seperated by a space. In the column next to them i have a percentage. (see attached file before tab). I would like to be able to split the cell of customer codes and transpose them so that there is one cell per customer code with the appropriate % applied (please see attached file after example tab).

At the minute a manual process is completed of sorting in length order, using the text to column function then copy paste and transpose, then copy the % in. Its quite manual process, is there an easier way?

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Splitting Comma Delimited Numbers Into New Columns

Apr 20, 2009

I am using excel at the moment with a card playing program. using the excel sheet they provided the details of what cards are dealt are exported to the worksheet and there is a simple table like so

Player Cards
Player 1/ 24, 27, 16
Player2/ 1, 5

The information is fed through one number at a time as the cards are dealt for a total of three rounds sometimes it is only two rounds and are delimited by a comma all in the same column. I would like if possible to have these numbers appear in separate columns. that is

Card 1 / Cards 2 / Card 3
Player 1
Player 2

IS this possible. briefly i want this to happen so I can use the Vlookup function as the numbers that come through each stand for a card value but using Vlookup only the first number works and the following return an NA value as it is impossible as far as I know to have every possible combination represented in a table . If there is a way of tweaking Vlookup so it recognises the comma delimiter and in the vlookup column it will show all converted numbers then i'm all ears otherwise any help on how to split would be much appreciated. Quickly I did try using the text to columns function when i did this however in the new destination it showed only the first number and discontinued showing the others in the original as well. Additionally in this function the 'preview of selected data' does not show selected data but some sort of link =programme_name_card_gamecard_1 somethig like that. Sorry for the long one.

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Numbers Not Staying In Number Format After Splitting It

Sep 2, 2009

Here's my number 20512202250

The first 4 digits are the shop #
The last 7 digits are the part #

I had to split the number to separate shop and part
I used LEFT(a2, LEN(a2)-7) for the shop which gave me 2051
I used REPLACE (a2,1,4,"") to get the 2202250 part number

My next column is an ISNUMBER formula
When I do an ISNUMBER to 2202250, it's coming back FALSE like it's showing it NOT to be a number.

How do I get the 2202250 to show up as a number?
If I change it manually, the ISNUMBER formula works correctly and reads it as a number.

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Splitting Large Numbers Into Groups (LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE)

Nov 16, 2009

I have a spreadsheet with a column of Longitude values like:

I want to somehow split the cell into new individual cells so it will be like this:

17 28 28.383

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Splitting Text

Jun 18, 2007

I have text of varying length that I need to split up into three fields. I am using a vba code (kindly shown to me on a previous post) to split the first word, but in this particular macro I need to remove the last word. This is the code that I have at present which is displaying the first word.

Sub splitDescription()
Dim c As Range, t
For Each c In Range("e2:e" & Range("e" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row)
t = Split(c)

c.Offset(, 1) = t(0)

End Sub

The data I am trying to split consists of descriptions of varying lengths and I need to remove the first word and the last word and keep the middle text. Below is an example


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Splitting Text In Cells?

Feb 9, 2012

I'm trying to break up text in excel based on certain criteria and would prefer using a formula.

Criteria one: Must be 35 characters or less in length
Criteria two: Must include full words

So for example:

Cell A1: Sally bought a new purse

End Result:
Cell A1: Sally bought a new purse
Cell B1: Sally bought a (assume 35 characters)
Cell C1: new purse (assume 35 characters)

As mentioned earlier the only caveot is that it cannot break individual words IE: "Sally bought a ne"

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Splitting Text In Excel

Jan 13, 2014

I have a cell with value mm-dd away team @ home team.. i would want to extract only home team and away team in 2 different cells. i was able to do the home team but not the away team.


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Splitting Text Using MID, RIGHT Functions

Jan 22, 2007

I have some samples below and I need to split them up.
CritValsMtrx(1, 1) = 8850216
CritValsMtrx(1, 2) = 10
CritValsMtrx(2, 1) = 8850832
CritValsMtrx(2, 2) = 5

The MID function to split the text as below and it works.
MID(A1,1,FIND(" (",A1,1)-1) returns "CritValMtrx"

I have tried the RIGHT function to split the text to have the followings but it didn't work RIGHT(A1,1,FIND(",",A1,1)-1).
"2) = 10"
"1) = 8850832"
"2) = 5"

In a nut shell, all I need is the text from the comma to the end of the string.

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Splitting Text Across Cells

Jan 8, 2009

I'm having trouble splitting some data.

I have account codes like 1201.170170 that I must split into two cells containing 1201 and 170170

When I use "left" and "right" functions, it cuts off the zero on the far right. Assuming base data in cell F2...

=Right(f2,6) returns .17017 rather than the intended 170170

I've tried formatting the cells as text, but that doesn't seem to work either.

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Copy Only Numbers Within A Cell With Text And Numbers

Mar 25, 2014

I am looking for a formula to grab only the numbers withing a cell that has text in it i.e (John Peters142 lp) or (Sally Jones54) or (Terry Cram310 jkb) sometimes there will be text after the number and sometimes not, the format is as shown with no space between name and number but a space after the number.

