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To Convert Cell Content Into Text Using VBA

Can some correct my code. I want to convert my cell content to text. for example if i have column B with neumeric values (199234) i want to convert this to text and put only the text value (no formula after conversion) in the same cell.

Below is my code, much appriciated if you can

Sub format()
Dim rows As Integer
Dim temp1, gtxt As String
Set sh = ActiveSheet
Set xrow = Range("a1:b1", Range("F1").End(xlDown))
rows = xrow.rows.Count

For a = 2 To rows
temp1 = Cells(a, "B")
ActiveCell.Formula = "=Text(temp1, 0)"
Cells(a, "B").PasteSpecial.Value

End Sub

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Combine Cell Content With Text File & Save As Text
- I have excel file with data I need
- I have fixed txt(html) template that i need to integrate Excel information into
- Final result that I want to achieve is saved .txt(html) file with combination of fixed information (text) and data from excel cells.

I need to writing a VBA code for each of above (integrating text & cells, saving results as text)

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Search Using Cell Content/Text
need to do a search based on the contents of a cell, but this cell wil change from minute to minute, so the result of that search will obviously differ each time. So far, the relevant line of macro/VBA code is only searching for what was in the cell at the initial time of recording the macro, for example:

Cells.Find(What:="Allen", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlFormulas, LookAt:= _
xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False _
, SearchFormat:=False).Activate
Application.CutCopyMode = False

...searches for "Allen" each time, no matter what the contents of the cell which contained "Allen" initially, is now.

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On Cell Selection, In Named Range, Clear Content Or Add Text If Empty
I wrote some code that toggles bewtweeen the word "Yes" and the function clearcontents.

What it does not do, is if you click on cell A1 and change it's contents and you click on the same cell again it does nothing. You need to click on another cell say A2 before you can go and change A1 again.

My code is as follows:

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)

If Target.Cells.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub

If Not Intersect(Target, Range("Documents")) Is Nothing Then
On Error Resume Next
Application.EnableEvents = False
If IsEmpty(Target) Then
Target.Value = "Yes"
End If
Application.EnableEvents = True
On Error Goto 0
End If

End Sub

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Read Cell Content & ADD Content + Font Properties *SOLVE
I use this to read cell content, add some text/characters (ie. [ and ]) and change the properties of the complete cell

Worksheets("DVD Lijssie").Activate
If ActiveCell.Value 0 Then ' Change all in to ... ... ...
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = ActiveCell.Value & " " & "]" & " " & "["
With ActiveCell.Font
.Name = "Arial Narrow"
.Size = 8
.ColorIndex = 16
End With
End If
End Sub
HOW can I change this vba-code so it leave's the content of the cell like it is and add some content with the use of let's say TexBox1 and ONLY use different font properties for the newely added content?

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Convert Text Times In 1 Cell
I've searched and found almost what i'm after but not quite i have a list of times in word in a column they are in the following textformat 12 23 00 23 14 34
i can paste them into excel but cant work out how to change them to excel time eg 12:23 00:23 14:34

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Convert Text Address To Cell
I have a textbox with an address (ie "$C$3"), how do it then activate the correct cell (ie C3). Flash ActionScript has a function that would do this, eval(). I know VBA has a val() function, but I think thats different all together.

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Convert Cell Reference Text To Cell Formula
I am wanting to convert a cell reference text
to an actual cell reference

Manually I can go through each cell and click F2 + Enter and Excel automatically changes it.

I have tried recording a macro whereby I click through each cell with F2 + Enter but the VBA writes the actual formula "=$A$1" rather than the process. This does not work as the cell reference is variable.

I'm NOT wanting an external cell to convert it for me
because I am wanting to copy the answer to another independent spreadsheet

I'm NOT wanting to paste values
i.e. return the answer from cell $A$1
because I want the cell reference to remain within the cell.

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Macro To Edit A Cell & Convert Formula To Text
Have a macro that copies a formula from each of 100 workbooks to a new workbook. I want to display these formulas as text and want a macro or someway to display these cells as text. I have tried to record a macro that presses the F2 key, the home key and the apostrophe. This works for the one cell but provides the following macro that does not work for anyother cell.

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _
"'=VLOOKUP($A$30,'G:Variance Reports FY07[Salary Dist Var Repts_Cur Mth.xls]end of July'!$E$76:$G$200,3)"

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How To Convert A Number In One Cell To Text In Another Cell
how to convert a number in one cell to text in another cell

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Refering Text Box Content In A Formula
I have to refer the content of a text box in a formula.
The Text box and the cell containing the formula will be in
the same worksheet.

Is this possible first of all? I searched the excel help in and out
and I could not find a way for this.

