Splitting Alphanumeric Contents In Cells

Jan 18, 2013

Cell A3: Abbott, Robert M.,MD
Cell A4: Bussiere, Laura P., ARNP
Cell A5: Bradford, Melinda ARNP

I have this data in Column A and I'd like each person's last name to appear in Column A and the first name to appear in Column B and the credentials to appear in Column C like this:

A3 B3 C3
Abbott Robert MD
A4 B4 C4
Bussiere Laura P. ARNP
A5 B5 C5
Bradford Melinda ARNP

Also I'd like to be able to do the same with addresses:

In Row Q I have:

Q35: Jacksonville, FL 33204
Q37: St Augustine, FL 32092-1850

I would like this to appear in the sheet as follows:

Q35 R35
Jacksonville 33204
Q37 R37
St Augustine 32092-1850

I don't need the state in any cell. It can disappear as well as any commas. Is any of this possible?

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Splitting Contents Of A Cell At A Semicolon

Oct 5, 2009

I have two lists of over 10,000 text messages each. Each text is in the first cell of the column, with a few random rows being skipped here and there. Within each cell is a lot of information. The information is divided by semicolons, though. So, it's something like. 123;ContactName;+123456790;Date Time;Message

I have two files like this, one incoming and one outgoing. I need a way to not only split the text into different cells (each piece in a separete column), but splice the two files together. I realize if I could section the text into the parts, I could just sort it, but I figured it's better to tell more than less, for the sake there might be an even simpler way of doing it.

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Splitting Cell Contents Based On Character

Mar 22, 2012

I need a formula that splits a cells contents based on a character. Example:


I want a forumla that returns everything right of the #. the number of charters changes so i need to reference the #

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Alphanumeric Counter (automatically Populate A Column With An Alphanumeric)

Jun 23, 2009

I need to automatically populate a column with an alphanumeric MFR0001 to MFR9999 and am currently using the formula below to add 1 to the start point (A1)...

Formula in A2 =LEFT(C1,3)&(RIGHT(C1,4)+1)

This works perfectly if I start at MFR1000, but breaks and drops the 000 if I use it on the number I need to start with (MFR0001).

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Combine Contents Of Two Cells Depending On Contents Of Another?

Jan 14, 2013

I am trying to combine the contents of two cells depending on the contents of another, I have tried to use the If function but am coming up stuck!

I have provided a link to the example file below:


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Splitting Separated String Data In Cells To New Cells

Jun 6, 2006

I have pricelists tables with 300 and more rows and about 50 columns. Three letter codes in first column cells are in strings separated by separator (,), I need to split this strings so that each three letter code would be in its own cell in first column, at same time all other cells in same row as original string data should be copied to rows near appropriate 3 letter codes. In attached xls file I have made small example how data looks before and how it should look after applying macro. Table should not move to other place on worksheet or on new worksheet, in attached example I moved it just to show what kind of form result should have.

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Splitting Data In Cells

Jul 28, 2014

How to split the data in my cells

Currently it looks like this.
1 - 2 - 3,4,5
A - B - C

I would like it to look like this.
1 - 2 - 3
1 - 2 - 4
1 - 2 - 5
A - B - C

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Splitting Cell Into Two Cells

May 28, 2009

I know how to use concatenate but is there anything that will do the opposite. I want to take one cell that has both a date and time in it, and make the date in one cell and the time in another.

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Splitting Data Into 2 Cells?

Oct 14, 2011

spliting a cell and moving them to 2 other cells.

Column D contains date and time in the format: 15/09/2011 08:01:01

I need them to be split into Date in column V and Time column W

Need the code to loop until there are no more values in column D.

Forgot to mention that the Column D is a date format and they need to be in there respective date and time format when split!

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Splitting Text In Cells?

Feb 9, 2012

I'm trying to break up text in excel based on certain criteria and would prefer using a formula.

Criteria one: Must be 35 characters or less in length
Criteria two: Must include full words

So for example:

Cell A1: Sally bought a new purse

End Result:
Cell A1: Sally bought a new purse
Cell B1: Sally bought a (assume 35 characters)
Cell C1: new purse (assume 35 characters)

As mentioned earlier the only caveot is that it cannot break individual words IE: "Sally bought a ne"

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Splitting String To Cells

Nov 14, 2008

I have question I need a macro which splits strings to multiple cells.
Here is how my data looks like.

Here how I want it:

PS: I prefer macro instead of formula. T

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Splitting Text Across Cells

Jan 8, 2009

I'm having trouble splitting some data.

I have account codes like 1201.170170 that I must split into two cells containing 1201 and 170170

When I use "left" and "right" functions, it cuts off the zero on the far right. Assuming base data in cell F2...