I added a sheet for visual example.

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Match (text) Numbers To Numbers From One Cell To Another

Oct 12, 2006

I need the " solutions cells " to match to the " source cells " and return a " yes " or " no ". in cells d4:d10. Ex: #1 cell C4=01234598, it will conduct a search & match of cell A5 which contains the number 123, since cell C4 contains all 3 numbers from cell A5, then the formula would result in a " Yes ". The match has to contain all 3 numbers from the solution cells to the source cells.

Ex: #2 cell C7=67891234, it will conduct a search & match of cell A8 =901. Since cell C7 only contains the 9&1 from cell A8, it would return a " No " because cell C7 did not contain all 3 numbers from cell A8. I'm not sure if the IF, Match, Index or Count formula is the right one to use, they all seem to partially work, but still don't complete this problem.

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Splitting Cells With A Formula And Not Use Text To Columns

Aug 13, 2014

I want to split a cell with a formula and not use text to columns. I will have a cell a1 for example with 1d 4h 36m 34s in and want to have 4 formulas 1 in

.. so the result will be

I know you can split with left, mid and right but don't know how to do it with the desired results.

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Splitting Housenumbers And Text (housenumber Extra's)

Dec 4, 2009

I have got a excel file which has housenumbers. I would like to use the file for importing in a program.

Unfortunatly the program wants housenumbers en extra's split.

The file I have looks like this:

Ordernummer Geadresseerde Straat Huisnummer Toevoeging Postcode Woonplaats

The file I want looks like this:

Ordernummer Geadresseerde Straat Huisnummer Toevoeging Postcode Woonplaats

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Splitting Text String (address) Into Separate Columns

Jun 2, 2014

I have address that sits in one cell only and I need to separate into two or three columns (streetname, street number, streetletter).

Is this possible as the length of street text, numbers and letter differs all the time...

Attached is a sample file with before and after result


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Macro To Read Just The Text In A Cell Containing Text And Numbers

Apr 10, 2014

I need to get a code that will just read the text in a cell that contains text and numbers example abc123 I want it to only read the abc as the numbers can change and cant write them all into my macro all the time.

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Splitting Continuous Text Into Two Cells Using Uppercase Letter As Delimiter

Nov 12, 2009

I have names that look like this:

SmithJohn and i want to seperate into two cells so it looks like

Cell 1: Smith
Cell 2: John

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Text And Numbers In Same Cell Sum Of Numbers?

Oct 31, 2010

multiple numbers and text are in single cell which are separated through spaces or comma, is there any formula which can bypass text and add all the numbers in the cell.

For example:

red 12, yellow 10, green 5 27 red 3, blue 9 12 yellow 21, blue 3 24

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Cell With Both Text And Numbers?

Jul 11, 2012

I'm trying to extract the numbers from a cell containing both numbers and text. In other words, say the current selected cell contains: "63.0 Vac", I would like to store the 63.0 in a variable using VBA.

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SUM Numbers & Text In Same Cell

Nov 14, 2006

I have several cells I need to sum that are MB K size related. IE.....

Circuits per Router....
155 MEG
85 MEG
100 MEG
768 K
512 K
76 MEG

need to total these
add up the MEG as 416MEG
and the K 1.2MEG
Total 417.2MEG

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Cut Off Numbers From Cell Text

Apr 11, 2007

I've got two spreadsheets one with a load of names and a blank column I need to put mobile numbers into, and a second with a column with names and numbers and a second column with mobile numbers.

About 90% of the people have their mobiles listed in the second spreadsheet, so I've done a VLookup to match their names and if it does match, stick the mobile number into the spreadsheet.... however...

A big proportion of the cells have a name and a user number in the same cell, separated by a comma ie

John Brown, 1048456

So when Vlookup tries to match the above with 'John Brown' in the second spreadsheet it fails.

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Splitting Single Cell Into Two

Aug 11, 2014

Split the single into two, is this really possible in excel?To be precise dividing cell A1 into two different cells(No merging, No text to column option).

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Splitting A Cell Into Multiple

Jul 29, 2009

I'm currently working on a little project and at the moment it's my programmign skills letting me down lol, I'm litterally about to start pulling my hair out over not getting this to wokr. I extract data from my device which is in the following format.

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Splitting Cell Into Two Cells

May 28, 2009

I know how to use concatenate but is there anything that will do the opposite. I want to take one cell that has both a date and time in it, and make the date in one cell and the time in another.

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3 Way Lookup By Splitting Cell Value

May 13, 2014



[Code] .......

I have a data which is the Table-1 in one sheet and in another sheet i have a data With Table - 2 only Item_Name column has a data, I need to fill the F_Name and L_Name column data by splitting the values in Item_Name and comparing with Item1, Item2 & Item3 if all the three values match return the N1 and N2 column values to F_Name and L_Name for that particular Item Name

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