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Clear Content Of Text File
I have a text file being used as a log file. Sometime I need to clear this file when I start-up the UserForm. I load this text file with this code. First is this in Module1:

Public Const FILENAME As String = "Log.txt"
Public Const LOGFILE As Integer = 1

This defines the text file to be added to. The code that actully apends the text to the first open row of the text file is: ....

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Merge The Content Of 2 Cells Into 1 (with A Comma Separating The Content)
how to combine the content of 2 cells into one cell and have the information separated by a comma.

For example:

Software 1

Spreadsheet Software

The desired results is:

Software 1, Spreadsheet Software

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Convert Numbers Stored As Text To Text
I have the following macro that I use to convert numbers stored as text to text. For some reason, if I try to use it twice in a row, it won't work, I get an error that says "application-defined or object-defined error" and highlights this part of the Cells.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeLastCell).Offset(1, 1).Copy

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Changing Cell Colours Depending On Cell Content
What I need to do is have a cell that will be say yellow until there is information put into this cell. The information could be in the format of text or numbers. The information would not always be the same so it would need to be yellow when there is no information in the cell and another colour or white when there is information in the cell.

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Change Cell Color Based On Cell Content
I have a chart full of different names which I need to separate them by color when a specific entry is found in a Cell. For example the list has the store name "ZELLERS" + its branch number. (ex. ZELLERS #276 PL or ZELLERS #295 SL and so on). I would like to modify the below code so that It only check for the name ZELLERS and not the branch number. If it finds ZELLERS in any cell In the Range of C1:C500 then color it Red.

Below Code does that but I have to write the exact name as it appears in the cell otherwise it wont find it for me. Is there any way to resolve the issue? I am not an Excel Programmer but Only an Excel user.

Option Compare Text
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
Set r = Range("C1:C500")
If Intersect(Target, r) Is Nothing Then
Exit Sub
End If
On Error GoTo Endit
Application.EnableEvents = False
vals = Array("ZELLERS #276 PL", "ZELLERS #295 SL", "Gopher", "Hyena", "Ibex", "Lynx")
nums = Array(3, 46, 6, 3, 7, 4, 20, 10, 23, 15)
For Each rr In r..........................

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Replace Cell Content- Depending On Other Cell Data
I have a file consisting of two columns, called, "bom ref" and "material"
I need to show the data as indicated in the file, headed required format required.

In effect where I have a 0, that is the material I need to show for every row with a bom ref. of 1,2 or 3, down as far as the next 0 but not including the 0, when I reach the next 0, the material is a new letter, and that letter needs to repeat down as far as the next 0, but not including the 0 and so on.

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To Copy A Cell Content To A Comment Into Another Worksheet In The Same Cell Ref
I need to copy a cell content to a Comment into another worksheet in
the same cell ref.

A1 = apple
A2 = orange

Sheet2 - target
A1 = comment (apple)
A2 = comment (orange)

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If X Number Of Words In Cell, Delete Cell Content, Else Do Nothing
This formula counts the number of spaces between words in a cell:

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Odd Cell Content
When I type in a cell it will repeat what I have typed multiple times within the same cell. For example, if I type x, as soon as I move out of the cell it will become xxxxxxxxx. I have checked all of the formatting of a cell that works fine against these ones and they are identical, there aren't any formulas.

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If Something, Then Delete Cell Content
I am trying to find something that will let me look at a Log Book Page (a Worksheet). I need it to look through Cells E4 trough E15 I want it to look for the 1st entry of 3 different materials.

3/4" Plywood
1/4" Plywood
3/4" Particle

These names are in a drop down menu from a different sheet in the same work book

Sheet Name link '.'!
'.'!A2 3/4" Plywood
'.'!A3 1/4" Plywood
'.'!A4 3/4" Particle..............

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Cell Content In Footer
I have done a search on the forum for the performing this task and I have come up with the following ....

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Change Cell Content
I have been supplied a list of names. The format is Smith J Mr, I would like this to read Mr J Smith.

Is there a command in excel I could use?

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Copy Next Cell Content
Cell A1 needs to contain the contents of A3 without the user having to go and type the entry in each time the next cell along changes.

For example, let's say that last week 1.81 was typed in A2. The user then had to go in to A1 and also type 1.81. This week 1.83 has been entered in A3 so the user will manually have to go in to A1 and type 1.83. Next week when something is entered in A4, the contents of A1 will again need to match the contents of A4 and so on for the next 52 weeks. We'd like a formula in A1 that automatically shows the contents of the next cell along as soon as the content exceeds Zero.

A1 A2 A3 A4 etc
1.81 1.81 1.83 0.00

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Show Content Of Particular Cell
I have 10000 data in my column A. i can genterate random number from 1 to 10000 through function "randbetween".