=Right(f2,6) returns .17017 rather than the intended 170170

I've tried formatting the cells as text, but that doesn't seem to work either.

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Take Out Set Of Numbers From Alphanumeric Cells

Nov 20, 2012

I have about 200 cells with 2 different format in text and numbers but they all have a number in between right after /vgh/.

Is there a formula I can use that will return only thee set of numbers removing the text before and after it.

Below are the 2 different examples.

Example 1 : h4ffkwd1-5o/vgh/2447044/eml-anet_wlcm-h-visit/?hs=false&tok=3GMdjcBsfbfBk1
Example 2 : h38ahlur-19/vgh/163311/?hs=false&tok=1CIRLlqwLSB5g1

I have these sort of text and just need the middle set of numbers.

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Splitting Cells By Non-printable Characters

Oct 12, 2009

I've had a quick look at past posts and there is plenty on splitting cells but I haven't been able to find anything to help me with the following:

I've pulled address details from a database which have populated into a single field with each line separated by 2 'square' characters. I need to split each line into a separate cell for a mail merge. I've seen these characters before and always assumed they represent a space or 'return' and I believe is an ASCII character?

If I select a cursor in the cell the lines drop as they should with 1 square character left at the end of each line and it stays this way when I leave the cell.

I've tried CLEAN & TRIM functions; the first removes the characters, the second doesn't recognise the character at all. The most promising seems the 'Text to Columns' function, setting it as a delimited string, but I don't seem to be able to enter this particular character as the delimiter under the 'other' option.

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Splitting Workbook With Cells As Filenames?

Jan 21, 2014

I am attempting to split my workbook and save the sheets as individual files. Simple enough? yes. The issue I am running into is that when the sheets export I want their filename to be pulled from the value of a cell on a master control sheet. While I am pretty sure these can be done separately, not sure how to really do them as a whole within a one click button. Also an issue I am running into is that when I click my export button on my control page, the sheets that are saved have lost some of the page formatting.

SHEET1 is my control sheet

Here is the code that I was using to export the sheets.

[Code] ......

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Splitting Date Values Into Various Cells?

Jan 28, 2014

VBA code to split the the date values into various cells. For example 8-Feb-14 in cell A2 will be splitted into three cells (C2, D2 and E2) to have the values:

Cell C2: 8
Cell D2: Feb
Cell E2: 2014 (Note that 20 has been added to the 14 to make it 2014)

I have attached a spreadsheet to understand what I mean. The results are in red and the raw data is in black.


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Splitting Data From A Cell Into Different Cells

Jan 22, 2009

I have a column that has data with multiple values seperated by commas. I need to seperate out the values and add them to a new column.


Column A
good, cheap, fast

I would like them to be added to column B as:

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Remove Numbers From Alphanumeric Cells

Sep 17, 2008

I have about 10000 cells of varying length in text and numbers but they all end with numbers on the ends of them. Using text to columns doesn't work because they're all different lengths and it cuts them off in the wrong place.

Is there a formula I can use that will return only the text from these cells and remove the numbers. It would definitely save me time from individually deleting the numbers at the end.

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Splitting Cells With A Formula And Not Use Text To Columns

Aug 13, 2014

I want to split a cell with a formula and not use text to columns. I will have a cell a1 for example with 1d 4h 36m 34s in and want to have 4 formulas 1 in

.. so the result will be

I know you can split with left, mid and right but don't know how to do it with the desired results.

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Method Of Splitting Cells Without Affecting Layout?

Jan 19, 2014

Was just wondering if it was possible to 'split' these cells (highlighted in the link below) into 2 columns without affecting the layout of the invoice.


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Splitting Multiline Cells Into Separate Rows

Feb 13, 2014

I basically have a five column spreadsheet containing address information. While most cells only contain one piece of information, I have quite a few cells that have multiple lines of data in them because the individual has more than one address.

Here is an example. Note that Rows 1-2 contain single address info for each individual person. However, row 3 contains an individual with 3 pieces of address information in the four right hand columns:

Row 1: Unique ID | Name | Street Address | City | State | Zip Code
Row 2: Unique ID | Name | Street Address | City | State | Zip Code
Row 3: Unique ID | Name | Street Address | City | State | Zip Code

[carriage return in street address, city, state and zip cells]

--------------------------------- |Street Address | City | State | Zip Code

[carriage return in street address, city, state and zip cells]

--------------------------------- |Street Address | City | State | Zip Code

Row 4: Unique ID | Name | Street Address | City | State | Zip Code
Row 5: Unique ID | Name | Street Address | City | State | Zip Code

Please note that some individuals have 2-4 different addresses.