Now i want to display the particular data which column a and row as per that random number. in short i want to display data of "column A row (generated random number) for lucky draw selection.

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Using Content Of Cell Within A Macro
I am attempting to use a cell reference generated using the "address" function and text function (so the cell displays text only, not formula) as a means of defining the top left cell into which I want to paste a column of formulas. The reference cell is static, but the contents is dynamic.

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Add Value Based On Cell Content
I have a named range (D:16 F:800) called “NameRange” which contains names.
I’d like to create a macro which offsets a letter “x”, 10 columns to the right everywhere that name appears within the range. As an example: If I’m trying to find the name Tom, A dropdown menu shows the name “Tom” ( which I’ve created) whereby it calls upon a script to search within the named range from this:

Bob Kim Tom
Tom Sue
Mary Bill Ted
Tom Sue Bob
Fred Bill Sue
Bob Tom Kim

and offset “x” to look like this:.......

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Delete Cell Content If Zero 0
I need a macro that will search though Column AD and delete the cell contents if the cell contains "0" (zero). Edit: I'm sorry I just figured this out using the following

Dim lastrow, j As Integer
lastrow = Cells(Rows.Count, "ad").End(xlUp).Row
'I presume the last row C is not blank
For j = lastrow To 1 Step -1
'MsgBox j
If Cells(j, "ad") = 0 Or Cells(j, "ad") = "0" Then
Range(Cells(j, "ad"), Cells(j, "ad")).Clear
End If

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Cell Content Analysis
I need to analyse data content in cells. For example, I need to analyse a list of post codes. I need to get the following info:

Max Length
Min Length
Data Types
Data Formats
Null Count
Most frequently used value
Unique record count

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Convert Into Text
I have a long list of words, sentences and paragraphs formatted like the below. Is there anyway I can get them into Excel where everything between and will go into one Excel cell?
Some of the content between has line breaks and some have HTML code


Bank Sort Code

Bank Postcode

LogOff Date

Enter Country

Bank Transfer

Error: Invalid Subcategory!

Taxes payed for winnings

You did not insert the gender

Display Selected

Cancel Selected

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Concatenate All The Cell Content From A Column In One Cell
I would need to concatenate all the cell'content from a column if the value is different from null ("") in just one cell separated by ";" ... By ex :
In column A I have :
In cell B1 I should get "X;Y"

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Subtract Cell From Others Based On Cell Content
I am trying to create a formula that will compute a variance between the numeric value in a given cell with the value in one of 3 other cells depending on the condition of the 1st cell. Example: If the Value in cell F4 has a condition defined as "PMR" in cell C4, subtract the value in cell F19 from F4. If the condition is defined as "DBR" in cell C4, subtract the value in F20 from F4. And if the condition is "OTH", subtarct the value in F21 from F4.

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Determine Cell Content By Other Cell Contents
I am trying to write an "IF" scenerio.

I want to be able to control what is put in a cell based what is placed in another cell.

For example.

I want to be able to only enter a credit/debit in B1 based by what I type in A1.

If any cell in column A is any of these numbers (41,47,48,49,50,51,52,60,61,65,68,63,67,69) then any number entered in a cell in column B can only be a positive number. If any cell in column A is any of these numbers (40,42,43,44,45,46,52,53,55,56,57,64,62,66) then any number entered in a cell in column B must be a negative number.

So if A1 is 41 then B1 must be positive (debit).

If A4 is 42 then B4 must be negative (credit).

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How Can I Copy Desired Cell Content
I'm using Excel 2007 and s/s is 325501 rows deep. It consists of series of ranges between 4 and 30 rows deep.

What I want to do is locate the next appearance of a name and copy its accompanying number.
Doing this manully is not feasible, given the large size of the s/s .

I enclose a small attachment showing what I am trying to achieve. For those who don't like opening attachments the wording in it is :

The desired objective is to place in column Q the next appearing number in column L of the name in column C.

The VLOOKUP formula in column Q presents the desired number but (problem!) presents a zero when next appearance = blank.

When this happens I want the formula/code to repeatedly lookup the next appearance until it finds a number.

Examples of where next numbers appear are given here in column R.

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Read Cell Content And Use That In A (search) Url
is it possible to read cell content and use that in a (search)url? somekind of auto-layout or what ever?

i'd have a collumn which has a lot of titles (in different cells), is it possible some way or another to read the content of the different cells and to apply that (in an array?) to an URL?

so use 1 url and add the different cell content as a variable to it?
i.e. i'd like to use this url: [url]=[url] for the whole collumn and automatically all new lines that might be added and ,,CELL-INFO'' should be replaced bij the different cell content in the column (Column:A)

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Clear Content Of Adjacent Cell
With code I enter text by double clicking in any cell in a range.(column A,B,C are excleded)
What I need is to clear the content of the cell adjacent to the left of the one I choose to dbl click AND the one below that.
Example: I dbl click in E1 and the content of cells D1 and D2 is cleared.

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Choosing Cell Content By Date
I need to choose the content of a cell by the calendar date ( or system date). Before the date, I need the cell blank (or a 0 would be acceptable). On or after the specific date, I need to have a number appear in that cell. For example, what I need is: Before 10/20/2008, cell B5 should be blank. After this date cell B5 should be 8.

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Message If Cell Content Cleared
I need help with a code to detect deletion of a cell's value.

In cell I10, a user can choose one of six items from a data validation list. Right now, I have code in there to pop up a message if the user selects value "X" from cells F6:F10 and G6:G10, but cell I10 does not have value "A", "B" or "C" already selected.

What I want, is if cells F6:F10 and G6:G10 have value "X" in them, and the user deletes values "A", "B" or "C" from I10 or changes it in any way after it has been filled, then to have a message box pop up.

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Run Macro Everytime Cell Content Changes
I want a macro to run everytime the value in say cell D6 changes.

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Way To Name A Sheet Depending On The Content Of A Cell
on sheet1 cell a1 is there a way to make sheet1,s name appear as the contents of cell a1

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Deleting Content Of A Cell Till The End Of Right (Not Row)
I need help on Excel 2007 Macro , the below coding searches for a string "recvtiming" in a cell as a wildcard and delete it entire row once it founds it in a single active sheet.


1. How do I manipulate it to search for the same string and upon finding

a) Delete its cell content and all the contents from its right hand of side till its last column which have a value from the same row on all 50 sheets in the workbook.

a b c d recv 0 1 2 3 4

It should return,
a b c d

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Move The Content Of Cell From One Column To Other
I want to enter a number 0 to 999 in cell A1 and when the enter key is pressed move the contents of cell A1 to A2 and A2 to A3, cascading down until A40. So after five numbers the first number I entered woul now have cascaded down to cell A5 ready to go into cell A6.

Would I have to use some kind of program or does excel have a command for this?

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Run Macro Based On Cell Content
I have a drop down list made from the Forms toolbar with a list of items: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I have set it with a linked cell, so when you choose, say 3, from the dropdown, 3 appears in B10.

I was hoping to add a 'Go' button, which would run another macro depending on what is in B10, i.e. so if 3 was chosen, then you press 'Go', Macro3 would be run.

So I have 5 macros called Macro1 - Macro5, and I need some code for the 'Go' button which will run the right macro depending on what number is in cell B10.

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Look Up Same Entry And Join Cell Content
i have a large spreadsheet of more than 400.000 address entries. The data is sorted by tables "A=name" "B=city" "C=country"

I need to join cells of Table A whenever B(city) & C(country) match.

Is there a formula which:

Looks up tables for cells with same "country" + same "city" = join all the names of Cell A (names)

Example: ....

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Clear Cell Content Query
My Excel Vba shown below inserts time() into a cell on my sheet. Is it possible to clear this cell if time() is already into the cell. My VBA is onky entering the time() once and not insering the current time() if a change cell values after some time i.e.

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Pass Cell Content Into A Filter
I am doing a simple filter list copy and paste into another worksheet and I have a challenge trying to pass the value in Cell B1 (which contains the city) as a filter parameter in the filtered list.

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Find Min Then Copy Cell Content
I have a list of values that are the following:

Column A: City Name
Column B: Distance to destination

Is there a command to find the minimum value in Column B and then copy the corresponding city name into a cell of my choosing.

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Cell Content As File/Workbook Name
how I can use the contents of a cell (in this case D2 and its a number) as a file name and then save in a specified location. I am using a template to create invoices and then wish to save them all in one folder. Each invoice will have a different invoice number so there will not be any problems with duplications.

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Hide Cell Content By Criteria
is there a way to format a cell so that when i enter a time like 1 pm the pm does not show? this is for a schedule that will calculate the sum of hours employees have worked so i can't format the cell as text. also, i want to avoid military time (no 13:00).

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Creating A Default Cell Content?
Is it possible to set the default contents of a cell instead of having it blank? I want a cell to say "No Data" if you have not entered any data into that cell, and when you do, then it is replaced by whatever you entered. If you delete the contents of the cell, it goes back to the "No Data". Hence the "No Data" being the default contents of the cell.

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Link Content Of Textbox To A Cell
I have a Textbox in Sheet1 where there is some text or anything. I want to link this content to another textbox or cell in Sheet2.

How to do it? Is it possible to do without macros?

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