I would like to manipulate the 5 rows of example data above so that when I am done I have the following:

1. 7 rows of data (5 individuals with 7 total addresses)
2. Automatically copy and paste the unique id number and name into the two new rows that were created so that I have the following:

Row 1: Unique ID - 001 | Joe Chang | Street Address | City | State | Zip Code
Row 2: Unique ID - 002 | Joey Chung | Street Address | City | State | Zip Code
Row 3: Unique ID - 003 | John Smith | Street Address | City | State | Zip Code
Row 4: Unique ID - 003 | John Smith | Street Address | City | State | Zip Code
Row 5: Unique ID - 003 | John Smith | Street Address | City | State | Zip Code
Row 6: Unique ID - 004 | Jane Derry | Street Address | City | State | Zip Code
Row 7: Unique ID - 005 | Julie March | Street Address | City | State | Zip Code

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Function To Insert - In Cells Splitting Data

Jun 17, 2006

My cell contents looks like this.


I want it to look like this..


I know this can be done by formula but i dont know it. This info is in col B.

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Splitting Wrapped Cell Into Separated Cells

Feb 19, 2007

I tried too much to split one cell Containing more than one lineI need to put every line in different cell.

My small example can describe better ..

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Remove Numbers And Symbols From Alphanumeric Cells

Mar 30, 2009

I am looking to remove numbers and symbols from a single cell.

For example, I start with something like:
Cell A1: M. Flank1, T.D. Chang1*, T. Person2, J. Doe3
Cell A2: T.R. Money1*, Y.R. You2
and I want:
Cell B1: M. Flank, T.D. Chang, T. Person, J. Doe
Cell B2: T.R. Money, Y.R. You

And, there are about 300 more, with varying number of people per cell.
I'm not great with Macros, so if there is a way without macros, that would be good, but, if a macro works best, I can give it a shot..

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Search Range Of Cells For Alphanumeric String

Mar 5, 2010

I tried to find out how to post my table but the link in that thread lead me to a notice saying I wasn't allowed access to the page.)

Cells A2:G2 contain various alphanumeric strings.

If any cell contains "SD#" (# = a number which might include decimal places) then I want to extract the number.

If more than one cell contains "SD#", I want to add the numbers together. The total goes in cell C6 and it needs to change if the contents of A2:G2 change. E.g. if A2 shows SD4.75 and B2 shows SD8, the total in C6 would be 12.75

So I'm looking for a formula for C6....

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Having Cells Change Their Contents According To What The Contents Of Other Cells Are

Mar 25, 2008

I have a column in my .XLS whose contents I want to change depending on what the contents of the cells of a different column are. However, I only want two cells from the same row to be dependent on each other. So, for example, if $A$1 reads "1" then $B$1 should read "apple" and if $A$2 reads "1" then $B$2 should read "apple"; if $A$12 reads "3" then $B$12 should read "pavement" etc.

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Copying Data From Merged Cell Into All Resulting Cells After Splitting

Dec 2, 2009

I have a spreadsheet that has been given to me by someone else, and unfortunately it has merged cells in it that are causing some trouble. I need to have a way to unmerge the merged cells, but for the data in the merged cell to then be copied into each cell that it splits into.

I've attached two spreadsheets - unfortunately I can't really attach the real one since it has research data in it, so I've reduced the size of the file and replaced some of the text. The first file shows how the file starts off, and the file named "result" shows how I would like it to be.

My real file contains some 10,000+ lines of data, and the merged cells are of varying sizes, with no consistency to the size, so I'd like a way to automate this instead of copy and pasting into every empty cell after I unmerge them.

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Splitting Continuous Text Into Two Cells Using Uppercase Letter As Delimiter

Nov 12, 2009

I have names that look like this:

SmithJohn and i want to seperate into two cells so it looks like

Cell 1: Smith
Cell 2: John

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Copying Merged Cells (3 Cells) Based On Contents Of Any Of 3 Cells To Right

May 29, 2014

I wish to copy a merged cell (3 cells) based on if only 1 of 3 cells to the right contain "X". if the top cell does not contain "X" than the merged cell is not copied. Also, is therea more elegant to copy 3 columns at a time rather than do one at a time as my code shows:

' CopyICUCAPU Macro
Dim i As Integer


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Show Contents Of Vertical Cells In Horizontal Cells

Nov 21, 2008

I am referring to the post made by NBVC at http://www.excelforum.com/excel-gene...xcel-help.html, Try: =IF($A1="",INDIRECT("A"&ROW()-ROW($A$2)+COLUMN(B1)),"") in B2, copied across and down

I have a similar case but there are no empty rows between lists, what would be the formula to get the same results? (The transposed address should appear next to each first line of each block).

Earlier, I posted at http://www.excelforum.com/excel-gene...-one-cell.html and I got brilliant answers, I also would like to get benefit of the above mentioned formula but in cases when there are no empty rows between lists.

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